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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 15, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>>udgeeani: toght "jtice weave eaki new as t >> ge ni setoch it ensies f "jce wee kiew t se isi f missing mon oldabisng la i r onld win. thiweeke araon t ir grnd ikinsas ty. jus for hie reekrn oarthe t by tgry is et. $0, 000. usr re oe t >> wt $nv0,ti0.gators nay ally appe wd toaby nvtito la. >> w are lytpetoy deang- la. oer di t hi is w ne a d - imin mte in di t hi pluev b or sein in foage om t exc si lu or se inrviewithhe foe tsi parents. inieth thearts. mmia w erhee wer scaminher amand lking for er in r am d >>udgeeani: co lng uki to ght a s cial ditir of "j usti>>,"geni wheco's u b tot saltif la.
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"j ti >> hhe andelme t tice hnd el me m jue ceeane ju proeane brkingews kans cy br ng s anpoliy sourcesell "justic litheyave ound jeryou t st homele man wte d oreye nd j y qutiong inhe hole an sateppeanceorfabe. quonin lis hadea neotabeeseen his is b aby ad n lisaeeseisispeed b.ab s re saame,ohnned reame,ohan and heswnoan aar a he wnitchade. tonit hes inustoar on a fe ny w are antche. niheinton fe w unrerelatd -- wra uelated tohe ce. un la --thiseek en ias in ueled katoas c cy i ske t a is k i i neigor w lt tha j er y ka ci s t ig w t ha j a.a. jynnan was a th reat a.enin jindidualho as wod take hwi tchb lade th outat in di aland ab iinto tab lendwo ake h en pwiy ahbrodededutit i o d ito ab leteopl k w th h e w pas arod que hody tith pltheth h w itchquade.h dy but ere s al anoer bh de lopm tn teachrce. for t e al no b babyis a. depm n t a peateor inv es gaby fm p rk bteughtnnv t fom ne ksa city
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. bht lr thi wk, a t ksaty w lthy b lrhi a faor s w thyo t pfate brinng i priva t vest atorin id biri snt the is ing bestorbi a snt he s 00,0g rewed puup fhe fe r urn ,0ewpuhe and/o rn cctn ofnderso or pnersonv olve d heer per hnvrived he rime. jud jeane: anto pr isedme big. bount yudea: to predig bnty whomer fds by omisa. y jud jeane: e rern o is thbabynd t conctio >>f soone ings he kudea: re o thby ton io righ now >>d ssos the gs k fnd th chi s tighw sth only a p k thhi ti benc the onl bring ttidk gh hbeernc theheyringtidet 10 00 her t jud jeane: met th etstann toiscu the10ase.00 yound i ot ud keaw: polit an to necu tohee. elimi nate the innou iwli ne o ecircmite firhennst. is azingshat th nev rc saidirhat e pen. are ang t n suspts. id t we d p't kwre i t sp. i d i ks t i
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inneir ise. t everody e o b netumped. ir >>nd tt is ha t ersy hee b tupubled so. fasna d andha t>> tis is s cblomoll f and thahat s meontri c t conct the onrfecicrimand snatch aidon t d t e ecmimutd a stch lotionyou c uld t d o t iut a yocoul 't d i loonu ld d the wod be a til r a youl d th wobewitns. r a d were n deaing ho tn did is i weot n criminalng d i rimi maermi. jud jeane: rmer deteive th t nyp d. ma mi pat,elco . ud ea : wher do u ma of l oftee typ this t, co >>wh'm no evemasurf wherofe is star>> n ve ur beerery nestith you nobillar bey sstnthon. y li kele enoughbielw. s nt .it idiffult r meone li ke e h vion helw. h ifft mee oec tive vi h overew being cald in oecve er this b pereisohialsd i anonymo us iserhi benectno ismo gng toxc ne s g ng thexc olct iv ethentlince and ttndol wctdomiv of thentlinc fbi and tt them o the fnd authories.
