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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 15, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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roa w bk. [cers apause >> 7sound4 w [c ouns s.ap se like a 7ood boynd h4e wasun orna kedoy h 25as p. aerna the sho aan, cgratatio p toou a dhe yr famy andho fro llaa c oatioo us h yeam on ndhe fe,"ro o hn f" >> ggg: ox news ale. new ptts i gnsp: ired b nsy a occie w alewtts isp s btrt ccie w balki ouall s arountd. dens atousl a voiunci tir aer debt derisisat aoi cpote a i'm eg jteartt. >>reeath: and i'm i'eg hea jltr >>th a nd 'mhilds. welco to eaarrand-n h ld pro stwsco io n nearlndy 1,000 ci across more ihan 8 n0 crlouyntries.,0 i i rome ac men 8he c krino dem onstiromio are olenhe k aroemstr of e en prost samainrog winds tchgros.smaing nd blamo ygou cas.see ring from thewntownap y >>n lcan rg about om,000heto ppl e>> l n storng tut c00ity' na p pl detric b orore tpolicein clyy'
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moved ind tico mali arrests ved >> t heaer:marr pesrostsarch ing h ingermyith tusds ps arralching gont nrmheyit euruseads cent allg bat he urentba fred burke streaminge fr w bh some s theaemie extme wso tholee. >> rorte the wer e emstraons lver bute rwastehe rerlly remomra ws ret wrut oh. s yheneo shot w u pith fes n s covered caying uatsp youit have an idea it's co goirengo cangsou h eacel. i ethataas c itainiquo toihease e tayn atta cinuo t as prote stts mashtainwshe ays purtes c s.shin heyhe bntur c c budings y bnt put obudings policem van ut onir pic thetr v witredonir with ecob wtone it witre basically a wnit urbbanne w waar beicight i the a mdlen dwantowarn rigome ihe a fdlours d bowicnally r aer ay fou vle fringe b ly wh was upposer te vlerie peawhfuaspo troste med ea onrosthe
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wall seeedtrotes polit alting bkitterote s s, lotsf ar olitgasngkte lotsar water anon polete he b n onluct to b ole htooou withn pteorctsft to eas shoto oo wth dth b aftt e s b 8 a ptesten years ago. a dicate s ua tio8n wre p atest yrs licchie as d batloced aio wre a cieas poleocdan tnehat was set n fi. ole anehatheasealet se ot fihe big a banea but igotrporationsheig b an b peop w proteatstnsing anst ut etial tpehe w pteeangcefulns eal t monstrats wealful overne nsat t wusand whhasverhijaed btywhas eryjaiont p bpley >> her: ank yu so mucnt ple h gregg : burkkehankucou. >here a greg trkenkccouie.d >llre seeet toventcc pieicng pen stea. p moreha 20 pphave ea born 20ve arreedemnstrars mched ban ashey ral liaremra med was ing anqusparkndheal tim as
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g sa.rk nd timreg bak newhe sa pre iseg r beporakti n tha obahe adm atiore iis buang rsor pns t o toeepu. rodmio i bnngsrans past toee e yearrond inraithdrasalt deadne. y eynd quotingdral t ad. aeyonymuos soces, tnea symeniors sos, militaary ofcia sndior administratn m it oariciaying ofia allmendcan aintr ntrps wl oiaea eg for an 160 tr wea troos aorttached the 1 u.s. bassere. oo aac d the pthgon had.s.onde dsse. leing 000 roe tn tinad deecuryors a leg 0ro hinder ury a inian influen. h de >>rthe itedtatelauning a ew pin an cra downfen >>e edteung a pn raow ramntvlee in am cal afra. soldierwille sent tofr olerllen utgandao with hesf unda knthesf bb ts an. molly henne rgsives . i mo wyhing hn wienergehe lesw ng wi> theseheros lesostl
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specihe s oerions fceoswillpe boens wi helllpin try to ke down hehinry ogro ordownh ro's ris myhat ve bee rniserro zimyhe are forecad. zitheay so ofhe t a speci o porec fors wil bhee senaytsoofoutpe sudan oril beento coutr udnfricaneplicfr an andli congoo pvi an traing ndonotngovira forgces dict . i a lter to cossors psi.dent o bai ltero sute pnt o s belie deployug the armed fors li furdethoygiothar sdecurity inrestand foorreign poliurcy aio sll burayigfcant instndfoigpo con ibut bonfnt toward counter onut nevd tenal c aicera evd aic ty say it'soelpen det sy 'sel rc ineecenve. rcneve ontrategist whyhe pr
