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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 14, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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foowinhisrom me oce wealer astfoinsm newoom,s o wwe awa a ntsonfence atsewm, set beg w atwa 2:0 p.m nfee east n, w t dot eegt:0 kno.m >> rorte we tual thout th parstts m whtdo comeut ano add ss t rtee al outhar m dia. en t cou n came add t o. e pants veot a. t taloud ca tohe o mia pas nor seralal to mys. e coin ce ou nand s spale,s you swed, .isa co cou hadbeen ssin thespette ou pa sd,f 11aysa a ha fameny inhete pamembs ca outnd11s n aam ly d the sak ty mb ca utt up n n dhe s t pters up nayin ing by la he, ty p rs naed tm toheinence g t l h the toverhe drs a na t to thfroncet yd, and thileheer d a the milys gthherion ynd inlede, tald tohe e lypoli in nsaste grihey in, alto arback o olin as bnd ny arch s wearck spe o the o say b n it notecau of t chwe petheye juheayoing bac or itotauf t to rraceheir teps eyjundngac o toalk theigh rs i n rceir ps the cal are toone k theey tngs ghat i poli are ve yl intestered e hein t is t lire v motr, dorahntte i t brley' relionsp wiot d ahhe dghte ll, nbry'el havnsewihese dte brd , n newavseideopes, hom br vios oewbaby la, ieos,omind
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givvi o ubya l l m ied inght to e iv u l therhild m ratioinhip.t o ere e fo vids in erl,ld meg, yocanee riop. e foidin ere,ne sws h kinegyof n inhe c st,ne e, she s hin in a alkein c a you c s he the momhen a tke ackground k cd ofpeakg toheheom her tst o i gr kofak is to baber la o i cooi, bu ns iab wt y la lten, oiere'bu n w y teraion ck a for lbetwn,n thmom de' the bab ran a or as s 's ftwdingthm er. he ayab thi s f ng>> lk athe mes. babhi lates saab. whatre y doi mam. at yoi? ok athe ssamaby? ae y. >>eporr: yh, i mn suroundlike a>>or y lin m moth urndke motr-chd l latishipand t, th poce hav sdotch t ti hip d pot blpok,av s the t belve that hhe's nvold ipoblhe tsel sappatranc's inolome i t capaty. als wantppo tanc abon e the ess conrenccomi up n in pa. boutlsive nttabo e sonncmi n nminus. weelie thiutis we d bi stann, hs t pri tenu weiehi wbi
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vestanator hhire tforheri milyy aealt benit storrer fact, he forhe lyaltenast ree four ds, ctheor myn teing he' gott e ou d rpris fo us, m ightteg e'ot at hs go new rifos, infoatiofor .ht h gowellso few he' foior roug nothg ll forwa. heays e'en hug get th inrmatn heill arewa he s hat whetolic on t fliinideatoliche sayl e they w wilotic sha tlieicay in rmat n wiey himecau il 's n lisned ha mi ouribut inen watgewiimau re i normaison ad ut tt essmiri ct fere we, a imaf a t t pasnts y be cnvolred wi a th, the's rd t tt pa s be reolrd mwi be tthths t -- m re m offe ed i thi t- cas mmegyracethan kff ihi you i wa to ll oas gy vwerscean we iou wao o "amica vrs liv iaveam a tain infmati ivexclivelon ectlyeho is bind thiinnftiffort clel ely tt br bght dld bhil toheor sce anwhathe t skes brt b toe, w was the perscnanat s pasng f ts,hy are washe er th doi it,nd ou wilpa f t he tha rigre he, thoit,il le heha ig in aouplof h l mines aplin. >> theampan tra n
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>>wherheone theigtoripa inralves bigoost nor hermere heri cinn's es9ig pstn,he rm archect o cs eagamics pnd e crechor ot ohegacs lafr re o cue, aaffeafubliry endocuing armanain'fe pla li for e u. enomy dog an n' metimecainonties t la surg in rr entu. emy polmemein.ti t rg r t christiealts theol. dital liti ri eietor tdhe hostf per pla ydil on tix er news l e. st plan wschri prey go l endoemenon yr ecomic planrioregoav r gan' guydoen y co saci li an i >> rn'uy n sa oliy i a the n o hman ahe om g h addn toutau ry witthe gailyddoalle saidry lovitit, ey notndly ithe lferle or id rovn, w, no the uimate b he lr bin o r wthe bud t onhehe uat rep blica side bf th ogs a sayg e at is thudon pnepheyca dewoulthdesi a bay wt ith p th're yings ity a ulsi b wquanm le ahe of t the ngit atusuo a say g anle he fsicay wh t theeck. wh thaus aayoesor c ncawhhek. is wh ha valule bausehe kcks conermas cn is thalu bse k hs mashoronubstce, cat his ha don't ve awers ho al
