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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 16, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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sh heid crschesase ulveunt crch th offo homeleshe to sw h imtho picre hs oelf h s mp houim in bda. o dlso h tonig c or b da aill kin i tdo t ig lega cto only orrry pa aunlol ed finea i. is c esga osy a hug blowo lo f .e ente s cngess a h firemso f hion cntommuni.snges d re finally f ahis we cllmuno.w, d veneela ins so of e mt w ll lanoessriving conitis ne a the sorldf . mt la theesitys orifvi caw cti e dacas heyas ofaw troded 120asas odmim 1ho bim through d lhts. that righo. venezu ela rosh fd ledht os. a at ig waytoid tirve czuity a fed o mime way t ir tha c youy f i ok fwardoour me haou hor i frd th ervening. >> ts wi be e gatt ght th our >> l tet'swi we elmeur gst. t sheur ie.s so hot s he c mt'she wur g stn b.yol ng e a s magotni sghe glass ve b herolea a agi agm he it hglsveer aoxusines dictor shiinni diorhi joshi anh i suld srp you c j
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an i po snrp e y oit h face. po nand eu cee hisar fe. thugh s no .d cee is repsive sek bil schuh lzno and epveek b intel ge huomntar y d waaab let i terom wnty ta thewa a men l m r. w ne to tahe me, m tuc c.arlson. ne ed inhiefe, of tthuceai cls. calln."hifai and i llerag t d masserag. isurnew trk tes" mas s co.espondt. s goodo sew you,rkin tes copond odseu,in >> camera, oh. at i backnd cer wte a b adkllver,heun l te a us to be yrs tru lyutve l ter ewin this us tbe y tru r inhi gufian saly s this pkian- tsa s pa pulark picture os t -rket tn tsehr colsar ptu anthe lors bwn. et tol ane rwn
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>> a woi m ahead no a m aad no w theytayold until itets cold? w hewellyhasyhatolnt et c bd?om ll st bein e neyorkayor a bom torbeoislikeinreure nerkoric a oo er org sais thekereeiccam sashe can campcautmefinitely telngs the anll seet jou al mp has ef noity ia ho w l one g sthealrote no ll lt,a bho l aondding tt, que, pt of it p babl lhas b a to dgwith qu t pof pbaas dth w tth ly h beenovy. i ve bn outhe un h een thiny. me ti dow bowouhe psts e mong uinptn becau tow owat'shere t wealthys a. mo th u opt bccupauyes, s ro'sstre t wlt . ouide e hos ofth oups,.p st rga cse's oue hoof c.p liart'sn biionae david cokli art nsbinap's ownav rurt m urkdoch a nsp' wellthwn ru mch rhiries ll begargete fuotees theiil
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lingnearo hrduo eiwethil atlihe eneensef 99%. odty, ehesese millionai9%s. may,inse uilmolonesd.s ma n nywestol madd.e an aeance atue c t pst wadng a anc at c $355 pa vci a $3 p srta vci 1* gold chains.rt ass russe ld cin sus andore t 0ouerarts wrend trest for ftrs pasousier.arr an pr ident obstaor w tos asbe car. the support erofan tprenob oprivaterorty e c sup tpohesuprt the ivatropey ivey s up oesssserhile tthhe ee viatlpe reblics doot. er le re i t t ehe slenr reicdo. i tdv sisorr o mehowdv ts. >> y are c rnedbout ll seet d ou fins.cial yre syem.ed ut thpresent in t s mt ouincial cl s ana losyof thes ret blicns arbasi mlly yingclyou anow wlot, t let's re ic barsitoy the sameol ysngu w et th leato t gre to re tssioin t s fir peceys youthre beaing. tre reio t ir phonecestly thetori are ou b g. comi at fasr than ne lysneehengri a mit ashanit
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feerom chiuaua f cua >> ihi tha sums evythi upel iha ss ev thhiatp warch down wl thstre w, wou givarch ow neverhinglo th sneezg re, ou ivchiua. erngth ne weome gck tthe ow. >> tnk y iureg. we e t >>e . l ov el ty y >> tie-shi lrt mbinn.iehi in rcng t people'ses rc t kind o creep p pl kinsofes nd o c in ceroo gr edea c ier grotuit e rd ttake it serious.otu it at'secau ameca's f tke meal proerblemio a.sed b 'sau me's f1% of the me pemse p ulio n o thathts tooig pthuliorunhat ws are broke o beigcaus tid e th css bketitlment beusid - tlnt eitme whosfrui we a enjoynd the mons osui think a enjamie th moamon hisalaryhiut in am
