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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 15, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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ioy cl consees >> ts is elibeth hdy, u e tislith w hchin, "fox rien," winox fabuus sw. nowentarrg i bu s ow gosrrpirl. >>hesantaic. os>> s isl. >> goolookg hutan.. >> ss sooosokhu me jrett>>n f clayon th weend. m jtt f clton aythee.usy occyingall clreetn ll weend. willet mffy tccngl etee. hoo il t mi'm tiddi hesooot m ddine the at toint stiing u the d he lo tion t >>nt yterdti i gg a uhe tet. lothisons y fstweet yrd g my t .new, hat iss fett y w,t iphe 4. >> sphtou t fir 4weet wt an h sor t >>,000ireopl andet w w o of an h th>>. 00pl hind w cla oon.f >>e wi tal me aut a th hihat. la. weo wan>>towitartal w mh you a a t. adliwes. weano he brrtking wou ns. aprent.s. li we air htrikbrng in n men asapnt k.ledeven sirpectikn mili nts.n e ofhe d kd isden sct rortey
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the lin ofs.he m ual ofu dis a rte loing e of ml aherenwar log al-aaki. lledn a one sikeastrear mont -a qda's edediaa e chi set i yem nt s qlso'siaeporhidlyille inem yestday' oorylen atrik st whiy' a ik ocrred thhi shaa oced pronce. ha otrs we kied inhat ast. row the. mor ng ware otarin wki i t a ct.llin911 thallor m wee ininut afr eit pele cin gun1d dln m ut at ttair afeipe sal iun d lifoia. treyal i weave foot. s e shtingevereere i sl s beh. >>shngr were? i s the be >> w? salheal pchnd fth stre. weeed whos f sho >> som re peowee ind tul. ho sonho >> omre. whoas ieo in t>> ion't kno s soarge m.e a ho w ite i't so thagearge m man aurne wdut t m beha sgettanne dry. t lock in a be bter s ctody d. ttleckithn h ax-wi br word cdy inhe leh halon chwiged th klingeror ndin ven her pple.on precutchs sd the kwillng see
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e den h perltyn p thie. prase.ut she ll upda noween depeyhie. hedaow misngaby saisrwin anymoudonoy fferg $1in,000ewar for y anou innormatn th lea tithe erlisa o$100arr inatth hea t alledhe sa o knapp h. ll fo nsegyn kly spoith katpp foyste nonor yna kpoh weahy m whoteoleor intest iea l ma'shoe welbein te i ls $10000 wardut u forelin e 100 rd uor se rurnlmg bil stton, a s prite rngnvesgato il stard wkingstnn, theri cases to eaier isar wee w ng >>heas dade ear ee lg >> dis dteeistoc urch lestred ding e/11 atiscks fallytocver. ch trer t dg a1eeme the nats fly sr.nt t nichas gek amehe n ortdox chuh wi s b tee a a alfch tes g as lge a trtxhu old wi o. t a e chfch a t the port l a t authity newlderse andew o yorkad ch aheor b n ad thy ewse oddnd rk or de bils ad aand spdd tha o wod mo i latio de ss ghtl d sdownheha strt. thwomo i s ltlemiot end stl wnawsutr filebyth the semndrchsuioce le
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herlie thih yea ose e yoce iehieadles ea >> rk e reiyomuth hasheck of dl ou r releiivelthasnpleantckf weatr. >>ot aoubad a laselellet at wee>>nd. a d ov aall t thasee bad.n ovl theth soutrn pt of t cntryad haing he to ut pofumme t cry ill ettyleast an ha vg yo sunnallme aoss mucl attyasan lst v e so hernnn tlr ofhe as cntryuc cept lor fsoridarn t ofther isom cryropil pt stu do f arodad erartsfspi thetu dorots cariean. ce aosshe the ashe glmy gat les io th-ati noheas big disrbangl her gis l ithot gog toudge mucnoas gis aner hover,t isoingo l tgotoge engh tucthe rth atost ho r,theisng litie en a taste h alot the e cot a goi to ie l akingtlohe tterco a oiinlao lngowarpdat newer yk la d grt lasarver tardsatw cl yelanandetro andgrla u.r tds of cl micangandroill ntinndoee u of atteicd shners andl inrain orms tesoutshest stremndy winm a pafic rthw t sems utt em wtudy a stre ofpac hwseoiste. lit ra ady sno ref ove arostd li ra a000 etno eletion vere i yrro tperares.
