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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  October 15, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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hei serueepk te the al eehe husng >> asyn:art na mride wi bherend iusnteresng auff n: t er mde >> wive: wilrebe bk onnd i ere afrhe sho w f erow cck : il bon af he s t, "owx cckfriends"om t, we'eex yacfrknd trow e'orningee. a.m. davro in ni m. avnpama > so wt's the dmare > betweenhe wt'shere twndn these gs? wod yobe spr tedse i f g sa nmu ch? wo yopred if yes sawell nmu? ti-wall street esotesrs dllan mor ti -w l andore for es dthemlv doll reetor th iesrs et raling n reporf mrs govnmen ba routsnd is nothe rrs timf w mve snov sencks ba ts iarno ehe ma tkersvetervnene. sck hat's going omanrsreterve. cld walstet t' gngts b re do g mcor weame t the free ts maets hadon mhe am tan t-feway f mahahe rketroteeran-few hieverne, m brend etteer hibutertn, mhis bls and re bes. t's t rit to it uttn s bre ahey ar e,lsnd beears
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s thri weto gy ey arsmndh,rs th tobein ith. josms mah,ob fris nd heh. joecmaom policyndhe f or wco toomolicy f t verybo. by, ll seet itself mo ryanti-cap al m , t shat t iel moan-c m t ocpy wl stet ptests? >>ell,f cose iis. octheusinesod wstf pst >>l,co i w. all trhet hain gwn into a f blout. w l 's gwn ha iotohey cal ib . he g he c i grn, ifhis bad e f tgr govn,ernmenwas s ing b be ere to ck t m f tup a theovnensseovhis g e e o bus tms, aer t fin an acihenseovhi cris, we wsen a t finmav isortf w t waksmav rtavfing tthe a moneto s ban havg th moneand eavg e conce b ne th san wavth i tned eon th illtix, hit th fa theame tim the t ll goixvet me wou be ther e.fahee t that the tusinsod t a go meoue st s.athein od>> wl, gary ntpil st s. wt wng w wit waralyre wantretus anyway i c w w gengthem w? w >>re problem wnthtuanay geem? proemh tis thk abt ' when ty me a ot of money a ndth iabwas ' w
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trryic areearke ta a o mon a en ey lsthe a remoneey,ket it's w pleaseeltp me net's wutndlee me us theye ti-cialis whatnder y wanto c l . us eyeotm iisne at y ian c cnot. m diffnetiatbetwn i otesrs a the ais int tim andathtwtheyus akese n ahe nse d t im dhheye' nreack at uae eual.e' re >>achat k yout in >> ll ihinkuathel. o ccup>>yt ou strt p test s iactunkly he he lit oatupy pst tu h youeatot t w l st invementlasshat nts ou e the b tes wt ost al wods ve ntthess dt ans d certa intyth and b est, theyds a emheand tan chetayty nd reaphe rheewards a that y t shld ohenl re rewds yethe yoshta o greariskand they soyoteta wan gernmt to eask ndstay outhe of tir bins h tean g nm whto pfi a ay utsofin but bins plead for tpaye funwhd a baoutss b sutn he seaystemor tyeun lla esba ts andhe it' ste fmdantly wng athateshey nt t nd i rhel g wng soaty t r that he gs t w and so tt tas, we wllnd lo >> ta well w doou say t >>doouaythat.
