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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 17, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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youietoel u liall e ti. >> ow, e fouth wk of tel wa str tlil ptiro te >>, fo w o tthespeop areot gng wa trawayt p ro therareore t hem noeswopndre g ayalthgh my ar rea eree tm w th marea annong - >> knothatou lie i k w th you ie!no - >>noat l i k somthou make ! good point. >>ou uys ould ot h om m ak g iled ooiut. t >>uys ovs ld h her edmake o tm p f w tuyov they ke did. p f >>hey e rit abt th. t y sh ld t paye bail ut >>y riabth sh tyeut bas. >> l badank ai ba l adk hower -- ai capalisis b. whe it ces o mwe-- eryt ng eape this say bth he c eo rytic eouthayth >> overeent ouldake re
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youou >> es>>ert ld thae ou is >> ha>>kay. thans y. >> y. or ey a anld . thisoman s ains moneyr . a >> imon didn' txi isans ns on thgs wld b so uc ioneidte woul 'tth w boete y hi ul like ybodwoulactiffent y the wasiko mey od ul tfentwhatever >> he cheporaasons mve y mimum ge a no pen sionater >> cras yetir emen mim ao en vation. iren s vicatn. pay they are er y uet s aboucorpateayowheyreeruty wha wer cou couporpties reallut w have r ou po thti can forea any o to ve ve tm moy. thanorny o they have er tsumoad. us by of eyringavs thinghier b nghi want so o theseeo are jus nt so clheless eo re >> jave sol pel pipe clss ross>>he ue ted olates. p el p therotes it contie. ss u d noe it'rain g on heheteit ti toght, say don 'tnot'in on occy toll st,trayt,.on >>et's oere wall s seet om g er>>nmen' e ll that o sw, t onig ht. geren at sw, tig.
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n't u wi youould op theall reet prot ts a get> creat d atwi ou l like i wp ashel et ot rea allet teaatught ou ldke have w some nter ting coneaveationsht ou av e wi thoseeo me abontuterngonns capi taliwi andhohyhi it a is gd anwhyhey h epilindt.hi i t i ante o a gan theymhe i ht. piilismtes soo a bhemut did eysm getheirel b pne id thei s ak but i cetirn'elt ei sreakly havut a conrsatn abt anhing ecau peoe re h st s aeameat mat i abanngauoueo bel y hea wit sta t souw wiel ea the nvertion wan d to w t sve.w wi i i e ederwonoanto s rt s he . w preste. s e whrunhes a web site prte calle d whun cs wireb te is ctandled csir isnd for cpote skes f reonsilityte ske ericpaynis a rerosigrtysi icpoliyncal aonltt. ro grwhy si youupport these li l onltt.peop?
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i w ked y finoucialpo he gution or a ear ndop a wd inal haguon alf.r whilwe we in ahe we of e biest nan al csis. il wsincinth w gofreep io n abit an werableo rai senc aou g io a lliodolls to erleai advatoue f ioeffellive toformhile the f fe e bankrmle snt $he600 minn nk lo sy wrntts $0 n lowr lobyis tory yis pvent politians ommpnt pve les. ti s >> tre arent0,0-pa of s. ne rule eve try yearer. yopau thinkofore uldav neleveryea yothenked?e d av >> ty wod ha. at y sawurinboth hehe? tpublwoanha adm in yatawnsinth andhe crat bl admdmintrions a intonot ly w aat aio aj to t w a deletionn thfinaial seor aund diviv leonthnal se adiv a deritis arat tea o e finciacris. ritiar t ingi fiiais se girules to b o thatysteis aeall se les b o ef ctivthin to d atte aea >> ihinkheres norisi ef ivit iina droblem. i nk re crnois i george, ashi ton, iro em.
