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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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unfarabl impblssios of sthur h g fincia fablmpiofnstutio. stilfi whaia arheystor?io >> ilhary wr? have a vaed ageaut theav meag isa caar. the atus quogea i ees c. uucceful e anusuo i unsuceainale fo kepin a stng mdle cls whhsunafo is k in esntiato orst melwh dmocrsy. >>esia o wich prty, if dithcr w l>> harns th wrh py, enefy? whth i w tireal rnthr aenda ne thia wh tal litime ada hi lim prest? or aeep, darlot tr t? ov thro athe ee wrldsep, ar knt t i? ovroe wd thiis a kn ma i rhi aisma revotionloba ints namre. they wnt voonbana to. he ceate w anr y, ithat totragy? c youte hnve the iat t learars o? ou h th he veme two wksgonea oh mewo wos-nb sang wre nere t rform we'rnb sa g wing noe co tapse r thrm 'r stem we a g notg hreooseefoh em t. aot h theye caing oplyfoor
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eyrevocationg p>> irhinhat voon len isin atematts o theens prramere harsemat o bsthe panoid orrme rs baidr lusisal wot. i tnk hs sil bling thewo gand ihemef thiout t hflg he gopordon. we'me goi to ehitho' or. e'oio e rio't. be or rvera 're ingorac t. ri > alsbeor rra tnig e gac mk's ls mnume ttsg ddiced. m s e ltestn mme ain dc. ute lstininte d wh gein th whe lanoteh std by forhatail pre to bete liv ystby houortr to wee inbeheivou mitf weinit. 's a mnthnd couing. knowhathey a agai mt.h wh are theoug.or? noaty a thatai our whuesreon?he t mer? inoduc my atur gestses? meeynucyre fmeft gts o reght f medft eertament rt d mol etant rus ruellimmoo.l the foerus rulypdmo
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th estiks is wh ar'tore fos wi the h he>> le btilancs ihrith ae fowihe l bnsernctiveoice ih its te. haveereenveceurve and l ernit the p togra we l iveicatn ve thnd th l 68% he pfra inpendets i at and 0%thh of8% rpublannnd d dave anf ufavo rblebl dttidee an tard uvo e thfinaialti initutns t tdt surrndthna ul he inhenut prk. t wel y u rrnow u hn p.hat el i yn't amehemw f tha part atin o er wdsi t asem aga fstha e ba bartouts o w i tnk ingaapi lismbafoua ts failyou fa . tn ipism stt a ilu lamona. sta a itoesn wortut,o o is l na taing a baime oit.snor thinthet, odeasf tring g dowai othis inholeatruures tngow sguiisd. lo at at'soloing on irue eupe. 're eing ui soalislo comt 'sng ton an e. eu . doe note ngork.oisom o they nee e gi nticoetk. eyee bilou. iic >> nody's avocang bou >>o's acialcam. >>hat ou al >>t tha wee patots. wehae p trio.we were paiots at wes. jstwe dn' p waniowall st et catrolts ourwe j fure. d an
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wellan tht per b k col touru. th e we pehle a awa p b froh pe a wa rporionsr andpeci teres. 's rlly ornsndimpcind re rit'sy --mp wee sted iver a or.'s 're - walstre nweecaste i er a hatthathey o ext, not e al bereuse ncaant to tatratty dxn. ot we j t dot wbete itotoontl t our fure. d ey s uld jt bedo w abto bntbe r fe. s d polibecanshatbeo b eect. ty'veeen linst et. br ing tveen potica for ma geratis. >>rhey gouldto it poca iorlega. >>eouti k>>owy ld ge ildo,'mlad i ig >>me dn.ou k loe aro,nd. d the ar i go pe dle. u wh somoneetsr. th $1aroilln e li. the whoms1 coll lihe fromerrl c lchrorr it [bep] le o. opleave itb]o rlize they he o do ilee i a w rzeon'he h let peopo inf ienceou a t won' bdet ings ecauop thenfcehole thg wio go e b be. gsyou'au gotheo beleh pacef dowwio e re. b whayou gu'ttaotbe d pef ow i suort .eacul hau ga demotrat dn. yore g ng t sut ac gt moat yo ginfi trato. >>old . gt
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wh abo wha oufito aid ab>>td peac ul? wh bohadbsobtely that a undr ac?erce wha thmajoty ofsoeoply reat hre dr abt. ce ha're t h eth tojo oop velent h tak do theab e hogovement vntak th spedohelmos a tllio onvent defe e evy os th cou a deroy t n we'rhereo c mefeev y ndthouey aocat s. soal ust' c're ar f aeaceat >>so msttt? fire of fll, gvee yceur m ?reacon. irf wh reaion l,d yo g ge y at ve di ac yo.u gewhearomn yoaste ek fm pele ho vdi aeo e neramytympheti >> w f gpe a lot ofiew fe ra ck tmpt stid wur g geratiot f geewraten t sseti eti-catitalt. i inkhes rllie ar-cal pi kes pitast bause rhey'ie r suorti sma percntsnd ta bsey' sinees w can co etesuti ma agaitrcs the two ne w tanoe bi to ai fl hestition o arwo getng all t threceiiono in f it wan thll cro beh d methcen in tooagt th bigroeh m toail, iot t boonks. >> ieresngig pint. tol, certnly t gd bs. s ioganes p t. you ve a rtituy ionere gher s an orgazed lab u aisticaltunase beenerbleo deler thgadaboots stonalonshe g ounden andle teloteh ts wi hes fonks gndnd tote? ll ttey b wi aes f pitic faor te
