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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 16, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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rress rege. >>rssea rmemberg>> the man witmbgovinghean cer aeron huryriceay h dayda ur hieay hay ay hi is a that w ouo s beth wo b died. fothis day edd. fois dcebrat e dr.arn thercebr kin .err k rurto ther mall. gre :r atoonenthe ofal s ne re a en norin marinutheing . r ransarinrmedheoin a . livng ns ed omori. a klyri and l joinsng us le. ri k ho aoirese.eoplesbi what ho ieo wha certtainly a hto ri day >> reporerr: tiny wlye sing his wtor d >>or t w sinst or wcaon thsand of peoeomgst onwashgtono atnd t thnd lif shonat t dre le l e
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cro. here psi werell touopt t ro. chant in frerre opmo years and aua cnty hearingr wh theresint had yrs tsa h triy wer ewh ahesiatedis h cmesodaybout he lteg were edis d r. kcing. ay >>utregg lwhatappens n ext? d kg. wha a>>gg peoatple pperosi txt do ha eo p fulrosill to d k's drea ruleporter:hais a rendaentaques on. r oryou r:ve se pe ouhere tasiclyes. sti t heu spoueehed inst d c occupyiti taheltrt cpy std t oupreamaltr onntlen fr the audience td e it's t ime r plelefr t t aie srtoi t theight tngt' tsome p lmpro t irsrtoiommheithty t the state aatmpn.omit ytheon fetaat e martif luer d kgar lu iiigaid w mt cebr iatis ideal ms.t ce sse jkn igrald w that d td m e j sknd what td >>owar have ce n in >ar he epurs nng t dam i?n the rsng dream keeps exp andi. the d endam k oovty a dxpease. he
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itnd a k dpsea growig becau it fe ps ave roreg and moreec aor and fe ore he l se aan lore or >>orte tha e ilssom ahi l at peo pl>istesshaed. is ric c't et aeo rich evyssd. nd poran 'tic gc anyooetr. aich y p't w ali tay wold ber. pininggli f socialay wo a be f ra sciaiall justeut a enomi racl juste eno pary. >> greg:el haarnks. >> >> g:el heather: estba ishas. p pa to hth embk on at b iss p urnn effor et tk sl a hs jo plan tnn a emeortn l h blic jo h bn eginsis a journ ic thmroinwisou peeches aset i n norng.h carolinand ls oeces atn ino southehrn ca lirgia.ndonsohe ste.ennijoins uit h te mo.niins hat he hong taccolish mo t u p t cinhog tusco tshr ? >> te u w combi cingolicsr wh >> policy whe tvelsomoughirniaoli hh c arpolcya hong to h tanlsg onghira to thho t ced h ngat te o
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manad to to win fr yrs aedgo e he'nabe p tushiongin ar yrs j as ' ll p hi athe senate rejecd andhe s at reeblinsej sdaid isustndore reli stil sus sdndinor demrats ilrein bk the reemtsic plan. to-call rub lire jicobs pn. ll wouldo-lllill jobs wldorrall amerca wte theirwnules ain. 's eeern wte ahezed twheul wesld n. crteeen n jobzeno tw.ld ther isn 't acrte ctaty itno wld creae a nyersnob asty it all. wld ea a >>eportehell.dmistration > witeeiroduc tobdmsis biation iecey iewieirod conobessbi >> ea thce: buyie t ddne >>th bu ft appac thingord tf a snger t mmiee to me uwith defit cuing an. at ithe io olo u forth ficug . tt. ie >> rorte oneloor lein tt. repu ican rteric l ce o f oxpuan ri ew suny. >> io t fnk th the jnt s co itt is nkinthg to the be jnt successful cotn rehings hein gtol at l beae cculn reng1.l2rillio i