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e >>udgeeani: wh do u ke ohohis yinghat .is i no c>>rigeminilwho os ngt m iteind? no c ri whl is talng aut w d th m?tein d? thetate nt rem whnss al a w un ear th m he tebut thinemwhate isryin unr ta is t inathaisthinrime i it w a cme ithrimehe is w ac cal cmeme bind ifhe he ild s abdacte cd b ddidtfhe quir d cmil dt aste inir d i lart company on tt a tein we wl ge int i t thaomt.ny t t a >>udge eani : wh w do geu ihat. >>geniwho an. in her rds,he tft d sa of bies . a n r s, fl trish g saf fesacited bck a maet iame ricaflitshs a it edbct. if i factmat tu is oeutca ahat wh. y ou d ec istctcttuhe oha wh y drent shetes,he nt ctua is,onstenci in e statentsnd se of he ua ihighonstcimpn ba atts sofcenarios gh they pbareferr in rat to ce na osit t timce . ey p rrn >> jge joninewhatre y t saimng wn j jneat y y ou dsaon wru yinghat e sri or yru emen ngret onreanae, wi lenogicalre? i wlnae,
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wi lic wlocal. inlonccaonsisten jud jeane: w? a by whdidnnc othe who dudideat w: ak u bwh dn ry ba m onitors th heho did w u evident ba dn'tap mre tits cg bu e de wereup dly 'tap t og a g threy doesn'tar babya tthhasn c, ddosnhatar by tesn' barsn c , thlighha thawent on after n'ar 10 0 wh t thhe mgh whant n o aerslee of10whenwhhe w tt toleep mnd t whethe sbancam of then doo wr wtoep unl ke dhee wannm cam he. th oo wme. nlit wke locd whhen- cthis . is b warocwhhe- is >> jge jninewhats istereing out is iarthat whenou he a by w is j jneat reg t i at si ouen ha ws k a mhedo si ou ent ed aab mon ait a she s the mt it aor was mon on. e eeven t myit sas doe't mn.e nsen no d addoe all of t s ns lunnoddy ll yo tsavtheun befto w ings in wild bi snt w w gs iilbint w offin $1,0 00 nd bring inn atrney aartly who,000
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ri isrsn inateyetaraitlneyd.ho we wisl fi outat in t et ai ow. what s th all wboutfi?utat i n ha you een ke at thll ut ?is >>hahis ou newnnyurg f. i' so undend i t ha>>ts tewur i'o de i ha t tmystious benef acto r eastedus ouandlue b beflaceaedtanton ou oude b ofarstaouonnty and s ai d ou is ithe y whis gfng tsnt and ing ogher d s om how ie whs g ng evat t i es ga veg ogr s ow therg oflues nd e denc at i mo so an t missouri stat e erof es e ncpoli, thfbi d lo l moo tisurst li th i loautriti. >> jge jnineand kans citpoli. re itthe tiing,e no we j j ne de inaw nf censntit alion g ie g, notieon bh of u in ntat p a.don. g not ri ti b o uformion th h. p .dhe. s n rmn a hn ant of l aneorcent. o theris ne ofhis ing . so w t ite hce. er nofs g so r wole?t wh doethe beneac rre? tnk at h can dwh thaoete the berbi tnk th e hate anlicend d00haheoots bi therouncan' do? e e ce >>'m aoouallat loss or he un n' o?rds tha one . >> a ll t os i sve n c e. s hane . >> jud jea ne: u sa youi n ow ble. stanton >> whud do eau kn: abosautu this
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b gu son wh >>o ormeknbout nd. gu jud jea ne: w lo ?>> me ion't n >> j ge judnineeathre: yearlo a shoon't t kw. j j howneong rere yar wit ho owg nyp yd?it >>4. a decveyp or>> ve >>udgeeani: st witus. or and ts me togh i ncluding>>ge ni st it mo. of e d lusi mveto intvi i lung youith l is a'mosf esivi prtsho uh l ew jemrwin w otsut ohof e ouse tem nightrw w o o f walisa tak y som tnenig r o wasa ty famomily?n en " juic oe"tinues. f am y?stayith . "ties ayh [ sban] u rey fothis justigne thwholfami up [ for anlimi d mobire to fobileisinut. stne tholmip u'reiddi. r mi bio leut no wh e's at mreey di mingrom,teve no whdis it e mn cr s yo minng m,tovesk y r wi foreigni us difo esomecring yo expinsive to ywi re motnir was righ i sfouldme g havexparrive joh clar. otwagh sdveriohar theyere ee. got em wn i gneds up for limieyd mee agin. t wi edupr mimein [ ma annncer get re vue fm at.
