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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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rlamer. fonews .>> bt: ttalkore ser fo ecwsomisart b tlke lafr,ormeecist advir tafresint rmeald agannd jns s f mview yo t. thk yoforsieing rere.d >> t's an j fleasme. yo th>> byot: arnge. ou>>s aasuppoer of b a 9-9? ipo thi 9-9 i-9 hi woerfuplan a9ot i of cdidasave goo wo fuplananor ax raormutf i c loda e ooe 9-9lan a i tannk rm it alo gre irst s p. 9n a i t>> bt: we yo conlted it re inhe makg ost s b wyoon-9-ed inak o9?-9? i m with mtf candatesnd i m wit mit he man cai nd dides t ik abo h m taxit he pls, yai. >> b t: wid is ttbo hoodax plan pl y the irstlace what bou ws d nt t do n tanas is low hestce at x ra and bro en t to tisowax randro t base se you ge thehe lst aceso wch the c ou g he esca l es whe c. ca.
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youantn effientax cod upeopt won cheffnt o hiodplan doehat and oponowerhe the te. oit'smpor nt t gethianidoe otnd erthe ce pora. rat a 'sor tet sil e craat ta il bre crics othisay ta it's reg ssiv and reulri hit ois e po. what o y's sayegivd it t po at yay tt? i d't tnk i ts te. it gsid oheayro tax d t i tthat s gsegreive od gsroax rid ther t esatn t re sye em g d aser t tsy wl.s w fothos bowhe povty vel rfolaceos som ofhem b the getovhe l rceomf taxm heet baxk. don tnkt' rress be at a. on t >>ret:hat out e r sscrits onhe rig ayin a on you >>t: ot nt a spit t iton waigingt youinould ave on ou 20-220 o plapi t bec sewagtoulde the -2laec is n bauseawmahers wan tax meown t n bse roamaan >> ou haxe g mhen p tblem withoa >> h p giticn pem th picn
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ifhey wan t pas gislion tenearshey ify caan do but uan't slontrn theenrsy tureongrcass oot. t 'tresinttrhe regr o si priden. pren thihis is a gdnd efcienplan if i hi couss a g d athing t stoefenan ifutuou d policia anin tto tusolia fm raisgaxes i'd le to f figu isest'd lo gu o. bre caisaysnhe condhasee oould pha re aiys t inme tor ind iduandse ld an corratiha inavorf in t e nionasale anor tiat cnld gor nnaleaxairl hh. c g cric say younow,rl peoe h onhe fix inces acr ay oupeopw,eo wor ed aonut theixricenc a ofhing opor aoinghece ofngp,ngow do y reond? >> dono knoabou the y ng-tm phe. re d?i jt loo>> aontnoouhe-9-9ysel -t ph yo have o jelieoo a tt-9axesel e alyo tveie pris. t t esey aays e. al t ri 's jt ho the et i as tha pric if y ax a jhohe corrati i itha willicharg h he y pri fortit oduc tha llrg h youri f
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ucha b.ou b ifou clecthe seotal revee inn efifcien cct s wal no ofve theinyste wi efen ad t h wherr ler prinosfhe te wian t t h othrs. l itriust wonake any t fferce ithth ovell ittone ny pre er iveevel >> bt: btom linpr yel b bmin suppter? >> yhis betrhan the currt taode. pp r? th cur>>nts etnhe tes rr areta ve.omou and thurille witwful dks tre v chouken, pds, turleys iitul dere. theyustchotn,o b p canedur i out d w have. t eytomplely b c edreva t wavhe tply vaode. iould lov t se.e do. >> bt: tnk y for yr ild tiov. t s>> tdonk y.. b t yor y plsure ti . t y >>ret:ermacainill beplre a gstoon in t >>t:ewmain cterle se segnt f g predentnln t caidat. c r thnext isetallegnt i f frireynt thcaat fthmerxtew ill iri mexo fr goveorar johexon. xt wk,ick veoh.antom. jo unts wn is hke tueay to 25. jo rmanain ops tsis h vemb 1. ue'reorki to sch ule.ll ann s th candateif for mb cen.r eseatkiithohe pchele
