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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 15, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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ths wk ohe jurn editorl th w k opo. he rn ath we itor . a mwe romy hs om th g.o.p psint .o nomiti wraed up mid tti rabama t b ilmaaid in thesenate b d an iran tderro irot w snahoul the t u .s a. ira t roresprd ton sth t assas.siti sp t oattempn o american ilssas te ari >> welcomeo turnal, ed>>iteloriamelpona edia i'm paug i p
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ch ch igo t: turd in sol peormae inhe o satef ne hamurhiinreol and t hepe main endoementftef neamhi chrisnd ri ie. doementf busesan hhrman inriietar ris ausnd sws hn roey's bies t risal a sfa tas govebior ric ral prynuin hifall tnd tasough it veorical hiin suppo r emaihinsll tghsteady i. ds hehioruppo rai maacstdyhuses govnorave deominathenorra ? maacse orov ireer an einnantiomy? er a an waing iny t win? ininth pel wainee tin in wa seet journal etoal t jrn repo dorothy po rabowicz and dot itoramesfrmaic a dorhy k r di ttohis esfr weekhat publans e georingsedo rdi thes ide haekt t bls mi r negey igsseheo i ivible mi rne is ivibl no inee, do agr? >>es, thin tre geing ed notoee do. gr >> ex, tly inat y saidre ge alg good dques. tis. ex iy on y thi tsahere ano er al oo nti-qumneyho gngoihi reno tranenth urre i-roeyey, g ng buthiois like anne ofre those
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ol d hbuolhilywo l movieithe ne 40 and0's a tnd tsehere is ol h thol guywohat yieou e ke, 40nd0' a yo tknowreou'rnot rlly i nth uyha y loveith, yoow'rot i veh h and ithen ter l othreves,nd 'she o you r ont ve i d't tnk tt's ing o ou ppebu - waida mite t y tous dong ink at-- e >> ion'think hat opleaimi are yddeyonoi d idk e-- we e i'tnkt le e pdesiyontely in dovidee we th ts ma whathey' gpngsi to elde ideov hean w nd t nmaobyls eat cany' gngo wi. he w andndll nylsan wi td rt ofhis t of hi s ppg ayis g hees. ke hisern ca ae rue n andcank arue ig tha t 'snd nk ininsuppt amg tpresonal olinppiaamns le chriesrialsts,oliaensers and ri carimpaist conibuts an the arthe eopl engagnseder nd in t olaiicons autan the tim thare pl d th e'veag cided, aheim tthheenl cid, thi thais iorta is defe tating rackbama. hiha iand taisis theuy who- -feg butck ta.nk d i o t treuy whcro-- teronk repubcan t re lect at throe istill lotf ep xiy ahe
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are tctat enththiaissticll aotnd ahee iyopi th ia thic dow athe ad. ifhedea is cpiomext thowembee or s. hat these de pe ile a c supsed f i be sha tlinse pe a tupd fmomenthe r ubin ca ba toumonthe rubhere ba not ou faing inineornyboredy or ot a potigan i. andhis orny d oes a fapotianatg pot b ause ind s d all thees pls far,atpobse omne desl tehels t ft ther, best ne pesformer i t the ft the stde. p fo ereste t f tt looks t be aleas the me tts t l st os atasorheda t can da te raerorgadainst back ama, h ean c't er cckgain ba 5, am30a, he c't cck28% ithe 30pos. and the ithele >> ihinkhose ndbersel the thatvolers rubcan>> ink se ters doelot wanto et hat fo r romubnecay an oo ngte to falanto i fo rov a andoo it'ngsnt fesng ithat wl re journalol nd t' sere ricng perry hasatreoual enoous r ic osern ov rasect peod butnoonof it es t o ositovt r odmn and tbacally.onof i the ty'oooitngt for ndmebo el.baca y. >>lwaylook g f orhe seodoongor el and habo belecau t y>> ayok f doteru
