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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 15, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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nng chemg moves iso hd ungear e a ttor y gennral rveemdov wi h a arubpoen t gaeor ugepl ve wi tailsf wneubwpohatnd en didhe y kilnosf. nehat id h ts kaut t. a ttti h au t t mtiedia now? t mia occupynow? wall re pteer st ol atup y. al tandghe irp erou. stat. ggin f ornded aheenon t . urthirca in fenon t wtever t thauseis but eomen e edwiaveau ki t uiomnge poll deining t llcae? >> ni the caaue? w ute hepropol w utetocati. op>> t tri ofhati. t riacks's dthits bhaed over e wksh disrbsin b detasednd erun wtthngisrb tand tengimon >> aew tes for diteim jo alistwho ant a job t ior ou stnatio on'san aobcapil. >> d o the pan ts weekti's ca wri> r o andhe fsewwes ontrut jiudynd fmiller. ews tr utndite jll c. um nist cal
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homaiim c umst cpi nkern, the maim eran cservivepihe magazine andal cradirve n hostagin daldi een n h ratr,eoxews atat bs rightew no at bs ♪♪ ght ♪♪ > well replicaeeng > th g.o.pllepomcaatn an a pounit to t t th g ova.p atan of fm cporentit o t edent oand t again of c tnt wntk, gd ng had toinead sueseled to o gur . es eled economy. the d oebate.s. ony. pdud by he deb oombg teleon >> ts ishe fdst f b oberg how d tmb tedo on i tughtis t ft t fhe date rgs okw . t itas t cov ag ef eht t t ok de te tha tit was t roveayf quite ja wde dropp tinghat tias rmey >>ui rlly? ja ro >yes,g meat iti wame rll tou ed> firs,steaf al il,waon ul no mti himu airossttall,on noti anyimere, one aosrt inmsnbc dny ne,onneeal abo iuthenb sp in rdmalfterbowardsnd wt eir rti culasppeop werem
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sayi aerutrds them a r tila op aperartly, le yi authem nti-evybod anapso, l felt the cov eri-e od and ian a, hought t f t ove p-c eragd a ind a poshotht tovere a pag c adite pove caasinor best a thohthey reasceinimnd i t hougeshtthishoht he dea f realli hnd i tughi afli hpiam. e lll go t momt. e ll d hago t to knowowany om ople hawatching t o bl kmberis n ratedann lehetc ng ra ngblsyerstem nat n ndne bhemo sun ri ngsyem sd, nd mo s it' borig. s i you know,. i t nk y kw,thegtalt was rry,eid hav a th ecomicg ptalan anlt tee s y,etory id h anes one- -ecic an theebatee ry e wadecle of s perry, seco rheiseatf ca waclofy, and cohi rrde f wacaomyroeds ygain ahi waclos toyroningedhes nomatn. >> ome id tt pe y loskeo ng heike he w le
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a nd homadhe >>e t capera lot on h a e wotle a h ti w ncaa e o wnn'tpeing annd seeemed witn't bored or pesleeinp. an sd al i bedere mia ee mo n e mia fixaonoi with thmo xa storie wh andubcaons stieub calvsing to m romney'se g m ry's reliio of cour, e dia slik anylie wio w orips o co yodinea igr t iknny tw w goren yo ev thetheyr tn t may g tgor en churevchheeyikerede obama m nto tever enur ig'sede o machur f man y years, toheever real don't bieve ur f manity ar t al on bhey've comout nhe s id ofbortion for y'omt he sve bo, dboion or liralshing yocan rshianytngoubo, dwan a eelilsng yo tn hiytg thingbo anee mmosm t tng bollsnt le tallamosm s l t storlaaid, cu-lik thg, sacrifing hi enors ind,cu ik e bk rd fthor sriem. hi enlet i tnalkbo er n bcak inrd f . iant etk tboo getern ntca the ace t g nt sue.he alaron questionsis
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e. al on queio ahenticit cornl west ant gitff t hernlwe gff t mbolic crack p and ol c hckarry a bafo htery >> ts isusins assual, heald secre bry coolinte p ell, t iis inbeliaseve,ua a hse heal s resla c i tinnk it ps.l, ilie, i mn, the-la- t t of considers, h ma mcain e-- nsefativcoidss,oing to getmacain be ateiv ng to g upbe not on by many b erican on henoonleft b, ybu al by e med b t er jant ft , cate haly erisl as t t ndida h. t, ihink ahat pry really urt h imi bad i ink tth pry rlly tthi debe bad iot whiking bot an wki ay an fm the moron ltm accio. >> tnd p mry an jwiiams ca toccisefseio and >> p asa wiia look pcaploe likef corsene aes a hrokea pnepl b lyorn es independthi a hmahreane ycainji de>> ty arnd atnd ty are he in reen ed t bar any t eviy dencaree th asuanil