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iehalfe uld beon richer.isary yo h e tolf be spi bdo rhe beeve at.yo hto be it a n oppbeortue nity. toave sex th sange i n parks. apptu ty >>nd b the way hat ix a sge i no pe rksson roi t hat.>> bhe ay absutelt >>noou dronn noieed a thaal bsel >> dondal >> tt' frida nht tt'ri nht >>ll y need is an imin ar>>doyou ye wki. i a >> he is bitfdve, im ar don'dogo tu w. b an ht pisitdve, durin g n' t moe nig. an p its aamilfr diendinlyg a a anyou ign't it. it >>ae hae earnam abilt tfrt.nd wan du idt at. w>>eghamente rnnab t at. w d miae kanegntn wor g d k wh didor sayd k neai? >> think did t sayt i rht >> t nk>> h we i rhtho us and- hdollar an at'sboutho $usd- all leg, i thk. 'sut thas a $ l o af legeg thk. haa l o a lppprte? per propate? gre i a brougte qte r wiope?e, but nob ody e ere h irote wie, bob esce hover thatheris a ote om kanye
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erha01er0 a e onisan twittereean excus the o grnmait itr isxcus t grma i kye e onlhing d't le is k tas. mend t esnlonehi fignght d. l is ta i think thame t mnsonig - - tnk ts likehey areoneig or- methg.s liyoneig i n' tnk the uerstands thprotst. t uit iers a bitthot r.iculouso i gos- t a diton ric louesoich peopgo tha tt are datine thoundsf obops oha w aallrein stetbuthe y dothoves thi ob sguy o hstet dovhi y oas l a gll defhror sometng. a noboeedor s t nic and ey were bo aeekiim. i td hoht t wyeoi to tearim aimrt b.ause i t ho t e 1% woi i ser rarh. a b 1%elebri ity serrumpsdeol ogy. its lie,el orih my gosh, arumpde oly. faus per n!itli o mos a fauser i kye fed the a job his let, ty t wou hav tenob h. >> n owo t, tyouaven nwo oupyall see
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ifou wt toeg myselfal see urov ementif w dto'tegut mys kye ovstenntrontf'tveutbo and sa thi g epresenntfs.vebo a he saoe'thi payepsent tax.s. he ings s ongs.oe 'tay i thean. t he ihethegs man hean he ie an .ke se yo- who a reyou syo ttg up t wil fight.- ho a >>oulhisurt t he m ukeptil f htat a.? >> thisst tve m? >> i ha a'to far hisve i f i thihoroblem wh thisccup w strithi ho vemeroems hoe'tno w isup w s wh it t abo. meoe'tnow thwht donbo kno ifhey a out ll str or taxesth aonnofy a freeg tib ett . str o r t unesl th fur out w t eeib .eir t is tyunonth kno fw o at itgoingo h apper yon th keynorew gra g i heaoidleso h pe and ey a h avingthooeyd tim gesgea ther and d a a h uinnsangityim erconditndn. a uany and ndeyit a mg nse. >> il d we tke md a t n. topifor uh>>hi we and a t talkedbout he ampiiloriahi ndound we talkeabou thelkanatutnamil and e decti . nd i nt t t mkeovouhe t balln forwd d andsountilike k i t m bat ial aoi
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wrwn ianun fkeac i n't. ve y i haduc withhe w i f ea i t. yadipucpiith ea dudes? >>el i liprn that the de? qte >> drng. lrn tthe qte ey arnctg.uall wil tht haveexit ald allil t veckit ory bill. ry thisilas bn inspiring asn prnth bnsri -as-n a anmecan hopto oneay tha - wil-l cahve scess that lop o leaye til h sss ttoa of hleippies o hpi decati. itan hpen anye. its thameran dam. >> iis n as mti fun aits hn ny ityou think er is. d. i ns m un a s fst o a iu wk ous. be onof t fewouse that fst o uld epar i a wndoueould hav e aon tew se tarphat i ju wand toar seendld w h a will rp cong gaju aanund m w lveilhel front door o n.nggad m >>ome n ipvehero dud des.rn. >>e nipud >> i se somebodillin yo add ss nd iut ietn th seb b toinorro >> i d't hdde an addss i.n toro >> d han boxov. it blo oxberg s.inghat yo can tay the brg
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denihaly yoy t at first tho h just nded private ro frtst oveho h tousthese pedeople.ritert to he >>ight b pauplthe pk from which >>eyhtre beiau sgehek id p fritemwn h ei s cre pwn iselang it safe sin gre iselang isa we loobadnd inwo mths will b ewend in mthsnowingnd ilbthese guys wilbe gonwi t hesedon'thinthatill ys il hae. on >>obodwan t eayn'in atl day ha >>odneay -- daay dal--ay d he i bowing toheob as th ao i ultmatowy.g he obthe as tri ith aseeople uat no tere t rmlseeoe tre it imlsack e b the isac e decrat -- iskedy t theemoctic par. deat- sdy e oc>> hcearsn't wan themnr e h se he't >> his le, wan o tmr sedownwn but j hus lton'tom oe up. wnut j'tome up stay downtn. >> ithisoi t hur-- ayow th i disocoiuppo hrting him ch l,
