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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 16, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> jge jninetonit on "jusce." we he brkingews the j j nesearni intonsifi for us." hbrngs he arntfiorisng 11onthld byisa i r 11th byin >>his ek wisare the grou in ans ci. >> ust >>r ths retu w of e ehe ba theoun an gci $10 0, 0.>>t thtuf bahe g wha i10nvestitoow s re ly h penehato byiesow s lisa. we ree no hne b dli -- is whve did t his e otno li - crinal as rm ind.whved s ot >>lus, ner ef ore seencral as rm d. foote fr the lu sive>>s, ner ef e eninteiew th t otfrheluvearts. tew t >>hey i ed te w>>ery iedte reing r name d looki r h . reg ne >> jge jninecomioo up toni t on spe al e tion hf. "j tice j jneheremipaby nionpe eonis
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ce hellorend wabelcoymeo is "jusce." ello w co i'ojudg "jus j."eanine i'dgir. jni breang ns asansaityir. ea n as saliceitou tste" ceey he fnd jseyhe t e" holessan an te f or hf se quesheoninin t ss dianeara fe o bab esin t >>isa. di headra n o b been se is >>a. b ab he sa bn dapared hi real name, johy dapar hial n jy tanko a he i known t tko carry a i k no tswchble. nighhe iin c ctodyryn a felo war re r tswbl gh i cdya lo arun rlate--arnt unreled to t cas te is wk whar i wnt inr kans t citasi spo to w wh w ighb who fe that jse y nsitpoo hbhofe t johy tkoas th at ohdiviyal w t ko woulake his swihb de ut g vi wd st it to aab a ul is th s pla around wh t t o stt a a t ppleno that h th wlaun w h tquit thandy w ph enoat sw chblite. an t the waalso wnoth big deve pmensw in the seablh or thwa soth ig by l a. veen i he s privahte nv ti tor l from ne ri yova broht ititor tro kansas
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ty yoro i lrvehisee aans weahy en vesee factteeapsen the lact ingite inpsritehela in stig or wgiilnbill statenton. >> here s go g toineig willltaon. >> re $1go,000toewarput or the sa ret n$100art or t sandretonviion r pernonviio perns inv ve d in the pnns iorble in t cme. orble >>udgeeani: stton promced aig bnt>>ygenistn om a to omevin toaby evin lis ab >>udgeeani: thretu of l the by a theonvi ion. >> isome e br gs t>> kidgenithtuf e ahevi n. ght w an isaymetheybr tidoued that hild ittingt anayey onlouedark atld it ng bench,heyringhat kidar ri t here,h, tyha k get $100, 000. rit e, >>udgeeani: i t wi g antoto dcuss $he c0,e.0. >>ou a i b h>>genoniw i licewi to dneedsso c emi te he >>nn aer bhno ce ed rcleir. er amang i tt ey ner le id tt th parts re ma i t ey er spec . t th donar knots i ifec t on inos the
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inerft circlhe eryby se ems t be r stued. c cl >> a thais w hayb tsems te s blico fcite a nd wha aha w ha t so cicpeingcite w t if o soone iedpeing to ioncof t so pee ect edime d stch k toco an tak tpehet oe ut of a k locaon, uo ldn' danak tt.he o o f you uldn do, o n' therwoulbet.ra o r a u dnot. er ultnesra o anwe a notlng wev er es d th isan n a aotrimil wever thsn a mastmind >>udgeeani: foer tecte wi the yp st nd t, w come >> ge ni fowhat o yomake f al ofctwihe is? w me >> iat notyoven keure aler to ? art. i ot n e be vy host w tho y. i k now bit. vho sta wnt.. liikeab k enow h fellow. ta is ffict fo me te ab no visi f howlo is s icfo t objecve siow ervi beiisalled ibj by vi isern, thile bynomo n, t nefaors going exceed faor oi the eeed c ollect iv intelligenc witt a cleism o t iheelge fnd wi a eishoti.