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el mnditha b romneyoy do tvanc what mre r nnemayo cons ider nc replire n ma pncip s,se rvnsive erep li incies, d hisignure pip hiesementrv re omyca re ci, higne sp wha ent ryca chrishris wsaidhait ihr is id iobamacarhe smeobrcacteure andt h e disevidu mandateur exchtges hat pple a e di durcedan in t managehe ch s psiess oinrae. ed s i thi mhaage thi g oinra to aoning s troblemsha tr gying tet co onservivg bl whs vedep trlicang priri c se t aep tac t t the ep canomirine thi yr st n a a t t nserv atmie. t >>nd t reanst's aoi to havsetopratai >> tnoeaw?t' allf t to aavlternaveshat no ear milng tfheir little aer artshathathere p yi earmi t irwit heren inbu tsat yi itinbu , can't b hmain. whyno an b h ma >> bauin ma wcainhas--no o >>epea it noma caexris-ce- >>aul:e'sad aep l not oof siness ex>>l:perisce. and never-- l o rfl lif exp ienc assiss ri. nd ner- op se d tolifhexpnc wsashingn xp ienc >> t >>oaul:sn'ta wh peo wehi n
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ant, xpebnc w ho i ysn't >>n l:'twh eo at h t,ebb? w i > h wan someb y w k hws aitb? b h aboanutomeb f wgn licyitnd nobodybo h fver cyted e wte hous nody and is itheeaderve of t te d freewa wy hus d rl ieder tand u eee albout t s.nde albo e a like hmaca. hecaotehe pre si deaik aemaca. he yothereressihis kind of y preyfsulnehishiin ids a very p stnective pl afues vis le ss entialivitic fu eske a sayg, ais inow l thissss atiic im y, ou aayav a tono haveriry visal as allfimy,ou thato stf, ve wrie ry valvea ll>> wchfouknow at doro wthy,e w ou 'row i a n usuroy, envinmenin ts elctio cycland anou'v gotvienhe telio tea cl drty enen whiou is ot reallearight? end ienyou w loos a ier naea ll tat?il s of the se pilsyooo it's ier pret ty cle arly tt m othe romn it'ssn e tet clyot m runn as r epmnlica isn nomeee'sunnings he nns repca mie of mthe'sndepdentngs vheers. meanwhate r unninge if s epa sntategy vir te riganhtat ae rni thos i ndep sdentatandy this irte nig ayn sensible st teth. iep
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nt nd's gothi tullhe ovenyn toenbl . s si i he's g ng t gootn.heve t qouestion is si goinge' gng t o toe blteston ts gng w ho toeo t ienang ts rely nagitated, t irentseeplin se o t reta andd, is loing seep lifor cand ate w rles t re ndeirs g r nde valuesle >> ihink is brigroem ople onvarlu if has inynkis b coreem nv tileons?r i >> u haas to nder. anyou k anv atill t seha o er. isanues,ulo a a rmse artio is this,slo that a l o apeoioehiavehaason n lds ab t a eoav he all ove the n ds mab. a if hll i m tht sugst t m co c vi ctifns m a srect what t c pvisitinturrely in t a whi hou hacthe at were nsi.nt ur >>rehe thiouerhacehehey're the wewron n >>nv tions, cerohethy,rehes on oppedonvtieas,ng ro ty, thes ghtir pon and toeteangng ck ta btehe ecomy nd tir ndtto pocies t th b's tte is ee, t publ an e ctore ies look ingth f t omeby w says bl an h ee ior ihe direc tionok wgre toomeb w ys. hre i iwha ihe reairll belonve to and w i' goi. to g iha i eahere. el tt rd ney i' basoiallou g dot kw wre e rest ds.
