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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 14, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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emls a c par. se helookorwa em a t cskin.g quesons ok treurwa offials t in is morng. ll:ess re i sffeonels bro the lor. : whos i sne rponsrole?he l oiterly no oas rns? spped toer n o te sed o accntabity. theras b tn accaby. er b aenio offia fromhe gernmt a the cioff to om gfnm ahe c soldra. to bu wefola. eedobu find oe why the ra thrghdhe sinp ohy snshehat ra cohr s t arica st peo e aalfco t biion aca dlars billeo: af the isbinord tha the drs ll s. ny wahe aut tsdoha ahe deal n wa awith tolyna. >>ea fkshoere thyn riva>> f inestor werorkiva har insiin torserki admistrion t gear fav edsi ts deadmtrn fo geav soldra. evy tiea wefo getola. evtieet mor dumen moreuestnsrise or bi: den tharestse biouhaike pomo,e
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publan fmansaom maha: bl fsa dturbgew rort ma: r al d arbrica a rt al 1year aca a deine what a bch o 1ar de e haonomts s were lking b ot in ter of om sencom l ng pa fel inerf%om f pael citens of thi coun fy thastitsf dece.hi at's he wunstthtec 10-ar 's pe wormae we havee gng 0- ck opemaweav 196 g he is tea kker.96 heonomts ss t the kr.on't expt om s cometo pkhe up'txp bore me p 202p that be02 at 20-ar-lg decne i tes of ince.0--l ec th's n i a rettteofnc p ture th n strt vney ins ttow. peardre st vy s f. yr-lord f ressio. buwhen you plo tother reio buen t ptoer ck-tbackecad o t -tckad o deininpersal iome u e chge tace of tdesinrs i e untrand e wach w t looktef ts trd wa w ouooelve >> y arehang the ouve
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ex yctatren ofng coue genehetionof exatofmerins. l thou stu es ne donebout ricome. ith aricatu s dgesteutver theast me i a deccaeur sst irome east ne dow ec ch ohat dro ieame ding ow th las r essi ondt evero e ter dg i th as oth rsive rords the i thecovy ha no resred odshe proeritovha grow. no ifesoud oook roit t ow ifk fure, ty y t oka we' get fe, a ty 5 gainkae'et come 5ai thrgh021. but at i me nothrnough t1. rest e out i potsperyevel t whuge it tasefore st tous perel t receion.wh it theorotto lin t is ts. th cen.rosp ityhe grohtoines s tor th spyroh who genation up sntil t ginng ofho theenioastupil dec te, th was nnofheonsttt gai iec thas prosrity thatst hasomeai to in end os ittyas g eataseo io revse and it's ot gngit go irove f ioev a othe 0 ye s to's gome. ive f he thatye tto offiale.iew. rtha staatards tfflfw. ling ha thunittatateds wilontie
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to d llineg a thitteiltie to dne a delerag the sto outelag. thtout compies re td yocan tak on meebt. we a mps l tkingyonak at mt. a comete lngt reornizaon otheome fundenta ohat orza oe un rstanding.ta thet pmaryrobls hh untag. heunemoyme becse prybl hhat emmeec redus tolt iome. we a odu htoel se ie. inftion a h rtaiy gapric s a foonfon aigaic aoo pric tha eros iome. so y are rig . icha yorosook iwne.he yreig. oad.yo acrdintok hese ecomist theyay wd.are ac ninoingse t reore coat gstwth d ey we n ngospety f ather ree g dh ade. 's a peleak f aer outok a de. it' a ak unusl inhe utedut atate t' maha: the usin ud ste ma: 8he semplments theikel 8 plntheel nuer. repter: hher. th s nu. epr: hr. th 8% s wl slle t 8 unploynt r we by s the t e ounoy
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rbyhe e 20. maha: o we d 20 ma: g w pitiv d inrmatn in t g rail pivales inat in ansilvinin t for rles anlvinor fks? >> rorteetaiales wer f? rte upai 1.eser up yotakeut 1 aomobes a yoke aob a it'sp6% 's soou he go b new outlksorom hesego bew ecomis. by he w tl im e don shaecis by w i i in't tnk w a goion thao i i for tothe dec te w o no aoi t possle f it rowt r he buece t officlo numrs f m ss th ftconowtsts aybu tict' aum f bthaknos pict ae. maha: b sart,ucki the ct ma: tren s t, >> rorteki i d'theanto bad en new eve rteay. d it don want t rtha. onan t stut, tnk y d vert. hatu t yer ch. bill now . t ll 22.ow awaing a 2ajor sec fro ai a ri per detlingor s aroropol rier
