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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 16, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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ishen t buys th rpuigshhts to the book buy he tyou rigyes thi ghee? ok >>ev heard of ihuye t >> i k>>ha htrdf e>ve bo is k gettg as a i ttasmaift. jud jeane: nighon usti." havbrea ng ns as he ud ea : archghntenfiesor ti avea nas chenes msi 11 mth o baby msi lis m oab w. >> ts we l we e onhe oundn k >> j t fo tthe weturne f thon baby heyndksa getty10 00 jfoe rnth byy >>ethaties00gars now say real hap>>ned t babgars nayis >> e aralnotapd abealing - whoever d s is>> narot at eang crimal maste rm d.oer is n a>> ps, never bef e enim m te otagfromhe exc lu ve pev b tervw wi the agom exc pen rvwihe >> ty pen immedia te temmiae screamg hene anoong fo her .scam hean jud jeane: mingp ng nighon a peci edifoon oer us ce,"udea w: re'sng b aby gh acidi o lisa. us ," >>el wlo a's b wco to l
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a. "justi." >> a ti'm dge ti jni m e pirro. eaki newas ksas cit pro ki ew k posce c srces tell "juice" po th havfouerse src tesheell " juic mess m wan d fthavou er testiing the me m wdisappdranc of be. tig he >> la. sahe hppncotfe. bn en h ly hot lien h disappear.y his alli n jnnyispe. s nn tkond is kno tond cry s oswitblad toght is cusdy oa lonyar a ran itad tot s us o ny areanted warrantnrat thease. re d th wee wwhenra wasnat nsasheity e.pokeo a th eeen as nnehborhofeltt erse asy ke a neor lt erk.a.ohnny tanko w a re ena.g innnvidu whoan w a uld tis s tcla ore en in du anhostabt in a t le and d t thenlaytclaunde w oith i t t anabin t le nd le peoe know at e enasyde it i ite an wleiteoth kew e as sw it blade butherwas so atheritigthe velo ent ihe sitrcadh f buers a er ba lis lot arircva f i es tigabatorisrow a yorkroug in iesgaowans ci . rkug n
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ve ts week,oci.ea lt b en t wk, ctor steps tlto bhe plateor br sgingn t povate pte inve igatbr wngild ll pvataon. >> tre i goin to bveatd a t i$100in00 r bard t up for t a safe etur 00 rd up f afe/orur convictio of a/o pso cn orctsons i ol of in tso orso horriolble cri hri >> jge jninestann omisri a b ou j jnean is b touo whever finds bab wher fds la. b >> jge jninethe turnf a.e ba andhe cvict n. if meon brin the jid jnee rn band cct ri t no and f ays oneyinhe founded at cld s itringnod s y fnd a p ar c s h, tyy b tha k a p righ t e, they b t g $0,0. gh hey >> jge jninei mewith stton disss t cas >> y and bot h j k jnone pomeceth st n ised t taslina t i ynderot kpo t cililena f t ist ismazi is thatheyever ci sa f thathearenstts a iszisha th ev suects sa ha weeon'tennow a t ifsuts i twe'twhe
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t inr i ccle. evybodse ms to ein smp e. and hat wha t evhasod theo pumpic sascinated w t ndt ha t s isheo puom spellinasgnadhatt if is somee tredomllha tto ccocthe meperftrt cre anna a kid ccthe and ake trfhemcr oan ofna a idcati, yo coun' t ode it.m u codn'to i t.tiyo c u t oere uld i a trail o co't i e d awi and areot deali whoev er wi s. di this sd notre a cna dleaiho diisot cnal sternd. >> jge jnineform dectivwithhe n d. er . pa wel me. j j ne rmat d you ke o all deivth nd. th? pael . i'm dot eu n s oe whl e to th st t. 'm e s wh verehone witou. i k w llst ernetaitonou ablenougll flo on its diiculfor ton le ug sionow h isitdiulr onbj ti on ovview hng clenti by ov ew th psongn, c tsn anyus th psos befact aor inyusoi to eeed bect i to cle e ielgee and wi and wisdoefe abind a nd th wdofbi a autrities th
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jud jeane: at dyou amakeutf hirisayies thathiss udmieana: du kehiyihaisasrm mi at ihe tkingboutho did is? >> t sta ment r ains i tngut clea tod m?e. t ta bunti th rk wh he ns tryg toea m state i s buthwh thae t ryis c if ta itas ari is ifha t ire is it atualrimeehin i it, i t ichilswas a bd uctealdmeinid in' requ e ails crimi anabdtedid mas rmqud c miand par cpa onhand as weill tnt o d ar t cpa on jud jea ne: weat dl yount t udea: du mean >> iotheword theheft and le obabi an is i he rd heourifting d o fbiacilat lack rket n am ri , itri igs f ac ckfact if n fa it etrnsamutriits tt enct ou ecifonstfaructt tsutt oupareec'sstct statement the re sfacttelncsienhees ithe stemen andome the ct hilyen imp iroeble stennde sheri hi thmprefeed i relation t ri ithe te scene. th re fe i rat >>udge teani: wh are ou it tyinghence. >>geniwhre ou d econngstnct? sayi thathe storiesrou don st atem tsyi ahae srir unreasobl i llemogal? >> inrillea ogal?
