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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>>thi week on theornal itoria >>iee renrt t. oal anoer week iarert noeritektomneaitt ne e.o.redeiala e. re de iaminaltionrapp ? anna theon oppma? anhe bol fled i na. l an a i frale tror pl . ho s. d th the an. spon pl t. o an hod hessas naon on te atn ariso? naon tnso? >>elme the jona edia t here rtjo rert i pl l
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oichltoilt o i heurnein aolid perfmancin t itte of newheampsnehi aidnd rf nc t dorsement otf o wpshrchristie rs o usinsm hern ca'schst s isin g ainsmhoerca'smn s bigg rivinalgo hor, texasmn vernggorickiver coon tiingr, his ll aex thrgh i rnkl,er con tihisgupport r ais a hrstdy l, so doe t he fsormerrt massacsettoverr he so thoee nin tio fn wmeppred up? ss tt ers hth ere a th nio wppaned-r neupy s the wait-rnein theings joing ean it it wk,hegs jog e llantr itt jrn wk,diri lltr portdiri dot rtinic a edto jes orot, weeep rea dinged ts j eeek tn.t re blics ar gettotg u, seweee tpoeang t ia t t reicar mitt rom nett i us t t t inevitaabl t ttom tneta nomeedo yougree >> y, i inkhey're gettg us d mit y. ouee yexaci y whk youhesay'. ttall usoo quiton aci dwh'touhinkre's.noth l a i-roey won i s going t o d'tnk's th anscd e c renta roml w isoi but this l oscned e cnt t seml
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ol ht ols woodies n e o 40'snd 50' a tre thisuy todha ys n li, but 's 5 you ow y're ot ea i is t ve wlihbut u ye ea wimndn e d, afr alof e tim veil n hee td, one ouaf alwaf . e t ildon thi tha s gog to he tne ha en,wa . t- >> ait minuonhi yhagoon'tto thk th-- han, t- i d't tnk t t pe>>le t nu e sudenly g'tng to decthidthe we'r d t tpe supasnlsi gangel t io lecov 'r wi thiman. at ty're goiasngoa ci. l he c win awindhi nn.ody e ls tanreoici. win c in ad aod e n he aest of this ishees t niising aw at his niinawel li at herman cain al true li igurma >>nd iin think t ur t he>> i thi gaing pporamon ofessiheal pgaolitg icoriaonike ris ofchsiristie piticik insidernd s chaignieontrutorand thesare e pple e iagid he pitgntr allord heime ese p e antheye decid, he pitlle an tey oy de hinghat imptants fe og y back o a. ng t mpd thntis t guy wh o- - bat o ihi nk ths ut the gre aoss th i bhiroadeputlihe a eosctors btheradis sll aot o li anet and they e noeor e.
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thuseria sic a a oanetnd ty nof u pitc h us thisown e ro. t idef iu ctceh n seisptn ber ro so tha tse t i peop areuppoed t no falln septr o t ine. atopre thepo t oalmolntn the rep ublie.n at basehe you o tutepli tnre is seot y llg i out l for a tny o is any polilltician l >>nd t fs is a dan makes a ny fascliinciatinpoinbec se>>n t isan ml ofakhe aolls so scfainr,inin ecn r ney, espiofol so the fact thfae st ry, perpifoernhe tac bateer dpin theac he lo ba te at asthe d piriheac he the o be m t t formidable rihe andi be m ther f amigabline bara obama, h edi can'tth cra ack ra 2 ob30anra in the 2ll nd then tale-- ll >> i tnk t se n umrs tell you hat tate-- republi ca n t t n voumters to nlant to s tlyoeu tefor repli and lookivongrso n fl t stl ein r lendnd lkit's ioertilng natalstreetoual l pel wh ier rtiicker asalstet pnolrm wh k erosioover renriods, trm none of igo t oerio mitert en ri ros,ey nd basica ny.e go >>here l mooking or ro eysobodyelse si >> aays okin f>>omreeby lki elsend t hat'sosdy bsesehe y as in
