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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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nopotser >> tonhtn cenal afc tryits t htonenowfc yi t t reb ader wtedor t bral caebaignfurde rere w adr cadnapgnng wen a gdels re ao beme s ap w a slas. gthe lsve w dclosbe b s la priden obam e in a w lter dos to pr enngreamionaleads onridan a afteoon, ls her tored a regenenaladonda m tors teacton, ihe michan td a w ithne mrs stout ih ch w khean present suti. th u.s kspecnl oesratitsi. ghte wilonlye tre.sec for otis nth,ut stiteilly t dmatimove or foapridenwho h,ti reatey d tive ma the cfoeprenogain u.sboot ron tte grod imaheibya in>> iaid.shatot tro ameca's i rol woulbeya imit id at tha weme'sol woululotit putroun ahae tros io bya. tul predentut strunsed to ro cong issioleade the a..s. trenttrd ooopsill ngioldehe advers,.xper note ps tl y cod bdrawdvs, ioer tembatn tco baw i seldefee. >>ongr sat unimolyn botelfe >> gr uses psed aaw u inmoot009 es p d callg onheaw nesidt to put9 a st llon t jideph toneyutnd t st jh ey
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rd's restancarmy t >> tt leglati, sied io laby 's thees pncsidemy las tr, eg timadesit u.s i laoliche pdeaso emina th ede thrt of.sheic l. e nathe thhrof predentove eon rent enusiaeic sportrom reblic senor j enia srtnhofm o, nedreheicen j l i aof sma n but l iicio arm >> you ksmarom 1 toio 13,4rm >>yearou oldm 1 tchhem w i3,se ar o t m -47s ihow fhtnd they se the b7sacw o fheir vilheges d th heo msederhe all b oir il seir th h mriblills, tir o raren. anif ty donli t thecome ck aen an t tyon hav't psed eheme ast a the t wlav milat p d th. >> w ahoutheentiing wel mat th >> wuttig lra rtinemps mad a son se tcongssra for avining aps ad a prence sn tng afroraoina sff prceutfr pontiathres tohe s u.s >> oresee on thepofriianreto.s o ntint isart se oon nworkhe riof buiing inist oartns, nrkf gainguig inlligce a the whetn targingai aroacs o in ig argetheg rehesheheevel rgg of aac o
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et rerefismentwe c actel of it. offialsere the hite fi nt chousctand o theill aret. ffls ste ssintonit thette a k us d he dierenl froreibyathat wst inni a t k l rge ndiionenro wityaat w a detato nn an aitigrmy,his is lon dto an a rrort wi ay,ssag-t groon of orwi00-tro 500 memrs. 0 buoneem.eprentate vin to wahbull oe ts vy at v it'o wa o i torta v htorilolly,. t' i talimid miionsan ld to hbiggriy, misons,f crse. the esti mimins lto i abougg theiss,f ce. e ti leas friy afrnoo the iouhe leer uto citol hi. as riaf thooheentan smed le u c bol cight f gu d ath ftast thait w sd bcomi out codayt itgu a seed l fkeha w miutayt ha t bn i ee ltheorksor aong te. ha t no bne i had a eks cle ag ide t pecily o the nolladhat a waleall mingogetrde ts ci oe t wal now, tenatnhe, suprter thiquy. w,atissionetless up erid h thiught the whiousesi s no fetllyss h eng tedhthehi herearlse . no bu ftheyhiteouseng phe bacerrl bu erd a saysteseresi pntacbama gned aa intsi l -- mmain
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ed rwarnt to l-rack d mnn t sear o rebe andheyckay t dy a t mong a be sndftlyys t thecan a now. it'a bi gmo sto a sly e thanhen yw.. mut' morbionhis toth t e an nel. y mu preordents t oma ahe l. sourent koan o lde a li toudoua ko genel l lotor aembloulant in ne miigan the orsit as meblt tontighlht the mew tramianeal e bt weenmeheto hl two eountes, ich ew supsed ra maklit e bieren twornt, amh icanupd ak e r autokerso se thr am anoduc in uth kor . tors weseearnh thi aerno tha uc n hthe s. govnmenor rawernphi anohats see nd lgestovenudgeeficraon reco in tse lst 211ge ficcalear at jcotn tnded 2 thfina flr fige, j1.3ed tthlliona in tig redthat wasittl3 more tio thanedatas ttl revires yeaut n bew the tviea $1. be thellio in1. 2 , th tio hhestn ever. 2 ri il stheser u hst er..1%n ri s er seembe u thearge gnn 71% nths senng t d tose thebehege b7t we in a hsonen t a dohe posi ve tritob forwehe ynr, a on gaing a66.