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ililgil. ing ionl.ent. >> j ge jinninehow? >> aaby o di't con.en brotrs w j jn'tneakw?e p. ay di c . by onor th atot wtakvintly didn ctureonheorth cryinbut vi nt we supposedl dnre c on.bu dog weatupdloe't bk. o ba g hat doe'trydooeg't tt ba doeshat bk. do e lits ttt wetn ft es b :30 en heliom w tenwetotn ftslp. f wh0 sheent slehe and w n on wn thhusbd ca e omsl whe dhert aslend u oc d wth wsbhecaame d rhome u itas ldked en w s -tham me bitiz lred .th >>udgeeani: wh is intestinabou bthiss th wh youave baby ho i >>geniwhs tein ouis th ck ywhoue by i know,ny mother do es itenneed baby kitor and mhe do sh says th enonedorab wit a o sh s th ev they soray w itoesn't m oak seeve. ty s w, aoe to't m a ofhi l aacyo a you of have the ly yo benefactoravhothe brinn wd ll staon bhoefto is inn wd s offering $100 and bngs an torn appen offin w$1 nd b ng or isn't n rn a rned. w
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we ill rnd osn ler the neshowd. wh is is awe abol o t ve y see a owthinlike wh s a bo this ? thi yis nee m sisunrand t t hi nhef. sunndt myerioen to r rmychio t an pluckdenilltor snt t anlul o barne county s aid thiss thguy o i ooiar toouy sai d brin tetheand om ehisthy i t eleve thenves tiga tiveinhedom h gathing clu andvide e ev t esre sgathanvehe msoi ate thg lu nd de poce, e fband cal san msoi ate po, fb d aulhories. >>udgeeani: an kaas cy poce. hereaus thrithin. we w, w >>ge ni anare law enf orcekame cpo l. re th in e wmionothf s. e aw nf ce thatis not sharing on hf infoatiowithim. at he is n nototri foioth. agent f l awhes n anforntment f l the isone thigoinon. ha it horisnt thise hiin. olit h at ds then factoolhi thate c o t dtth tenac f th atstat cpoli and 300 tt t bts on t gro d ca t d that lind 00 i'mctuatsy a a l for tro ca dwordon tt o 'm uaa l haveoor c lu rd t o jge j nineyou y yo ve know cilltant. jat d jyou neow au yo this
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owl y?tant d foru r a thisyp >> jge j ninehow ng? or >> i dno >> udge jeani j: thnee yew s?? >> a i srt timnoe. >> ge>> hni lonthwereyeou wh a s t hon nred? w 14. as a detti nd? f 4. 10. a d jud jeane: ay wh us anlotsore nigh0.t nc di ud ea: w usre o my xcanlutsvee ighnterewnc di yo wit is a' s oluve int paren w yoit is a' sknew jery iin prasut the houewse jhat ut s li ak en beouse seone i nht her wn liak silne when ju sticre" connu. il st witus. enjuice"nu. stit.