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don'omtb tyst se mt tt's rnesey theo n' adnce tst atre normall ty ns eredadeepublican aor llpriyiple con se rvate edub ca prncipl , anhis gnate rile c aconeventat rney ca prplans at deite what acvene hr c istie deit e id, t is ctie , sobace, t sae ahicte,ur it has t the in diadual aanhict and ichans thas peoere thin foaled to ando mage t an th bueone of reinsuranc fo so,to tnko that ts is goi ngbunef su nc o be ctinug po,blnk i ts ts istroingngo g cbese cattiesnu p ioot repub canrioma ges toat accest he f thato tot rub nmiema tessea i sootcct ahe fhat cose ative >> as theeasoea i iott' gng tocoave evivl, ahenoso i l o gfnghe ae er tiev tl,ha are w ar mi o tirheeti he tts, at ty'la yingar w ith,macain, but, he, t y'lang h,maca, t,noit an be herman cain >> wno itnot? eer n >>ecseca h er>>man ca s--t? t ecse rept h neron pe en. t>> pl: hs h rt l ofpeen . busiss p hrien. h >>ndner- >>ealifexper ncebusen >> oppo se>> teao teere whiton expernce. yespo >> pl: i t't nwhateoplto
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w t,e somerebode.y w ies i p i nat pl th hotw somtuodb?y > i heantsomebod whothnoot littletu it>ebotsod forhoeino pocy ltl ae nitodyasor eeive po entered th a whi huse. asd th is e lde er the en re theehie. wothd.s l hend lets wo bd.e re al abo hi lets bre ahi wallikeerman cain. he nnot b there siwntllndern in nnyet b t there is thintsinndd a et t hepla i tness wch a a v la derussiv wchayfulness, it is lik e ssdetiruly polical ay ln jos, andayin i andt kno ik eis i aly polalprimar y, yjoou hndinendo k ve prima ry v ialueand all oprfar y h eat uf b ut p wmae haue--nd a whi o you ow uf butroy,ha-- hi y we en annual viroent thieleion we ecle ndnual you e otro tt hienea e paphenomenon w ychse t eal, all t? pa ph anomif onyochookt int er ll, a de ohe anolf kt'tsnt let c lydeha mit ol mney is inff ec nha it nnin gs the r epubeycan i ffminec he's r nng as t heing the ubn none e f ine h i repennt a tvot i an, at he is rnonine e i en str aty ot directe di ig, htis th e i epentrnts ndhiis dec dnotynten bl ra gy. een
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s he gotois p them veotro ra gy hisidefe' goi nghe to wio p tm rthe stnis his hede gfng oi to bwie a he to dois thatheitut b a t dohat itut alnati thireal al atad,tihialense republica baut thearends okeng r ub car a ndide bahoeflect uthe throk a id valuho?efct i tnk h isth b pblem pele wder i? he as a t h pbl co nvicpeti wde h yoehaveo wo aer . and u loo atcoic a of heyosevewo issd s, g llobaoolt waing, of he aboio n,shing gbalhawaing, lotf boeopln,ng have psiate neeotdsf abou and pl h he'sllr p tsiateee mapound >>fe'sr mig sgehat ap re con vi>>tioig age exahactlyt atreheonresideont current thehiteouse ehas,xa wlyhere he we are nowde c >> tnt hediteffseens,ce w trehe rehe aongow t convictis,diffen do troy, as g pos tcoic leadingdoo ahe rit d irec tios tndo g ltidi ba to o better eno a ri decti beer g tilies. bao thatet the rsunohe a re blicbeaner eleorat isli . ok gatorhe somsuebodwhohe ys reic herle iatss t heir one'or t sood ho goin. heer is hast t ieayeliee' d ho i'm gooingin get hes t trey ie mi romhoy ism asicnglly, y et don' kno whe h et stands
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mi youomoisicy, w yre h n'nohe h an ouotands wre in mview yoknowe stds, 's n ta snting t t ransrm mheew yo owst , govementf thunit st es oin th t systm othe veunitntedthitstes st o h whaveer sestm a an diitte w canw wveer and there isobodte ca n rrtynd the t rreac whooban makethat hecl rai w >>eryanquickl kehat i d'telie i t>> y eltaliqu gument. i thdk thie t people reelli gu nt tually th loothkingor ppl reorm and heal ia y coo gnget rorm along d y c byot gffdinganyo lo >>t cou als obyeff adian tr >> t >> cou aabluotelye. oba mestr >> phi losophabluly bahoic m ifes th oppont ist hi so wiing fig on at turf . icf he hul od eon upis si. wig igwhen we c ome turfba he eul e sayspe . wo t e nhe cfore n an h. ays w t'sext orwo psi tnt nor. wsextnt ♪ ♪ ♪♪cellone
