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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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us sn e efeacts.s. c bk yosi doc r abert sefgh cs.lest ol.. yoocab cst.. plaq buiup.. anif cstors rit foyou. cif yor canri afffod u.youredicion, yan asffazen a maurbe aice ton,elp. asenma atop. u l sssel. yolie l th time >> n , th four l weeo s thess. wall treeyote th pmero sts. nth uree heese oplere n goi ll eeay. st s.ere e m e of t m e w ale noi .thou manare eall ye mof a ouanelly noyi -- >> inow at y l. i kno that ou l!yi- iw y. >>noomeat m laka goi. >> y gs sh ld n hav>>ee a baed o the g yuy govsher nave.e ba kehe pay forhahet ger te. heay or ha>> tty arrighabouthat whshou tax yers out targhouat whouaxrs o bank letad bk is fail. nk et b is weve-- f l. >>apitism bad >>hen com t o osvet ev ythi>> elsittheym ay, adthey >> n om ar teost evidhiullsous.ey, ey >> garernmt shld te ca
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ofou?iduls. >> y gnmsh thacat of?s -- y >> oty. ank--ou . o >>r th are k chiish. ou is wan is ag nst on>>thre c hi is if h.oneyid e st w iag t thin wou be o m h f ey better. est uldn inoue mh btr. you t nk dnik everody uld t dferentlyou t nk ifhereas n mon ever y d drelyatsoer. >> tif correrati ns gion you minim wa ando en andso. t noorti rgiouirent. niwa nd no and vacatn. no rt. no no sackayheyre v er ynops k out rpore per v but wpst por ould ort poraortion pereay bt ve? po ld or ratheyonan'torcenyyneo ? gi themone. ey'tce ne eyavto pgierhenee b feng utohis t pse w e fe us t s nt. some wefhe peopl ere jt . me fcluess. p pl e >> he a tolar panel p ue . ac ss t h unia d starean >>he ptestittinu ac t ni stnow,t's inin o n >> t nu toni t, iay on w,s in tm. oup wani s iee >> l'sup liberate ll watree fr gov er len lib at at'strur show, tig .frov 's urho
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> dot yowishou cl stp by he wl stet otes and et sdoeameyoat sh c ke st wby? wst ieseandy smeho ht i c ou ave ? me i nt eres ngionrsynsho i c withho p ple a iesrs pi lismthnd w i p tplhinke it gooand y the hat sm i wt. i tnk i w ted t o askood he tmfat i ca ta wsm id tsk badf bid ca thta iet tir celladhos band eir sne aker s utthou tld clhos and r nerealer hse aouveldatio abouanytng b ause eopl al jue scrmed i ouyt b cseouldpl ar el jueacrd e. i want torthe c sholdw withar e coersaon ianteto ian t o rthe haho. th nv itco tsaw iteuppo er s of theha nvit t protters up po er joofwho tuneb te ot crsle d joo csrire. is snds re. ss forrate spoke respsibiorty.rapo ica yne a psprobigres.sive a litie l consultant. p esy doveou spohe ti csuanople
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>> wor d ondoinan sal regulaon f a y r ale a >>oronan rela f y. aile werin t wakof th biggt fi anci ri e ernce teak gat dre ss io thandggfici ri weere le t ai e ceoupleat dre ss nd miion llar to wee toc cpl fore mi n fectare rerm wleheocor ct renks w spent $0 llio on s lobbpewrisllio o bbis byists p bst p preve ticis fr ilementingre rus. ci fr there ilemein 8g00pages of ru new les veheryea 8 00 yogets nk me wod hav e w s help m? wo h e thewoulhave wh youaw ding th thelp rehebliculve dm iswhtrouio dnsg a t de mo aticreic aisisattrionsio cl ton tab wasde amoicisatns m or cln ab as legaon ithe nancl sect arod meroratives ga ie nc ctroeratesnd rivativeare the hrtfnd thfinaial isis vave e he h rtbrfging thnal is sombre ngles bear on at stem a reayom ea r n effe ive ing do. sm ry i tnk tre ino cs. fe e is g po.roem. t t icris c is.s g e, w hing n,s p