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naonwi insance ta to . shld iundlall polies wi natnwidinsunce nawinsce tao sh idll olswiatidsue wah th. oneand,ou he yo hom inrancwithne cpany wath ned, hyoom innc thand c anonyer h d, y ve yr au witanotr. d no h y yauitot anon anotr hand u ha youlife withnothan. ot nd but en y bun e th hatogeouer fethth wi natnwidinsunce,hey all rk tt ethe yperfuntlyth ge wiatidsue,yl the rfand yu cod sa 25% wod .. cosa's a5% in e wrts. wo an wr. ♪atioide is oyouride ♪ ♪ioe oure ♪
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>> jge jninewhats th fit thg yothou t, bbiewheneremcome in j j ned saat wheth is fithyoou lis a? ieen em me >>aybe ne o thesaoyhess pickedis her nd>>beas o pelayioyng pkeerd and t err bed witas pheyiand i a ew tt was n't psierbl b w ii toght t won'tt know. ere tos nto one tug.'t k
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w. it us w ree i ns o snehe at? it got tuso winred is ser wre at? ot ine at werhare hapne wheatshe sn'tn t w he, h wh is ur fsthoug he e 't tdid hy o ce t o whs m fd?st >> o, id yean te t rll m it as>> i just n ustll pic . as jt pani p ic yodon'thinwhenometng likehat h penining. yo n'you inn'tenet tnk ket hpe ng yourhougs areve rywh u 'tere. theyre ring.nk urugarvewh e. the is o ey rheg.res nothing kesthisseo inouheresead.otng u ju -- t i ssike notsenou r ea d.real it a d am.ju--t ik n it'sust a al itig dht.mare. >> j'sge jtnineand d th bo wakup?ig ht re >> yh, ty j jned th boak? y t we u thmmedetely kne weere screami h n e ndthedly lookg f er ndwe te sea wreend crokng fmyhere i t pumpkine wheris la? he i p um>> bink wi eror bwietti or t brnan d joedyti br n arjour ay pchog ar a dr. wi ludewch.og washere s ange. lew aucon
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sre sanon oro yohihi wasn side j ob ? oryohi hi >> t bn d idn't vi tede j ? selfut othe t b cb. dn' >> j ge jnine and e balf oe coulnot imb t ofhe j jne d baib ul t >> cb rectof10 mths d. got . have coue ofhoseite c ct m s o s. t got . ve ou of myseperaitng pmise i o. t hi t thmyra bio pgimicaarts the prob m fo c rithnallilit biniogi mytsiew i hhe ts ce o fobforill it th biologica l myarw ts hseie o th bcololicicalts in se way w th ercoci the is trd-party owa w th four par this tacrdilatty is i ur ar viequitigh r aumbeilrat is ofiffent v rsoith abe r workg offesotatistically a rkg stical and basine ftarostmal onom per ecti and al nd beverhinglse. f m i' acto ng iomnertind ernge. i'actong in f diaratle fmes. the rst ift word as diatme e t t or a an lectckiaat nht. a n all e ce phos argone thictia n.ay tha t isl ceho sarne kin d i of aooki mista ohanishe s k
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a siki in mermsisf mae trng he elinatehe cls ind si n ms matr ou li hete is cat i iouldo. woulwanto kno or tou hes i ld pr ior dulaysntveno singl pers thespokr withs ttedin rs he hokth a cfetee wh,ri with h w cfe vided wt inri ery thstorthey wt vntd oreynt evyomnionnd i wan knothe c ri minaev hry i w rertednd non re ed o fnolle c na ryoseeoe th met witreh.edon o llduri tha30 d ays nd eeothetith. b inridha d at imyiew. >>hat dono i t t the i ie poce h e al ady oked>>t t o at a ty hahe not po h aly ed di cad th the p aen thareot su ects ca th he inact,enhey id tre parents e no suts int,y t sarpets no arth insidob orpe th ns idductn? i d't kw. meathiss wha k w.ct dknow kt t hi p oi teaiss wha dist ct a ne sowff t o pr atev the l ocalst protossff o r ofce ty arthe es t tev he l al au poriz asrrest or n of tare t au thoraue arizstbecae th a est e th noneshat veo au orprosarcathe. e lathenfoesement is dngo os at ty can d witlahfohaent th dey ve.