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>> jge jninewhato yo ma of s sating tt th is no c jri jnanelatyo maf sa tth masstermind? nawhats healki abo who dithisasrm >>he steme em aiathekibo ho uncl r todiise. >> s met i ink at haiis ting toclto se.te i k t ht tthisg crime f to s te was crimef tt is c theref asacturi cri behdft, if the t re chd wa ucturieh dn't,t i t re ire achwarinalucn' m termreined a ri annai ptomny that and mrm d wilget i o anphat.ha nd >> jge j nine whatilo yoto j jneatyo me. >>n otr wos, t the ansale f ba es me is a >> otwo tflouheshin anlebailitatedbla is mark in e ca, ou iin a il at lafa. in ct irkturnn o, i tha whenfa y d onn ru i trnhe t en pant'sonru ttaments, t pa 's fataualment inconsist tciesn th atemts a somof t fal ncghlysi iesrothbable em aom s tcenaos ly ieyro pblerredneliono s theime sne edel io judn jeane: at a you hesayie whe sne udea: aou y ecyistheruct? sang tt thtoes oecstct? st at entssa a trethtoes usonable, i stwillat ltsic a >> u wilsobl i ll
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>>ilillogica gil igincsistt. >> udge eanig: ho >> babwho idn'tryt. brhers ho>> dgeidn'ni whoe u p. >>abo 't baby mit s atbrrsn'e ep.dely by di't captu theatrying t lyre spose y di ctuheryinn.t a do that spose dsn bark.n. bydo tatt doesn't cry, g tha bk. don'ttark. doe'try g the tghtshat n o aerdotk. 10:3when t e momtset t to eep. off :3en sen wento sep aom e to onhen e hu and me home.p. f the sooen was s a nloc keonn huhed ne ceom e hoas. oc wasockewhen shehe -- ise ho is izasarreke.en s - jud jeane: at i inrestg abt thiz is reat . en y hav a ba who s udea: i instab th s sick y ou yavbahonow, anyotr es ck y itt ne a byno mw,onnyorndot r es eay s e it monneit byasorndn. ay s enheonay it dsnake se nse.he ay i tnow,dd tsnakll thi s see. unw,ac t uhi he ac uenacr h whoe brgs iilbilltanton whoenacrho is brlltaonhoerg 00 ,0 00 aisris in aattoeypparentlyerg ho00 a
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sis o i't ato rppetenai wil ofind iut l'tater inhe r sh. at i this ll ailutnd? ler he haveou s n a shnythg li i is a th? >> tves is sew a tthurli i'm tho dera? i t ha ttis the t m ra t hesterus befac reachered out d pcked bil rch staon out t pckdilf bne ss cnt and t th is e guwho s goi bngneo c br g togetr an s ethows guo oi o elatehe inv ti tibrtetan e gaerinof ces a evi nce elehe nv moretio thti theisurst gain c a vi elicethe i anloca rethhe ce e an cathoties jud jeane: d nsasity lice he is hoe thesg, wnow, e ud ea : ar in l e or measnty a lceon g he s th w w,timi bot o us. ar l e or me th p l.d. is sha ng miot ins.rmatn wi him th iisot shang inatwi aimnge o aw iot enfgeceme. aw ere nonof ts gog on so wha t nfisme e on tgoon rhae?is whatoes e be ftor think th he an doathas he fto fbihi the stee poce a 3o boo f onhe g und n't o? stpo a 3 >> i a bctlly t aoss f on g d t wos onhatne. ict y a i ha no f lue.woont >>udgeeani: yo say uhao kn billu son. whatgeo yoniknowyoboy ut
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knil guy?. at>> fyomerow nypd. y? >>udgeeani: ho long fr >> don'typ kw. jud>> jeagene: niree hoars?ng > dhortime. ud >>eaow l: g wee yous?ith >>rtime. >> lweypouh >> 1 asetective f or 1 1aset ti >> jge jninestayith . f d lo mortoni 1t i lung j j ne ay h more f my exc losiorniterview u wh l remyxcerewaents who w kneremy irwa wasen o w of th hkner thatyig. ias was sa t en bthy homhaeot in. he own s en b famy?eo i wh " sthewn conties ay wh us whst con wus naonwi insance wh's u? wh's vishi dedtibl l abt ? nawins cegu , itwh udenstrion me. wh vhiedbl ab? les bl cargus miit. detrn . ay, t's y i'your inranc armi , s evi'y yeur youinon'tncavedu .an aiden $10vanies. evyeou'te aen10ni. e ne yea anher 00. neea ere an i gr ng, .rl ? e th gnext, ear. ? thxtr. th waseird thasrd
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buawese ! ♪atioide on ur se ♪♪ bues!♪ioe n s♪♪
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jud jeane: at ithe firsthinyou ough deie, en j emy mes ud ea an: says iherees rsinu gh is de, j y s >> m be o of ane bysoyre pked r up a m w oasf p byi h a pu her iupn a b w wh tm i h kn tha w tpuos h ie.nh tm tonit knha d'tos ke.w. th e wani n onehoht d
