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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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tnks r atchiea us s. agtonit. i amill ts his o'illy. ease alsnireme erimlhathe sp sps r'htlyhere se causlse wme areat sp s rre us w eefinely ok o forou.iny oor. >> ahowdn twee t occy wastre memen awd a ee t tcc ware menypd a s be t narwlyd be aerteafte arsomeynten hou thi morng. ndaty atete vacumeionenou ofhior. the at parkherecun prosterofhave bee rkre rompeder outvease posoned the eani of e pared whuth wi as slaed begosed at e nif arwh:00 wi s a. wasla eg annncedby00 a.asayor miaennedorloomrg a er h mi offi wasontaedy th owrsfom a h the fiastath lan >> ysterowy, a of 8:0heatan ni t, t y we goi y aerad a to f it,:0 b ni tweasoi ao oft, dnighey b llednd sd thwantto ig ey
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popone he cedanin sth eratns toeentf ponehey cin c woratou to agreent th tprotters eyi'm tsure c whaorthat ret t mea. >>'mot notrs m re suha what itmean eith. >>e areagoin to>>eot monorin su thwhsitution aning thorwa . >> wearin wi don whain is ne ssarythtu n g wa mainin pweliwi heth a d hais ar hat m ssagin pfromhe a samayo. at blmber cl mrly agdicasisom beli thiyoa bler slnifiy nt ccash beeen tlihi demstrars sfind c labenfornmentould toccuinemra the ry nr la forure.nt ld d alady cuday terhe e clea np was can fllede.t alasty y rrresere de as eawa meers anedthe ft t wngree moments srmme s th e aa alarou wal wtre. mo jonting snow for theactn, aal aoual three ne devepmenjo, thg wor auor ofctthe ne ayorkimes thneveenth auof est-sneler,rkalleesthe -sr, mleic." he ishat mo m." yes,tat iso >> evybodknows,is yo what wit >>evodow thett biyo atitpurs ing? at ihis?hebi >>rsthat my g? iarpis?e whh i n't edaty her i tpinkwhe a i all nt a sn. >>er j st c tck all bing. a s >> a jd th c are bg. pr aiselthy folling reprelpeak
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ll g bera getpsethat tak bera mobsraetreetat t demic rabs d ye theelvesemre ye quinghevehe fit the in thbookrom theug ble. fith thinthokmhe te.up th descbingccup wall seet. sc ngthey t upup ll vo se ant. wh t ey up monioicevo sanswh t tojesu >> ion't ni gece s moro bloberg on tsus. he ias'tge taingo my mlorg t he frid, ta gjohnmy mbli, ani amri hn lienintoloomrgnd lian am baingown d apiinglitheinom otesrs. wenbadowngheren nd sd we pieggoineoleant ates. 7en0.wnre swe ey g ein o aan what 7apps, it g mbolns tem andhatheylash ppth p ice dit aol t thring ey ovsh pole mo r sc pterse d ad a th arehrg ctinovolmoscrs ke a c azy th reople >>e'sino cy le 's hcowa no o reay thks tat myo blooerg hwa oeaanlth t n. >> much. i'm ot oog ure inlthiss t cour>> to wh 'm t prre iis t recaurers.o w erics ar t retingpr t w they
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cas. shod, icarreng t w whi eyhoisevulon. >> khip th vid . ul th. k ibara obathiduppo ing this gro. ira thbk yopo pgosi. isro i th t domocric pi.part thiss th be of ihe t ddemocraticarty >> ts ishatrt isth bof i w te mo abictty i tmyistook. w th i de wcratyou abink ey i wo d stk. thaway fm theeatu k wost moni nnsay a fh teage run ni ays, ndoleents l akingor ateeun caus theyre s,le thtswinghems lvesng a righin wth th eus eythngms prosster who e agho caing w foh cuouslroer o a enocah, wg neeo anot rcusl frch renoluti w. ee whwoul't t y otcallorr ameraneti whul re tluti? ll caus as eri instrynre ti ckus t disionsbetwninry berasm a tdiontw conrvatm beran wi t a amecanonat reluti bewi tmen retionseativndseiv fren en revution lbera. >>hey en't fanf a evulteio >> i thi lra the like>> ty y.'tan you a tnk te e rybo i likhiheke t you. w cooud t ty n? ebo thik did a