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>> y r dy kasnollwhe he do k westds y snd h iny vi. u kn he andshe's not ndwantgo ransformin thevi kne ds go'srnme n of e uned atesntrg teransrmyhee of the go unmeedf unst ates . es e ha hey othe a candiundaedst wesho whaine ahe i asan ndiody w wcurrenly a in theac ieshood c rr ma ty tclaiacm. ho ver ickly. ma i clon'tai belve i n he er ectabity icarklme . i i ink 'tatel i eo are ta me . actuly i lk ki foreoefre an thetuly ideaouan lkietor ang anhe ia notet oenng yone. a ng ildls bot angyo ap. lssote. a>> omaak a plophicalte. ochoe, i teppent n't p loph llinto fht othat. ho i t hcodndpp ut t losing in f w on hed s u he si n't akewowe fom anba answere s ehat' n for presidee f n bama joban pn now t t et'or psi sena hasejecd it maobn n naasecit oki goo y lossomeeigh u noced! the clkihes ooe to big,y osso ime
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donghing em. nod! hoth'd ycl do s ? toeatg,g rit, w ile gonin.g . ho y o femaat annrincer w peo ge . whchoo morwholgrai nd tweigless maan tnnse wer doneo. whooorolai multrain heer ts...igss t won fivwholgrai 1 caries ltiner.. ivolai 1aes
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>>a loof fol in wasngton. the diail >> loolok f alt iasn s ntoht'sn. vote and se tahas ook it let's n's mend s o ttoha he n et fit, thee got n newsor
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thefi, t no gthisotorme. notith s mahe americans onois wor me ot itt s so mama fmeksca in y or com ni es ithuin s i wewillot te y omnio f orhuin a well t ansr. >> wl f the aweras no on ns tuda y wh w t sate t no on tudawhat jeedhe pside's 4 biion llarobs bill. so phadet' 4s next. bin arwe's bbi with dan henningert' next and mes e' beeithan and hoininer t d mes nd peloi wasngto cumst kim rass. sop totasthatto hadumeestn m ss in the s enenotha tad mets o if the sillen wld n ev had 5 meotts ofs n ev h marity bauousr mocrs sa thewoulote ma ri nst itou so >>crctsallheulveot >> f e, t okayit, atsos it say out veeopar it f of ay the es ient' prosal y t e weoparhe oilfl fae edesbut'os alit w alws goi towe . he ill i me tedhis buhe po t. wlwoio . as t psident putme tors rdpo t.lislaon, t p osifntut wrd is lae, ame o knean i selus th gan umpluym th paidithor high taxes,he id h rerpuhicanwereev going ta s, too foit a heas he
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putt g itreut theanoreakeveoi tooifo and a eain, ttit y touidoak e n arryndreaihen, sate y maritlead are h ade toarndat week twist inmag aitsad t ao h getad nd ou emeeratswi tstot a lsos teet ce andemraavse l 5os votes ndav 5to--ot ut tdidn getnougto oceeto pr eed. t so ts wasomedningetug n eith er ee de les and pr g tngwameng t ngoth anywhere l>> des wt do as iteller y g out tat tprywesreidens d w dorates is, if thtyl knew t s wat goin tto flpr a ten pr esteidens,thenthomesutnend ts wa in s fs, il w aon't t ake o fpror aenenesnd awer? s i w we'teoie fkeepor-- is isa wr?re going to wefit, ep ha thi s re goi tebo rightt,ou the econ >> thieb . r htou i ink e heecon >>hi . i k psi's stragy is fobeher or 's wse. rats his is a demoroc tic w. his aem sena. >>hat'the tereing subnaxt >>t'e reghe reitn ur ub xtats takingheitn ur sete s y c b tt hry rd ing doesot wt lteos tha y c b t h sen re. es wobams apovalat lgos h teade to40% anden amapal watre hde getti to40o% and int amoreethe docots a and
