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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 13, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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'rine he ntuesy anwedndayitr i we . los orn besaltianmodn.y r i t s loor oeve b wtiins.. wesl sou hen. ve w whatid i we s sayou he ierce at i s mnt il wauk ee ice dii saaltimorent il ukat w nev posble. di save areataleekemo. i'm f to worroevose. aatke ca ptm ned to clorod caioni serves, c. >>ill: he o eill fpttod rlo icasni rv, >>l: o ll. fto i nigh >>he rht tprott urse , pr ect ur fily gh an >> r tot seprt fy an prote r >> hermacainnow leang y. among hma linelyno rubcan vot er.on 'll lnalyelhe caicaactor. ot . what sri ng isl lyhe c popularacy.r. >> satuld su rae tas onis ybodoprighult t s rid or raor otaon odgh t mdle lariesr ? o no. mdle >>h-oh es ba newsor t. doctic >>oh bapartewand sesidt oba.or bi clion iof the rtd idob bili i servheio >>heres norowth rv ofio >>renowthe
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econom >>ill:nd tre a are repos o on ramompa d g u>>l:nd t are reotpor o illal r conduct whign und thranko t heotrcc iy waon ct stet pte thnk temt. wa th cultre st part.orsn caion. u arnabouto tt. ent the cao ar ou spon e thfact begheins rht now spon thcteg rht n i'mill oeiy. ithan foratchg usonig. the ormanei caiy.n fto is t an or ch us igsuect thi e ve nge 'sanain t taing oint su mt o. t e mr. in is s gi ta inghent m o. ll. . i tis witgimittomnenhe a t 29.% ong tiikitytt rneublin pmary a29 % vors g rickerrylock rslin p wryus t . ckryckn w us viouy m cn as t and loof er 's upoupo mrtnd tnd lo a 's uppo "wl stet jrnnd"oll h in lding r ney "w27st j" 2ol3. h ere l ingsnoer elementy 27 t e noer lell.nt whensked tbouthe geral elecon . versay
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re siendentedut gal obamwoul dea t ectt rneyayresint am ul ea46-4t tt a de heaconderi the rgin f er r-4 b h maden ceanrihe iner bses the psi cnt 49-8 anthe in s heie pssint9- anheie theheheonundrum. mrcain impressive ionnunheum. mrin debas annow s bmpecsse ihe stng psenc whi n ebaan w b repueicanarty bu the uth st tha ppresentnc n ama uld ve t run ainpuanty bue h harmanesait bec se ndepa ded nt tn n vote areanarai lsecikely toepde vo or imterehamisttiky vo roromy. ha mi we rord yesteayf r e or. oba do not getfhe jori of indepobendontotetot riheosep rm caiis p di va ableervirm to aie cotry. vaconslevativio pics t co y. r ecog nizensd.ti s its obous most of rogzed. that meri niteeob ts goset o bacfk tohe fe maetplce a nd atri ee g irac c pe ti onto fmapl anfte by petion tedera i bntruon. cainuppos ta refor m
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nd ra i weru. inpota ror m deeraty nd we that. cains b ess rideenatdlny an t t.we nd th. e prinlem bsrien m canai lac ks nth pr m legiativexpeencend m c i knowlitt abo foracgn giiv pece affa s.ow tt bo orin t glol ecomy at ia g decit d nden dent fa s. nded tlomeecriy n i und stan det nd en thnt becse oall the ed noublndsthe ier ienc e ba rathec o l he obamhas d. bl the n iex perrencsiba mus kw ams w toeal h e n p china, piuse kouw conttoue al theowerhl c na pi e irian threa nt a he er thle iso ro fn- e- joirnhr traithng.isro butalkg pon-tse- say tee ai. bu chlkrs fpooray herman cn. hasadchth f pmary serma c n.very i es ng .asadthpry and at ithe mo. ry now,or tng toptoryonig d ick pe ry's.ecne in w, t op ry ig polari has it hme. p's ec i spkingn soh ca lina po ri asday,is wee. spningtan so scana y, wni s this >>atenp anchew up th is >>enanewp pss t othhere ie he i ee bng our ppents ond ourartppen souchndhat i think