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co n vemb t? >> b th will a be thr pecisicna co nmb m ke.>> h's nil ourecieon th meist fo m t.em. n urci wh t weeed be m t lkin abo is te t fa. the's awhed defferce tin bo twee de tcraca andhs pita shodn'tonfu theee toeacnd caus ta.emoacy ho me'tsfu he go trnme by anforhe usmo y pemele. pitagosm imey annr ecomic syem, dpe. we ta ihoul makn surcic sy, rooveltid w th theulak gourrnme nee t ierveoo atlt h timeto mhee su tgoatmeee t catali i canveturve bemeuse m riut no t it' ru calian amk.rvee rinot' ut'sm-t has deroye our whe soety.stas eyeur whsoy. >> h doethisnergbeco someing pacti l t t c hangeoesisrgco meg pti t cge soety? fore, thol iea i soy? or tima tlyol i ihe ks i thi par ve tmago o io k t ihi t ul omate there g ing t hve be tleo tir ultehe g t h e ange the frtratnni t and to ge he rchanat witn orgizatns. n e noonfo teingll anfit is drgnat and. noebuedingng it
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dnd sp scrahbu-ngt fomcrah ipot ra good f>>raerao, wha illhese pe le hode havratoha do,on't se care i yopere h demrat,av repuo,ican't leral or re io coemervat,ve. u ha topuan co lactalheseruys that akecova. the ha lws.o itoakestsehems sate [leep lonhego l. it eschanmaws >> s rsell [ isep tons t wro anws >> wn tbe rlls t tro t oupyi? >>heact isall oyi >> seett aladyccups whingn osl r st bhalf alwe wyt th pele tup w dong o it goi to b wolf w wilthe torome thet eney oio too somilom eolican,neo omey'lwritli legn,lati and poibly 'lit cstitiona amenent egat wtil sp wand postrely from c coitrollnag our en t wvern snt awaretu trero pwer o llofurtohe pe le.rn a tu youe d teami pr t to abet. a ou dmi nstition tmenent. i'vb gtaake tionent. bre. 'v g che mre plu te latore vte m what witlu that hean catn,hat wi v atitim? at 's wh ushegai cnhisati wee wel be rghtm? wus baaisee liv webe rtaiv
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>>thiss a x nelert i' geldo >>is riva a.nert tw time iedyoiv 500 wne dtwme i wheln dioda in a00 w d fery eldida n a 15ar pil fpy a 15he segas ilmoto a spdway the dee stangas weck, to tepay wor e e tamostrive hever wk,een, t ca oor th 11tstveap her witiven, acti caamesh1tatcngisit racve car tiilin ovmetcnotr toac smas fatar yin itov wh's caedot a tatch encasta ieha 33earld ach whdon s thnc fath of toery3 yarng ss,hn th the juf tonthsy yld,nd he s rajud wi theogo ofthhed,e alzh mer'assoraatiowihe onoisf indyar to zhr'aissoion aarens of e di ase atdyofflctedis hi aenof m an die ended hfled icapae i wating an her sonnd h in ipacti atg er onperhs anti bleingiven to y'srha horryingccidt. le ghereeen isofters w ningrrhisngid re s yeer's b ra at t wengs ickyd in iiana lis. ye b>> ta ractto w tshe kyindi apolin inas. 50 t>>ac ws i sdiol penomal a wha50 ll
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usor i fr. pom the's a mucthathaoesnto sit fm t f ths uc datverss theto me fanicto te t fmili o t d persle thetork nmeheic r te fli o t pe t rkr. ite eve rthintos. t nkit wvethouin douhe. bi test wououeporng ent i tebit rld.or e ionic tly weldo woiedhat d.his r wasoterf mingicell wdo enogh tdt w s atsasrfngl en t w v t we' a lgaysff v e' lysf no it -i dot thk ian kee o in the rafit - wdohthhe iace eethate nheaf hav w er wheverce easat tis is av supped tbe t q ckwherar. as >> wre n t misingy a lile pp t t q t. r. we e mi ing w a n cunksig theai biggwet prmilemg -- c mekshe i st c't kep u in ggheprm-e c k un dra. >>hat'theood inas vas? perale i >> shot'?e you dst be.n yo saw v? you frstpe ihoace, u e. yoawighou ft e, >>eporr: aoluty, geldo. opleere ghry mh inhock >> ortoda a ut a lgeo. dffer t tlene minck wh itas eadaier oda l we w de terking t abo fanwhoht re j t hay toea srda t s ra w tng bo hereano inas jhato segas ta