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mopresentit's eve m f a mseland esnt som'seve pnt y msow thaeltd the presidentom ies p gog yo s rt r unni ng t tae p sihint seat a ry rgod is o srt r niing do ata g t a d r t io save his g o mer g demoats d t in s theeis mnaer. >> andmos t d iemnoc tts . >>nd dut toge theilliaireur x beuse theutthout it mightca reto uepubhecanslire be voe heorouitit. ghca it didn'ns wo vohyoritno >> i not a dn' popul arlawoon hy its own. ii shldot sayop aul lon o feople ow likehe i ash ofaxinay l olliofnaplire , buw t kea othe esidaxt need tdo iore i comirne hatbu witwh om e id ne tndfri s, er ihaompsnehaith eomitme reform dics,er ha educ one, somethinto gwfo the onomy. ucouon ndesodin som getng b e omy. let's hit mi io ir n ydeou om ne b to ve ppl e a t'easit atioiroue ua yneoto a p strategyea fr ow. ua wh tyha wldak e istsragy ow . lking to mem rs owh t cgresak not i ins an ddress in t no memhrou o p ressco nfceresceotn nnot om aossre thent innoou p assspeech, tce t ct auas t i scsi witatspm wcht tt mit be willing todo . si itand there wt still aeal omi beilng
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th ta. bl d re he ntti toea o it on ta x ta for e lor th tets, oetta ox all r eoo phloesth a nd thete forset forll parculaindu ries hate he sess he aoesn'the li, fo rhe n't,ar hladu west d it. she 't kim,li i, t doe't look li t, th's t dittionhey're ki hea ddoe t'tki lk bout div idinthg t on y' presid t'asrosaupbo iv peine meg a pting t pr es r a ve tsaoupee w petme a cngan pasa e isnythg inviduallt ckelyo pa in that as is fathion?ind ll som ver tin y lythpain ihat uple of hifan?shat e omerin y alady ssedhe house, le hi thsre'sthis it olalngy edhoe, iue is a pvi th t'sha s ol sang tha the companies ihat i a o buness t with the saha he cvepamees aut atal buss wh ave veme a %itel for tax aavet rid of tha t o itivele t tethe d o tmpanie tsoas t ienvest a t re n worrsnd an provision i es t dax cdi t o h neor pvion di t e verancomingack om t wa oveea and may veinanastcturspenng ingk t peop couwa talveabouandayay pay orturen i in opoualouaay ay fcay i respsiblway,hat'the tentf it fcahey re's not spbly, t' goe t o bentit a ghede'sals. n >> o vicry he tho goh th t be we didappen inde ts.ene oic ry hd the weidpe i
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theresinte otis rade th e. billpasdith hesi majisorityde o ll asd repuitan ajvoits.y tir ony. pu >>ant's robabl n tos. ntice. iry. he >>srobl n cou tld he d is ean18e. mohs a o,utabor ou hbjecd, b theisare mo pr aicng ttab souor ec bhe keea pral iconngwill trode,ou 280,0 jo , t n ot ill todee, oel h h80is ,0 , el nti.e w did h h d h i when itti ul hawid helped >hewhatnoes i it st bo tulha hpe dposs ibitieof >ats s biptianshp? ss wel i tienk o genpuineshp? jo bel t rucleenslneatio t jo ssibucity oriptin is le csltain, t mt of w w asiby ipti n inhi sobs bcl wasn', moing of w w do at >> a rig . in whob weom b wckn'ng an's a ct o of aigwa whe h hod than u.s a.ctesnd t of wa h hod sshassi.snati.onndttpt on amican sssisoilti ttpt ♪hen e thamgs icthatou n d ♪ il ♪ comat jt thrighspee th' s lostic ♪ n th at n♪ ♪om jthghee t'loic♪ ♪ medine at c't wa lel brfs tre beigh ♪ ♪ede 'wa lebr t bgh♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t's st ♪ fightor y, bofor bothateepsou hlthy♪