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u. po. co t n 34thememr,id obapo suprtin 34em b am, a gorupinsupptinghem, ancy orlosi suortippng tm.m, y sid 37ersuti thi the u.s boo t is 37 hi betrhe.soo han he et alaedaan d 37al thida 37hi catali imral. >>nd icaliwoul lik toml. menon heas sakin at>>ale ion tuesuly ani wasikt eiren pohetica sin uniat anetheyave theesanasparty rf t poleftca niand eyneye ert tft d pbabl hve t pbl h t artisead an wen ti i acced thead manbers w ofcc thehearty m rse ofhety e spticus leag, wh ar't youpcudonedown wal agwhar stet, dtheyouctednewn withalon torro sti, eyedrome u no thies kid th t roare ming rom lacom lik no hi ya, thid are omin frome ngm th bushaceaguikschos yahichth hyreinom ne ohem canthay t y areshguho ch th e. d oeman tre to how w brthn ss tyow br t
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are,elaitheyre e,prottingall reet buwhenaiey wery t otng wal etbuen u t wethe tomes a ll u st tet the goesto rertst muoch'thgoome, oas r noting mu h' to dith lle, nog seet. ey a bus dessan'h thesare e s nt.ighbs of aussn' ese e nhb orge sos. ge >> but evethey rogniohe ta it fr oneut lel toveey th rnextni levl, tatrneetoth and hen xtevske ulia thetherndn d, whke uld u iaheer dof yo we dwh may r?d noby sles onhe sdoeet.yo e 'shatay sile. ob woun't veleon st. at gtten tosihis. out pot. now we gentos ri real vlencpo wo dw te bsoiea faretch the are ving nc pkwo u a barchhe e g rick pk a us bi mors ggesthe >>ck a bior ese the walk pa thrichhelka neigorho athastcheorg igho so as, w arestrg fding so wrehem fin ng orr temnnoy isorreigors.
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d wa strt toy geigitss. wa ggestr dotion g htorys t es bamadoon why hry ton'they otesma whobam n'theyeyre binwaed aher es ishe ssibity am ey b viwaence a erth t mo is >> di iby you evevice tmo di ge chsou rist hisve gch ialerback stis i d becse ier i'mck nith dec 'mmneyane. n orth cuse me,his eye. r se e,s brthaler. i wt yoto lve ama bral . al e an wgiveyothe l guy a reaa he's alanin rveief eeruy ccelliona of'sheirstwo weef rhe f nb clln easors o ck o.eef nb so i'm o sry. wet'settg ld h 'm can'play sy. gol we so'stthe mte re hly uset. n' ayhere whai waol toosk mou ve re ut. sple. rehawa ow whdo ouvesuppt? se. whpp rney-ne, 1. >> oka ry-, romn-can notka ce-roey? mn an ot>> on becse cn c hro? nec c ha h no held eleive haficeno b ore.
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ld t i slee ceayinbefo b wee.ent i on, eryone tse in cafoidat, evwe thetut , ye t ca idat, arcaatbettevhe tn jo cain ca at arforg abott how tjo much in betr thrgbo owehanuc ama, theet cu entth n ocpier thehite huse. a,hecut oc er roheey hte bee maific hte.n eseebat. yohaveo go ro heeaic wth wt yo eat ve.yo ve go as d as w w yoama'numbs ar can.e ake s as coback a' mbcoul reblicarsane tcock overulnfideticnd s t unemoyme is erid 's i snhe s emin tmemssf hi i s t pulaty, 0 mihiion vert >>o so la , tentmi n you ve tememr heill rt ve the>>so ente ma stntet u tdiauckg foemhelim he antheyntma t wi liebout heackconfoy. it aaney tuwiarouie, douttstop onm it aow.uoudoop t he dw.esn'undetandthe econy. he donhe exaly t dn'dendeppose ofonvery inghe ronaldxa teagaasos ofne aryg he rdottegahe posi res ats.e wh do u thk arte thesidds es of. hidoinwho thare tha s thatof codn't turhiint aun becae onha ratmneyndo't caur get to a ffic itcaon ll r takey18ca etmont to
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rk thrghict th . ak >> yent. o anthene arhroingoth >> brgye inanhrisenhrisare angbr inisis aive as e clor andhe wive csean ythi helo le bndind. ipoor cn hiehrieie wi hr thd. the storf hi li. ri chrwi hthhris e, 2 0.e hi >> y areli obhrssed you e cisis 2 o a c yisre chstiebed u c o c ie >>'m obssed whoc sav g th>> couny. >>ou tobeateedd to whavth un >>take tte awatoy s inher. >>kend iwalmos got un. >> sogood iosoto s you an. >> ao i didt asod s uou abo a youridasoyfrnd. m a bt. saboit. o, u arur afr. a b sa. , garsipy ald won. >>ominupick gpy prywo >> unvinls hi eergylank heay pill gnv amhiica ck othe egy rnht ecomicerack andl git eno h am a r hi oe t rlbow h ecic wcknd bac noto t shitlig? t th andow h mo comg wac p. t sig thndoom omasol comg and asom nd ♪ ♪ [ me anunce] ♪ fe♪las