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si ttoor y s&p 0 u 2 tinis p ts st ueek in t tisears a sdaq askn t uprs almos aq 2 pcongssiol reblicsos are diing dper to t ngioalreicre dig d r bi tion-llarederal loa guanteforola pel bin- ar ker erat hoa gu fteledrla f p r h fd f barupt. chfongrsion rresnden mik baptmanu ch sfowsgron ushat ppen esen tay.ik repter:nuuch the ss foc in heust en hse t. scomm teeep r: h hearhegoc nolyna w onhe smme ardifitionf th ln,yn wn alwingrivanves rs tfi beonth l id bk ahd falngvameriesn te b taahayer >> iyourxpernce 28ri yearand bei heta ceref iurere 8 nancl ardei fice havou er nc hed o ceav e axpars' heney o bng surdine to osidepa' y co berci fms? suinto s oirde iave co nci. >>eporr: t ft? steme y i rye nurn ed s>>eor t lding sme repuicanto d w th n colusi s. >> lt isng car t me hatpuan dhe th dertme cosif >>is ergy tet vlatedeme thlaw en ey ty agrd vte to thw su trdine thgroaxpars'oney suinth -- t pivatnvespars, 'meey
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wh- t aatear haves, bn heyhontr autorr oav priden b obam sheampan. >>eportrr:or apr ten demrat am comppained tasn'>> forro a t em tat abo theeparentf mped n' ergy rolitho nvittagbo he areir tfici to tesfy. it gykesol thihoitring a earr ci o toes me .e m et shi autng ar tonerae ng meadleshan ra engingdloushoroh fan fiing. repenter:ngthe susenergrofa ancommce cirmaa fig. tha ep r:e therg anmm d. offials whal h eth eir cd.nce,ffls incding w hes ngr ce, ncepheng c to ttify >> ts invtiga onheill cont cue uoil t tfypaye g et t tnvga answls th nteser u rardls tye t how swth haii ier thi rdl admistra on t fac takow us. h i i rephiter:his ierna mi ra t tracsuryakmail . f romepr:s ina aust trryil 1 vealmthe ske aicistabouthe partnt o 1nergs ale actns.keisoue rt org quot..ct. ot
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t aemoct o the mmite sa whahapped wh th$535 llioloanuara aee toco oe soitndra asn'asa chappme. w th 35 i io dan't sra e tdenc fsoran' c .wronoing y gornme d s enc offials. st onng bgome invtmen fis. ecisn. i bn't nt tminizenven it. but is wasis i t tni bt. d isio ast asr ase kw, madonhe b dios as k mets. ad leangepubcansof cose, y its mu mmee. tn eaub ns at. u ha oneco, itmu m tabin-lev .ency trehauryne sing anoerinev cyrey sg cabit-lelnogenc eney, oke e bile lawncan thene e taxyers e onawhe hk.he the enomys heax srsping upono h behe he emyumb 1 iue i h the sng resiupntiae campaimb i i esiia urri jobaroagai, thkey elemt. reblic cdida rk riobagthy pry em day ys hre hasic a cda w ro eate pore an ailli y h nasew w tee ali nbs.ew eve own kes lkt t tes . e overn r'ss l eneyt t poly. te >> theersentr iueneol facg
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amer>>ans a lkhe oftr iac job ers lf repter:exasoverr ri perry ssob inc ased epr:aserri dom tirr s engynced proctio holorom en jo. >> off alanroiool tat wll crjote m e th>> affn t w cr mth milon goodayinameran js aossil ery sec r ofod tiner j a ecosmynd y hancecof ourcoatiol surit nd >> rorte lik manync o caidatio befe hi per sit says rte hisiknyis anca aat oef thehier ys aveis enerlan,utn ahe strses a ermest oilrodun,ion. trsants mor fed alstilancedun. ts oped uortoxploedtion ce inudin o-sho op u dllin lo onto g tha dninginhe sinse oho d inuld ll b k wh g heha dng s deribeas d bwhe actists debe enronmtalcttsegulions >> i dnot acct then cnmicel at wulns mus i p dktcc betthen ce wnerg and eusenvinmenet it itimerg d f avien b ance ime pramer fan a p-job b enecey prer poli. p >>obeporner: pry ao was mu me.s. pductn o li >>natuorl ga p awa wmuic mmeri pct o h tuanga abuance wicri of. larg nbe h ofbucef. nural
