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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i hink ould k s srtithic targing eatfa. ink qodld sh srgg odorce w s habeen ungce pro w to haen couct tion urogaino ucot on thateansin kilhem u andake e b esat aynsilmndrome b a tm.m repter:enat t cainharg t present' fail e iepr: 200at t inrg tblic sport es at'il bub iing00 t reluti insice ir is srtubg mingretinsirs ngomeo rst. >> ty wee sayg oba ama, rre y.ith usr w h tweay em?ba sai he a, did yt wth tos w je ardi the hanc? to aieid wo netiatwithjedihenc iamic t govementfne iraatth iic ve>> rntorte theresint defeedra h rtepprohehsi to ote fe nctis th put h inroo e econy n oughtithut i spe t defcted on f queiongh s out p epubcan anditeefed f hah cuetiqun o t ubhendiroad ha creigqupoli rord. >> mo rnead chaed lt ig weli. r d. "iyou m rha lo n wanwemeri to "iu be t songe natnn n an rieartoi a not t sgeat yrresi nt. rt a yoothavehatresint
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toy." y si >>. didt kn you weyohevetsi spespetoon f" mitt >>idknou w rney sppe fit ry >> t predentould n say w hi upn t tranirentld n ay vernnt i hip t wt,ni whe er rn i thsupre leer o w pridenwas hevolv but siifictht thpr disleosed o day ey he hprens rarlv ut rect ctactnsiichethised i niany h hgovementivesarou a sigct c ct ho serus ian iventes aig is.hoer repter:ou c quo om oer pitics.ns a well thanepyou r:ry cuo muc o havi the piliticy r ady ll to anu ucgo wn t p side viantsheit r iso some ing w t pdets mts arica co idermeg a m aca giv. co erw th dense sectary say a mig notive mh th dseecry layger. igchieot mongrsion coespoent lke er.nuel exains ie >> rortegr witon hecopot e el ngreionaexns sup ommiee rte it der essu to cep renaup witmi byr tsunksgoing out c $it by tsgg t $ .5 tllio inavin in theex tioecadn leoanetin n waed ctingoreha the ead eo idettifi $0 bi ionromwa cnge he fens speidfi $binm nsinpein
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it ll te to u t edge if i doues tuts it t tto u t illge iou tst destat ourlatioldeatur fensio >>hi rerso dra ic cut ns on dense spe>>ing rheys ar unarae tuteach aeal b dsepeg y novearerna3. tch l th b top replica say e ve th op lievepca iayeducg was a th penevgon b igreeuc witas a pa tta astithcutsenren n beeit paa tits n opt n. pt ifther is a flureon e sur cmitt e'llf beers a f amregst e fit ohe for su ctt lle toulli tt t fi o >>he hse a fed svice chaian stosli t psi t 2 >> s her a sce mmit eai s t s lmakeeed itoe slasspenng l ekeewhed. as en >> whave aeadyult ehe fensmore.ha mos ofs w ve athindywe stuld nsre hosef in sd cut h wereot acctingny me cutsnutefen. ho ver ey wwek iutcc ing m tstheiprobm. en >> thor w i u.s i eimiobtary i t.s retcdftermiry ifighng t rs infghastannd i q tcd er
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in tastghecad t se or d ienseffichals aanue i mi tary tstad ineed ofse dse ic a mornizion dea wmihry tndf 21 cturymoizn ea thrts. w tadin leral say 21 i csry timhr. in to lalay isimut. to. >>e shldn'be. can be. itoesn do >>shn' a. ane. it goosno ifyou d'tut aility, c oo mecare if u're d a zerit c summere e er situmtioniton panta toohis spe a an lawmeroos s as. >>ne o the reatwm nional seritys.hreais >> oe sfunationa ny ofnasehetyea coress un naand ofe inalityoonfrt th coss d ieuenatyfr thhat ie feow.t >>omorw ishe deaine r f.ongr sion >>oriseae cmittgrono suit t cirttrecoendaon r sang a renue o ineasesuo th tcodauper sa acommtee. rue bre mikemanl liinseth on ter hil thk mmou.e. re iko ofanliolar p el til makth. lynd ofar resned. p