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th orst, uest hns. e fa tha hedot ars embalce ththate sahest.oesn knowfaha erytmbng b can lway at sa fi out bsnowo havtwo ytf banay ese nds fiut buys,wo ofavo thesseris iscae s haws, f cong o andayin thi esri ans calot r somawody li co o cndn. inhi men: d the get s ast,t eomy li ard cck me dheantoetmt,eoing af r hed mnto cn on tsng sue theafhe debes m con say tg doou rea ye wanheeboiveay do nayeapeloan anoere pipe ne fna taxg thelono amicaneoplby ain a pe f saleaxtaxhe whout mos am an plpeop a sayg it lex repls wutos t opay it fih amdmenandncomeep t x abity foreou fiam allendom this tng. aby re hemacainoell not adv ate is t. theot expindv rye or .laff, wh thathe not axpryr oblefo the >> tff cenwhal patnt iotall a thiandhat laf rle ahe tan aen phat il oth hidtaf aconsvati ecomist th ak abttthhis hat 's s nsticost thab wthwhes ecaut fla sen out the wwhncomau x at a laut 9 pcenthe le, aom at ty rea yat aant p nt th l fla ancom t. t ea ifheayhatt t t'sthaidlaom tfor d ifompeatedort i tsd byales t r hat'pe ed methg th're iilli to by es t
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tre offt'n. st ththe cliservoivesrefe e idtroff lerin res crvesfe d b adenidg thase, l geining rd of empti s benth and ttinrid e, geg deofctio and rlaci it eti wi a d in ld lat deiond rcit rat. wi l tif ty cagetalf,at .theyl tat. men: tre's b tcatf, esti aboeyta wmether t99 's ca bpass you tin'tboust i wer bycass u t edt ast predent iou gy toet i thrgh cgres and r mednas cnrent say i'l g to i makehrt so c yes nee d m cay'l twkethirso of yngre to ee erack --ac twpirf reohe k -9 peent t. th's blt io thplan pe tbut w do he tt io t th b i plthe inan theirst pyer t dohavee e hrd h i aumen ploninhest phat?r wel ve h h aen gss t art?ments yo eelct whe bu gh of t replica ar annttheyyoo ento cgres wh bud puofall oepcahis sffaney o in ceslace you ow, epunterlting os smome inorce eru , in cernng righ now me he cldtay clot tuff hen heghw e was ct y beg tan s ious t ffut ine asu lo at the berontta sus pe of i the washlogtontost"he ntey'rout, com pg aftof hiheshestion hist" pns 'rt, om kingftheseuestns, the athehithataintiisoes, p thmore oughngsesterio, e heatns, quesons out ingthregh ask. io
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men: wt of his camign ess t gfort cis?sk me wyou ofsois hramnnd our rt c? viers ayu n hnowurhis, t hevisot rlly worng nw ons, ia andheew ry or hashir he'on a n iooknd ur, ich s pehaleire' a sakng hs n erio, yh pe ed bts othe roun insa h n iowaio t y mobize he b oeunn causes nd s onwa to t winob e the. cahe d cates soin deste t facthat th's n ca dakin thoses eff tts? ct it't s netti vy ha toin os sathatfferma?ain c'tt' ti dotuff v ohaot's ettisaat ma haner tsay c c't d doff o s stf, bti youexact ha ty c d ght,he nciest b tesouct sideaucuand t, priryie es polics iyou' goto b decud gri nee y've got oli iu'ot be onhe grod, bauset'see y e alota t nouton effrot, bses es cial inalowa. ri tt noutcains thff mt es poallar rindidnoe, tin besth m lik. wh her por bl h -id tes wthereik whr catranat h - tt wntoer tesome caan caus t ando primsy daeis aaunduestn. men: tnksries im>> yda a bet megyst fol me tses s h yuchet attegyion olrmanains s h ttinh the candateas ten an nten id t boo in in he lls ans noteing d wit n toon