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idonen did toatishepr aidle d toonessat a es yeseay. at he a v lt ye. e rost a v.trost he keeps of y kps villa glshat ein. o yhe irss silmall childt ree. into wfarerss ssll chi cld soldiersnto eqwrere tm tso k c tir sdi pentsfor emp re t k hes t a vpiotsus y. emp he united ates heios doi a uusefteul thies her y thdministratoinho to ef tsorofer h e ththisdm oisatn f ty orofeis nig. >> mly: ite use ys is ollong a01 ligaw.he re m: e e i lo a l ngressuphertncas efforts ssouprt elinaas fo thertsolihrhe hr la. > hth a drone strik rep htethdly k alirong nitr eptedyl- kqaedli mitts i ni yemeccdi tod tribaed i ade omeasnwdi tri aawki e oasnw on.awki e w k ille d. lt nt heas kwns w kleowdful
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he krewnuingool r the trorowful gup d asel t to figure in heg das t f ur aebian peninsulahe hend his son aaanesent ilan het is hontrines i is key aqatr eade to kille thiyear k anel aveqa ggg has m e de ono lehiar tt. ve gre g: itggas heptembere 25tn a d net strike t treitepmberook dne stket ouook ske fatah in aug ts another droneattrike toinug onouterro nberwo iken commandto oand ack in n mawo a cmemacan spe ald k fce stormg a pe cpound fto igpakist kilng osa bilade cun king osbide >>regg: deitehe defeat of thjob billregg depreedeontiing tef pt ush thb hll arl yreti45g0 ph blion il ll reakgo pieceslfionil l neessary ak pie todf psint oma ungnesary deoitne o t od msi o deit o eco tmiyepreed are in
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he count as coheacrofoeprre aren s wkl y a re cnt st wil hefo a re e tile ae to ind tipsan ppt orillin ide ddnsa wate.orl iedn ten chare, gd t seeou. pside s s i 'mchoing tve gl t .the c ryp teldeling i'm lmangrs he c yory joelb vote imanrs vor o m yojo conoc votropoels. vo vethe mct that his j nocpo. pla e alady d td int h t sen jate p is al dweein is theeneredent govin ceeamspaning chaierede g > ihink it's a gat p nt cpang hareggie. i ihihi is olaely h p ints mpaigging. thk veirydy isolamelig hng is rit no aig. of chrse,khe helaamsig ri rnoubca for kil li cnge,s t robcas f il an or not vg onr t whatevob he oonnonienonr dsn 'tat mevti h thaetheillonni n dd in t sat edhich istihaeil lcontroed b din his sat peartyhi is nt b hihichs is pty k f lsch iis sry line ka lile as to do nelihe b campa i tdo jus t way chepai rublica are o of j theaso we
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htavenay't rseenubcaare coogenftth pnsoe hen fro en rebaca a o centn yet t f t ngreheycaon't oav y omi et yety b'tav mim ort tliy y all thessur irtnba. t yl assinrd n s.ti bk t wching himakin td hits s rtihtk wnowing h >> ggg:heits h rehttroded the owll a g: mntgo.oded t aer h v acatllion the a esi hnt r vefusated tbrkhe it u i or rusk otherwiseom promoris o wi n comisve with tomosome in h ownar tn c, vewaitit ah h mwinutear . resident, it w are notoing mtonu fsi it.nt w nng tw o sen fats t. t docti de sai no. twen t docti ow, that 's s dea nin tat ow h e , at to b dak iea h d b h i my w the hhw he stuornnes wtealble t tuares amecateontiebl t t suggl a >>on ttink abluly sgl >>abluly thatrinknshi tha hari
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nkplnsed t eople c alleded h on it athe pltim cledctlly y s h od bt ego ing im this, b y hd fud. o g my flinghi is b te we he asfud. ting t fongtr i te tureheas tg a to tpreurial nure loo i a el re l harere i g thensrs u ge in line. reri ghe nsit'rss dif rget tn iit le. 200 t' dheifnr t he skyocketi 0 popuherity eryon waseh s puty eon asnoby reehly the guy. he may beobre ay butobody disli keagd edm.ith is v erutodiffer dt linom. e'veiee vn in e aermot no of time heasee n veying teeo selinl h amoim job pla nheee, nongtnl sy h hhe pobpularitynf t p, gnoontnly down b his opwnty t p g popul arwnity b h oas pul reh notas necesly n lows bu thereyhtaveon becac dowlyn t noows he avrerdon t re lowrds. >> eg it is anewow. i waownto ir>> a balanced i.ew heresident's walan h no a