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baakrupt couilin ss nd brnesd. hbarisoptouin step dn lasbr fray. h soharrson fuseto awerp d asestis frfr. a rrn csegres aonalr b ctimittfr iestiting a c estheal ctt claps iting in aapit hil eppeance lastonth cps mu of ahe fitusilnperaeaone st fath and muf f fious iestition ra lanng a hefaesknd ohe fus ition an a nati's t lawk eorcent ofcer ti taw eceofr natial crespdent there heidgeepor thiss nohe rst imeti cspnt ertornhe gengeal eorc ho er is hano bn und tte rn gunen eho ha >> buan n mondwill t b cled. >> runortes o of he>> n mo fillt b ascl of. pre dent rmr. teama gned of exetive fider afrento . a ed cse theuantxeamove r ba dettion cp chent bo 20. ba et erion colde wasaske wit b th 2ob thr yea riatee thedeas ckepsit are ope th onhr rentearip tee exe tive e c orderepe cld on rtp ttillxevee s nde c poedlln s the poetaie nice ard.he >>n dember oai 200 ne atto ey gd.eralaid >> 9/deer o 00summs wod be tra ferr tofrom gald9/ gntano t fmmeralwo be raurt rr new y kom cithere they gan t fal wou et oyew y theit sere ey nstition rigs ofou e
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u. citheens. s t tionigoffter str gu.its. ertr dsentrom new rk cy oiciand dockntransrm ow c oia.s. il kns holdricaitch latnd st. thcaseack t litaldcachat s co tthsek t ta whenheco revsalasade ngre , heenook shot evl congsse do kno re bheterk thaho ng tm? o no brha ye t iespe the ality oye i sagr. >>peeporher: ctics a tyint to oer ontr ersigr in>>udinora ju cicecs epartent de osiono drtrhesiininju caseart agait twdeblacondranths who as algedl timited aiotertwac anththe fasho a fious galdl mi d ernnin an debeleas w are fus g holr in habeeneb w subenaeol ifhaenou go froubae uantfamooro yntoolack pan er aast and furus i donnow ttck the anesid at is gtingt the d ur ibestonw t adve eidis gnghe st.dv ere aolital oonen thats s e aeptaite oen .at s >>uliaepstn wa ata entied a >>iastwaurrote f
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ofcial whoti aeclid f ro f inrvierequt. by eofail,alheo samfficlils f iniequ el, dendedheiramondsitinic theower cri tenddeedirdsin greseveerri psecuon o mecareraudnd es sucssfu p cu o tion secityases uchmereud asucfu t s wee onecyesh inian assa tinatneelot. aslaimg tt ianolder new saatt. mo a ut fasas aim t ftiousde thanew pubcly modmit a f us>> ts is sly poianeub they eait tt a orne teneris sshou havoi parculahe t in armatnener ou onavarla anyne inat thsandofn iestitionny no ttory geral h eve thnd en hd t tha itiontand d. or g>> eallier in h monve hhe tha present ndpres d thfull eer non coiden in e aorne geral. es t es itth clell holr i coenn ane d oritleol i admistraon cticsn th ft a thegh rigg . mi ra c cs>> btht: aheighank y. seral b u.soffialsnk tel y.sel fo.snoosfi topsembe ofel hani fo osmembop is kilbed nfrhe boer. hi it the mt mbsil neniobo.ithe m mberio t mr be tenffhe t btle tfiel be hean cai heliken mselheto a tty icereamai h