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rrt th l s atuc hhahi bause o fth a this s bteau. o f >> oini us th iseaio s te dio lk s w s>>tanis d fo io ws alystau ra ngo ram. s fo sohe chr istian ou a kstw, ingm. ems at sors. perrhryti kw,elie s at thatrserpe hbayas bee si led o atorcorn becauas b of his sieldigusorcoecelfs. h doou b that?igus >>ook, tfsnk she i r do b ha it h bee a >>k, reallnk s tough mo h fo hee him ea as h wif i t mghn s is mo fo prablyurting for hifn s i hsim. pr ly an tng tru i tnk aut th h is at w.n you get i oan tru i utthisac ths w yuet aomieleachman isac foun lastime aacunhmd m huabee ouun as sarahastin aun m foun when he w thehuiceeeou s ra h esidtial nominee t m edunen whee idd, yalh, ntheeer conseat miv arinifin to b real y har th ononou. theyre gng t scriniz inin b al aryour ecor on . th are oing o loey at gou triz on t sta a ng sideur oorth threnglo t candates nd y are tta gng angde t oo ha to m at a sndndesar yref gng t llen thaha mak mateo snd fe rea uredbouten yhaak abilies eyon d g erfening youearedut y ate and eyilons don you rec gerngourd
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th statthat ou a in.e a eysoonouec i dd 't t hi nk ithtatat has an. r lly athinto dwithheta't t it as r llthinit hve th in tain d dthota th t ominrt hevelve thath d opleant o hav a t rickevelha pe y. let o h theollse kneic there were aot peohepllse kho wandhe rickere peary o kad ofoaeople wdicfrom the ginnpeg buahe haso td ta him aomoss t he e nnbu h nishtane aim in he aos t endven prably is w e wod agshe an he nd th tt.n >>prill:lyere w howwo seeagt. ybodof f th i tt. gng to >>l:e owee od f i g to get rak ove byhe sec ar t rakvey pres andrs s. cpeynd vern per suld av e beseendn rs y readfor at. rn er theigdav l beaeeesn. >> do adlier a he l tich stia >>o iaies t tre instre med i chia t ouryreed absotelyelie tha i'm t wrg on ts. so ly ie yohaknow say m wrons.ou be yoow ay on i'm not wro. ou b if y arehris tian a yon i n tell.oters t t yr fait yhreisti in uenc llerst yr itouhr de sion akinin thenc sular presis gng ttr t c deon in he s youl hear out es g t >>ut t sec carress i yo ea o ing
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>> tecarress to dety n repugic mineor tryo. to ety npu ic >>ill: ut igets leva nery r pplee rahal >> l: i ts va of urse pee h if tseoes. >> bl: a ricperrand miche bamanns. >>herehy h b aicrrd chbann >> hre h toe ataard exclenceou need to toeta mareet. of oursxc thewillncome aouftereedo m t. m. of rs is hetexalle aer and s xand evangelal >> bl: t chrtiany thing va mas th s, thneyo rk b thran in g mes peop akesmahethmthneyork crazy s theophateim b a lesothe of c pezyle le hete b l h for pe le i h >>ill:hat rtsim faror re w iis stanc n >> il:egt s f im wmigrision. ta that iegmmigrati w gr n. real athategmmra uer aliser is stat. butill,omeby ost ai t mi atomney coul d a o utl, eb ost turnt n mi mi romney y.uldo he cld s ayrn welt i pretty r ne muchhe o y o o n c sel t srege o chs o o b o o border veor d det wi thero bdeor dewihe pblro
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you uld y thereere a buh of u d hereere folks t ha t bu dsn olt ha it. dsn w hpshi it s rely l itas. u h childt mre l joke aboutt and tarn t t le on m r jomnee youtt wid ingt wheyou y ile pose r aney bde r f ence andwiangttheu i se to bde fce aan payith state toolrs stat p tayuiittion steorolrs i eg alat ton or iensou can' defendha ieg >> nd r y i sns dng celn'ef with >>om ryiare. dngel >>ill: omnethcares tw y sis toarhe sry. this>>l: oneneretwherere n' two sito s. sithisdes. ne >> ithe renerareelecon iwo mit not ecesris. h iice kraec i mi no rry bri he'ic y s.e' bil hern ca my analys. il er ca y >>ou, ll, b. and ta ingal pysoints b >>, , a tag pnts mus. >billtheyre o andhe mus me. oll theey ond are >> bl: yh,ha t'. ohe me. a here i s w>> bt y i sayha to talk m re w say al intsi lehe a ly sis.ts l alys.
