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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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waingt. mingp net, "x ne sund" wi chr wagtalce ngne "ne captndned wi clohrd caioni servales, cec. >> hrispti'm d risloca wnial ce .rv, ere y beore bs >>ism plasns w th act l j obsome g bet e s la did whi ton he thct js g dat . whitonhe n al sdaes aeen ath to halelge ameca b ak ton rk? hge a me b kwe'lask top rep ubca ny? 'lk t decratblamforeplockgny eir eas. ho edeat mamororck leade ri r s. hoor ea caor i a "x ne suny" exclive. ca th i, ir "n'ne alluneged ploo cl e. kill audi thir dlliploedma p hero in ll waingtdion d holoshou the u.espond wa gt milaryon a ctio n hoouhe.espod l ikel y?ily a io n wel diuss at hpens n wi thehair ln ofelhe se wedi s h ns inteigen com mi eewiheirof dene inteenom feinein. us, 12 politic. inn.
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he an cn soa rs> , ol it mittomne hol te y.he c oa ri perry ttneoltules. 'll k ori sunryday pan tu le whe wetandn the g l o s p wh we ndpresheidenalac and r por la esenf t ek h ds t keyd spo to our t na onal t re hures tey s al orighr now o"fox ns naal tnday alghow n ay d helogainrom x nes wasngto wi the heloinm necono ta llasedto ndwihe shinon deadlcokeod wetalegin nd to y wit h ethein ourea w gornmeeg wildo ath to to w lp gh amehecansuracko go meil a thrk. to gjoinmegnssow, ohous maj it y. le erin eric c'tow a ousne of it e ke f ur leriuschi'the a o o publ an ke age fndurandushihe ngre man blange welcomend ck t "fox ews reundan" >>ood be wreco s, hr t.oxs da > pres ent >>ama d d the u > es t tha e dath as he f e o f deat e reblicg thda obss tr fucon om ic peatlybsalng you out by at na. al >>ng wou lik omr. n'te to come ow nna h e o >>asouik and. te meexain owatxacely io thasend
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exjobsn ill es h notcel iieth bsl in h n wh exaly ihe oos t o?in wh>> cxais: i'll t in the queson owhatoupp te in c : e obl a join bil andhe wha es oat ppu sue ort aomt. ob jo ilspeandng w gerly h y ousut om t. el a ut ei tea n h y aei t lical villa aorng t thdemra lil la wel youngnow, t gue a tht ofmheol on oth er el ouw, ue si of he ofisol w oann tothoier is dsin tof psonality atis w is reanot bout tha t. dto pso li th difnces ha we ravetutha th t s prthiden des are aave t prpolien be are wenon thisown,hr helire i ae a w e loof dfenc r htis nown,hrhe i an i t nk tlonc rhtow an t pple ths oftrwanto se u t ape set si ttrhentseifrees and t me tsi t meogr ones the a thindngwe can aee on. onwe aheeehithe economy i s n a o a woeftlyhe w enomy wegreeheres tuch ef inme d ispa riwe inee thiret uc cotry. belinve tt e dpaone ughtnhi to b coy. l ted el t e ue andht we oht to b be w lkingten t polic ushandt o t lp t t haen w ch i to wng t p cus smas bhausinses nd tha w i that sha t as rema t bg snd
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do oi atorhardt a g >>hris brea it d n ando oi ta speorficsrd. ok a>>the isresieant danobs ta plpecs whi w as ae siob blocked n e pl as natehis ek. re i bis.cke 24 biion rth kotateaxs . cuts nd i. ien tive s.bin h ta ts 40 blion in neenwve speing on infr btruconre ane a tino on atesfruc a a o bilon nth dota d to the emplesed. il n da to e plqu.eson -$62 llioin a the u mp - 2 io a thelan s mewit h lhe u mpye rista o b othen meith s les the lranktaly wn bhe esesidtnvle d i e ilnnk idnvle i septber. whenhe pside spo i sd le s st theptll or. nothing en p de appo soa. willenot st forheax ootng in ease on sapll binseoa il knot or tha. inse s be sete jt kiedhe ill no ha th wee hav saidseince jheki theegiing. avidce wh theresint h comto disict gisaidg.gain and wh aghen,si m resint, w tist idi a toork th y. ag mwe heotsiur, lanter to k yis i la h feor aricaer b is creor a havri12 bals sti ng c o r av b s ti innghe sate thatheyre thin tha othe residt sa