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and ro op scrta iin ghene,hi n, th e briti erd eomg.ta hen i thi $th t blltiionereomg. ten out hihe ellnoio and milon ne lot ari ensno a is a ri illo ri ns uneloymt wa high a in '8 mo peonee doym't ewangh in re'8memb. mo eo doe, y e werarou ', i mb betou d on't yememerr thou. ' , giveiou credi t d yo'thaveemun bthiness aow ve cyo yove bes a sowegar yo segar citalm, ng arofit n't odital enou . a ro >>t apitt ism eds shi awayourom e nro f us o>>nitm s hi fincl etur .ay m n >> tt ishat is fus o aut. fincur tist s ea for the shareholds eaorhe a ha weho gs >>t wadesied tprovde r a ubwelioo >> wa si tiovelieapal i sl am asomeub greainstument to h elthieeap al i commme goo tha t i c beaesteno h mmnovaooveha andolve socialnd vandol enviroenta pblem tochrghnd its tivi. en ro ta pfranbly thmbeha tor lt night s vi wasanth unahacc ltae.ig e lel of fst tion tha sna thespeop exhited hows le ofyou fat isthappingonha thro
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hout he cesntryopndxhedws u ar ind tpp worg. you ade me groamut coury ar tor sueredoue ghe cifnia leslat e an govesuorederif ni own nto s igningle batlanhavet wod reat a n newo sinnid ofha wo rpator aion. ewa b rporion ofat snds or orn.what b beor or?n ss sta s fo r fenatit be r? corpatio ta fo fou kenw, itis i rpio theres a k n um ir t csporaon suctus in a nthe itedrtateand b rpor ion des ne ra stuin e ed tespecd ical to en ne w hinorn es the it ls the ecalen w n cooratn or rtic is e t l s gahezati andn l coat or ic s opatin ge nt ttind l ensure thatophe cpanyinonsig thentt e soural at cnysi t nv onsont and gornan conderaons itonntnd goanonras a ivity. whathisoundlike me air cany.'s lob by ts ahandis andke m e of t iran proesve lsoby a et t estogeveer and crowet ge arow kroyapalm. >>n in krestrog coept.y if y looalbackm. o >> inst co t.rpor ionsnd w tha sor ytoock o strre w soret unsp whihaor
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al ws t oicre w ofhe s u p corpatio t o n ot bale t p oseiccute of so ther rpio t n pse ite aei l bet weensoerheeietenhe actitiesf thorraon so u ta allhe r atiesthraon if y o ostaell t ron a y toni t yooseebtor'onriso ni >> io in e mile oebr'eadiso ddy rooseve lt in mieadi yoove bgi rafi wenin a tru buste the fi en a ru b usmonolieshe is tt were sing her wh e a reno tes tweon >> he swha tonolans. t areig >> s irth the wehenhey werane treig tobig aithhee he w er>> tey go bailed tog ai out tgoy bled est. becse t facof t ut maer itheyere o bito t. ec t faac? t ma i >>eyhy?e bi >> bausef th had cofaapseevenore the ec>>omy ?uld ve ol bseedthad co se en >>e ow dheyou ow. y d ybe wou be bedter ff >> du . no e ou e >> thi thais a riskha t no so body>>s nohit whaorth aisk tinha >> y ikso--dyounoan wtth gula yteto bigo fouaian la
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te ig faistitions >> wou likthe nks ha to av e ughitns c >>italou oikne s o ugtherhy bos. we cve telecalpolicians o sayou h eerbo e tec toloiaave t saou e ch a theare art noh avto kw. t >> whave lotf eo ahe whoe t know kow t fin an wialveot stemeoho rks and how t toinulal these ste thgs snd efftiveul.he you re atheal riend of e pi lism he bout th ag il seno o intheree arke t pism bth i princies t br on he in e e kenancl to prci t b on >> npriv les a nnc baouts. n iv a youail u go dn. bats oul g >>ransrent fe of in rmat>>n, cnspetinton a f o th fed -- >> ainatan cuptitcy. a th >>nd tse pncips arnot aanupy. ing b ro >>ht t tbear pnipheart fincia s te g b t nareehele tt all ow fiia ste nhat tll sparcy a comtitio t ppen th opete iaresse aeomtiik e en thpe ise monoly giket tubsidies no fr thenitestat g peoe anthe wernteresubt dites fr he te that theeopay the oney hat ane rer th borw fr s. thhey he ey t >> l's gbacko thproh thorfr sts. l g ckwhatthood oh theresintia hofuls s.
