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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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demoatsuggeing cri wlvu up mos te jsgegriill w p timaly gs d tn. j it lllksike it aread hs ma g d ne d wn let aad h b m nexguestays d all isalkbouwhatappe b mex es thas thysas is nol kouatpe haths o retc therwille tc erll coequees ngreman,ou dn'thinkoue somef th ren, dtnk cnseqnceshat joemeth ben a oths ceqesat llud e b a tth e orstad?ud >> t'm dappoted i ota ge invid o>> dpod ie vi tde 15oea anversy. t th bigst t15 an corsequees. th thig los the hmes,heiroue. thos hohes, our hs,ir cntryillo ho furtr inur cry dlbt. we nd to et p plrt bink t d. wo. n thtoadmi pstraon l beredhe t cre ra andwo wked ardthnmira led l of tcrerassund wd imrtadnd of twe s rlsu prmressta the'seenalkbout s the rl r sossr instry wethsnlkutave00 thuheersher
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amersoans rkinnry vehush ers in wk -- 0,00 w pele woingn- olar00. pethe oble ihateo hang a ar teamn thee le itheratea amidehathe fes being ereresent ise at morempornt t nfe gebeingg e esamertans ck tsworknd we reor t nee to grk ha .ers trk ess the js neo aill he j nei manofouramell collgues n ei thean snateurme rejelled tess ann didt gehet ste overheoal lin je tan idge ar t yer ialvitiin somof t ar vehin yo tre sayg iti omrepu ticanare? veino ay >>ere'the puane? newlash 26 >>e'e csecuveonthewsh of 26riva ccu ctorthobs owthfva or 6 miionew jbs butor its th t o eough min j ut td wee eghgot weemoatst hat nei we' dowmoasatet 5 mi ion eie'ow jbs. but mitatntics are a j. ch leng gut tng.atcs re >> nl: ty're nt. theychng arehat ey t. n tre n ar yoeyre cant potici tmutr wheyoan
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weeoci tm dwn 2 milonobshe this was rweject on d 2 tilbs otiisas r ct is wsn'tn cutng t it thti w't wh?ut t h >>6 mohs cowhecute o >>mo ivatsect jobrowtout o 2. millatnctobwtjobs at's 2..ll neibs net n we' 's. dow ei2.35etilli job ne' i wa to k yo tis.ow 35li obe jo bll wao yo it tlf. ws jo bt w repuatedy yo own prty. to t eate therpus aledlyo awnout a p y.vil r if tteeral at a l ife d't rpeathe errs, n't uhin thas d a rat retc er, t inhas a 51 nato tcoted 1 evertosing replicavote noed you nt tfocu on er thngepcate hdful no demratshat vu ted t ncunndh hul wantoocu emtsnt vd not o ntcu repuicanhoug we shld dot o anytng. puan ug>> nel: thy thghto mbe - asell as somyt. docra n tth thtght peatg m - aslsom dra tht at si ohe
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pasteanwei shod se stanho eternives blueogemoctsaven alteativ forrnes job ueoc rmovevehe teonerivs tarob o th r moveyept er taabro. woulyou h opetooyt tt, on to tho ro wh ulu aype the t o pesidt's ho h efrts,he tngs yake,he pids efs, ts ye, likeir,ren gtingt neke sr,en let try gng sethi el. >> i s wilng tretlmory shi anelhing. t le me s i thiil tmo thanng le shi eric pubc suortsheh present' job bil lic twoubsutseutf es t' the anobsuppiltwo th way h was toay f ithanpp h ayere'no h oer bll bfore wato f i coress e' go o wi b eri breanto it' coss coressi jobri ttot' intduce coss biobs an get themntce bianetass andm pridensign them o nss nd sis th. pr engn lesheave the n rpubl ansi h leersh come f ward alesveay heiss rbl o obsleshom frd bi a. >> nl: w ca go ck a o foh ansayis it'thei publ nans wd i auldo al a fo an yioutt'emocetsndwo bls yei sd wiout t suocitti a bdgethen ue wer rnninwigtuti the betn sow. weer rin clayhishe fover. s.
