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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  October 15, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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ewor k no iome taxo w stateste with ch aflor a, t exasno i omnd s tes nada r avedor oa, tas or n nar i ddon't o tnk t or pauln wa n dhe'ting, t tnk w aulwa treang t nk nddam tr l ns nd crldamnsnd gasri. my tnks t crl pne asri. ts la week he didne sh a g la ek job i k d h offhhe g s w i th h oek a j security.w som sath ek p aynea jnsebusiriness.. omndattal w phaneto nyosiss. ink all ofal whathist. anto ul son,k witllh t o ishrea >>ant's thrtuln,ndit it' t seous out andeae's t >> s thehrnltynde. i ifou tnk o fses t nd is t i n s plee e. math tes. if t o theax i remn hi new ma te yo rk oious the ighehe i the cou rry a one otheew ghyo ous inhe theheorldpa d eou a ne o oth centes a ghnhepa t' th c ntteshe cntryryinto d a nk oan o lge c crypointi d. tryi o to ke tgeot l acs higti. s i t cyio t. l d t faacto hr tst ler cs the . tto li net. fto r f can l cerhang t at he coeo
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liof tne compy. fan c ngi'moihe a c ste. tco toncreas 'm theha p ace e. whh whawe riedo doncasheha pce whhaeddo ithe end. whater hth're ing,he want i e toetobd. at for h middl thcle s,g, an t but t y'toobor mdlus nghe 9% t e huhe most baunghehen hu pasonoveshe hompa m bhe there's a pa lngees of h portiomonpaf admi stthtes e' tsomny l ge o rt m pe thti that f1% so mi sts t ey'r h ng mthha s%. ey>r meohe%.rost er me pot tt to r areayhero st meaes po andtt t r treayalstet me crowaespecily, es mnde t xesal stet at dyou ink? owpe ci , mwe imean st f sall, d i u ank? the re bvweiolyn me thstwronf plal,nd be i rewainio notlyhen re hethonland b cueently e a thehave seotouslhecrosd a ry vy cucleaen liney in athehe sveand by seslosa v ing t ea tinhe n cee homes b t n ace i havees ner hrd su nus aeacer fro hm mrdy fellowsu ceo'sntil we sroaw m tyt flo wnowe' likesntou kwe saw e'kewhatw ga on. >>nd wt aryou ying thewh comg gan. tou ho>>e. waru ng andhe eomunitn r you
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ouwaho ae.aushit h mend in wl n r s yt et owash inton, tt's shit e fi i. w u ean ms til oensh n, pans fi ha t ean do you sa enhe an rihangto sa ptesthesn jeey and 've en more of this. p sts n e yo worjeriedeybout at d e >> mye oth . me we yoor shoedulut yeme w e pohot t th therotes ar't jt preste fo high tax if, pot outhhe lteten ar j tprotefo t ghaxf,rhoricte ty'ar t rhor diarscerniblifou c snd theme o dierbl c t snd socialist thme marxisideolo c saliang f e enof e stem n trxois id lo he rai cralhe f senf mend t n t ther thiheishe h about ma dondn so tcesho er uhiseo h ut wo t sedo aso ishotmen upeop, uso wor forwo t a ien opus big w inorstnt fms ohave tir nvesent fms iignalifornia st fand ow yove andoveo es ttex iwhal ora d yo ndaxesend ex that's andes why dyouay ty at me . nd the ayty . ys he >>ecse srcesoldhe fobuness netwo who g >>ec s es dod heherou etfo wbuitsshi n woho the ines o them you rdo b erou etto t wow up th>> ninl: o oy, t heamour n tow
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the n oth wupssue, ut t he herthwuissue,suut love tharlieo he athsurebut i think tiroveha rl cae io pro bl yh arebuit ihioreca i p a amphouitereor ande tt's the amphou er eroblnd. and e t argument that they fbll . did senfrachirgseend atndhathe f are di nfshinouthindse t ahe gup the a fes er muincht t gupenfranchised fend verermuchmun thch powfrch a theoneyerch whathtow is a heeyhattheir-- i s>> wll tingotate t oious weich i- tt it w morego tteeo h job so us w iey touitn't ve tim ereo pr hesti jngobnsall reet r eyou t fro t ofhe h omprtingnfl thet ro o o' ohe ies htfirms. f >> disree wthatfi.s. >> and a dr w i tathink thend'revutnaes lotr theeop ile. nk he 'r donhi thena a t lt he opnwas. d- thes are ssesonf pplehe who t are st out o wasndd- ese es psaho e t o we've h w eughndfenough. w wan . 'v h e hyouf loute. n t tanir bely oute ir discnie etoriche ve screniluars, etor soialist m xisndar by
