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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 15, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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go wkend >>et h b go a w goond >> dem hrat. >>ood eveng aoo i'mret baiem t. th is a >>oxd nves'm th itonit, a amican comt nroo aps . nearm'ay nni amanom n odang ousnem' a theer. nu.s.peci for s a ngsow o th s. cencialor afric o th wi morthan gn thdin wayen theic fir wioranth decared.s.ay ilit ye ir missn ineced.ubsaitran afra ss in sie tesan blafrhawk owsi t indentnlawk madisomal that linftnt 1 sdier mis ddndal at 73 l seround. d asnded hry73eporhe present nd. eplong tese h ortroo to t inest alo tedvis ricaooo fors fig aing is tori s acay, blad f yorar igofg urde ri ra a andla f y knappg. bu ployntandaes kpp qu tiont'sbuhye. now oy yhere quonshy and t othow hot re
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d t o spoth? h >> tight in ctral aar trngpo o h>>unt thtn cal down a trhe ht rel owleadante for a butal rmpai of mur r,adaptendor bal kidnaipingfomenndurir to come ex dnngen sves. thmoveoasiscl ed bmey s s.esid t obathve iettecl b t idcongobssiol leers fri iy afrnoo as te toure ng geioralles ri otoaf facoorys n miiganre itgeltoacoh mianitorea priden lh the u. speaial prperaenon fighthrs wl on behere uspl fra mont but sghll won aereramac mo f r a esid t wh ntut sepeadlyma mo de t c aseaidwh agast u. bos oneahe gyund n t ce lib. ga >> sai u thabo on g adrica re wod beib limed>>aihand tt w aca r wowodbe notim p grod t w topsnto liby >>wohe psideot p sroesse t ts coressona lea rs t by u.s pde sse ttroo wil becossea t aiser.s expts no ooilhey ulde drn aerntoxp nocomb iny ddro sf-dense. con essmbnnaniusly in bh sdee. on shousasse a l inilyn b 200 us se ca aing the ipresent p00 a opcag he toesosept con p andhe a tep n
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lord ristae arnd. >>hat lislaon, gnednto w by rd t rtaresiarnt l t>> ytear, lla ma, ited u.o by poly tsi l tor,limite ema tteat u theolo lra. mi th e tt he pside's mov l. th won p de thusovsticuppo froon publan satorim usicpo inhroe who,oted thebl sorras anh o, sll edhe bu vic aus ay. yng kids s fro 1bu toic 1 14 a ye ys ksldroeach theohowt 14 use yeldch he wak-4, hotoseight and ty nd t m-4achok tohtnd the v tlagey and eyave to urde t aacfohe v gethei d eode sib angs,heir ei parts. d ifhey d'tibs,ir ty co backndar. ifheyy d hen'tassethe tco cktestnd tyyil h'tutilese e em. stitho t menonintheil . hoenine l mart demey metrong caseo coress l f havrtg em m esen inon secoss a fica toavg nuff enn out aa o tentl thats theff u. >>ur prence ut t afntcanths he u >> content parofree uretwo t f ofn bldin ntt ar parers,wo of of gning bin tellencend tn wnars, f taetin gngpprohesr ll cetarg ting ache w the lev tain oros rgg
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rehenemehe, wean aevn o i >> oicia herat t whire mewe ho ae anon t hil a i o ia erressg toght thathi a eyhoan t fferilce fm a lib, thas ss to tt a larg atioer f whibth a lrgictario d w big arm thi i a leta igterrist th armhi i ragag g lup of rrt a 400ag g of5000 mbers50 t on mrs repsentiveowing t tch allonfhisery cselyep nt e>> iins t hllmporsntyisto ccallly i or lited ssio canead bitoerll msion oours th quesonlid ioand s abbit t monrs th es relee, fday ternn, tab t tterp toapit hll. le f y rne t pengoneeme toertoite haugh. off ardt enirstn tt itasme cong o todgh. >> if d smedikest tit co ood it d ieenn sd thke wor for lonime. t but onen h thoror caron ia,e. espe ally n tht hillne h thait cs alcomi togher ihis pelythllha al miicklogr no sensor inhofe, a sport of t skl noen misnhone, nonhele s rtsaid e thoug t wte houis was tonullle id eagedug t w he eaouy in.s t thll whi hou eedushes bk hea . thhardnd syshiou predenthe b oba sign rd s iysorentaw -baovin g gn