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it was j ust whethrewa is shoht at? we wotas jt fhein herhere is we f shat, h wthe i hsped. >>shhen , e wa't i the htom whatpes yod. first t ht ? >> n wa i hed anyomneome t atyo minir tht ? >> n i mann was n m jt no-- jeay. panic w-- j nic. an you n't ink en sethi ke tt is hap u t u dok 't shi hink. tis ap ur tught are ve wh doe. ey a rachig.. thte theris n o -- a tachee isotng ma ser sen nse--n y tour i head. yojust-- i t ma lik s nen y h al. it's i l 's jt . n'sigrehtre jud j jeane: d dithe boysake n? yea the udea: die yse eaheokep. they iokedialyw. we wep. seangeram e a ndey iia w.okin for h a w theyengeeram a yiin morom w hhe a ishe pyumine ere isyi mom w s bacwith e is former acth dective f me parbrosn anjoin d becyve pa os anarthin and bsychologist thnd . ro lsyewigolist s tre a str anroigbdti on t atrbdti
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or dyou think this an inde j ? du t nk t s the a baby dn' le tain itlf o of e heabyri leta jud jea ne: d thitbaby of uld t clrib ouof t ud ea : th crby. d cl corouct, t mons ol i t it i crve a.ouplof tse littl or , on olone . i it i t it i a pl tmy o lratitl premis ne t s, i it the oti bioloregils pents thes, oblefor rimiellabity lo l p enmy vw if t hadhis ase o ler miab y the bloca l p veniftsadhi bngas e compcit pen bngom wa whe thmpt theris a thirdtyrom he urtharty er a fhiilitator irsn th ty my vw ite hh fo fa nbeitrorn of dfere myeasonsw .e hfo n rking dreeans s.tastal nd in hiorallynd bel s fmnd ecomicersp tive nd hi orly erytelng ee. i'm fac tori ngec iicnspve a yt e m fri a few dispate eewment e fit sht heorke a spe ent fishheke an eectriian nig. l thcellhoneare ne. i eeinkrin ig mbe ha isthllne some e. k i nk a r mkiebe miske theirome
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rsideen tms omaybketryi t ir tolimite t cal in a de t oybyi out. to mihere ts whal i wnld d a i uld nt t now f het. rewh w d r 30i d s t eryw fheine rson hey oke 30thex eterye on toy hade cofexfeit a drink tothadasof vdeoiith a dnkve ore eyasen into.eoihve e en io. ever cmucati a i wt itnow e c naleristo crymucati a trepoed aonpo rt oit aw ll l is to the peopl theyet itpoh. apo rt a ringhat d a th ppley eh ngt a th in vie >> weht weo kwsha he thn v poli havalre y lo ed a w we k w ths andha thehaveot liav re lo a in cate that hetharndentshe avere suspints. te at in fart, ttsy sa a thearts arnot sp. f tsaheuspects. art thurnside juscts. ur abectio j >> don kno iean is is what i noabio >> i onow ano t s p ntihen it i no stritt or y'i s o affices ornthe wh everhe l alri psettcuorr'y's oice offi the are e on tha wher authizesecur' aest not fihee onha au oriztharree causthey arthe otes tt ha to izosecre usutey tharlaw e forc tent ha doi t ec wh theut othitw wrchat thoi
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ha. wh thhe folwed on o0 w l ishahat a ur ate?thold n 0>> ahousd. is>> athousd les a a gure? no al they ave a momusle aa d. no as y knoin a t aleye om f dorme.hi yno osecor y can pwo f or pele itheoom dskhe m ec y an p the wome qstns o ve ndpe iem skhe er ke for qwost o ainor t wo koreeks and l of a twoudnee a inc nsi en es of me u n jud jeancne: at isi inrestg is hat u inteiewethe aren andud wea: i inst ist willonti e to eeotee ofweeennd e iview s. llti to tho lofast e xcesi ivintview ththat lhey d. theyntvi are s i n satchy . ey almo twoeeksnd tre re is st anchhing.herehey ve modisawoeed ksth e tac oer isan ng re y do y thi tha i sad eer inevybod visi ble yat thiyha ll evodsie t s tart to startorking srt t o agnst ch oer osaytag ki ngings tt mit aid enta ll agt o o ay g or i en al tmi i ancidritana oreach i tha is aos bility . ch o ertheyan bme o ano er has os bi tyge a ry. ey b o no wh youook he ppl e ge th look o whouk unsophiiche pple and ththin lin swao tha u op
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d bineinwa tha miste re b y he dia. we a m aittlja bd yand ed to l kinga.t parents nd a tl ja d inki thad theyre lnguilty. pen we hkiha loteyy.ases in t h ot medi inecenas inisry w he din ec mo and dadse beisuirylty w of armongnd t dir chisldberuilty ch dr en. of we rlly n'tng h te irhighr infoch.rmat n. r y 'tat ithe uth >> wknowhat. foand ght w, ts caat i s ie h . stil you now, wnowt. pen d t tca vest atio ilalthoughw,n intneresting stio th nsasity .d. iount jeserngsey, thguy wh e stcaslay de.ou j the mel ess uyth.y es li sng itctheladebaon e el s use ere ey e edli ie see chine t wl so e hede is somee wht y ave tin t w s o qution iightow a do whmeeverwhhey eee too. quon ht a who youay tt th wh feramy yee is whou tth f y unsoistited. i you e anttory, ahur, what rosoemtiesd. u anhaort ar, at em ennder >>oth hats.t as a d ef se aentoryer nd >>h . as dhefr y are ur clientst y lit he wh helthey c an e ye c oennet y orhe o wh.eley c e y ifhey e ablutey g uilty or or absolely noce . if y abfromtehe psecu gr's ltpoif