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lutsrill denorutsid tothe vie en oresident'credid. t it w that cmitte that a uall pidrot'ded wha ctt bluhaeprit all p that couldlu friorthe bis of at $ c2ld fll o >>re y c fi$de2nt theyilllln. make a deal y? >> cfi can t the ke dal? h as> t cn baie a s uccehess. >> rorte h and bhat is sce . iterally rue. te ailu tndohaeatch insgr me nterlye. wou lueahrigggrmerast cut ourigg inrast c den sn iin dn a domtic spen aing. >> ggg: t's dlk aut t a-wa treng.eet stin g: s a t is awapingtrozent onf dionstsratis arnd tpi u.sngoz odsttiar t.s > in neworhods of proors ak g heir i mes nsaewe onds ofoot mch foros heeshe on fincial misch ftricall e wa toim s arineusalt aroisunic tl hewa orner fromox ns.eusro t e
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nefr pte n and peopl behind abandrsndending twoole p ofehcersohe baenngeospital. ofrsheosta >> cca's gra pk sit ofnothr rly ggainst wk t s prost orseenos r clorporagae wt ged rostore earl c 2poe ppl wge arr rlted eay t ps mplningrr poce eaay t ty rmusengo lee thpark tert close l e t rlaseteig .thark r c lo peresint oam aas tug up .the h psi otuup i hen h pressing. in re iinpectgs. rel ictlaied informatiel shongheied islamic nftiho rephelic is producingucar iam apon. ep i rociew ynk timuc" isar reorti to f lat>> yt im irisprid orebatimaoan fur thesoat u. irid o rse tla ifu. iel r tose p that tyreif ex rimto g withah tnueayr apon sethi extim exp wer ea sawoul oton be ghioo >>xp erying wrong sa todayule th an >> the wngod largesthearstinania
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pronentfine orrontncefhyence gecleaweaps an the ah ve cloohi point. ea itapan mheht a veloomarthi mov pent. tecauhtctio a donppeamart ov toee thrig way t go. au >> i dio' dthink teah tothgay sanctioo.ns i ve b'n asnk thomanetioe b as they houl be.omet iis ahe theyyad s anulioe.ns t ihey ntra b sanksf in. that wld aec oi nt andkt f i i whyn. ty at dn't decoit.t ithahy mes ay b dn'tt. dfere e.haes a >>epr >>r mi se bseart thequatn. e "n yo tes armitie sayt heat another v ia bl"ne ios i ti setions. ay the ath head bl is s ts. eea itarteto gohead bau ty dn't watenstopects to b bagonnad y dom n'. wa ey hnse mactto it cbaarnn in t wak of.he terr horma plo ct pinla tnned ak the goverheentrrsorlation p p i iedornt. he ov>> terst presidtsoasti b i t v prysidt
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fused ovryolng i nianfed ehaviorhatol ings ianlelyee n bavyrt oth n iio around theee b woryld th harod enaes us or work coerativ y witorh our inrnatnal par ersco toiv itolathand pressurn natralnarso n a atnday tt pssas nnev bera hiev ed a t beftor n >> eporr: another asevthef a >>or a hthitan or t oa b h itbl to aftereansf ma bl deructn i 2 ourftnsf ma crebility deightcte i 2 sho o hther: re pettyhtooho gre: rioot no i libyahank fighrs rerinooong i m loyamar ghrs kha's m hmaowrn o ha surte hown while fingur frcees is anceil. inripolihe are ungesce. ulld inspoli t trer d ung a ld wa r surroundinthe a mainomwaund v wesuousine symbicainom pun o fvshimbic re. p hats wree fdavid r pipe rt sseami w fe fav trili. >pe thery s ami ctiing o tou.
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>hey tikhag 'sollowe in t cen ha ol sweuneith t en art le su efir thh hav bee dngtor the da but tirhe henthavee d manad toakehe to wnthdaut t he cennge matoeacheto aer assa ul cts b roliory a er ights d sauln't srk. therisolioryls o chtoncern thatt . er rien cce t fhe denifree ofhe d miliae ofs il.. >gg wll t to g back.. to vi>d pr.w he jt g lac his connti to p we' ck j tto h l a hnnti moent. e' heath a h lot aoi on. mo it. t m eaeaime lt emeenn. iim meeng inpt membs of ee abpteae csiemribngswh oher toake action ains seyr c.sirir j ttoeou arsiogon ain s. jt syrianrs fgoces peneire o a sian fer nee o a pressnei ft terhi cce abouthe yrn prssn geinm t o oue n trunml treatment of a i-gotrnmentroteors. ru mbertrof ttm aofra ueagornnttes.