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s nog wh d oneersorefeed tit as t policallavoof th whnesofe teek. t tooolthe alne avo s pth furtr byompangimsek. toooe a s scifi i rtbyreampase sfi iavor am>> t flar ofhe wk migh or hav e tlaof w som gh subavance ack lnutsom a fvor ubece k ut ek! ye aerdathe polical fr tys go word up ! for yedaeolal ab t 15tygo mines oorr thp ct tort he ab l15er ttifiin oth it w the l tfi w haans-d, tho loer me blk walaat,-dtho the mpanhad expin itloas a mbl limedaldigh we and xp it a hern ca sayim hillgh haveis ppleallercaayl ve pel agenas tfind out w blac walt is not nen tndut whe acaltsot shves. ybe ey'lpricitt 9. is shs. e 'licallo >> 9.n castol hil hse mi aloeade nancalelos il bla hing rep lica ovemi a de aan conoveralos aboion lag ep candinvegill. athe llonerouldbon eure tt inl. e ld taxyer dol ers few to heth ce pls thoveraxrol f ab tion he c thpl bilthjusterasse the ab reonblic s gothilst thasehe reic go
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roug in t houha, hoe mirity lead, no hap ug touhomity adno. >>nderhisapill,hehe >>ersl, publans te fhis ll tayhey ll b bl s f vo to say t tt womy b can e on voo he tom flo n onnd heth ce pvide do nlo ve t he c pdeo n intvenef ts t billsassent ne it t jt llse appling it j megy as menoneditppng dipass yeerda and gy s the's wor nowened on i diss ye dachannds inhe ths or senowen i ut anin thehetoenc fr the congsswon isust e e lasttofr ehemple of ngwoist la incrsing str eentlef atta s. cr thng weetr wt willook at at t t taould thee sigill.ok ittasn'just nan tld posi.ig d yohearithat n'e vistan pridensaidbout p i. repu icanyoand areirt vi pr penns?id ut 're ing deb e itpu an d bottr of e hr. >>well p? e g eb eitwitn ses yttf thathere h >>ll i etns aense atrealm acss ler pts of semanhtan ter mhowdn acbetw ln po pce ond ccupnh n r walltreewd protwstorpo the y sttedithup lleewner of t par wheroorhe e stdh protertors re
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cam td,arhe ageingopostne a otrs am plned leanaggnghichst presto vie d aspldan firch ep tar prtoie eviasion. irt th wasot e ugh t op t new rnd ofvin. th asclass wi eh tew r pole. f ofcersrresng a aswi lst 15roteors theol ofrs es a mahed rougowntn l 15 thtes he rnin x bines mad ugetwo'snt th asey wster sin bes lwoe a as wer l azuccti pk inower manhtan. as p in reperter:ood tern n, mnhyn.n. youay, is aselat.e ep r: dpalmt rn m. ou, satucco i lm pk, t icenr ofhis prostcoi at b pan tearlfoureeks enofs ro ag as y can beeeopl rlur miksng aund,ust oingag y anaboutheibusiplss, t th aremitill ad,tng he. earloureisi, odaytherwa threll h rtai y arlayenseerss t is pk, wntas aia se tscheleo be p w canedy e co any hehate os thi ced coy plazt as y s o thahi decion s elayaz y shaostped fecn now, heay comny brofieltp f oper , saw, thewill omworkith troel roteerersahell to rkeanh up t tlacebutte thoe is s senpere, t cet men, ang hethis p spl'vee, spok to, tha the belmeve a
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's p t fire steowar oko, ha hetryi toel evi tm rom t ir tethis parar ey syi theore n goivi t tomove, t y'reis qarte hap s he sta noi to her e,i thk if they red q tri toap ta ne aad a 7:0er .m.thif thiy srio morng eaernime, ao a :0 movehem .t, ihi t nk trnyean e,coulhaveeen vem ome t t ulconfventatn. n sot's en ptpon fore now. gyn:shle tha nfat ysos ponor . w. >> n:le whal,ould y nt girich e>> eerieing we ldme nind o camigngiurgech e ie jusg saw wh d h omanamnge cn usaw w wel as hnim c weas li. we herlate on. rit on ts li weer proteam. >n.nd ts ariqaedon tembero. heed pmote t attks aed agnst e uned stesbe and s kiheed i pthetett sam ag ait striun tha s tsk out d ki ieam eric -borclerairiha tnwarut whysar thetate -ai. dehyrtmehepolozingte f de me his dea? lo annghow e amecans fere king he sea newan w d wemenseust got ng wd fr thebi tt tewy > wet aot condting new w fr seaheh t t outse ofab a lisndsngew homea in j t tsofomenis we ll eak omth aormer p ice jene deteive wk a awame pe othe nsonfence
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te e eop o thewa:00 p.mhe nfee e our whech cld0.m gnifantlraisthe wakes cn thase. iftlise esthe.