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sn't thatuping sn t ptty riyhing i belttve the arering legitite p ple ere, bel he ere is arelso aotf giti pe e, e alsa ifdiocy. th are t usu ioc th t usuuspects. shing hpeneuspes. uldn't thi sur st tm?hi hne >> thinkt ul'thi csld hurur tm? them >> tnk t ifothi hap cldpens h heit im leiting ifourhiapns wagon i toe theitingus.ouagon i s thetoheorng puar who sa i we e thhe 99%orng p y thehoy sa one thot 2 9ofhe vote. yhey onotot if yo aren alt and ha k iidyo and a filreow n a ltre y a wte a w orkingayidnd a at the powk yte a wkiefi t pktiti the point iouould be rking -- y t cou beoi ou ourkldng aet --on'tnow. in-- y ou>> ie do w t t o pnt o a tt hat'tno w. my o chu i t p ouc t h ohu h
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finily pigeodigeon ho dni t pheeom.ign the >> weene we dication. dicio typ irosts yp is fiti and it will nd it blowill yo minds i he hhatlow gglyoein alt for y ea hrs.hha >> iikehe guy al fo yi aeagree. wh ha itehehey s gm to y. aeehhaheymo buth ey a not tha srt ey bught pbu wthth n t ing d th shodav thou bt ahhtd. w th ith gtingow ardg lthhoe id oueahall. th y oc gpy wng sdtreethe in u ca e occupy s aoc w s tee t ca oupya >>he tyillin u in k st. >bsolheely.yin in ey re>> molade y.for tt. re me >> n yor wlhu d>>n n ior w aew weeks. youan'thuell hedn diffenceetwe theeoplaew w . who ve othetree inou't l l. and eopl whoff lceivewe inhepl l. o oeeen >> tl.hendpl bhol l gen dty l. ft.
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>> tl g evybodin l. h dta feev.od .it ia ftndou ctoo ufep. i>> w fre gtoing t cotander an wait u w goi to nd iil waitanit ler. from occpyi t hetrits taiter ckinheatwe ill kfr o yi mohetrts t inatil k mopen carri thank jerry,pewn t ct iarha they put rr ti ioaw ey praisng barett in polic. thng wer saibadtt tn pliarc.ry loedth weapoer s waidreve tr, butar op ejec dloedecausepo they wve b fe aaidhe opechey sawecsehey fi armsfen aubailid placeheaw fimsub p que, ty a tied u t a ie dalinith callsbo gun init hal tongboun -- gun t men and to women. it gs nosafend nillennd get urt. wo u knoitwhatno efee n isilot t t. fe, noate a iarentl , a menntn king mnt ng
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thatad be pnn. hat be >>.hat s vengean for evyt d vr thaanried to css or on y d i t5, that wa t toir veonnge. >> igoeso sh i5, you tt t en e. anima ls i hateseshou bicyclist amaate bicli >> they n't kw t embassinpartof ridin g ty t t bicycl bainrt id >> dgs cifniaave righ tocycl t dseople atheye ca tgho tareoeae poey ca irar ceaifponiaa bapt a itir noni f.a theybare t a aty nanni f. d ey the gs and the brutni the gveneher ve cvenience ore? >>n thi cveen >> thi economy?
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>>owan we dhiscomy? >> stoan ov tt story. >>how d i mis t t tt s. w d i? mt a you queningy coiden rig now >> a youan't qan angppen coenig ow if y arenderhe a ou't an . >> yost reofer t a people in l don'need o t .t of t peo in l tcn'myed t meaning, its new xi, am r igtcuy mniit ew am ruy >> tnkheff we ould ress them a in tnk nk. e ldsshem . >> ts is atate releasi crinalfor ck o tso in ata el ace. ey a paycrgal tr orisoso guards e.3000 a aay yr tndri medi l a ar denl.3000 d thrannd aor ddia it dny r.thanor nsheyon't live tre ns anymyore ontiv e manof yre c ryymge reanted y weareponshichs t g last on di toeans do.chs >>he w ila look atn itoo. it, you i cat toonatrm ct, yminal om a armca t citizrm cnal a arm iz . isn aed cmi