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rg ns wls he be driedf he nal penylva wa, hberi cald h enhydrvarackg, oen cricize alby eironntal ts, tdrck orize orme e ongovealor e, ende ss, deme veght edeca s proce b denefs. >>t's t veca bigro job bef pro cer. >> s d the a gved,igobror. blucoll th ajobshat e g wl-ping lubs ll an can'bs bt e w-putsogced. an n' b>> rorteerry ais wisod. head rte enohry i a estiswi abo h snoport i robt tis bojeffs, srtob an ff evaelic minst who canlls morvanismicinst oas cuorsm. cu. is l to cment by his fe a lito cntyis pry. a p. >> rorte thi m ning >>perrdefeed h wifs dense him >> m w reteahi two mnghin rrfe hif dee im mstery. w shsaidwoe's ein mos consvati canerd da ht i sh idthe s ce ae'sos
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nsti canistida. i i n't e gue a wshithe onef thos cti i actst . e >> weporhr: nhene osts >> rorpons no pey's ergyolicy w n rns rpripenglys negagyve.ic w n fromhe oba rilyga. c paig om qte ba itsn't t w t w t cig qfutu i s sitaigh't o t of w t t w tst. tu id mis rom sy'sgh of cpaig t has . is t mioms cay.ig as vern per haso t sutante. rneras pnoeve tsunte econ pyo tr onllo thecono t flrish >>loheno tormenew xico flshover r, ga jnsonoinmew cohe pel erter thega proams jonin pur r centhe seaseriro ctinu nigh the rstral his rynteari cnu o gh geo e e tl is h.w.ash'resincy, o leoer. t rst, w.h'e ofhesiy, evince l. nkint, in toheof pla ptvie inkill itolahe p sudi aassar to ll e u. si asato u. v8v-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit.. but t s . w ft's .ur nber?
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ws nr? malannocer th is ach rker. ose n-st day star witbackain. alnor ths h er e stay arand itchoick.n. takadvino d mae upo fo in day. d oi kvi ch se amave aup twofoillsn y.for day ee opain ch a awols r y oin wa to , coh. ♪ ♪ wao co accent esn' ve tslowou dn. cct n' tow d th bter r reacemt lablonlyith bert tualuto sura e, br reem bllyh rt alo ra if yr cas toled, weive u thmone for car e mol ye new. ycatod, wee thne r r mo leaye morew vis us day. easponorbiliis. s y. at's yo licy
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oolsab s greck ne iigra lon stus of e rre t uden is sls k h id,ra s alos witf e ens prosionllowg law hloit forc ent offialsoroon crgeowaw migrt whis d rcottarryffls c doement prong gr twhir leg d ry stat. fonewsdontroas t oegaine docents ab t that estenfows of oneocts abth een sondf sh ainisatio sd g a-walisngio eratn, silar to b gal allethan at saroast&riou und b lean thobama aminiratit&. ound weo le to sngel whtham nighs aniti wetory l goodo el e wnin gh wliam >> rryorte bre od ewhatin i st abo thi w damum t, rhetere saat i atf fficl whstisbohi dum appred saf a opetionicwh prst&fious speuton down aearly &fus idticaoper sion o 200 trl id hecaandeercasen t00 tnvold t phhenixdeseen who t bout upool00 t phxho nsou uuper atf surillae a theyere u aowed t dve thetf ur la a m ico. ey e unl aed therotolheas mo. t etun heopleuyto weansut arrt t em, en ty tri t leellea themnrrulk t , tri tlarti or em bere tyk tit torde ti rnow e gentbe in tha te of tt
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cade w ntnof t w ca bil mehe sam w pers who aroveil of mam rsho avef st&fious but 200e sd &f thius.. t 00 sd >> iouldhi hav nev conived of rsui t is tyld ofav caev oned unss ias f assuied t taty teofa u. un iasmbasss kne a tllbou te wha we we plu.ningnasoing ne so illou fstrad wiha his wplng ole ss a ing m i sttin ftherawis se e am s dinn. anee a d ftoryanttemso doometngimil. f weryreoneemryin ne et andil we e invatiinendnitiives it inot rth heintiasslties i t h anher rsonnvoldnsl 27 was ll an hr ver,onol duty 2 a s di hctorr,n was dngtoy he a help todiorasto dev oplpo fa & fiousbutev he2 t ntedo sh dfan fusthee t herneddezsh d opetion androhit go aitio l rnzone gpeoingonndhi t gomexi unt he s aione befed gng abt ian t the u . xinte ttory's ofce bed w abiullhe brd. t heors awof a wossiell rewd an b.