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liam sred in thatvigmnct,e t the couthrysua il amsn'ts jus it ali atith the c r'tcism j. li meansit jhn said. the ac thatsm omaot id lect a b lacke pr tidtt, ecour yrs a ct a bck they inrhe yin ad al sharnd eythe st in iin ash just dndid e ppen annow,f cose the did en anosw,ct ofco sseon td afcan-ericanetti on the sonckdperhs, afca in-t'an tin jt, theain,here'srhnlyne i soti f orj n,thheem's wch isne desonitial f a l of ovthagabou rry ing, denial lf y know,ag houal y g, aeep annot ing y kw,ere. but tre asa rp eay ot nlyg o twolaceer te.hat enon ttas r ea f ot ty he hahi woceco tmitcon t plannd t, the nf h teid hha me omi witit a i an tughthei nan ifid theyere g ong titbe aorof f atboutht an i ihe tyhe sul vegea ty go f aft him aut fior that rherea go ftanimhis-- f>> and here r ihes w t thes- m>>ediander ha ite autern t tcan h me' a ha a se-mama did i ht without se a elp ama affirti d a w ho d lierals s y pan a't ff ma i a in ame rica w ut lials d h ysan hrt tma i imeca
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hs thrt t eire stem >> i've tt o etee em to is'vtet c's to grge s grgteaopou doesntview waou h ermaesn cainntndewhe lower trd say hsma inndheow pizz trd aysman. itas pimateanoulos smis ngits oftean herman ca . >>is we of hmateanop.oulo has teoplo h iitatgabuoting iat gab demuots, ngrhap becau h sptis lif wemng, orapau sp mocts e i ink 's kd of fngaior ga to a ncew yk p t oi rk kof f gadailoy new as nabidkt a oro to ilyews hern idca. ro t ifou can'thi of rll yern ca . g d stor t oif h cp e'txplain why o he' cating ll as he hags.or >> h i e'vxp ginothy to seeze ie'nat oneg h hare >> i ging. seeze in necanou r ing. anou rhe chris maews,hehr msnbc mas, sound boat. anbcuppo sse tndhe ayat g do n auppo t gdon
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gko, onf the bankersnd gon f e nkmaki ts throundgh lbyg shinon a keeping ki t t taxesoug ha ving tino ha aeeng tespa ?hang haateehews o ering aichow o bt atwsmn. oing hoallim pibt i thi if c is went lpi and held a 7 t-elehive if w hene cld an pl hd d iltya 7yle diminisd h cac cy.ld pltyy dis hav c theoggit wh he talng aut. thas wh i w goi to av y,hegiakwh heal ase.e. ha wh w> boieyo on d d inhed pacy to f l sa. bey w dre ginoingd tacoy te fck . reak fiwt toeep g ong t moiae ckstor s dung e th we ak figo top ur wsiia ordug th ab wa ho he wsi day bs bhi a a cb ck hhe out thedabsat cck lt ctoun. tat nextare e lierctn. mia i xte li ck sp wh th walstet kp wh w preer tho donstratis oprne ho wall steet. donras ll et ty e tantiapalis ey a freemaets. occany wl stiset prot atersrend oers likmaet themet me of he ccy medst
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otspotrs ot sthisik em mweofek. mbut hav t ot protet st sisit we beco camp s esut f h bch pte s of whinersnd coam thepes f liberal of wne he di? ibal d coressssue subpoenas temp ng tget he t thcoessuepoas about g ov nmmp t faitd g ing. havehe m ia rioued t g getai g g. ve m e riut too deils xt onewsatch [ ma annncer the al p er ie thesuttool isn'oojusthe m or.des owsch mat's nne poerntia e p iesol n'st m . to tn pls in procts s and pooms iato rodel tplinros d s rel it thereed to rn sing litum bteryitheedo ngit bry to hrs odoin witguarteedow pces thnamewe kw h oin itared p s and rienth in meange k th l weeed kno ndenn ge t's leash the wew pod r no posbili. s ase po osli moreavin mordoin at'she per ofhe he det. reinorin get fre'sridg p hyp -litum of h bdeteryorthp to9 bus etredgypit ith blectry th toidgibucordss tls. h ct gird t. ifometng isimp thcoloof
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gd, ifet is it remply w th mthe? lo g doni'rethin wso. m chassappre pferr is a ca of diffent lor. o'in.aspp prrscaf fft thr.'s beuse u alys g o tis thpoin on avel t'bee al g tithinn el om tis ttrai aiare hots, t tai d alkindof ding. aie ot om ft fo to ne d ing. alnd dg. an tha' fnot fol yoo get. d g. therare pertdviss o aner iedialy ana't yot.ere rtis an iwhiaeverou cl. d ablute no foren trsactn fe. wher c abteoretrctfe es yr ca do l th? y caapplo todathand rn 5000 ultite rardsonusoint pldad 50ti rdsusnt whenou snd $000 in t fir 3 mths.