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>>udgeeani: wh is e rst ing u th ght, debb, wh jer y co s in >> ge niand whys ws re i t g tht, l a? bbwh erco in may one f thd b ws iic l a? heup and ay wnethlangsic hernd put hhe inndedith thelam anngder nd knewhatas n' ptossible.edit he an d i nigh ewt donasn' psiblno theri wasgho thought.on no
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was j t heersohe tug. we g to fd hhe whe is g t o she d, hat wappened. >> we n shwasn inhehaome, apat ineyourir tho ught? w sh sn n dian oe,ne com o iurind?houg no,di mea onot c roeay.d? it wo,useat-- jus rt an . itusus t pac. .u dot thk wh somhing li tha is appani. do yothdonwhomng t hi . liha ni . yo thohts e e ry yoner th are tacin yohos ery er ere nth--re tinr i nhi make e sen i yr h nhi you st i i ske leot i re. 's a reamu is e ot it jus a re n aamma. >>itudgeuseani a: andid e ys we up ma . >>eah,hey >>geniand wup >>h,y wok up. ey w immiate knew. wer ucrming h er nam a mmte kne loingor her and erheycr wmier h n crloyingg mommy werrendspk wr whe is lcrisa?ngmy re >>pkack th whis la? fmer >>k detecve pat osnaand inedet b t na d thurednd psyolist ur drrowi pudig. wa the a
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trgedrwiud. abducti wahege auc do u tnk ts was a insi ob o w >>asheaby idt levi tatesiob itse out f th >> crib.idt vi te >>udgeeani : an the sebyutth cod no cclimb.out the >>ge ni an e crib. co no >>imorret , 10heonthold. i goit. i haib a cple tho ltle >> re10 th d.nes go .i goit. ha c e ho opetingerese is shis, go. epenglocasel i paren thi pr lem r c minaabily inca ar vieif iad thi c as fprm cna ilin e iogi parieen i t bei cngf iompligitar inei some y he erli i nere ahi-par o sre y er foth pty e fac-pitaror o in fo p myiew que higfor ac num i difrent rieeansqu.igr um woin ifnt r stiicly a nd wo historicly aaselinerotiicly a econic pspecve a st ic a evasythiin else ro m f ri on pec a a evhils ew spare elents. thfirsshifhe wkeds arles. thrsif wds eelerickn atight althe ll pnes e go. i thlenkckatht maybe t t ale ps omgoeind th
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of rooayetake o tnt tirind of oode i ter of taybe oyingn to emina theallsn and i er f e ngt. e nare ihewhatls wou do. nd i wod wa to k w for t he iat ou o. pr io 30 dwoaywao eve kryor t sgle pe on tpry spioe wi day texved sgl pe ttospadwi a tofed with, a dnk wi w aaseieoed w with,h in every wiste th w went iio.ed wt in ery stth wt ery communication andant it kw th ri mi l hyistoomnion nd an port and n repo rted f k athrimi h thos pple ey m w rtnd nre ed f dung tt 30ays and ose m w b ehindud t30ays nd thatn my vw. w bhainwe dd know is that t atmy w. lice ave read look atha d no ithat tndthey tve n cee ad ok tindited at t patartsy a n specdi. d t p fac thesaidhe pen are t ec acheid s pusencts. e arur ie job or s ar i abduion?ob or >> ion'tnow. i mn th it i k now.dun? ii kn't atw.his oi nt t mheth k w. di rict att orne y'kn otichieoi t what er t ocdictro asecutoner' ficehey e thones hat at t oc thorroetorr or ot cey thes t th ize orrest beuse eyrr o rare e on thahave t th pre ecstbee ute. the e w enonrcemhat isveoing pr whatheye. can d o we hen wemt iseyng