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gyn: w a jus mines awn: flo wtheews aus confencen theinshoo ngawlo e srageage -- r page atnfceth aoo gee sa-n ineal reachget a k we'rlearsang mine ablt thchalled shoer k sco 'rar m abkrai saito bthlockle hoin aitteco cusdy btl for s aiaion. bck ahe'steccus ofus b gunng r s. dow 'seighuspeopf onun wnesd. poce bievee taeted ow e alonghopn but wsd his x-wipo bve ta edrked the.on shisutmongheiswi dea edhe shng. >>new falutea tay ver>> w apogyal t the u.tater po partnt me tohe he fami of slai al- uedte rt m to mber last onthmiin af air airikel- in er yem st rthical ar ke clec anwaalem ralaaciwasle k led, wa alon--cis aaki w kd,ille
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amon sideonith ai wimle sam onde h hn w kled,e wa a wellnownam w kd,wa ubli erllwn fm spireliagazehat fm protedttac agast t irazt west he'sprmeriedn, t e ste dertme nfir d thstcall o 'sri th. hisstdeme milyn noh cirolinthll a milyis pokelyan snod th c in were qte a ly verke sthpolotic re and q offeder clodoleces. debo hdff b ling cle.ame joi bo b meineoiistef harlte buinga arl whamils bu ofga se a w ailrica we he goofen s so mh aca h goe-ma. yo shave furer i m dep lookf who ma syoirveurahn i wep. wh isokho tsan to sn who w ts wh tmilyur ste depotment feho theeed to ly apogize s ep>> yen'reoing ofe ghed mor cas afporze yenghis. g wasorn sauor a bia,caaf cameere as. asn au 5yearld a a,ew uin qens d mee a arteblogng wn heas 5 ar u qs teege teog whe he w bloing undee t name wlognd encla t menc shid,rabi sd, bi
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food wil me m a fo mayril m m a at a rat h maoste aat hteo gleelly o geful post bloeeyy picres gul of st r trps blong bwnpic ins f ir tr ied b bnruese ir ctur of undeedroop es wod caionhem, cal ngurf de emop nes c ardswocanm,abieal nogge in e uned c stdses furedut w h ie wauted gen un fed he walle f wa tireathed anthe aths.f heheirle f tth anmilie .hsir nallhen li the fas wallhingim, knenhe t ft head tget out owang, tnen, td he camheut tt as aut oembe t of heam al-eda. s is, an fa ibe emenof el- chia. s,fa i progandent or hi was thrond chior s gyn:s the anhi queion was memr of pgal-qat.a n: than inomeuen have aasedhatemofqa esti . in >>ee watheav adito ot insp eti >> mwaazine tsto o sp ossyprofsion min t magane. re'she cer o of onu c see t
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ga. 'sifle c o. thatu cisee tanifleto. i a proat toe a trtor meriif. aroo aamir trr ri kahn >> tt'sisiranifto hn wher he t tals aut hif loyaery toal asamain h lad theagaze h yatoma ediadd ha e az ctur h of e wod tre nterdiominha dowe tks ur f woaboutrecruing erinow t oth ou amicanto prulgff oerth am 9/ans, h peleb oted e deatof arica, an 9/ hebd atmemb, on aof tca thians heid i yem waseachg mbon t hi englh tohe iemas oerch glto jihis. ey'rnot ing oat becae thantoearnih. 'rt weg ernultu hey'catht dointhato the havrn an wen tu opery'ionaundetandg of inat he avglis ornulli off er na deoperndionsofgain ff g mehe wt ono sa i er ns inthisagaze -- efor ers. me wonsa i geto t quo , iis wt taz--or ad thi i w quige ope tuoi w t out myhi wuipeelie onle and ty itidn'ietakenlnd a roc t n'ke ienttooc pntve ias -qae to p i t cor ae. ouess tla dn't proctor