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riskheawayin i'm asiewan quo ng -sk thisin i auo m -or iesti tion is i withuge pitic a m implititionon d thge pic gat pottiallion i all esl.otale i mustll al el. prered it mtlred toesn goe. ese docentsere lkedsno bye thjuste depetmenoctotse lelpd they admistr iothstefle tepenp ongo gedmtrle t cricism rgel fro gopublans autrism el ro fa & fious bli spseo an a agentho hdled thfa fus ase spannd sd itas a ant h le ntroed dthivere sit ahe mexan poce d knoroabou dit aer weuppodoex po dnternoct oou a the her sidofwehepoorder thateller a ort e fterrid tha it washutd dern. at l why a wasrouger u ahaaint nwaut d y asug u ast &nurio? th's yt to be sn. >> &io k pth ytoe dging s e st e dertme>> has dng nfird dict t ksstdeme basween th scp irain heirdi t ben thvolvent thecpra ploto lvt he kill th sudilo kl aassar to he uth. s i on u. soi we a a leasaingtoe u abo uowoi aea irg fit inthebo sche.
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>>eporr: biedn a iritnt 21-pche >>or bd cmina a cplai ev ence-pf thmone til cna cai wi trafers eachevcethne for t $50,0,wirars pchvidi somof tor rongtvidee, acc ding0,o pdiom t seni ngde lawkerccng tt heni assainatawn plrtedas t the al dl a it s san tionsaat pl deniohe inian d at oicia. an >>onhe wir ransrs areio ianart oheia >> w wlensret sry. ey'rimpoant causthey w show the s. p'ratiopol pt seusey owhe omio pspiriona meang ty nt tdo it,irnaea fro t t toopatiol, mningere't,s ero mey. do i . op >>io mnge'eporr: t m.meri n o su iect nt to>>ranor t andetri sutht t a sniornd mber the rce s to ril dowheransrs mr th werhemade to a e bko ow ns coun mgdthby terdeo a f. baseonhe unoneygd t til and her i ellisence,here isey tnd no r ili e, reesti thas theo islic tihahe revotionyslrdorcend vo on th covert ace wer thendheort aer pl. >>his frothelann
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plerat , finced>>nds roeirecdnn atfied ecby torce >> rorte enio offial t sa the oiciafromhece rteiofi irgc is sahe oiaom han-on lear w has egcs earf the supmeannea w leer. s ked iftar bkedhe up aup linto le. d fe b adtollp. a >> iwoulin be higy anliklly >> i ule th an eveed oigthis ikmagnude uld notthn he siove ois gn e leaddship iolveotnt. h repter. s on c tadlip ive hil. epr. nawmars c tbateon meil sanions tma pr surete i mn. >>eanns hav a t cerin lev o pr re i sa tionthat>> oiousavheyer ev ca oliveith caus sa theonhaveat o us en ling thy i >> he glcaveh is usto patheve l oug elveon t bac i and>> gssues prats relsesouve tac he. nd itsue oprels ilicthe it cppli ecomic iainct the. >>eporr: o c dlimati ecicnhe >>ble or o dtiikilksays tha they e ante t tak oil thesha eyte t nuearak proam. ohe thenu ur. enyro. w the tget ee unssassition wlothe t. t mt rtiay exsiainonthy sen.r m iaex i--nen ania oicia a--areny
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back suc ia aizar seme. oia aen >> ckuc a maj pgrainar s thee. >> present'healaj car lawhe prahe es t'overalul, arll naw go forrds er, pl n. o caoreib pl sebcaiusays ab vontarinsunce anebsors works invoasearsue tey becme di bled aterrknin lie i not t ec vi le. di ede aperrentroblisot tat n vi .enou hea hy papplentbl a t pect to gn up. ouea >> ptillehead gy cto p.ohns will e inhe>>ll cter' seaad g nigh up nt,nshe llin f crstr' oeal htory gh nof a re fntt o h prysidey. are pde [ malennouer ] troding w prutrits fromentr. [ leega-ou go ]yond odart g althpr ri om tr probticso bend dia-stivo balande. t th obcsbe diiv anlafrui & veie haantiidan propties anuive new onuthaentstirom anntru opes he maknutr ion ssibw .ut tsm ru heaktrn ib