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onowetngo rcue ahepo oncono. re he wl unvl inno pesylv wia. ich nvs haducce on pelvew. h engyad iustr ce ener is tn hea o en rk itr ers t perrs pposaea o if r youo int pesylvia and rr plooksathat' hpeniif iou thentpe lv econndy lally ok t' onur hni iapheheeepe theony lly red on eore tubleoupehe he.ed e literhe eolorn gre tle h e beer y are lir doi. howorsreennsvani doi the be yre lastoihree wnsnioiheears yo can nd ostee gng bk to rs noveeryo on f o 28. g bto the ate los ve o 2 e 22,e0os js. th2, unh j ploentate th relavelynh sakinlonotte bad laly sint 8. i werad tha 8. i her nionaha avere. ho arehe doi i n naey erill ell yho there aoi i crtingobs.ll y he a bu istocrcallng sbuoneemoct. to youll p lylk onhe map e he.oc oured lonap replica h blu is d demoat a pnsylnia fepcalu yesgos i
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mo a pyla f ye i 200 bark oma ha norobl00ar w oninghat ha steobl wng 55%t t st4%. wh is5% tick per goi. to wh sday ennskvanieroi stev goo y mning billnsni har hevoo mng rlluireon t grou ofarhe h u.teel r mrel. t ou fat rk per u iselxpecd m to rer ta abosecs o pilo aer histabo onom pla oand 'sil a ais bstaial e ahat omlad volv a eney. ta l rry atas min helvne rou y rlieon t m mouningalk ows ie t revwingis mng spekh. w s pevnglan tethepe w tha p don't quiren cgresonal the actihaha dot ir wil cesalet ti.2illiil amerans. do by oningpli the erderas.landan o y ongederaterhe forandxplotioner erwe foloon pl b k p bk own orownro
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regutionsilli thi gu on cotry.lihi othe co>> ry.orte fro t esidt's ficend vheious rtero t enci in t ids ce feral vgoveusmentould unlsh cihen t ergy fndusaly ve tontldnl pduce me gy usener, dring wno p ccets m maki this ess erdrg expsive c to kihi soduclikexpve sel. billoe's n ucnlke onealki s. lloutnergs n espiallon tneki publan tide.rg whospll t is, ble. o sves, >>eporr: is a s >> or trad iional replica plaor toay w havad ana ofepca tla abo to ener wav aflatfm. t th'sbo esstial wha erick perrtfsaid i athssalhak o edrrid aarli th weeand we eectoear o it fm tslipeec atheede et welr it fhn tec main's ptforelfo ergy as a of te mn' por abo. legys afo t me oile canbo le mmoraon, turailca green ener, sor nd ra wha, t hrae y. g en s aersoharadi honal y replica platrm.di al bs i wteperryca is at i w thisrys tin has exp ienc eis inis hom t
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stat asxpnc on texom hrou at job o grow in eex eneyouob secr. bill own ne tnks,teveec ma ha:ll her are tome s, tve ma : sties,heernesree e tlrea sthit.s, majo dgs bust inea t. arijona. dg 'll ow yus whanapped wh theri l yha sgglepeut wh he a b oac sle b oight bi: wre t replicaraceht bi w r t tt ninatnepcacetand whis dppin t a whos b nkat in thend wh diname. aho b ott rmusshe se.res tt. maha: t rss s dons mes w th exasma or: the xas govonnor'es wasr w e.e s ov r'ita rry speing w on a yerpeg o huand'rougmontanow i affe edhud'ugnt the fe >>ere thehe >> wes. he opnentinur o pty w. so ch othatopsnt i ohink p s ty o atoknk at t im . t .
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alst ttes ke e ofack's. ber ts fort jaof ck'eal. r [ ja ] what forreakst?orja cl. um.ja atorak? tr theumbeone!. trhe bee! [ ack eah,s prey go. [ ma annncerala da s woh ofiber fibe[ one.k h,s rego manneralda wooferbee. ddy, comen thwate mebo didt bo th tveloty y, mewitth24/7teustor su ort toboelp idve tbom tlot/7to suto ttootodaddp
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n gtinghi det lswh out wim s pple gng set he' oot p esorgizedo be mter se' nd. en y areooki rgedbe m trecru . peop, ifou y arerenki tru opifre t aniaqudsorce hs a perft tariat.ds ce htheyave accs ao h .rf ar 's eyeccraveng bk anfort h iran vehe i b aanrt u.itiz. an liv i a he. ueyiz c manulat iv him h he nds canat mey. im bill in he n tt ki ousins m. th e ar thell peoe yoarn tki lo oinin th far.eeoyo is g i lo dcribs f g i disoaniz d manibho dn't ite h esoizveryaning togher en dt a e hryg cogr alesn. he wld c ghees yrs w ng o w thears. g but ey s he y w a ways o es. t s e wron w as weow knohey wer on tckin rge sumno oyer cas bei tin eum o trsferd frasverses ieio th u.strerfr that anorser r isonhey th th.sghthi plo w atno rny i inenth t whlo the w psideays ira ien ys awhhe p pdecehatsra doe h mea
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us . billtheyre sll dow . lley sow tre wehoughey we gng to t get e see weug caneryown w g t ther that idt not s cerappen 'll ell ou wer atot thepe otes rs clim al w binhe ains es the call a seetat b nscats mart:hel st ty wl ts get rtaineon day tyooks wetne le. y ks l [ fale nounr ] r fquenhearurn ffers,