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i aee w most says,th ocpyalstre w imoit ss, dfent a heocypyanaltre grdt amehe ysot t gr wantt ame andad t minum want o a dahey m wntll of t debthe ntiminll od afnd anebnfr pling elal. in aand e bi aer pnt ryes, ig al. d bi p s, a eeit thi poi tht tobyeeit cameoi i andh by christian ha wall amstreeetndts acke cd isdeanck. yo had wl re meying up to t ke d . tarp aiyoutd m m aeyng up compa tny likerp arin prs, i as not c pare thaa f keweeks, aprs, i osot a sreudnha bfame a banwes, and g anaman 3illion dla a o o the tal 3700illiil doonlls. o no theyes, s om eal700fli thedo wal l snoeetirs,ere s more oressf t w stalng aed, t let's stirer me taste stt, e a, on le'sasas te the, e as bbyis red andveone wantoday g t ree mon ey yis dnd causethat theyou knowntod at tre conurncy o f us watl heu ow atstr tt. c that their, thel tr b ill of at thoodsr, t iu wi tha b he o they
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us e. ds widha he eyus n o m ey nd n noeydownsindde hon i antonaswnn he. on so baiuts ane noadonn thin h >> donso thiai thes wnold ad quify bainouts. >> onthhik, gheinwg m ey to aquksif wh baou. hey' re th g iin m ttraouble. wh smenhesy'pplepi >tr wblie are y ou alsng le out>? itie aoe ys bkng borhe tdera l retrve en ty ha bk bankanicsor in the de19ra00re ae nd tha opnkicets togenth. and 19cause a bki i s net ge like bng o utd a auso ki i coany ke bank ongutndus ay asoart a cony pankrc ousfyhes citalis system a ou w he cal investment stnking, hig whe ri l ns and veme occasionay in thatig doe'tor k landnsheyndllccio wylcoap .at >>ndorjos, holndd llon w hold >>n, ljos,ol hdim on holfidni sh. >> u le i c hofe sp go fitnif. busessi cnd s wp g the tf b bannd whecertn-- n sycholicl ruon tceank the y d on'tchelolieve trun mosan s and the d'telonve't makemo ans s a so. tha s ev morke ser us beuse e bas auppo o.
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haevorerus beto e be tba a steuprds po allf th dosited o ttes nell th d t fit paris wchinthe opleay n no we dont't far w ine edle nit. en pleas weoniv'te i t o us and. e p pfioi ivrwared, i uybndy o was a e oihandou t ar g ng to hay . waa abodyho says tndoure cagtastsha all o a s ady ss reanti-c apcaaltatsst thall ty nd h p a s thean-c stage ha yr the n fduturp bec aau sse the sge eve bo is lk, gheetng futec mone >> ls mesk y abo theve futu. l g et if overentctuall does ne ltme ybohe out tuf iferty,lloe illutf he y, economy rerndilill thehe on maometysctll ger? nd ilhe weve s nhe mactllarke g lik we s heis,nd dyou thark thke e marke lts wlo up fs, tnd dyoth th governme oes in mlyke gts lo u out off the tay,by? gorn me>> wes llly g l'sep at et thehe y, onom?yfro m wenkeps.ate t omcauyro cata nk s. indurialompaesre n u a tuio duealpa ban nks a s ae edio be ca us tyooankks so many a essesnd lses to giv ebeupaoo wo tny es lseho t div iesw absutely,ho isethe b sbsff y,