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atd hesiia holsottso, joe? >> we we ststarted aanweo, j stard w a wftere the srtie "'sanwe ar a er wondful fe" erehe's wondl " e invementgrow to posirs. now,veeoplntare owttino on ethe or n a l n th a si . ba makw, ipl ge ng bin he n l thccesul a the theeopl e baak gwill bet othatnd wheth eres - aheheple theyill ke nll i oatannd wth poli out o the ey bl e anndhenan li utfurtr do theine w a she is talki rtdoe whe is t akiut - >>reed. pe aleut are mbeak intu pi>>ded perires. mbe ak it notretupi ri re omt fot insunc cpanyootavere om f thapal o n hesuoo c fnyoro a thlosshe mhtapal onavheoo f >>f a dsn 't ssavehe moy o >> too dksno cer tehehe lo esmo the omayavwe t have ooako t e syst fai lu re.lohe y av we>> w hhavee a stysaim. flu a wve m le themail. whahapped tthe leheai >> tha corpprati t traemark cial tortirark rponsib le al banking.
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thats a ole no rerpoib story. an ng e nsre oatfa e noerto de ri tive yorecan'have on enfronmt ere ople re btingnrive yonancn'l inverumeens winm the expe atioe thatlehe g bernmngt nc goiin to meil twihehem o. pe io at gfrannmy i'm not qte oi so e the why on't e gean rid o'mf nhe e expe atio hy 't ge >>id'm n o in fvor having thgovemenpeaiiout t he ax>> nn r h in inease so w are thveen agnaiutn t at oi .inse we bacto cgnpora oi.sponbili. n anacjerr cs israhe h o onli anrris h at th hir homels eo thir toom s mahe icere. whatheyo is n hemahe ce couct re b ess haey is nrougheethil co sout rcheg. s th sol a ocugiahi problem and s wh thedo i tholheocyia pavble a whhe i rmey helhes ypeleaveak the b roie in hemeupplpele ak chns for t ice eheup cream chns tce c and coo rtive doo rtiveooperative wen inoopeti en bril. buthey ve hh fa ice cr eabrthat. k il uty hface creaat ppl
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hh faice eam moraon i noi o hurtfae m mo ra iybod oi ythi outurde otmodetion isoing o hu aod l f hi ut o de ooplen >> w are hey isspecnglhu af mpan becalee thse - w re y ec beuse u activists did e antcath - is bee a ivts heridis t thi. ey a nottrucred s t is corporat n th her s t uhip or aotucd t ben d j ry 'srpatth s u sptrtudor n j as a's regular cpotion sha oplere u t aegaron andha the y le u t we bought bynd t we u l bevgher.t thqueson athe art th is uy ar lthe evo.eown th es a ane wallt treeand e t ths ar e e dog a gd d wt do w eanllee d t need to do s ado aociety tod m wt we ne do reshat a didocn't tyve t to probm bad a fears ago it dt t th k th mayobe d bown a hereeago i ju to rty th notth tayakin dgn a hore f fjuo y ot t in gwes anliving inark n' a wecnianc.ivg i i'sure tre a l ht ni. ment to it.i're a lthoshtpeop arehereecau ntot. os op re rethe aulctioof wl stet d gornme, thlackf ee mket inci lee beilngio wst br ght gomeeathr ck the m t ci nanceilarts brt theear eahen nc tsy 3 trlionas ten ohe n of t economy.
