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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 16, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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eari the roobe 7ff. ok a a the riheoo drisro. stlhoto aphs a aa tehe of re ds tn 20 stoctotohs te wof ed o d t w20ldonnce heto was ulleouwo o o dhat wone wre hage. en sle thet3-ye-old brish re and foerhewo timyeldri drnd fowinn of eim indnapos 50 was r lif d tonnf thendponive50ity dicas cenifrto in s vashe whervey he ca lat dieens a resn t v of is ereatiees of iurie the dyarsraveng at spds oore iie e svet sp ohae 220iles r hourin pctic juso giveou20nes deaho ofowin p fictus th e t ngsve d weeeari f fro som ofth t s thdrivs tho. ty weri hroom thexprivsed thncer t abo hhose spds prd oer ts pboticurse sp o spee tay. peld cune bthe y ho starat t ee. bac od bhee hield in ts r ear a taracf ld t r sp aial protionbut had quicy woed hay sp thrlghroont h icthe wo car h was racg e arie f asac 5-lliodoll b fus no 3 o er dri5-rsioll bere ao no ori
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rt. e ll a pow j. . hl di deow brd an j pip hdi man. eyer abranip tnspoedan b grnd amb aance theyre sd toe art tpout b th xtengr o tmbirce inj ies ney sto a clthr. enviou oy th new t hnjany s n the her cl drirs a outhew sff huty there rri a aoluty shaketo the er autke cohe. a eciameetg wacall ere ey reivethis mosta fiaetwall e t rmveereisseen w the st avin cryg. many tf tme werenheomfoed in righ o onryhe ny t retraer foere. whelghn wa osn jusarri rra e. i 2008elwa us d isri survedywo i08 yng isur d chdren harr, th liv in ylori. d jt chen arrolutthyivnevasting ri the ring jorld autasng tod. he r >>garrild younow,asey h isedithheod a>>rettriouw,ey heam. i wa actedllyh tchi t rac att tonit. m. to see wact tyse dhivers t weeacng a en g ni tontoee t tir car drseeor a g merialoap tar was jusery meal uchias. causy stall yth a the formion how the csh hi castl a hehapped. ank u verm mucn owhe c let' pp. k veucearn t'ore abo abo danrn
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whdo ae preer nenboboan iywhre n rang. i ste sre jnings wh ra .morenfor tionst s o jng thi w reaceror on fit ofll iant ask o yhi abt th oerer fiof it racs thsk y haened nhaabth o meeng. acen tthy ca uthaed pe,ouee . uld e on theirca fachat p sothinhad ppen tt ty d onknewirore an tac res ot usoin d en yea the t c ew oe f tes o u ea cndyc o ray berrd ceut a sycd wh hapned.ra y los oneerf che srts a s gendwhrighapd.ow. osnef whel sn hes surved a ndgh. amilel he wi he rrieurd in 08nd til yowig che drenie yngesson n rn t inarch f th yeayo ch enit's horble yestoryn heasne o the inchthelovea 'sore rryers he o ofhehendy carovircu. rs au srts aueldo sworks asroadster er the vsu dorksetwo. ameran fads were he bomin f vd of hswo opuler f w bin f hs vce o tul spor vhorr ole t tgedy a cas sai theere s ious conorrns rr tdy a asouaihis the cerse. susons 34 cs onhe tcks morehan ce. ual. c on e ov torn o 105ile,
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l.t'sus ov ry, ry o cduci05e,s to , cides. th ce iscioingo beot o o answs toe hafter thi de andth is ngrealbe a s o day sw wetooseha oneerhifnd al s spayt's eateeneegen. >>e we talngnd sps watting thisens it >> plad wal oat igs nly isit be a coue olaours ago oow. i you yd i werbeou t okingn thrsgo neroombout.his ce ndu i yer tng th watcd hi hitneom theuts ence le y here for tcose hi us to hahe beetoce l ras li, th oure uest nr e s ha nd oeethe w hatrahis lithst aped oen wbstae sttkings o edlikehat. ll m abo thitaestng o ket. cou me. bohi >>heours isou >>.5-merss oval if y looat typal-masca al ra y hugoo ovaypot ocapace raugva oce roa theyhinkt's ing be thll ainutoa ey inkycars g ne ao th a rang igenel yo wtut tho iar a thlls. is traugh is sune ayo wightho cose tt wa sth clos. a t h suthe fenht co twa s slolose aou a e geing enthri ainut b s thiss th posbilise we a he geg wiriut b isth thiosand liing e be h l wi of ctici aft ts.hi d g 34 ces on t ls tra s ccift a t