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t wa thesoirlist sutnd b twaher a ust,here ao lus. let e adt,ess tha a and o fish mpoin s.agr wh our petointadsshand th e'fis m pinrobay grhr pntom e' r pevolyionaes. andome. if u lo atstory. r thol isna n. t hende. f loro atesttsstrwo rkth is nhe tevutnaeses arorest thes wo es w staed t pres.utnaes a >> he the 're wn tasystem. >>t sn't >>ntheherestm t sn me he lassolle kidgot inlvedhat i start to ss hlee bidgt inedttarto um rsh and b atntio >> a theime ange >> jt waumrsnd talk boutatio ahe e thge peo eeavi nework al kdthisut h b going o no peviewk hideces h boicharnlio tt's whyple movced --ar li>> nd tshe onesplef movayo as-- > ll.he o s okay, buto tndustry is n y ork . f a ok, ndreusony a nk t'sad one ius there. a theig bks are in n sne iuser heig b ks aork, in s e ofhem d taing out ousas anthounds of p pl ek, tha own snvoftmm ta g t sa fians thou ares openg up a llpl haer otm tas a fi threaupein u a llxa >>eil:otto line i thinnokhe's a slow
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>>l:ottone in grhe'sn alow from manhattan, bu i'm beginni t o wde ar rom mawhather the's somhing bu'm bin bier aplayere. wde whhe rhe you'romngorr agast bi a aye. tang t wh rhehmoreou and r a sayi the y sul d pta t theirmo fa a sre and l viyi ohehey p t fa ty' lafang s trehe a o ion'he shandal tfahe la ngpeo te, no inc omn'eax andndal t arnd theo. is ncishe t tbe a rsingarndth. tax esn yo t? be r evng warn buffet >>o, it'axs nyo? t timeev aarff hist or>>y pt'veshis is n not tim e t ae tbe raising staxesotvehi iswhen n wte're tbeainng sotvi enmo. w wreveut everyn pie o sf f mot of. urusinse w andut ery ieery follanows ofusn a yrilacaw s c't jt gegus, we kn ow s e ha ct jecgees ts, rern oinvement kn at t peoeharetorectt t wherrewe a ove sontal teoe the pele att loong f a erb, m aaybe nsoott thpe aoo f m n year the fyearwingere fivyear i ll bableo fi it he twitfteand facebkng ae iivar i b notleirfiet ou d-it-teand ac >> ankan u imoof he ot oule-- d- yoknowhy is a> sanly oohe argu ent, -- yoow i aadalyecausee' gut, vingecse tseuys way to
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muchvi ng eema riard xonas tseuy y erwhchel ngly mael terid ind n wh el ly197elite tinreat prosts 97 u talkeid tout. at thawas lonime pag >> thatke wast. a e ahahes re tonhe ft w >tase phete tin eve day. ft w andyat i converuioy.n workn ndnhta bniatng theio arica flrkagn t ltta b ni ngbrac i a a medcaia mbacraced a a gueed wh rmbhacerdd non a uewa whreec rha >>eil:he gat s ent maritec i'wonring i >> tl:re i g s at diffencehe w themait med i'n i t i a po rtraffyece w ihet as c mhaie id its pora a c idetti a lot of its coverage fro t etmetidi aa,othe o f crazy vege feoe ge. me azyg thiis a movemt and wal streemove nt, hiad aorehanovt a w t tea pas. treeve , youorhinkitheharesontes th the ame cant eapablics.? >> i hinkounkhesos es t a n cae,blic i nke kord reses fruse,rati. thin that he pee kpl aorred s us tirustrate d. in at pd i en't ow. a and don'knowhathey' frsttrteated at i'm i t . frus tratd edn'owty' t the frconedy, lk w'm fre tepartatdid. ne wt theon l w fstrate d
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nd teyrtd. wo ed w wit iusies and fstte d th'r myembersfea worty. i us youiehinksnynd th'r msers gseart ounk a-- >>ses the t pty a nda wl >> strt preste actlly t haty a l i amm. s >>trpr ntect y >> y, ne .ha l >>o,hey .dot. >> n>> he d yfenence. that wa ll>>he stret-dot. >> n no> no, er ahawa fferrece he anyou' n rht. no hey ave me in commo tn er han u'you ink d r. hey're ay ry minomn a u k d aystehefre go avernryme. >> a vernment. a>> af gorncoonty . ave me >>he t pty w ts t ao w. in >>th t w t>>o a qnck oint on wth they s qhockd oi b on fused me ey nashington thaon s wl us seeet? >> tny shasld, ngt tyn dhan't w l derstanthatnd t syt?on 't tsh, t ynder'tanthe lon term ranat t consue'tnc whathe re er an errenony dormg. it's oingcoonchaeur the m en doot th c on'sglngereo bindurhem the th c thon're nipueted bd itd gog tourt em ithe long the r. the puat td enditf thday u ngoeetodt i th lo makmoney in der rake t ndre oththey nouhond akon i n eyr e gng to t er ohe peoe wendre offd wt ha ey g ey a t terdo ing.eowe ff w> aha all gh a just so ydog. a akn a liusa s y has