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0 e althisarmleiron dn to i y e sth. tras. alism d 10toagai tod i s. penix stl e traticly10ai war od i 50up acrs pixhe nther tiest eatly d toarrrow o b50 cngescret. ner ieere wilbe se cnges ytoow b ces tuesy. se.a co fro mov throehil s ces he and dro es secoroovro tse tem hendro dow in t tas.em mperuresn th 80'ow ck t youin >> thank.ou es th>> l's0' tal abo tou t>>s, nk pridenobam. sen lng 1 u.salbo troo t t prenamgandtoen h 1p.s at oo tnati pusnd bac h a m icio tius grouof per doyashe s mryion ou d. r s.hi do >> yh, s mik as you said. present ama yiks sd ou 10u.s.roopai es tot a g entr s 10s. op afri. taet lodsesisncetrrmy. ri pata of le msion soise taky.ut jo phpa conf , is monoak he the joon is leer. heas bn chged h whhe war le. he bchd imes w adammithargree witpresent oba, h es am bthee bositesecistn obre h sang bosis qte: our fortsa to aise a asst o q: partr rsrtn c tral ae africss o wil he tortorko callimite tic il thre heokosed bthemi t
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reed be nra ara storstabity in ahisegio the wor. oraby n inksst's e rhtio heor thi to as ng a kss r ishio n hes a can la ior suati a hers ne why. an i watedhe s mtiines aoer t y. atleban. m i estcheus to to ba i hes aonth i cat. th coness do ath ca th aonricas pple aca pe j. >>ven ought wl pbabl ver be nnou>>edn gh plicl w phebl r b trps wwillendou wil pcl probly be pecitr wll scial ob b cighte u. salrmy eennter rac sote are alrdy theithy ner derso onlac so figrelrheh rs se-defnlse. comigt msion pingheir se pefsenc.ther iom goin mon t rid ngir pentrncer i infricof t idis m cey atr loric sist ce m c aor arm tha youst per. allightrm haou fol p 9.. llht per n coln's tax 9 pla
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r nmarkin cs sganax fomla aline anrkpizz shainn mayomeave ane a bad tasan inzz tin yve moh of sevaltatead bauseasn t theiloca ses moofevteax bseouldn eifactca sld dble if ctact 9 wt in d eeect.f verastat you shet w h ein e t. ove 15%rafatou sou a hn loc e 5%d stfe salax. a >> lnkt theoc nbers st inalenneee. lhe nrs yrinne sal tax uld be y arizaaxnd d balifnia 1. 1 >> louiana ndizashiton oseif toa 1 >>8%.ou na whin eo yk,. 17.. oridclos t y6%. 7.okaythat idos t obvusly n wha. opleere okin ayorat whe bveyly tught nhatha nderlee hinmanhe cain he tode thttoulder hetn in t siler e caperld >>eedelp fm bh of yousir cer >>dp f ben.fou becae the t ound.ion,ox caws aed the tax t fndatn tondn, pu togher ese aumbe for tax fat to us. plaito m why i puog wr ldebe goor . up ai>> t ms ihy i w natnalo ses up tax t i thawoulbeat addl s oto tax ha loull atatedd ses o tax t >>ocalndtate donlo g ate s ax
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away >>al no htemanon g cain hast plaiayd flyow it wouno hnaiast ai f bet ouple -mplented buthen you d a efleedutn u a % fedal alady theooks interm of edlocand staal youy aheksn gng trmf urt? ca>>ntaou a aska ey he g lik t at? 1% les x s aa t htik insntlyoes a% to 1s ? s >> t yesnslyxacts. >>o ig 1 dea>> ilaskes whect >> in tness a her in wea i skrk.he new yor k tss a7%ern .8%. >> fewror oive stes thaave no sesax. r ht f o n bute ssha e dden the woul s rave a n salut tax. enheul acesehat aeoplal x. ientially move oesrt gpl itily s ppin ven g delare. inhill s weino wn to la . dela re bnauseheres nolle sale tax o >>his wou la b chasee threo le ax eqtion >>fox sws aouedhaheth nonrtis tafoun tioneqoon c nchx ll a thesnumbonsis andhis tahatunon they ch fou. so ts mak esmbnds itore eyou mpli ted tertalyak tha 999e did liou ndiceta tt aitteha99 aterry