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out. w reveraundrarch to es hbeam tha t. ea f mradr t newcho yorstocha f chan. the we 14 tewor arrocts ofeopl whan thwe4 obsrructef traic. pl wh fedalbstera. hisryed afionad wille aeois iulgefiad thllselv afrhe f istge ol thlvfr histy of the f oeorg stofherg iden. ja.s ron hausthe rst lk. en jarohae t jame >> rorte goodveni l. mo tha50eniooffials me rteoo omni tmohaiofisumul ous me t wer intre fo ts ol htoryul s the pes here nver btrnfo t olaye h ry blic unte tods h n or fox b news ye theyake uinsi ic thentod ooxl ws fice neye t usi bushe41resincy aseverefor ce swing t uus41si hy aser orgeor herrt sng wal ur bus opatedehin the s cenege anderalus eldi i ight ioptoedinhenendan gureho i di ihtould i ser inanhe bush3 re i psidey,ldern like robt sh3 p de gas. thirst l ckeipob fture ga gatths, st en d cectoip of fre ciats, r alli dtof thfina plaingi sges rli f th naeratn dertlag ss srm f
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athede s liratif kuwt. itas alintiwkwa momt wnuw it a present sh aed hwaom to w revi andeseport back an th h planng o topfficls vi ndinclorinckth d k ch eyannd ohenic airmcl of e jot c defsch ofn staf powl rmf jo csf afow colin powl. the olyime cinowhe pside he o look oveepowe and pde okvewend cney' paicully i cy'ombi gapa ul itheridn'siterribiy wllga er then'entatn. burithe w predent sen hee to t ta ntag tobuerenten reewheto t agoarge e the'sake se thgee werno thse urch sth moseser hostals- arwe gng ch toombos sethi nextosols a garreat gob hisrica s hieasu and oxt a onatnd sisca fth su nd o>> bh 41nasa s fth t nsit nall b41 esidcy withuge ttoni tit ll shif i idh the wore tni oder, if as ihe ore soet uon or,ollae ans e so uersi gf wlaan upe ed tsi w
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
ry ucceamfulng t a t-tert goasrnor a of wcelexic at'she p tch ier mgoor makg. f i lievi aicalki o's p iehalak of ti majevity aki o rublins. t th's t pital i'm tajy ming. do u rli. aketh tit you'mtand i mnewg. o hashir e wh'souhe gend iw pn? >>hathasir t gwhe pn r ght no to p ake m>>t sta t in w g p r hamp ire,herenoou onoe mtan fro mp e, rescur y torominc overght th aoro goodmi swing i erxceet ng aho. od pect sion ngd shongee momeum. i ctn avho mentu me. excding exctatn, tt'some mingtu atetudgexcng he bexeveratody tseg else et but geese e thessenal b ery coonen of ethe or notse you t e ve fhewardr nent. >> tcoenf heotenchrk oouthat frd nt. pect tion? wel if u arche oatxpecd t no doctn? aelythif aarec yake t ird plano thamaye ahi a yerwhmingke vic ry.d la youre eectehato wy and you ke twhrdnglaceicou a. ou e tedone w >> ind thi u tyce a giuani ot ne ihi his nk sp haedtoiuiim as resu ofis h swing shan ne as suf h sng hashir noty an meansne exeding hairot eanectaon. e kisten. texinresint'snnoued eta. hekin. senng t 100si's troous to
6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
ouif y wil llwe g wilnoave mnsest b y witilent seatnd oile manel afritt qu kat b oak.elf quk b. [ le aounc ] drking smohie th nvegeble tritn? ♪♪[ anc drngmoe ngee it ♪♪ [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a i'yourlindpot. humng ] i'urnd t.and jobs ea. um ] de g thgs.d obea yo're od..e th. [ ash yoe .. [ lghin] [ scamin ][ h lin sc in[ tis scech an if u nad yo owpricon c insance tisch anf nayo owic cns ceu cod beayin fothisoursf. cobein foisrs getllste, yo cou savmone anbe bter otecetd
6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
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