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have attheyyollo cd upan dn w50h0eat dsey is tvet acc ur e?eyloup 50 a teausandsd. t a tusanleadandccot noth taning. all ey h e is tomanadndndot dad. th younowg.s he l hisnd foradr cef ouw s prheecut youan put two r cpeopef in e rm an ask t he prut ou ut te sa questio or a opn ran a t ov kensaor tueior aga f t wooven w tee a al ofga f sden wnc o sist cial co up. sde >>udgeeani: who isst ci intestinis t t i cop. tervwed e p ents>>ndgeeniwhs tein ti ll ctinu to s somrvofd pts e the intervi cnu s sthem l thluventer intervi eat ty di eyluve ier reo syn tchdi. mostwo wks a the o isn'ynanytng wre ty ha stsagr wd wi a ehehther. n' yt w t ha youhinkhat t grwi ihsth. everody sita e thou thenktt wi is ery tathhe s rtwi tota wking agait ea oth or aying w th thamigh accidta y aieath r in orntti on allythhagh iccmitey ch othntertionly >>hatmis te possibi ty th ey c bla onenoth o r >>t psi getng cla ne th owhenrou lk at these peopl e t ng they l s o en lat uopst tatseedeo d i eyink nome sways that st
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at ed is i k ngome yst minrp ted b y tis arein lrptetle djaded td us loomeng a p en a re l e de thkinghat usey a goo ay. a th hadng at ot o af g cas inhe ad a o fdian rect c hheistory wre a r t momsnd ds havbeen h gtouiltyre of h mimsng theirhi hav oenr g chil . rea hy domi'tavheenough o foil atio ea do th is ave trenh heou. we ow t t. d rit no thicaseio th s trhe ill, ou k w, ae n t o n rinohise instig ion. l,thou k a i ontesng inign. ou kaas cy p. found j the y it th e swikatchb clapde fnd e hoels g e it th waliviwi in hbe anded ho ho ge whe th endwaedvi un p anded hoarwhingth the wel sond i up meon who he h earoghe el queson rht n ando whatoner to y nheeed ho d es r n ndwhenou s tha the at f tilnyd d i en shae il sophticad. u aran aorne artr, at p blphems doca ar t ahanetrt p bl s endogeer? >> b th ha. as dfen trnegey a? bha theseentne a e yo cen it maim t sewhatelp ey c g iv e youyo ima im waor t th eratp g iv ouif ty arabsotel glt wa t th er aoluty incent t ar soom tl procutos oint of
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ew out winhonter is ro trotont o examing em i thes o woosmsro wh youre d li wamitg ies pelems wet u wh touhe dli w ter pe w less u t shsticed peopl you ss esti the anshweic ned peo ou beuse ethethey re ti hecredle onot tns ty be e nohet heye he ed ot ielctl pacino ho giveou t l aners cioive tt you wt.ans jud jeane: re t t yghtsn wathet. ocke d, udea : t you n't eets twaohe b roctke u t t scntis r >>tr th maynow m info rmascon tisn th are >> th ma reve ming thitimeut i fo may mat tth nreecessari m ttveg hime i ey a guiy y o nessa t ctri. aui c jud t? >> -- >> jge jninewant o hi meudow?ea : >> y are oo e ensi>> for- j. jnent hi >> he bmeuty ? havg th y re e si or ca in tob er >> by avth can oberf 11 that e11 eme sffhe t ds, tharking s tff lhts dhes, th isng t wlehthe anothreur is trovleavaible the no thories. ur takesomeime dev op. ov ai e you heow tm ors.ll. kemee ev . tr u ng tiaten ofheho ll .ere rite trncngintegof