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aviewolry hoceever i css om pcus oi f exinin them n th eewhoer roo i en y are ea ngexitinhemth ooopleho let's se yhereit ter ms le leethe sopistat tplere, y le queson t s awestrs notpl y causwhet r th are es t cribler nobut a twehey nmay us ettthavere the crlenot intel tlecty ua capa tyt te ghe you the iel ct swer pa gou t thaou w aner >> jge jninewerehe t lighou on s t w door locd, j jne re yo don' neeghdn ot be aockeocd, yon' ee o bientt. oc or ey y knowore in r tionnthan ey a r ynorewalinat ts ti butt in marnotonn aecri ly mea n harein ttiut theyre g lty mat ofec ari mrime ey gy o >> jrige jninepat? i - >>udgeeani: wa to re j now j ne t? >> ou a too xpen ve f - >>me.geniwa o the eautowof h ing is >> a ooen f se ioct . heut hg it of 20 ishat f the elementaltu thehatog e eeme barkihehe ligs tre arki a who ls ather trease w tre avlablto t a thauthitiere tas so tim to d elop tr av bl yo tknow hem thie a tasoim d op iayoowleiamion the phone wherit originas, incominiagn heho
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er andri outcoming nc in gif ty sawe wen't in d ut mi rtaipart omiss ri a t sa w thene is i calnmaderomhe ai rt ss a phon th is al aldeof tse tngs. the gpson al>> j tge j y thi e its poiblehat ey a g jtell jg thne yhi tru thit?polet a >> es, ru >> aoluty. >> jud, jeaoune: thewhat happed ttheab a ut wh per nudoesea n: ahe homate an d pp t e tus on ll o the whers noman tuon o leht >> ion'tnow outurni l theht i't ligw httsniut it heig happens may somne w gotucky h tpeer ofot l viayngom a wotky t prinehinng >>nd kw heas wking that ineh >> khe wng nighhat jud jeane: ay wh us up ext, ouldghebraurt er nudea: w babusy? upt, ld ra st ke wh o the las ab pele who s aw s w d oebrahe l peho dra derahradley foreerabwe misdesingh.ra ey t meell u abt a ry imporeant one ll iweade.isng. mel ab a wh i gpo myt e idicae. car i aliz i nwhded g y aar.. caar me carei upplizent n dinsu nce rd,
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aro. me re pldicat is e ofsuhe ge at , ingsbouturni 65, cas of g gsutni 5, but doe't cer evythi. in ft, ionlyays to % of our rt bt xpenoes. c evhi f ilys o ofr ben youe alady or egiblfor dica oualy e bl r callcaow t findut hoan ap... ll t mendcare upplentho ainsu..nce an insud bynite ealtareme re plsurate co any,su e suby te ltlps ever me o ra thcomediy,l exnses. s r ot pa by thdicadi parexb. es at c savyou om ping to ousapas ofy cavu pg o sa ouofof ylar ow.pock. thesare e on medare pplent iuran pla... ou yowck ese onede leexcl iivelanendolaed . aar en y cal now,clou'lelgetdo thar fre infoatiokit. yalw,'l t withthll yre neefo io t. enrl. youan jn thmillns of p ple tho ha y alreedy.. nr ou j tht thllr tr t in arp pe mehacarelruppl..ent surae. thtrinp mere pl t plusraou'l get is fe gue to uerstdingedice. us'lt fgu ustngic thpric arcompitiv can ep thmyicwn d mpiv d i n't ed aeferl see spen alis my dr. i t aer ee pe isll n to t freenfortionit. npluso ou'l get is feee guore on . to uerstdingedice. us'lt fgu ustng ic d thadvaages n't d the. choo frotha ravae ofesedic e t
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>>she s li a ba tha shnevereal f se s.>>e li ba hamean he's lshitvetle aldfent f se . fromhe b sec ause sanhe's is a le nt rl b i om bec measen s she e aven w b i sh wea sicnand she w en'vet w sh icfending hell, w jusn'-- kn somhing as w ng fe g , us becae shwas litt fus knomng as wt shngis a cashs ttus sh a pct she ner eardl ever crs. ar veept rrougthe ght nce e wa two nthsld. t wauge g ant e hds o n twaoo hsld tngan hds o tawols sfastou hav to tng ase sst haver sh s e sma. shers erythg yo w ld sh e. sh e th yo wwaldnt shs myverything. >> udgenteani : ho are esh my boysveoingthg. the are ing>> okay.genihoe jud ysng jeane: the knowhe e
4:22 am
g whatkaapped? theknow hat e isudone ead th: areheow atpe heowt ise thre kw we a lookg foer. w her ckna a i ppk p ok fo he get toer w n sr naas p g ebornnd t tohey askn smyashe isum in a nd wrn ty aheinly ai d isin a nd no why hav w foundly heraid nd wnoe wusthy h are doingnd h erytng we can wtre b dudding. >>yto fr wnds cd nei bghbodirs >>ink frbys lss pen nts ceioubo ha har dk hs p enspok cto o of he las ha ar h peop t sok of d lah before op t th fatef sightef w hen saw them i fs wnhe ig nt tchecout ough n w i wne.nhe box win tecytgh wipes and . ba x inyood. wes nd >>ith r brtherjus the ba o ofoo t>>m.h brerushe >> yes of >> jge jninejust re lar stom ? >>es wn. j wha jwas nerst emrenor rom has noik >>am alws. >> alwa sli. hay go wa >>ave u se. her wih bhago lucky. sa i the >>e seerwi shre? >> y . i e andhat re ty li?re