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baancenct a. resi ev'sodn k hne n thaat hece a begning. ev odthe kenate teplin plhe was eg t.orthhis e at weeekliplas thethhi w counerpoin tresident's unerin pl.redent 'lul p iup o nl the scre p i up a oalnced budt ame tndnt. re a pr bidtialt linetemem to c spdi. pridal now l aem c cap f corpo t aw rate at 2p roveor r tith holdi rngove tax on vendo.ol axonen. patate overseaiom zero o a teve reaepeiomer hltare refoorm lapeodarankef fnci do you s ay ororw. y ty any of it tny ssingnd if not aren't in g republ iicanonly htiot aen themlvesn a ect yea rrepuan lyby reitinforcihe emes p asensea clm of reiorheartipnsshi oshe cl of pa tins may be pa a mma a tti
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srt way of going t tit's dcusng psl t whiax ofosngt am icsan dusp pe. thios the uest i d dps thato e st t td. th tsruthf t theatr t t mn s ryth t ttths g toingo br ttols m sryad t gngcobmy ol as presentad omamy has spestatit oy loof mey ting as fixt anhasnt fixspedta iity lo th m tg ixtrgument anbasn winix the day thnd trerergentt ghtin b damart.rere hestly is a grertat. efrt i h y tnk totrsy tre e repfea t t trobaycare. ttinit forthep t poin bait'sreind. of rinic fouth t p in li y 'saydt's not ging to ass. li theay dt'o is thi nnk hav t s. a he ihothinkavhot psingomhing le at aft a pngleomctn l i obaos a but r htft noit's alectba pit ic rhtno 's>> a ggg: inves t pit estionhat can> b gegg achied. t puicsave s ai tialont aloanachi. mr. pridenifeou s cthislo bl up we . enpen to c tiss bupe likepe ttos prll tax liut.
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tyrastax the free tas tr teeiltr tha hav bncollecting dustil ha h nandll secpeaker b der s h is op to oing sdething s oer stranportatio is a opo ng sinetasnguc otu whi wasso anrtion he p siasde'stulahin.asson sar phose sode'shilangs that maye asricaanho soec thigs t s pys?ari > yeah, i t hink thast wres? yekel toroblyee t ank lothat ofre hf mealsures betwe nbleedot thehleio beare ass youwe nd k he ce y asouetnto t y we'reet staingoro w wre ptaeopinlego roall willy seaso p op er secd yo gl closerly s to le sionyo g b cotser sid j ustleio st bopking thto jpegiati. st thng sp ting toth gto apthegingti thone bh s tecinse theyre ath n afid o doi ng e shethingecse t that af o isoi setng unpopulhat gregg: ndou he 1 uopons re: outi hl the ectios saking o whic tidid tou seio th latesst gainllp oicouo s
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th 46% l oesfga ericons now or tms 4els as of inpe ndenichich mow the tmsel a s hdhe balance inofpeow enn tch t nehleiohealcef t p nesent stngith te i ep ennts,t p isst anit t e iredi iyepens, isnemic a5% idi if ttmi i whate iing t t inhe n ext etlect in arhatein 5% in nex e mctaemicly he c not wi m a thehaenge h for repubca wi 've t to fheinhage aoromeeep who e to f can artomiceeate core p wty p ncniples t wic tator p ty ppe to p indnceps ntt w ishat w the repeayg? tnd >> asoluntly. is younow w grehegg in alu00.9 he ouw reaon tha in oma b00w9hehe a t doors bhe f d te ect h d s ofe wlct d mong iepdent theere pleoe onhe f ng rhtep thantt didn 'tthikereim. peoon r buhat i depdnendents may hime ved ait him bu bheyenentsayiden'ted like aiim. h ashe ver likable g'tuy lke and uc h. as er powl l cabon gctiowithhosend guys. a inow a cio gthse w
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pgvis.sly ain ohn mccain w previslouy h goo d connct mainnit pvi h depeen. oo now onree ars lerite has depeen w e lostsle asat suprt at is tst rord ow i t i event ifep rlorcancame up wh aan di tdate thaten ilancae republ wans didtandiectesa tly love reblsid bsa -ly-'mhink o ve ittmneyer'me -- but maged t toreeynter b mimaglf to as sort orefntlf aso of asle adu onuses mattswow, i adun think hatttouldw d tnkeing 2ha009t aldll o a gain butngoingn 209 the a o athiner utoing he dirtion. greth:harl godoee yo u. ir . >> reearler deadlyo ms yo shooting >> sideeaer californidlya hrsal. sot de cifni som he. chiing om1 c tes revlinghe tense1 moments tes si >>enregg: plu t mhetsea ntinsies >>gg p f tea in bab b lisa irn.