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en sth $'0s $6 tow td yoir mnes. triwhenou reem t'$6owyo nerien rm throh ulmateewar. , whsett forold en u cahaveo mu mor roultear whttord cavemu or ase pphi prerred a rd oa dierencolo e hireed a odienlo apy noat asesphircom/eferd. apno esirm/er
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if brick ce ifrithrough, i lievthat theyou broh, more evat ntle. t pouit balmetor re and nt. so ti pitomianilmeltond maher, ti ke a silhot athisews her, anne l or over s oho occupy ew wal reetpr ot ners. l so of ose otesrs p ot of a wal et. ll nasoe'f se es pmah. d tonffene't comni h. ew or tkoty. ffen c llrigh ework tyalas ow manhattan sght o bece a c pgund forowantt o bec a thepgun liboral mea? >>henas itot t been . ib me y>> knonwhe sas"iot takeen
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yno he m shattan youan he it"i ake ok thevrage man theou hit nbkhe vepogeer licroheusly rono ced ouro arab l sn'that nd funo d ur d bansp wilnglisald it a 'tndfu probstilgain econocd a i soal rostincouatyc well aso bus esscomeatty on thi s cllha b o t vat dahavero peony hino cha e miand v demsttoda ve oughto bout in fro o m co dretond outde oghth bet fro whithous and nnieae a frdie ndc. o that's erehe pro em itus d iearte aand he ifrte con ti est's e rofor he 14 tllio dollte d iebt. c>> or up inas ngorto 1n d.c illn ft.nt of th ohite uouse or in ngto .c o ff teserov core o d yo've en lteni tov yo ne 's c lovnieragoth protrs a wha do you n covag hea pr m a phaarti dyolaur s a present tha ea a w it pti swalltree ahe esprt eshats w it weviv tllee beingpres aid, l vn to teincr's d, ln t o vera andr's h onef my intes do that kd vera on dio.nd h whnemy te>> bdoauha k ran o. i hs totally bau unsid. >>ndr, is shotacky to si ar >> >>heynterew ied pplhoend
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it s bicly is>>syperewed wire yound hear t whevericly no p al wint yeres ihen whev dograph nic ouininnt whoer was really ther a d nogodphyrom the ou hein shoide w a rndlly 0 n oderyro fromhe he s wade stre. n od ain, belve rolom i'm i wa rereem ent wh n,elem. lo i b'm it s ve o ne-s idemednt em and b t >> wvee ty p oyi-s vlin si ndthere? w t y>> i ayilmt d v olin the thoad.e? >> f i in co amettn that o. he ienseha t td. >>i conp isatque, iset t iesd in thissty, asque, a i toryin thiecaus str a aashe ryat t begniauhe nobrody elseasheayin mh atntio t eg the w,ob iy he i seennt in m atioer othe edia aynhe wen t do the and i wenasnt mp ssed oeia yn wby wt i ea do the nd i w binni tmp qssuestn f wi , and hav't beeni a t qst f lot in o ansri avo'tries onotis ins wreo hegoes on ds t kin ofis petersgo t?d tin o f ds i pter ild. > and dss th-- a ilwhd.-- > >> s thisheth-- a wh-- lib> eralth mia a pay? >>ell, thi soibal i thk th the media pa rear >>ntl,hio ow h ththhe mia donme re quantitate h on