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tey floweup oit50 lhaeathds tha. cc at fwe o >> l thoan >>ha thoand ads nd gotat >>thhog. l th hav>>is mhod as nd gad asou kw a s t he thav m amer chief as k a tprosutorou cut t me hioplen th roo and a t m osor c thsameueions ver and lethoodm overthen fme twonsvend again for er f wwoksnd all a ainor suddeksnd ion sten ciesl a comep.ud >> jge j ininewhatns enes tereing thai me inrvied th par ts a j w jeneat reg ha wi con nue see sinme iethar a w thnterews. wione ee ee ast e xclusive iewers.ew th theasdid.t th excsiew a s o i nthynhed. th alst t wee andhere a s i nn't ythi whe thehave al di tgreeeewithndacreh oth. t hi he he doveou tnk tt i t dieethac is o in eryb y vi tabldothat they t i will inybviblaty ta ll srt worta ainseachtherr s sinrt or thingshat ghtcc enll y nsch ers i ntenti on lyingst tncrienminallte ea ithen. nc>> trit inaa p sili . ea th. canlamene ather o r t ia li .t angry. than me a er en y looat tseeo ary . eyook s yoonshisticated an i thk ioo skome ystns hiic is an btheiing sisinterpreted
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the bmediei were aiste litree deanheused to ookidi atar ts andwe a it thinanng tt thed are to gkiuitltartsnd weinad t a lth orefuilt ces the we l mea i rentes t hto here me i en ms aad have en ghe har mi ahead clde o ildren weeallardon have en could in dren rm ion. we ll nthat hs the truthere >>e kn tha in anrighnow,his rmse in.s at thut re st l, y kno>> aknha ope anghw,s i s inveigatn. st al youghnopeerti veat al ghkans citp.d fnderertisey, e gu with th winshbit.der se y, thhom es guy .gu w h was vingn th abandoned th m es housuywher.they nds ng uthpbaon seusarchergeyheell hes soone o t hey havse tcho l hestie rigs nownd d soateve thetnydav t to do. tiig ow den y sayhat e evamheil too.s yayt am unphiscate s yoare attney,rthu wh prounbliss doeste yoe ttty,hu wh ro esgend? bothats a eense a ttonend a nd otts a tesese ato nd aryourlits imay limit at hp th an giv arouur olinets y l it way the o th er. hthan the oare nesoluly uiy y he o . orbsutelinno nt. he e frlu theyrosetor'uipynt o or vibs orel wnoev.s c ross
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frheser'p aming th i n esevirev r cmsss when ou a dea ling winhthn e rpeop who l's use en t aeanghms op ho ss l'sseophiicated peoe,msou qutionheopnsirsatot e, becae wh her ey a qu on edib or t buhersmaoty ca whnor hav a t ibr buntleheuamaly ca city tavo tive yhentle ua answs caty t yhehat y ant.sw >>udgeeani: we the ha lits owas he danoor lke >>geni we he u do t nlid o ts e d aoor rket l do nd scieeist. a ke>> otheyma k more fo matiie that.theyre o ey kvealorg atehis me b it y notihaey nessalyea n thatal ats b t th are uilt nof alyeanha cme. threltf a >>udgemeeani: pa >> i- jud jeane: nt thire >>me nge? nipa youre t exp sive ior meudea: t re >> t bea ny of avinthis ou txp ve case n oc ob erme teaofinis seoc o2011 is t o th20 islental stuff t dogs, th thele bntalngtu the tight toghere e bis aheholeig trenoer tasure a hoove ailae tohe auerorit ts. ase kes me t e toevel . e la tou kn the auit a ll. s ttoel tria knngleheteioof t pne a whe it oginates, ia iomleio t pne wh it an ogi onacos,ng. i
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om ifhey y weer't a an o co ngcertn pa o f mi ouri nd ify we ere 't a cl ma from their rt pa o miri ph e. e c mal ofrohosemhinghe th >>ofudgeseeaning: do ou t nk th is ssib thatheyreps >>tegeing niedo t t th ?s ibhaey yes of cterse.g tth? >>bsolely. >> jesge j tn wh haenedo th baby? >> oly. at p son j goe jneo a t hwhe d haed thab rns allf th pnoea he d s llthigs? >> don knoabou turng on t >>on lnohtousur but it t lhtsut itapns. >> mbe seoneho g luc inapernsms of not l eavi m s ane guc er o fot footprt l bviin ad. andnew wasorki t prin ndw as ki ni tt. >> jge jninestayith . nex couni deb hurher own j jneay bh y? ex ou ebiurpokeerithne of t as t n b y? ople w s awkeheb tas le w saweb bora bdl befo her baby nt m sira: cod swdlchinto gco ally ave u 15foor mereab onar iuran? msicoswin g lye 15 m on ian st: peoe ussmarhone too du this? n 1:end,hat the we end.: eousarne toduhi 1:d,t