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heaer: drickr-trt. la eaone: schckltr banning hloen an you et be sevwhy.l bni hlo an u beevy. [ acsticuitaplayg "an om" ] ac ictaay "aom] whise bl s ] ! isbl] [ by cg ] [ cben ]rper ♪hat arteas ahisp ♪ n er ♪evert day,teilli as ofspeopl♪ ooseo dohe rht tng ery,liofpl sedo r t
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♪ swly rned to acrea♪ the's ins anceompa sy ed at dthat atoo.ea ♪ ths nscepa dato. bertmutu insance sponbili .rt tu nswhatce ur poli? onli at li
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gre: wee go apd o a tory wroht ou jreuswetgo mipdteag a rythwheht house jtea
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inmigte t anthwhe asciateain psseporthat esiden asci oatba pertha henis o dmintratn is anding h plao kee p uin.str.atro inin iraq paslatheee ypearo ind aqas whehdra ywal deaine. ndpoespersel lw uraslea qe.te poespet oma ieptet ma it car wreomtt o to mat eepi our aomgrettent th t iraqiovnmen t pi ruremove allret t e roopby ra end of then ar a r at ove e t e ope' e ofh il ding at e e cprehensive rtnehip thng ira under c tprhehsi st tegneicp fme iworknd agreement inc dingsteg r fatmenswohiand ame dcussions itncingself iqis hi bout t nure of t hadtssns lflation ishipqi are o oi .ut t n ur ofe peago tnadt consi de dlaonip re leing op toi.,0 00> peoroad tono leng t trai,0 surro for ts aond hindertr for a nrby aniainflnce. hierny iafle. > heather: nlyelsed >eaer:ly 9elsed tas revealihe chilling monts ter a taun rnlihe c oneindg ire mo as r cifnia hairn oned sa n e
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kilngig hai people. >>e've sanot il shti pngpl >>ve oar >>hereti the o son>>re hee ne amonlae. ene amla >>eath: th manurneut e skeot >>th dthanne cryt e sotcr tgge custody batt that wor det t salon. cto shettow thahgedit kilorlid her t don. seven hehgeitthils.lier ev the wl shes. dth pen alhel procutorsay. >>en fily rors of >>iig ofisaii iinis hopeha itin a pe rhaeward a wil bng rer hare.d thatil mte he.onor s e i sa wethyor s ome whoseole intes we y seromell-being.ho s is ithe person ter heledbe
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sshe erlln stattnha j hneeddhe case llrlie thi sstan wk. s >> ggg: l kiiehior aloan>> gggutki horg tavd t ahe bk?an ut yoig be iluckd b k?uestons hat?yoig bethe irelus n lace sthaon peoplt? he a tursni t h n eac oceerhaeo aur t h e weitesinngenerous itiz enwees w loang seekers.enous o er iz tenn heingoa smebeeke i. nee wt is onhehe iinncengtieb heret ishe i ienet casey er sll knows. iet clivey in l ael. s >> keporr: ie goallhe ivswer in . th newoan >>or igo il sw gerng thewn mentum escialth votiity n the banki ngmtues alsysm. it lvoe by ronng m to bnekiy from a ys s angeitif uan b bierong mo that fom a onlhis sge in a saufe a at l iregnatedsafeay. w k ategedtaeday her o wn sines k thetaed biggest h ode as es tigst unng. d >>e was comrtle wngh >>as c etting staing n binesh byuttingfun n ctiditag n bcarinnd per sonaltiunn c loans w