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in he seliees inhaey t's rk t etheinand hande id sa the heingsien hiinpla that we s t hereed a l's o a ade gshila ha w d dohat r th a rien aad dot th npele. >> cis: 'll t tohe publan p n ani ag e ere pe a p.n anwe w l ge c : l totohat a ment. bl p an ag t yoyou saye p thaan wherege are to t m t. rts t he o ma p nyo thaoutay ha re reu c s pos o n haket w c wel i mn this wee as el m t hi in wcati of w wan cas togeer. in pastid thf e b wig t cra bls thatgeave en or fi e as yeathrs big inhe mking. ate o fi hava 3%ea itinhh mdiin thav we e gog toringp indi ano bther thke go ttoongelp sll inno bunessn thway eyk couct seir llsinse with bu ss thy goy rnmt. co t alsr haveinillsse c winhg gofonmard,he pside sayhe lsvels fo sud,orts pdeayhelpma buness accsinan ng a ndsuts lp ma catal he yan b eginbussccinan a ca l grhe andan b cinate js. e priden al ksgr a aotbo js. thneed or pr uenmpymalent aot bo sura e r or thed hadmp 245ymtn ourn, hr ra r nce o ad45ea ors an,hr en w ere in teainit waderoehn ander weninto t thpridenandreseed h erwithhnnd nenoos j thprend psen. h
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wethaid can nouldohese j thgs l 'sor toge er awed an ld se t ase thall r n ngthor ge a appr ch t t thpre dent as thll ncontues ng goutcrs the pr t the nt untr a nd nts o cpasnhe aut . tr a >> ris:et'salk out e n g pas ofhe oma p an.ut > s: $1'sk bilt on i new pend g o npaof o p n. road bdges $1il i aw ndnd on soo. ad dgr es or agast it? >>. wbeli e the is rgaeedt? >> fo wli ithraisruurependingn e co try, fo aoluty.ruurend at y hav got loo at i scoy, thpresy.ent s gone ross ythe avuntrt andooou inddg th es t g ane roadsswher he s e strd dg th is w hy w e nanadd serpe hin sg s and thin wha thhast es w i we s pe inmind ppl e th the tid luinha ha t billhat creed a pndassed pplth he ludi'tddre t pllroblt emres. a p sed ere a rson. di re t beuse e pr pessblem e r n.apoval is s weied bee prs apal s dn d tn uruc ti c r t so ttihickou c't ghe t moneto tobs. t ck c we gaid t'she reform t s tenem tob redo heweerd sinefg p tross te toet t shol r dyobdos ing at hspea about the m eyto tho ob th the nd. hea a ut he so aolely. th chrhe: ifou cld g thed. sore aolrmitelng a. takg s e o f hrif
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c ghe e retape nd cti iit aak s woul oyou for t repe cti $100illi innf st ructulu eor t nespenng? >> hat 00 wanlitoneenf istsct we nenten t?o s >>t hean staee i sets t asoides sonewa w rheight set w. whas staess hae monwa the w ht come rom e fe ral pgrs, wh ta ha thon areheequid to set mem afedel 10% tho threunuidsto sor p ajedes % thathoeallareun n p porjey. ke paths all otheers at a niceorhingy.but ankl ig pht aths a now e inf ra ruceurnget okl theig ht untr n ds t bw ee dnfltiturhe it i abourefo tr thr bise. it s, iouefo arehris e fre iraruure endi butt bassruur diutba is about formg tys im.ab >>hriswhatbout rm t $3billn fostat so ey n't >>ve tislay atfut tchs, $3 llfo at o lice iref ht t ts. y f herchwe gs,agai th is e tyce of neysirndef ese e terhe gypeaif progr ms ths ty f ys at t pre dent a dvoc ate ed t ihenef p gr s thstilu p rogr am tre nt a oc i atink e cntry thtilu p ugrndst i k c ry waingt doe't cateobs. u belve i priva wagtoe ces. enterp se. el i werielie theay y g t onom goinenagairpis t.o f oc weie he
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y g on t the bin es o ominai t fhis on he untr everyesne wch stard wi tr ery w arwianntrepreur maki an disionont ireest ti and oneyki and creeisobiosno t and eate an tindngeyng a concen.eob we n dd hattein ad n actngivngiton. th is iori n right ntowin.d ct weaw wt haenedith he th s ri ig nimul mey we w ha mued wenhto t stas a you ulow w mtey happed,t muen t tasustaned oume js foabou a w ap ye andhen e stas re std j fo ou fadit h b ons yendoln rse s in debfaonceit thear wass oveolrs eb ce t wi.r as o chr: i t thsensand forg e me wi i'm wro ihri donth'tnsd wa t orgutmeor i you'm w on uth. wa yodon'owanto bore y porh.tred yon'nt be ps aorn a obsucon but o basillyutou ooe t obama siyo e t pl. o ma thsena plawoulbe f pl mill nair and thnalaul fillionais. ll irsomendf sml buness. il on taing out opleakin meer asmilbuons dols.lars aea ta g t >>lehen inspok to ama ll ail onol abunessomanny het n >> n ok a rhmd,nd bussannyetnhe tol e,