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woul't h e thgun utn aed anmirmed ciz wouul. hthn ut >> wou be ed ciz loade wd. >>oue lde the some soedf epidem of p heomso wfhig. id emoh o gfosh it is safety w issue. th cano g litger carry set gy is bue. on' c ar i understanwhats i all 't out.k. >>ou a nd uer yranat ill perig t. >> erou yr anigdes h t cifniou ven re nowand >> iovalifornia. >>n orery, ni d ialora. l>>ike, d l calirnia >> wsex eliia wsex --ec o all d want t len all wld where wa t gaeryn ay i ws wreald aund gay is aun whe it was californiaosin w its itas crighifni taos ats wre late gha a ish shaw. re lan yoimage?a e u niform sislone s.w. w ldyo aghe mos abou usfone he m milia tsouide of
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li avle.mili ts e areou less ly to rob av a .ace t is guy ire la l t o obhote a e suy i ho know that. th makes sta less no w tt. fa. mees gun fe sta ls onfa everodye kunwseon ery kws sot gaery y a m sotiky gay wk yto t ze. anasy, iy likeo w pk m t anoutsasoy, gun i i l ao p m olsterts.un i aoler. ynow what i't deciou at t y doo y my tgh wha >> i is ndeouike i h en t'tdoygh i i hen noticed. >> tid. >>hatoe e n ean anhing >>t eean anng >> itselhtfu >>tselht fu >> c leave he? tre is sometngoi c l, siaernd don'tik e i s itetithe talk t h sindecse d amot.e ithe ta t >> i aot. >> i tunnelerarltunler
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scuss harltip hehen ush turn. ip and he whyn inew york p icrne ndgoghy und ine yover p citey coegg udover youity have ncoegdeaow the asoueay wks n. owou e doasy wks dou. do d story. th wasind consing. haseen longor d. thasd onsi. asn ng
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well, sing colle >> wl, w s ninerg lesol sexy, er l and sy, ihoul know.nd thineulork liceeparent ksw.een nfilthatin morusk mce ar toups city colleg andeennfilat m plmgndcove agenps in cy egnd thr ras. pl ndth sveurennlanc i part of athra cretypd snc iarof i aelligence cr ypgathingfft. ituts mus ilielgeomneties th gundeffatch it s
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msaysneolgenes le medearyat ys edolucatgenaj yes tyar exis ce edat then rajom, yees tk, is chill. c hedon'knom, wet mns. ll .if atherister c es in'ono t throomnd s m's. not a ceropisr i th'sth notom c soo n sods le shisid th 'ssomeoting. c lshid meg. eaw pross id o unersi sned a s tentaw p wa oing at sh an unsepasitionay h sene violatent wag s anst uden ' cipal rionts. h vla new rk p enciri. w p cmiioray key ysay key - ray k-ly say li onlol rw lds and do sot singleroup olinl onw lds and ligi .doot sgleup 'sndy vyte to gi commt onhe sry, t sincy hete to mmon s, e cld t nc he, t's l hee,o him in arent. s e imn art.
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>> this ishate do g t i sicktne ourta. >> ioldou he doe p war ckurta. id h -oe ar he dsn't wear boxriefs. d'tearis. >>ive credi whe credit is e. > h wreou lheikre tdio i te at o? h >> that' wouhy l h tsoic o tt' ws >> i verolge en - involvesolgeolge udts -wellalmonv allolge un men udwhats wr -ngllmoll mlim en ? at >>wrf youre mliorme ronho has >> yore sesrn ecation yourn ecati a right yoi dotnkheetdi a ig eoming u de dot suty.di i sll d likom it.g >> yut dony. likt? sll ik >>t. mes me yonik uomfortable. >> mes me uomrtle. thexpsion o l enfoemen aer 9 /1e1s o xe lefoinen aer so is 9od a/1 s1omes i b. im gra fufoso ts t. ae.
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even imf yore n a lfoefty tt. stopenpingndyo n a s linty--uti whatou a d ng .opng what s--pefiutillare you at a doin >> iis aixed le inat sfi llitesouwesome nd in s i aed reinly, ally awesmeso tha a mix re, lelyin aes tix iis h some m h se ash gro yhenou artryi to n ahn airp ylane.hen aryion a rpne hat e y talng abo? th whai drt m abo hadra. >>hes souchha is >>e. >>sohat uc youh i tnkhibani? >>t thou tne the attti tohini? colle wh's ty h rdth abhet a ude a wantingo ll mwhtyr t ahnd t aba endetan ingn tha m dictio a t>> igreeith tenucr. t the arbett way s tdioioea i eeth ths. t art mthar attraayssrosotea t eftfo.m a raro gonto he ef goo heose a beiend lears ithe mosqe. athiss a vio o obendea ie sq isa pracy. vo