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hewed. p grgic:eah wg! magr2: ac:ow mh to c!ck..he bubb! ma1: d't md if doo. ma a m c.. bb ma dman m is ifgentooman th a brosche viteovero th pay? man onln if hs s renty ton arockose teerth pan nl h♪refx: toitarnd tckmpetam ♪ : ge♪o. 1: minuars co td saet yo15% moron c inranc ge 1nucosa yo% or c innc ki tho lin gooye! kihoinoo di!overuvéde®c, e smdith ger filer de® ur dtorsses tonsta ly ssmoth gt
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il d rsthosspareheseline tota sarh nd y r no andouth for os to reyearse ne mpory si eff ts arincl ye renoess,ndain,th r o ar orsiff clres,n, firmss, elli, bus risof i ectirm. , libu losehoseines is iti the y yoselookse wies juv érm® xc, e yookwiué®c, mit ju chae the y yolook atverying. mijuha e yok yook docatr ryg. anvisijuverm.c. yooc ansive.c
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> shwas ke a by tt e ner rely us s shs a ti me she a itnetlrediffere s fr theoys b au mehehe isittld fe girlut frhes mauhehe isn herln e w mas sk a sheastn w saelinwellwe jt --t we ew sethi w ro in ll j -- beuse e waa lile fsy shi but e is bee wali f t is perfect. sh p nctever -- sh we hdly e ner cries. dl eslepthroh thnighsinc she s tw montcrs. o. ep warolkthing ghdncol ne twnt. wahig s. ncrawlso fa youe to chas awlsfaou h t.o e's as smart e'sverying uou s eve srma s ry g wa. ee's eryin j waud jea ne: w ar the s bo doiry?in >> ty ar doin oy.udea: are >> j gebooi jnine do t y kn t ar
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in wh o hapy.ned? >> ty kn tha she j gon jand neey a tkn whapd? tknhae on d a kno were loing r her. k w heenickme is pumpkin ie. lo g heerav. it her w he heheck w i ppk he bot andheer wsk mommy wre pum pk wboendheskmy final s um w aven't we fouiner and e jus we aavoi w fou ereverhingean ndeus audoies. er do ngiendeandanghudrs. thino babynd ldisa'artsoughldrs ve h medinbyer l?s i sptse tooune otheast h d peleo speeto o dheebasorah bore pe eateful d nhtah. bor e >> w he i sa themsatheef ty htwento chk ou throu m y whe sa em smine a bo of w e,nt bchabououip a ne bybo w fd.ip a wither oth, jt t two d. t hem.itr thj t y .o t >>m.udgeeani: ju a gulacust er? y >> when. > wget waniherju dem ealarst? wn. wwaremr like? same asik aay am alys smiling a ppy al s havliyou en h t baby y lisan th avu h sto? b >> es. sa th >> a whawerehey ke? s ? >> t babwas always>>
12:23 am
aha re y and ?e was a lway tabs smilwli.sli i w ou d walw as aaysk howhe babymi. was doin and we wld tlwaow she' gs atind ld t jud jeane: d a e'beauful by? >> butif bab go eous udabea: a au l ?alwa smi bliifng.ab go us neve younow,ad aar i wa mie. w or .veouw, a >> udgeeani : we re bk. th dr.>> lgeniig.we b l rit, dtorrn look, ev eryo ir. ske tor.on ri d rr evloyonek,n th evyo s tor neighrhd, evne th is nei ebca grrero tebca surmartrohomhe suughtarabyt wipnd byoodhe an if y ht ayre w planingyoo an y doin a somhinglain sis you in omn't ngyab wes andisaby y t ab w es a nd od. aby eryo saishe s a eat moth and he b w. alway yo ai e a hetthy and thnd appropria wlylw dreshed. y d thi its ahat epr unswab lik this haen es by aren whits at re t unik tha byenoo wd a t is rento theooncid en r en youtoever t know whatoe on nc hind se d ooou andereopl kew at ha a fne th t prent nd ooto tnd outplde wld. ha f thso ire vernty posbleom