4:23 am
the aby slw s ymi ling ndt t lid shwa a ays hey ming.ming w ld ashlwayasow tng s ing d shldou ald telayl m te e's re.g shouell m e >>udgeeani: an a sautil ba? re. beaifulaby. gorg us>> bgee.nian ti ba ways mieaul.y. rg bver,e.ou kw, h a cen ys th ld .r, k h cen >> j ge j nine we ath bacld wi r. jud jewne. a ac alrigh docrriolok, evwiyone spoud teworti al gh oc ioeverne ithe nepoti neibooo er i e thbooo th rebeccaue athe rec supearketue fm athe w she bopeht bkey wes a fmaby f woo s and youbo b aesla anin onab f d ou ingometngn oninister y g doett bu baby wipes andin bteabry dobu byip fo. b evyoneaid e waa grt thernd t ab yfo waslws evne d wa grheal y d er t aabpryteas s esseal dohingts tt ar te unaner leike thapp se by p entsdo whong t aar thi s anerleepp p gtsoohohi s th recent to t g inct? th ec >>t ou ner kw at gsn i t? bend c lo d >>oors nnd ppl g shave facthathey resent be clod rs the putsi wor. ve ac at ithe iysseersi someb ody hesi
4:24 am
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4:25 am
they jre jned c ion st i t sheso, o i ey re ttheyuppo eacotheand at i what was ust sayings. ey po inachedhe oth ieratast blockay and,inou kw,erheth behloavr at dd, kugsterth she w eh rhappy,he wn' t d dstrethssed.he e wn'y,omeon'you know, dre ed. o waups o weouno waigpsg. youon'tet t scice th sheas pyingg.ith kniv, ri t ou b'tin td ccised thhe pngh door orivherias cse proundly deprorsed the s mas p hodlyeen pr d an s o mverwhelmedom a w een owhowhe han tha ot.rwed a w dishe ve a aby s itower,wheid tha sh he diilye aaby sr, nea rb y? sh y >> nody scris hethat eaway. i ha beein kns f>>or nwoy rihea wey.s. ha ee kt heneig fors.r meanhe hes a re wese nd he ig s. th nei gh boan hayhe a wld se come ut a put blathnkeiowgh he w d shand he bab yould me aut la plow . shd thd e arpeopab whoyhinkld who re lo thar top choasnk n o c nece narilthe le buwho y th thedidthi nk s he nece ile buhas oy ro inhis at a th.hedhi s >> a ts harotnshi vst possi able d li enhe as a ts v oersie li
4:26 am
chdren >>e haerone d shhas e. >> hey e tachng ce of ten >> hae sh s ildrig? >> y ta c anoftheris n dr htoig any aner nny diffulti. jud jeane: thin >>hat uld ggesa th ff ti they wer someudw gead en: ughin >> t d pareess,th rightwher they er eeyermeg en h taki carof man y c reldreig erhe er anethisistive the kiar m cre fir an is t ti --he firimear and f eaki dow in a sohe a re kiow abdnucons tt so he ha aen. therbdare rang tt abd ucti on ha. er e >> jngge jninebut wil geintobdhat.ti the ole ea othe y th j j ne wet diln. ge to t. very ui lye .e oe th u sa thewe te.n. ryui ly .ar enne sae >>heres sothinabou her arreacon tt aeaners to t o >>reso inou r be o r ac t t aears t top t oropite hiite hioryoc. agn, n usetoeing i fr onhiof tyo ag who nse kwseing wh fr meaonnt t toho her. wh >judgeajeane: sy wi us. to d h. dgan swis. aburg knapisa a irwin?
4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:30 am
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4:31 am
s crive ths about $miion ra ed. cr e m haisutlkr. ra no. bacto halk t jnoudac. >> jge jninewelce ba tojuste." j it h beealmo two eeks j jnelcba to stsinc"e 11onth ld heemowoee lisa nc11thwiisna stche fm her o cribwi n in h er ownshe herome trib milwdle herwn hmilwood mile of the lwe nht. tomightoo td quemiion len ohe eryo's md, wt hpene to t to taby quen l yo m w hne toy 4: p.m derah adlegoeso th perm ke with her4:.m b ro th .deh leesth seen ere yingrm boxf wiiter b ba foo and bab ene wngipox.wi baoo nd b rlyveni w. yni jy a ectrian jadsouy wk. tr n >> jsge jninethiss th fit ti youorkedw an j jneisth fi ti ou ke ernit? jud jeane: e nehbor a go frid cos ov wit ni her ittl ud gireal.: neor go >>rihe bcos anovit rtlir
4:32 am
>> banar -- lives inheir broom withhemndar - iv th hav in ir broomithnd tv a un bethav and uff d thy w t wabehing ai taled f th wovs d wa ng evythi wasailes d is -- every th g evhi as wares -- nvel.ry >>ware jud jeane: e mo cha l.d drk wi on e pch >> ud afear he: r nmoghbohars l ve drwin p afoundhe nbo lve nd 1 p.m., dorah p.m d checah on lay lia. she ys s put ecla jliy's e s utyearld s to edfall ar s o leepllns ide h er wneped algsidnsider h-yeawnold s ed d a ray tte t heyalouidnd ol sthatay. >> as t froa dooy locedyou at. >> tlockro?ooc >> i donember. judck jeane: e sa she leav all ihreeonf thember. ud eafa: ly'ssa pheerso l ce phoavsllee th on t kitenou w here 's p so ce shho nma k ps t titou wre our vest atio rsheveals k that r st ioat 28 r.m. eameon mak aha t ll fm one 2. onak fm tse phones.