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remeerutn side the me pollououinouuttn si t llinout onl is peent vicpresent nltersl. pe ant 6 isicercees aret e rs famiar wh he man ane, aniscere e ght. mi wheane, so 0perc t kn who itt t. roey i i s aso famil 0rrc sknnihocat on rothe iene. at l iered aain'ams numrrsnca o ee e. m up hea ld toed hn' nwithn ob a hover,alki m pois isupeato th ab lute rig aboob thi a he an chon isr,eakiyoiis pular ab teig bo hiin m radi sho whe cisy listeni mdi ho audice. l te he w offhe cs today widi c.alls la winffghe phonesod bankwi c he pneey leim he h nk to lim g bond h preacng the choir. bon haso bacng someone not heho jt as b funom onenot saturdatig b utn w s uris t keeper. ere b a l of estns ab tteer.he99 e lf t pn. ab he bil99 so hashe ideolog down il o as >>nd h a iol wn lot>> h o penceingot two. if hashe pce experncto
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al wh th real tou f as eto pr wlemsthal ou >>e'llee. prms bil it'a am ble. >>ll. il t' gambamde. oba. mb ere u go.. e e oba g o administratio a late ablocinit itr nstition it teoc i u tiont pror dne msileto kill pr d mle aniaillears. wel bia rht
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>> bl: iact gmen toght. present ama'reel tion b i t campengn bng r by vid tot. eselt a'elodon o mp b r oy fd hi ca o yestday had news coerhice wcah ep orstrsy .adew he u d so ofcohati w to or rsmm mit romne y. usof ha ti >> a toss oe pital mmit ectr rne peoeave the am as pal qu tion tr eo youre wavlingo thange quon posi ouons wnghange fdaal si is ssue al pncipow ce kno i at y w pip c do as p re si ynt. w w a c p we trust w couou w e ru bend that is theueio wn ou th havn h be tt he o wn thavn h p. >> bl: ,uan,rom oe atemt by. mr. alr a b ,n, m seri semanby and a gn crgr.e a the rieeanctnd gn cam cpargn, he uld inkht th a am seeioverrom ne a s d khth a a ei er r that. a s youre ectlyight mean inol itic alth. ouir eeslyht an i nre iwasholgtonicir iesse a s ishon inevablese right now. a e reons the wayt y
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ou evle r n tlin in e taing poi ntres t wyou me .inn ta g oi in t "walleet journal" me t wanbc llha you s jeernis if y ha h d-c -heahadou sonsst a y hamittomneis hd--h runeaningd ain a pres ent ama is out ttne evenunatng. ob a ha a twespoint ta s t lea en. obha tw intechcallwith theargi ea ofrror. hermch caiisll lthoshegiby ou ofor. di ts, re than rm11ai l points byanou es, cial tn hen you g p toios he es al he you depdentit falhels off. withhe ft hat h ernepntnal on h $ 2 millthio fnthan hn tnhe ban k on h $ llrsusittomy wit t30lus b mi ion d mo comusg itn,omit chri cis e min moomnd isin,ng him ri d biismonethatas gng tndsi h bineat g t cis e, cise,long tolong ro toey. >> bl: wt abt th inpendts d 't r eall yro kw. b w ab thrman cinain.nd d rlly w thmoreeoplget k an c n.cainheors op ular itthreplt k wi gop. in >> t facis hermaopnar cn wirighot noaccoing the tac h ma n pos arnuprt b y peoghplnoecog he o ar all stporonarrt beo e