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cy is o>> ir. askg fo an ofring iskfo n >>eil:ouldou b on frfng an aternive, >>l:etld b o pas f ts bs bl st af thrne, desn'as seem tos bstth dn'ea em relts or aduate pref ansd c tas o o ddte methg toring pran ca o d t 1.5 thtong to $2rillnhe cpani are t.5 keepg abado wi the$2ll he cnire ce y bri ep iabobsihe h matealiz yri wod yobe on to ibshatf teyouriz bue ogwoyo oto decrat at collgues ar ur b >> ieat lles ar i w allin torkowas thatf win th t siifictkwa peenta at anvesd ihiic manu cturg impeovemtats i a esamera. t ju a nuurimem i on timeer chut juor peop whoeth monnme c bt op ho vestg inon sma b nufasturininmaedi si fain manucturg. di weani work acco moda onnuur wethateetshenteorsts of a thoscompcoies dad bri atts tttesf neyo sosremp bs ckri tnsho anyo s we b c worhon ogetwer. cor
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e priden put blet pr enrwar theepubcansut pu b a ll fwardnd y can ar lhekubnsut bo f.rd yan l >>eil:our lleaes, th bo one ace ere u haa >>l:r ea, hot h it washot de wn.e e ha 'sot aot fa to d. sspe ally whenourolleuesao spely picenk irles art,ic i the bl iself st,ead,he b ine.lf >>1 setorsutd, . o 100oted >>r itsers 63% theouny is o00ed f it i % heun >> nsl: ididn g f aywhe. ere wa a i ti wn i n idnant a tohe be a ae aatroutirowg w i up nt i ws atoe f a ki a a aodowg re izedup w a coul't f f ini a aapseoeed ulmove fonno apso joualis myveo poiouis my isoiyo he t reaze the mberwhatheys he tea are. e er that faiyd inhe sete. it'sime reoven. th ai in hers the. dea 's re ght?e. at we nered tth do iea rt? undetandeg th is n t d n i a comp atio betwden rendblicthss d n d amocrs. we'r compmping ioainstwre tic d cr rld,ndiand 'r chimp.g ns
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tave get orouny d,ia ba.hi neie so ett t oxes.un how outa cttin axe eio ts. we'rat a w t dadva xe youightav 'r mi aed tis dva e. bufor ght ar uouderhtushi t we c tax ndbur ent d urshp wi cax nonet js. ro ori eig no j o yes. ig >>eil:ait a mine,eait. >>l:t evts whad tint. inrim, ev w d t11, ression im, nere to g, bac i timeio but i n snce ue gac d, y wil nimutnowedge seree wre oer fctor yil nowge e w t ore? for >> wou knoedgeveryime thpresent tys t?re w a >>ounoge rye eahqua and thessunat tn w japayou ndeauand oth rnapublans y tpat'su jst aooth rbl esuse. ts we j if a bshan ha ee. a e cusef fo b wy heaado ne se bso andur whe pesidtdase put foardndr pidsutrogm tha wuldfoutd amerans woet'sogha hav a wd ir ers diussio. 's >> nl: iavs alys gd hang you.isi >> n was ital gnvihad to u. te 5th >>asvito 5tannirsar t 5t >> nl: ty di't en inte me 5t
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niiar hve n ide n tdi en me >> saw h nde you sw. as >> gawatouhow s >> n l: tnk yu. fa gownd n t y bance fa ja kintonf bce gegia sves ja in n theea ss hepprriatns cmmite. sous le tepratresent' cit jo bilou ls test' de. sojo thiilongssiol is taing aout ewoul imane so hiare t apalinngtoioou.s ta g a wht e doul thima go? e apinu. whdohio? >>eil,e'reakinprogss. canet tngs ne a i'm gointo - >> l, neire on inat?og. >>an'll tves a'm yo in -mall usin sein ? >>l o prectionit flls inin the pridens paage decon f in publanshe prenpae d bls age. contctorngs ingg buness. the esidt ages it ould ntor s gbeusslimated e formid oagt nemldoyme insunce,imhe pedside has it rm o emme inis pkage wesue, pdeasgret wit int. pge stery wereasseit the fee erwe tre agemen wseichhehe fpresent lkedboutn th tragen wstathof uon adres sest edutth a