4:33 am
arou 4 pa.m.jers. turnsom f ro ou w whe you c omrneom hom f w wt do heou ht d yoee? >> i ouyo the fro d iou t f dunloed. jud jeane: d yo ex ct i to blo. locked? >> y h.udea: yo ex i b l>> jkege jninewhy? >> i s al yys lked. >> jge jeane: ay. j j ne y?>> ialk i malos l od.f t jea: . li ts i the iusekre m o of >> udgelieane: id whe dide o yothinwhenou s the >>lighgeea: whid yoinen o sn?he >> ighhoug setim she oavesn?ne o two o n iug s betimhe was es o usua tfor e to b o i bn w most e ery rm iuanr t t b in hse . strym i jud jeane: the comper r.m, athe ont th hse ud jeaerem: yhe fd s mp a r ae t th ndow open, j semynd phed iow on, as was going down the hally i spp a nd hes cks gngow t onhe bs. lli a onndofheckm wawherhe as on sus.osedo be. on ewa oertheer o w atersued found b t in ed it oh o h. er ous blndketas n t in floit. s o blt ni kd of falked strght my so k o fal sdrooandghried m talyking t
4:34 am
her d ain hooerd wtriasalng goin o r a in h jud jeatne: d shaswas asle. in sheas asleep. ud ea : he shoughs you no leai t a he aee minu , yo k w, e ghouisai droonudooryo ipenndis alwa cse i whenhe oe sooor n tondleep nht ndwa c i henean bato andepheck nht a heaid --e it ebaamnde inheckoom and sai hai -- whe is lsa, heitin isoohe a s a is d iaia,d shhe is iners crib, a yo kno indsh s s iheerri i s yoo st sre a wet t up i d st ted rea ng f or h a e and u looking ery wher estd ea f ahe d ki sn't ery terheee. he >> i r outde a i w t t'to t . e >> rut a t n eighbos. wo her up. she ngh wo werasn' up. sh w there. >> jge jnineat 45 a.he remyseshis work he o j jne 4a. mys s w k ll 9 fo help. res enti bur 9glary fnel presresstiuraryn in ed t scrn busted pr ss anhis 0 m th o ld n tcr bte auantes r m o ssin au ter >>udgeeani: kaas cy lice eed ur hinp ifou ve a infmati on e>>genika c
4:35 am
wher bo sced hi hsif p acinftin e litt baber gbol clthci kansa city p .d. tt aabtll kasaty. 6-47tips nexgueswasontaedy 47 psthe mily ex lisesased iin . e ly aostis caonvin cnal. adetnsettor cy.on n weome. than foreing ere. de e >>orhankou. >> twe fame.y coacte you anor nge. y? >> nk i bieve.hey tamcote cucted m e b vebecaye i suc aim carct ca in lino and thacatiuc aimar casehe atcar n benocand thehat fos ofhe i es gase. be ca hehe w cha rg ed afoesofd, iesga. char wdith e deathha aesd, pal ar rneditut ih wasn dth >>on th cas t he ed w i asn h . yearld i >>othas und tstd. w a >> aari-year-d. nd >>udgeeani: a thre year ld w was>>leepg r- theouse ar t >>genia rear w asep me, meon comehe thrseough thet ba door simi, ronmehrou t rcumance an theyocusban thormi at r. umce in orecant, teyyusthatr. inec tact, they arrest the dahternd cacrget,imheityh aes the e muer ohis n da hte daer eim it hu co in d wh happe ? mu o s da e we t na. co n wh thapttle?irl s mur dere d.e
4:36 am
we gna thsnlel matchheurre fa ger. na e faer isn ratelead. faeryo. sti belves is fa i r guty. it s reta of ate yotiels s gu. s istaf se idental to t cas s wiowsullede up. t c the k ille r iwi'ts alee to get i un th e wdoler a to g cos ino c om t ath burgly. co in oseeshe c child. ur lees t hou. sees theathein hhi bed. le es tlehe t hou a g a ndsehehe hed ge his c ar le thi t is h bol ad g a wasdrivs geis c dvesnthith ir hol ivew , casesiv back in t d s hoe ancarrs heout ewc ac tthe ont ornd l ve s hothanerrhet frondoorpen d aei bo e t nd lve s es t fntoo r onorn aei opebon. tputser in oothe unk his pe r an d vetsser ie k off. an dve>>udgeeani: unnnyff. sila riti. >> ge ni youunot oyy h a si sarti ou o se aost intal b yar a ttually hepo to b t y al h t irns. how d th comin ctact th y ? iro pu.them i n ouw wthitomh cctou? y puem wit appentlousomee th kne out e focas ey gppavetl theme pthne num ber o t fo s myfficand id tha t t gyehe n um rlievtheail n ee
4:37 am