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off t boo and thawi sff of the t b att tom. >> i usy mora loohek ju thi tt. >> iusyorweek, d thiooks likehese eopwe d tgovernoonts e gog to ak ekese caop of tatrn as go tgeoak oveer ca othe ban o thiseekt a andeve r e sck ar ke i oroeveanhi s oblynd a see i sre wkee iro e o lyeee-re w >> but the otock mart i it andet g>>o b bhek tthtoe m i bankin sysitm ndet go b the mathrket nk anysmhe markt ane1 wasannounced, euse , e1ar oasf anund, e'0us9. >> ol .f >>nd'0 w9.t t>>pollm t d >> g roh. tat hpene tohep banks ndg hneohe b ks tockarke- >>ait minute ou ck wke >> t nuartethanmebut kw w thatte qthe1an i k stimulus at q esstial. corct .st ul >>t'sriin moy. ss al>> pntinmoney. or >>ary >>sriinb >> pinwemolly. >>y b fir>st oal tweo nas'oint wveetleirst of bkso fail . s'nt d whietn mutl and ndyil w hi mk,nauthelhondle systedo
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t-- m theorldid n enholeys >>umber hink t-ha held nstimus aen proing we' >>ber seenyes, nkhe tto mke t isim arog e' oing, t t'en as, reallhey mndkeis an ng uaitrt'actieaon, it will op a tn int will accometi dow, n as flld oup w a t i wi ha wear a w kemerowlanyers fd his,ha seapo aed bkelars s, spoed t gornnt tan goiggeand t gger go texnse. age ed ntll t erho world isexrensece ahe taaay es,t hoes thaoran pay isreeaxeshe ay s,pr thehaan p entitie test shou rigfuy hefa eletite asktyou, g oueaig thefanl tng tha s et yoallyoingoet towds herealnl rec tovyha lynghen theowds in vestalorec clayaseal angen attudehend inpurstse laas whea it ts bk ak ingegatde ris. r yoknow twht al bly wn is y yohaveowalee wp y verecessn,p y ve a ireasece in i erepreuri aivitan hen see thatnhisn e reprssioandri pplitere heneet nseeksin to have greovionmend ppl e ndedailos pvide t ekcushio t forvehe gmoven edlopde t to contin ue shor makprofs. >>ell. thachan t is cot going to omeromovaknmof d
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oing>> ol. ha annos dgooito ythi , ane irot'msnm go dng tocome f moihian nvgoto toom f whmsay ce ain the realnv to wa why ain c tom f r glre sks ndtain up n f g businees nd s tain upen-- >> si a t sll businesenhe-- >> sml bunessuy inot looin for s tll gusesernmen to smbuss i t oosociiz risnd t p grivatenm prits d that'slear ci is wh hapndned p walval re. pr s and tavint'gsob sartart or a whap d all revari. yf asndons,in andgrt a ait becaeeo eri arey aswaits,g londing or >> aitlo smag ll busesson want s bin se as tma b governme an ckwarogr in se a thedon't nt t gornme rovegrnt t ahet enthem mon ve t ennethynd m bnac op >>y wa their own mo nenend b t y wtct r>>iswacaheir o >> ty doneot w t thetct r naial t do wheseic , thnat ia gornme helduri a cris., th t >> kwingou'rgett ggo meelri guaranes a moind ri erytng igointo b kng 'r tattn cge o ou earn aoi yt iotin d boing ta c oe joyou'upotse dtonge doinjoand u'king tord risktoe nd-- ind ng oka thas gtord fobis thek lastword. -- >> a en kaha s gucssobheob lastwo.reator s a
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ow wning thobt ptester reor smay me t wboth. t pte st wilhe j byol mtit ththbo? wil ca bto' gan readyth? oiv th ca proo'teerans a r jdy of o iv rlity. at'srot thbott of ae j of hr, t, urpty 'sthttf rsig hth re. ig hman cain till . sging i hn thell sng pol i ndhe he cal p nd trhur hent c taxsystem is s gitr bhaunt t amerans ink stat'sow t get r ec omy s rkinagai . au ers k 's t t ec y inor caiates anher ptopag ces anr oropires noth empyee, or es's nth jusmpgoode, fobusiss. n's gusd food foe ensire c.muni. gat bfok ofmeri, we now ene c ni impa thalocabusisses bofriwew paha casi haes on mmunies. at'shy wexteed $7.8illi han uns. 's wte to.8mallliusin ses ross thcouny soar ts ye. tollins ss thunso tye beuse e mo we lp tm, thmoree he mak portbeity e ssibmo. e t threheak rty ib loong gd! ou lt so weit. u noced! the clohes ge to big, lso iso doneiing em. nod! hoth'd ycl do s ? toeatg,g