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uan s nd fpror iy.t bau once you v laan snd f iau ceouvacy and ac o fed we tntva nd slperylope aced we t slrype >> i wl dpu it isn insi of p va i. dpu i isn si o itivaant t open t wer empa itiant tn t wer pan slippery sl >>e we tnalng authiliery asl it is n >>we copalyr aht. ait isop. >> tt's not technical a water tme p t' n thn te t we haven fur o way toetack hen o w to everysli h aliery sl e ery slinariatheop a chter slatheop c anits goio be awesome >>t isun u thean g bbuwhen aouso end >>is down tre u aenouik ee an dvil rist. aik an vil s.eed o risy the teou gedown t re. o te wn tre. you a anlet ris >> a wue willave ama ris >>
2:26 am
athineg wyingherereeam aerma evhere including t in g lockng rooreamer aid any typev ofre l iallung ck ooshap at itill yp grefat lal ap itl reat >> have eeng because u araibtaan you>> h agre bau evese more. aribtaan y revee. d lik t geo wallace coer tion l teoalce coi'onorry i haveogreeit these or avhippes.gree tse pps. itasretty tin rad. it aseyent ntt aaintllnd. cursio at n ty di criaicketntll an bketbal cu ioit i teams tdi cri likete h re wan bal th i tmsvinc--ik somebodhy waid theyantethto be a mtync-- omeb they dideyte b aav anyonhey thuld ote av thenywereust saying tt d e to g t ridf you he re wet all sino.g gidou ebullt itmedikit was bad licing. bu it espeal todik wheasnad the wacian a.ual otith apenalod w irhen wa apel tiit a irti >> w all know what w reas t ay wight a k
2:27 am
ha t wg. reas iming.ight >> older . g. >> try in t oimg. ld >>ry creat a ractn. >> bad lt w ct b l woniry.y. heres thehing bil this mer penthehi b isnthey s we thwart 13he pylots. s we wid rt3 w pwotsuldn.'tbe hang ts didisssio wwo dn poece he ee n t dio poo hee eective >> toy ha bee effecve t th e lartistulio tha ee e at hasve sd sothin thulio atassoin muslims. muim arica havbeen instment sls. mu acaaven stnt too fmhe ighb t's polaoce.m ey hboi ple. attacksnd th had nothi to dooittks ad nha d u ha t lookt a ha atiolikehishereou ha ha t lookt iokesre mainshatream american
2:28 am
imsndhey a bei mnsea mme vestatedy thma thsugh thintheyyave boneei thselv .sted th u ha t o wthondeh rin ieyfehise th wilvll aecthem ehaorti t wderhi things. wi atmeti >> and by hein waygs a bay handn your lertariand,anlede.n ur lertaane. >> wder howucof t muslim c ommu wnitydeow t remuimhe clkinmu aboty he? i bet nheot a l. inbo b n a >> bas.ed onha >>as thahi is myhow. ion nee d resea trc m >> ghog,ou a re t ali ee ghes i ompl ely ggrg,eeou al >> tha youor t >> ii ope plou hyavgre bk >>ha thoushow t ie hek thow >> i ohe oth hanwilo lo>> appr on othanreildoye lopponye have i done reah foro nyto aves i de >>hdo y hav fa coent othe ow? e-iltos aest r eye a>> yavcot ws .e co? e- r ye a u ne a l er .tacoannd illotu ik et.annd
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
2:33 am
>> wcome back. let's fi outfe g me b anachingrongo fa le fofithatut wef goe t go m esseanngngfa ate t mes joyc je e, ow ayc you dng? i'mood. w ar you?jee, a ou>> fantastic. 'md. aru? anst >> t last time y we yomade comnt bout y asirtit, ando i firedack a yode om thaut youoo ike andi fed a ddha yu dennis the dsheac ife grewp a gayac dentt. e rew i ju wan d to aomen nt juanto tonigh a remindveryon wniungh t ahatemdas.very wun tt. hat s aerfe portity r yoto s t i rt y loyo lik se d healt ting ou ifor e pt t d ev ike d "ltda yes " aou your pt t d blew
2:34 am
"es aou .lew >> ias ting ix my irt. s io us ily tg ix my t. t prote sors arsimy sing ts as an t excroe toave s par.imngs a a xctoe. inow one personill b upt byhat p ieicenofne pnl foatio thby is ttor p michaelf p. io ths r icel disgustin. >> a do, iin too youdve and ai ggl toue d iv unrest and ues fi acatndcpt t m to the si ger matcprismit t tohe >> t t iser culturesm oesse with ts o t i cture oes excme. th o tt iseird. . >>t iseird iei. >>isrd the p wdom says ai ds ihes a m neigh wdo deaays itasai is m aei pghce dea iasnfra brkice u the black ina pahe .brki he >> don bck think i sd tt. pa youheid n? no,>> bon i washi ihiing tt.t. >>ouoh. n o, b >> iou kw whas you d?t. h. >> kwh wouas d a begnesiske
2:35 am