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piuresf all o aliu.a > h >> alrpidy mees ufpll h nd. otlr mir u you. >> whene ce ba. f irst ir eote and>>heneowba t f st sp arek.otend and tgm asp kde r andaen tertiveo e a lt, it's s h aervelt, od it h ar, w i tre mor rooor t modn faly i win o? t mor r tod fa i o i ow y're rrieabou mang yr sangs st i ye ieouma an yhavisa enos h in me en y rete. an vinoat'sinhy i her yet to hp co up th alan d geyou the ightath.'s ier hcop an geu he hth.haveore an ahousd deli expts wkingith vee aus lixp w ngh tha i caworkne-oone withou. hacark-oe th .'s yr grn li. but ll bther everstep f thway. y grli t ber erll oepcomethn foy.a fr portlio viewoday
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omefofr rto eway whordeed t cerl at n he lowr lesrol a whoorde ed hothedeummy tereaer t
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heowmmy. s[ woln ] lowecholtero ahode hemyea y.wo ] manwe ] an y got.thatrongdidnt i? [ale noun r ] nt gat tate a who g oatotatngdni? [ e thauncan ] lp g loer ctalest aol?hoat hon nut heerhas.n lo cst? onuter ve g notng ainsthese dot-yoselfteamleans. luing ound hotater exacti unican a r gh! ot astsedoyolfamanlug ndoterextinin r th's w i'marpefor fe. tht if whing'mget pet ofr and,. the's sha in llinus. ifngt ofd,ths han in. ♪call-800teem.♪ ♪ll00em♪
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li f era's news hea ua rtlis, i'm kelera'ews ea wruaht.rt i new krea o missile i wrt. w ealib o mle sayi seval trori grps a appentltryi toibet their hdsn yiev tri th sandgrof w aeapopp ttltyi he to tir enn missithinnd wpo ctivil har isoke out cilmarch. ar th nc ludee thoder lachedmaissih.s whh thdeouho der potentiay bese tlaoedhosiwh do commerciain. teia be e ste deparhotmt i t'dosmeia tryg torahem st dardo. it's d t oba mary tintrionhe isulli thedolug. n a
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k tba trio progra a ishelihegltca og raoveraul, wteheouseca offials y th wilnot m eerorl,ward wteithse the lofi-ts erth hillth tre sura emerdithe lo-ter hh raelanecsef itic fla thacoul't fixodayseake f finciay se-sing. ic la . haul t'ixay se upse dfio iabeing. volu. nty i uran pn suo ord byremium rther lunt i th taxanyer llar breum he'm k lythaxr ar wrht we tak yacklyow to ht e cavakut yack on toav business. >>bune. >>ndm i rdy to m mo of ndth. m i ts mdye. t m euto f makerth. unv meili ng a nut mlerctrieronnvf lithe ch y spk th wee k andet ctto h tf rthoan chsptheek13nd. hhat'sgm's oth rerctn car, t13he t'gm ovo nct reay r, charging ivo sales, rewy tha arng 4,000 a lo isa s,inew w tere 400 a sclod up t whiteinous we alia. sc, noallup ifha tt' youterus ptern y ouaon't ep ea nollf, our b they ar prnpe yg.'t >>bsolepely,herery bhear to force thi
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s>>raol gy, rery agenda nisni to oneto fcehi s thin any amerins iagsayienng n ni te,ne e' wice heth si a.ri i>> andyi thespar i t' smaller cehe ndhe thatht'e voer. >>mall thathe lt a don'to back aand onl 3vo >>ll ha mie s a and p pldotare oving back a ay f theit ymin sordendr te ng wer heir ay f t cn osdeofrnce d r irnow is tng gs ahrter c isnce.nce d i'm ke, did w ou t gisaten thoer wh 's ishappe.ening. m ada, id agn, iiste toour whlopptg. da n,es ioy erhing. (ught) >>inhe uny, way tero higo. . (whathto yothinof is . >> i'unjusty,we w t i j atyoin enyinghi i'onstatio i amg alo usut perts. enng meanhe wio kamwalwhs wtpets ca a rianca wns w k todre.t > > ca arica w tamdre. y 'r>e am r. and pecily n a c rson r. d utci k nw ca stu pi don vehie whe hee one kw tund hi w ihe knowme peopleneespond totupivehies. i thereotuyin pple ndthis. topihi. the ole mothtuyinake perfet is . s se there n uyhegt akd tr toerusht it ty s c't the n sel ind n ttrheoy wy have c bet'tr idea. el wre gng t no takheey a smalle r,veetid. heap vw gon t ofak the sm sle
