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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 16, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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whes exa nly iele onpose t ? wh xa>> ie'll ge int te ose qesti withf wh tou ppo inlle the tnt t obamjobs q bilti an whatthwhou po sunort ahe t ambs milment butnatin eaki enesully,t owoou mntut fe abo bekigney, t new liti lfeboeg v tllai accewdingo ti th dmocrs? >>ell,ou v kaiw,ccng i th d gucrs >>l, a loof k of t fos onhe othu sis theislo w toof t boio tons th wn toi p sohesl wersolityand isoi t ally ot auto tat. p the fferceso wetyd i he ith ly a th t. p sidee er ae hh olith-bas pdde kow aandeli kaswn tis t kwnhris therare id kot t t ofis ere iffents t righnow. e pele of thicouny wtffts ghw. to peet ohiside tun wiffences and com tetheon heohinde t we c agrfees o d om thegreeehat thein ccongry o i eethe woullyon weful i wak. age tre's oo mwochly icome wul w .dispity thi g t's m ime cuntr wespeliey hihatverneugh to b c liftrd u weiendeughtoat erorkg onghhe p bliciif t uat e he tha hpen ghich isrkon to pci t folkon heha hn hsfocuo onlk sma buness, an
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thatcu wha we' trng tnma do ing urwarss an >> l 's b akattha dne'nd trk tohr g arspec ics. l bt's ok athe dresint's t jobslanshichhr w bloeced is.ob ths sena a thies 's re i bsnsch w ilo i thnahi w. $2 bil ion i ta cut a id inceives $2140il i bilonta iut a new endi oncees40il iew din infstruure d aio stes.nfrulione at's rongith aie pla s s. >on >> w'sl,ngheh pn inla tot w w pn one t wiot lot of rsist wce whenhe priden une iledwitot f in rstept ber. en wher tene prnidened skehat in nit, iptr. saihe t lesr woen sat toge er, op tni a irai ethinapproch. 're t gog to e ge, fo t a tax incrinsespr o. e malgotofomallaxusinses. cr hesnowshat. althe nateust kiedll tines. illhewst. this e test wei so t we' sld isince o eegiing e'en she predent has me t mnc diric i aidgi cg eagaian areinnt s t m m. priden we i ic wantid to c wor withai aou. we'v mgotpruren ple nt heo. or this ithe. pn fo 'vtl aericse ie po jo aic jo crtors therare ingshe pside saide beeves irrs
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leers woe gse tog id lebes fies somof t i tngs ilewofi hiplanoghatr.e aree wlehfindom t ts i les go ahe ahian dot th a fore w e amican pople >>dolego oheay. a o we'lget hor taman rep plicale do pl o and. i 'lt gree>> ther ts pl andep wcall g tplnd t iee>> er platnd w in g a momt, tutouay ere e pas o he tn oma om pl thayouany sup rt.e pa olike t wh?rt o plha wull, mea thup. w ekkehrtas incati w of, owea weh caome wca togeer. in patiedanfw teree bameradeillsca re ge ov. fivyear in taan te m bing.dels hoveiv aar t 3 m witg. hoing bll th we' h gingo bingp 3it iog bg anotthr wee' ggo bg hel sma i g busi ssesotnd twe way tey couct eirelma bsineesith si esy t goayrnme. t cot ran b ne'veh ome als got bilomi te rwartheresint sslseotilmior lps arpporesi t s hel smand or sine es as essorinan tngelma an nd pita sonehey a csan gnow ndta ey ccreaobs. gthe esidt tas abt t ne for ea uempls.mentnsurce e id ta abform t we'vrane hor tt u iplntur or rm p ns 'v h t i ris,woears o ag p we pesendheresent th thes,ors cos jog pl .we b pen we seides welt me do e theosol hin.we c s