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forwd i t - craownin on heserw t rels a thera sayheynrense ving sre awifthe asayy ty ca no >> is a g sngryftsd. th tkca noou. ich ma e ong thi swithhe th pane >>. p msideonhithbamand the ne s pthde reanmaeaderihe tred s a an geraldei motsssemy t pladina gel chig. thotvisiwas emant la higightin th m t deig dea thsietwes thet ig hto th courieswhic mis spose t to meae itasiewehe o foroues iceric sse mit ie aumake to ll teiror icprodts isout ke o lea ted trsfteron tt od iut thu.s. gernm kt. nea up ter t its thconds.arge gnm budt defitp on rerd its hendge011udefisca yeaon thatreust i end.11 e filcaea fure, att $1.nd rillfin inhe fe, r, th w a lit1.e moll in tha rth wheit premoous yr, butha low tres yut $41 w trilln i $00 19, ellighe ive tail, ales wepheve 1. in iles ptemr, t larst gain in . n mont sdingheow t tem tar gn n est ek i nt m sthngnd t t potiveerri ry ft the iear, gaing 16 poveri fher,
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s& 500gag6 wasp 21o finh s& its0 bestas wee 2 iwoin yeandts nasd st wasee i uea alm tsdas 2%. u coressnal publanslm a 2ggineepeinto hecoss hl fbls a inpe to lliodoll fedal ln arane fo a soranel io ll makeedthat las anilefooorel keatle nkrucy. ie conessial corrpondt me ru ema.el howonsi whahapp ed rrndoday m >> rortema mucof tow fus in the happ houseay ubco itte r teuc he ting f in onhe soldra hseas o thecote hemodigcati of eoan,nola o helowi prite inv torsdio btif n, paidack ead of wiri amenvcanrs b id k xpayds. >>fn yo expiencof 2men yes an bng the cayhief >>yoxpnc 2 finaial yean bhe cefoffir, he you ver na lardffi hour taxyers monedeing bordate utsiaxrsne mmerngalirms >> norde sirsi hav erot. repter:hatms tate nt s byir garyav led omeepr:teadite y reblic s to raw ryis ur ncluedon.e it di clearo m thareicto thew partnt lu of. t cnergar mhaheiola drt fe lawhenrghey aeedla t laen bordyate e ad t taxyers mon rde to -o prive invaxtorsrssomeon
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of w -om pivppeato henvrsmeeen avy w conibutea to h esidtn oba's y camign. reponter:uto idop docra obs coamlainn. it was t fepairr: to d ralk aut t deptmen of coint as fenerr's re witout inv ing a t eptheienoffifal t ttify >> iermake r titsnv hgeari ppeaeifi t t mfyto be ore ike t aboutriea gene mtingee hea ainesut tha neng gagieainoues though ctha ndin >> r ortegi thouhous enehoyh d coercehairn says in t t rte th usene co ceo.e.ira oicia tillav thei hance. oia iludil as kingeinc istepdinhu tsngesti. >>his i esti tionep wil coinue tntiltiaxpa rs get>>she iti on anilers ey co desueveilegaresspa get of h ans awaiesn tsars ad nist tionhe fts te h us ai >> r torte thinterl adst on feasu t ema us f ro rtehierugus suma6 freveros th spticusm abt th depamentf eney's veth aions sicabth pantne s que... ans qu..
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but demrat n thtcommtee id wt haenedith e $5 milln lo guanteeemot th mmlynde wast a wrihameed h $5>> i llloon'tuaeeeevideoe of ndasa me wr gdoi by ivernnt'tdef ofcial justwr aoiy adrn iestmt ofal decstion. don'wanto mimize itm i buthis wecn. an'ntmizead i ecisn, abu is wfar wenow, me on theis a r e w, rits m on>> lheding replica, of ursesay is ch orets han lngep ca ofthat you ve o sey s en cabet-lel atagen tu asur oayin atherab-l en turin canet-vel aer agey, ergy, brok thecat-l lge, and t ey, ok tepaye are l theanook. t >> tcono isape tyehapi e tohe bk. the tnos nuer 1ssuen e thpi pre dentol bhe cmpgnu 1ue thrent spurng j c brompht, e ke elent. publanandite ick ur jro, keerry el t.todasays e hbl adiayk to crea morrythan mil ondays h ao eaoranil jobs stevbrowtakeaook ahe xas bs ev govownor'kek ergy picy. s tovr' cenalssue ey p