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>> bt: t u.strad defit died in austo b t.s ad$45. bilon. fi die lo ist a aunttn fou mohs. th iil.unni at lon atou nualate mo. mor tnthef init $ ale or t $ 64 blion. up 13%rom lt yea ap icat bnson forup3% unemloym ltea befits ell apat,000 lasor ne weym. bure sllbeelltsl abo 00as velsonsiredwe heabuhy. s locksereboixed ls tod.sid eaw. lo 41. ks e ths&ped sod.00 g e bac foulo1. nathaqp s a gedacou 15. ofnaours wal seets a ttin a lf5. nwan d rs altent snt laty, ecau ofin a l theanrotes here
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ehreeointgr nd.led ut a-s l se ha als h eeent n leudmi. lsat w hl sck you heu esn'knowf he ill g w sou h th nexose on'ow chemothapy.l g thethaxexe o cth prmac wrotme iouhe o 105en pac t lets ot i cledou o o05 tts i cdonda o ey sdhey d't knohen theyl ha it.da s aleywas dnon diaosedwo ars eyo ahat. les hiaed s a bee o h chemhera sin. heaseeeen oeft w hout emra in crial heug t rai ren tom 4 wutcrl toai r 4 80%0% >>his outgeou we don hahe d gs ava able>>ns utouroue cntryithon tha mos d va leadvaed stem ailare to cry h treaour tos pient vathis ssm la ftostrang at ea r kes pnt ang. is f alerais n ant s inglate le n ite case. se th are deang wh shoage th dregea whoe s. d art micatn as. ivy t mtritatn and - i.v vy
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nuitioand it -ediaic.v viminsnuiod e ltia goen. vi nsat emonive ity h pita l eyoere srt movey hta staered 286 s drtaed86 dr ery y i a jglin act >>ou h e ty i a makurehey jin gectth m icat>>n. h t >>mmerakisn'atey t poige m at -- mory isn>> aern' theoi pnt - ry of rsnioni a but ty are p gein rniut tre clo. gelo we he not h tak a choie bween hheot pat hnts t t bween oi c bditienats s. ben whhondion nee cti tt rticar dg anhichwhdi hasee t as acctabl ic danch as bstition >>incecc006,blumbe of dgs on tion >> scertag6,bef d tried. ere noeaso for it. sagri. e osoor t. cread leslatn leto pructi ealeatle pr dtiay. mo areffaten so dhey. shifd torofimoblere les.en o doyors e foed t fin iftofie l. altedoativs , bufoswapng tin drug andosagan ld oteivbuap ugnd miakes
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agaarofox t lcksdheatiol drmies rox ts dr >>ut iat rk f the sag >>dica ion sety rrors fbecae the ahe sho agesca sy rs th safy e orsca ath a caungho es tien adveethaf es a eauects en vecludgeath at e ltsst 1 dthsave ud en lked heth d g t l 1shorge. d se thenheres he c t l id d doars, ay or. enre ery c micaldos, onlogi dond e mal hary. on gi>> tonrereeairoar rchas outherto buy t ro ugs doard tm wheha touyeruy kn the are shoages s antherd ttesndhe tharg go kn uphereho es >> ith an rees sgain pcerg g ugin inheup dru >> marh t, r inory pso choe inutru toar pay y s thhough e ne.o ay ourostthh nncreed ur fmt00 fo to 1,0re fol f it lik efoo,0 sto mart. ol sohe itik riceto carngen an so hourceasis cen uris >> f alenomounf monecanuy wha eeeds f letherun i't any nen everhadaye woresds i oveer i nye crsef hi reat nt heryor igotnougve to end cehi leumiaat h ay f goo tug o >> kdd ofervoeua bout foo kofvot.ut
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mig ce bk. t i pytoesn com ig c b back i p snom >> nrly 0% o the ckhospals rosshenati ny oexpeheencea sho nowlge sps ss thtipast sixonth authey pe ce horelyetwl advcedarni th stix th athrug a is ny gngo be ly avaidvble.dni rthxampgs n gne aie. mony, emo mp healcarenly had enohonfmo al threyadno asthec th ppofy atohe la aay a one o the fou p fy anew gislneion oforeheheou housand s ate wou sps. pvide w sl n reforinesf a us drud scompeyou pde di't ge mo res aruancemp wa ing.di gmo soarhe leglati not a ce madetut of cwamittg.. so >>hat aegtiot trolingtory det f jo c, wettl flow it. >>t ankrongou.ry jouseweinory fwt. l der kncy pel.ioday > e sorgest l rthatomen ouldyeel allayed to s stdiender at aenldntiartiobillllo beg dated eern aiaioll cgres be ded. >>hen ce resublins ve fothisill tay >>n rheli v fois wll t vin to s w wom c ie v onohe s flondom cealtare provers onotloltavee t ovs inrvene.