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elt's rko tetheh let'set ainde thi a os t he noing proa tha het'tk aesidt cohiinue ato g ou oe rosshisnooung yoaha and cepaig idapco ue gout.u okae sss buun letnd tal cabouigt the bgap t. pas of ka t bu omaetalou plahe bg hepaof t $100illi o ila ne sndin on 00li ros, i brges,end sinn s hoolro r s,for agastt. ell, w s beolevehere a r nega for. l, w someere anfrtruc re ne orendi in e cotry, om absotely i thk wh youfre gouc to di loon el o aty,s the ressoently thwhasougooone acrooo the cou ryat and fhendes t brgesndne r dsroherheeound fe sai brs e, ts is w rer w neeai endi. t whis thadoes ws remd pele w e thathe smulu di whhaesill heempe at sluas cread anass dill'te dresthe prlem. asther s a eaan reon. ssbecaie the eserm. rocers oae.ppr als s isca sheeigd dn inoc oprs theis sig dnhe burecrat redape oc thic youan'teto t re at edbs.e sai letc re rmicheou't sstem t and do te . aietermantin e press we sanem - td t rmitmang pincess opres eanet t the shitel pss roady jbs h seaksbo out e oney theheed. r y jabsotely h s>> iksyoubo t eyh coud. soly iu cu somou ofhe
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red pe, uld yo goruomfe d , hedo $1 gr00 biion $1 ine spding >> w00 wan tinn sepng t e wan t stes se as se do awa wit t en stestavee moy, eyasdowa it comeromhe f dera sserogrs.o ey'requ ed ome sm frasidegrof 'r% of thque fnd s forrojts th arede relyot of phoritot f ke porhsndoj th orehersehatre nicehing but pit f ankl p ritd no orsthe i rast ctur ocenguthi f kluntrineedto eealno wh. so it'sst aburt oefo tred w s, w aeso'sbfo fohr. irastctur w a endi, buit's aboo re irminstthe urstemo wre dibu 's t thwingoobo mney afr re ine baem and we can a tualth getng the my f job ne. ba whand aout an a theal oetmahe b . panha at he o5 biionor staso tey do pt ha to lff binta teaers, t doha o po lceireghte? >>ere io goeas, aain. i eanporete th is>>e ohe te of a n. mo es ahesarean t te ohsmo t pr oramshat mo t a pesesidet aro t t vo otd inprmst t pid aro vonadvatednhe simul prram. eublvedndetand sul prm.ashgton bl de nddn'treat jbs. sh weonelie in pvate 'touat terpse. j .e wa to g thewe ecieomy gngn pte
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t rp.ocus n thwa ghecy bu gness of e cntry eery te o whiusthf stted uthssf cry ey onhi entprenr st d maki aecisn th were gointonten invt te and kiisther mo y in nv cre tend jo ao an o goin rend coern. neethatindof anctivy. oin that pricoityn.ow. ee at d sawhat hivppen wit t atstimriusy mney.w. mu of thawt we tohe henittat t an you knim wha my. hapned?mufhe o susinedatome anobsu fnha abtaap d? a yend hen us theedme staserebs fba e d fadenhetaseithilli fa biionsthlif dlars o i nsebt. >> gehe drs oens f rgive mt. and>> e i'm wrg, ion'tant to i punsword f iiv m youd 'mout r iyou'tto dotpurd iou wantoeut po rayeuo b ano ostruionianeo wye wan bto donusins,ut oouru oniose te doin we opose o reising teaxes ann. alle ose busesse r in >> wt doouesean e selte pns it nw wousd se be wdo foran miionaes se pndt nwo billbenair. i orree me otheminaremalld sine es utll wir're ni e o em taing eoutll 50,0ne. w're elkin n abo peletag t kingver miion llar a,0 akine in letee te you ngwhenr y smiken oarinmal et tewoma inou m hene s tofal us
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chmo and hemaol m he, yo know it'sard fmornd me tot co yuct sineight now ow and'sd f she eid t whare cot neou thtlkin m ow out rndisin e heaxe i tin t rin shinon bause wt toxe be ionef tose in buccsesfulusi wsstoe rae opleshe sfid. te e sdcc buulsi whis ithatou lee s .nt tgo i snduh iat tak aay t t i nd oope at i ha to ak a t o sue essf i? ha ano we kw i ts cotr su sf ritan now k tat t ire tso riowno tmpla tt abt foc at fos atheop laab enof t incocet sale, thao at ey me to mucnd oanyen tnc s doe,t ma ehaough m to ucwe nd tod y enrrely tose doma ee toghof t n -to eouranwere tthose at t topf to the t iome ale ac -allyut e traeirwethe osney toporkhe to ie crte me ecly t r jobse o ty atko wr can se m a bs closg of theap. wanree aut inco os mofbilind thashat. w wehoul abe cofocud o mli tohaatake we ulre othe inme diaricu o in o thisouney. oeni okari n know ou b ught iisunere, the repuicanlan.ka the owres bentht i hase,he reated es puan san. replica don haveestas an e ecedomic saeplancainonav a ft. you'ec gotict ritan tre. the use f int duceu'ot ai jo t.lan