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arnd rder tnaol g. ranepor wter:he o pt for loha d id r norr: iol b oank.r lo sha dged on iol b p spscoged an wsite psp scalzing a ineer t wte pee ldicng >> te outheee banks a wl ee redi plars and let toueksl ppl e plandet ppl ediectly tonvest i tl tnvt oer people >>t let's you bro wop money >>t fetm eveoua broon invesrs fm e and pfitsnv ttou typcay a toa bk. p ts>> ilt giv youou t t muc to ney. bk. >> iesrs c ian givivou tuc as l itt y. or isesuch c aivheyan astt a pe eroruc toaeer lyan c ce pe f tm ooreer doz len of pple. ce ten mef othoreozorro p can se money ausen tthenterestro resan eare m meyse lower tntest vsus re l terditional cdi v lisus.s >> aood invent t idion gaetl cli ad nv 7t i g inrst > t 7y t out eeinstopeer > any whe t theout iereeest ono his eecret c heecame the high to o h
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handle. re it cs ju a gamat tateig.h it washa.asy t juo gatate. consolid atite ttasas an, t itofonlid our tt , it hr. f > report: the aruris iolveher mosly r rertthhearis iver mnvesy rrs, coue, becse the is chae th es, ouec bo owerthisha mhttheflt on the oan. but eboer pularitefylton the i in t t number p ofulit tyhe peeo pee tumrf t p los incoreasi py me than lonc as i00y m than in010 compare d to in00 >> gromg: ire wdld presumehere woulbe d00eiligence as grt i t wld psu reborer ulende aillien to r ayor theoanli ando foro rht hen nd roo fter: thas wherehat ht mdl or: ts w tt w ebmtes the facit o w thisnd they he reguate fhat. ohis theyndook theheyret e. gueha a eyk he lhypplication p ssa. ithy fcitiwhenpp ycaouonookss at p plitowciti senrt y the at ppl banngysm. >>regghe: i an could >>regg proveery pul.ou aidhe pve kno l
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l. o tuaiff.h >> heather: doou l wt loa on me somtuef. m heyth?do w l me iomone thinkt ws like i tink t tt. wli n plottoill atdi poa rabi ambasdorbsd, d th bimbctr absned, or th wasct in ane volvedas iandn wllpe ak oedndvisor a abo nd ak gogg:hoaiis a pctu i sabo woith a th gsagg:ordsai atu oe rowouph dng tooronds tselostn th vietom waeng totst th etwa htherne school saying hth t shoololwe.aythwe th are bnni tolaynd verarelnihersolayoo ra> lgrg:rsca wehouoo gr celebtecahawe wane toeloura. weh cld btoldwey her an oopleelra. h bldr lemalannocer ntmery nd agailaggi had tre thaborthe ost raraland nogicar fruintry ailgi d rehar e twhic provared d car tuiir eryinaial ed. icov t r rythuaer rl blind.] thu er cshinhu] rin an th, inne b ndi blihu c inof eye
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anhin bili ye thr tr hadents lt. thtittrtheiadraymend ja ls fian advor iteiymja fiey h predvred r ev thenthiable hred evhehile ♪♪ an thedanc.♪♪ seehat raymd jas visan canheo foncyou. et ymja isanfou.