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id >> nhene t thi ate ry >>nfhi 999 i tnk of 999. i crte o tr a milon joby of 9 co entring cr onerg a il famiarob tunor rk cotrg prgry. amcus r oilndun r gas. p .streth f s til sta o tex. woulthatasork orre fhe uted t tastat as exhole ulat k ll, meay it u wdld ats not lebut re , t wot i t he bical i the b al logiics. e ementfhe rk pry's gis. e e nt an. r tod i oer p'slanhat will.reatmore odhan ont ll aatre mlionn go-payg a aricajobs mon aoss ery q. wegoay to acabs as y - wo secr ofhe enomy and eanceur naonalecurecy. itofan b eemy s ind motn in ehece naal ur firs100it b s dotsin of m rs 0 minirati. wee st ddingof m o niti topfwestnghe o next aricaop ecomicoone it's hextnerg acaco ucernehne 's thirg une cotry. e qukesthiay tive our
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untra scot iny.he armqusts te tour tr sin ployrmheo aricangenty oy t tap eric aca eney. >> i tent dll bab trill p >>ict i t otious d nataballl esoues >> ths. the u. is ous sitngat on. ou he arethheew u mors hen. pro ses thahere hisob plaoret. ll roshais cate 2 miion labs rit ay. he ss heill ce xpanmin ri a she olshor an oiroduion welasn alas by oeor oidun elay sc es b kasy se o the.p.a regutionon c anscir. bk >> s t ohenock.a of cou e, iguon c . at t s is othi tew. ckf peleante toou iear sethi t is hidiffent t ofick. pry ape te othesarr shi not mmedfftet ofk p j as. wh youesalk outheroceot ed of dllin j orwh nouk til yce he to on din u perts n the y y h stt th d llin o tn yo u er haveheo y refe t th th d is in tyo ver veef lg troce . be re i actthllys eginser to l celowegas be ictyinriceo a we puts peoe backo wk. >>hat ce he a dnguteos g tingck wck t th par>>oft thee desum st g comnglling nd tar excheing um peop. thom's wint heidxcg to job op orth whe xas. younow cos ao bfob ney run f
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s. pousidew .os a bitigion bit .y un f >>ive p youde a latt uateig nit sarday orni who>>seoueadi that way ue misaaynihodi omneth $14ayilli. rimierryne $14 million. nri paury $il. 8 illi. mieleauachmn 4 mlion jon 8li miehm hunman.2 mlion m on>> t s is hatn the raid in eunn muarton tislonet.heai in obvisly ck pry ontiing rt lea theackne the . viy th p proem iti theg ea newhekhe thro iheew ontrner hernai raid trr er ju $2.milln inheai quter. aid t ju2.lleilin cutoeste ay qu r.thate asd milon t dlarsl c o tesh o at han isil drs tt gng t be onoug tan keepisim i ts t g thi t. e th is ugt t lot ep sou is t le a t ofhi ths mon. t itou sur ds l but t'sa of n. talonbouthat e p sidetur d ut is raisng nhich allows youutt pde mi . is itai har tchwsou iginemi heritn carn t coinui toompeith tt i c the pcosideuiope mayh tventlly mb y ha he raid p a bdelion ay llar >> bntauseyf you hadd rhtaid b on w, iyou d aar t se bse talsou at re jt shod iu ou o a t t ts jpublhoandites,t ooesn t yet ealhat esidt obabl
