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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 16, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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keday wrht sts dion livt th mekerialwrn waingt witthe ry kellme howalouldwaougt desitibee th tetmosere ere hisllowld es e rninduri thethose es inrihe dedition >> eric i hve t tl u, diyou ondamie ich hnd t t wor u tchiie, th is fanstic t ory,he hi athosphs e haseenanic ry lectc andupe a cphrgedas n wh marnct lutrnd kpeg ced whiiar utspokas wl as kerni -- revend bniceking tse ok was ani- of th fourve cldre t a rtinuthe king andthuroret cre ott ng. wh the inhengndetspok the t . crowh jhet was auallwoong fookthemhe robeca je of wt th had o sas allonfo em s elocaentlof wthadsapeing out stheifath and remberi lotl m. buearlg r inthe moing, i eihad thendemrivirige o peak g bu rlth rinve nd jmoseg, i jad son, avi o n wak alke r andve jalkith jan, a dr. ng a w thiis wt heke ndsayslkh . ahi whe ys >> jastowvirgia whe sles lande to this ja ow ace 1rg mi s, twhsl go fro ldeheohi ship to h e hee 1 tatumi to ereroed beeen ip p hsideseffeon ature
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ben pdefe a lincn anwashinon, at's big al. ncanin, 's g . >> reren jkson efleti r enon wthi deais j toonhim,owle tiseei thi w dedatioeaoakinhi m, placeihi he ss itedringioeverhing fullinircl but tre'such woac to don in sermsitng oerng llcl ut ac tevin'shis heam. woo on mseric o >> n raer w acspeainngs hem. cored ic ra w ea te cil cod rigs veme and youre up t ckeigly ring he c il rmehtsnd eraou and wee se dr. keng's chiren ng c rs raandnd weser.e saw'shiisn ster d d riste awrri shs nower d strihow yes olspe. wh areour yeolefleionse.we whstanretherrhis lemornsng? >> t oanperseral refsctio r ? asoo ove ors mhoulref io eingan asers ias ve gring m ihisul ty, ng i remeer s iing . ki or gr g i heing ss faus sech dy, i want g tome sg ekilater h he becg sefa s h spo so entquentoy wit ete his hec poo een it faus is"i hav eampeec fa whic so my osav reembe as wasamrowi upec iatch ic m oes rots befold her inaswiup
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i chwash gton hen wase sho rnds ld er honmuchurmo the wasight shhereonn thn ashocity reme er, ho motchr rmohedheashte ou of tre citthto g me tyay me fr, theot r rids tat ou tit ge folda ri tfrheih tere seopl tri told grape riith e face t ttplrihey o d lo theegac ap a th ac t liy of d loheartiac lheringr. t i'llliell y , o d othe tingsti l rthatg ces t mindlll o ri oteow tgss at wh he id ding cat fous t nd i havi drm"spch, wh he e d g id i faves direav tha mydr frsph,e ie chdrenone rey myhaoury chdren wl be chene myr a blechoen wavebe fries andhoe wludge tem no for iee cor of thend skin butho the w conentgef t the nor coof at r onatt wh mhe eveonthe todawithhildn of aryr. rat w m ve anseei howhe erace da th ldopleof aneiow ece f rom aleultide o f m festes a rac andti o eticits an it jt hows yo that st a dreacnds et citingan tot jws yoat t beice ng h mo cg toay out at aui wha.t erbee h foher's t gacyeansor h and he t arld.ha fr' cyns hnd d. >>thiss a yhat all amicanan b pud
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>>.isa ty ill amanmindou thiisot just ielebtionor ndhi afrin-amican bust f eb amonicanand tize arod th wor. riaman f amand zero thor. andodoub tdayhe wor dub ty wor cebrat witus toyur ceatitus to nionur ackwleds its nn brocked a ins becsehisro memoal recreses thstep beyos theaws seegatn. mo th r'ssethep reren yo beheices kin sewhoat as isaid th earlr, reneeicin os iid rl ectried is cwd wh e way at spokend s 's s trd c wh e y ske s s eloqnt aut tt ao passnatebouter fth oq a t and r fah. sse drtee thutessa he fth ther s lfa of ork drth tbe desa h ter o maerking the lf damk t d er avlabl oto a amecansanghe ite, dlack rih, or av bl amerens e, ck rih, yellor, ansoci ecomic bagrou, drkingtheysay, lluld anill ci pcohingcor th. ba ouck tdryou.ngeyy, >>such p sond l pnd ng porttht hiory d th hi toryu. f>>chur p natonnnd so a rthiy th hiinspying is mningat gooto so yokell spu'llg e wi mng us t ne too syo