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last e e may ntt's ceeaktoan stown.ay res ewk and rllack cosyn. regulaons,nduthe rck tosy corpate d ndiladuals,ax rateo t rpe 2%,diutal terilonsn 2cu endi. whis tt a tter w tils n crea jbs? >>di ell,wh ta ere've w sen t tt te ease j ot?r wa y dsn't>>l,veork s t t tot wa d've't sn t strkulusillhent esidet p s frwarin t ttus l ginng ofise ternt id p i thk fertarnly t it d n nnof ach ere thromes trtt heyt n me.e ere' too h ny pple empled iomthis theoun belve e' ino perive pl iis terpse.un pl bel ve ielsmallnivusi ss.rp. el i al oursigend. des jus thar weant theresento wndrkid d usth ha we w tim tweonthe sto test wid u caaigng, lth's g wind tto the ingshat encagn l co gond nd tweethis pannde h s,gst and nod act, eehriis p i thi hnd yoll sewitht, teriext ionthie'l ta portio fseth thi tslanxthatnt'l tch ta withis, piouthihemn actss t flo t h helit smas,t bunessem. >>acll r tht.lo t bu hre's theelma iss. hrbu ss thpres>>ent r p.ints bu h's oht thsshr thest pts oh moy's,ne otheop eonom mo cs, o
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ensulngirm sredis eomored an, gure wha c im ctult rm uld s hde,anded , reays hamoult addd h 1 mildon jobexts ulear dd gwhe 1il ecomyob byt anr addi onal ge 2co ay hen ised thdialhallge 2 aes thlist. >>howlls the reblic job st us>> w plan tathendepedenticobus an ecomis t ep ntindite wld peop bac toorkcis i ven'yet en di w it. p opacong ssmatork ca or, youi n' t ve andendent.nalis ng maat swsa, ou a howdeen tals pl wuld s growhe ecomy and aow jo? s t pl fir w ofd owco andl, i aoulday aso s to heirfoods ecomi is thldld s e pridentospeaodco,mithhey pr enandea tei chfconist eys th one tdat t pdict thhhe on stt ulus rogm wthldeeep t pct h emplmentrom risi abestusog w ep 8%, i thi w pleednt tom rasiebe , hi so qestisdo aboahat asssme . so >>nse qti firne, fit ofbotll,e a assme an>>seconic fnefiof aisoro jol, a ncainonn 20nd aorhejo inact0e a l octhe prat l ecomic o rms yr whhercict's s r 2
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owthhatht wordaves se im 2 lathetwo eefect s e he's a smpleauestn. e youctave depeent heorin a s leof wt yr pla wlsto? oue epet pin w yla w fward pl inhe p begiing the yr, f ordr buet, ayl andne gi hag he y inde onden bu c, ngreionandudgea offide scoennghic dd cre snaveragere ings fi itcoalkeabouthe icct d tat sra r pgsn acally itke doulte wh t t p e cisiscly bingi dn d t w t de decit cis bgi dvern t $ de trlione t d it did tk abt thre $ abily fo oron pla titidrow ne tabth ebs, s. ils,fo o we' gla that wnde of , e' an gysis ha >> b you on't onfhisobs anisis pl b. ou't >>nut whshissobs pn ipl s >> tahngiecfs obs oeral p o isionorshis cotrytandec c sa ong y knohat? o al owe'vgot onso toyrovi sa yno inctivet? r t 'vtriveo storvio gro yoncve kno t lo at theiv sractsro yono g chos. t sihee thpresentas tents fice ch th e'ssi beethest t ce 1hseeilln jo losin theriv 1e sllctor. joinos t.he 've ivso sen sorhein ft of e s 7 and halfilli ftorefosur dung tsresi nt's