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od tut w . can a oo d ioterr,ave aomod n ppoo child, r,dav te he a hild d mentheree theyre or the is ccennttreahey o th ihat ccen t ahaens theare celess. ha that s tr of y ha ps c es d ding t se attrf omen pen anyt ng c dgapn. en >>ou kw, iis ieresng yt c yosay apat an.accent cod >>have k i h ipeesne yo y aere ce obouslcothrd vepene sce arioobslr anccidt. an ientional ct tscarioth an id t.babyy soonen t insidtiealarth bysoen id eand, ocour, an abducon. d, our an th baby dn't dbdisappe io th ab in dn' a. d thapideafoccen t does th sug st t t th moththea anfathcc wouen havdoto b awthe ofug i tt?thth >>an lthten,ouhereavre bittion s aw of i whe on one aren k lwsn, andreitti s th d oe'twh roneveane anyaring. k wsnd t i ould i gineth the dreoeldea a ny in . be cckn i elldio igihip,he ld ri t, i beck than t happeelneiodhe th hri ind wou sayhatisn hpehe m y thnd w ou ay winsn qui rig lely m and u wo d eginwi to seesn qheuiigel tory red akwodin tpaortee >> udge eaniry: anwhat re haveeen farpadocttr,s
12:25 am
th agenian catonsien t i nvehen irarct th stor conie i thhe suprt eh otr an thats wh i w jus or singie th up eotan t oaterwh wus bck an younow, h oer b bavckio thatanayou sugw,ges at s was b av happ she was t atugepss s w shehaasn'ppthe som wnet, yo kw, ss who s uet or en'omyo kw, o figuhtin o >> y don gethe sence at sig waslayi wit knes, ght y bonehinetd sloced sasyiit do s orkn s, t w binddrfoun dedoesseorbutheay hravune b de se t anvehelm momndho h kns ho s han dl edant.vehelm om d shhave b itteho h didan t. e have f am ilshveiteid n rby? h e il oboddescbes r tht n warb y? i ve bn in ans as o twoodscs tht waeks. i b inbut nsr nehborowo i me theomes re s. clo and t neor e n bomershe sayes sreould nd co outnd p a b nket n dnbo ay and lde anthe b wou cout p b nk pl ay. d and anere hee pe ble w thiou pl wh.are clo sed te o tpehe washieot whrelo t as ssary thpolice t wh say at ty din't t nkhe arth l e hawhany le i t a lly . tditnkhe >> nd thahay t i ier ay posbl. and sten she has >> that two o pldosbl d enhe as ildr. t
12:26 am
o he s onand e haone. the are kingdrare two e on d hachile.en rht? hee ng e d th te iso il history o?f a this hto a diicules. >> jge jninenothg. thawoulsuggt a at di ul . th w e so jhow jood neougth ha ul paggnts,a rht, whe ty w th wsow d ug tang ce of an y pahilds,n rhtwh t y d th isn' live t ta cofanyldirst this ivme -e a t fst time pentndir brea ng dn i s om -e way f.ime nd trere ea d a iuctionomshaay. ppenre th ae arucstraones a ucon s. en th ar >>raudgeeani: buwe wl t in a thauc on thwhol ideaf thway is >>ge ni bunt d wow in ha ve q cktholeathy you w th t dape. ve tes genui ? u th t e. the is methg ab t he retionhatenppo m eo hes th ab he be ve re tonheto to be t t a ltlhishi stornic. ain,ot ud to b in t oforhec. t vs wn, u ktonows i at i t mntof w kwser >> ju me jentine:tay th u dider >jujee:y u dburglar kidnap lisaburg
12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
lookwe d b't k -w ifour se tju bjee: w mas athlr eady dd. ok d k ifght rw wee d on t't bowre w ady d. ba lis i t we d t d tre t y bo utbaishe do ei d t t uocd?bo di they o th ugh doe fts the cas >> ndi beceyse tthyh nefwhat i he knas the bic nec tnfymaon.t i knhe thnf knemawon h.ow jud jeane: w ld youthne h talk t oudea: pple andotld gouhe lk p pl e fands from them? fa ias ting tell them f heat tre we pele w t g belieled tthm anthathere were teopl wwho pere w wh th li t anandatpitere pli c opini on n replo w th toe andtenflien oni n b ytonfen tt. b >> jud jeane: ve y bee retaed bt. the jud ea : y >>ee no,nd i didn't t l taem b t that necsari wan d to e >>o, i dt reatinedecyriantoe tm. >>udgeeani: st wit us. re ed cong u no tter w >>geni ystit. co uo wantero thkhere ntth some deils at don'tddp. s wh s e des on dai op.f t s pant's story j don add up. thpa's n'st onjuryic je. ondd .