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nsertive tea artyareopl ll st on and e inrestngutar is er veaeatypl lot od f cinlestngut i eduscad puican l who s cimdu sothin fere a wan aho im chan w hisoton.inre a w bu abilli ha t q te y an w ba ton. youut t f tbu illsha q y ju ha yba saiod, you k it i ve bn siing ere ijun y ai y debas isk ed h bmasing aie ba i estiboutskorei policy. hma n u kn iove h c ai tiut ei ol y. an i think h e ikns a i c inrestg ma an i pporhim.hi h e a i' pro ofim. inst ma he d sn'ti noworm. l boi'rof foreig policy nd is d'tw b l l tfoseig goluysisn b l wngn -- t g bil eeocoulhiren gsngn who h cld hirileeo guluyre ws co d te o im.ldir e g >>e s ws yo guy cote in>> syo uyshingtohavexpernce w is tt woinguton f y itoveere t wo gdut the aie goes cra ty. ie >> ihinkomne i gsot c. inkne is inans sitaote chce. wh hashe eir race bee ins ta chout.. wh asthe earchor taceeonmney. t. m paentyever ould e ch tonmn. pa it.tyerld chma washe nroey r t. a lile while ma w pey, e ryonwted m t li hibe tlet guand w did
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n pe eonw d t rfor nati al t dguebdes w d hean cai got t ur outorti thaeven in thehe c sthothereurut ha enrry iouldne pforming sth he ll. that s th surg to nomy inatlde prm whoe r i . nt i liatneth argndom ate mo o topg he oe it iline moopo to onin there to somody oo inishereit omesy i peonneexpeence it heas toblese tons r pe nepe ce esti s inheepth tbout 9 andbl to ns whhis a isor atireinndth wbout a andhat the wh psicies wi allis a be nd t heheill t fi p comicg ups becae hes inhe be lead. hel fiom up >> b l: d 't yca thihe thain back oma ld. wld pr beter dtori y tohihaun a gain st ba o wld he an cprnerrihan omittun ainomy? >> ihink hathe c hernn ttain prob ly h ink atecse hen i not kwn ob heal llnd bse h caus he its k lwnesodate hellnd b hamore o a us i lphat hlimb hare ains indpenphs b theli e ore cserv ativ thansty ien s bhaveheeennhe past.or rvivhat bil theare okin forvenn somedyas to eplace bar ac kilhee inr ama t famed wi a t modereepceark a fawi od emneygain a conservativ
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he an ceyn,in t a pls cseat say ha the cn, t th s i s il l t t morate s il ifhey re cservive tey woule c semoattee. if y c rv e >> b iep nts ul aoreng e. toolng b g bluare morntes aor ng nser tive han ey he ng b gen iluthar pet ormanye erven h d ad es i pt ny >> bl: b labed tm ad es nser tive b b ab t >>ut ym havto he erve >> yave se-ideifieas cservive r mo crviv >>ill: ou w l temo me w at yften flman c ai as>>l: wtee y lematemahancnto w c theas minaon. le>> wh hiteand ncrry wghtihe th giv romn nahe. c hanc e whid y ti t thivmnhe cnce win. bil ansr myuestn. answ my esti . n. es h have ilnsmy lstegitimate sw y ti chce? >> h thive he s a anceut litate i uld t sa it a sch? g nt >>hie a ce i d sachan a.s >> bl: ,ll rht, e, ral anick. b , >> ry po, t be rg th per ar y nd ck. are >>poplbetithnger ar re eplti nromney conserv ativ vo. bil n juaro in eyur oonnion iv the rcenge oa chce tt vo rman ain iluld uave tn win oon
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the en och t om atanion d tn th is? >>omat givim 25% s? t allys ivfim 2eopec e it t lys esn't mattewhfo ws,pec te he justn' wat someo to nch t obamin t nos and ing e st w sfireo oba.o h th factams da tidosd g reob. thctdaxelrod is extlyight thaxe aod ik issld and exyht haislded.nd >> bl: iot t run. . b i t da rd axelrodalngbo da ip alr flopping. ng bo hell i tnk y hav a guy fpp o s d e a llltl te b yav o a g at. o >>ut h ais n runtlng f b of fice . its mi rom y no >> hav nidun f ce itmiomnoav axeld. >> bl: a of ese yslip el flop.d. pres bent aintof e s there fl . sh ld b noesaxt itorease s t re e sh b wohy.e w. whler at. and en t walhystre pr este behind t whr s.nes. d t al re so of at ty ar doin isprteehd leganes. shsof tkingar in s the rerts,fter hese ga meshages ng thres,erse mees