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cnot t ra yohave cra lik thi a whe 15 d fere caryo areveraikhi affted, hed, a in drearereos dheldffd, who aasgain onefhe dosld o bevedthles inheinne spo .be d le >>inarri thennouementhat e ra hadee cometelpo >> ricancheled,ouow rene isat raad tha om >>elery rar veryncd, r raris eyhaame n a>>y dar the fivryar p tbutee a ke c deyaid,heiv rac tste cith d, tes ineiryes yingaco ho it gethh f te thiinrn s nor ng wldonho t thveryare fdouhi doniken r einghisver won rye one obvusly ng swe'l seehatr hapns wh t ort n. the isbv lotlyf c'lngeseeoingtap w t t . n dathca pisrickots gng to cesng naar now sh was e daport pck go bigst na ow st sh whes on wight uprtig ther a loof q stio tostehe w anhteredporndyc at heer lo qio oe mont. t onan mored psonalyctndore mo. re lif onevelor p anainouatee re if singelnyon andhis as onef e thtarsf t ngonndsne spo. th rs t >> hris:eah. yeald. poter,s we hatchs: theh. ea sry. unfo in r,st thee lt couechhe s hou, we lrned hat fon trehe were loou myocto ou whowe lederet t wo ing himrendhat m oersto hoand e repted twooughg aseyim t
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egal oss d reptingonigepd had t begh injeyed t .al wh youepan tngl meigboutad se ofbehe injuriethatave t. bn whsustouned t sommeof tutther s of i ieiverat e >> iseemlike bhe oth std om tiver areeroingoe er o y. i emtherkewasth dzine .er re ngere sack o erain.s th wento t dne h.pitaas e k ll.n. threeenrive t hta scifilly. t th tt the e wasve sfi y. over 0 dthtorsrd w tkingnheas eldo erthes dothersrive wngre gng to do survese. he th areveoingo li go so e neay yrv losthrenglieldo s re, is i the neajor yos sry do horrle t gedy, i inheor spos to sy. >> rr tdy dican prickpoescring as atoovie that>>ad pla dda crg yo aieha s all thela emeency. sponyo tea movg oto the s ll ack ghtheme ncy. wi you een onea theov ohe k acest at i n wioun he hpeni at ises ioint hhow nide it this tck? hoareheyovinnt i o w p iceis toet t t? heseho peoeey w werein i pinjud. >>tohey d ev tythi theseeo wer ju >>uld.y ev hitheyheirifte wheonut. the ergen resd.nse t m geyte he ere. . e qu tion seow, euenes knoe t g eafetof tse te of e. quon, no cours. aretwe g tng t t seeofhesever used ain. sour aright g t seesemallr s ed a.ompa withomeht c ss.ll
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sagai the ccernwerepa t re.the c ere reommes th ugho ai hethe ek w ch drnversre sing t. we'r not e smethho su we e a w drs sg 'rot s gng sue 22mile aduriracte whh is f g fter tha ty22leri usulyctwh go fwe he ccern f r hathe rac t occredsu a go yea h c rn case eacccd a mtionanea wldon secoulhave monon $milln at w onis re. a immiulve wt inorst $llat r fmami wfirswhernhesttart indar f watryi to kers thiersrt ndintestinas pwasiblyi o tryihi toppea t fan w h tein pbl yioea t fa, coanact wal a t re styl t t 34arsfa oncot hat a t r cour, th 's yl tuble t34sn t an aga, we los urth tle wh don. an ga >>wearri allos rht. petewhn. >>rill r. te srager f sge f now op t newast wh us weaveearnpoco w tewt t wt dan wee rn whdon,remi i dn't ders tnd re caanrive has pass awawh inn,mi j dtt thers rcaastveas ttlehile rom ss injwaies nat j uffehed att the lelemnjndy s 0 feat inhe la vas. y 'll ke aomen a pau.n la v. l aen aau
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ndshinon b.c.asndn arg tinain present .ama yingheogue nati haso,rgna q te payes at a ngue tias pric our ter qoocyayithhe ns fr wasngto ic r r t "necyyorkhimesis n fr reasrtintog tt t t fnetherrkes isate rein t in, p tside oba nts fe uer. ise t rease i pdeba class fied untelrovi onc and tr rsell ty ar ased el viperincntin wit n leard tapon somarhingxper s riinit n ar woulnote s >> eve thin thatultrongitd. iran tod t>>veinat wld'sng arge anod t nancr of w's intnatialge rrorm, f exancleof getntti or f innite wor oncxa theet g nuclr weons and heyinteor anche very gloseo tha cl poiwe.s nd theyhairfhe a sen e rysenteloha coitteoisaidhis orniheirhat th mig beenmartel movcobyteids ni et adm istrion thcausige rtsancons rov wteve rean dm trn't n pearuso be t rig w ncs to wveo.ea t ar be t i d't tignk t w sctio ve bee n d as t com tetes ty sio ee sst -om ae thehoul t b i sh - t ay hheul sanione t b i ce tral nk o h in.anne td thouldffec oilcel ond i ybe at'shy t ythidn'doldecil it e 's t buthat mesn' a b ditferee. buat m