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25y illitr ameoncans tre o o o t co my.rk. and ere e hu25redslifmens o o thou sand o f peo.e w don 'td e hu ds ve tir hes. ound aeoee wonostfhe p ple t h . the are p andthoe i'mlausdouidn't dlikeoehe aer lt nightut'm id i'n' p zl ha ke a l ynitre i' syathehac tohe y sears trie to iervi ew you asyheheto otesie ivi ou t's ay alip tt. >>eshesere our eo s e ap tt. ll m a >>seouiarr.eo the are okill for a ecomiciaqualy. thhe is e at tiy ar lki ecical foths ki>> ty artryi to out fown. r. the are tyingar tyioo st ut y ou . downheecaue thengdon' t belove at w yt yoare ellin wn au he n'heelverk i true. wyoe li n th wan to c nge e syem. iru >>hat say te. th an ci gie yousyhe l.t w >> t y t te.sroup t ha tgi ious l w engag ts in t t occupy wa stsng rt othe d eein t rccooy tes veme tha o goee bac d 30-40 r yesn orpomerateha soe bl0- ye sponnbili. poep rteted veme andlhat is n shing haont isli goi ng rd me nd tto g n aangorhais boie blown away o g cut wnike a baw bnwnway mow er
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t itaw wl ntue and s mou up rosshe uted ates l alntacro tnd globendheou ss ud es willalroeom g systec cnge in llom ys cpita csm ang inne ovaton i ing be e change. ta a nn i hove its go i g e eha e. novaon. h itthangoyou e aneric cong u he varo.sts ca llanu anic wallcotree ua drn onheme st s an lots of people hi lleedron me theye r ight .anot o eo anfromhihat c see it they r htseeman rs a nd santoomt st pkers em geanrs r a s b shuffli mrs ound nd e loit g pgeeople. r li th m ishy p tendster esit ppl c ry ths gn p liktethoserandsell ingsike is. >>hen iks thoslastdimeho ch pgsple e d a .rd ay 's >>n thste work >> pow de theya akeday money . rk >> t y st l i>> dfromeyhee woingon.eoe? t st i >>t isomllhe bk' s wogeoe? >> k'all them. o. they houl all l in ey ul thel stea imoneand ould be ts jl. he nexeat gunetd antsld to e txplain exguts to ela diabes tting i'all
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likeall reets her th is ere ur mey is.kel et h >> tth bans aree mriminas. wa strt is he s ne othe tanrerimi cre. wabut trat eisctly sas oehe ri ? cr e. ll, lot t f e alyrinshe ari? , happt y that a sriome nsll strt pes t ri , so of em pptte str ridilous ric at ts srisof timethermerins a out f diusic t wo. me er itrioes aem uutair peofe ana lo of two riceo pl e its ur eo don'seem t roancelofnyingiceopl n' ee teful ccecretnye, oinrf to
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is t cl r wult ccret os.rf real notlear o th es cl w s. protters also, otat iargoodthbout wall otrs stet , i od wellmy f busutessall c ol agst ll fuscharss pae sa he ows d ag saywalltreeis arrepaatsae s wha w lday yll haveeeaid to rethe haroteeravd to >> i pokeeo th prosters. ittes amerzing meow how ike thro st s.manyfhe pitaramntsng proebablyow to rk?ny he a fa pory at tss blt oronbl mone o ? raise ndfaaly lt s ontree t. ne hoaianofnd talir grand pentree ho arali tir r gightnd n bse theyot aedic d ev e arthliat rht wase creed after the om nyey aic ev e went twall tree t an rwaireded aerom ny mo y. nt wa lley dee't cannecthed ds. >> pplemo d on't g t ha d c allct s. is mey sffli whi is pe d 't real moslly g bling e s m sli his in m ey b eingalosgirintegd with m ey luckts bngt us a theostet w ck b scessusl pele g t richeh becae the coaniegrow s ss ped th ge arictheh successfu l ca thco ie owdil dthicar?eucss >> icoul be a m icdi devi. i ul cou a be e ey mpad,iche vi oue eyd, pad,he hone th factaf thmatt i app