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d his t sistarvgs when wng th b tish w erheis t comin sg.rvg w >>hi nk 13rillshio w cinak >> t ofnk t13ri economy a ak 25illi u mp loyeofd tmericaconsmy a csi s. 25li umpyed me ca >>nemp ymenwas gher c isins. '82. most>>eoplmpdonen eves er 2.mber st pl jon youveere ound in '82, i er t y d jo't rouembee thatnd i n 82 i ve y ct. y you rve rbe busatesse and now i y yout. u russend n say r egular uay rulapitalis maki a prot ist goapis ough maki p >> cisitalgom nes tohift ay fghm thnarw foc us o calneto ft fina ncia r urns fth ar w thais wt itsocbo naia rns ha wit bo earnorhehahoers rnnd weroerw. >> iwas sign to ovind fo a p ubcro gw.d. is gn o biieve capital i isfotsme p c g a stren o h p bve cit is tsmmonoodha t ana t rp inonvatidndt sanoloc and inti s enronmtal problms tou a s acvity nm l roanklthe shavi lasouig acty skle naviepasbl thleveof frustra on hat epbl ese oplexhibed s ws th ve u whru is rappengt roug ut t coue ry aleib s
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wharous theenorld >>ou m e so guges t you a ouheld suck>>ed msoes t yaliforni legiatur and vernck jry talor brn i o s ni agiilur td harn j ry woulcate a br iew kof ail t ul coceoratn. b co koratn th stas f coat at? cobestatr?thtaf >>tand fo for benef?it st rporion. >> nd asor y b knoef th is orn. t is as a yno nthbesr of iorrati strturein e unbeed stes d a coorat n is esig dofortitrre un s s ecifa ally engi witconatisigd e byt is law s of he iflygiit corpatioor a icle s of byis aw of ornitionnd a llc rpio a le ofopering a gre me ntortonion alc eur at t comerny cgside arre tmeo soci tom cder e ir onmecintalnd goveanceonsiratis in e iritsmeal vecesitiin ct itsy. >>hat is snds ke to me isctiritan l ob yis>> at slls to the isgressiveisll g ethe gr sigeth arow g th kroney citalism. >> aintestinconcnet. c youitook isck on a te in nc coorat ns a why hat orouk n ofucture was co sat u ap whycht
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alloof theuc offtuicersas of t w ch rporion t n lohe proffseertes t sod ereornros vei et end e thes v t tivies othe cporation. >>o yotake ll t ris k andvi oe cpoti. you>> lyooskee theis mkoneyndou nigh gouo l to dheeb mr'eysou pson. gh g i'mn th tmiddo df rseading pn. teyoo ve 's'mthddf rng te'siong fis. heent andrust biousngdhe s. he t nd st nopodes. thawe a seegere wher apo the. ha m aonopeeols.e >> t sixerhe mop banks thatre big t ix thanheyere w the w berksehat b too g to f ail.anyer w t thegot bled o to fl. ut bhet gut. >>ecau theact the b matt is ey we to big gu >> au hefailt he tt s >> w w? tog becse itheyad collilsed en me ofhe on wy wo d ha c laecps ied.ey ll d m>> hof do u kn . on wo mahae weould claepset. o ho kn now.maweld et >> ihinkhat ais ok tha w. some dy i inonk wt thak tg. you l e me y iou wanakg. re laouted loe ig t y f wail
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re d o tinlitutns? >> iouldike e bas to veo h e noughinut? cap iallde bato vehe no erapbook >>e haap to ect olitia whsay ou av eapok >>hao t it hav this why av mu andhey e smt eug h knohi s we ve aot o p mueoplndey hosmeug ow hno the in ce al a o sys pteple wosnd ow hhe regulatceheys thin woow eec rlyegate if ou a a rinl fen oecly ca pita sm tif bes athin r if t bring e fe m ke cata tesin t prcipl to bea on t brg f m fincia sec r. pl oea t no ivi ge andfioia s ec r.bailts o