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e duttemi. thesay weren in a ce.ain rt f ssou and he y ertheris aall ade f tir cen f ound one. er a l all f tho thi ts. ir e g.e. l judho jeahine: youhink it ipossle tt th are. udllineathe: ounk ru iss tthre >> y , ofoursine absutel >> yudgeofeanirs: sohen at ppen to e by? bs el what erso>> ggesni no son om an eno b y? turnon a of e atso go rn af lights? i d't kw abt tning onheigs? d kigab t bng on b hpe. >>aybeomeo whoot lky in tms. n ea>>bengeoho l inms n footint beaehd. >> a knehe w worngha t foott bd. ane w or ght. >>udgeeani: st witus. up n t, cld dt.ra ht h ow>>genistitab. n c d i h spoh wit one ofhe l t ow peop ho ipoit dnera oft op deboh braey bere h by went isbong. b findut w s hebeas h by aynt iemr ne, on "ndst we." asay i ne onthe armoresteople. ta ng me mecati we e pethle sarferire plfr drytaouth
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e walikebabyhat she ver ally fus se .> wake by i tan s's a le r e lyifrent us om t boy b ec sei s s a a ifre gi but i toy bean s eve wheginut sheasick nd she wasn'hen e ask feel sg we, weasust we knewometng w as wro ng el wewet w ecausshe s a ttleussy ewet w buroshe a use a lesy bue erfe. eerfeev. -- we haryverev - - ie we h y slt thugh e nit sie shwas o mo hsie old sl thlkh inniandsi holds osh ts omo o lk thiinngs.dol cr so st y havehis. ch ecro ye her. she' chrt. hshe'. evethin you wou ld e'verrt e' vein u ount. she'vemyr evethg. >> j ge j.ninehow e th e' eys dng? >>hey e do g jka jnew th >> udge d? eani
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: do hey >>ow y do at hpene >> hey ow t t sh>>is ggee annitheydorey hne >>y tsh g aneynow are okinfor h no r ninameresumin pie. in r h gave i to h he n sheni wmeassuminie. av irn a t hy ahe momhe w where is ppkin a nde a mom wre fally sai d ppk eno why hen'tend fal h s a w jt wereen d'tnge evythi w c a j we bdies ev>> dhifries an neiboes th dk baieania's paren cld have armethba her?ia' ar i oke oneldf t lt ve me er ?ople to i seee netebortef le othe fulee nebigor. >> n i w the i when tulhey n we. to eck t t hr gh m y>> i th mihe. ty a x of ine,we bo abk y thr m wyesnd mi babya ofe, bab foo >> wh hebroer, ust he by twof f he wheo, t >> he jud jeane: st a regur cu omer . >>he >>udhat eas he: a d eagunocuer >>he >>t he dea le? >> ses le? always. s ewaysming. s happgo a layucky. ys >> hmie yongseenerwith abppy li in e hyoenttoreab y yes li n >>nd wt we theliketo
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>> he b y wa aay sesmi ng >> w we he ankeshe slws >> bwa s aliayng s i ou ldan ae says lwsk h the baby sli wa do g anisheou wouels lsk h mhee baby shs gwareatdo.ane w >> jge jnineand sh betifubaby g at >>eautul by. rgeo j bab je.ned be fu by al ys s>>liutng b eo neabr, y kno had care in al stheling w or ldne yno adar i jud jea ne: areeack wor with d lududeaewig: re k all ght,octoion o erthne i d lpokeigtion l t, to n eryoo in e er ikeonghborhood, yo n thisghrhd, is rec guerrero at the permke grrer froom t whom s bougrm babipes andro bab fhodm d if ouugabreip pndnng o bnd if dog sreethi png sinterou do sdon'hibuy byip s bou n'y food everne sd shwas grea moer a the b ab yodas aays er ssh s eaalth an mo ahepp broiately aay dr an do tng i thapparero ialy answerab le lehis ppen drd. par ts tho iharee hi s swab lhis en ar gdre thisect hed iid ent? is >> y nevhenowh goes o id en behi close d d yrs aev peoenowh oe ove aace at they pse hi se d to ahe oeosideeorld a e so tt i ps vy possibl e s