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appeels oheap >> il ouels aolely ap titl . it's tou ecomy rhtol nel and let'see wh --tl >>'s'm touhecoot r sin t an lbeca'se it whtt--. >ou t getin i the cait car an ->> et it makhear n nsane.- i ant whe mre ishe capit nalist ns at ss, llanrihe he u kn t chiitis aist hi g swe'rs, gngak e kn tnohier a hi vecl that il'rlmitateaknoer ve hha atiffere vmierteon o the hit. >> he vt afereas h a o gol e t. enge s >>we v. t asthe ark notol goingo ha ng a esoline. it'sll ectri ce ndk t nhat's ng ha oingo bem's a firslit.. 's e lri's seend t wt's hpens ingnbes rs 2013. lee w m go hngpe -- > catake i t o2 d go --and ck . ca >>te toanet's s w d >> 20 >>ormally w wn y me sequl, therigil has to beorlly na t. m anetquf t t agis h was begreat, iidt f oett b aeahe laneeaf th esibutthe o haa gohese ne theth sedt uphe >> a hagowe ou he knoup what a? a right. kat on is n maariyt. binit o non ma meghat is it ainit ohit. >> he voltot iit hit.
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>nd w he>> vou tnk aut ot th ehit. nd wolou std less than 00 th dhr in the nolissa sn lele tn 00 ld ,0 i t nine mo nhssan an as t m,0thine mohs ale- th >> doeheissa leafalave- >>eoeame cre thet the isve lrnme giv yoav e>> e50cr tedit t, t te n me iv laomont crit t 00 subteur ns we ldlamo so, wt is a ri ca telubng wld y? wanbig ars ndo, ame iliis ariel ight w ey ang snd wanmet theig htca. >> ban thethy eve hri ca .burbans. >> nowhat love bbohe the ri toryurns d.pi te heow bt invebo t w hing of ryhe omahe b admistrati nwheng g oen agenmada, u dmistti to whek g a brand x enwna,ed b ge walkk a an xarndwn t b studioet ge wal evythi isreen a nd guess nd t s whdi youoan'tt sgete the d opev his en aee gcars. wh oue am'tica sneeo thinkop t hat eehistuca. i s n-ama >> a t inks t $4s0, i couuy 4 as$4 of the scte ou driuy aro4d th cityf e f riro th ityat pce. youon'trive scoot per. ou't >>ve'd rher ive atur coot>> r r ve w, , >>nd
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v ,0.that ad>> aeriodge at hat adtheoverenter coan makus wa somhinrigh t. >>o, n ohe matertetr canow makh ney wa theomthronhe atri >> n hoat mutert market ng y he rocamp agn ohow odhe speemu is.t the aralitet i 't anmp ow he it >> ees. e it ouannow, it ou higrenod veclesell well. >>ven e fo com hing o d wi a ewesl ll en>>ginen fo 4omg mes wi ewpe galn andenne m test'sein al we andneoplndwanto obously ke itse farin a wessndble.plnt >>nd y sti hav they i arney buy e.. >> y >>ti 75av00 t tax b renek oy n bhe .hingsnd i>>f i75 b o ng0,s000, i yoreelli out0,00 33re00orli ut aarhat's noprtil. 00 knor th a aarrahactics alno hicl i'm s tillknht a bndra wichy cl yo can o sll bkt bnd were? o i cwaso bkunivsi iase? iwasun iasn vertyhire >>nd alerktybo g>>enalk ph. bod woe th gsoenndra the gorn ntp i iv wog ath sond tdiffent larny or gornnt i blion aucks and tt omffnyt ar oso mig be
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bon ks atre.t omny f bes ang w m it m fsg be w ligsutin it for eig olar on f upne thi wall rear g up isne going toal doome very isngo veromedvend wre tse er dguysnd givg wl streetuys su a hd ti . ys ggetuy su hti evy ti a lal bines openits ors evti l bes ens s crees anotr laop b re ot laor h bes a thermploe, h it a noterust lood for sine. it itot goot for thr entine com nity it oo banrof a ricawe kthw thtiom ty pacthat cal sinees an aca kth ctt l nehave n counits. th's w we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd to s bll boniness acss the untrso f thiyear s besac e tr fhiar becae thmoree he the the re whelpake op rtuncay pothiblere hehe e wlpe opunpole
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cong uthe vernnt is cck down onig tco ue rn wa streeck d ocriminaligs. t why en't hwaee imal wall stet y 't pr wl pr
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>> forgeccupie wl strt. >>or ormeccie hgeundias tr aj rajametnam gettingun yearss bend b sjaam gti t hisea bweek.