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nd yoknow it ishee, yoow h i for meor nducbusiss rht n and she said y are y t ngucsi r n nd abourais g ax sh s ind a ngshinon bause wanto be ouis ie ofse s ce infu bsean b buness eoplshe i of se sace whys that you buss pl e nt too i a nd tsaehy ay thaou kind f t he th i heio a beey t nd cces h e o we kw th thicouny right now ere a c plaies a.ut kth hiun r htlks theopnd tw e caiaut in me less thet tndy take ins t yo muchnd too mch don't ma noh.nd t weoneed e ncoumaraho ah.t wethe d p ofhe income sle eou ho a pu the m ey t we kofhe i tomoe creapu morhe j msy weank s closg of t gap eaor s e arebo iome ob ilosityof tap an thats w were should ibeome ob il yfocud on t t ak c eanfat t wwe sd inme is paricu ion thi tsef t in ricouny. hi s let tal i kw you brout it erun etthe alesid kt hayo r epteoudlity idepub cans on'te havide haan r onom pla facubt,ns't havae got i rig omla f the. a gothe use itrod red a jobs
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an ltht me.. e e od a t's eakobs dow n. l. reew a nds rolklack costlyow re a d reollaltis. ctl y t thtop corporatend re intividu taxate thp cra t o indu5%ax.e cut tllio inpein tt a ttewa ot tion crea job >> wwhl, w t ha ave eseenhaothe eaotheobway esn' work w w h e we he se thee smu s bill hey n' rkthat t p hsisenthe put for srdmus ll at t begin pngsifnt h p f term. i thi beg certainlyfid hea t m. the omis t hhieerin mea ther is s ooe misany pple h unemploy in is count ry er s y pl bel in pvate emoyn cnt ente rise el weelien in pall sinete. r jo creor ge itesse us t weien l ne at. joe wanthe iesidst toorkus with . u wean we anidtomk to to pthhe wmcamp tgnin to p les goind e thgs tt e in ommobet en t hismpin le go d d hith t in mo antin t facs cis thi nk you hi ll see us itanhin the nacexthi y moh we ill ke p orti ss ofsitn he thislan at mch u wh mowel p ti o hi putm a os tishen f m uh toelp ma hiutm a bosin tses. chrto: hep is mae iue b in see priden oiou t hahrthes ue pren ody aounalytihacsne of theop ec omicy con altnati fcsmsf t
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oporedis la figecuredic chams pa i t wouldedave andla siged itould pat wldend sdd.9 million sitld ne yeaand o t cdd.9y bilyons add itneioeald 2%. b anhe issue d t ddithalllge. anss thallge. lien. >> sw ushe rublin jo an tt li. s iusndep rendelintjo t omis woundice woul idepde actlly t pe le bk toisou nd icworke ul d i ven' cty ype s beeto rk t.i n' y s >> cis: ngreman anr, youave t. indennt al cysis: hare shon anow thi oue nd en nt pl wou gro the co my aishoow t addob s? pl ou ro >>irstf al i wld a says thedoodyobs? eco no ist s t>>stal w aythe p si nthedy speakso eheyst t an theie chief esicontmi sasakso he y th one ha t pdianedei thit th mias imul pro am w ld th kneee pdied t th unemoyme fro ulro w keis boemvemero . i ink neeisto rse sebo quesons ai bok utee- r s chr : inesairnss, fst o l, h a w a-n eco noc ahrisinrn f o to hohn aainnco incis nai in00 mk zai ana loof t prite ec00omicirms may wthert za an lois 1 tri o 2% g wtech,ic mmsilli wer 1
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2%bs, 2 wtllioh, j mobs,li that it wo2 dioave js,omehat slave effe . wo e youeaveve independent s ri fe of hat ououre d ioeepde s >>e pu forw d a an aof thet d begig ofhe yr, o ur >> purw a abudghe, kay. gi anwe hof y o dgndeny.nt an co hressnal dgetffic scing ich d senevnter co ssl eticthin . sc g lkedh bout she fevt th our planctua y de t wh tin on cedutsi fthurng dow nanuahede wh debt nd efonit cng oown $6rill iobt anit d talabouthe o ilitfor o $6lalln toio g w an d al ou e ne jobs, y es itr o la nso woaveot that ki neob y weot tki analis. >> cis: t yodon'on ts bs pn? al . wha this obs cla: nyo in's t p kingiecefur ora llhais sla n visi forhi count ndngie f oyingraou kwha we av siornt got pro ide ng k wav provide t roe incenve f thrivaroecdetoo gnc ok a the thacvaechro si e t aheheresint h tacen hr offi there h as si thesi h t bfiee the h 1.milln joosinhe b prive ectoet . 1.ll jo in weheave so sn thfact ivtoet that we 7.e mill snthctorloredung tt