12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
ped, me hfiroth frwhit p dd?e? u is d, >>o. notng mes d se?se. >> >>ud ot mgeeani: cod so sonese . haveit toughhat. >> i they>>emov it lgeni coso e y bu whyve wou tldght. rem i iteyovt d puit h al fwbuachyou em attoe't m epu h sseac >> jgeoe't jeane: esed the s se seas it s j eand: iod nhet wa ast in, cld t someone ve throu igh tldt? me e tou>> n >>udgeeani: dit?you ar ythi out f thordi ry en y n wen to b ? >> ge ni>> ndiu o. hi ut th wasdiour dro doo r ypeenn b n or cse. >> wasclosr all roe dooos atr pe nigh and ad t che. by wosl doat moni r on nd wgh dndad h t yt ng. ni>> jonge j wninethatas a h babyonit. >>.e alys h e on on. j j neat a go tbyitednd s >>al i hon. bed . o >> s jud jeane: d th are sensive.ed. u co d he som>>ne iyou ud ea : are thlkinre nsi ree.mber a whe co aheom iu fore in reerwh m or yea >>udgeeani: doou he a dog,y thway? >> yeah, w do. >> ge>> wnihat dond o hf daog d you g,thy? have y? w. w t a l o dog douix. ve >>he wld h e baed i l ere s a -mexcan s >> w hba i e a exn s commoon oso rt. >> itherwas omise so sothinout therdiny
12:45 am
d it as.ou i iers e mea n. soint hein itbutouh --ea >> s can seehe fnt o ft h the use. s an judee jeane: f shentn th o ba? e >> se. sys out udea: heth ba b ac s ys o ut >> jge jnineis s is b tse. sles un jr th jdeckner ss slee id-- t kidleun htheck alaee gund outidba tckndid e metis shslee thi a g dut ere. she a d so e tishee ohibvly ca heare. e eall dy o we o but i caar ll y an. b i jud jeane: thinthat nigh yo.don'remeer h barng udea: inat gh yon'me har no comtion >>o gethatcreeout wo d th k th noou c mon >> ge at ee sot n sewoththou >> rig. so we e ba n with rig e baith dr. ro ludg. form dr nroud rm decveat n brnan. do a of u elinae eherat on of t sebr pn.en ig af ffelna e r th bat? on tig arur, hit i that ? all kdingsi aft ar, it watcng t last 40 m utll ofngsi ft the ow e speciatcll tyo lt inrvie wit the e ther e i hiae done es vest atioin as ieprositutore er
12:46 am
hand d ae ri stios defosenor d ari ef attoey. to mshe ngs ry te. e ther here s a totf. me s t th gserrea f th that -- >>udgeeani: shring tr. tlot t peoe age wi y ou >>ge nish ng do she ingtr t eit h t eoagwi you y do paheg e it yes, no?ou pa>> n >> ecaus, the lki n >>auheurglarki in msourande thatomeurar the what inheom fent the tot. home win nt nt iide. t didn wakthe ys t me i e. ba. dnak e s e t dog didn't bbaar ckedp togwo cid pnesndar ed tgicawoy t craport ps the0 moh olou t caoo trart t mool>>athln? oo beetherdonehat. an int al itti>>hl eerperetraner int.he ou anntal tibrotr slpingig ht torainou r. ot sl ngtheroesn hea anyino ou ersnea ain t he frooo t jud jea fne: at's possle. >> ipokeo kaleenbout thatut tud onleay: in'seig ss. iat hkekaenut at tnl wigord h >> ther ge. br wst cce
12:47 am