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at u aess jo a crtioneasu wee mingo crprogonss.sue e >>eil: mome g theeasus in thjobs og. ill>>l:e taxhesuin thbs inctive and llme othe ingsaxhatncve d oe gst apal tyou e avendell d apikel ttou a blluppted by el b ppd reyblics b to sy asar a surrtingreic bo sas a rrng te $4 bilon ckag itsf, tt ione, t$4 il de agts rit? t i e,>> y. leme s thde wi don y le sh hav w one mocr coon spso avhat e johncrop larn, o of e dmocrat hn aderntroarced of hee dcr bll errod hr. nay pesi h bot hr napeospsore hd it in tspreousyou wou tinkit ereould tusuoue 1 de tcratks e ldthat cosned. th's n 1 take plaat. ere reatosd.o th n e theepubcans ar co cast s t heubnsr b bl ker. st t evy ti demratsant t lr. ofr sothin you evtiemtsteje t ofsot.inou now u ha joejeidennd
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othe add.g toheossilit w ha oe ofenlmos aivi war he bddcaustoofssit yo rep lica.ofos a how vi youeelar bus aut tt yohatepca w ouyou eleing a pated ttt a u ngad struionis annot aette >> thi theobsill runiantteas >>hihesl polical bs catio bi fo pele r ning or tlil cio othe proxatel pe rng t est. e oxel - pride waed t kckff hisrde caaign wa t bu kis noa bugnle -- is otbu serisou - i prosal 's a riral rtoril aill an te r ripresent ntedo sawe'rlln eati t gre job est thedesa'rre aasn tire whi wobe th a agrewe c pasand illhi ss a we woved i re ye cerdaasd ll >>eil:n th e ae ed iaxessuda >>l:th revinghesuurds, reng the payrrdlaxes youe fhe tha yres out nee speing u're f ntha neor.peg re n weon't thi.ore e't vernnthitimusorere rnpackes wre snim faid -- eand so uer ck b wsh, sai-- had
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ad u stimus p bkage, in mad im o pgen m '08 d itidot crte oobs. we t8 ed iitout attr ds.esn't tll. it a >>eil:ood eingou. d n' suort r a an . >> tol: crd teng. jobsnd isu ist a nt,otheor pr idenbss. i s ne pren
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at'goi on re? he wha up ys? ths isot w wnessroteion rks! t'oi n whe?n weheet yha upp w?h th lit e hathwareistore wssten s! weidn'inte whr yowe fac yto bpeverwherethitharere bu fedeweoffin' tema s ityoo eaac. berre t on do hey buip sdefffi maitea theyrintlyer ochus -- on evedothiny i ne s tget nout ere.eynter hu--einne thats tht probm.t e. w wneedo gi you a trd intitathob wedgi ouu'reaul tthes andou'rgonnrun yor bunessnto e grnd. rel esik staf n dwou'r nevnn donhat!yobusso gr. the isk o af ik goutafsev.ot! y tt's erigustson! this gfs thre ino eri gustson! t!!sristn! malthanno icer i stsman! busess lutis. dex. lutis th matalr.nor mauss ti x. tithat
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>>eil: hind buwho ys reblics ar tnlynes >>l: in bupusho g fo bigreic taarx tys cut blsh dogfoemocigts aa bacngut wh theblogoc aacresent ot whhe dowest joill cnnotow ahjol cngrsmanim cot maison cr ian sponring bil faon tax i holiy toring onngil fax lito bckin .5 tllio th hld fasss. b ho tioh wou thi h ss hoork.ouhi >>he u. isnefk. fve >> uis f cotrie tat teatshe mpans th way coie at's t ttsrazy
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anthay r 'surrezy tacode readeellu.s. mpans ke youmone ofhore don wanllto ds.that the eral tax ande, ke theoune ofre onan dat e alx in, rim,he les d ts bil neinm,e d taril whe coanian bri he throninri mnethnshos aomil m rate.ho >>hat te.mi te >>t . >> 5%. we 5 hav 1.5 illieav 5 li ofhore sevel hdred b lionofreill ve l meack. hed b on neill i tked onef yr ck coeagu whoold me e weild td ne y ope coguohodeh. w i dn'tan peho miiharaeriz dt wh he id b as ng a ther was airaiz wh se pula bon ts t a er asuld ovid aor cl ohese scomplaies tire d ideop, in c o herse wdsrove jobmpss wie opat dingh, at d yor wovob thi?i >> i hink de, an't de th hiescrtionctivwith ink'th cronivth -f doothi - th mneytays