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ll urs. ght llw,wi danus r therse t t t's steno whan the rrorme cbs wsnchoan isayi. ea. s enwhheme s ho iyi >> any in >>nyn whe arica dn't suppth the aca p dsive't ristae pp tat d kinhe leane fro pve rta d in ndhieand tnerougro hi tug thisreatmbivencemong ite erics angave isativcengun e icanve un unrupuus fureshe portity skethe newnd pres sun covpuage fesheir rtway keeew es tt no sounesfamiar?oveir wa tnounmi? thlifts sucasr. kg must ave thlt tft weit ofuc k ste teif a milln instic butike is ste ali tenslldr.inicute kin stas stng a ablto cryhelins. ightin for ery st aiftebl the cre a hund ds o ht leanr s.y but thidatehe a staing i nd o anfronof t st tuehida otag i an
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on t eric shereo, oconnnd icrgend n aremind ed w musnd rend wusll b lifts b ftw. we cnotait forther t carrour ssag and ct ltt ouorer t ad. rr alroughis lacy n ner beagnd l ou mmedp in few . al gh lnuty lnebe me lve uedinewit th. thertis leav l lifngth tbe doer aga andvnthe sritf if dr t dogang'snde lasng st dr le'sacy, was ne to art w. ley, w ank neu veo muct k veuc >>all ght. n raerspking wel he fromany >>l t.cons ra of e cispl ringts m emenwethe droingny thisnsery iortaf edic ionciri men dg cereny. ay wish usyere fox ita ic'll n rig bac re. wuse ox l igac
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it whatheyo. acce it. ithaey cet. you n't angehe w baing rks. juu acct t itgeman. w bag ?oesn clo at ve ? try ture juccitn. ? snit'slo bant ?wh do y u ware, a g ? ju acct it's an who wa hia en f?s, fe prt, thell sck i tojuou scce otitr wa hi fstay fith pre he , so ac pt i he s i to sotst awaept . acpt i ju acc t itayacceh it.he so ac i at ac we iss t s mojue, ccyou'it deace t. e tmo if ou'ru'stuceaacce ing baing nsen if'ruccegba g you ened a ally allyank. no nu sens a lyju peoe see. lyk. nns jueose to bmore enronmtallawar arnow inti thbackidesf us pap breennmllar arw ti th ckd wesswitused tapfede use lotf thr paagin coains wrecyited m teriade. seotthpain cotens thewhatcylse m iafededoes wel wee nousin re ectrte
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truhesatedees andowermissn lanewewenoin e trru ev off reuble velo.d ernow,ssan' we leane pri thbacsideof ed per? evff eue lo w,n'e ea riwha s ththexeccivede f com pnsatr?n li...?athecematli.? [ le nouer ] staableoluons feex. olutns t[ t m terou ] aleus fe. ut t mr
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jam:s wend my pele oundhis tionememr th amgacyf drartiweuth m kpeg nd s on., temre ath cypeadrrs fmtith thek civi righ t aea f ahatavhe siviificght thgs to s intudinav revend ssesiictho inin jacon whevwasd e thenhealcoheac why ths dr.inghe jr.asco sass let lisn
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ssed inhet >> cupys onis wll stet in th movent s onepyon glal w st you e th c ldrethovt s ande fsprglg of dr. u kith's cre .nd profr. ki or pele'sampan and citi pe t'stpaccupndd wl stet ti tup08 and wst nd011 a i tha 11 lega a kp oteshang. ga k maines.noiole, st in diiplid, snoylestfocud, dili syon't ju forifyhiscusyst 't ju reructore ity.s marcon ast evenlay grectfiitd. rc puic a enayfiles, cle pugos, trs,sparcy, rch le to fightgo raal instic trndar, h o fconohtc ra inicno ineqlityndightor econic a racl jutice eq tywe'rall htgo's cldrewith on a roacljuce 'rblool ine.go cre th well tr. ro theing mt we te thrigh to ehen toughg wu mth thgho tgh sacficend blodaccese yo min and bods asivin bl saific. yo yoinmustndod useousinvote
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saicur p athyostse ou te legiatio ligatn an ph laws o pro ct tgiio latan lnerwsle. e yoro t le buding er . coitio . yo reinocud o beingung t coioop reof he fo thocu i oheng hul t o the ip,op hfo tho i hul% o e thp, kg t auedha leathrshi at ktsest s no ameand to foow onionea hi att noano folls, oon iwas ant toolds, is to publild opinn. do n whais cvenit or pli pula do whain is nhari ct.nior notomprmi pri iplela andoha sayri true to otprmirilend yr esionohe yuth uste earth wilstayon the anriseagn. falh downtert wometiles aay we thanse ag t alwnpet agae andgain b ause thgrous nogandin bselace thouoor a ce chpion a job ys "ough ou slay chonme ib "gh s y alizmy wrstears aet i wi getp aga bec se iz wt rs a trt ind. wi etknowgaec m trin ow reemelis. keepope ive. rmeli epe e.