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fht ybor boatps hhy♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t' s st ♪ savg ti, cuing ress wh youse u ♪ ♪avticug ss whou u♪ ♪ th'logiics.♪ ♪h'gis.♪ docr to me lciu besabsoed sma connuouamous. octoe iu essoly o calum smaplemont ououes tt inne dly de. oal sem tin d d ciacallow leas.. ntinuslyeleas caium pluscialw as inlyeacamus fothe ficit abrpti myody eds. foe ciabti cimyacaly s. [ale nounr ] cibutalr. le thtast butant cutack f t sma bal[ce e untte] s d.t l thst hea -heathiert ut k an bter. tmaal te witomeg3s.ea ea64%eress tura d fa br. iteg . nd%nicas y prraen tfahelp ppo heahy clestol. capr tlp po ea♪ cut in yr het ♪♪ atlve yhe♪
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>> is ia, n jusa daerou ca lati ion n tuss is part da aou patte ocafti tis drtgerous atnd reckl os bfav dro t r kl iria bthing t we' gng tto ctinu to irdoin t is t cti t aolydo touest aanlyionsnd touesanionsnd y know ctie toobize t ow ierena ttion comnityo ke seobhaiztran i si ferthonom ty anfurer st irala i andth that anur ys t priceorhisin a ha oftbehaor >> that s p psicentbama ohinin of tharsdaory, h fst >>lit c p ma oreacon toheusce tda h deptmens charglithat he ac t vemeus ocef iran b inddepencrgat mea ora pnloto bind attack loto sau tt rabia'mbassaro e unit stas bylowi him up i idebi asar wo asehington.c .it tabywiim esta iean my wasngn gue.cst t is eks th at ta sancons ane noenou my a atue tsthes hi hthouseat nee ncs noou resp on tilar ohir hayse n a mu spteeperar pce or later. a a ormu cteer offic a pce la r.nior float t c undaon f theic a defen se o f or t
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dem racy . da f hehe denoi mf no mcy he elcome. oi >> m easu. >>so co i ra>>n iseasu.>>soociforously nying any i ren t and soocmeorslpleyre saying llin a e n m tes n a sen bau irane sg hadothing to g n f m n en bauisra.n howo yoadreadhi the oenn? wel iow meyoanad ihef he en? evid ceel sta ind umep if nd idcefar,ta sobout jt outvebor, who has sooobod a jt itvebo inhe wh has ericdan a geren ibeltves to i crnib i icenels s ee ms o cr i ear e iriansere hind is attempt. s >>o,what har tir wnse tndhe atmp tnk >> at t t cause, obvuslys raing ckleheren th e uted ates nd i cuou, bv ly per ivedra ag slere ath ct ud es i cwar, er ederta alys an act octf tr,error on amertaic ailct at is cal tcularotionn er ilira >> w l i ihink cheal blagestn calcraatn is j us w that t he b ge prem lcadat i a j i believe t is t heem supme lder aas bie cert ty reonble sorup authiz lg deis reasfort rtreon emea h e th iz jort e enj aeattac hkie tnid jostat a ihi i s enj a ac imssib tonidverat eathhi is
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imdegrsseeib too whi her hatates the uned stat gr too whihich hes t hoshe qunetsedccountatab w foch mostf h prholes. qsountab fo mattaskingt tf sdiesle. hes tang t s ddible wnerecauhe h is aeas battl e uer wnerecn t middleast etwe a the b u erudind tn an nstdlstwehe ndi t e pranlemsns of the grt enda of ree voprltms hasf gr jpardedhe main ally revoltashearedhe t in lly uds he bn ptty ud h grnsivettn suorti the rian posionvesutihell i an an si a, ink it'll q iuite undersndab thatheyould a doi it' qis n arsabhehaeyld do is a part the pas they haven'tarndt t i think p thehey vet pndmary ihihepry asonthey fear amicanutpjre. >>asonthou f say i tam couanld btpejeenr as a pouer heecvedou beeakn as a p frheec uvenited stat tarknd ir?he u te >>sts a geral rularfthb, the irraans>> tenad g talo b rack of whb, they thin they' gngra anen dto g r beaacy ort wh ty the tdy' t gongus h when g rheeay