yo r wea his tng . b is hekeidn't sa t.yo ris >>ng didn't use that je.heidn' idtse tt >> yhoave. y it got inavof agh. >>t w gun w hein a >>anun w sa i andtouven i a fuier en iouay i he so sd tt fur i khy i lee e s t khy eeedegis theay y a needed j es andedt'egs t a stid o also. ed jesndt' st ols there is noysry ato why e psident s uperrt is tsory a to wmobs. e p si at ithe slitil t rate ?bs . ist a od ia t a li ie ti te yoissea wit i 50,00 bon it 5ay0,s a00nd ronin >>o,ut is goo d iaya a blame >> pular is inoria la toov par you o ri failgs tov heookwnersh o ythe econy. il gs e ecomy in on blam ec 1y %.n an thathe pyb for eve am 1 at pyb f e mig. mi
2:36 am
i wou likeorost raing again t he 1ouerost rcenters. ra are aey ainre t the enrs. e are pan toyc clual thse es t erycntlus. >>nd t helng sooth. t >>er ynts. shod be c areful>> tel ngbecae wesilool .ve othe >>hobe c ul hiies ersu thecaweiker he hisuheiker will ik the rolli ston allver gain l he rli onllr in yopoied outhe whole dreaact yoi ohe wle. eat th ino bee gcery. stor. you b fgot g menceono or possesngshark u fs.eno ssesha aga fs. no fun. y go cifnia ver ag nn. f. u ca t ha gour aroifar fiag. >> i mcaimhayr ugst if . i stayitting thestm w iit prosthic fta weit havnge t t w el osth fooaveset mie ofll time. >>t isot t sam thies mie o f >>air ough me agre >>is tam hi andicel you m>>tir edgh thre h andy pctoellutied w inth h the arin banke py,tooul did in fint mti that, dthidar y by,ou
2:37 am
d not? f>> iave meenti fanha t d sizing t? about a w ee ien an >>nd y alssai sinhat'g abt an aher ason why y hate >> y lsai calit'foians >>anes.r on y but hou wer trustin gcatfons al>>. califor nianut w way t thestg t gu areot laldedal factan way t aren. gu i reouldustike tode point oact en a tai stld totouik tha theo pnt were a stohahe re76 pple murre76d accideallyecse tir p gpl m wanot oacidedelyir g t stoa yr. >>s i cifnia? >> iamerca >> >> don thi c thaifs trni. >> t is rue. ier>>onhihatr >>ise. spegf,ill,here spe notg a deaf,rill,he that hit the n d r ker. is e laest tithe aic an r.tepe .s lat a woun't it b ame if mikeka wn' i own b a i mikaessabywn >>nd sondl whenid thises sa turn int sdlhehis t h.rnnt >>esed thoseideo >> tseideo i wonnive youor
2:38 am
publicit b w menong e y or>> juswant to s t habltit you m yinghat e wos >> usdeanous od sou trha sizt ioun t ng sat senwotencad e mdee thrs ow uoupriz t mo than sa aennc lev aad meashr en utmo fhaeek aev now.eas feekow. >> a youelco. >>hat port fm dy lev a y. >>t rtm dy th'sxaly how i w imining a spein g'sxaly h i iming speinidghe half time r whh idhehy h i bro tug ry o chr. wh h youhyenti iedro sutyiniz og musl stu dentsch outi s aut iiz g gledmusltunts e pase a y sai ad ged pase y saiat groping an youno wha came at up? opanou no a wisamernyou upit ais >> i a sou withou. i a wh. >> ickof the conctn the caus i the 96ckof he c anwen ca a ihe96 rembe owan
2:39 am
ainefctivthatas w rneme owruss efivat w ss iads. >>ndveryone isl up i s. ar abo tar o>>fndveonel u i arbo t ar he oadinf uow whatas bee or ok ishein e rel trady whi i sathe b paradeok tst hped oday re t a were re thanhehoands opade thpeay e hands o neworkers went o to pport the olumbune poradrsent orebu ngralatiss othat rati oat >> ku dos.>> thla is lel do there we nothlas nheewspapere he iisted onalnghe nsp inannyy. e iistednnghe iny. men -- hsnian. u me hes cenhero -ke-e?snia th me jeka -- cro >> a an iia a othded jka -- hehink we ll a aoonk ali ikeia >>dedxaly. henkeooli >xaly. no coo >>ack youreg. no t chankou j>>esk seou g.i shlee ynk in abo j
2:40 am
minu tes sh yn a nus o. ming up, ayy > ngde ted u a sitytingtyome an t ing is mice. sitngte t weloois ta care heat w a y. an wha tta c wite h venatezuelan mes?hat it hmyuessen iues itns pbably s?thin ue i s pbably in
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2:43 am
what aryoi bl? >> had fin rn>>l w inary bl? te h.>>ad f mal i i cany u theteh. string. ma >> d'tan d uhahetrg. d d shwasn feeling tus i eak a tas wom sshuisn fli e lousl pice for ori ngk t w om her sois t o lo pic f rh r liisau. toh brid en nliker aun bd said shbrwas arreste ndr or d bvid on t sho sdedrfter pllishsrrted df thvihigay b ecau er tde gineeras samliing. on tth wayg t jailau the s neff samg. puty tay tl sffraed ty up and wed king uerogory cment a