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morcycs, bts, en rs. moyc b, r bodynowsheree gohis lo foracin dywsregosloorin all knois it srtedarly l no sedly ca y mes, dver the numb thieen ico toyo cam. came dr hembhin oyoam geo, vingeoplmone morthanust r inranc ge ngplne orant innc
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>> bl: o of e dersf e decrat par sayno t b hi ong tf es others deataray r tich. hi t o e la nig o theetrm rh. laprigogra bilhe clion me his positi car . rail li on m >> hhoulyou ise xes poti an cody arghtod rh o r >> ul u e pos or idany tla r or no.po becae the iso grth ila thecony. . shld tse of u scahothis mgr i th on mo mon a ash t o i a us bette siti to montronute ao a a erics puetic n nd ti o trgette g the defit nd ericpu nd corol y a ighe tax tt tate?efitnd when tcol ecoamyig raxer yesat thats w en icoer y t . at w bil by e wa i wl be onettean t.hiveng . ily wa w l arealki a l tl bit onette t hi abt th intview wi usreowki ltlt abthntew wisow cisph hah decrat stregis forr h deo w rkah sdeatattrisor chu ck humehu
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sc mer. me >> tt isot gd ne for presscent r.obama >> e wa s hi ttax isc gasneeor t es t gonto emaec t >>wa 2hi013.x c iave to go doag ee ecwitth bth 23. ithe. di thagk wee houlbench asing xes th the thweul wealthit in of s t erics. ea lt thinit iunfa tha wa en buftt ic ay 17 % ainnd ifaha wa b uf pay 3.ay17 a yououghintohe dionesw re ny buffehi. ou ghu dotot kn he d fedirencesreuf fe . tweecapil ga ns a nd dokn d fe nc inmeax ee i dpiknowgahe a in dfee. d ow >> bl: w wou youump em tethefe e. >>e mas his bon weyououp ov the >> mahi nearou and me ov monebyni a pay hene.ound e bl: y thi it houlnedni p. y bhitul e same? b s soluly. >> mbe gbacko thclinn x brks a w e wou ld lu b.e m gckthin br a ou be ber oe becse pplwere be oec instin ppltwerehatim >> b l: iinyou in raitaxt im noyou ll d agehe e no bmy iu ai paicully iit i c apnoitu he eno ins. pa ul ithe ircep con iapall er t ple a it h ts obama.s. e ep it ihurl t
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pla h i.t ba e big c ri h it turha. bi cri h t ahunemrat sang t oose. >> aun i sportim a sa tose. l a s rt a m. the int madthatgr th f dameal alws i s e t ad at at wdo nd o bepend g f me al ato ilwreas ies w n dand ine tndheg i as onom eati dan iinra tstructure om prectshat goi to g et ti ira ru ure eceomy mov ing. prtst oi o g >>ill:hat not oingo ecppeny m g. threpuican artys sang >>u wal:e tot muchotoneyng. en all ght th puan ty sa doe 't wor k. watoch ey yojustyo k w,l ht wil l oeor yo st ta k tw,o l w dbsl torro abt th cino ey setta uo l dbs tro abthinlyndo . ey et is ucasi. u ca t be doing whndhi s s si ta m ey. ca betheyoiill y nowe ah nhiot ing spe m a. eyl mnoe. a not heg ppeubcector, bri it me. the riva heec r, ri i age thtt tse us ik hevaecto agthse us selfhoave prospered in amera, we olfur coury lav. proer i age w ou er we o c oud i ulde. ag wou wli o i de pay 5%orenoaync tax 5%eutnly if ion'tavnce taxo put for $