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ss him. d t at wro thend oit i the r stke he wt ono t s, dm. whe he o i e st rely w t to ill won t d erics. e re it r oursref, i wmtol prouto ba trtor ic ret amera, irsam's ilaimo ou btrr por inhe mern rld er i's im not ing be ey a po in mlkinn downd red cartr t g e edrivg th augh gree inwn ed lighar i a aculy awa ivthh ee at by p ts ghave a becuwa tornpartkullhave o b p e be ceshednd blo haso rn rt be slledn ollerveor thi ced lo toase a sed oeali.hi nonetoeles deb aah, s fami islipset they on'tne eseb th, k th the mis apogy pneetey't callthasth eheugh,nd typo p y aprent be con ltinll e h, wi t lyers >> w l, yapnteoninnow wi lrs w y i'm w azedy tha bause remeer, en h'mwas blging ed ande waha bse me, h rsning bl ng alaedandideowaof our troo bei r blong u he al wadaeouroing hat ooomeilo the ue wa basent ofng hist he se parts' vingfoomisn noh calinainar' tngirm bas -noh cana thr bamentnd h w tas - ked,the wabant heatud wn an ticlin t new d,new wark tu time aft he sn oed whcl abo t youewneigorsw mefte o whaveons ndwhboouigs dauters thear hsaid i wh dones
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carebouthoseaurs pple, he h id thosare onllfi pple, reut se theye nomy pe, onceos. e mefin: wt do p thie, eynoo? are tcere me gre werdohi imicatns bond e e tock ctorf thre sta deimrtmeat cal bng ud the fak ly aorth alogitang f sdemeal d uth?e afaolut ay. th afbigi f sshat tse a d? aut thi sserisltange tus aeopl ri causal-qgeda, e ceer graty now ipl tusms-q o, ce raow eratns aga tst arica o and e wt,ot jus hatega a ca buin d w euruse, gat h itai isbunemen and ur gthisuy w paraiculasy ennd daeroubecae heas is w leoarlaecru daoucaheeopl singru ameran sng aplng er s a idis. >>hat ihinksere' a guy odi i>>t nkdvocing ee' killy g of arica iocg nd llr stofe dartm at, oca vernnt, st dtm oasicly ologing rn, hisic parts whwere ogg filitor ais at tary ta frowhrehis fits a ey'rmora y tta crorect th ares morly 'rra cctightus. gyn:thhat re did somhingor wron ht>> t.t were tn:t eakidomng cour andheyre in he on t riwet tndk thawe an
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eurndy i ri defeed.ha th is ry fe.nerging the oplethho ws t toill . anrgremeg er, e of he e le th wgs htosaysln his anme, of th hys mafestis thiis- im a masthi jihai, i tmedoring ha i tshard andominion the rld ngd itnot bause arnd wh ameca d soinn he muc d it t 's b bausesef what awhme d o tes meouc do dill o bseha a th unt thekill temeoo m lthiss genatio l fitth nthe follthemnd m iso foheeniofi amerfoan gemernmt to engafon er g thinmto ga apiemen hiologpien aecemt -- og peasent,hat aem- tt thr fit isightus, as t,is at uge mtakendf i t th fiis we theotheof anht, a eamer manke soleright now we hed i heardn thi i wld erolehtow i dcredlyhi w ary. men: dorahthan ou.ed wanto le a o meiewe d knoahan. rea ed o nt tole oamirweno kahn fameay to oet tm tooir ret, tyecli d to ehnamto tto re. re tli tofor e saty oflyers af. teaover entr sa oyeatchg repotes th airraffert contllerchrrorhave in easepothirff shaly. ace s th andntiller givorve
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usin touseofhe danrha. e thndliv ne. us ou> fan get . an f clo lookt montsnetn lo ok mopressency h. wbush lik y'veever en h es befcye. wshik yeer h ef
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gyn: a now a f new ex usivn:on a aowniqulook fewisto. ex thivoffi aal olquok his ry o to e ge gethfi o herrt wker isbush o predencwas r easege abouer20 mutes wr ago shre nc ssomef th rse n able ou mesgo meth nle inteiewe ding ctica mo nts te amewecan htory dg cca wi appr av mos ymen hry for r wi vipp preavdentan qyle d foer denseor vire sntreta qe thenick fo dsehene ja ss rotan isiv n enk washgtonithne ts fox ja ronewsis elusi. hi shonhames tfo . ws e --sii hies jes. rep.ter:ore t n 50-- seni offialsere j. epinter:ieweefor tis o50l stor and nieseffls teesave
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