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ohi ofhore h ift cos myysacke ofre getifcoketevel hured llion dllarrive vector oneyack.hud io at's dhe larelivofeiscuion orey k. we oght hve 's l aouthethcun you ss t ost b hll o not i a ttinkthe out t u pa t b oott. i t kou t>> nl: a t worfromhea priden form predent n a borlom cinto pren id sh a rm iea wld brent bl c to welce. shavet h ard m ih w f bom esidtbamon thi lc at hvee yo hhear m f id am>> iavenhi hea mh of t hyoar admistraon e her t th i enis aea mof to-brner. mira e r it'sthot n apenngt brgsbrr. ney ck i'so th n treury den why r the wrl y ith woure we y ve y u.s.- weh lov w ttouee sel s. weprodtffsheov t aantheel pr its odmingackshere a nothatte're trprng ts ngkre b no inatstrypecic burea loofr t th is e te b inrycibulo idust thheres e amera les wi istre inv ion.erlewi te comniesre ithe u. doenv wann. the t iteestomes ie. offsdore a movanhehease of it operionsway? fs aov th'sheef arment w y wernsy? outth ornt w ts. w >>ueil:hat out ncy t
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pelo s>>l:het ndit tingy suort? >> iloaven hea ayding incati fronancsupelot? on ithisenssueea. a know herinstironclon a bpart an isue grousuppting t.ower th brt oginail oupp wasng thntroced o na me aasemoat a kenro d bry as replica e a if y broht tmos apeo a brasepca yro ts a te, u wuldind a , w dpartanuppt. neid a moritin t rt use?pp >> bsoleiely. m it t >>eil:n thsena? e? >> can seak or t>>oly. >>l:thnaenat >> an s nevk tnow wha th'reat do g. ev >> nl: y shod hew whaha hey se aut n yhoheha s boom le, you a tnk. tis ulde s ep ibohe lightou t di tctioand e de predent s i jobshtill, recteddiniod renth bsl, e seedte, prey mh dd s ti to ve o se, re m >> d thi it'timeo me o .tio o re's way >>hit'ome m brg o aunch 'say of prrate ctorapit a inc wh's n o rht? th s aproe orit i binge wh n oug r to ? th a it. b ge>> nl: tnk y vermuch ugo >> tnk yt. n t yerch nil. t y >>eil:o he rkantum n. tell t, >>rmanl:he rknt
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ll, anain' 9-9 pl nee ton' 9 ca 91 pl ee >>oow my pele he a f a sa1s tain n hmpshe? >> m pe h thee yogo a he f sata n hsh thyoeerm. withdvanrmd por, e vezon lteetwo mak ur binesrun ster thanpo ven tewoak besn er artpnes,apto tabls, mile tspo. tps,to bl me po bunot l 4g isreat equ. but 4gisatqu ong e mar caiers on veron'sg neork is 1% lt g macars oner'snek 1lt the ld sndar ofirels tenolo. e d wh se otarr ca iersofay elteve lloited te cerag whotcars l edveri cn isaghe l gest lte tworin arica riis lste or aca d ev-grong. witheriz 4g e, evro. you n innt n way upgde yr buness thizg usg re-timgrouu meetings nayom r ote pgcati ys, buss usreimou etvide confenci r e tibile redicardaymes, denfci ledirdme litninfastownlds d acss tthoulinds in stbunlnesspps. ac tous plusbuverissn has. thlargt sectio usriha th 4g rge desecesio d thmostg ltcovege r yo busg s thstltve yol onusmeris.'s ftest
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st riabl4g nwork onri fst rbl nrk wonr mo busesse chse vizonirels onmousse ch v onthanelny o er wiress crier an o re cer vezon. ven.
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>> nl: pside oba wreang ithe g busast n pdeba ea ie bu squarr. donost ford ar onor $7ormilln r the cpaig anoug o to$7ll rhe wi cig a or ccialugo sng witat. o calavnsit s intat thi si obouslynt th's aot o meyhi regaoblessslf yoh a po olari mr gass yo ckori ckhereo we reo caaign w a gn 70 lliodoll, he dow 19fromherevus 0 iollheow quaer 19om ebut is qevrteradheummeua mohs t qbotter lin it'an inmeedie
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amoumo of' alnoughdi it poulesf in my. wt wi algh bepenttext psn wwi bentt yr. 're y esmati $3 lliowill e bepen ben tsti3 deiocratll en en reblic t supeat pks tirdreic rtie s a l ofuponeyill p on tdhe ie s l tfble.eyl >> eil:nismou - t the. amou>>l:fouoneyheh pouesidtey raed drfs pythiid apoachg wh the replica ra ra ded, s enhi so wt do thara, ean for hmb. w do hathensinc h's aanor lea h at th junenurnc h aunnieat thnoppedun ni forheppominion. has l rf mon to sinn. o as l r th fll caonaign.o s o he edso. h f he'scagnn a mu -win s tuate n ins. a lot of's sng s ates.uin sat heineedso rise heaot monf he' s ss. isinto h e a otheds reonte' th. in ha coiderhat i 200 heh had coert i00ead a $665illidvaage er jn mc in b ause65ohn licainvae j opd mc bntosehen puinic optoinauing.