al> bot cbrars cinhe drivey. al anthe est e erott c is tke to dve on i an seidt lk eert holthiso pers it, iherontdooksolth rs t, he stanntng opesn. jud jeane: at i this anbabyas ope targeted? th e arud beaab: y iis by tged? abd ti s anthar by en ty arsoldn the ti s rket is beaiful tar bldabth et isea>> julge jnineno qstio b ab th babwas autil, wl dresd, h jea jhyne, mo qioy t k thabs ti w re oit es heacchymodingyk t o occng t evybod oka nayyer. she s dr king ine.evod sh oukagh n wine.ayr. e do ydr thing shee.el asleep, sh ou gh wde. a few t yhi mheanslp, popsnd a ju dn't ewart? mops >> jusibl t budid e gi theine the g? >> bl s th dog burid nkingig?hee w co thee iso noise on thg ri in thg?baby m itor cohesooi th by >> m obvituslyn on tes the dos b lo. bvu arlytalkongesbo a t child do bwentloo bed arlkt 1bo30 andtwahild ntdiscoerededt 4t:0a. sc ifedomeo tak a sak and 4 putsne pill i o tif deoogak a sak a pu theog o stsle filorleeo t d ho s nopuhe o se feeou av
12:48 am
e hono known >> jge jninewhaturglou av e lees t ligs onn ano j juse?neatgl >>lehe s teigonaurar -- e? >>he d cou be ar>>ng se sameurhingarn-ou cas e,>> dou e ng rkin d n obmey ngardou it. c faer d n't ea iint. ob y ar head bnt. d nk ing.fa dt i >> n one se i hearhe it b de nenkhborg.od everybo n e i arin tt t nghbo rhood. neor e>> try dogleepin t bac of he h tse s ntheghogbo mooayot t haogep tacea - - of h seogot b gl arha tong i b gle burlar wasn't ng ottos i and bur wn' pans. >> wt idf t d kne whoan me i t wou i f k th may thoheog iou would n' tthay the wbarkld >>ho sals llhos wn rk ey a li>>pp sg as aby. wn wh made ahepp a call? ab >> noneou c alwh 91de1f c l? ere n h ou ne poune. c 91 f >>hat peo e e n picd? pne >>tand y. >> t eo the fferce pheicd? >> nddippeanc of bab ye lerae a th dieafabrcyha a
12:49 am
wow! 's en bier th i tught w! welce to erogrbisive th tht do y guy insu airlcreamto grve yuysu yeir am evythi frotrav traers megmotohome ye and even yhir rvros coavred,ra s is ur peg. tome d rfec y rvcod, s p who nts picte wi flo ec i ! i ! o s ct widoloou m d? got maki sure i is i -- o do m t akre uh i. o ok. uh evybod say okwkwa ." precti youfami funevod y now,wahat' progssiv prtioumiun ll ow,clict'todaog iv oicda
12:50 am
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12:52 am
>> jge jninewelce ba tojuste." we'rbackith gue but ji'm jld tnet welcave ball toantostwho "she ri'rteckh ueut m t we e inve stigor f tomo kanssas tyrite who s ju c led n.veig f an hes on t ho o nowju.dn. n we ring himheonn? tow wengimn? ll? yes hello. j ge jnine?hey,ill, es 's t judel. how e y ou? jne y,l, >> u tudyo w on y how?re y uou? >>'m wl, tonow to y us. >> w jud t jeane: m geing t ois bauseou h ue be goo >> me udd i eae y: ouge oneg . bse h be hooave n -- 'me i j yustne e-- try'mgg toomseysf. i hedonrmedomse repor iysf. th homeheheon fourmnd m's r th meclotng aouack pac'sknd ot a frhlyac soi pled nd >> wre d they fdhi fr y oi>> nr th he. w dhe f anotr ne ancynd i nth just gnghis and
12:53 am
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12:54 am
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12:55 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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