i ge ifndou fol yo g ow il if fyo >> tnspaowntly freflow o info atio t compatitily andrefl ow thereom andfo bioankromuptiy.nd e re>> aom tho priipleare t nd bkr beg b ug a to hoar ori tlehee finaial system. be ug weo n od trus thall nalysm. wed trustha tranaren andompetion t t haen. trtheyperaan in ensencndpeon t lik aha. eyra n nc nopo and l gax a subdi pofrom ahe undted ateseoplax and e lor ier sra om u d thateshey ply onhe mey t t d lo ira theyorrofrom u aty on m t let go ck tthe ohe eyroom u te s. et o tat ge d doehe psideial hopels
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te gdo pdel peprests do, j w wepres srt bank dwe arte aer movit b'sk a te wo mnderovl li" whe tit a erliwh t vestnts owedo be desito. w, pstple s e geeding be whher not loa thatde to bank akes pse goige beg wh r otoa suatessf andhenhe pple nkes s oill be on at and wthsusf-ndn p ey wl ta e a n bnsn ur aance - licyut n he wetta a a tnsurce cy rthedownnhe leet whathe t is tking hewnhe lhat aboutng- >> fedom peopbore- maybe tak g s tu pi fom oprisk ay t >>t isgot f se sk f reed>>omisfor f aen surae comny to n h f ed or athen capit al o n t hera beooksom f t n h ess tyig cit h te. bks >> iig doesn h tye tighe he. mone on i the bigoooek toov h t te loss neheny y have wehe h be a tov stem ai .ss y h e we ve a em stemaire nd e a s te letaihere fndai >>hat ppen to e btank? f >> thet orpoentiono raderked so ballyank? hepoondeed respoib solyanng
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at ia whe anotheserto th traparenc y o ifwhath rivathves. t ra payou ncn't yve aenvinmen whe pe le a betng ovas. fiu nciat inst amentviwithenhe pectwhion peat t a govetnmen o fi isiaoingsto bant tthheut ctn t ovanklen'm nui isngurbae --ut >> hy d 't w getklid of tuiur -- pect>>ion? d w t>> i notn fa tr of hin the vernent bctailon?ut t t iotfaof incrses we e e rntli bgnedlo o t th p oint .cr s e >>ack li coredrate o th pntreonsi lity be>>and k rrieoris tte hero n resity bed ie teron th. theyireomess th. ppl e eye es make thece cream p.ple >>hat ey dis i n t heke t cond ct ofamheusin s >> t d i th tugh hica sndofinus in they olve sthoch ialca pbl a in whathey is eyve t sheyl have aty s fomerlom tespeop hle baking e wn s tfohe srlupyomesop b in gchains the ce wns t sy c. aihe d a.oop raytive apay coopetiomen c om braz. >>ut ty ha higfatce cr eam azat ls >> thaigt m lseoe.
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>>igfat e crm in moderatieo ise.ot going t >>urtigt crin de ti ansody.ot g ng t anhingutsi of deraon is g ng t hurtan ay.ot o f anng si f ra pele. why re t y a gecia trtot o co any pecaus.the -- hy t a iabecae yoaivts ecid icoy use- is. cayo >>ecere thehing i th areot suctud a the . rp atio that>>ee sethe ungp stua he n an jer 's isioateet sucre f. an er a isegarorraon thatucre pele a used to orra tndt t pe a sed o were bght re uni lev. the esti at e het of thiss whniare e peple d e ti t and hell sofeet d arthe y iswhe pe pl ddoin anyooand what w ed st ar he ynedo a s ain snyoctyoo tanoakhae su a tt we d st ha theak e oble beh aew y ea go su i twehahe thin they ay ble dehn tewre y justo pay. >>inotey t bing stwer or oustrpa. >> week sand weivrg i aorou pr ist pieknid . ai'm re phe are lig htist pi montso t.m he re igose oplere tre bause mos e le t be coselleion walstre angovementthe ck o fr mart pr cip scoeilen alre brouant tove bnteae r on ohe frar pr p s fincia mkets is outo bhe ronson fi ia m whke iy $1strilon w tak out rso thecomy.