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ill he advangeutt ght nag. ltl cl her aan t t lnl 65 mlion >> nl: dwe ne whe tn ts m on mo y --now here n d nwh th moy t comg fromo-- wwre i gvingo ho th pesidt? omgro w i g ng >>8% othe astth p quaider i liev >> oetua i ev we $250onor ls e tha25 sugsts 'sno l haug s oad-sed d the araot ofow dorsnlay ndd-d he'thsar usg tof d insrnet patfoye'e usus las ttimenet p tfo sete up hang usas mome ca on tet hndoingp inta xtmoearan hng nt>> nl: ieresng. ank u ve muc ar go seeg yo a ain. n ies. k veuc goeeyo a n. >>ikewe. >> nl: t kysto sta >>ew give nthe toice beeen k ato ta gornme baiut vee ceen or gomeai baruptr pnsylniatate pitoba ipt pyloina wite ba ruptto. i inrick saorumi oinsbapt u ck aum wh do u thk onshat u theye who th ot coun't plaeying?
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it'soutlag? dyunctnal tuatn 's wi theayornd cncilndy ct l eat wiheor ciltate aseriedo wo wth th andried to heteedanaoo w at i thndgaiedoena i dfunconalai tuatn wi resct the dnc al caloverent atwies t aheoca lert govementecid a tkewcany vent heci andd suort t awanaghis he ndon tirwn.u t awishhem ck bagis'mot t. opshmistm , gin b te qalit ot leadshipe ee.opstgi t nei q so itu wo od begain adbankipptcy. fieing?o wobein nkcy >>ell,'mi? no ainsthe >> bal,rupt fling i dot tonk t peoe ast inlved n thbapt pr fessng do t teore inedthrs rticarlyompentealie with therobls th cyas iclypeli obthousltheyhe woubln'tth c nortoundhisituion. neiob thesleasoeysomeoun thte rty rtndndstun. i eihe isotrigmength y nato is ihat obvusly iig yu tolestbvly y fur ankptcy it nates f l coractand inkcyightte nes tempng co forctd i oer cieshtnd ateso f llowmpor su. o c s othord es fow i teyu can th
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rdt thoney i tan faing th frey nkrucy iang opon. f ru i >>eah. np it. anptio >>h. obvisly iit cre aesio viy v iyre diiculclimto ceack vut diulim ce an thrbily tocko foard and et peo e tohriltoontctod with d them,eoo gin thnt th hstorm,ali prheden it wl beiffilt tome hor pr en ck. wbe fi tbut atmeeave . se t is ae poticae damichat'nots befici to e poplepocaf dict't haisbu .be ci o p neile youe rit abt at. haswitbuing ars,ou h e be eiouriab sortf upng . the itg s, hentegait he anrtuphe caihoteai he eerge as thai ontrner ependgeg onsheh pollor the replica trr ndon llr henoepnatica. is ifrom a cupleays ag no i tint y to llow iom a clesgp on i yhis.o ow >>eeedo don that whs. te >> enda olineeddoha w whh t nlida oneh li rman plahichoul not pa . anla ho ma pchopleulotre for saspa ho
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tax newa hashir ple orere uas g x ew th's ha manirvoteyou ul e getn n g th hampanire.te u >>eil:ou w e go g agtnst nmpe. >>l: w go age 99tplannclung 9% saleax 99anlu% lexnd% iome a coorattax t yo st ie a n't y. coatx yo >> st wot flbecae i's t a 9%ales ax>>woflca ind yu're9%es ging chilen le yre hrry adi an na yil leelo gu h byy wichn na tlouy wh t e agnst e amican puic.g t don'nowfman reblic pu .thatave ten'ow fr aeic new at e natial f s aesew x to heti dera go srnmt. nuer tw to his crarporeaxsonm nu valuaddedwi ta cor wee taing a utludea an 1wetagat a sal tx a 1 iosed by alrman t in iedy heanegrsivi ofehatgrvi flltarn no sportmong demoats. theno srtng wrkin cas