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hadis,snaise t et idba ha $70 llio >> pt ofhatse goeto t 0 io poftncoe t27 mlionf th goeto t m on thdnc.oe t othe3, 4milln ior h c. own camheign. is a 4 sllll i h namn. ms ey-rsing s juerna as w i 200 m-r ng thas w ijunas thi w wheyou iok at00 hman has wainou havhioheu as the esti what hn mes hisnav boun difrentas te ntiha mis dunmps, ifchelnte t bacannshris drists, whehe w n't el theac ns rand rkis sthe wt he pry? whatraakes r his difrenthan p? at these? is >>hen theif lasntn te somedyho thidn' >>n heas t hol men' pubcol offi pubside. probly bko fike. >> pde let ookro thay b up. th wou. b >> hmanetkhaain?p. >> mthnwhiou a b we hn honiviln? >> mhi a riets lder rtinutheonking isileeke, is ri t lrer in ahengesso ke isr tay's troteers re wlso rstre t to'sow aun thetes w wld can ey lrerno fm ahe h w msage n l cade ago f wel co hare the mge >> ps, dego wt's twecoallehe easo>> p
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wiout halween w as t l thksging?so ll, e wi stool uldal sooenn a b th gifind?gut. , e sl doorincal bants t etnd r. ofncts tho t r hiday >> n >>ho hay o ♪ don wanto ne >>eathn o ♪onanth urap ach y wafuel byhoroh praratn foeven to me. h wael byroprat ell fomewhene alo g th.way, ily nt rht olivi l whalthy, y r ovi butou s, wi theelp ofer rmondame finaiaviso ut swihep of r nd shme had lann na fsoveryventlity whicmeanshe ntinshd ad nn hav the ans livryon..ntty icane in ave s iv.. eveat t ripold e 187 e tipd 87 li welpland. li el an s whaa raond mes visocan forou. sharad s son or.
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tom,heckhis t. od g vy, ll. m,ck s our surae coany esn' havenythg li it. g, . r racoy n' gnifveent,thsn'tlit? t. th pifgrest,ve't it'sasy cov all youfavote res. pes ogre'sivey ovlls tr k inrancou vo r. numb oneren trek antrmotoinyclenc is tt a mblf cnet? tr antole yep.e0al cov rvs boat atv ta c p.alovvsattv anytng0ee can lp y wit cai ta a re? u ne a tket yt0e n yitm fi t! anthat by cae watar sl re. ne tt ok. no , de . anaty wasl sa on okl yono ridni. node tha s prresse. san yoid nocallhar clprk tossy. ll clto i atbreaast d go hearurn,hirday ts we. ateat go so tooarmy hn,rtburd pil twe and me aacid sooo h buil're vingexicd ton ahtid anoer pl th? e ngicon no pthless e ealate th pillate i g a sck n, pi now ssskipeahe steck, ll te g s npiowip s, l.. lateinne pl hh ie gohearurn in mhead tenel [ le aounc ] i gostoparhe mnness f tr mtingad fruenteartrn. [ anc op msstrng fr ntit'srtimpl.withriloc
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ot 'splth loone ot a d . entyour s. e d zeroeartrn. ty hear burn n thfirsplac grea rort. earnthrsacea ifometng isimp thcoloof gd, ifet is it remply w th mthe? lo g doni'rethin wso. m chassappre pferr is a ca of diffent lor. o'in.aspp prrscaf fft thr.'s beuse u alys g o tis thpoin on avel t'bee al g tithinn el om tis ttrai aiare hots, t tai d alkindof ding. aie ot om ft fo to ne d ing. alnd dg. an tha' fnot fol yoo get. d g. therare pertdviss o aner iedialy ana't yot.ere rtis an iwhiaeverou cl. d ablute no foren trsactn fe. wher c abteoretrctfe es yr ca do l th? y caapplo todathand rn 5000 ultite rardsonusoint pldad 50ti rdsusnt whenou snd $000 in t fir 3 mths. en sth $'0s $6 tow td yoir mnes. triwhenou reem t'$6owyo nerien rm throh ulmateewar. , whsett forold en u cahaveo mu mor
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roultear whttord cavemu or ase pphi prerred a rd oa dierencolo e hireed a odienlo apy noat asesphircom/eferd. apno esirm/er >> i havareamhat e da thisatio wl ri up, ive >>av aam out da isio wheri te mp,ninge of its ou cree >> t t dedatio mng omart f luer ktsg jr. l g ee tedio ort lu kr. ait l t memoal wlake pce a tomoow. t we l mo wnoe p hegac mo . lead g the e cil rigs hveme waslearac efin adth c aig unitme peoase arnd tarorld in >>ut ao aoday itheeoar tccup walltreeld >> aroteersay seeup to ll laee ateseeo ommolaoalmo.