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thprobm wi tent anagy ter el an t tceam gravine thfirsob awi t clor lnak a r then trane rsndidelo l a'she 9-9lan. id [ le aounc ] drking smohie th n-9vegeble n.tritn? ♪♪[ anc drngmoe ngee it ♪♪ [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a
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>> bt: iamera's ecti hdquaers, oba 's b i ercampsgnaise ti $70illi h inuas, bathe mmer mp se $4milln isedic70ed tlin the e esidert$4e-ellltionisic t e id el onfort rt e $# 0 mlionotes $1mill n les shan t# msecoon quaeer os $1lles then t yea co ua o e rublin se, hern he in eoyed surea i the rli spolloferate. e edief litiurl ihe corsponnt llreposain'e. f tiessaoron posn's r sa ignang a peoe ar ping atntio tohe rconoc plna. aeo ar p g>> d't tl heatan ciono heno is anoerpllavo of t d wee the c h soono melisno vo >> tf fla tree of onheel we bl tkla wnutsn't ffor ofwe bl wt th't ff wk. th w
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th agnd rkedith t dco.vahink aisha nks. ed h t at cated the dnk ccnd s. cericeds fhe psper cy tt advi s ma tea ic f pty g t vi macainea cal for patiol s ges. x on tf t inalorio s loc on t tnd tion saloc tax tuble consvati onalax tle nsti thenflutial predent ss 9-9- iseatchluutal irent son't rk, n't9-assndouldch i le to higr'taxes >> f yo, tsldave le wohig the es cometax e>>eedlyo inour arrawie blo w whe wou mex dlyou nkehreer n dlesoar wi stk thlo in o w theouromi u ey'leeonly nakeess mhst athn ohe mi ey ud to 'llye t me a uto? t eanger i ty draou reeimes as ge i ft. tra repter: issiippi e es verns hal barur f serisly nsided a un o epr:sipi hiown ndrn saldarf t ri y id aecti o wertoda hiif hin s wod prably toteor cai ti erdahi ontrwotprlyeai tex overr ritr per's weex sa eerry ri ti she hrser w 9-9sa of e 4 she tihe wantto c hl-9f 4he nt c 9.
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ca ceron fox ws. 9 bre to lk me ca i con x t reo maffe i fmer ont viso tofe pside f ronrd rean a joi u fro m nso yorko thanyou pr bdeng hone. >> ires a aoi u proasur n rk an breu are b h y ia pur sport rere y-9-9 >> srthink 9-9 is a-9 >> nk wondful an. 9-a lsf can adate heood nd l an f. t ref lm banlovete h thd 9-9 pn and i thi f tef b it'svereat f st steth-9 p nd hi bre weryouonsued 's atin takin f ofte reeru 9su- tinf9? 9 >> metit mos o ndides a i met ith>> et hermos oain. iidid a talbout hisetaxh rm plan yesn. brei whys ial aut gisd an? anes >>he fst p ce, at yrehy i a g wa too o tex?is ower>> f p, y taratend roadwa theo oexer t tateadhe tse. . soou givhem t lea ples t whihey can soiv m t capeea pl thiyan. pe
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u wt afficnt tode wopleon't aheatic on. t his eanoes tt nd le l'tersat e ra. n.'s iorta to ets rsf t l se corrarate ate, itao rfilly ortee, tax. >>lyret:riti of is s x. 'segre ive >>d wot:dtiitf s thpoor at d youayree wod othor dou thao >> don thi it'ha tru gets r of t proll ax >>on hit' ruat i et r rresse anf get t pll d of o er tax i the i r sssystanet ofs oax ihe st welel for ose bel tover lel it repr ceseomef tmel t soheyeter tleitepseaxes t soy t baces ion't thi is regssivac alli't hi >> bt: wt abt th i seg iviticon t ight s ingll once ou b w opeabth pigo to ic t washhtgton sou cgld he a ce -20-pelan,gooecau shon c ha here 0-n,au no, becse lmakereant toax mor dn the o,ec load.ket >> yto hav gotor t d proheem thd. yav polotician tro s.olias. if tyant toass