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>> diesndgeleme plse welc e reesesentiveohn wis.gemel lcreenven s. go rnin >>goodorni! goin >>odni! its goo t eeit erybo re o tsoo t beaiful beauful y. ebo o teaul aul rst, wanto thank t,an hrry h k hnsosresint and hy soce si ofndhe whingn d.ce marn of luer kg lu j k natiol merial pjectunda jon nio the meal p ctard rects,daana he kud z,cta ecute drectkund h ut dct tire h restafaf m a memr of e bod a avid atizen,emhankouf bod for a
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capil. mainis luer k g pi majr thius k man,his othejrhi n,s he tsitiz ofmeri t tiz ofri citen oth t wod wasumr 10it o won t was pr10ram tne-u pr m i s nuer 6. ofhoseho ske tt-uy, i inu'm ill ound ofse s t i nle l nd drkingas o lear. drng oea nev, eve askus t do ythi thaevhe wld n do.vesko hiha w no. heasarsted iled bean donsttly he aredharaed.edea his me w bom d.styra. s w heomas sbbed he sed heuffed wi the fmesnd arws ohaten a he fewihegras footss ar ote aasts strule tprovthat love c havetern owru toovatover lmee cthe mitaon ohate vernower ad i t ne ta o beetefohe
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i nee philophyf pee, t phosop of ilhype t phnvioopncef tt he preaioed,end h t instenc ea ond, hns thenc novient ristae baseonon broerlyhe noove,vit rta this sero lywoulbe aiffent tione,e wodhi b l ingul afe ion a dfere wo plactoda bbut l magin i a d lreher acngdat . mmat be lked upo l ars on of e mbe fouing ld fat urs o the aw amica. f eou g forhis at oma e ama. torssnema n, t not onlyreed a peoe bot he bera d a lytiondeo be raa on we e re, a of lae e, d whe, o tinola whno ian-eric andativ amicanwe a n-icndiverecau aman af one nau d whae resintsave en uble do dha th'ssise u e oit th >> ndhat t cil wit cod no fini h, hendt ti w
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cononi h chaenge the st powfulation o eahah togeeet i e owliool eatot i ligaon tlookut f its peop, lo out or ga tok fts ophoseloutho ve bn le bleeh iseachhis man fro atla a,gegia,chsanro tauts ow to, tol us tauay tove down olhes t buen oay hathere heaso toheav burn toear. bu oatre h toavurtor. marn luering jr jus ink,ew arlug jrushortears a gok, ew wh w cam trtrs ago wh wam t whingn8 yes ag wng whadishatai yeag whitn, cored wdmentai whe it cedenh won,olor won, t sewo signorare ne a thewillot rern. t gne ahell re. the oy place o cldre wil e the th o pce o cre silnsille n ath ok in a sll a n amuse o ase o adeo,o,8
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yes ter,othi has chand, ce anwalk in8 my ye r,oes.hias dr. ng ans canlkelliny s. . yous ttli we ve ange th we areou betr tpetle w'ree ge a tteratio the eet pe we justthin a erio a few srt stin yrs o wheew sr. kgtood on e eps the lin yln he kod n mori s cheld ninegisr tootnri ny c n par of e de t th's rht! ar f dee haou toass tho-ca red! haos ca tera tes weere ask raeso cut we te nberssk of bblesn aut slo t andrs cou bes the amberflond jel beasoun a jar.e er ft beuse oelthea wor ofn rtin uther.king bee j and oheor f wo o undr s ndinhe tngusan j milndons peop b ausewo ofdrhe lsdersp o tan il pres dentop bse ke edy ofd pr lidenrs oyndrent johnn, wlive key prennd in a hn wiffevent ple. pele a me i a orfe and pl ove pe ae ond agn,veheth th eleion o ag bara oba is ththulfimentflen o
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.arti rabas uth ng'seamfint.f i id n t's jt ati down th 'spaymt.m we'r not i ere nt.'s j a're t thowe ye ym 'rt e e thye o ma ople too my pele ve b nmale t le mpeut a nd beft hinde let'use his accasnto go tnd and t'e sas go inis h thendpao what mus do toisreatheaette worlt to reatuso ao matete pfect rlion.o ng i thate, d'te gi pct don.t gi ithin. n't dve o.i ke you dogiith. ke. you t ye o.n t keouprizh. d wake witou the srit of t mart lutrizking waitr. he thk yo sverytuch.f rtutng pplathe]yoryh. la >> lies d ntlen,leas welce aassa r an>>ew yng. ls leas lc asaan y. >> othe and siers,
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foheive nd for tartgsis, foe orut wit art iviaty, t y titin o ia , rtin yuthe t kg a a ginanhet of k a man ganfut thene ompl n hhad s ahe complex hboutd h aheigt. he w reay juom ut h5'7"ignd weaju e waalwa getting 7"se wa witwaetng talleopl who lood do on llplhooodon now 's 3fee tal loong wn oeverody. w 3ee too oery. but 'd bth fit to tl yothate di't ge hi lfe t b ifor tstat t. yoatdi ghi e g le hif r ator the las g h the d'shildnhe las a in he thldmiddn of e an strgle en weegan th tddf work out ttre we an prlemsf tkut t mitarm and t prprlemsmsf potics a the maran t nami ofprmsettipocs a peohee elecmid, tfy cngedti theeoules us. thec t c cngeded theulesndes t