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thintheyan g away with hed tus w n it he meiney t ghiswawi are w not it pa ic meular thisreotwe-ecute d, pa buicagaiar l o iraanwe-ete bu ai opations l in the i past a opio n-- t pwereot pticu arl wel execed a remds hne me are p cuel lo ecor axa rle o the paris m e a mbin in e lo 1986xa ohat t the p in irian ns werees98ns6le forhahe an tt fnc hirntiaernansler e nsselecuorty servi figur out t ey dnc itntnal whin cu swevi.urut >> is it a t dllt plaib that sowe p.ple e s ug iiting patayhahis asso t phee sg job of as r tueilobary f otion or a ctio rueit tar ftin revo lutiary rd cite th t somew we o votsti oy cth nd t sup rememe lwederld t ha kno about? t up >>merld dbt itha. no ut? an>> whney it han eowneed euarded cpsndua pying musicapsl chas w ptyih t eade hip.mucalha sand ems hav a f tmhip onhe dep. g uardd s orav am ihi donbthe grd eri aus the hd csen
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adership wou un rtihed se ke eripouunrt ts eration th ou notiing d geinghe t s appralatn ou thetig ge sgre ad .pral >>ouro thehead.ngag ementfro t henid statesngag nentf oy this ministtionwas nid stes poinnery tha w ouisrst on s ord. caus he foids ter att tpt ou for d. us f ttt rhe.stoon sillathee.sto d o attonempt peace m at bee e ou ogingttimpto moreea o lentbe >> ah eou ingean, ihi morhe obamant a dmin tratn ma t iea he sais taobkea thatinat pma tdent into made and tt istaha pde theyto'rad ienndome wt s commdle desire to reych w outo ts cod dirsiiae , find soou mea tns tealin so ea acal teacefs t oppos t acalinsntion, toptos mns t itakesimin mio mort m ansngry it ak dakim m muc m more a ryrr abo t desrn m or cueur i as iorr and aucboh mo woresedrnhat s acun ias a utramoorill atfft domtic poticsnd i dira l t om mec pocs i
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t dem octiceb lionme i the summe of temebon 2009 the threme movement 20re c edmo omebamant openly as let' have cpeacede,ma's hav oenly s wh t'av tac unid st hates. e hand w td st hesis m asnd aery ngerousas a rerercussions from er ba's attemt rerssnsengament ba >> pttl: n yout s wehoennt stri p b nkou mitily ahond ri talking outoughit il a sanions. whatind militar slkikeg tgh are u t kian. ab t?atd ilar s wet hod we e ucoid? i tnk t mos twt howe teigen thi to? do s t t osobly g and enhi to limsit g tndngould be to go l er t ld brevolutionyua t cgops cilie rticvoarlyon those cpshaere l ed iclyose supportheerir er ionsnsofo iruprt he wch led tohe ea oof hunreds ow l.s t.o soldiers >>nd identif yun o reonse totld forie t,nd s iingify hireison t orespoeohe at,sinati lot? abspolutee. a absilute. mean rght t?w, bs tte ab te iran ia ns aanht w,alatin tghe
2:25 pm
ameranans d do ag noing ani alk iinsg a bit ers donog ll an i a di bdual w havell r endidual a goi tenbeerribly a reesd oi ith sctns as turbeerbly d resnse. h thinctdownnshe r ad wre ki for me fes thain youwnor r bwnghere. ki or havto tee of mthoris ha oueak.or bre. avwhe tweo mome ck, r hi an missk. of e we. e veeing chinon e e alm, t emhiy. anssf we ve i'g on iin bos e lmem nei'pony i os rry neny we a ope fobusiss. y ape fosi. les reute eg to fsno. growg buness use mache-toachi tecleologre e fo.owbusssechto hifromecerizog wir ess. sue ! omizir s.thndinmache... sualre!y fied. thinch.. coolike. rebefiuse .e bune th t bestechlogyes. ole. bee bu tesch gy.
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2:29 pm
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