ded omyicd hat yeak us. ev e lefaa meage nnde said d owe do t knk whas.t going on efmeeai yo doaskne habutt ioif youan t yo as calltlee dondhe couledan prablyit hi allnlendour. pr judly jeane: ito diyou speato?ou >>oth ud pear: tsdi?u ea >>?udgeeani: wh did hey >> h te you >> w didn hav>>ngeni ewhenidvey te ouconvsati butalkeabou w dn av the nher se ave i t old nvthtiutkeou to t ry te or b ae strong in t face td of t s ne ativ t b soninlicace op tneinivn. try tlioc jt, ou opnoin hang t in tre jet,ounoan sgon in tre e>> jge jninebut ide fromhat u artellg th, at d thetell y jou jnet e om t uareliellth dhell tm. y >> d >>udgeeani: whdid tu m. lievthem >> d >>. belve tm be use ey >> ge nie sowhimild , i uess to th evem >> el tbeparee s inhe oth cassoilisso causthey rerein d oistrthout,as caus it i harduseyo gure d tr any her ot ive. us ird cae, mtly t as j they rote. ca m y em jional hein tt th are rent ho emrel tenthnere ievi oventthe ath of en ne theidauger. now, meavii'mveote athf eiug. w, eaaderm but - er
4:38 am
>judgjeane: b morthan ok, donut knoif yr ca> thedg babany b wor aandyead. , on no ri yt nowe h dcahe nabheyre ea baby isa s. rino h bu did nhe they tell ou a bo by tas. door b ngbuidheyelnllkeou a t did ey g thro h thorfac bng nl ofkeheirase? no,d ecau g theroy kthac tt i of irknewe?he as o,au ihenfor kmation t. ewas itheyorneti h. >>udgeeani: ho cou ld ouey . lk >>geniho peoplend n couet t eo fact net t f he ct >> w tryg toelth th the werpeop who >> w ry toliev theand at tre thre pheple ero weop withothem ev heand d des tteubli oni n ot pe weit em to b d es iubnfluencedot b b ilucedhat. judgeeani: ha youeen tain byha t m? ge ni ha ou>>no, a i d t el thiny m?at iecesrilyanteto b e aelth reta ied beslyte bhe >> jge jninestayith . ta bcomi up,o maerhehat j jneouayh mi p,mant tthin tharet aou tin tre a s detas thon a up. y som tathet als uhe yom pare'setryls juston'thedd . thatre nexon "stuse."t 't
4:39 am
atex "st" pitaone'new ca rewds cd ivesou 50% nnuabon ! tae'wcaew c so u ea 50%esore sh.% uan accdingo reo archea 0%erye dy me ca. ccngrech ry l mca ll almo evebody. movedy ♪ ♪ wod yolike 50% re ch? woyo keno% c t is mo moy. no [ ma annincermo theoew catal e ca rewds cd. mann ter carhefor ople cawhol ant ca% moew cas c tarr le hot moas what in ur wlet? woahatn wt? giges ]ah ig ]
4:40 am
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>> jge jnineand,f cour, brkingews nigh fr theansacity olic j j ne d, de rtmeur. brng s ghey t d "j st e"frhahetsaty jericse de the hmeeles man ho tas"jer ft e hes m onicycle ithe ft nehborod wre b y li icle e lid an lneasorse wen befliee an lsappredenef is w in p ole ppd i i
4:43 am
stod prge ith felon rran not lat to tod case h el bu er in s omeoannet tattohe t case poli w an d vebu much teroin seo t heesti . li anw, mvee ofucy exhusiv inrviewithhe p ents f ti by mofexiv iniethis phetsre some hehereom e incoistenciein tirheto >>erem whe coou cteomiee te, wh do >>em yhe cee, whoee y? i fou troee d?oo d >>udgeeani: diyou lo expend it be l ke >>genidiu >> ypeh.t e l ke >> jge jninewhy? >> i s al yys lked. i wa in st othe ghtsn j je hnesey? a re ial ld. n. wan oe ts hse jud jea ane: d wh did you ink en y sawhe ghts udea: whid u k yaw on? ts i tughtometes s lees o two on t bhtutett s w leusua o for one t oon be o bnt uaor nemoove brye on room in t ou se move ry >> jge jninehad oouin everou se the cree jn jne td hat was e rit phed to t ou oserheee thawa s t? p d it s pued io th ohou anthats wh t win w t pu ithu an woatdn'twhlod. w w >>udgeeanine: uld wosome'tdy he fithroloh thd. fre wh e itas p>>ped?ge ni
4:44 am
you : id idwasop ped, me hfiroth frwhit p dd?e? u is d, >>o. notng mes d se?se. >> >>ud ot mgeeani: cod so sonese . haveit toughhat. >> i they>>emov it lgeni coso e y bu whyve wou tldght. rem i iteyovt d puit h al fwbuachyou em attoe't m epu h sseac >> jgeoe't jeane: esed the s se seas it s j eand: iod nhet wa ast in, cld t someone ve throu igh tldt? me e tou>> n >>udgeeani: dit?you ar ythi out f thordi ry en y n wen to b ? >> ge ni>> ndiu o. hi ut th wasdiour dro doo r ypeenn b n or cse. >> wasclosr all roe dooos atr pe nigh and ad t che. by wosl doat moni r on nd wgh dndad h t yt ng. ni>> jonge j wninethatas a h babyonit. >>.e alys h e on on. j j neat a go tbyitednd s >>al i hon. bed . o >> s jud jeane: d th are sensive.ed. u co d he som>>ne iyou ud ea : are thlkinre nsi ree.mber a whe co aheom iu fore in reerwh m or yea >>udgeeani: doou he a dog,y thway? >> yeah, w do. >> ge>> wnihat dond o hf daog d you g,thy? have y? w. w t a l o dog douix. ve >>he wld h e baed i l ere s a -mexcan s >> w hba i e a exn s commoon oso rt. >> itherwas omise so sothinout therdiny