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>> wan toeel.apitism >>ano crble,hat'not ste. th is itm wle lfeopl crwithe,t' whot l of dif rentths w l peplpecte. wethre a in hodiff lentf pifce.nt >>ll i a difperentct pwece. an ff t so, at p. an>> i tseifnt p.roteers on , ll seet d aund the tworl learte fsmn st adhe dr.rling' ar fegacr..g' proct 2 felwnd f newsac. ctribor j nssro 2elhi f mornwsg. >> coodib j morng. is ere methg th tse rn oc>>py wdl stet fksor. s e thth t canoc wst f len fr the legy omart luth kinan >> fin ly tre ile somfrhe gdeg ows frt us t kthin bout tt isinhe t iom gd f deds atio t omartut t luth kinis theeremy thas ing takedio pla. ort thit'sinhe amang.emha g heakaseryla oura'sous he ystanfor libty. ra gavs his w lif f lerty. soan ir tibnk. wha avisife f lty soid w tha fro a w perecti rig vrongro at w areaeeing owaller ti stet iig v thiheir tgetng s wein oll misgstde. i hiey a tarirtingall tt strt. ey suld argeng sg. a thearngl tresidt's lici t std rege minguthe ids ci t of whingn
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hatng are ivinourconof hming w ng jot and l k at te inr regationo cong o of hheng e.pjo. asnd lat t well egthosioare rmin jobco ofoo.pas ll so os thee in fobus suld bas whas gng o so ihe f sd as washgtonhow 's ha gffec ong r c ntry shon now whathey' doiec rht ow whh is v cyry noaty'oiisruive. r heasuch whisn vmazi aderru e. he k w thepeop werhunni n forziim lit allyer kut hthopernias r willitg toly d h f qlity llto d f ader qip, tyy, waven h aeade lik himn aer, wen l hg, ang tdee. ik >>imhichns rely a a sha. l r yog pple today rea>>ychre a edha yo pe ldersp. ay inhe beack cmuniese ha elash msha a l goirs in b cni ha. yoknow peoshe ne m aoi dirtion peop neeyooweoneuidae. ireyedone m opeetore it sad rdally n't t nked mfre netyitartiadlar intho r y woultbe a t gateade rht now r lltytir tmeri ns. ul a g wede r w hav comsori. f .e viouy weave blacavom esidt. f he we e wi 3ouwee ac appva id tinghe fe wi 3hitepp 8 pprongl f tingorte bcks. 8 wod maroin lher ng le whng heees tay? b s. mea wo wemaon't lantr l t putwhe
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s rdsn h t?outh or eaise'tt tut s hlegathrutoulde beroud of whate ar ga sing? i tldnk hbeudfould b ver atar sappntedith seg? t h unemoymeld goi on bcroser t ppedh cotry,spec lly emlackmeoinos t co units. coy, aneci thy k heouldcke disaoint cowithithe biganthhe ld egovement pociesakin plsaent inthig ourount vent klingpoesurinpl onomand inllin job ur hent wou be kng dispoind in omen hd inob see e theoualle strtisinin h oteseeurni viont inhel anytr wa abs uteles ni>> iion wasny amang a wa mhbsel iasma a as m h t be upome tims leral d bep figativey he wouim ner l al reso t igiviolehee. ou >>o. n peacul so delenstr ions >> thmesse w ac cle. was f cildetrns rigs.thss w clressale. >> hat as the fest poi c tha wasiger cl csaar mes>>get hetoihand as methgverye c cetes hindow n exaly a th mhry c nd n focud.xa a m neenhankou vy mu for ingere. >> t nk y . cu >>he tasur eneparnkent vmu sayor th ge.ave k wn t y seea>> toanur quaret laye th thenee kiveneeon qu soly lra. ouldhe theeparent en eney bectin lik ly. ldank?heart ne oubenextin gst sayikoay.k? ou >>xt g tayn,adie. ltenp.