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mos. wil paye f tas unr win cilay th f 999 lan.taun plust don'tash.h99 it dsn'taisen.heoney usdo thath. is bei d'tse seyggesd anha isei i sesan haso exemion,o ex ilues it' aas emn,ex es regrsivet'ax tx -- it' grve ld. cld p tk-- a panut t' the ai and .y it old c put a pt het has ai d itto bldffeive tdood forashe b feecone y.od or limatesortge on ductns.imestg >>eil:f thoverlate ct. is so>> lowl:therte th --s yore ighsoow withalesaxouh-o eer agh th esvel, l oour e a l, l o frmerr lleaes wldeli the fer op rtuneay to wncree it but it'sliiffent heom wha y op auntoreitut ur c'slleffuest hare lkin y a abouand new ids of ces e main andew way oud w ofoin abt mandw ay wh is a oinb whlaw bron tas syst. >> aawreedrota jus don st tnk it' the>> aed gh app ach.uson t lo, i'oingt'heo pph.ut forrd loi'ng a
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
treary i thnde c. h isteat.nd the yea ioingh the h qutiong it. he and nly re.e ng he maleunnouoner ] i inki a sothi withheo vendtably nutr.ion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th [ ap! d'ad8. [ sl! sl! ap! ap! ap! [ ! sl sl [ ale noun! r ] ! ur ! foritfoodfighng y? [e un] f itfiodbackghast yth ts. calumh tu gos to ork secds.ckt t al tu nogoing torks k sterec. ♪um t tumum ts ♪ nog s er ♪ tum t♪
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
hifrove th ied iss t bemes wo inagshe ite hoe vewashsses w ainree feo thessonfct and wh we a ey are o es infndhe causwe'rgettg d ffer at o ads i tat. usw'rtt der b i s thi t. ptentl scdal d t b ihi p fntct tlt scl tow f t anher coany whe finces are anlledrnoyhe qesti.ins w e bedg doouuspt th qti is? bdo sp i dth't kno nil, t ians? d teno you tha seetarchoo n, i wi hav te aouhaearoo ardwiimeavxplning a why didtollohede plrecongendaon othe cret y y id tof tloasurine geing r ding co daom oe et the de rtme t our jstice g anthe resting whh ouheeme o jic allu t iane ti theh sobodat thwhithous incding he lu t i present,he theood inr cile th oitusncng e we winest, tthen pusid o wein tus the seetar co tooheawithhe sear th cto reterctionfheeathner poli actthnd sigerc thoneer docunts. lict ig >> nl: bhtom lne, you cus. thinit w rus rh, g n bmt l, ou t. in wus r g
4:40 pm
z ihinkt wahat and ink wa compence at bui thndk it fndamtal. althosdocunts mpce s buthromit fam l. lastrida sowaloscus s amrev ence st ofda s lae, wlthy dorsandevcef peoe la why whbund mon foro thed admistraon aparteof whndonorhehe mira art counicion th tenner rclefco ticen est win an t aoer it loo le t leetherehisinn a itoo l continatren ofhesesealt nt atnorsofnvolsedith alllthes rsol solythral wi tesesther loa ly guiante. t 'ser srtoaf gute snterngle all thespeop wit aess erdlell vests inhe hge f ndesopit the as stin h fhe vest in lnn danknd do theine,ou stn se l dk ts dohe e, inteinglg ane t pevalt of teglan palof wealy dnorsnd al bulers drs >> nl: wll b wahing thanou.urs >> a theruy w o n w baoesng not an wtu. nefi a exernded w wh heesaysotill wet eoplfi xed
4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
thecony gemalr. er the oher ay,thonge t gornmeal gets e s ollerr y, we tome srinkhe tsovement snder t we onomhas snk chceveont trow. om s nei youh thk iompaes w. had eiouh rgula ionspa durtled,ou rlas woulertd,irele? they w uld ok fule yore ? >> ieyhink wd fo. o tnk ty wod be ooki i nk r a t of pople t t wo neibe whakis yo a of ple eperte? eihayo i hve ert a liralrts d gree h il pliti, as ph. d iee pan b coege ptia pofesruth. p at d n't rk s biadoeo pes r findometng dt silse. ndet >>eil:kay.e. sohatapps i teyon't >>l:y. t ba on esotpp t't ban rgulions are ey dfere in acemia rlns e d re evenmore sincia thcolle worlthatakes vere it s tou f hll gu likyou get rlatestou f j? gu ik u areethey meo? j well i m otrey eve wo mied out woing ll a iademm aveod loter. whwo i'mg orrd abo aem a iso .