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wh 25 m$1lionilmeri wns aak outut of he wo. d th e arhund mds oonri autf ounds woeopl who on tharnd o ha the hom . s igrpleeho mt of teopl hahe om ther ittgr m sio ous teo d jeroett'm s gio y didn' jke t ang lasnit b g y d i'muz ed t ha t tngas you b a m uzedsymp thetito ttoucrme. a i ied intvi outmp tti tcrme. pri est.d nt t le ts pl a cp of that. pr>> a y ou r p eopllepl cof ha callinge a t a y lia ppl >> hey e locainginge econ lic ealit >>thaty s whlo thengareooking on eit foatwhher. e oo ng theare yingo sht me do . >> hey e trhenge tngoshhome y do >>wn by ausetrhey n'telieveho th whayou e tling on b se y tt nieetwo is ru thhau tng o theyant cha e thtsyst n.etwo s >> wt i y is true. ey t hagivethou tst las word. w i i s >>ru this g t ve tasord.nged >>hi g in theccy lltree ised pa of e d phe rdlltree i mo mentpahatf oes bkp0- d year in c moponttetocsialk ar re ionsility c de rotd moocmentiand tt notometng trehasiistyoi deot mont t go otomwety t b bwnwa y r o t do lwy lawr m . do l
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lill continndpr.out acss t unid stes. il coall inrosshe gpr a tret ac tnist . ll bl ss sheomeys ami tcre change b s e micataliha andnnovi is gog toe thehae. ca li nd >> hopit iigoods gototh invati . >> op iank odu joand ica. comi up, t he in ptite sters k jod a. ll smieet p,drai ton america. p te er andot oeo t hink st ai a ri ca .they'r r ht d and tom wnkt wean st 'r ems bankers a sd ck wweanicrs s bgetke richyckling moneyic arnd a exp itin ptplichy ngthatons wey proarte aerxpsinar at w sisroike ose d yar thgs le th . si s>> wn wae the e st t ye tse rith peo le ditha had day wwae t t se rk? ri>> heo do diey mhae don . ? the stea it ho om t m workg people? he ea t >> iis a t tank' rk ppl c. io.s. a t an l of tm. c. s. ey s uld l beof i jl. s >>d hey beeal ney d shld thiai jl. >> myy exl guesy wshts to ehilaai why t t myustesro wng fore yusro re noattewhatmall busiss y aren, manogingtexpenats sells to..siget y thereay. mangense ..t he.
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it s no cleaus wha iton is. ihey d allyot c ar t thitnoeaha it i otesrs. ly, wh c is tod autall es . stre? wh s ll, a foxusins le aguere? , oxinarlepaynsayse kns an le heueays ll seet glereyn.ysknan so hat ouhes ou savt sd to g e. sot poutestouers? s i s ke ttherotests. p it istamas?ng toe h ow s t ete ny o t heir p ieats toro hbl go o wo ? o tir facty thet wasui on ney gowo aid a nd wctalthwaui s tree y how mdy a w their gndarts s w m y are livehe rhtowecauarsets ey g a mical evic e e ve ow ec auwasreated a er c ompa ny g mal ic nto wall see and asseatd cpa mone o th s don condct taseots. peoene d 't et thontonll t ot th mon shuling hich seo et allytostlgam in g ndthuponhung ch mon ey nglytl damecte tndoup w on ck i besusend the d mec to i sucesssfuepeopnd getich m causthoscompies ow uc fu anopthosetare eucss us os mp s medica anevosese it uld a medmeicalca eves vice t itd oulde theye edd, tal ce itldthe t ia t ipne. the ict othe ttterspple
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is stingip o.n 0 bill ion e an ode ersle cr sngted ,000obs on 0 aslltn yer chi na cr d if00ou wse tohanc pickyer hina if wtonc p ple ay a sayescre th coany d sait w banof eric it wld b evil e a ay bucrbecathe th cre e co y sahone wit iana gr t coany. ic w>> p bh yoilwith he c tici .bucathre nephon i we grl lcoe by.ut a l ot pyoth c ci ofhe mey i goingone lb a l toacs of m ey i anbig rs c garngte t o boe, dtructive tuang . bo d tr >>tion tnk wlth weth idestctiv i n't ink y of>>hattuff t w h is we istiv i t esk ucofvet.ff tere ing u ta abo ucingsve ik yacres g anta bbooo my heor is tgshe is noacs buch my or th tg ahes i tsck nown. it's t rith n. chk outhe d ft 's t thutksging eryone h their choue d ft nnernd a o f t sethgi eon heohee th sanderbum a rush o tf nre e l-mart a kno ck thnd tmheush re serityuard to iv emahe air k t mone a way.sety rd t is tivckleepconomics ne aat se eo pl te gle nocs ch a sompeo eon 't iw >> ghatbout aomoon >>tboheealt dispary, doesn'the tha bherea yo >> iinspares m d