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peop wer re eciten kid we as rely hppy, oper a ehenteiduste so re hearly,on in tha ra w an ht o thatras rl i thahaa w5-ca hras and enateas sawha theca micalas helid pterome inawherehend mal wa li jusere i areigmotnald d y fowa usa l of e peo aeotl he. dfo >> lf theeo fo micale tam i>> the stud wit mo mal t i t udit m 22 mes a hrs deh 22 minst a heintanteous >> i b lievst s u sl agnstheinntus i ball.ev s th're t pr ectesldg int the l. rs. th e trte msleynheost .ike h mey htke h h had unt ump t h trat ap o theead >>hoserivsa are eaved >> i youad hit >> theseivallsre at an eed od iou it gle,ouheetl slmed t then hed. yocan'prot te,tld hehem. >>he can yon'ot indar rcin sm.vive > ians gog toe dfficndt. rey hn a re slyveough integostto e th dicear h n inresteasghteani . th itasar insts hoibleni it taged f eole ted sort.
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>> snd b forhe ate s.t. s no bbacko the sho >> we ned me tten ev no tockth keho hee>> oe n m tvr. ng'so ee o. 's tehing he clsns to sta inte theng c otr peon'so shs.tanhe ot toeee'shrou thrh es. un rstato throuh e ntahain heells us tte hea du in to fht helss agast t pertye h en u we a wel fga of pty e to sew a coassiel towd thef imgran sfamiw witothesiowhe owlee th mos f uimsanmi aitee ly a few lethosenetion u rem aed fr silar aewneonem frir hrdshs. >>heresentarin hsh >> toay methgestin comssiote auto immiantst thodaseditionomio a of mihetsdalkdion mnume wche'l talkorebouateknd as mme w demo'lats lkeouteedioverhes port t vomongs blks the reblicdis haer the own pen r th rtvo lltinohe otereichahewn p th protin lnote neromerin lik maineznd neerikaez ndov, setor e yor ce-pside
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. ovse fir t, ipres yent ama long th hianic -pde fi iest ao thiic vo? ifou s thao fe suld s not educhae chdrenho havome s dto otatot ucchen forave no rson o that theve bee brghor treo rn nothheaulee o teirr twn, dot thk yo havo aul o tr hart.n, do wetheed yoaveducang hhest. ildrwed ecaeeheycaesil drbeco arag on ourcay soety. co foragn mosur linosoity. asoros caidatperrsineome los pl caatorrr cpassn fothene me chdrenf l ilega c imssgranfo.e ch en loly boedy t igard, teman tes gornor camignlo basd t sier t bee cr hedte byooramn siconsvatisee dendinrdyheir candatesiveo ns quatier te in thir ndesve uncumeed. iua h t toe thomewt n medish.rt iing havcome ho to tewace ande the shfron iunneg righavawaymend th te nd opletarthe heang on nepoteghiallayabouyourh pocies le rtea spificly imm rati te andllouur yingoores insptateicuitmmnti fornd ng n illetelitormmignts. soonsvatis sa the lel di't wt toen bigards. wit so at. ns ti agasahe'm n oindig wtoo spe bd it lo o ime. ga woyingbouthe nin
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popes. >> meerryolunngdut f mpo >> fit ry ace d a unghf fi1.8 o e a seembe 13o thd p.8ce o sew, abe j3sth3.7 p o fr ay. a j were dng erythg we.7 o rny. ee d ethge adnisttive bhe fa of e mdtterstve b faf s tre ae la in e bo ms ther i he t t a forc >> tlan both p hside tas ao rc t sueredt thpoll p becdese of a immigrion, usuedyethllec o ionicly his imoblegrisn,he revse o iic s perrles, tte'seen tev otoug dertin rr mo tlleslsen t theirst t ugearsehanin ogeor w.leush did henst trs eght, n al med theor sh.psh dopid in tino et, su ortald heh tt dn foowe in a gustnout h amini tratiowe noun d ahatst h ani ctinsertive imme atelunbrand aat bacoor cerve amnemey. elan >> ahat canacoors ne >>t an to priotizeo enfceme sin therare ioze litednfocemenfmein ere resoices.d do yeel afome senf sos. o yncerel ove ten aprent er osioofve t suort r thepnt
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esidt a tdmi istrioion amsugt he ltino id >> a is tsmitrnnte oram seetar l noken >> teealaarr. theneas amot i becae i thila he thaas tmt i ameran caihiha tatis wil asker emsees w i o or stie. il >>sk t se re wforc oatin or s sport thpres tent dnesey srcged in an ent s lartled the thest es sd fit whe ea d hoe fheum o aericiwh lano ho f herige. o a it'ican hor to beaereith man ri. leers t' andotohinksehore th ha com anogetr fesnendnk reoon haomet t f cebrateatino re culte. >> t teresatent thinunit atesakinwhat was lt >> t senteslly t ry plitihl anit esinatas part anntpeey ptian avocang ssagofort ns rtfee h jbs aca agrt bi, bu wha h wen j unmark bi buherehatheen firnverrkhite hoeoru on heremerinir er lateno horu hetage iri wt h ela inte to abo thee2ge mi wion h uncumeed teo imbogranhe mi no ar crrely in stmees leman ariza an ar ce i alamateing l ngle izan otolang vy le o hah v treaent.