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ow tt wh youon'tet y r sh me riant,ce fes te irwhtatiou 't can a pyblemshri irti n [ re prd sematch, crd bos ] re schcr b ] getour oomi gamrigh wi giltte sion et r oglimi hichas t nnerfinewi il e blaons foless ug ali pulaz. a ng chth t t gilerttene ritalaon dfoensesshave ael.ul a tile ta dse ve .ogetr th heldefe gain 5 sns f shing ritaon - etthelfe leavg yo ski looking s sm th ash feeg ng ftash. - avyokiok sm aee f. lp dend ur sn. ♪ ♪ dd s
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eness rimpis o mospopur protio redobst. tre'so ma cho es.en s thempuestlove ot.ospuprio ed st [ale nounr ] t's e'slessma ho .hrimtodhe at sted lvebst. [e un] ess amuch s yoimliked t lny wt youike, likeaew ch yoeet ked spy sh mp woue, l fo$15.. ke t spsh my me iange tra fo 5.d i a fo difrent. y igera i foifnt [ emalannocer so u thk yo kidare etti enoh vetabl? [ alnor th yoyeaid maye not tino ve bl v-sionuiceiveshem fulservg ofegetles aayot v-onceesm ulrvofets plus fulservg ofruit t iusjustulastervlikeofruitit ist tev8.kehat'ityourumbe .t'urbe
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firs100 dys o etyinmo ie rs0 d oadmistraon. aretandg on t o t mi ra .next rendon arica t o ecomic t xt boo and a it'ca theenercocnderath oo is duntrt' anhetheeruickt wa t gierh ou trecony a shotn taneck awa is tgiou on tot t as ployhe arica t igenuy, oyto acaap aricaener. >> inu meahile erma cain acaot er >> eag boletmainfromouset udg commtee airmbo pauom rn hase who idg mme rmaue rha lo es ca's 9-9 plan lor tefo buteca m be runng io-9 a an tfout mrdle inbeun iompason athmitterr le d mi pan rney,ttrrho mi rai rd y, $1milln d $1millnai $1ll $1 llspecvelyn ththird quter. old ileclythir cuto j td a co litt or j millnolls casontt ha o so wh ellll do it leehe asaohdoit le fid hadfi d lee jttar vin,adwith leat w jhearar rry n,th
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war sying y her un sployngnt tay i nortdako becse oa er masse oi fi theunoy t i rtkoec o is ss 3.oi. caida whe ais recsion in 3.09, d gusca w wh th drled eir y ouofeconin t., gu so hhe tnktherr ydrd r onou to meth g th h it tuldrrrobly n behe quiestomean th totht d cobate e beuiostt aunt ano joower ce xes t at oowererg ergy s pices and ving theetteer gy p iesact d ng natialhete surity bng -y it no ti beg so sitepeent. b - you nogreebeo pe it. ertaouly iveryee imrtan i thkta iryit's e clf ofhat u ne toiman h vethkinarge's cloft neeconoic pn in hrdero get geb crtiontart an on a po toiner lp uset bece cronrtan mor a etorgy depe uent tionndecor mu ey re speure t tionons aesul ihinku tha this se onaul s, onk rt ohahatis he prosing, o toda andt ems o beterongn h dand s eelhse beng hs govnor h of tas hnowsittle t lh b ab ht th parovcular sue. tbut hewsprobm fotl hm, t s n,abth ar ladhe e. ig t eobhallfoge i h tt it s is oy done sver. ll th iamer tan pitlic ght no is o
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lookeor a sr. ch ther pc tis larokr, mh mo c mprensiv appachto howe aar m mo gog creoivpph ho aoevitite ou ecomy. e bi pblem foer ou pey, co .meon bi pem lke gernofoomnee o ionm an aocat l gno forhene uti gethan aator 50-usoin pnt th fromveryingo0- xin p fmewo an ene y andomtherigry igues. and fat'swohere e'sanavinneg and harderimerawi is. a d 'sre's finorab a rd e wicontst. thinthat whye's en f ab stggli in nt. in theathys li n i aohinke dnotheave goo p. a annker o dtntateve ooitiobrea fn il ogalat imgran ioea f a i thill tt's hurtim heimanost re t an hi anhing ti'm st su rt i he wl cnget t nhis a weranr whng m su wilhapp ie w c ext. in es a drate ewh ohe nilghtpp alled h 's o.y be n de nnin oor out nt sen wells h oe in angover ort sromnwe haseen runng fr a muanvelarg perd ofmnasn nn ty. f buthat'u argoer of gontrt thy thi is tt' a unvorae fotr thhis vern peyunrafo rnpe beuseoverr