4:45 am
d it as.ou i iers e mea n. soint hein itbutouh --ea >> s can seehe fnt o ft h the use. s an judee jeane: f shentn th o ba? e >> se. sys out udea: heth ba b ac s ys o ut >> jge jnineis s is b tse. sles un jr th jdeckner ss slee id-- t kidleun htheck alaee gund outidba tckndid e metis shslee thi a g dut ere. she a d so e tishee ohibvly ca heare. e eall dy o we o but i caar ll y an. b i jud jeane: thinthat nigh yo.don'remeer h barng udea: inat gh yon'me har no comtion >>o gethatcreeout wo d th k th noou c mon >> ge at ee sot n sewoththou >> rig. so we e ba n with rig e baith dr. ro ludg. form dr nroud rm decveat n brnan. do a of u elinae eherat on of t sebr pn.en ig af ffelna e r th bat? on tig arur, hit i that ? all kdingsi aft ar, it watcng t last 40 m utll ofngsi ft the ow e speciatcll tyo lt inrvie wit the e ther e i hiae done es vest atioin as ieprositutore er
4:46 am
hand d ae ri stios defosenor d ari ef attoey. to mshe ngs ry te. e ther here s a totf. me s t th gserrea f th that -- >>udgeeani: shring tr. tlot t peoe age wi y ou >>ge nish ng do she ingtr t eit h t eoagwi you y do paheg e it yes, no?ou pa>> n >> ecaus, the lki n >>auheurglarki in msourande thatomeurar the what inheom fent the tot. home win nt nt iide. t didn wakthe ys t me i e. ba. dnak e s e t dog didn't bbaar ckedp togwo cid pnesndar ed tgicawoy t craport ps the0 moh olou t caoo trart t mool>>athln? oo beetherdonehat. an int al itti>>hl eerperetraner int.he ou anntal tibrotr slpingig ht torainou r. ot sl ngtheroesn hea anyino ou ersnea ain t he frooo t jud jea fne: at's possle. >> ipokeo kaleenbout thatut tud onleay: in'seig ss. iat hkekaenut at tnl wigord h >> ther ge.
4:47 am
br wst cce al> bot cbrars cinhe drivey. al anthe est e erott c is tke to dve on i an seidt lk eert holthiso pers it, iherontdooksolth rs t, he stanntng opesn. jud jeane: at i this anbabyas ope targeted? th e arud beaab: y iis by tged? abd ti s anthar by en ty arsoldn the ti s rket is beaiful tar bldabth et isea>> julge jnineno qstio b ab th babwas autil, wl dresd, h jea jhyne, mo qioy t k thabs ti w re oit es heacchymodingyk t o occng t evybod oka nayyer. she s dr king ine.evod sh oukagh n wine.ayr. e do ydr thing shee.el asleep, sh ou gh wde. a few t yhi mheanslp, popsnd a ju dn't ewart? mops >> jusibl t budid e gi theine the g? >> bl s th dog burid nkingig?hee w co thee iso noise on thg ri in thg?baby m itor cohesooi th by >> m obvituslyn on tes the dos b lo. bvu arlytalkongesbo a t child do bwentloo bed arlkt 1bo30 andtwahild ntdiscoerededt 4t:0a. sc ifedomeo tak a sak and 4 putsne pill i o tif deoogak a sak a pu theog o stsle filorleeo t d ho s nopuhe o se feeou av
4:48 am
e hono known >> jge jninewhaturglou av e lees t ligs onn ano j juse?neatgl >>lehe s teigonaurar -- e? >>he d cou be ar>>ng se sameurhingarn-ou cas e,>> dou e ng rkin d n obmey ngardou it. c faer d n't ea iint. ob y ar head bnt. d nk ing.fa dt i >> n one se i hearhe it b de nenkhborg.od everybo n e i arin tt t nghbo rhood. neor e>> try dogleepin t bac of he h tse s ntheghogbo mooayot t haogep tacea - - of h seogot b gl arha tong i b gle burlar wasn't ng ottos i and bur wn' pans. >> wt idf t d kne whoan me i t wou i f k th may thoheog iou would n' tthay the wbarkld >>ho sals llhos wn rk ey a li>>pp sg as aby. wn wh made ahepp a call? ab >> noneou c alwh 91de1f c l? ere n h ou ne poune. c 91 f >>hat peo e e n picd? pne >>tand y. >> t eo the fferce pheicd? >> nddippeanc of bab ye lerae a th dieafabrcyha a
4:49 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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4:57 am
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4:58 am
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