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is pre side7.ntll terredung re de obvisly s ecomiclans e no woring. thats w viey reecicns try in t o nog atsay we avrery g t too change y av dictio here. c ng haveto fus on priva di ioterperse sma av f ousesri we h e to etrp thema h to en tepreursk inhe g at iwhatur pla d oe enre s in >> get m point iatutla >> m p wnthat mkut zandand u raed litime w quesonsbo h ndd ra lim bau es slikeboost analys, he is n always igke.tna iheress wh he ysboou r alys. prop als.rewhe ou gerallgood l onge rop ts.erm geonomllod polic b l wge'trean mu foromhe eonondobol 'trketea t n ext mu yor enond ob the is lot et t n dispu hes t aboutispukannd h ou ediconsecau of ekannd sultof t stilus an at icsauf h elt ttis aud. h e >>hristhe gume isha auif yd. don hava loof >> is e medimee spsdingnd lk, are yon aavgreelot d n' t or kdispng l we in imu s oe ut theetn' or arments if ou d 't avween mu o ut th some spendin a om earntif 't avimmeate x r f, ha me youpein
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om ar n g ng ti lamee haou jobs i ar g theho-terobs >> tt thkindf cuing backegul ions ndeho lowerering t thtaxend icusg ckulns really odow lingte xe ecomicbut rght llt gete a ort- rm bst t the ict t g e onom >> e bet-eve be be t wayes ro vide iomnc ti s >> fbee beay ro deinvemento crate job is areor tax rief or maventcreob busine and e be ieverend t or maagrewitht prede t ha bunendbe ve bunessxpen ng isom hing re th thre we den t pde bussen i om ng trep neurth re ht n andou de ll s usring a bil epur r n nd fo ard. s u horifullthe besidt fod. holle idgr worwith hesct ually tal ki aorutth ininus ithe s creect llyal joment appache rhe r in i e thre t o rotng p jontnpp he r hethat th orn at died. chr: ju a ltle er a d d. nth, nov embe23 i the hrju le a eadlh,e nor tbehe i sheupcoittee com up dlor t sit wteit2 il on om noh data dicit wiloned noinda dit dit reduction. doedou tnk ty wi work o a ral aucon. avoid t he do t aut tomwiator o a atrigrs t at wiidl tut i
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nclu ig t wi 00 blionn mo pengon cuts ilu i dthin thathe j nt bonmo en n sele comttees g oing ttso e din at j susfuln r ea leg thomgoaeel gng e getng a suul lea thoa .2 tllio in cs et a in l fact chr is i tioer cs on the i den dctis csshrnsis i andon so tehe n vice dresint'sredit ithatnd s s coittethat cesi'sret p cocetedat ueprt th i tnk c form ce thbasito g ti tprth t chem thsi g ti cu. >>hrisyou eonde the cu percmitt can m e a>>isu eade the rc tt an we man'ta f the hato bsuccs e a't outc e htherha bcc chr a: i nt ttalkou backtco yo remarks a week a gohri tlk outckccyoupemy ksll streeeek a herehey a t up y s >>trowa r rey i or>>a o am incroreangly aoncemed aut e gring bs o ccupyi w lcr ea ly cereet and t oth cit s grg oacroup thel oury . et tthit chrro: coheressn, dyou stanby tryt cmentbout hrcoss du an t cbsnt bo anwhato yothinof t ef rt b the obamahi h ou anatyo in t and he d octsef t bo tryhebaoou d rness tse try eneorgy, t s
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vemene hery,s pa the re ectimeer efforpat? he >>hrisi thiore reti eportort th my e ofha >> is word tse t rtthacy tof that re i srds t ting ustrion hat thte rosshicouny a is g trn th sswarrunted. a s too ny pple e ouof work t whrre i'd.most ono ce pede ious rk we h e le ctwhedi'st ldeceed inshis h townle wctdraly arede joiningnhi s an eor t wn blameraly orether jsni rath thannocint o bheme o po cieshat thavhaeoc binrought abou t he curporentest suation. bug mean he ouour meheurnt sfti . e democ tic eanlectedr me lders docc eed lde joingn bngarts o our jo geconny anngarocurty versu on an les ta somof t c ty er bla here n w hilengtaton,om t meanhese re picie t la ere n weyhi put in,o pce a t here anse pie is lot hat n b e doneut h ie p a t re thi town t t ur nisott beone te hiow t econy aundnd tromo agaiecon adro iabity not g o ai inabityot g an i ecorteomeho hav bean eoruccessomful.ho h weantuc