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en'thea uncumted imeagrant. lik the 't 1numilldn im anik elhehantin t roo don't 1eresint hlleo elve mnth tooore dot esi h agessily t m resoe th suatie? >> inkeg hassi t bn. i' beesoath s patiner ith>>im o kas that b i kn hei'ee cesarth ve o dateply nd kne c ieinow delyd ii ewathisreay th wt wee dog. ehi theecreaary abo wweildao sos, makhe tcry bo armentda tt so ak tlatis ha arnt frnd i the twhitthous >>t isn ti byha cocidere th ihe youitus hav tsnirstyodeth u ltina aav tst binememb or k lna a slaza i ne thmbr cab ket. hureds sza i o thab. atishuds ser in the oti ern adnisthetion >> wel asd adston he femeds deteive. yor fd gui ani tee.d r wld nave alwed is gup tuii sta w mayo bl mberal mucd g tta mopene. yo miled oer liraluc o pogreive o wea inenome mi m oere you ptandre one ean ? me >> cmingown ms. her'm ge doundn came d n. >> it c theng firwn ti ierasm gere. imeee the d itrowheir i
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th mos iorta tnge. s tithe e cwdow ealesthoshat ita wha tt th t're itinor f come al ki of vatolen toha th oe wh f velenc occkis, tfey v teneato at w ohr. whiolee. v nc lon acc th t t cotuct w h thselv, itle allbout on a clningthhe prk.ot u camake th plvimetit, mallut clng p. it io cake pet quamas. lonas te pe le a e i tothernd n duang st f on t th iseest aying p opey otoer n d t hurtgthsstng pe o th gs rt ... >> gttarap.h we'lbe.. r>>ght ga ba.p. 'l rtba morcycs, bts, en rs. moyc b, r bodynowsheree gohis lo foracin dywsregosloorin all knois it srtedarly l no sedly ca y mes, dver the numb thieen ico toyo cam. came dr hembhin oyoam geo, vingeoplmone morthanust r inranc ge ngplne orant innc ♪ ♪
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gerdo: en tugh 've ne tgrealengs toake em fl wlcom the ha er: th e tea ng toregretablbeen ome f w clomheha tweethe proster and l grblenel er veranddemo ltratsave eve rct. rabeenmoeppeat althgh tse we enpe isatedpd. indent on halfthf th t w cityi wod li tsed aologe inand ntn lf math o thitywoli t aogbsolely d a o
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clr. hi l peer say ued wasoly me fr cl pe s u 1as% pu m fr canneepp 1u exact thouany add oaleppr tran fatsext oundyd o w colete to ants woteo lt-fee. -f. gerdo: ck a lrge. iant to tankhe rowd eror: a le. int o alwing ts tok d twd sw althoungexceto d t s canti. ouce inheommcial cti beak somemmingal bntekstin me hagened iteinidn gethy ereaed iasdnety e is batetherhan was ccesul. ss russtelern tasinkshat w unfr. es .go ead. ss>> scess tkst wccu in snfciet caus d. sssfcu i set ushefnfraructe of aocie. me wlractof xcela ere'iea woleatrix o hin w thatel hppen e' w egovementerelriserv o asin th at fountion hen un whi ve cntngreelrvsh indu ryunndon u civhi socty i cre ilt. wha does duhat he tooiv oc ith carle t.>> haesat hharlto'ndivualucce
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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