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roey h laiout e e vestatioer f whahe ro hait st ionts f tohaoon dayne i s con ast,to and ayontst i gerno peyon t, d lokinntlikee's gno winngpe t, puing s l pintforkeass heoesin andthat pug srobl p.or he>> as g od d see yo at i kn you arebl a g ee probly io kn knou therere seas spes ofroy ama ukn areheot s hppypef wth but a re the hy wut nd ihe spectou wl obab i ve s toct wre-ect abim. vu aro-e nodng. our hardes. we itherod sr a h ternive .woullook t itwe ier t ahere no alrnrnate e nulokit that ppeingoe. rere'soy qualtionat n we a tal ng atpegbouherm 's inqu on hi aal cllen c hourm hiustn cen c h it pawltywasstp a it dowwland schelbachn ma ap anowd elowch ma downnd prry upanndow do . wn th pyp c com ba. i n't ink eettldo. th yoello comba i t lk bera havbeentl yo lo brally lra aaven at brly at tim vilin
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thr cments imout rman re th r ccentnt crnel t an wes .ore re rntlyntarry butfric-ameecan rely ryaf co.ervave acall the t rstic nmeesn and it'happing co va a agn. ll whhe do u th k ofthatas a nndt'pp g bera >>ag who thoft a wl, i ra me sea knowhat tnk aut wt. i me 'seanoat co tlete a prehsibl this stypil. thco hateens ehbl isfrin-amican pi co ervavesth andasappe to ri amfemaan covas conndrvates. perome asonverydy fee ma theyan coonat. re oont anry yeehes ey hoibleco this abtthem causthey o fanl es lhokelehiabthey em oulde us deymocr fs. th afran lamerans en'tey ld allod to decr reblics, th thefr arou allered s 't loto acreallyicehe ou ll depeentacly thkers and chse to epetepubhcansrsnd hey f l juifieto i sayng thesubns fjuie thi is a it'ay es disgting >>evinhiagai at tht'issu e qution sgngame inaith up su he luequon tersme sumtp hise e eken and rs fouum ittis rreheible the en nd atta outn gornor r rney'helehe ta relion. dgoor'm inki r whyy' wa 't -li . if t s wasuchm ki ahybig de, howa -
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out e twach ptor?g hes ledeho fat ly tme pr? he je lmiaha t rit, jeahri and g. ndamera,. godless arica d ar weerodss ging aca tques ond ar peele's relion? gg al tof aessudd relion s ape's isele inn? t cpaig >> salms t a be ddlittel bitns a o isin dole sndar tas w clig s theree tt itwhatappe, yo osee a loof do s are re wrts ld theway reis atpeyoeso res anthyzedsy govnoomne may ve t saned prlem withov coneerva ves y or trmprobmsth covas wiob enngelals causofi e morm qution buenels us y rm looqukon anstudthe buta anheolic y it'oon actudllye anlibelsnd icmocrs arthet' es ttcty actlly be ow cr are tt avsionowarcty mmons i thk th 's bausehey are stro onavonar f mily,nshey e th stthng f bthse anytheye ron a usuay fy,y st fney cuural a cserv ive ua and ere'a b of aclasu al ther c burvi tenk is d e' bnfaifto aasxam er ju onebuide t i the equaiion d noamthe heide ofjune it.e >> aighhequn gs. no goe o se ot. ah u bo. g go s gooto bere
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>> tngs t hatednbo oo bthereill tday s the h heduse ntinsto e instige,l y he he inote,s cny inig pitasm i hee, c sondra scantal. i we wil sh ihe higightso ra and us an weweilhillevea tight d e idtityfhellea tadmistraon's testnsid idty nfe. mira we's wl chk o nstid ts co nng pwe w thi edhion o to hiedn fore re noattewhatmall busiss y aren,
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bejust s sule?suy -cde ul aag be stulptsu aes?etic thenjecble at rlace ptes iclostollan gruall eece r ce fo a nturly btleook stla gr lld itan lt to o yes. fo nr lek it l o yeyou dn'tge ornig. wh ant e erniu t?'t oig injeion te dcomft, reesruis g,whnte ni jen d mfble ing,welrengumpsis d dayedumps somwithnflaatio eg,lps may cur that dypicedly rpsolve omthlaio 's ai-ag y for re mo rn aat.ic rve a viagit s lptr esthr ic.cmo. a vi strth .c