2:44 am
out lack peoe. ng nowog byoy cme isui f t ck p famati a nd w b tinf a of emiol distresnff isem wioeis mestiscull things isshw in thetcu ll t >>ng lshtng the >>ht roouunn ghtngound. >>uu ynnea tngnd wh a areo tug>>s o th? shouwh a she breo abl oe to ue th beca use oueidhen't li wt a was theadio ca>> ne id n' and li the wt, i s thealio ns se n tha she d he -, he al waarresd f dnsrivinghaonhe e sulr? yowadorrtetd f a drresritedor sul drr?ing thehoul r, ayodo et aclesrly tee wodn i b drg heul a men ally chacllly gewod. i shenalout hahe c and the --he g o ofhe cshart he be cuse nde stion wasn' tth-- righ otf ctatibee stn as and sh limba ug asghakingti me heu d lbaact -- havenak'ting he ard houthi butt -- e hrien bod er wthiffutha day and enobo hea abo it. bo wha dnd ifou c ckbo ieanbo wt.itedia matts yo c ell sifhe isck i iniag. >> wou likttto -yo iel she meonsread >>ouik - he oneadtoryhetohe
2:45 am
wasn't ring heon the howade't shwa rin r oinn tg he t pehostdeanhoulder. shwain o t pe >>sthe lashotul thir. y shoul thiing out heac k>>he l at cophi carhoul hig t iruimba h.opar w couryru --h.eay, wou goe bk t tughy, e bt it goes back toatni leave.oes ck anybodowhoat gnies patveerni.ty ve is bodndoes pni -- >>ha autndatnity leave? - at whai>>ughtatni lve? at shhaibani --ht >> a youokin shan- aouin let'sotet i this. t's >>et i a t jus >> i jidng whong wants t oear a womanho colaininfor sants a wan wks. >> icom finorr satni lea.ks wh my i broers b fnor i tnie ea ti. ofn. wh m ro whe bnn i te yourti cfge pal are he n tn. >>ouesrge p fraternrey lve . tn. tak eff>> and drinkome fteyve
2:46 am
tff a dnke ewsk. i n't rllyav eroersk i hin'nit l mlleryav ande k a estn. oka> ni >> forryndoat whait as. a st ka>>ort haas. thcharges eee dropped and you thinkthis asthar as ee d pp lemate ase? d out nk whahiwe we taasingbout te e?>> hwa doi ha wtagbo seb y. hwaoi >>et's talk abt t y.terny leegain >> h'se is tab t rnhelein tng il his wh is heorst thiheng y t ng ve hilad tis te towhs theor st hibackf th cop car ? h was iteo t alckethop wstarle wa i whpingor h mher?al wst whng h >>r? no, b theffer saw t eping an>>o,urd'ser s t inin men inan dafr t fouh timet g a in in ttleen annin af t ou tet g a le y aou a danny bon yn gw d dny on chee ger detuck inhe bof the r. >> his ee aer ridictuou isn laws uie >> sus g b aseid o rus h wsui su b liusauh. wh is theto? li >> s m s aw ye in t repea? s m sawnep
2:47 am
>> ♪ loong tthe lelht♪ >> ♪oo the♪ jew i je i pirefer lk into t li lin pre lifoia s loolsk in areliin acking d own> ofon s tls hh scho as th issd ki d n color-ded hards hothss sed r- sd ndardiarzeds test ores. sed s nddi iesnctenveroam allow edes e hiest s ri s de incroam aow mpushi pritlesndde discnts. thlowe scong kids usri got nothing scds. adthwe scotand ks iot linethg snd a s ar atne cafer a sar c nes they we bt with ok otnetles ty e notrue with crits saot ites d imnoatue agnst itsa it satdesit hagt t xietand whateve ee.s t etdhae. test aty, haveour ard tha before? st >> n thatyisha lvee pnity d haleav bor th did t nha l havnihawh i av was thkidid. h>> d't wall ave teswht i ans xiidy? >> ho d dsn't wl ?eest iany? >> d'toik i l tdeoiak
2:48 am
if y want to l tucceeda you if wnav te aerucformedan in y laa. nerrm >> is tltia. nic >> tlti >>ee t commercials. fou are athe manag>>er's t cmeia f a mag nvenon. youet tgo there for ree >> ten onl. way touo f tdhe f i e tri from t atlnlantiays fd rpate. riomtltis rpe. >>ou knew w wld menti ove andr a ga.ou k w i aldtoldenheiruiteare vend a w la. sll aldirui you oula g sollwi wh oumaoute g. o >>eall it is a mtean in>>ll oversed t-sh t. iis m ou kvehat wld sh n ou sway wld n sw me? i ha no dea hat i s taing out. the sec md stye h av ehao a pri ty mh g e ofthetag t. raileecst shib hiave pr m gofe iilf ask y haibyou think ts, isk w you thk s, memr? >> wil w ou anwh were w e tki ngem >>out?il anwh we w tki t? standaized testcos. t h k paanntsdaedhoesdt becos.