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ngs cu [ nic ] iave llsmale parts in aig mie. cu i ough[ we'dce oniocate n alrtr 3 ys a m. i gh 'don's aten week3 so usemy ci si lici s cn d toekick a f csici ctok fhi and don'haveo woy aboua la fee d n'vewo oulaee ich goo.. nobigg! bier! h oo [ onic] ...causi dot thk nowe'rgggoinbianyw!re r a ile. [ ic ..usdoth [ me anunce] 'rriteinour ywory a e. th t new ti splicy ca. man nocelate fees no tenalr raty no wries tew sicca ge stard note atesitiso plicaly.coat wes gear atisicco [ deist peop ref to ll a"tha womawithhe gat sle." refeto hde as t hat man opefth to gre a gumha" math g s." fe hs t n treum jils deist, i kn thaher ms a a undaon oa hethy ile. ildet, knhar a a jida kno o thahe tooy -e. sohe us crt prheal clical m precti toojipastno haoo so u crprallil pr ti heloo elistnate laqu athe g lin elheliing teevenqugingitisat gin it'sven inicly pven he revse iin jt 4 eks. heg enngis 'sn ic pn anheit pevtect ithes jothe4 s. areadentts cck mt. an pcteshe eaest nto-he cth m inic gumroteion. t he caus healicy smumes ate buin. onealt gum usalsm auion ltlium ope up en y do. li pep yo. ♪♪ [ fele aounc ]
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ha youver en alaci♪♪ fe ahilencunba ing?haour aci hy n? le bahaveg?ou er clbed rockall n ven th emidd of e occln?d ckl otriesomeing allyild? thddf oc oie mewhy g t?lyd? it allossie inhe nion whyot. y itllsi in n ron l cahybbea.s oatg nion rocaea ere atu'renree n do ythi youant. e ree o hi ouwhit. maye noing all hiaynog ll royacariean tertiol. yarin rio. vit rolcarbeancom day. viroaranm y.
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>>a loof fol in wasngton. the diail >> loolok f alt iasn s ntoht'sn. vote and se tahas ook it let's n's mend s o ttoha he n et fit, thee got n newsor
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thefi, t no gthisotorme. notith s mahe americans onois wor me ot itt s so mama fmeksca in y or com ni es ithuin s i wewillot te y omnio f orhuin a well t ansr. >> wl f the aweras no on ns tuda y wh w t sate t no on tudawhat jeedhe pside's 4 biion llarobs bill. so phadet' 4s next. bin arwe's bbi with dan henningert' next and mes e' beeithan and hoininer t d mes nd peloi wasngto cumst kim rass. sop totasthatto hadumeestn m ss in the s enenotha tad mets o if the sillen wld n ev had 5 meotts ofs n ev h marity bauousr mocrs sa thewoulote ma ri nst itou so >>crctsallheulveot >> f e, t okayit, atsos it say out veeopar it f of ay the es ient' prosal y t e weoparhe oilfl fae edesbut'os alit w alws goi towe . he ill i me tedhis buhe po t. wlwoio . as t psident putme tors rdpo t.lislaon, t p osifntut wrd is lae, ame o knean i selus th gan umpluym th paidithor high taxes,he id h rerpuhicanwereev going ta s, too foit a heas he
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putt g itreut theanoreakeveoi tooifo and a eain, ttit y touidoak e n arryndreaihen, sate y maritlead are h ade toarndat week twist inmag aitsad t ao h getad nd ou emeeratswi tstot a lsos teet ce andemraavse l 5os votes ndav 5to--ot ut tdidn getnougto oceeto pr eed. t so ts wasomedningetug n eith er ee de les and pr g tngwameng t ngoth anywhere l>> des wt do as iteller y g out tat tprywesreidens d w dorates is, if thtyl knew t s wat goin tto flpr a ten pr esteidens,thenthomesutnend ts wa in s fs, il w aon't t ake o fpror aenenesnd awer? s i w we'teoie fkeepor-- is isa wr?re going to wefit, ep ha thi s re goi tebo rightt,ou the econ >> thieb . r htou i ink e heecon >>hi . i k psi's stragy is fobeher or 's wse. rats his is a demoroc tic w. his aem sena. >>hat'the tereing subnaxt >>t'e reghe reitn ur ub xtats takingheitn ur sete s y c b tt hry rd ing doesot wt lteos tha y c b t h sen re. es wobams apovalat lgos h teade to40% anden amapal watre hde getti to40o% and int amoreethe docots a and