8:24 pm
i'tav to muffs. yoknowhe $ $ muffin. ff i s t t.yoow $ at musufavn.eeen somet. m av ee muin. om e >> bl: uil tre a no. b u t re $16 p nfinsndolyndras d sor po rs a n $or pensolyn as waing mey i sootpo goi ang e give yo ther imwag iot oi >> y knowhat every dy ive yo thereris aimays ing be y no at vewasty idyn g ov ereren ats g e st in g t-- >>ill:he plosoy iake t e moy and t ow i t o>>ut tl:he psoak mo andow i o t >> don thi so. >> bl: iouldive ou0 ow >> on hi exo.ples . b i ld>> ae eve sid0easheet a os atveidhe wet d e in th mlitosy wpend ding.e th membit in e mitaryndg. mbn mary t 50,0 wreh. bil whyan'this t refoed. ,0>> lree wh k a le whaveo il hy 't kes put ng i down sefo. l wh a wh wvee. e prkeidenutcoul ipropwne t soe name vewh roa dn prenul aopme tca ro ld r game hvehw.oadn the apublans e nogoin ro r togao hhe eve. if is oo de bls no in for to amehe ecave. i oo d >>ill:ot gng s nd m ey r causme o
8:25 pm
>>l: g s m us the $14 tlln debt annot ting $ okaanotrn sp ding ill om tbabt ant g ka ot mini rati whespallnghel t moy alady ent aile ni theytire nhe goil to o i mo al y tt firleti ey noio oas tir ti 800 >>ill:ll t speing, obamcareeverhing lse. 0 u kn as >>l: tpeemg,ocrat i n tamreernge. kns em ra t reblic t win nex year a th sate g r epubreiccainnexye yr by obam car th g u kn r thaub rig?ye >>here ill pbyamiecerthey ll tkn tohaig e mi te>>rel pceey >> bil all tf io thehaveo ge60 votes il anlli do it kn thathey ill he ve ge get i kn the i s s omanedoknha exeeycuve t . reknrm bhe sxeeconciliation. re b >> bl: i eckve oer. theec areonliario thaw't b an ithe ckprem ocour. wil l y he re ar haokayo th m datean.e emur il >> bl: w t toet? ayth i wl be y.mte b bill: wkay,to d?ner t wbe. la enacrol: they, if u larohetrt. w f ange if i win - >>ill: no, goingo b e iin >> l:o,oingeno plty me ahd ashe ftor mos on his veng.en pl m ciah oas fneryorkoo ng he moonsveng. occipy w ol stet pnetestrk
8:26 pm
ouof parhey oc wst pst hav b n ouar sqttinin. d th hn meg el osqin. th wth meg el the u.s canth e u useanretodrone ssil tse aasnate itoanidrenv on. il ader asleanna.ninv and, t er ovidan job and hel our onomd, id obok, i'listing. d [aelounc ] r om cono phlips ok i'st're g.lpinpowe am ica'econ y[a nc th conanerphfforpse turagas. e inwe amre ja's, lons emsion ceror ras. j lemgoodonnswefor eryo. , by educg th pactodf prweuctir ...yo d precti our bylauc andthater .ctprti. prtiur land eri mit gea jo ce wgradte. migejo wad. , pele. ow m thbestay tdesi a vationn a dgetith expea. me it ork. pe. m thbookstg a tightsiy selfvas anonh-oha ethpe mitk. oka ht lfanoh seif wcan titc geth a bter al. th 's aseint, wntoin . tc th br .th at,oi oo seehat andrdid? okinyourligh and tel ooat tee samt timedrets d?u pres h els d ai ineson'tin urlet ghpedid showleparely. tammes prbook ht.s aies'tt diowary. ok majowow ctor
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jow or whe yobookatte. expea. whyookte pe ju onehills' con hlth probtic p a y elpsefen agast oasio l nstijutionnediarllea c hhobc a psenga oio tionar gaand oati. ith e rain goobactiagad ti helbala
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8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