2:49 am
spone fo ettihpas ho bodari b andewdi onfoti borind scho cdihildn an n the scol ste teho s ccoldan d n tothe a sc c sld temakeco >> n agr wit ayou. cld ke >> gr revitu. my view onha i tevhink you mreieigonht. s i tsnkouerigyhter.suasive. iser er >>ase. n l'sork o terny l ve.>> n >>'shereor rny w lasve g at g>>phreic d as w a i america gphrom ston tch was aalriled t hnasal.d knedyigh hool th aightg irsh m hn kdyh ol ahtir m >> that'sot rl. >has rl. i jidt oo lt kenny. >>ou kw wh, si tre l an dri yournn hisk>>y kndwhsi eat an d ur y poto chiy at greo yo hav a estiot? reyoav ti ? ihi i a a kwee ahi i a weweeeit ish. >>t wed aftweendysh the l>>ong-wedmedy dj. lg-me
2:50 am
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2:54 am
enarueas k wnseployed 1 mes toas si sntlyephameyed b dve mes in tto obeng t ul .lyme e o appinachbe tul cies t essf mimeracsie t trc ca aignsfimers trcagn in cuma.a. why are woihi bill? yo dyed a mim forhiwoil ar im howruratingasthe n u caed h on e pne? ru >> tngble.he d yokno icam a hn alr. if w thave proe.blemwe nd t yooi a talkhem rougr. wif yve sroem teheredn t sen lk m ug youon't y sren yo'tet tough anhi. tou anhi >> iha --i hateha t i re. -atehat se eere to g iohi the me uits arese t f gun. >>hat do ye ou me otsf trehis idea. >>do m o thi ea >> heev hrd ohis ace cal d caceas tevha htrd y ve m e u cd c acappa trehatly ty are on mu comb withim treon
2:55 am
that ymbithim. ldat get any rse, thi chgset a. rse,hihg hasigr murde re an b ig --ur tha n baghd - le-teust y t iha tne. hd thiss gat h t t is g hde dak --hiis k aredea. -- hi >>isrom uointo b a a acka. potictor, y s>>hodm n b lea h ave aenk pr, s mod ea h a traffic dmoownnd murd ratup. tff dwn rdat. >> theorst tngouanto do i dri o ve thehestano i di ohe >> thankou. tnkou >>hey le t earth. >> l t e th s.alk i en s the curor poli en he w t a mhee. li w m >>heonprofit w will cse ng>>s oonof with posgam wrap will ng oss joyce. thosamp w go
2:56 am
ss jce. tgoo fews .m/ f ewwenow placwher .tom/ing d tuing haveivenay tslee ng.we w acer tog tug vewherenslee tess eeghts. yielto rtfulleep erees tsel rulep and nestcan lp y gether d st n like yt ha forge erso m y pele bore. kehar mwhenpeakin blunee.a, d't dve opete mhine eninne d d pe mne til u fe ful awa. lkin eatg, dving orngagl g infetherulctivwaies inat dngile leeporwithagt inermembiving s theext y, e epth mbg het haveeen port. abrmalehavrs m incde gresvene, agatio ven rt abalav mnc esneagio haucinionsr cousio inepreed pient harsening ofnseprecoion,io inre pinclnting sk oensuicofe, ren,y ocr. clalcog l ma o icin easeheseocisks lerg reaionssuch as tgue co thrmat sw lingin seseks rgeansch t e occuhrraresw andngay b fata de eectsay ilude unplcusantreastendhead bheta ets ideplntte adzzins d moing owsiss. asinyour octoif lmoestag issiight.or y. asurto ltaisht yen g lunta r $0t lusta.m. gun $0lua. thers a nd o reful eep. we cer hela you o the re thel ingsp.f lusta.
2:57 am
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>> bac to jesse joyce for the st>am j es>> j sceo f man iee amfuriatinp.g s things an tha whean wehi see more o y t ne >>veryay othe oxwh w sine s neeetrk. o y >>2:ry o ne and n if y donavet -2:-.m nd f y>>uconker, thee iaot of assr ts o rgizatucnr,he caaaignoton of sr orgat ourcagn behal for ne yr'obeh pce priorze. that tru yr' whareob miloncesriemdi tthatthe n telomtt honorwheil yosu femdiou w k? at n >>hat'oma gttd hor qstio yo f w >>t'g qio go on linin a lk h airie fi go linin ah. ri fi>> michael tl aut the. edh mhal p aoetruty. t >>hat' stran oddl>>t'tr enough i io he an. sw or tdlt. e on e thino i hh e t plueg a is fm ye erdsw whei read t abt th swedonhhi h tlu poegt, a fyed


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