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mopresentit's eve m f a mseland esnt som'seve pnt y msow thaeltd the presidentom ies p gog yo s rt r unni ng t tae p sihint seat a ry rgod is o srt r niing do ata g t a d r t io save his g o mer g demoats d t in s theeis mnaer. >> andmos t d iemnoc tts . >>nd dut toge theilliaireur x beuse theutthout it mightca reto uepubhecanslire be voe heorouitit. ghca it didn'ns wo vohyoritno >> i not a dn' popul arlawoon hy its own. ii shldot sayop aul lon o feople ow likehe i ash ofaxinay l olliofnaplire , buw t kea othe esidaxt need tdo iore i comirne hatbu witwh om e id ne tndfri s, er ihaompsnehaith eomitme reform dics,er ha educ one, somethinto gwfo the onomy. ucouon ndesodin som getng b e omy. let's hit mi io ir n ydeou om ne b to ve ppl e a t'easit atioiroue ua yneoto a p strategyea fr ow. ua wh tyha wldak e istsragy ow . lking to mem rs owh t cgresak not i ins an ddress in t no memhrou o p ressco nfceresceotn nnot om aossre thent innoou p assspeech, tce t ct auas t i scsi witatspm wcht tt mit be willing todo . si itand there wt still aeal omi beilng
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th ta. bl d re he ntti toea o it on ta x ta for e lor th tets, oetta ox all r eoo phloesth a nd thete forset forll parculaindu ries hate he sess he aoesn'the li, fo rhe n't,ar hladu west d it. she 't kim,li i, t doe't look li t, th's t dittionhey're ki hea ddoe t'tki lk bout div idinthg t on y' presid t'asrosaupbo iv peine meg a pting t pr es r a ve tsaoupee w petme a cngan pasa e isnythg inviduallt ckelyo pa in that as is fathion?ind ll som ver tin y lythpain ihat uple of hifan?shat e omerin y alady ssedhe house, le hi thsre'sthis it olalngy edhoe, iue is a pvi th t'sha s ol sang tha the companies ihat i a o buness t with the saha he cvepamees aut atal buss wh ave veme a %itel for tax aavet rid of tha t o itivele t tethe d o tmpanie tsoas t ienvest a t re n worrsnd an provision i es t dax cdi t o h neor pvion di t e verancomingack om t wa oveea and may veinanastcturspenng ingk t peop couwa talveabouandayay pay orturen i in opoualouaay ay fcay i respsiblway,hat'the tentf it fcahey re's not spbly, t' goe t o bentit a ghede'sals. n >> o vicry he tho goh th t be we didappen inde ts.ene oic ry hd the weidpe i
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theresinte otis rade th e. billpasdith hesi majisorityde o ll asd repuitan ajvoits.y tir ony. pu >>ant's robabl n tos. ntice. iry. he >>srobl n cou tld he d is ean18e. mohs a o,utabor ou hbjecd, b theisare mo pr aicng ttab souor ec bhe keea pral iconngwill trode,ou 280,0 jo , t n ot ill todee, oel h h80is ,0 , el nti.e w did h h d h i when itti ul hawid helped >hewhatnoes i it st bo tulha hpe dposs ibitieof >ats s biptianshp? ss wel i tienk o genpuineshp? jo bel t rucleenslneatio t jo ssibucity oriptin is le csltain, t mt of w w asiby ipti n inhi sobs bcl wasn', moing of w w do at >> a rig . in whob weom b wckn'ng an's a ct o of aigwa whe h hod than u.s a.ctesnd t of wa h hod sshassi.snati.onndttpt on ss evsiy titi a lal binestt ptopenits ors evti l bes ens s crees anotr laop b re ot laor h bes a thermploe, h it a noterust lood for sine. it itot goot for thr entine com nity it oo banrof a ricawe kthw thtiom ty pacthat cal sinees an aca kth ctt l nehave n counits.