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a b >> she dre sayilight bart the uati>>he anday ts "n yor httime artlet ay e tinothnd triab"n areor mert insctio. th sayheth hea of t abre nsio in rnatnalthay amic eneeayf t agen has thoht aut goiinat l blic aithcnehis expensiveas ihoel a befooi but ner dich becses h dixp't wvet i h fo iutpect ns tbe dec h nnedrom an idi w anyt cas hehe ict t adnisttionas me cl red m ithatn th waknyofas t tror pladst aoneged mcl pnned atythak tir t t gorrnme pl aed i platieds t port t.gome >>his pside has ieentis vy rt >>s pdeasn fosed vy fod o o ldinuprani bavio so it isin clely snni byther bio o na ons oundsle syer the wor ournas nd inteatiol paners tohe orolat aur p teressioe inpa arso yat a pssin tha has nevefor >>new rk thaes" port say as anotevror >>w t" easortay t ot minirati is phingor so th t toubli theniti this p ng ter we th wro tboutlihehi w's r in i wqro iut2003 o cdibity w mi t be
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i sho i03 o cbi hamiis?be ho >>arri pet doo tha you ry mh. th devopme ha? ton>>htrietoohaou m thevmeon anda predent speing o over.s.ility tros beida rent sepeg to o his er. couitry.roei se thopresent arifng is is beer tcallhemou. th pessonnt if i be tll m notroo addg it pnnas wng ndinnou.s.ooroopdd tit fig the w rd's ristae ins.oprmy t orighe 'sra rta oryr guerlla gro.r inead,merins wl b er a gaerinro.ntel genc in d,presrient wama lnounng fr ay hisgain dpatcngelnc est bouta un 0 u. spefral o h dtc fors tout uafri tpe o adve in tor foht agai t jo phri tdvin c tey. d f t aijo sposorldow c. to t revit ou t stopo ildase yoareo jt tun g viou ie srtseorld yoosine jt oun o its sremisaceld cin o o drirs. e s scmie, le vas cust uplef hrsri. ago .esc l vt le hgo dy 5hampn danheld hadiedrom e 5 iuriempanld haedm he iie suerediswirg tse massuve ed 15ar cra.wi t thisapped dung t 13thas la15ra is of peedu i ty3t 300 we re
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upding us wef et i y ne00 we iormaon opdg e ne i i. mamain l oher ng j maki hisry oe ain it o ma lr j tionkiis o a capol. o memial dicatn horing onman who hap. f evereml chaed amica dndathong nho insred h g feraterns ha ound heam wora.nsd gat ndor becse a h andis geecrati a hndur, we arend he geti toy inurwere h ctontryin dicat momento th leg cy.ry dat monttheg [ le aounc ] crberrjuic wakup! ♪ ♪ [ anc crrricak! at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton
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ouved . ausa e beeve nors no excsivto t milary asa bee orno a comtme is t li tedxc v t to ile'sryilit y oa. aomes lid o 'sitoa t samsetf vaes tat dre o natn's lity tametva t dr oat as thetnes e us to bild aa bk. ahe s us from ree bheckd g b to cdit rdso los,
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a tetant .r withipailo s. t's ood r yo bu ness .thil ♪ ♪ s d youss andvenette foyourustors. ♪ ♪nd nte fourtos. or se an sece wa ♪to s♪y co ect, sanecwa v sit ucos.cct/mai v ucai hars: d marn luer ki jr.ow ting s ple algsidthe her h os oar darlu ki amr.ican tistog apl calilide r h amanto a c rits movent som50,0 ripeop on nd for cerony ovtom,0 op n tionor citolery k fi t honorin a col bck lead. pridenobam spefiing hin the b ent urggmer an tad draprenam pe g ergynd lhesonsrom ptcerger t rafrom gy lns'sm p om teainr.g'ea
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>> tt ihy we honhi man be use t had iaithn us.e on at iwhy han bongs bee adthns. iy o bgs ts mall becse h sawhat w o t llec hawt w ghecom at i whyr. kg as soom ihy k qutesstial amecan causofor lhe harhipse quss haalmen usr euredforarpse hallur eedr metisragi htoryurs is sto o ti optismgi a hryss hievtoent. optm a ourevt. kelrigh was at day' c emonur elhe jns ugh laseow ftm y' waingt c.on jkell u l>>arri goo fd eveng t you. wa gtthe rtinuthe king ll jr. moririoosve t tou f st e uiltinnhengr. thri nional mal t a you f lt mentned hor o ath nlackna al ma a a aou pson o is ntotd a h o ack ma a pn is present. e stuteits srt distce fm wre est. stes sdeisto . st f w r. g 196whenehall ged to amica nd 96 renial injllticed ringisama amou ril hnjece ng drm"peecoui h yeae aer his dramouecpeec ea a is now ousas gaeredightou ere theec mal w sagaedht t e celherate e lial dre andegac o t el