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ju ifie so wndn elint you s pyjuie to w tha coumend shem for poha bei cndmor ei tspon. maha: did lille joi po ma: us l de inew yk lity.leoi wh hapned wn lin yhere whapd e? re >>eporr: t dreas a combatioof riend joy >> orwhen t a mbiohe roy demenstrarsot t ws. ey wemera b tcingor . a w nfro bationg thatid nappe lerome riol at nhelock bachreepe le r urs. that whecknacee donsttorsot e wd s. at thehe c danupstasrs w o. thhe ud cupuman o th u meghone thaneg donne th hav earonmpliedav ar mephonli soonemeon reatstndomeo soe el r reatstsit a tt'seoow el re wots a sprds. t s his the wo rctiopr. fm s hehe rio f denstror detr
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"waltree our al >> rurorte t donsttors s t. cide to m rchtehrou the stet. numb d ofst trsm de m d makouit cle twallst. str tmbf t itsf. a dumbeakr of clhem tlltr jped ertshe bef mbarrades therwere h jdfuld of rres erre hul arrfts. noing ry serus. rrthe. nog perenti. cfrontion h e be difcult f ped.ti conon h but e sit tionbeiflt rains f. vot tileiton rns unrtaiy abt wh and i fvole th par is goi to unaiabwhnd i thars clead. oio maha:fome of ea the maeren: e lof f aheooden rson alllo a fday. rn lwher ishis gng dav. erss g l? av repter:his not or. the l? epccupr:walls ottree o memen post oneupts wll sitee tom mrowen th wilstben maring wgainit omase wnhat n bkthilndaterar g ininhe d the e at wil b haver a d he denstrilionavn tes sare at 00 i the eninde ttrt in t se a the firstime elie i thie in t i paicul locheion goi torsme ie usehidor paul theoc-n oi bo
9:26 am
tse dehenstrors. b talk to umbe tofhe pe le ithe derk btrinds. lk mo be iaid he peast, ie bdhat' i mt gog toake td ndhis,t, tyt' isay thinrighgotoe t now ths, t donsttion y areinoingghoow d stey honerengo spefic al s nt. it am not oing h t epe. c s maha:t amotavidng teehank you ve muc e ma: he i thericeid tnkou t newveuc yorkhe ihe taxyersce t e co of tew ove ime rk f pole ax ofrscerslone co ifvee fole ofrs $ne2 m ilion fo kping ts $ i mon lin fo as o kng t wk i a picein o arrted w a p e72 ptests inew yrrkdit anther h e bee pozenstn o y an er ar hsts ee ciesen arod o t ars csro couny. were t supsed t hava lf in unoday we up coudet tav l uncfortle d n ay the wouldncrt d man e. th >> bl: waxirive andan driv s in bhetreei theyouldvend useome o thaivinowee eyldsee oha ere. atwisr barlingcrosthe e. astat is 'll ll y whe thiarngos e haened. atat's man r?l y hethehi s.
9:27 am
rthahaed h abo'san t s?e s ha is new hbo ggric t tninghe is tablew in e re gic tng f 201 bl n rwe'leshowouome f intesti 01new mber 'lowe onthat.ti >> w erhenour ot.roth -in- wsnr th n-empled's recsion whenou a pl'secon une loye ent's aneyes deprsion when jim cters pron enim cr unemoyed a recery. thinwill emedurnecy.meri arod inll morehanhennri onro lectrennn nig racknbamact losig ckma disivy. no mter at sll sine youre i os div mmanar ng e sense seem ne... out in ihe w . na eseem . in w not ymor ink,he sll binescard fromhasentroces t t or k, s besrdomse ros on- e-goxpen appade exclivelfor k cuomer n-goenppeclelr cuer cust catorizyour expees awher savestime atd geizbackur to wpet yo aloveer vee lae st igeovatckn. only wor iyo cusvemers la iat ly ius rsle n mo at ase.m/in
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lemot 'm n a nber. m noa li iteon audge n nr.d i'defi telynoot litepush i'fily sh. but vot. so whingn... befo youven ink outut ot wcutngng m..medire foound sn ial k curit benits.ut mdi sl riens. he's numb you suld memb. hs mb mb were 5 milionenis o eaed o benits. il. we 5ilni ea oens. anyou ll bhearg rom ... toy an on eanctiou day. bar m . toan eioy. ♪ ♪
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:47 am
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9:49 am
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9:53 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:06 am
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10:07 am
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10:08 am
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10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:11 am
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10:15 am
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10:16 am
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10:17 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:30 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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