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th's w we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd to s bll boniness acss the untrso f thiyear s besac e tr fhiar becae thmoree he the the re whelpake op rtuncay pothiblere hehe e wlpe opunpole i' gotothi agast tse do-iyourlf sam caner luggg arnd aot wer extrtion nit n bei' rusot higa t -iur s cer ggar a w tront beus that why'm cpet r li. buatif thyngs ct out of hlid, thers nohamen caing . bu ts ou h ernomecag ♪ll 100-semer♪ ♪ 1-ser♪
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th is notust dangous es cathtis ot thit is rt o fngsatrn es ofhi dan ofro arn rkles behior byan the a iranesn ehinior thatreoi by he contie to andon hatreoio one apply the toughoes sppanctions and he tgh sct aou owonnue tou mobilizhe onintnueronalommuty t ma sur m tilthe ira i nturtheralmu tand urth maur t isoted aurerhat d th pa the pce f tsohite kdind of havior. pa>> thet wa prede o fma t o kd thuvida. hisir p ub tliwa rede o acti t t justice hu isdeparirent' pcubrge at t ti go trn jmentti o ran was beh indart'e t go rn nt wlot astoehtt t di abis asador to the itedtateby bwingdiim insaes ado t wthas ngn d .c ed te bng r taur nsant. my duesths we sayth at r ur nctis art.not ough nd th thwe w shiteay hse n ds ti tarot gh nd sp dth mitarily w oter pds a to much steder mitil priyce p lar. f mechr s ceoicer andri a seorelw the fme r eo fodati forheernd a den
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fseel w he moccy foti orhe joins me w. oc wco j ns>> aew.pleasure. >> so w a iplre vocorsly dein aole in this a v peoe a sg wede ol i it makhi nosense because ran peo a wead nhi oai nitroakmo seecseth ow d you nadhe evidaience?rom >>ellth i d meu if tevid ce iden>>celtas t a s oen r,s so abo jus aab s eoverybody whhas l aked ausab it erydy in t l amkeicovnment elies ito becred tle it amovnmt ie s itbe edle cltr thiranns we bend th atmp >> s at wclthaner webe ty th thiin g? s werey hiing? beu, itbvioly i raisg hales re ithe thunid stes a itbe clditio i beerce edis ahass ine a ct othfnist atldr, be ce ctain anct a of troon cerinansoil. wh i the callaon i n an so . ran? welwh t the the biggeon i lculn?atio i j tel t the tig sueme leulerio andt biehe tsue supre le leaerder wndas rtai nlresponsie fre thorizineath wfrt i ainlsp si fean, he or inthenjoysf. i h enjoys an,acnghe united en ysates. nd think it' hsoy s
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impongssheible uote oerst at tesnde tnkt' pogrleohich hoestes t te unitedat es wchch hee hold s t quiits aountablees for m hset ofis obldlems t. ui ale r tacng o the sauisdiobms her i s c he aauou winner becse tre er a r il b a undouerwayin b in se tre thedle st b ween rhel nd sawaiesy a the i irania nshee ben asandes ahe the irprobiamsf grea ar threvoobltaseaeoized the r inll y m t eoeaiz the m saudiehaveen trett eahe saie av ageeesreve isupptinghe syan opagsities ippng all in sy opti alli thi i at's qn nrstaable hat ey wld lldo this this. andta tlet w th. ndart i tn t pthey vet and in ihihet apriry rireason, th f ameran otprajrag re, you erou o brae sag as a y p receive s wkness om t rheei utestes wowaress omiran t >> aaes genal reow of umb, he an irani an aenden bace off o umwhen ty k hey're goi ingni get reallyff hu. en heykenhedre toi pus w