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d lf terlireur obvidusly tsi's his ecomicerlanre no viy wrkinisco w c than's w no wee ting t wayin t 've toth c wange deecti tsg t hey. t we e goe t cge t dti fohes onwegoriveri ente trisend sll buness wee gootoetnivri t tese su ss trepneurwebackgon thame. that wha our pan toes >> et mepur pckntth oe. athaur p wtes >> m p o wt sme qution likeost s equonomonts h 'sket nt alys rht. re'shate sa eombou hour n al r. 's t praosalour gerallgood loer t mrpr al onom poly,ut the gellon'odo tanuch r tomol ecomyhe andn' b maet itheh textecynd ma ieare f >>t the'sotar >>fispe h sout rk zai andissp t ediconaecaend ofhei iccaecau sultof t stiflus an thei heau lt tti las ed. thethe arment i sily ia. yheu dort hant lot if imedteiif endi, ani y ot it dn'tork i weld diann stiglus d buttkheelrgunt ifn yo tis dot utaveome sguendi indo a sodo immiateaxeli thee sdi
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yore n goi tso stmmulatte g jobslin thhhor termyohat n toi tnd otuttatg g b kbsthorrmat t relatis ottg beg relatis, lerintax eti real goo lgerm ecomic rellti l inbut x migot gi aloo a lrmcicllt sht t-te booig to econoi. >> w a beeve,hri sh thete boosto no wa is t wo preidee,rihe i bcentes f wa t inrstmeend ceate intobs f we'r for xinme reefor sal c te bunessbs we b ieve nd'rr aee wh thvee present sat bsine buss ex nsin is bveomeing at a w wethve est ca bne povidexein enmeepreg urs ghe w. cayou' sees bng a pidillnres forwd. u hope lly u'eee bresint wl lagreto wowith rws. u pey si w renallhe'soowthalkg aut tual joing us i ll'sheslk a alcremoital uproa ies rher an h allresothglan th's dd in heem sel te.oa r r i' ot h tll mitesth ann 'veth dine . go two'ues tons i askesne y. go wo ngre's sess allsk sup mt has yst a lile orer a sllup m mos h, a i vemb 23ris o t a deainent foit tcome uo wit mb3r teae 1.2 fotril tonme uitollsn dfici.2 illl reduion. n you dhinkcihey' be le t workut a d ldun. ndounky' ae id t th erk a d audmati arigghs whhoul au ti clud600ggwh bullion inenton
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ud0 ts? bi thonk tnnt joielec ? coitte is g yng tlu be th t succsfuln rchinoitheecoal oi cote of getti t at east ccul.2 t rllioineea dolars ofutsti at d int fct tio chrido is srvedn tts ain bden f disc sionriand t sed t bn ce-pside 's scond tvi-predent cre t, i-pwasde at cmitt tha rodud tt ueprtvirentre is tha cttha hindu c torm theprasisf gttin tohehain c.2rmuepr illie. is >> go yin'rnko coidenhe sper meetprill mak eli a >> y deank o >>ene s anyr oth etlakea >> -- inyhin bthh sdes kn wean't - iail. in btherhas ss knee sun'essere. >>l.ant to erakes y bkusoe. >> yourtemaro ake wek y b ako aut urar ocpy wl wtre. a herehey a a. >> oc i wre for rey a o >> aorncreingl concned oout e arowgregl mob ncd t owob w ocpyinwalltreeand e otheciti acrs th cuntr >>ocinllee cd gresan, youtand b yheticr th th ctr cment ces, ound aout b mob th a cnt wha ado yt thi ofobhe efrt b a eha bam whit yhi houff b ahe am itmocrs tooury tarne t ae
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enercr, thto toventne tere a pa of t irerth reectiveeffo a? >> chpas,f t tinkoreempotiant thanysefo f>>h t thkeordspot th an fahhat ere rd ah grofang frtratnt e ut thero crofrat thisounth and it'arrted. o ma peoe arrooutf isntndork.t' wheri'm mosrrd. co ernemaiseo wrt i havek. ele ed l adererm ios tho ne to who w i verany alee leroini i inh an eortohooan bme anin the e ratr thth bocung o theheat po cies th atave brght abtcu ohe cuheentoes ituaon.e r t mban wen cu youtearome ua th. m wemocouticare th ected lader oc jocing en,ed bming larters o jo ourg econy a bngrt oociyersuuret's on a ta somof tci crsuitr bl'se here ntaomash tgton i mn, teserlre reshon pol ies mhe tute t inlace the's lhat olns beut onein incehis ownth ts l turt then bconoe inswn t arouurhe anoromenco ou a molitynot om inecond moty t excoate nme w hav been ccesul. wan succ scoore wav eveeybo. >> conessm es. anccrant, thk yovbo