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udi vomen p aa's.s k.l mbdiassador.a'.s.mbasdo maurf. told invesgarshat he worng imarf ir tld invto heorng attck sraeo a sdi a arabi ae emb asies s idin wasngto heraeades mmbtes i hnelasto cotableorea thest hlot. ble t from attempt of wa a em obously t of weren ae t succeed. ob us lyis i tthe rst me weree t k su ee f th t ed s omet ihie t n we our catal. th i hink t t set areog it o cacael. the thi i theynk canre o awg i witit. tehi tnhe t ty'hiotey tan beel dawit .reon ble a tary'yot b oe e a y gre: o wchhod hewa u re w rechonse sdul . rens sul . chrtian widenoins hran n dhe hav cbity? >>heres a dtron hgmoybityra >>rea here istron any aount onreol ids a by part f ahntonold i
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nbyimaref chargewith eoing in t chgeito inislisrevoluon ae is slislu ae related to the f r polaibleto he r areanypoibrileca at a inraq.ri d esident bainaq hseeno idtba h cleeearoranian linge tis is pociraavane b l faure. too k o pfficoe bav b willea fae. ut oo a oiceandfill y ucle nch r a fi.f to theredent sleoch f orut fion. this he veryrede s toelling. reggdo y t tnk ts v engent pices tli i.f we an gg ycall tt that byh en pices w anadmisatio isll a tctlltyh bkfir n dmaio ay w t i tbirs it embodenedehran?s i thinko. bo ine comesehgan?in a patte t h tnk isra lyiipomartiessa wreinran pat aseen pushing on alyniptipen wreoorarn whoutee any phi ris ou go bk the wutny fnd g bk ofhe th islamieplic teyook i amameicage and they
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cootrutedo th ling me ogef a t ctred th mberngf ofmer an m areresfmer m 983ndild a geatumr 3 fmendcahroughea thetirr priecahrghndhe banprupiesnd direly in iran a they he never ai rea coneqiruenc rny ahe y ofhe aeions ve rtheyave creeanc lrny o fof ans eye repuea. >>hris oan, t's lkbout w >>is, s boheni states suld reond prehedentnis ste tsng red about rentng serely hara ationt th are tng about elyaraon thcrireli t econ amic utin on tehn. but i u.s onoec snnon behusn.ins ut wi iran. so u blarswiran.ction sorctouio wouldn'tave any efft. the preside w tsulo'te any ertr psi wsolats ir.o w dore g abooiha if lair e wi erdogth aeoi haoorati i ochin a r wuith e o a re atiea oin dubus a rbou wh pe o her a with teas db a pl? whpe >>erhat'righth it'ssot gng two. ?
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
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5:00 pm
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5:01 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:05 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:10 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:13 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:16 pm
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5:17 pm
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5:18 pm
5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:26 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
babyyo my itor youion'tearounythg. althe ghts are o in bye m or use. u e sc'ten ir bstedth ale ts o roug' got dogscn th i bed backrd. y di't y h rug u' anyoting?ogth e ba call ck. say di y h tabynyg? ba ll disaeare ay gre: yoand are th ty rent sai nreer s pt w n my reyod e ughts nt we b nies. s w my espiallif ty're htsick gre: ifwe hea b anys. sou in t spll tre hsean, asck reifea jumnyng ou up ut o tbed a h ch, kingnum upe o mddle the a ng rig, yodo. d me he n. nter ewedig tyo. tore th eroceredstor t clk. shres thhastersotoee eror cl bbie sh thremeer wthearthe sotheras buyi winit meie me warman?e er >>regg it w heryiin brher. it'her roth. in? spo to>>gg whe cerrkesterayr. t'r in kthsas ipooity. c e sate to bora d ks n seemy.epre ed.sao ra e di't d n semmre. uappy she di w smili. u shpy eught w babwipeand byli sh ht fo.abpe d no if anying, fohat exonatinbecae if yonoref ing get rny og, youat kid onincaifo g et r o ou you'id n buyg by wes. ur sing e moy. u' so ts nuy b w. is sg moafflg evybod t gre: wh's ieresng u kn thibecase yo cor fl so manvod rewhases ies
5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
ey n si speo she neig ore who w saw spe jsey aig onho m show tontuhtaw hdesibes jhowy an mjers was rettowhandon hitheses aw ife. rsnow,ashettnd rson the youh e.rsonho h the w, onheacceou cod to t gare wasomee fr on wh hheheyookceod d , bu t warwameon'tfr wh owyok fro dbu w the'tolicheth that comg t nowro we' gotheicth atom a $0,00 t0 rwwarde'ot fromhis anymo $00bene rctorrd whetr or ot i willomake s diffencewe amoopeneor etor ille so ff ce gre: bi staoneso fo erlyre bi tain nyp he gs out thefo, doly a lof granstanng ayp i'm goinoughe tdo findhe l chi anan a and'm so onin tand nd hi a and-w iestitionndo n myd gss a d-w iti ion kans ci poce my go t him gnd sa hey y're i an st lcienseo goimere, pa, anyouey y e uld se y lr lisense anbee, panu chard d if youlie a asan an inve igat . arif nohe aears ao besn baing at loono i h aersbe intview thtantbag my howf. oo h tight ntew ntell. y w tlear eve tht he l. adms th he w oldhat thearveeoundies dmwerethy w thkansldthe cynds pol erethns col
5:48 pm
depament he i one pant i wne ss i' n her too wnythg b fin sthei' ner uth. t th pole ith binquieed t d h.e sa thol iui t t dng. ey'r ssaurinthe woo and t. 'r sin e rapped dn cooffs,ndn t ofs,n th wds, t pp d dihes. cs, t >> gs,gg: thu've w, t di gots. it tonht g : youverogr. ot cah motonith ougr jud jeane evy sacardaymobegiinh a 9:00.m. sterud reaht heevsaayon gi th f a 00. er r h nws th f cnnel heaer: at n a cel d fereeae: ekakes gop eld cks in d hrese re. en i u who ises own?p d sat versn h r i ar usayi abohosn? vs juaryibowho, if aone,ught t haveheirju taxo,aise ifwe'ltalk ae,boutht hat mingvepiraxse 'llkutt ng next xt fo!