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am icanis aack t oenue fg j s.aman ak o >> rorte tex govnor ck peyays j i reas rteexovr destipecy s ergy ias pductn hds more dti gy bs. i oer a pla pct hhatorill eate.ore an a o alaatll tee mlion a go-payg amicanobscros mon ever stor go tayheamans eosnomy a er enhae sr tur emy natnalecury. >>epor r: l e mahaur ndidates blore m, pryur sa>>or h lma is a idll o bf te p sabove h engyis pla but a o t sesseve endomeic o prolactiout he sse wan me f eralme o landroio an ened mp to exp fratial an cludgff-sre edtorillg. xpti toet ttarni s heudays he-s llwoul rollack toat h tnihese scris as ulllk h aivis rias viroenta ais regatio. >>o no aept erohoicta thateegio m>>t pickno a bt weenic at eney anthe m pk enronm bt. en its tine aneorennm aland,itti o-amicanro-js eanrgy aman pocy. -j rep eter:yerrylso nts chore u.s.roduion fpo. naepral r:s,ryo s hhe ame.cas.dunas na anl andanme o a laeumber oan aan new o atur
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la gasbeellsave en dlled oere inur s pnsylnia,lse ded clede p hyylofraa,ing,ften cticid c bydnvirment istsbuthyrag,en cci by forr ir gontrnortsdt renllays,oneor gorighoren tns, pduceige benits. it' a gh ry b p jceen ps.duce t'and esere ood, b j pce b e-co ar d e jo thaard,ellayin bjobsco d cajotehal outinurcebs ca >>eporr: pernd his feutceave had >>or eughern is queson autead euppoher rert es a jeers,po r at jes, engelal mier wh c all m emoniel a m wh cll mltni thised t aomme b h wife isnit tame b h feerry itry eporr: ts orni pey dendedis we's fensof h. >>yifeor sa tid tni th gspedeed ws ns h >>yestday. e ae sa t he'theh mt co erva ve cstned y.ughtn sa the'raceend he' m a cova chrisd
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can'thargucee'it eitr o of theis. facn'.gu repter:owit of thac. epespor:e to rry'ener polyasotpoo surp singy', neertiveoly fr the oma rpngneve ampan,frheuote o isnheayoinhepa futeret' traisntut ohe past fu and tt rney'ai oampan h st thiso d ry' saypa h goveor pry h no is bstaivay ve p hlano t revivehe ta ecomyneve or ecy alw t ecomyor ouri. >>l tco forr nemexi ri gov nor, >> ryohns joorsnexi theanel ovlater,in t pgram asnsohe ourel te ce ter st sees pamontises tonit. ur thfirs ora htoryce ssetif ni g rgethrsra hry h. bass predenc gatere but firsh. sasome therenc edencer t linkrsgran thee ptthelot enc to nk kin he p thet kihe
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tionde iuran lk tme. ould bune almy picie th nionwe inranc ? on ian t. ldunal pie nnwinnc tch is. on o han youave ur he surae wi oneompa. h . oanoue h rawi anneon apather and,ou haveour to wh anher. an aerd, ver wanr. d on anher ha you ve yr li wi ano er.on anrha buwhenou bdle em u l to ytherli wino. th nionwe inranc the alworkbuogetenr pe bectle toer nnwinnche alrket peantlyou uld ve 2. anw...u d it's 2ll i the ists ..'s ie ts ♪ natnwid isn yo sid♪♪ ♪atid isyoid♪
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micheciothemmigtionw.tatu othuint t studts ionoo eceold,igon atung w oh the ud i pvisi alling ld, a w enfo emene oicia to psihargllg l immiant o iso fo noten car oiao rgcumes pving mit heiris lalot ar stus. x ne me p hasngir lbtaid dumen out ste.xist cene oas aai den t stecon o bushdmintratnon shun-winkingat operion,imil tut-wng smal r th ern,il t fasfuris, uer al th e obadmistraason.ri u goive tlos angesith oba tonit'smira. stoo. e go tsngvenhg, nisilli. >>toepor r: bt,go whns un aut tslioc ent,>> theor b mewhtf offial o is a t t, apheoved of otfratiffl is apfasteduriof ohoutti dwn a neay stio entil opatioutin dwn a 27,eahey tirnanopz caio. 2 invvedwo oenianca men w bght tonvd 200 nien w guns bt ndero00 a sveilncend thns wererllow to drive tse a s iltoe exicther tilow t d tven, procol t was ico let l tpeop buyrol wpons butas aest themwhenethey tedo opuy sel wns ut th in at bul to heemeny tel carls o th n foreheyul hithe borr. ar o nothe age ireyit charge hat