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beorucssl. evewerytdy.uc >chri conessm canr, ank u fovecomi inod > ri anonalwasm a panasurtoal k k fo mi win youod anwa puralk s. wi ou >>hris.hanks. >>is >>hrisup nt, wtalkith dianhas. fnsin cha irn >>is n wlk h the nate i el geannce fnsin ha coitte whewe ce rht e te i el ge banc.e cotehe ce ba [ le aounc ] threalowern the tos ist ju theotor [ i as thncpote ialthalerthto isjuheor turplaninto rojes i thd rotes inl remels. urantoje roinems. it'she fedomo tu a ngleithi batry 's fomtu a lehiat in hou of
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ing. ith araned l pris onthe mes knoinouf g. h an lri nd fonendse n ors ge no wih alwe nd tonow, fds or les unwiash ale ra npoweto w, ofossility leunh rawe ofsity re sing.ore ing. th's t pow of t homdepo sg.e g. et athree tdgidowyper ithi t ombatpory wth uto 9buck ae ider hi w h seatct w u r 9gid ckrdle too. wse rd leoo wh's i theail? well it jst whmig i suherisel?ou. ll j ig suecause th. is w pple d binesconnct. auths feeng spe ae sec be thest nn. impoantette and ee inf smati a doect th et st ipothinntir.te nd nftido i in r.or sappr wi a ick. ppbutwire d ivek.d. rom ersoto pson ut de an somime m so ev p fan to ce. anome ave ev grea dayo . ou t. foromef thbestays e conrect ayd pr ect.. t orethstys ont prt. 's l inhe mil. lern me atspsom/ml. s in m. le mats/m
6:18 pm
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chr: itas snninnews thiseek, lemes ofhe ania gove menthrlannit to sinws isk, me of assa inatiathe veudintnno bassor he in whi to sa at e joiin u t discu t ss h i n alled pl andow t u.s . jo u t dcu shld r ponds th chalemaplndn t.s . theenat int el ge esh rndthha hecommattee,iane fei insteine lcombacko "f new mm sue,ay."ne f te>> tnk y chr is. omck"few >> cis: u we saysug ju." be tre w ywent cn t. air
6:20 pm
c : weopleaytillju dbe't wntt bie lell d th. ie rsua the that thi was al athnd awerwo uest io uaheha t asfor . how gh uin t a arst ini r gow rn unt t didhis g a goidhahi es i atellou authatas gohagoneehn ill r ahtas n ?go n >> i was r f bef ihe? i asbegiing steer b.ef heit snded d btl gig ecse oerf s ed thast ofl cecharasect oerfs a t thast coperraive s t a deparent 0, pt ofhe ra ni ere tep reluti ary ard, pheoflirani it tt rely s nt ut yretiy d, iran i tntorearios ntuty areashat an o io finces trori etreashateta. fi es d i driidttelve i either. but i it rnedttelve i eheis t vet reaned and at ireprent ws thervenieaqu eort bet weend iprnt our ug nf orceermentqu eoreten r g adminfstraceon, ntbiia nd o f mira, comingogheiar of o enci cinolgleogheof tellence bot h umci andolle llceothumnd signalntlinc >>hris what ssialhe singlnc
6:21 pm
st c pe>>isingatvidence at inis i real? c pe letgde me e stin i re cl? is eaba iete t hink. c i tnk sbae of t sna tls inks. tthe sst ofomll a sna i s sendly e batiar aim lf ly >> ris:he inian u b ciaarr > sas: iansman u c >>hat'righ innswe to s qution sa esntiay feaned u >> t'gh sent llyin aweito dquont w esiafe u re. nt y and ney dst re d y tfrred d so it'fsed real l ightso. >>hrishow gh uin tt's ea l gornme doehtit g.and at es i>>tellisou aw ut w ut is t ing gome ioe gd ill a wis t g i goven t >>he fr ks for g offials anct ned y the>> fs f fis ctdhe easu deptmenncde suepennc somaniho iheadfhe ni i ad is own a vy careful e.nage res rtedn o be verycalofu tlo th supre therreis nedevidbece tyt it t thprle. ache ter sup nme lideade t t t the he tup lde c tathin --
6:22 pm
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6:23 pm
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
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6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
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