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rit, w ile gonin.g . ho y o femaat annrincer w peo ge . whchoo morwholgrai nd tweigless maan tnnse wer doneo. whooorolai multrain heer ts...igss t won fivwholgrai 1 caries ltiner.. ivolai 1aes wht's oingn hee? hey,hatsp gu ? thiis n ho witss ptectn wos! whs ng hewhe we sy, youtsp guwitthatittlhardire s nre hoit pctwo we dn't tend foeyour sace ou be erywitre.attlrd s but dex dficet ndmakefoit sureasye e yw. noonly do ty sht stux ceke ssy ey pnt fers, brhure-- no lyery ting shneedtu to t mye t the. p fs,brre ryg edat'o the myoblee th no we ed tgiveou thi ideity. t'e le noe tve yo re pl mahiesondey. d y're nna n youbusiss io thgrou.yo pma onerk guafso youlde evera o t t!usi ithou thereris ngu soer gusldfsoner t he thas rik stafn!!!er n eruson the is ik stafhen!!!ha k af!! [ ale enouns r ] k afmall!!usins sotion fex. so tionthat[ attee un] llinsoon fe soonatte [ ho hon ] y, is sara - frm acuntg.hoon - fri acn sent .th youe bu... r. buti ou wsee go a heth usou bucru.h thnumbs foaccotts wgoceivhele tsay.ruthmb foco iv t .i me i kw at ts iimpoant. we, bo arempornt. melet' kbe c ar. t ipot. ey e buwethisbo reis orport.t tot' c. y buiss rtto [ m ] t recvabl.
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malennouer ] chel kno it' bettm tec bl fo xer to lp mage eir inanle prooussin ] elno t' tt th canocus fon keering o e wo md moeng. iranroin th rox, ou'rthreadan us for eal kesineg .womo. h x,'rad rl ne day, me ithe ter! sobodyidn'book wi tra loci da ith e /7 cr!tomesupp t soto hdyp mon' theokwiraci h c mepp the ool hddy moomishe! ok ame i'swimng! hel y is mebo , geher aponyi'im! [ malennouer ] e treloc y guboanteger ny om e pre the[ oom le theourip ] trocgute yo'll ver am ane. m pr hem hep yol r a.
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>> ve fmamics news eadq frterm iamics ws kelly wrght. dq er ai-wa strt ptest ksly wrt. spreadg acrs meaca awa tr p stgoinworlwideod in what read a a b ngal ledin arl deod i n haterntionaday action. andngundredsald o afeopl rnnay acgathong in cit iends fdrs janeo and uth oro th in c f janstli d horo denncgliorra greed and inuality. en new orportrarigh gnowed a denstr atinns ial romy.ere w rt ghrninwviolt. toy inde nnsat iomere inol to iar n is
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annein tes squarndar isevesrabank and ne oaneress qu pe t see d emonvestratinknd i t ee 51 cs d aonrount wo i a mry d or c nowffinung $10000 rar d fororowh safe turn of 00is brab lishaf irwin n rn omifouri. is b l th awiornd tno a miou. ework curithty cltt w s to a that theoronorir ed himri to lt wget volvs i the cas a at he theor 1ir1tedimon t o has t eelvnhe c ss g arly wo weee 1s n o h asander paren ay g ly ws s w erar snatcheday froerrib s w vernht aated sro f norib surnecht a f in the suecse. >>ermacan ine now numbese on >> ma ca howum on h talks h 9-9-9 pl. alks a h dites t tax 9-9co. pl. he'as tenit h teat t h hean to. rla ' tenittan garb. to u sa hsightt nding ar b. to scrap it a ogsahe gettisngight t nr edinomyut o t tocraptogheditc gh?ti 0% emy o brda. tc19 t axodbreda w ll of 400 pesod and wll nt' s oof400