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me i no. th ced tes longer tust i o litil. fact'so theert ecomics hat ti corols he p iticacshecocst cols pic andeoplof atlta sene ndpl totlongrs ani wa sen tre at thscenf th ci whe togranwa tt thenthi thehe ben toreakphen ecobemictoak ordethatad bn srted bycoc fr klindeooseatlt b sed i y frin44se in thend i 19, th chaed is.n thd anthen lite19thha a r.on the anenit angeomeinghe cald gulaon q lienohis ge egal w. th is at pla you q outis o you housths pouut a why oouour m tgagus n't rth at y paifor a .hyr mag t ey ch nged yair the r es in e coress cedhe rn coss d th theavin lans nt o thhe ofusinsin becaus ls they lef otf hinoung atarteus ey budingefasin hou art andrerts d bung evythi elsin whenhey nt ofnd res sine ev hi thlscommcial anksenoty o ito ne hoing. ey d n'th kmmwalks anythi abo i
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hog. d wnhi bo hoing. ey srted pacgingortg eshog. in s ethi cal sdederivives and ey sd tacmnglltg arod s hi al e wod anives ty d s tro wer't orthwoan t a dam anthenhen ty wter outth o m sine, th cal dan foren tn t wut o nevernthnt talbailhem ort. t rn tilm anthatasn' god enoh an batn' gnoh the waa relati balle thasswa sielehattiept commcialankslerom msing in siett the sinef in stmemm al ks bams. mngn e neinme ba reblics chged at. an nowhehing re isicchd .ll mesd an ow .ngs eroemes id a ing e a i finaesg we ve t muc ainteatio nae tuc teio d nody rlly ows wt th're ing d th'r doi no ry s it i w secret a tthy'ree g thoi iect a treot usinthei mindhey' usi theiingreeei behds.ndy'si eieeeh. w, ilant we ted t strahtenhat t a ttle i nt et. t i'not tainswalltree raent a le
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i' jusi't ns sllingee whave tearn e rus an use i'ust tour s g vante. wve trn ruansto nt maracks maenp a ksairpt. sts abo a$1mill nafte rpl threstf th s bomars. $1 welle hablacte yorthinstth atnta .r 44 yea wehaac ar wve tratd toa d44ea a tingsithin the trto econy anwe'vnble togshihe nera onan'vjo. lee aiort cost 0railli butjo ai itt cteneres liut iter $30 lliovery ar and cates abo0 io 6000 ry bs. nd cesbo 60 . an kaaneereed i nowddin an inteatiolkaeeed iow tinminal tnat's goteg toiorobay ad ather 5,0 jo. tna i''ssayi theyste wgokstofbaad aer u kn how o wo5, i'yihete w and kn marownwot.uthe kgavis nd li to ard npovey.he k yore navoiis t li endo pvevey byyoreac nng, oue going to t d pondrty pve bbyyac, ou gearn tg so econpoics,yy b seing yournso chondrens,o scol by svingegou ur chensc b sngmoy, by
10:24 am
getti fincialmoy finaiall leratti and jus in lial we won t na ballle latnd of usotin lie on rits, can win tbahef attlinof ecomicight ri, anin and at'shattl ec mictinht lutr d 's t ng wld h mne ydo nowutndr the rst ep wo h tha i yoow e t ha i ep aresint iffichat sica y ha you inte ast a sihear iict cahaou te an a arfe d't an d th thi d ar, d he d us! thhi , hes! >> ec: appantly thepee fr andw yog e echpang slyehe ofeehe crent frndyo polical and ch ec somicondions alinofwith c nt cupy walstre as olll aalnd toucng ohe egacecyic anddis inth t pyalres a uc o iniratn ofr. mactinnd lhe t ki. a mentefoe, inatofe mnaw l ngreman hn lkiis who a nt waso 23earsld 4ears a wheren l ho spo durgas the 23 marrs on 4 rsshinon. ahe pour g hehes aarn inia. othe cil herigha movent. we wl coiainuehis ornine iheren thfox ghneovchant. brinng y liv wcoues inovere of re thex ne dedanatioof thi in y we'lf be r ht b k.ediohiri 'l r b
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10:26 am
motr fre evythi. i wa18 yrs o fore hady fit frh bu otfrevhiwa ythe onven on readat ficamefrp wibu ishe h dogz buhesteaenr. t mewi eam ty to areat d. is hogbuea m y aat d kne iwas ito b a sces e inntiowas sime th i neew i eedeito ps tectt. b ses inios imth i ide pct my me ichrischue d i t pent, tradark d on lalzo. y irihu i pt,adk lzo sharo ]e crted galzm o he peoe srt tir bines hand l ]nch creid eamslz heeo go o leslz ttoda band eske lurh inesdreamsa reity. goledad esearey. ategaoom e puthe w onour de.atga pue onr .
10:27 am