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seor noege ihae tas blule the se peon wpprod b oehe s pe wro o fasturio. buin 27, heai st tios... bu 2e >> wou t h..e ner cceiv o pursng>>his toupe h cse n c iv less w o arsuredshat th c s. ss embsy a kedw aat abt wt weere anni onmb doi. k a sob amrustted wth thiwee nin wholmessnd ioi asohuttg thstd hi case olss ittown. dth he se anyn.acto e attpts to do a somhing simar. to are dontts tryg nwo doomng aim. reon novavery n a iniativ. its nowort the va hase.niiv itno rt othepershe invved inas007 wabill heoovers anvdneput7 tfwall rectve in whingutn. he heed t ctn wng delophehe t st &urio, bu d hop 22oo want to ut own &iobu the h2 hentandeo onrati a prohebit odddit nalhede gos ooiti aroto meco uil hwasitloriefoi out t and t u u hs attney' ficeefas t fuano t u.oard but tty' s ce posbleu rard drd rit sayg, i'mose rd qtingri-
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thay is'm qngajornves gatith wi huolitalor impescatitis and a wiuit great pentimpti f ad goes gat pti weus a aso bees ppare if ieus ae pre i doe't g wll. thes dumen wereakeoe g b. e ju ice desartm dt toener helke th b ainisation ju defect dhetmtoel oningth aisioef cticilargy fm onrepugicanbout ccirg f st &urio . pu i anoke to utge whoandd is &io casi eo andaid wasgeho d dcontlled elivy,asndd as the mican lice id kntw abedt itivnd re supsedhe to man ce int kdictabn it thothe se of theupd boro. th felntctpart th afthe sofhe tt, i s shorown. th el whit wrt brofthtp tgai i in shn. wh wro fastai furus? n at'set been. stur k?eep 'st biggi.n. the ate part nt h kpgi confmed rect alkse e rt hetwe e suz i n in thenfd ctkswe invoemenin t s iinhe pt to voen til eaud ptoilmbasdor the .s. ud on.s. sl. were lasrninr morehe. aut on. how s we l inan fs ieo the a seme.
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repter:owurie in f ihe 21 sagee. epr:ienrimilomplnt iden21 of ee moyrailmi two pl re tnsfe, ea enf mo fil $5000, tfeearoving se ofhe f stroest evince, aordi$50, tovi s of a seor rotvie, lmake adiohat these asssin lion keotte wast t realealhend iwas sctiasedin n tebyas senr t rani all isfficls. s ti their e trafers aenni par of theic. heholeirrars aar tory theyhee imrtanbecae thle shed try opeyeratimnalanhasecath sh t frompatl aspseatiol, mninghey wanto do om ispio m fngmy nt do toeratnal,eani her is the foney go d t. to atl,niers repter: eheey ame can d spec.wento iraepr: a metmen withecnto araenio aetembeof t th forc a tionail dn the trafers be at w te ma t rc bank til dhe ra rsaccot, m z by whema t b fkbi. bad on the co mon mbyrail a othe f. ntelbagencon thehe ionil a n heel nc hequeson t it t n iamic es t t relutiary iic guard for and reti y erd cveorrm wnde behind the cve w ot.e nd he thiis fm th plaed
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oper.ed, nanc andhi fth dirtedla er, ncnd ir bydhe for. >>eporr: a senr ofbycial ys tfficl fr theor >>orenofal irrr i a ticfrhe hds-o lderho hatheir i e of t sreme h-o lr ader haaskee i it efacke t u sme lk to er ke ithetkeyato uah. t wo ld bto h hly e unltoely. wo b at a entedf h thy nl mayitudwoul n aaveenio eredth maud leulershnvol nment >> reorte io >> oap leillshol hntl, rte o lawkers debald onore h sctiooawrs essubaonran.e we sio he a ctain lelf su n.nctis th ebvioly h a the cin l n li witbecae ttiy hath io beenivinwithhet. theoal liit icanot to p tha en inrselths onhe bk a hel iss ito pess rease elon b re. a isss to s rsenfli . sorippng onom paili tre. repter:neppramac omai t. cablbyepr:ma wikeaks say tt th bl wando teikutks tay t than clea t pgram t th ea.s. evoy pamas targeof ththe. ey assasnati plo t tgeay e partsslly asplaitilo why s tior rty iaihy s r irannfficls ippartly
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ba ed s han bizrechemic ar y a ba s morrogm iniz tem pridens he mth ce l thegin t pren ovhehaul cwill lot ghe fward as ov ul llan. g th frds lei . s eliu say aei lunty inrancplan siu foray a woers casntinncanorhey bame sabl latwo ins lasfe is ney b me able blthe atparen pro lem i is nhat not le en gh h lthye eoplrero ares atexpe ned tsign u en h hy stipl a ahe ary pe tgn u johon wi be the tientes sthey tonit. upext,oh the wie heirste sralisto ni up oft,he centrsltoresincy. of ntsiy.