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onis de ca all intui q it e th we s ortn of thi nk hats ca ll the mntia wermu orthe s rt o t italtf t th m tiaea w ptyor t year s aital andf walstethis t yea ar a ndbut, whe nrhic did a study and ea id lit, en innrheid a stu aal da r li ye 2009 thas ye509 tdas that5 that thrroadcastews shsid t 1 storiesn roca year the t rt id 1to esby corahe ar fst t rt he day of f ostupy wall stre ay o fey d33 stieal st>> re >>f cose ey d aieding t th>>ecoenrc wasosivdie a t that somhingheum arase iv adiougi. at om >>ngacko um u, ar ouginb.c's >>akt o laue sd ifhe proteersnb ae ma tre deue obama fdor ihe p notakingn ma thetredealstbaet f t otcaakts gn s he makheg utheialcastuse?et m t not ring that dow heg uteicahee?. >>ell, ou c hea ttothat dri tt ow yo can ar a he lot o f>>l, oth cereat things fro heyo n ot ate. ot the fazinthhi aut tthhigsro ot te ra ihat ie tin cties t aout thi ra owts nbetrshileti notes t cong oghe
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r w wittsh nbehiot kin o co cohent meitssagh , yohear w khatouisten oh t me agr, and t hat' yosar w wha isnnb c aasnd tt' w isteng >> c, i' gotnbo ask out is. te i w rdi ci'ot ao a new jsey t . nspap awnd a a n jh scol tenher apere ajournalism ne othe leh ssc announc te ir ne ur li h lette t oe eletorhatnnnc he spos the prohsterte downhere e to'm grng that rd rohempothroerit. wnre tea ch g t urdlismrom. i ea ach ur folir thecc iy wl street a movement nd yfor c tovage wl reet fo sevesnt o y t covoleital siion at h mad this foses pro stopolarit the mor i n h m ts works o tooparxp tos m the rksxp hi tpocracs ofur rin on an on hicrof r anind as a o jonalism an a>> ws the newspape the circulion jo downa wconshederaney. wspehe the verting neag rc isuln ow wn a peoe a ren'ns payrag e rttentg n toagt anymorse aeyeoav a altern'natiayve rces nt tor naneworsendinform at ion.av aerti nrcely, ts ninrmat ny, t scha, the inetscth- th chael a if u sehe someing at in y sthee i th ha af
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se evd ce omeg yed sbias wat ev it o aews watcash,om w. coitng unext theedndtc thco u mxthahe jks trl. we jks knothel. ea a k pare ea aunnired. re >>ourtom dma fo as deilnire ofichael >>rtck dn'sfo a sna mendeil g ofha ortred heur inn alcortr ed tumi press.urn are heetls t mi esdeil. e et>> tls attory neragets appewith subenan tttory rats pethuba t fast and furio vesgaon. st wi theedia pay a andtttiur esow? . wi he fiia out pext new awatc ? fiutt ewtc [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th d'ad8.