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r co>>ng ionsm tday. 's aays learentthoyo tcolk i th you tir.y. >> as hrieaohan. >> t up our. riext ianan's >>p algedlat mxtrder a i's - lotolurdedat mer diomatn w -hingn.ot 'll lkdeithhe cirmaof di at e sete wngnte igenl commhtee en we cma com rige seckteen mme w om ig ba.e ba cai he you ye, cai gea ll-sed c? r fu-siz car ple e cahestenouo th folling cage -s c fu izfoarconvletibl eness thar oll. g . fonvbl s oi dn't tch at. to sak ta reesentive plse s repsentive w. i 't h . s treenve pl sepnt e
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prestati. goode! you n't li autated cu omerervies ti od u'liut edcud neerher vi we. at's y, uike her rds, neno mr ter e.en y cal che sahirerefe ed' s ue r s, mr yal ch sayoreimmefeatelget a peon n a pmpt. yome elchte sahireperefe ned. p t.a ca of diffent lor. chsarefe.caf fft r. (pne rging ase pphi prerred th is lie sprgfie. (p rng e hireed ths e prie 4g theext olutn wiress chnogy. 4ghet ut wiir advs ced nower,. the rizo4g l netrk mes yourusins rufast: widvd r, e zo let m urinrust smarhone lapps taets,obilhotsts. arneaptas,ilts. t noall creed eal. nol re e. amonthe jor rrie ly vizon 4g twor is00% e, one r ie vong or is% thgoldtandd wiress chnogy. thand ldile ndher rrie mayir s havenoimit. lteovere, d e r ieayve itvetezon er the arge ltnetwk inmeri ven hege lttwinri and er-gwing wi veron 4lte, d -gng yocan ventew ws to uradeour sine wier 4e, ing al-t e gryop men ingsnt wfrom emot ulocadeons,r ne g -tgr mevigso coerenomngot camobis, cret-ca paynts, vicoenbirecaays, ghtng-fa dowoads and cesso th sandtnof faowsineds app
9:18 pm
d ssthnd pl, venezon pps e laest lectn plven of 4lalte t vicect and e mo 4g e corage for ur b 4inese ce d mog coge r all b ameesca's aste mosteliae 4getwo. l me'ste stia4gwo no wder re biness ooseeriz wiress wr bes se izthir anysther wilessarri. thnyerwissri rizo zo
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>>hrisit w stuing ws th wee elemts othe ran>>nis wtug thws ee go rnmeem pla oed teia an asssine th gomela t sau a bassoras in thashgton joing us toiscsauh assjo legeplotndsh howon t inus.s.o shscld rponds geot thehaiowan t the. snate sh in rlligndcehe i ai coitte he ste dianig finstn. cowelctee ba to xewsiaund. >>ou fst lcbao snd >> tank youhris >>ou we sangefoell tk
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we on e arou pisple don>> w lievafohis. perswede tn m th a was ral p andeon evswerwo qstioors. rs tthas rnd m. er qhow iogh u inr t irian m gornme did hisw uno, ad wh t do itrn ellougomeboutid wsat's gog on a iwh do tetanow?l >>ut well'si go won i fireried in w? e be nnin ofll seemb. w r ir sunde doietfulin causbeofin f the stemb o sdeo chulacte andus e causof t facthathehtend eratuse t entyac wasat te atnas t ku rce partnt 4 of the iruianevoliona e rt gua 4 tfhe elitirn uthatolna reayua ts st ouit u bat ieans snto vaous ou are i to that fanancs teorisretc. an iat f dinc't blieveis it, t asan it i tuied bev ot,t,t'si vy ast u realand o wh's v itepr ente al dwas rathh uiqueffot tweeprourte dru s th uuefo eeeorcerntruni admistraon fi, ci a e kced niof c ing togmiherraf fgenies k col ct cgogr inlligce boten humaoln a sialnigot itellence ma oit aat diou i thllkceshe t d ngleh mtiecfe
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9:22 pm
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9:23 pm
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9:24 pm
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9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:51 pm
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9:52 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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