lan,l-la wit h ala dne. >>e c goer inl-lait h d stnet a ut >>co milit in conic st wi c n >> bl: wh th dro newi in. >>oo m. b w th loowhate diin as t or e >>thanhatou oo arattalkdig lbout. r ht ow .s or an anhe dn'tee ar lk ut rngreionaowauthity. alth gh hanshou d havtee te chnirelly nader the lay. th h ou aven ihe dn't,hiche te nididny r la no one has e ive d gt,onche afdnr aresint o f dasng e g af si nt fis. >> bl: lallyhe cld te th mul hs .nd b lhmlyadin c tad o ul ansay u trnd toohishm oinn an y r strl, h toere o what oapns you . s he haapns tec icalou iinen reat gainec talhe iin homd. atin t bil i tnk bwingphe h il t bng he bass in shgtons a thre. but hasss bn eeshonatoed re bilut theashreais s bll the. whews toay t y woldn' t d oilheea s it a ew thetoefin tion wo immn'ent do th at i a. p yro he hinn mmt
8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
priden goin tollanoondee. ve a s ecprhenndinan ty nthe a hnd moties t ty grabnt h for what? becse t y sa hmoesab h f coittehawar imeshen ec tsa h authored ithei words coter esn or iei wds rtur bil theame d stuff. ur yes il >>hend te y fire t canian sff. govementight b e es s pa et>>ic tfi t ann thi vent ht b e >>he f slpa tett esen hi ama h as>>l bn reesct in a duti i notct irresting t ti fo ner ng >> bl: wt arthe ds tt foe mount'srede. s ur un bd wusare t tel amondntickheoo in? sus >> w oulkayheoo bwen?limnd >>ne a sliousnay vatn?lind >> tt wo d be ar a the ali sn wou hav tatn? invad twobe ahe c ad ouav iad thiwas ce a legime cad grp, his a lmnety i grertional. th kinof smnff dtys notertial . helpheir au sethin s d ot>> bl: iis le thcl lp ir au >>hey nt i b i lth t bl: t>> hy ardce fa lt pele ging em b t hdconfa. lt pe th g areg ot gng t ces on .nce ybod thre g tes e odnvin anybod els
8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:49 pm
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8:50 pm
waii. afte the r,ic s murerphrl b am e wa. tee celeity arri inur a movie leabouy trin hlf wh washe ne of mhe fieilm? oulf whas nof fm? stt i cardup, ease anthe swers -- r sthe i rd, se an e tapeer-- he>> thell andac pe thtrue tlnd storyf t thosuet detorytedf sdiern th tet histy ofhe ni dedta ss.erth >> bl: n , yo guysstshouofheni ha kno thas.evenhougit bwas nforeyoys your t e. hano ha en ugal right s re ani wre abrt thte. ig ht exte ivelanin pwr habeathds and tr iotste el p h muhy w a an azin guy. all ght.ts muhe i wn inuy f rol t. t exas i. farmid f l teas'4an k ille drm morehan 0 gmae bled hi elf. ren gand mae moe, iememr beng a ttle id sing m d mo i emandbey fherragg m e a le sg m d ferernd igg rlly dn'know at w goi ne i buty dn'kn iw re mber w sitoing ithovnieut i
8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
ringorldar i amerin ay. ng caldooni i tio awerenlisdn to hp wi thear eorty caniioreis hwihe et y kingronda fil ms .ngnd ichamsilis chraers as swn hing nhtma abouworkgor s t hheg htma nazis? ourk t az rds up,ple and wl roll s tp, tle ain.d wloll t n. >> bl: ntrutto t humor ha wilam d bhe nut tum so haildtra. oh, dh, d i jt sa tha so don't kraw hat 'm h, d jsa toi d 't gethat ife hat o'm my oi ba. et t e >> bl: don m know at i'm ba ing b 'm g >>ill:oocy wins and ccalm s l:cyinsnd mbalarrassed. and momts away.
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
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