4:46 pm
lowi thi wh'm eonomrry tbo gr i. th 's wwit ithi goi to tak eom t for opleor fi th witoio jobak >> nl: i ad r leemoatici- the asonob sk, n id had amoic de crat e coonresan oatk,head to deatfoes o th swhat said wee no relateh staie enoh, nousiesseste ve catedno thi ms adsiesenc yo c haed thealltreehi m a dotes andheync yoahelee neeesnd toy b ampedownee ono bore, nopewn lssn >>olic if ue,oo l a >>pleaic, iff you d ao stu of eaif ou gulaons atu dufng t oma adlaniststionnd lk hu t the o affe difadrentstectoon i l thek h ecomy,ou cheld sw fe tifemnt to uhe culdhowf ec wey, c t skhose t cdw egulaons t of, wseoulde beerff. la sthe oonom wwoulbe gwingldnd i wuld avebe. jobe omul gng i>> n wl: yd reaey thk a coup yea agoobhenou wer n y eath fiat leo upeago tatenadheer file t gulaonseenased th, yo wod stl be la empsyednedhyo no wostbempdo
4:47 pm
>> psibl dendshich rgulaons. th e' pbl aumb r ofdesch faors rlas. th the. a mbeofas b ilouth i teeder re brve ouublethe moy s ply ter ree lee oin 2 s8. y yoare at >>eil:ure. >>e ha n't 2 y tyoe >> sl:n te.e >> ha teffe of at ynflaon o the s t fe cuf encyn pcela onflheion. it tes - tere'cucy a pime lg,fln. o to t - te' ae fou l earto it's thr yeaou snce ar08nd 'shrea we'rabouto s the ts samie ofric in'ratiou tha sshe cings i beuse t aticoubngntiha of c tg bemonee t spplyub th havf't s tpped nenfling sly e thurreavy sedflg ereinc2008 nei we' wat cloly. wish younc08ell. eie' at loyou'. a gt ityshoul. u' gicyuy. i ho iork ouic an yoy. sir . ho i goodeeinrku you o thaou,ir odinou hau,r. cuto. nei i suld ve h bk caushe c clso. e ei sd h bk m. cato. us >> chis ll seeuy is m gocag. d hartime >>s o s wreso
4:48 pm
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4:52 pm
yomolistnt t-- ev io>> nl: n almt. yo sost areallior t o . n nlm sorelir o >>e'realki abo morthan puttg guy in >> jairekibooran thtt're llinfor uye en ofn thcapiail syem whe yo the in r en lien tfo thpihem.syheo nei why re ty woliied t abtm. hemeihy twod apiablismsoneem by t wysidpism >> ty wa me,ne hey ton' wid want twa 50 m0, ty'reyn'ookg font 0%.0 tre th's tokesse.o >>eil:ow a you reat. wh talth t tosshem >>l: aou at you' whalo bomeem a cul su'bjec >> i bs weed, ty d an't lkeul s ec me bause've rit n iwe abo t dt l th and bee b onsee yritbohow and th gendcommeetsnn bl ysrownd and- ge mm nei thas juhel stf ndwe wte. ei ha w. ri t. ha u andanwhat ri shod hownaneathey aris tt th dot rlize i'the hoeowney ar tthepooer th r hasze bei'e eatg the hepohutas of wallbe sreetatany thars.e wheriisateefith thell set iy s. erm nogointo towsa othhehe i cataliyst .noin t oe ey'rcalist tkingboutlowiup
4:53 pm
'r the syem. t ng utpitowi ey. tocapalis wos. wall strt nes toepiso pu llundetrnehetoammfapilismu de that themm pblempi sm wall str t ne s toatehe me catol hilst. pem ll neitr a lne otoehes m guy sacal ei lesheuya er 99% on-- mbe y we t g9% king ifonne o m yhose t g bnkersame outng if o and osid'll bereut hir y d wtl uld uir y wo? d they sd i wldn' wor for theey sob sd i w n' >>hey fuseororo eobork >>the y al qsestio i a mea rk qution e e we qio g iving ahemeoo mh quon we eden em>> t my sawe'r ging te te en rty cdenc tsa'ri t >>tehy ahey y cnc eual? >> n>>l: l me ak thy qution el? o i m n le th beg quon irhetical i dot beeve eey'requa e tepart the was etal do bemovee nt, 'rere uare tequotrtunquheeas prests ve, e hey otqu ren'iolt.rts thenhey arte wrkineywith th n'ol sys m. en y erete wre tin parth mmbers th ofys
4:54 pm
e t ar co mresser therare opleorki witfn theyst oco afssct ere clenge kiit e re blic perty. st byhef way th afcted ce chan in re theic py. d ocrac pbyty aaydhfed c anved lot femoats he the dra p ri at inermsf fid altmos he ri iinsuesmsfi are ese ys wo iing?es >>eil:ow lg wi it lase e o g? >>ell, he m>>orl: lwi itas loong to >> l,ean m the ilacooo nei the say n ey'rhenot gointo ei he whey do i'rividtligh f in l. ling dn th e he iid cnfligh wit eir ght ptestli dth th's wt i cliit wt to r t pst kow. neith ver wgoodioint wto >>hat kace .s t ned eierodntont a >>t e td seweo >> nl: crlie agoodoee we you. n cieod >> ge a ek an tu.ey'r caing ca ll gbouta n t'r i sanecaga saysho?ut feme an iuncene] soyou ink ur k s arys ? getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? . v8hayoum i'a da coa... .and quitmoki witchanx.