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t. seral hdred mched oprteavenpihat ar frosel hed the mewedork ockt arro exange therwere4hek rreskf pple exwhoge errebstrestedraff. p >>e oedertrdff >>istoerficiados ll bbl tto indgecios them blvesfter tbl t firnd ora emeste t storofheir grarge.w. bush or g e presency jamew.rose bhas he fit looprescy meses fi mes? repter:oo eningoo morehan sior ficis s? epr: fr eng the ren sr ci tultufrs tiheere trudfor thi ora his try.tu ti e tas have ner beeudrhi prayed is. puicly ntiltaodayave onoxee ws. p d ey te us sidepulyheilayn ova . ofce i t thes deush 41 psidey o va as ner bore,of i shonghe ush pdeow n ge bgee,erbehoalkesush ow opered bind hegenesndbeke h yiding ins hts iner bds many fire w isyingns wsldnerven m ty sh 43fi ws predenc wve lke tober 4re nc gate the fst cliper feares te ate es, f th dirltorfeasia,e recthlingirr the nallannga, stasecng for e oplatiodesennta stoor op tiose to
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libetion o tuwai it w abeon a owardomen wheai w esidt bu ask him arden the view nd ridort buck osktheim anni of t oicia ew rcludt g oe dicchen anif t tn oia ch rmanudf thgjoin chiicsenf a t aff,owel chanthinhi f,el cinowel >>he on te tel predent >> n oked tver wellnd trent edr ll chey's partular inhes bbing a gain rt ar nere, dn't t t briblng we ain ate,he d pt tago tbut bleeresintent at mto the pgo pe agon ot sitevi t mhe peon tget vi tthers me sur tthertere er m chchesurerosque ospils - are goicheso bbqu somhing xt tpi - a e atoi bistocal om trngsurend s o tn a sotol forth.trre s bus41 w aoor. traitio llyus pr widen h he tecnicraio y ifts inprenheorld hecc orr, tssn thldsovi unir clapsand th thvini psianul war cpsd pendth the panul ar
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poticsf th midnde-ea. he di chey wa vicprespoentcsthidea di he geowae w.ushices ht eow.sharved on h howve mon and momtere owperftly m tlorendom iyou wer te rfy des tnre iuer t present res comndern cef a cri s est le dert somrmer c u cldn'ri dbett lde tha s orge bus cn' c dbattha pil i geus c wobad waili, i u.n chi wowai,ia viceresint. d he.nas -hihe w a delgh to wk ceorsi i. t the - w a rar el ghso a ot w i t o rwhat hap ned a aft th, whever sucssese oatapd joye havyou fttartith the mawh er >> ouc thaess yeavu torth ma he oha mliceer athe uversyo of rgin for mak mgce theat urs tesf in ava able r uak he for me, t likehevale u rlare me thomik ninatn on t u.s resupree c rt, omuan go natndon t.s pr chear, o arames bkeresbout br how georut h. busow c side dor cl htus easoods a cde ruclingme.
4:26 am
>>e haasds ahe crutergm >> seaha butirs the.s. c comrtea t rs trheps i ctral. tr i cal aa.
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iaid at meri's re wod beimit andhat woulnot t gr ind td ops to lia. >>rihese rre n goi towo bbeitnd t mbat ult gr tro tops.s i hlie t ked t>>se the noio b pre dentat ro s. h tdhe rwaa,re untnda, cgo awa n uea, n count a o souudan
4:30 am
nthey a all nernt anxus o to getou th dane. they aouldll d itnx tmsels.o etthey eedth o d h pth inld dt t el inte igen andey somdof t o h i herreas >> wl, te tenir rnde woomt t r as comb , at w let t rwotnitily lesshey are ttac d anmbatle th neeti rsspondyr iacan thee selfefen. r bund i 1 u.s.peci lf forens wi bu 1 on e grnd.somfci tm or arwie a eadyn grn cenal t ar afra. th ady cenes tayfr in nthffor t lp tfricnnor fors go tfr the ic lordoresisgonce ay. th is heroupnd tir rdise a ths up t aderjoseony,hohe adnist tionerays sed ma lawmersny, pitohilladstayons ma wm s theyave en mderi toll a ey e ping vlage mri a thrghou ceral aica,or ng vge som hrou cel yes. aa, a tter wt up toom ongrs fr thehite seye a eroday wfromup o e predentsayigr frhete thi-- fomorehaayom rentyi deceshehi lofosre restanc ay,ec lra h loesnc a mueredrapeand l knapp h tef muedpe tdusan kpp o teomenand tan chdren ientrend chfricen.. i
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
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4:38 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:48 am
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4:49 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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