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t a ttle aerwe. mha got a le a 2er year se mhace. ot fatats dng serious ar se te.ce and att chscehat t sio preste notic otr d carechd. et t the w anprteheotm to pre their he w ther comeuppanc >> ty coupnc should. t the's barey sulisrn bibleths re tru. is rn ll seet ibes sazil ingsnd-- >>ot a .ru >>ut a s lt ot sfil t a gs-- 'v>>e a >> aef the l ieresfng tn th don'v undestanthat ther is he beea maesive ies tn rack th ononndall anreetatoing er h eeonmave ckorn many yel ets ngnow d oranye w ishe latest vti a not sanghat he idis any linesgtti a n hid a wng, but earlt gornme w, it srl gome goi te- >>oi me time. g years tte- big ge>> me tinten. pas yrs b owenn as insir adg. si rsid tdi isoug. to prove in adourt tdii becausef oven ouyou'rt alws paing formion ound b
10:53 am
au athe big tng iu'n tlwhipasg rm can tndhewire ppedt andng iat's t bhi ahe re tcahe the ir peal s goedng onnd. 'she wire a he t tap. al go > a. oi wire p. rkete >s. i thoik wee seng aot mo of rte s.this .thwese a >>nd i likmoefo heaisr ada >> i viikene this. o hthinther's a aood chance vien gthet in ters anoo cnce ap gal ts n ra ap al> th way hyaine thera wire t sthnd wow th bmitteai ithent ore sevowce t. e fe ral itdgetntoev biccely said e dofet lil theeroce how ou did . iddoli heyouce dn' tw d fue the. we tap u inrmatn right. fhe yoonlyoeap wir e t rmatrit. i hey yoly o ft o erireinstuf >> tt canot ha en. t er caot happenst >> a it' s tcat ha. er rnca. pp th e at' itbsut perroverns. haendsow t whole thingut i pve s a ha s wlehifarce. tha w belve d in small fa rcsine owne-- >>hand y're b talngin ou-ll eve timne one >> y oef talse ou- bune sses reveetim ot-se >>he bues iegit t- an d-- thashyit h letan i-n
10:54 am
haappeal. >> youave floetw t in urt rem ber yat woure de ng t he t e'laal ng aboemutr w d hee'alngboutire taing opleot fire rdg le f not-- >>hat youake could geouofhi o n gotet itll >>t oue cld ge everhi gd?et t of urseeou get off on erd?c ica tyf sehe pnt iou g o nothinwha onoeve to doith ccaty hethe e wa s ireette no inha anvethe dit pe sewacutors hetaveteeen trannge t tamp dow pnsetoeo hple wh c heattrnng w tstamet fpor d yearnnd hi s uy cat gnothest f okar thrown at h anduy gheo on hr a h aould b upsetxceptis onfamy. >> don thi the bps rliis he am >>onhihe was--li i n't ink ty owho w raj is t k >>f get offn hois a j ike sa >>re is, g'vffen is talk tot elawyrs,re s, it mor tha jt talkthey nototlas, otti a n itornd tott crointhgot ti it maj ndufotf. theyid m a leaphe it aj theufy gt hi he m ap elihey you'r e s ingow woulyou el ihe ds i'r eow off. asul su ill b dinesowne
10:55 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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