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if ou wt to>> teetteie likedn by ourif wtote co-edrker mor byr reecte don lea homo-eror wiout hatreteoneaom comct. wi t wht? ck o theom.akeu wh >> i d oheeu i d m yo bli spo [ hming yoli poanmy j is sy.hng hidbig ings an js . u'r goodd.g gs cras] 'rod [ aughg ] [ ream g ] as [ gh][ am [ ]res reec] d iyou med ur n pre onar iuran[ s ec iu d pron ian you uld payg r th youelf.u d ay thouf. so g allate, u cld se moy d beette prot gtedll e,fromayhelikee. c smo beteotdom hekedenn ] shopess,et me, mae oncallo an astatagen nn ops, m maon ll [ ma a annatnceren the al per ithestool isn'justhe mor. mait'nnthe ertent l e p iesol n'st m . tourn ans to p ject t' ane roomntintoemods. ton s pct anomtood 's t freom tturn a sile lhiumatte tre trn
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si lumte intooursf dog. wh guante lowrice on e nas we now torsdo wguteow ce a fri ds inaoranwe w witall neeto kw, ari i an let' unleth thl raw eewer k of psibity. t'lethw r pbi. mo savg. me dog. that theower theome pot. moav mdo g a fate riheid herer-lhium he e attet. wor up 99 cks g fri h-l um wit selete or p rid9 d coslessools itle idcossls diabes tting i'all e sa. nothg chges.ab tng i'l sath tryhis. freeyle te® bld glthosech s.testtrip thrys.eee ®su , bublit'g's et goa--st ip eep] wow. su buye' thas'go -thpateed freeyle zipwp]™esigw. yeh' dithit jtet-- eee [botpw tar™t thigbloo ah, diew i jrigh-in. ot arthe teoo sta s fa. u ne jusa th, d ighe bl.d ofne tch.® tetafa neusth blofat i tdiff.ent. so festy lit itestfftript.makeesti... ftyit ea? stipke tiea.. eat.all or cck-- we'e'll end u ripsnd meteea fre t.l c fr-- is od.' lld psfree yle te ttet streps. frs . callr clk toy. eee tst.llclto
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
6:58 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:10 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:59 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:17 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:52 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
00>>0 aak yeaorre a #%lat t is goo0d dl f yea r au, butla i is g ooyoudake les fsha u,ut$100,000 ou akyou'esaysn fectiveax0000 ate le t nu' . n fective llon re e len a. vegeatis %. ll on youake $50,00 a yea a your arage rat i w elou e $5 0, bee he l 9% yo clo aser tgeo 7at o wr beh l 6% 9% losot' t gngo o cse p eopl at6% t botm toha cseom pe pl in i n atthe gam a t pay some bmom ie amtax a, butay domraetically axbu f dorra till y op athe to >> ve: fou k w hat opist happenin atattoax in > : eupe k wt y'r e sppcaindtf thaaxt i a kee peu oing yup sca >> s tame k wh th fedngeralup >> se x. wh ed >>lisy plee stalk arnd, t ju forhe lineoughin rv>>w,syutlest ar we, ave jur qorstns aut li ne ghyou --or yut on iswee andq st aabouutyou, - or yka orl. n is ndhe white h ou loutyo you kn halkaa. bli on ol wlarshi o hft yyour ax nekn alli on wholwonrs ty h urverllne thwh eon-mls hver h earng lynd. at hpenetotrspen?arng thethey wer rynd g o hne spraisene m?oney or heeyerreast cancer o
9:12 am
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:54 am
t wa swa starupid. de: t think tt's wa scy. stid d t hehide sc. fated b de jse f at jedkson, he a new jse ea. j, giveevebone ny. ay . vethvebo h ane 1 5 mli a 15 aricans, gra a year. >> me: m liaca ari, nsra ye. >> m a ri nsut owo. >>ave:es. alin: tt ar emp yed. o 04>>ile:ons. do ll tar and viou y, hapd. even lessdolls. had thoustimus, evest n me aund. ss and y nojustut it rit st im the, and t eo e a wd. d no stneed it mt ost unelo d. hed le's w ed m u ltetologresan sse ckn.oesan >> a ie tnk t a inited atesill llowheorrect ursend kpnid esl ownghaort,ct lookseg at ktrafy thway to adncthe cngausehat,f heokat afthay amero pple badausenchies cse f congss iomheetel er pe bse ng idysomnctietal. el deare niona emergcy ys ti t. he queionde je ob and n io meonomand tion eme ency t q thenuestn ev j a unelo en but om at d the onsa mecy timeheecogstniev neen tutizt e ane
9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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