11:22 pm
n t ethey ll ink huey c. getwawi y en p tit. y i meank c tethisware asot . partici anarlywaaswell-exete rtbut ain,ly lotsf inillxe t n,operiootsf t pni are er not re n parculareyell ecut and rin ot m e a narlayl lot, fut endxamp oinf t p boingsn th t, f98 e6mp thafhe bo gsiraniathnsere rponsible tor dha trenc ianntnal r po ibcuri sviceuredut dha thre didt iit a ri weekce.ed iit th aid pusleitha a someek peoe ar s gestg a th musbele ts w me teoargestob o th m bea t w rogue mitar factin a fanog within the mitac a vofationny gua w corhithatn he mehowentff on ionwnguaorat a the up mehoeantffr would on i nohavenownwnut this? ahe >> iea wouou noitvewn this i me an i omoune i asmempomered thas guamper thorps a g playi muorcalhair asila the lders p. ir d ses toaveiirhem c hi on the lrs g rdse ctopse andir c ou t c ps siondlyheandhoseou
11:23 pm
leeripould undesrtakoely tano ho ta lelddeak thies opat tn owi out ta tifyg angettg t hi opprovalwit hefyanttup tme le ader .ov y wrote tupmeleer eng ag en yt o wfte t united st eesot only is adtstraon, s uteot oisonlers, ttas y ou adra , wd. be use finso thes,ttemtas y r w bee inheem the u.s. to con y tat ue. an our cttpt ateaay y be encanouraurng h t abet mor ay vi nt? yencra i mea h t tbenk the vioba? inisyeatiomade the m tnk t me mis tahaisio predesihede cltonade nd hamet is mresi cleyne sha wayiss coendab dsie eae s ayout the enabannstoeain somet eahe tore anns tdioog me actuallyor hisheoposite diog of the tu ly hiinteheiohatite means of heit mak hte much mhaeea ary m an hd mes h muchheore worried a bouthe an m weseste hrn h cultal inv aswonie ad mut he more worrite ttuch ltalnvn m o ragere wril tecucthomesc polics a it wec iesmean li atthe--
11:24 pm
thed.emra rebel ionann ththe--mer hera rel n20 greenr moment gen cit edma only t'sav itac let he talk wit s the lteetd stes ttatlk anditheteind tt was a a ver daerind w v reperssns da obamattpt atepenge nt. o ma pau nowptou aay shouldge. rikeauacowayilitaril s auld ke ac lkg abt tilgherar anct. at kd ofil ary streab ter e you al ngct ou kofy trwhat shoulw e yoalngnser? ou>> thi theos hasul inllenthingns tero i s>>hihe prab going nd inlltng l ied praboing thi wld b tgo aedft hi w voonar grd corps aft falits. pa icullyar gserdor tt wer faits. us paul toup trtt t whe op atus iide tofaq t whi l to t d thopat iide faq und fhi u t dthldie. afnd i if ydur respfon u tor. ta at,ayur ts sp in rponse t tta assasaysion ts i n pt? >>rbsonstely t tss asabsotely on i aniht pnow, >>o thely so ly an i areino escalinheg t
11:25 pm
erics andoinrenothg and ethscin it' t a b icaninthsilly, d thint' individualshosiy, isinenvis areho oingis to be terblyre prsed ng whanctions a oo t prse espoe. w i anink iown t roawe' o askingoror e o fpothis. >>i hankk ou f toroa beie' re. asng weor o. >>nk fei we
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♪ fe th wel♪ ♪ farell ♪ ♪ m glo be oyour ay f♪ thel♪♪arl ♪ thoh yohavet anmone myou lon st l be orighur and nny ♪ ♪hoyoveanne u stbegh d y ♪ sg poy woy dole althe y ♪♪ spowodo ale ♪♪ ♪ h ♪♪
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