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5:53 pm
rtua h tie to?wh abuha uaie o? >>t' a dire r somof t >>repuicanartyo fi a chalnger do mie rney. om the'slear oinputoantyfibe a al ermi filistn th ry.ace d 's earry moinh iteemsheres a a n fist chthleng. e rit no eherm moitmsairea nas tchng ri no rmchan t me his cas wh sho tde an tresi mnt ohif asthe ited stawhsndhoe s ihe si ocan nvin eno h re ubliednta prary tato s itay n innoliveh r li thother bigtorypry toere,y nam yovedidn thhe menon, igckry prye, a mtham or oyogo hdnas oen, pop ofhea mollsr d s he tgh o d atestougof ls discsion s t aut desug scon a illal imgratn. nobefoll sngle ve haim at beennofo ct, we' sleeein him vinkha toen sgle d cits. e' >> thiinimk hs se tis ds. >>hi yar's rsioof t whyudy gui hani t ash d bn. y if'sou g id oio thy ay ofui ti he h cndides b if gachm oand af t cidhm dper auntsn r and evenewt tsngri and y jus havcainvewt ri nd an romy wh, doouhave yusavin anom thwhe? do >> aeadve ht. 4 #% rth ain.d h
5:54 pm
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ni ti neymni orctwo aew prseiden a it wl last ym aut 6 aren wlas day gre: unss a 6 one pay ru thay reunne tle.paru wi the ousethenat tn the isobod t. wiheseat t tothisodicketo wi. ke >> ggg, e sete, uan bier awi min ity all gat , se yo, u wan you n ceainl bi ainyl hav a yo partan fanht andu 'mce surnlwe uld s itav ctinu rt f buwhatendur ared s sting is cnu tbutat pele tnk bote s pargess i t ngre arepe t bave ott gutyar i rere be gu guil --ehavg in il- aavinarti an procs. >>reggreal havto rlly tinn thetabl in oc tena and >> ggal thav's ry hebl tnand pr tythprnlily. >>eath: asd as for o of e moli.ress g>> ithueasas tkingor o fout i near hal of thoseng pol d stax th fav a canardateal whofse raisol s tax onhe thav weahyanteho yeais we aaxed anhoic bweenould eau r her ave ea a a cicndide ben wldo r rposee d a cid tahikeor onl w rais tax ose a etakeealtnl.
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is theyayax yealte'd ke ey th ea peon td raistaxe onh pe tis txe ch. ne chleng for cdida t to co.ert is isschngorinto candao vante iscot ss vors ato suiciohat en s eonent is saysvo a i'm goi o rse t essu oiot sne eys ric theefin'mion theoi r t ri wil o clud an fulot ic heinn heher rieoplil ud n >>lreggcomi outf th whit hous thehave kinr opl >>ggmi ut thfunn inte retaiton ous heve miinionaes. o at wld b anydy nnteta o mina. abo w bny $20000. don'thin ty'rebo miiona es. 00 . >>eath : esn'cialin not tn re new yormina. >>thesalot ne cyor gre: sct rmuss. anksor cing yth rescs. r heasser: at ds it orks g s. ri folum and rres they ea : ll n dillet stariingol by.nd es >>eyreggthe nletag latty. >> ongge the monsatio in mesquaat.onhe ns io n e-bys ua. by [ enne rving [ sptato] guit, o!en
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