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eray tng tha a if tyria n vernnt dsot thaftoyrpian rn dto kiing dpremshe codeuspended ki fromhe regamsnizationhe.o usdpeedil om troops bnggazaon send t o> ugandaro b he pndsi to uanarifyingt's btero call them parsoyiels aing bs worong cor tal ulhe to s p iso w a sg endis troopngs t f sd sendiroopor es taf amy. thais a guerrorlaro amy. ha utaue leade a instd aarica wileae st gat acaingil intligee.e predentbama ss i atg i dispchgeg boreutntma 1 spchgpecibo o rc t 1o avinhepeci o figrc tohe agai t ig undaai esint. heauer: fort inhail i. ea: rt theountsil reelingrom t th woet floodto hs r decliadest nely 3wo00 fod h peoe ecve dd ney sce 3ai p das hailan s earer todayashey il bnrded hecop rsar tay brdan okhe fpor
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aialiew anok f th widesprd adamal. w >>ur hrtsnd t thoutsnd wes d prer t go ma o>>ut t hoshou theprerhaio ope tleo w eure ts t situion. ele ts tun. withhis fght wwi bable th tos bter wwik wi b tabeha miliry a gtoet a ber wwi bter mi s a g wha they wodeq bstter and t s woud as frha theyhe u . adeq.sst.nd t vernme s w eou casfrd t deter umi.s how bes t veomee cdet psue. ow >>esteaer: ianyelef psu i. >> shtea?er:nyl mar h s me. > uornate ar h for me. thailand we > naaretexpectiore t fhuondersthamsan d ov theext veral ds. e ec isormal toor t g ser actovity hett rahe dhi t im soforl ye s and f cty tthehias tt sev ral ye mons b acau t ofas sal mso se onon b au ic o fec se t he hrou ear tovbe he ou e hopeul tngs willind d as t pe tngs mon wso sson d binto wi t dn.on anher ea aoss wi t u.s an r ha ahass beenli w t
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heystes m tokha will te p n srm te i tha wi t oeo p a iianahe of o a l a of troical i miasture bng umlped to f orida tnd ealaser mnst pti bs ofng t olasd . fdand e big to wit p thetiofto s tteas g wot oityheheainte but b ol ownehin it.ainut area tha tol hwn bineet. deali witharm airill eaonhanue h bea doo tthormwil tas d oklahomaor tas an memphiskl tnessee. this stanm mphys wilri tneee. oler air is ast byys w midee ean ayir cld lk at a m ddpf an teperatureby c l at asucphf at terare 20uc a grees. heaer: at igood i f l.e. ea: ithanodk yovery m uc >> regg i wantory t ganyo ve ac m > gg dtid t ip did streamingip li frotripi. bris up to sateaeng ohat liroip ris u tat appeni? > r epor ter:nievolutionary > fighrs r aorr: still sggngev toloiory tak fihafy sllomown ak o ur.omow
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he have o bn pound ghemur wi rtavlery bor phrnd dm wi buthey hen managedleryorhr d to bu he yreak thr hghen maged th chang tac c sak bechrse thhang th wec binngar amounts c uathltsnd cinonngsbo aun fri dl y fire fndm csboisata ridl fd fmisata ngzi dridesshedn. deational counced as said o eiol nc itallsheyill say ha s bya itslsyl s totlyha lered a nd by pu o owar tered a electns pu but of oursar the is ele otherut kha fyoftrrsghelds stilldith up ha th is outgld9 sill mdie south eaup thfs erute9 in tpoend serthe h f been fie trcpoeight thenred ere day. it d enoesnieeemig thtt onhe is t fitl dyte sn. tt g als todayl yt sn. roluonary lsod figerseg teang d rowoluary kh dafyigstrgholeain tnghe d nterf tpoli. khfytrghol t er for manpoi. yrsf course r m lyars cf ldseoto i that comund. l itas c v mucoh i ohaff-limits w
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om uard sittati vrderheuch fs o of-lits rdthos se largealerhe oer os lge i uersta t heyt er tuta tyt i tu ioo a marketarut v muc a cef scenes herut v >>eather :uc comg enes h this > theeaer:om estinhis tshe is yourop. tin lawke fro mt acros is t y arle. hey awke eugroh ims eosnou t y de in e tughe ihosouwo sat ors eyen t wtednowhy are ess till senngte hdrnow of m lione oefolllrsn a s hdr of mon o f inn a >>reggi be ou id k >>ggbe weouere doid it. >> and dot. >> a tesng themselves ainstome theelery rin g b ulls.omey rin bls.