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leslatn inen yrs ty t canto tot.s t yo c'tle cattrolinhe y t fure c gresn or t yo c pside col fu cesr p depresents ests ihink tss a goo a effient an. iinkould too do a anyin to top fit . tureldoolitianyop reit fro isin tes'd lovoro gure in t iov re out i >>ret:ain ys i t send pse h wutld hase >>t: n i ou tinco tax f ndivseuals p h w andorpotionsen for o ou coax th f natnal lesaxivls dpo thon cou f get o thatl s frly higthouet critsayou kw, fyeopl ig on tixedncom and it s ople kplorri abo theed pceom nd of tngs leri gbong p ts u g ho you u respd? h >> ion'tnow outheou lo-ter phas sp jus ook i a'tw t 9-9 m elf.loer as you ve t us bievek that 9 tes mf. ar allu the t bvericeha t th alws ar arlhe ce it jeshowhey gth inlwarhat ice. you titeswyorpo gtionntt ll ce.rge hig rou trice forpoon pr ucthat ceigrouceorprtt buyuy
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if y colct t sam tal venuin a effi yentol tam way t none fnuhese a stemswill fit le to higayr o low ricenese s ms thll the leoigther oow it jceton't me nythhe dieren in eervera j't m pric dienn e lrael. bre bot mine, ic you a l. reote, pporr? >> tous is aette tnhe rrentax ce. or the urre tiste t tax enrex c venous d e freledith aul ducax enchicsn, pig furked inh a thuce. ey j t gic t beig cleedken t an wethave to j c gplet tye le vamp ane teo cet mp ce. t i wldove to c sitdone. bre tha youor you w timee o it thane you rehaou ou pleare me haou >> bt: hman in wl eea gue snn the b n hn cen wr seategme for ueresi sntia he ncandatesen the xt insatllmeme isorridasiia wi ndes fore r nnsmesdaexic wior n vern gyohnsic. ne wee rk rn gyns storu jonne htsmaeeis r heruesd sru . n hean cn st hs bymaer nomber. wesde wkingo ched e a he cst by theandi tes ornoerente we wat wngh t paned. a stl
6:19 pm
ediheads coute you w o tan. st adloveouou o one ve dne bausehere d is not oughedice? bse welresxpla .t gh icup nt,s t ecomywel reay ll strlat' flt? n tcoea tr f? ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪hen ur cin osupp ♪ ♪ gs frere shahai, tha'♪login ics. c♪ o pp♪ gfre hai,a'gis.♪ ♪ chi frohere bods fm the ♪ ♪rackt al thro♪h thhiair,ro rethat 'bologi♪ ♪ckalrothr,a'gis.♪ ♪ carincusts li tha♪ ♪ hur up tim cflatin stthatl'halogi♪ics.♪ ♪urp imata'gis.♪ ♪ a newechnogy ups ingso me♪ aewhnys gsme♪ ♪ th'logiics.♪ ♪h'gis.♪ we kw a ace ere tossg anturng ve gen w to eepi. ka e essanrn gere weeplo s nipits eld resul sep. e plni d es s. d lusta n he you get ere,
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lu a heke iouhas r t e, manpeop befe. is anen toping efnest don dri orpera macnery tg stonri orraacry unl yofeelullywake waing,atin dring or eunaginyoin oeler alyivitkes wag,in riwhe asep, ethouin ore amberitg it he nt da whas, ou reerit nda ve bn rerted abnoal bavio maynclu agessinessagition, breedno bioaylu agsissitn, hallinatns oconfion. in dress patnts, wolleninatof d oressnfn, n. d ssatcluds,g riwo of inicid d ssma occu udcohorimayf idincr se tmase rcuks. alrgiceactns, ch tone orhohroayswelngcr t r.alicct, onorcur oarelyelnd m be tal. si effts m incde plear nt tlyte, madace l.siff mnc ea t, diacines anmorng drsine. diask esur d tor an lunrnta dris rneht f you k dr un r f thou get unes fo$0 thetes fo aneco ere'a la of restl slp. cane'elp lau gofhere onsthe wslgs o lunea. anp goreon w one uh, m in timut causappantly ring t dog liket's smalhors , inim is fuswnedpaponly in t s esriblis tent!og kes alrs fedn tesist! luily oughya kw, i nceathisad b unrnea my anke luy gh k i ea isjust bo i n geunon eearadey ke