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1,000 pas. t' o havover mli eopl 00 0 in tss. oury averedat eoust in snarylyzing t deust naly ng litiga tng it andrgngit. ti gand ccnt forit a rgandng. i anccnt iisor hole d inanst indis to have theholeax incode thasnd t thamp tx, ax eryone aees it' de ts tx, diyorim aatorsy,t' it' un itdi'simort' un itimneab. if y like hmaca. 's p y ik oreno ifouan'st p totimulate tor eco if thean bigtgestti tngte y n do i co sheimplifigy tgeaxng ycode bause t doax cod is spl teoot ery thindeg isen the ax c iounts. >> rend telt u how e yourying t rely ntel>>ndel gowyouk. >> sap icrap scrapel g it. k. a l son i teap sap cing . nd leerman cn is resating bauf ern thword cissile r. sing it' af ime pl . th rd i'msiotle sayingt rkt' bepl. m ot sasin garyt sark b ,000 gess,ar y mpies and i ndividua 00 endsundrs ofillis oges, d larsmps. a i iv uabiions
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>> jdst avdrdingoflitaxe os. drgersbo. p bins javngtaxes. xe en ug ie en ough. xe his bee nenreedyhe engh gornme andom ic eds ee nondynersteddsy ihet. go me and it'somicedreso. nonstds i t. g rid of itat' >>rea:ch. ristian, wtre gou, ido su o abof th? >> re wech ist n,no as m, suhbo ith?gree tha t thewe no ta stem as ieehatnnheecessarily ta s tempx a certaly as nn esfairris eic a s a i w clder alike s ap ngir tshe whole a thin is iust npr tikel.ap ng ou wookle atur olinitics t n yste it's irebly b ke k ur be andic none steug igest s y bat gkewe s ap t bend nstition s ug st weeed takthe cess y g s t step you owti, thoneec eswed ake ss laws, eepouws wenowowthe in t tax cod a awsre, e them r whte aywndor me taxod rethe sine gthat res thiyngor me u cld dis theoe g satrt t ad rt is cg t tx t s rtexnduresnd t tax ad cise t x on various deduceson ts a t ce on vio d a edits. if wpubl sizthos the sameay wdidovnm i. w blpendizosg,he you meat we td nessarpubl oury t o nd changehe tatax t c ode ne iarbl aoury an hry.he t holon. onas , you inkhat heh. ol wo. d it uld d asyou k athe
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wo isset dic as count ife ereo cha i jus teigic s ouf eoveoightha it usfinitly ulnd ailli taxve ht t ni pr essials tnd of workilndli ax alrdy avpresis 9 poi ontwo lr atever 9emplment. oi he rl proem isn't he er empl me. currt sy tem r. pro i 't pele m plans ith rremil onpe m tax plarofensssionalsnd ng-ter pilns that ax s pfeio or a er pnshat de sder depr ciaio and buyg a housdeand depectg th rtga to pr deibnd. uya you c ngused tcttth ovni ghgato de ib . at souot pentlnigh rul at wou sen milonsnto p ennkrutcy.ul >> bnda:old on ouenolildso on ru y. > y ou b sa:uld scrap it com etel y too to sysmitho scr thi ist ny d ucomonels totoeaysmicholyhi is a ucon dcelan oicly a gdual chgehate plaeoe kn. sohey n pldu utthe chgeha pl ps th mad bas. nhe so y ridiplcuus steme plthheadmaas n no di ot sr thm thaisinnity. t q uenostion is t totthhas inis wnit peoe a q ue restndingso atsays to k k wteo asta the as >> b the tdon'knohe k ysteta t >> ere my,irst bhe n' onoff, nee to jum p testt. >>e y t,st we d a o30, eaeerumbing stt.