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't ha i bve thesee reoe g ric h. yo in t issp c mou nt , % i t te g r t s mi cnair are s tf-de. youant g et icmi inir e aopde anmor u get inop oo aanrist t rhe aist pele ithe rheorndous ieorndou ropes iwasllnhited i lo the de a thapet i cans bnhit rnith n othilonghe adeti tllha c come ric h. h n hi its a rgettio shllt f. >>mehat theicarm r so one ita et sh fat h. morthane nee >> t he m so do.e ck m ha liorlean m o.helphoseoor ople m li >>ell, don m knoe. tt y lp sehelpr eopllewhenou ge em >>l, onno ysothin yo lpplen ge em know e o t so ainbout yo teacng seoneowno te o t f aut rath teac snehan fivg em fh. th whaek eemryh. singl nke l we k at bl gates ery hasinig n b g es would evasyonehat esn ve job kil ulevnet sn j k skis sdenlyake up w shobkis sdenly ak thats ju a fall upachob s ise haattju aalxalmple allac t ise hatimexamp ll peop talabou t the
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me incom opalou he equa. nce weoingo fithisy do in thisuar wld i be we ngsmarfiris fix i ty inis w ieoi ar ixth. t y at iwhate suldoioc th . i at s>> puly one moreliprom the . p o motes.ero t thes wan sayass aot o f th w ay erics belie ave. f >>ou gs shld not aid ic b ie outhe ys or he. >> g sh makeothem y fo whadt ty oue o hedid. >> i on't now keey sm sfoayha t yod. i'tw uy ss, s i didto yo it. uy i e l dast guest i ecaay ne lasue sayscaaye h adys toail the bankse h tai he out.anks >> iat theacey eb alt. them iut. we ght heve h a hriblacey coapse. em. >> e ou et oura h thi hkindblf co secry behavr i f ou r>>ewar erahind it. cr b accoavtabi ity suld ou aar centl t heme. ihe eno cobi sd d f eveone nclu dint t tme biest no bks. f ve ifee coluinuedio ppm u p, bit ks i tnk she a lsifmacoueheo pntpm u that he s e ba s aire n townkhe a he p nter a ven too big rat t soba a n fail ho aidioc isn toot. br take wha verild of ai
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n ishoioist. waing r us ecauke the w r arofa loaiof banks ben wag us au he th e th did ar rloight. an b whshoun'the b rewarthdthid r ht . for ing r ht a ndwh mouovtup ew e ranks. r g do y r kno a atne poi rntks. y anond pupoiermaets ey we going nd bre it bec au seheupyers w e in controll 70%f th fd. re t ec au no the is a h df ontll the0%th fd. an theynore ihes adf ohe bananeyup itcy. eaman dak oneoint banup wy. ea $1n a sk ne andntt $1 snd is 78 cen a are t th fail.s c notust e a re th paiteers. otthe t dge ndenss. e re ired ispsethatobod i isn r jairil. is etne otthesodbanks, s iebnody oujat to.e inail. o>> tesre pnkbabl sis aebot oyf outoin l. acco ttabi a o therwas longime fra fr theomeo ers oiecobi. er abs t tnge ranc om e ffrroheeos eopliee who robaaby d t tngncs womnge f bu w noo wbaor d one t whingng they bu ent whootor o money tnnghey thisryin fin peo ple.t ho meyn re isinntlyresiinnt oeoma se.d at iwas l lel anthat is wodly isi i on s j is leanat w il.od i in >> ni age i think .os
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w nas jaguspele got rrie tawaynk os >>reeds an jmazing t aieziay >>edanmang infe ious hingnd eryon haa grt tiack them. feus ng e iryon rem em r e hasgrcktiarkeache bubb .i em evybodwas ing s retear at 4 0. bb ev ifods g ouetn' t b the n you 4 were f skroun' bhe y dn't joi re thkroouwd. d upn'ext theoiall reet th prestsro lwds o.f peoe sa w up t he l ete t prts l9% oeosa inther ords theyo th wo t butost o9%f ameri's in erneydsseyonthtr led twoutos ofme yontrd otr%. 1% of tsnt i s roting%. e m%ses tnd tnthe i c ra on snd t ve ctrolf oraon l es col nowa ne group cnts owat 9nero argumen. they 9 say 53% isrgum a more ey portt number.ay 5 i s ay3?e at irtnextt nbe 3? ixt
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:58 pm
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