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chk mynvesent rtfoo, sear stos... sti ge ede chmyest fo arto.. wa, whare u tang.. , i e...lita. wawhe ta.. i ..ta ju a m andis tught and jusmar mhonend. thtth ae-tr e ap d arne atrap ♪obodknow.. ♪ ♪odow [ le aounc ] erade inveing leasd. [ anc ede ve g as
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>> bt: t u.strad defit died in austo b t.s ad$45. bilon. fi die lo ist a aunttn fou mohs. th iil.unni at lon atou nualate mo. mor tnthef init $ ale or t $ 64 blion. up 13%rom lt yea ap icat bnson forup3% unemloym ltea befits ell apat,000 lasor ne weym. bure sllbeelltsl abo 00as velsonsiredwe heabuhy. s locksereboixed ls tod.sid eaw. lo 41. ks e ths&ped sod.00 g e bac foulo1. nathaqp s a gedacou 15. ofnaours wal seets a ttin a lf5. nwan d rs altent snt laty, ecau ofin a l theanrotes here ntat whauh lefss t the
6:23 pm
ete reesti: arhe pwhplelen t wahetree reay t bme tiar for pee wa strglineeea t b enomy r chiewashgtonorreonde trin mes emy rosent ieshonrede i searc ofost an ircfnswe we >> t memr of occy wl stet td to temof bmecc w enomist tto moss o svice b stor emi mo o sce. sr >> have i min a stem betw n g>>ernmavt, w il in st aet, d sm mtwia gnm wst, . but mow a solart the cons vati ut thi a tks sarguar toarrohe he nstihi t guoro lt. l i d't want t sgest at hpeneon wl strt d not aan fac trut the s st impo hant neesti w is ethetr the nanc l csis ouldotacrhe po t vetis he e nc csld ourre wer it not f ore housg polieser iot f us >>he bh adolniststion seekg tooost rat o home>>ners bpadston fekcedtostat o
6:24 pm
mers t fden nder tonderite rtgas f everiski erere rrowga en t fanci sys m ows. coapse t fciysm toet treco tsey hav t o tke tuous t stepav t tuss.te th says. i wa't the thay i fordleousiwaheroce but whatas rdsieen ueenceinceut '20satollow theubn pri unce and her mor ages0sow he packeed ri d ecurriesores ckd urs >> ty stt inhe 199 tstin99 u dn'tee itn '94 o d'tt94 o '9 stas ahe secizatn '9 taketa aecat keff.. >>ajory of mbers >> ncluord eaier yeaf tha mrs th cris wroug onby a luear eaha combatioof l itheresri wugn rate eas a mbio l iesvaille teas a edit il ant gulaon o wal stre. occ y wait strt me ers t yla o notal be i lineto
6:25 pm
loore to ma etccwatr conmetionsforolac ot b i nebutoo t the coumary vtononrac iento t of uold hohesouakes v i ito like anoer udhoousies i keno bubbsiike the bb crentesse willhe cnts ll rec anyme sn. >> bt: i youerenecny ice s b i creaou wha flaer wld youce be ierma cai meaha wanla w t ou thinhis swer i ma staitlin mclaiabouan the t present' j s bilins ferm vicestresiinnt jaiouhe besen.t' jil f cesi j b.
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
we'reentulink. new nd obroaand mpan ' remmittud tonkrovi ng hone, peonal ervi w ooad an itto vifr vi 5-ye pri-locguartees. nsisntlyast eeds. freaop.yeriocares isanlymoret ays ds cus mize yourechnogy. anres uszeurhn y.♪ ♪ ♪♪
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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