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e've h e years ofea pblsng uiltp a nd veheylewea of. pbl sifou an tltopet a gwthackle in t co. try. f sual tfto the bhack fina tnccoly. bl ou al itft teshe 10 15na yncealnd dbl'tou it ve 1 0 to 10 years5 and y ond e ways g y 10aid t yorsndct os a ways calyst td ectct wtes th is ing bebu i cys t has b simplete aou cth s g e phase . s nd ypl'ree goingo phe it c you' ne oi ng to t o yneeoiph itdaybuthe fac u'ou n coio ochan it deopl mak eybu acan f i wou unash ant dcashak aunt. the ea o feducin wg t cuntas shapal i an tht.e the e ni oteeding stes teat ies tm ent anap al ith ehe belinie itter no shiey ss t i esempl mean capalnd li miteno hi invest the ha s wplhere al jond come fr. ve >>heheha w treon of pijol,om in t economy. >>he tat'no otfhe dpiril,ng inis e.t ecom ttit t' beinghe id dleri it'se. sitngn ttt sidelines ng idand 's n worng itthe s wan t id in ought tod n w >>nd is nohetwa sitting in o ug nks or in >> inoveor itng d th y ens d money against ass s. thend ey re mo ay,in rl aet at r ss mones toex nsreivemol a at r f nl ne toopex anse tm toathe nan t'sot d offial tmo
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>>atdenne. >>ou gettiotng d o t >>nn. >>ou gti ticof crse bad stem thathoulchan andhen u're ttalki about ce crd piem atulanndn t. re al the blic aut dsnndstan how x plning appe ae ic a ndst rpore lel a hew y dplonng'tpe ders and t rafi cati ons.orle a he>> t dee tfiveoen rs tearrafiti s.plan to c ng te t veoenatea >> an ianon t'to havto d atartur an so ion'tav dju st-- ur >>o ju--quiet! >ll gh ie ieot to go. gh tinkes,otguo . . t tlankberrguy blackut. t noonlyeavi t companyrr bl ckwithut black nolyvi te. cpa se he thst b couck hp e.t itut o busins nds he thessetou ale it o i bphones es lesay i on jueeet. esay ju atdt, getinanng frome catal.
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ut ty al go yondankiat., etan omcal. we itall a gflee motori sys tm.alo ndki ittrac i evell veh gle ee thmor flrit.ys itacve ehit ts fl usthfl koh: t enncesustor seice. is ptty azint fwhus peoe whloanou m eyko enestosee. alio shp youy ow tinsave t.wheowhan m t jt moy, alshou tve owlge. is souch form ion, jmo its li i'mightheren ery an ithe wltire.leetisoh rmn, itli'mhtre od dry ove ill.e reyeaheti'od. dve. coah on . le.s go wo thiis ftast. con lego capal. ey'rnot st bkers wohi fst we' buiapers.. 'r t they belpersbuilour sine.'uis. eypeilr ne cong ufromlackbey tolack and co uomckuerr to ck shndul tyrr
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>>bckbey custome shing ut>>befter cto worwi g taftereft mli w o fof o luhis fweek nd some alu it tookhi longe than asome toig iet oookon haasoe o aplo 13 probms ap3 ob miles above arth mes abe outhrecesag i a blaberr ctomeandeces ag is is wt y ii bsarr cmed and iwpar k,sa wil l hindsk,illsave holee in its exisnc le t oldin iets itakex years o bldtakeaou re tati bon and coup of nuteto se i retati it id rigup nowf te. d li ien, ey dn'tak care f i tigow cu omliers., n'ak ref
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ty'reyecullomg, adrtingnd tre they'yeeenad oaked ecauad of egndhe ione d auf androi ion d a it' aan 8th and 9th iingat' ath a mariaera i 9upight a n. ar garb. er i wh do pu thhtk? >> i re n o starkes. thiswhame o theth i wst sts. poib leis te imehe a fera poible e ey' probablingut of ' pbag o busess, is noan ione. thisn to ofit s i the ay thenoy i ae.ress itisto oit ba e maheynd assitacerbrda b a mathinyou ndnt torade in fda a in u >> b nda: christ fiao u thintheyan s.urve. b a: ihichsthecan. u no dy rinembeey ap splrve'e. antehea iss ue wit t heno rbe iapphonple' 4he heteya cess a wnd toy on cetors $24heye and rubber s leevce$2 an everybo fgotbo rber sevit.e >>ha tvebo did ybo read my . >>mindhat >> d yrry,utea m labe hadnd 7>> mlioyrr cy,ustoutmers thbead don't call 7 the coyrack ctors th onrr'ty foralnog.he c>> nck forong. >>his will err for forgotten
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