9:24 pm
eb yto ode ld ca be a g dso mot vhey h pos able ca a happyd cot, an the an hav a pp c, t mome h whe t a breakr eres a n a idmehe h trer e tst ppenor ty aarels. t th is ue o any enar tt.a el s.andurin t hose ths o momytsart. an hingdanin hpe tse om younow,t isnterting an ng u sathatn acident ul haouw, hisaperngd. sa attheracare enviout y thee ha h erenare s.outh accen anntenon act t oward e cc ba by meon o t he iannsenonct t bay on t ns anf cose, auction . an co, is byidt aisucpeonar i.nt b ythin atir. ise idpe of i the aidt es in a. at s gesthat e mo eridf d faer wld ht e toese are sstt?t mo >> faiste w the h areto suaon e t?ere ly o pen t >>note ahereon en sn't re ev oltheng a but wou ma ne tre w'tou rev g a cra ithe t rouatnshinep, tre ght, f c tapned whirep, e hust,bald s t listeapned y h s feis i'tte rht latyy an you ul beg s the r ly sto banaku eg ar s.he >> jud jeatone: d wh i ak ha seeso f, doror, is
9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
fre wh e itas p>>ped?ge ni you : id idwasop ped, me hfiroth frwhit p dd?e? u is d, >>o. notng mes d se?se. >> >>ud ot mgeeani: cod so sonese . haveit toughhat. >> i they>>emov it lgeni coso e y bu whyve wou tldght. rem i iteyovt d puit h al fwbuachyou em attoe't m epu h sseac >> jgeoe't jeane: esed the s se seas it s j eand: iod nhet wa ast in, cld t someone ve throu igh tldt? me e tou>> n >>udgeeani: dit?you ar ythi out f thordi ry en y n wen to b ? >> ge ni>> ndiu o. hi ut th wasdiour dro doo r ypeenn b n or cse. >> wasclosr all roe dooos atr pe nigh and ad t che. by wosl doat moni r on nd wgh dndad h t yt ng. ni>> jonge j wninethatas a h babyonit. >>.e alys h e on on. j j neat a go tbyitednd s >>al i hon. bed . o >> s jud jeane: d th are sensive.ed. u co d he som>>ne iyou ud ea : are thlkinre nsi ree.mber a whe co aheom iu fore in reerwh m or yea >>udgeeani: doou he a dog,y thway? >> yeah, w do. >> ge>> wnihat dond o hf daog d you g,thy? have y? w. w t a l o dog douix. ve >>he wld h e baed i l ere s a -mexcan s >> w hba i e a exn s commoon oso rt. >> itherwas omise
9:45 pm
so sothinout therdiny d it as.ou i iers e mea n. soint hein itbutouh --ea >> s can seehe fnt o ft h the use. s an judee jeane: f shentn th o ba? e >> se. sys out udea: heth ba b ac s ys o ut >> jge jnineis s is b tse. sles un jr th jdeckner ss slee id-- t kidleun htheck alaee gund outidba tckndid e metis shslee thi a g dut ere. she a d so e tishee ohibvly ca heare. e eall dy o we o but i caar ll y an. b i jud jeane: thinthat nigh yo.don'remeer h barng udea: inat gh yon'me har no comtion >>o gethatcreeout wo d th k th noou c mon >> ge at ee sot n sewoththou >> rig. so we e ba n with rig e baith dr. ro ludg. form dr nroud rm decveat n brnan. do a of u elinae eherat on of t sebr pn.en ig af ffelna e r th bat? on tig arur, hit i that ? all kdingsi aft ar, it watcng t last 40 m utll ofngsi ft the ow e speciatcll tyo lt inrvie wit the e ther e i hiae done es vest atioin as ieprositutore er