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capil ons ne sh rardsard giv youa 50annl bous! pionne rdsd syou rn 5iv moroucash50nnbo! aordi to ssearu 5eveorbodyshikesore sh.adio ar edyese . well alst erybo... ll al ebo. ♪♪ uld u li 50moreash?♪♪ d li !50reh? but t's re mney. [ le at ouncs ] t m newy. pitaone sh rardsard. [ a nche c td foewpeop wta wane 50% rre cdsh.d. cfoop wan% c wh's iyouralle wo !wh iurle [ ggles wo g eshusbd ] you ady r th? i ju sigd e whe fa ly u fosbunli]ted mou le ty mobith mines. juig whfa u you' kid lidmo tbiin. . ere'thatu'oneyid .comi fro ste? e'd itatven eyoss ur mmid rote ask our fe befo signg u up itr son thins so e mensi ? skr fomy migher us ri t; ihoulso inha e marsied j n clke. mr ri iul haar jcl. th werfree i gothemhen sign us fo unlithted erssageeg. goemn gns folid ag [ le aounc ] gemorealuerom &t. buan uimit mesging an[ a ncd ca any.s. gebilerehoneue m .ee. bu uitesng cany. lene . at&t
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pire e t in hean ways t e are oing aren't theyay?s t ar> ies int eresngtg traredet t eydef?it a iots ofnteoespltegdon'trade de eftandithat mea. a o senallyeopl in't mean sndt ea. ha tnlyre buyaning so many meha goods uyha s m y thye a gdsha thy ou ars >>gg: ere ieficit ou rs's >>: 27e0efit blion. > >ercing me27 i0n cna aot >>aserngo we t i c curr cyhi is the mnss w rhtow rrcyhi tsha tn r erybodowyays is t uerodayalsue. >> u gre:ayalbe t.y should ge us a gid:aybe > ty oulde t sul ad s w t s forve . gre: i fs looking at t tal amoun f d rei i lnki at011 t amo 52 i bnilli we01iv1e t bch bofntesiv afgnian b akisn ifq,nt aan ept. isn iq, ev s eptain enomist in evisrael sa s youai know atit emi
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ad ia. srsa w sho yuldnonit b akad ia. u ho mond bausen a u w on bau or depncy slowing o owt ep we nydolong snd o our o tt n eeo sndur eco omicly. >>he money wre e givglyo heey chin i n wre wha gtgohe u. ges inande' nhat aughee. contesbur dthe .n. andther oanizcoions thhi s e . a likenternet izns ugesikene nduigeg n roads a ag n oaest im angle hone a amazing oun atleofon resrc amang g gg:ntebateveofr foreign r a g:e rvein for m theebate aover rin eaar tks, ebhe e weertoed doiea weealized it wasorru.ed itas a oit. otalweliaszeteorru. it a tpaalas moy. a l ofeople sayhy giv mo mone y lfeopleay orss g becauseigow ney wod beetter usd r bhtauig heow in e unte stawote beterd r >>ht
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hen un brendtahankve >>uch. re >>regg we' gng tkeepve andyeuchi sstor>>ygge' g tee chief ndory corespdent c jim angleill cospnt hav j am aleepndl so keep av rignd hre s >>ke at r:gake a >> lk. ak folardy pfoeople a somear of su pe coetle t aims s and those o partsucipatcog inhe e tventsn a t asezoert. rtatin ent n nearywo doz ena blst.hang more tha nne00 peopleoz inhangal re hawn.n00 pple t i evennt ipid t.he running tvehe buld ls. t >g i'thahetal b. street? orhat occuedtrllt? seet. o > thesels see a rodeo hese anils i dot ano nevehele todheyaveo signinls do ta lveialeli w taiy and moigaln lrms aaind a'mra piecof rm an pape asecof well. >>pareggtheurnt top g w >> gg eront-runurr eant ofop t y
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ntun ea mfht c tall an ige probl emmit chl rublican vote. our ige polbliticalitanels hr tlion te breait aou dn.ol ca healer: d h t bondew uat eea dn. a ea s: rchor misng uat babhor. m new cablu police h just c lu diover pede ggg: houswt much dinferoredation ggg ho ouldw uveucithynfionequest ldom uve youil never nityde gss w haut oneve uneity i asking gss aboutha ne rivate l un.y the a askskg mebobout age vahat heysk p mts a >>ou genrtso. single. >> >ou g somties coine. is the. > ss s he [ le aounc ] wh the comtogeer [ and aese ncme t ethewh heomge one ing u cadepe ond e the is tt the wi comtogeer. e g capen tth deliwious omd whgeesom. me cbinaons re jt met toe. lis whom cna s toma sou jfrommeampbtol's. 's azinghat up c do. maouompbs. angt co.
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inranc ge ngplne orant innc t meell u abt a ry impoant one ll iade. mel ab a wh i gpo myt e idicae. car i aliz i nwhded g y aar.. caar me carei upplizent n dinsu nce rd, aro. me re pldicat is e ofsuhe ge at , ingsbouturni 65, cas of g gsutni 5, but doe't cer evythi. in ft, ionlyays to % of our rt bt xpenoese c evhi f ilys o ofr ben ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar..
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4:29 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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5:01 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:26 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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