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abet tesng? it's l thsame thin chans. etes?'s th methen ry ts. eeste li® blooglucine an st sip. en t stli ®surebut oo'ucs no gonn- s. [bp] w. re t yep'hat'n'snn the tent eeste [bpwik ™ dign. p,t's did e jusnt- st oth]ikarge dthe n.ood? ye, drd it usght . h] gethe testd?tartfast yoneed ust yethirdr t tht bloo of o tou.® thstrtst yoedt ir th ooth o is ouffer®t. fretyleite ths st serips ke tting. relee easy ss t ngeasy grt. cl cli-- 'syll s d yo stps a a ter,syree. gr c lifree s go. ' syo st aeest e lia tesr,strie.. eego ll oclictoda stliesri oicda
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>> e attorney nerais dgiyingperhaps, a or rey ikrael ddoing. ngrh ap heertain knew f t ndik furdous. in he sul haheve innesa f indav knurn aut. ast sulha and urious
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kn foaon or a aar ur usis aweras ofonly a few o r weeks ago. ar onl a f ek o. th d not mt th gitimate t th d n m ath ttiopte l forcent ofcer t l sworn to givercs thwholoftrutr >> cifniacongre sssrnno rrveelthl olsa wutts to nowif ni at tco attreorney nnel k rr l and wen h t iuenod a brand n ew tttne l rndfsubpoe nad s. h iue d ic h bder nd wee n danding r thfsuoe hnader hror deee mor ddi tails about h tde fledde m g il a uttraffiingpeti klenown as orati fast aur usaf afigti so k fwnar heoti sasrytasurus a recve d f sctovere fro tryheas mastre medec ca w sc thater fro tan? ma re>> ied h e so w at ion have lo i fait the's diffenceonetwe h e th way e lo mediait cover th s ffce we anda lsthy r aed cov i roprdalstieshen r publan le gege w bush s itheihipr hseesn bl lge wus ie hsend h hey xmann nig aheccusatnan of sll ig ggarynd con aspirusacsn a o sll th arsty to d cocontsir inshe a whithous wel stse t wohenricolhe walks o aitftus ns we se w nconfenceecau he oldn't like que iolkabo oafttnd nfce
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aufure us, 'that's a nkeue indatiobo a th at ndastome t urvera, is t'arti an tondio get tht te t ras ti toet th. >>llenwoulbe aear be a big th >>enul ar aor f newhas cored is ten timessuch n ew s cod en tessn.uc > i tho ug ha x's tie wa t>hehot balancx'.s theai ctilerwa tot t he onalle rio t sotations t'm on gh an w eo m ry hioit ssti a y. o veryin oanne of oth m hits rigy.tnden hryasin o been ing ebo is. ig >> yt ndenow h m, enheg lbo is y ak s of he akcbss odeom ph lls thehiteousend t sccbamedhe a shephsa ecau ss heheasteskse g a bout sced a hefast and au sskrious, aherute is wstndt dav of the baltioumo serad is w to y. av o t thal sad oma a dminisatn in th fl cpanodehet ain cons tonsweng qstio abft fa c andurpausn aet theyre tcotowe qio m iaabfand ur usorga anitionoome o ey t bded ganionom o nee, le nb do yu thk he 'se, tru lth to tha >> i hink yhereths, tre'she 'sru emerging s halot on inkre t t's
2:53 pm
erg s stloy ohins estahe jusce deptmen and st tornta genal hder leas thenfortion ausutceep enthed ll rnen hr as iheoranonlo at t e rrore whingn a wlo of orng a boin t bron,in t t noneeles provociv ro jonn, >> ou sneesking your adov >> i waske ptic alon of hi>> s ngour irania >> wkeicotbe cause it an dn'teet y ofhe w theotbeuse pra s 'tt he wof i wheic h, ra w cod rmal d bin ic ou, co id dal't tnk ty' bdin goo fas affti a , mi d o tf t releadsef set higofa a ffsoti asensite. oeaf setet mie on to torialse grabbied atttionhesee n toays, talagn, t he t rialab of dr. attonse cos,ad murran,y g a loa tdal o d attention ts ekcoad mray you ow oam,or a atnt nswh e,ek u ople eaoryer't aay in teion t leris oryer'tay teadved trial nd nte n suen c olaweheay t bdvacri n inohe supuen c's we caysciousss, bwh >> ellinohe i an i gss cious, >> ll mbe acyclane, mess a d,m cyif u ll. d sily the tsre d, kind of r icous a. a ur dsihe an ssore on to bin w ndh afnd r icou
2:54 pm
a th cer o fan sn them, wbut d and abra os, a little ror o, f d ra it bc r and a o websial dia pe thnde wa af ebu wi a ape ld thgewa of johwi a bet ge o jmsey and mseyacndpers andpers co tvhang to somndething el a bcoecausef hetv hongible tcases,omhias a ntho bse f ancheramurray hohelerese mang aanramuay a re comeba .ma >> mhaelacksri a act thesmeda? i man, elingks are relyri a >> t hink weshedan? he pblic i , ngre telyst in tri al y tou'rnk we iing t oet r he larst n rial y r'rings d th pictinesgn tet tri ralhe nterred agssvinc w erthct sn tri exteror avinarync w anwhenou h aive xtry anen hoot ni iichael ckooson, 126 ni pousic aha ckoea. 26 d torun trial who cld to trial for rmanyri wanyldyear s, talor thima iany qualiaress ws .hi >>wedua bodywsli a ndd rrie, rrleod >>ee wliit a l, i w ri rrle horr w if u dot kn the l, i
2:55 pm
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