9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:53 pm
i 'm>>r ju h ge.etting ts t heanr nc nd i anher port jus cle d m eju g ng s llin te mbo i anr hirts isusle me ocalin and gng i oisn r ig al >> jge jninehow r fr thhome do e knw., bi? j j ne>> uw nownfr . th mei ju got he c l.doknbi? uwn. juot c d, you kw,ft o co ysati yesrday wand kw, to call yco.tiesay an >> udge eani: weery alch prec yte i. bi , yoand both now >> thge arenireshwe sy oile d d pe ec i biyod thw th rethisshhey snle ddonand wi kw w this oy r not dothatnd is b y wi lisa.wth o r ot>> tt's haght.t that right b y >>nd t l soid mes ts t. atht >> toime clotng thpoli havgonehoulr to s otder the re bthliavneul th cou not ave ssedto s r hethis at mns t s is thouot rece ent.ed is >> t wawhat 'm h ring mnd tis ecagait. i hri hi s fro>>m,waat hng nd you k w, aaillhese hriroeporters u arllcallseg me sohey lled meep fteomnt arandllme s d ve soy edou meahe fomnt is cdn f sird d rveepor ofenhe cl hing ais c bac fkpirck r aoren clfrnghlleacd dkiars. th fr wt. d >>udgeeani: bi, thks. th i meant.ut on yr la >>genibith.
9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
w do iomeott getthn b touch withou itheyanto do eonnecetto g thach th i meyeyt?o ec i d g't what toake is ouof t han m ofey t d ka was ctoye .d ou twe wanl wof it ka cy t whrouwoghthe tou cp.d >>udgeeani: gethei tephonnumb up. joing usbrea.dng n s. >>ge ni ge i heie teonmbp. tinous ueap nump bau he met uting callp is l crazy an i wi cal acetkti ifall lrazy i anwi cal.ack i > jue jeine:reakg ne tohe vwersonig. . n's othi fes ly juje se:oileakdne to v rs igby d pe s hi f fnd ithe sled vicinity of ithhe cityrwin homnhe kans citrwin h nprive instigor bl anto callg innso teit us iv in ig bthis th may e a togell binteak isn the th ay goa willg, s beones go igthe to fd th . by. goll s newhetgor orot t $ 100, f00th by. rerd t t wa offeetd haor t $ 0,ythi to wit trehis, twa afeha st shi yo know,it there is ts,o s yesti k thaw,thishes rento d tt tse d iaerstianha biss sted or d tt t dseet derminers b ethe or n otedhi isia dpermi
9:56 pm
of b ab yhe n lota. is ia peit i was n he breab wityhin t ist f whe dresithi teaha t f ba ner lef thereasea ha t someon is lose baef ta t ons se vicityndin the t pole ve srchesh er t oci in shhelder phis alle rec t s he tdevepmen ys, lk tshme.ers ll twhatoou hi veen , t>> w.t i'afra atf, wi' ra jeane --ge 'mor. an -- bringi bac mor of e. yog boinro lyn hobr wgiac mor o f onlyidnapp yobondrohenho lyna perpratowas ly gng the dnaphe kid a rptos t gake thim ap kme wre a thewithll of tthe e di aention he hen w ahe th kill t e en conlde n >> udgelleani: le ts ho no c ld>> y hopto g thais n >>ge ni le ho wh thi pers isnohiin yop g ha who ns cong ithe a rewha?hirss >> iit ifacal i i shoco ie a tremdous reak. i i ac >> iudgeeani: t a trendo bre . emusak >> i is s>>ebodgerighnithert a ighbtrrer doat h b hadhe. ch d i in sodgher a hbr hadhe ouchse. in jud jeane: t th he hoes a so ose.ou . i ha beetherevery day .udea: th >> thoy al ays mo s ite.he ha ee errst erme aund.ay . i th k th it t dal minititel t a d.mebo rig the whoas ththt d it been r htboighehoy
9:57 pm
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