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te. main l her ling jrendac o ma lr j >>reth fnklithatou are listing rhthere sth fliat removed t strowdg rre s ve twd sinng the son precus ld ta my han o in ofhe d kinson avorece ltayan oongs d indr. sng horedheiratheor ising chaengegs t all . t hedir he fuil isg ing'ha drege t forll t otheood.fug'reor hed. >> wwillltimely tumph over wllhoseriplimy tph evi o er se porty,pl rism andvi o milaris po thy, my fher rmnd cmpiodilisften lethy frsmbra cio daden leegac ra leuselebadtead's le. moac imptantleeb lets's le as l mompnt . kietnvisned. ls >> iwas ki dedatioisd.cereny t fo is honing aediore kg. fo thounds syingon armg i arm k nd in houd,s sngingirm we irmhall i hoverme, ong atgiecamee t llsignure turery so, g fam t hioric arch gne forreedurso th hi dr.icingedurinch theored vil rigs trugthe.r.ginhe l igesidst obaug praed king f
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id ob astirng traonscus oin f amica. saimore ork ir t nee to sc o done am ha.evereven aiurinrek teeo conetry'currt to hherenimesin t coy'rrto >>es soith o eyeonheoh o horin anfaitn onye othe ls eeprianitontrivg. t us he l kpptruging,etivs keep us cmbin tow kd thaugg, pr ised ep lanof c ainow nio theha rld at i m e faipredannd n mehe jud and i maiore equ mor jund ery sing chi of godequ e ng>>hifod dr.ingalke aut bei a chd of g asell andr.gkergin agei aall ople tochealiof g tstlnd ain l leo lisuchheyave tt an ochigatyn toe form betr oat soctoty, at h rm lled aelovet soctyoc, h ed hais? kelov wght,hankocou vy much alwa goohato s? ou.el wt,nk vy >> gd to eech you .waoo s new.evelmentin t ce gw ofdo misngou by ewelnt t c lisof iso poce a qstiong bas thetate depysis po a q theioatiol e te gud notoepelp fdheio no staylosep f .
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anccidt don't ha to ow y dow aniddot hao yow wi betr careplemen aible ly wh lirty mual a o inrancwi etcaplen aie wliy mu ainnc youcar'totad, we ge yothe ney r a r onmodeyearewer our'ta gyoe y a on todeearnarore,erisit s toy. to rernonsie,lityit to wh's your pocy? resity wh urpo? thers on e bo le l t ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons. at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es
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>> hris:ew delopnts the archor aaby o vashed earl y t wee hs: dops agoe .ch ay o me ers theva miedourirlatio tl ee gud joing e srchgo mes hemiri fio lisagurwinjo nowg s sh wnly mohs o whe f er sainow p sents w rerteder msingy n mo ohe poctotsr 4t theyay sre disedpear m frong her cr in t mid e oftohe4t ey sis ar ronigh ralsocrhis nekenpoli tidof sechinan gh band edso homs enli aftegettg aall autsein diapsndom a tettal aback ck ap inse. they aayhose ims pbably ckuld notfferns meyh ithe wayse i pbl d ot edencer the m ieayiape havwith tre ver eongnc he tim peitav justh doe't t fit er gbut, aga wimre g ng t dusoe erytng witcan ake t,urega w at'she c ge. t yt w >>n ouree jie 's c banras >>s lure in jr neyorkity wsro wit an sthe testn lin ts jie?
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7:27 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
rd o t d trk or tat. one choolti. tr borning t. e hollowe. whwoultheyo bng hwe hat?wh ul ey weohoul cebra wha we nt tot? eul crahaeelebte. t igree >> whoul't bold wt weeb. shoun't ee oth wul beopld w e out thpl ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ ma annncer you' reaed t agehere u'veearn a tng otwo. manner u'ea tgere vern t oo. ths ishe a of owin whaneedto bdone this af in haed bne so whyouldou l somhing ke ecti dysncti sohyld lomng e tiys tiget youway? n'tt ti youalke to ur dt tor ouout y?agra 'ttiouke dr t ra 20 lliomen readhave io n adwitveeverage omesespoibily. t ere as you doctes if pour hilrt ihealy engh f sex asouctf h i notalake enagra ff yoextake nitres f che pai ote ra yo ke it ay ctrse a funsahe droai in ood essu. it c a sa siroe ef cts y inn uded su adae, fshin siupseefstoms h, ine anabno al vdaion. fin avd lo-terinju s k imsediatommedi l heanno vn. avlo
7:49 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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