4:55 pm
i'daoa .knowg th i cld ske ringhe f st wd kitkiitanowth c s ng f w waseallimpoant me. [ ale nounr ] longith pporsll po t hane.x iprov toelp [ ople quitunmoki]. ngh or ch tix nduceimy uove op smo -- plitki d peonal thas at ichnew x needce. u mo- pemalealnnouhaer ] ome ople i w had edangein bavio thin ng olemoodou ] e hostleity, gitad onge bio depr sed od ain sui odalod oughst or y,tionta pr d whil atakiui l or a er sghppinr chanonx. ilki if you tice any o sthesinan stopakinchanx ancall youroctorighaway ifu ce oes optelinyouranoctoan ll ab ut aur history oghdepraysion l uror otoer abnta aheaish pr olemspron whiccoulget rse ile king hant o. ta eapr doms't te chtix you e haica seulous t lerge e ngnt do tch x or s n re tionouo ithases rg if yevop tse op ting anti s re onand ite yo docr rht ay yev t tg ti d yo oc r so a ca be fe-teateng. yohave hisry ohear or b od vsosel roblcamse -tte . ll yr door iyou ve yo neveor wisrse omptars. b vl bl ydo iu t menecal wlp re ht apty. if y havsympms of hea attk. me l use rutio awhenrivi or pera ng m ofeatt e io coenon svie ef ctsor raincl me naneea trubleleepg an unu al eamsco sefs clna th e artrthe leasonep i it sankingnu ms thar [ e le aonounc ] i s asngyouroctoif cntix rig forou. [ anc asurto cix igor.
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4:57 pm
ben rper "am ome pling n erammeplg belve dointhe ght ing el neinr goe unnt icedg negonn ed libey mual iuran. sponbili. what ur poli? bemu ian onli at li >>eil:one weeknd theyetill >>l:allie herekn ey ll ca wealier
4:58 pm
mr. 9- llca butea a 0-0. . ut amazg. a espeallyhen u cside-0. e fan ery polazl her n pely n cde hopng fa ybe at's w eol theer op mia e 's wcontues ripheng i' not mer toake ntsip ses. i' juot tak iss whoe s.ressjuak ss w hat pcticly seams ss amic pic s desmsvesomeo but en i com tes sseoneeo thatener ly ifft.iffent t iom t sne th'rendifrent at er i thenhefeiffentuytheif int en fe ettyauchuttyuy. heoesn hav to b gt tych ty. al michehe bsnhmanavmadeoo b lk g cry onover fal ch bande lnewsek." thcronateser flalway ." ro pauth teslaay extme. dona tru c. he roau t isooxt. narue mh.s m it asf miasaying we ok f new its m flars b rert tinameeld few villa la hav b n re terobl wit van vlala t iav nhe rkybl timite'd ban wi i to conder rimd r bky roawioon r i me? wh r doa w e? tak whmbet wdnes andrigilityakutf t etesidestial d cdidas?gi ty ck t tm dr
4:59 pm
wh doidal wcream corda som hing tdr whdiffent dash out aea thome whngare iffe nt?fft h utif w all knothhewh te cod ife? aust, why wust on thenouy tod i o at lea asat,hy ttnutshe t atea fer tsn t altnati? dir't w do io paulltti diya wo i havi thealauo tviheo f medire? t instd heshrowg frann ofthe liffdi? it hassthe to stoownn ofeff coential t nkingot so toere are tod. wod tcoti tinillt us e reod iwols i kil any of uo lo outde t box at dils iny froheref u o i' seeloouut o tox hou fm now d iro re foxusin s neork.i'ee o thatous f wmeow ox havinnek. atn. we joav g jorofbsghe fmerr o airm the. you d'tave fr f. rmhe >> d and oueil. de f dema dd t.l. ma>> n ie bn n i awa b i geouwa ti. g i've bn weang i fti.


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