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>>he hsener and custers coitteheldhe rst>> hrndcongssio l he ing st s thcoteld sor t comnyngioheg thsoolyna toy om anthin got aittheatynto gopanommiinee motbers argue thatthe dartmt ofat opmi m ersrgyue at dtm clofrly oke t ew.y cl >>yece-mai proded e t thwhit hoe >> andceairod th o.ito m. b, as llndas aonghainf oo.hersm. bas cleay a sho tat numgous inmberof t ors eaho t amaums er t adnisttionfromhe st nioreve ina test ad wstngon om wn orve tonhe tt carr w rofeiona toatar ofeb,na a e, kwha o a soly ra w k aad t thas dend coinue w a thdepament fth deoue en gy l. olat thehpant lw whtheyen at hereedo surdinethe lwhey eduine xpays' mon to ivat ay vests, me os' wonmo at apar toe hey csttrib ors o wo prpiden tto ohema'sampan. cib s >>t's pren o'spa inc>>venit, b's-hoo
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i thk wh haeneds th depamentfncni boo e ergy adethwhaed dh pant loanthey eealigy ie hadnd th werryioigu way aney li toad covth-up ereyi fa notgu th y theyadone atothinovp aot ilgal,th ey buthatheyne ain had mde aill, buaty anad m d they nt arokehe la he >> a dvid ake prn, wis a la a dd coundeofthepr w bo aon sed codee vestnt fom roport capil, w is dso rvin a st f ro rtgreeener pi ws in aviso atohe esidt athe te, m havee er beenhe fst o to aso pusthee id at tmini mratiav for en f oouse nitior e hlf billn h ll doar ln for cellt aw, l tdo lime ile helord ll a , t skeintomehe e el a mpan and xpl sn thto predent an d plthrent lastcapoat laaptstrat rate enera te a oly crles >> a a wet a mor o c aes me
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a a w tail sunower syndr wor a m are lkin iluner sdr wabou$2 tllio e w ain otr sorou tio a coanie the otcessoso obaoie and e ss the acss tt wagrand andba end henatis acndle twaannd dnd dilince not occ ringti do y thile thi n d bec e alie ot majorcc sngndal y hi hi i nthinec a ort jo sal in insillyin ere' at andalin isiy esnce e'becae onc da iou terese canc intu r thesnt l ge es lbet, ttt, is clely not t vble thewoulsle no rise moy on vheire he ownulthe mkets r e have poke mo onthe thnoly isir nwnt rie or mts ve ke ady. e is tpe aolis n orin torny kd ofy. s a scaal. o to o wh isoingo e k up of geing eca.mone wh speopng whonow ehe eoplingeg powe pelene who ave opho accws,pl peopwe whopehoavevecc onnoptionho it'se trincn a th. nnon i' dist bed's abo the ewin a ndin weeardh abi't tosty d whboe thhe ap ar tinhaverokewe rd th labto ywhth spordi ttingveke theth
12:26 am
l sding gornmehe loa meang o mone to th privegonvesmers oameang thea ohen tey tane o aparhiv tes comannythn d th t slta ar the umbi t iom the batthooms s the peopbi whowillheet tt arat ms no gog to thophobelleopwho tar p idnogoto thopo tax tha p gve thhalf th biion llar itax iha g gng tth lf be t prite bi inn storar t ifromhat undetandthat gs t t rilega a inor thin omhat't thede nd atfirs rt o iga w all lelityint'e rsthat o we ha see e tythe miskes d atthehaee c nyis ise alis os n ine cisis al oin tre but t ilegaly aputars be w. >>nd ger cmensi thinil al apyous e >>red rseba c fns wt toin ungre and nowsn carge ba of f w ltong b orrend coness.ow c gee at rneyenerofaid l bons. aty 3reyerd hat whe head jus recelyhearabou 3r itt onlwhin he rentus weecearand oufactit wenl hare fivsepate oeecasis d whe wecte haow tivt hepa kew. o si swe k wthatwhwe ama oke o the k . out kat lonbefo a the. o the uest on is. i'monfoot --'mh t s
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12:28 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:43 am
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12:53 am
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12:59 am
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