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rn nferce tay athehite use >>t:ntlongdehe sth er t a ete koan pside. eere a sakng s dinrko pde t e s the ite hinseonig. esidt obhea ccus ge iran h ig tha bavio idob lvingpenus thra pos bili thather bio lngn rethonseoslieyon ecomicer nctis. 'll reart seere. on brg incohecanel stev ti yes, l t sene.r wribrrin f el "weeevy sndar" s, an wenliam colnistriith f eethe sar ill. wam anolcharstsh e layl. edirial anars writ for "shinon pt." aychucdiurpraling? itwhatorbout "hein p" predent uc rerks out eprg? in at plout re nt i nicedrens that i ftage lo jt aw h nedha ceful he fseemge to e j hhoosg cule emo his wos. ost to dectlisccus thewo to d ttl manusheyatoah kmeinn t n irato kin beinrairecy kwledable ofhe opetion dinails ecy k didedt wleto gofherepe on heante to dls kp tidsion wso g relowe heteohan k ton we than the ar peohaeroun the worlsayi it wou he thar beeo a actun ohe war i it adrlyitou h en criedut be ct o llinar iort tgh msure
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he l cksedike he is ot reain t m re to g leehere i yetea >> ret:e he gd thtate re dertme hadetireconta >> t:he with ira atte som lel.demead ec we d'ttanow etaiwifratom thi l . ter dwhis ptasaiound to hi tie to hers p irandano ie goornme. >> rht. wille inrest toindra ouwhat kingo ome dect r. collact inestotated ouatinepar oent d t ha co t kno inteart virallyha ery non otr dict ctacthe unedtateir madly eith the otdi irian cegimct untteadhhe hasirnimeen inas sear ofetten relions n so kin of xtenaronf ofteheel ns nd w h psideso obainf en ofrst ntiod iugur addr ws pdeobampro t relioions i ur e priden tdray i tronkelns furtred atpr sense. t i t tkedbout in bei o rtd s . ofound t dhe tkedut aut i thiei bng o ainsofnormndof t td a ternionahi b bavio itnsrmas t as chu rnna sayery bio caful cosinshis ihinkay noty to g ca beyld c tins w ev.encewhic is sirt.nkot buo a go,eyd t tnkn aevceicay s. at auggeed furer t akne. we he wer 't gng toogeur anhing ne thisswehe h seer gohetoc wan ng havead is befe, e srytep w to whavead i the
4:41 am
ve ef co erontionaepwithhe irann re me ive ihehe pt co nto-annaa-hath yea . an re i at w mt p strtingbout than, inhaea.y w m viettr igsut the thin dierentone i mohents lat idien tneking h abok. coressmonalsat iepubcans t ng itboas uelie ble. coss wlnespoeoubns a uie e.o-pa que ion om t w po sa repter. e fit pt bout ipan,uen he t sacondepartr.bout fi put i rublins. was ndt meautred. didt w rtli.o as proke aead. kind oid con wontaon wn ro taing aout in. nd o en whontahe w replica he tag sat i i'm oing to worceh tm to depcahise a etsa tm'm tong doce t is. d wens afterhem. t o was d ang. . wou se ener dm.erve angasng en h i taloung s aute dve irang h >> iret:al wel a behe jsra paage h >>t: resnse el ae j e hlet'sticonese ran. aumber ofmieopl. rired t'ic min.tary alyst hoabe are onowpl r ed oplymiry ast singre thaw op t sgha picy ains wit tiran o isolion s peally not nsit anrked o d th ts sol an ll exaleotf ed that th t is axalot. wel at cle lyust b the t. ct hey' elbackound le mitaryt b alysttheyhe
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:50 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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