malennouer ]ou wldn' swimn a ol wh noater leou ] wn' im a vis w a mnoeum erthouart. is mm out. th whyely on hlth re cerag th 's msingthomethyng, yo? hh cag th mthicar malonng youet , covege cld bincolete maronou ve c bcote so cl noto fd ouabou anotr wato g medare. cno fouou otwa gede. aarpedicecomete sure throh unedhethca. rpicome re rounheca you y geyourospil, door vits, u prgecripuron dpig co rage do vd ots,r mecal rvic prip dcoge otme l in oic com ete ckag oftefor mor thanhat u cu entl opayom e ag ter or an t cur ortlinalyedice. noondeit'salle medireco leteor alic node'sle dicote don'missut. ll utedhlthce no to gn' morsscomp.te cerag witht pang me. udhhcno gormp cag th paand mthou havi to t a dica supemenplan d ou vi o it's heah caa placathatup ennot anly h ps te ca of u 'seacalaat t h t ca f when ometng gs wrg, buhelpyou ay hlthy theirstlace enet gwr bulpu h hy t be fitshe stlikecen an al psica evenve seenis an immu zatibes fotsa $0 opayke an pca en snian mutifo$0 ay vion a heang befit and re.
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vi aea b anitsome lans ave d ro d.lar nthlpremms. anmense dr hl inemhese.hangg tis, thnamen yo medare an insengti thmeyoed e may morimpoant an er. withore an 3year of e eriey e orpot e the 3 ar med are vant ee plies, unedhethca kno hoto g mor ede ntpl un he caom ynor me carehoenef gs. or ymereef withhe ct ofany ings stilgoinup th c ofrp my icargsompl e ilin is sma choe marpl ismaho in uerta tim. isour althare ssinsomeing? utaim isr th eget e wh e piinureme g?and u'llee. ever hing bett r whpi whe it' compd te.ll . er ng etd no huneds wh gent'ic mp. prcripon dgs nouns en pr ipcost ds lo as $ for 30 d supy, stlo $ r th m dy loupl an natial phmaci to ooserom. mloanti ph cie ano al eseollmm.t peod s be chaed an oct eer 1lmh pe th ugh becembha 7th ctso c 1l un edhethcath nowh mbth and n't y mo. ju c getunore.he caow d t mo yojudon'ethavee.o be aarmemb to roll yon'vebe armbo ll so cl unedhethca tod. cunhecaod vis isetleom ♪ ♪
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10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:44 am
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10:48 am
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10:50 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
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10:59 am
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11:00 am
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11:01 am
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11:02 am
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11:03 am
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11:04 am
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11:05 am
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11:06 am
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11:07 am
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11:09 am
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11:10 am
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11:11 am
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11:12 am
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11:13 am
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11:14 am
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11:15 am
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11:16 am
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11:17 am
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11:18 am
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11:19 am
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11:20 am
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11:23 am
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11:24 am
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11:25 am
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11:26 am
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11:27 am
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11:28 am
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11:29 am
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11:32 am
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11:33 am
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11:34 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:40 am
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11:41 am
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11:42 am
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11:43 am
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11:48 am
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11:52 am
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11:53 am
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11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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