ye-oldri wom flthmaaid 80eas yeldom trag aft sheouldt d e brg thflagnto t agfthe ldt ba uetbrthago t bat. didmen eyes fm di alenama repts. thiisoty es f cntryalaep. hi. wh is t any coury tha c ry grewp wit >> awhs 0,anouha mar wewrennows it a w t ang abo ts coartry, whe lnedws a throubo t worlwar , waon t co y, lfron linou rlr wa t phing onorin de png gregion,e and wheshe sold eghen, coun'tndhee di lay r amicandlag out diy am kiwanisg club mting -- i w soiwngrynd ilu fel mng - ke i ad weenolapp in thery f ie. el >>hatame t inppn exfor f >>t olee t garn, o houror olforehe banethear oou staunt m agerre tolan warr sheouldot bri au m er inheirol bner rrhe oldooanneri or veninir an br arica one fla >>heornn sai aca we slauld ave ld yaie earer i sd sd we yuld ver veatenar i s w d thr e. hawe kwn tens we wou th ha k
1:47 pm
thavewe- wldn' heou eat ve w n'ther h we wld he goat to dona's, ey'ramer an er al the y w hgoo thrgh. we ct dnalars, he'rer ale staunt, ey ge us ishr sta.mentlike lle drs eric s, wauhave, othi g us but etmosta resntctke a ic wve adhirati for he at ricaoses a fl. ead oxftidor a ocave garn doe fl not ve a pxfvate o dingaroe t a cili, tohe fr to p teeryond ainid srupng t dinligto f to expe enceyoor a oth a estsup the trein unae pece t ath accoodatflagor tshena t coat ag baers. t ma warn sa tt's not at tyold bas. her inmaarsa tfactsshe t ay t theder tol hcte he shwoulbe iabann ceol h roomhreend a for shul i beian ce in t wayheyere omeeeate a in tor bacby tei k tchen ay y>> ieesentehat. tdoac t rest ken tha i eni'm l abt tth andt. esat'sotruthl. ha >> ndm ab tnd n 's she i'tth >> ttinback nuiet. >>ordhe i o mth h in acket >> dpoweul tl, a of meopl h a nd ts out awe t a decepl n t tout aecatron niz tse pla s it wi hurro tm in the tlat po et. wi urgyn:ell tw main andhehe po. n: kil nis maubnd areetti a
1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:53 pm
rcf pents megy theve g touaookncf frto ts t,he t becse ptsou dogyt knhe the gonneoion k th t t parts. ecant pladoakn cheplene on thar. ips pt tlaethe fro ce o jue jeane'snter ewss p wi the thero pents ecauju ea's the mabeer cstica c eswihe ab pt thtsnighinau qthstioma ci waca to c get yr akenabthgh its an qio i esti tor,wahato etu wod ma y ofren thi itan wah itir, thit >> two neimabor fshione? waeah. oka andhiou t nk t tteir se? aboh.0:30 ka nd>> t teah. wer theighton obo30 f? h. gl turerd theht o off >> d youear ythiut of he o inarthatglurthightff en y d wenoutor hi bed >> of o at ht n hing y en >>o. ed >> o. notng. d wayour broom n dngr >>openrot. csed? wa ur we bose oml th d doo at en ght, have a cd? e e thoo bty mitor t, av aon a iidn' hea b m or ythi. >> here as a aabyn'eaonit? >>e alys hi h e on>>re aynit .>>al wh we h toon bed a she .ed. andwhe hey'o preedy ahe seitiv yououldear. ndy're soone thereseivouldalki.r yeme - eremso whee youhe comeki ome,hat ye you -emheu see mee,t ou eee fnd t - fnd f the- ont dr f unlked.
1:54 pm
didou eect to t d loed? nl d. yea id>> w e? t o >>it'slways locd. 's aayslo? ea l ked w. >> 'say sohe focntoor as w ld. so f unckedri wa w inost un thed ligwas inhenouseret thigin on >> a whasedid uhink en y sawhe lht on ahan?d nk y aw l>> i tught somimes she avesne otwo t bhtomesthe was unual fes one ooo b be on alm t ewarynuoom fne thee o lmt e hoem he. ho i jus wald toughnd arteturn ig lushtal tgh out. tern l t tohe cutpute roo a to w thhe c wtedowoo a w th w wen, ied clo it, a w th's wn iealid t , d lot, a reen asoppeth wili t o. men: wt enpe jpsutt o meyou? w seval poi js. fit of all u? evoi lical fiofll ve trendou lal qstio abt th stament re ouyouaveog tt q doeio't abrk, the bata thant doe 't ue toe y, , bahaoe mterisly uocki doori ha proems th is m ori. y u mekin: wt abt thight or ha roings ff aordi to
1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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2:59 pm
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