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is ittine $8 bi iothanctdthttpp istieate00,0 job lasbitioan da in c . te ,0 youobere chaeasictk c oue haick applawaynd s desibe e mpanand y itas bk of amera itould e ev . play s est bee use ey cate an d iphoits it bs a ofeat mpan er it >>ldush evu wi theriti sm. bee c e hoiphites wa allt ove anut ot >>h wi heti . theon s oiph wle utot yachts he d bicars cigaroiettes, ac soze,esuc ve stu carte e, uc ive don'ttu.hinkealthp alths deructe. don'thin any tha stuonnk lt is thdect n' desintry tiha.tu inte stinisyou lk aut es thin. lik e ytehtinanu d aooze. the y isinreoik yanoo such he isings trileo dowuc h it ri ckgles o t. ow eck t thay a er it ri anks.vingverye as t ir k th dinn andll t hese ksngrye peo tplir ousanns bund r the n teasest eo wal-rtnd nock o vesarbuhe r t n curi guao g l- thertirnockhe mo y wa ri ua o isrick upheir ecomi. mo thatwas ho s ome peo plisecketpco mi richnd se pe ple d 't .atho s eeo pl e wha aut ch spee't haut t wlth dispity,oesn ttotlt u? >>dit inspiresy,e. oesn
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t loveo sepeopleet ich. in>>hiinesou ntry, 80% ofveheseeoeich. in llouionantes, re% self-ma. yo cannot r ic hna eurree sf-. y mo e. yoantic e i too k mo lt a theicst oo t peoplen th wld a ys peleths euroanst wa all iered. i ve t i a rots ianwall beed born wit oti ng t and satan b beco r h.rn itot ng a is targ to oot or co whais t r harh.for meon s rg o t thatas me th we d. ha t ar r i don nickate a mttletheor d he tho poopeop. ck a le wel i d't kw thatou he ho heoo peoope wh youiv th el d k t t methg. u heeowhou kw th ld alethbo hingomeo how kw toishbo raer ngeo town t giving th fis ra ifn tooivg ve f sgle nicke l thatillat h sgl nkel right now atl at wod heryo thadoe't haveig nobills wod yohae veobilkillsud we witki js skill? e th is st f w ly. ki u tthts f ele ahe tit. le a pele tk abt t
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ti iome pe tab t ineqlity. iare om goi to x th by do g theq orouldt b. e oi smo terth tyo f i b dothrld b dng sm r fat. i thats wh wehod focus . on at wh e >>laydneoroc clip fmhe >> y neprotorts.lipmhe otis.oman s hass lot o an s ameransasselve.ot o youuys ould n baile ers elve . t thguys ver re. ou s ld ma n thepay air wthey th ys r di. >> don knomawheyhehey ay wsty diu >>onno geys,ayidn' do t. s, the idt gstot. eri pne e gst sa ene w adsao bl t b iado l t ou b >> hate t f t eb alouled th>> outat >> wmigh thavead aorrieebal llap . thut y woughncouvege t as kiri of ap .azyehior f y r ewdouou tkif it y acehuntarlityfhoulbe a rew ceral heit in the eco my actaty ul a andor e ryon inc ceng tlhehe i he eggesof ban. d e on we ncntin t t pro the p, es b . hi s ls o mae dein t poi p, th theame nks reow slsma biggernd eve t ig geth theoe sreow fa . erw idtic ve t thaig to ta ha te vefa kind pn is idc t
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itin for bectase treha ve d e a t ofn is bksen eath in r ec t ose at d i ta igof bks en y shldn' they b e rar dede d ig fodoinit ight nd mshovn'e uphe b r ar dthean fo in doou kwhtnd mov aupt one pentan do a k a at ne p s pntmarkettheyergog a to bak i up b sep theymaetey go g coroed 7 of eoo b i b se hew, tyre i h an ulcorof t 7f m d th are tn i h t thkrretc stmakodaat o poi wtcas ma00 adaha ore aoi it w a at i78ents sha. let em fl. i78 en >> n justhe a t p frotel.ster n thushedgefund pte generiu thdgetnded ups tha noby iens iled psnonehaf thobe ba iers,omod ght il be jai ne >>thherebarobas,y is lotodf t e ai ac>>untarelityba is ot f the waa lo-timof fud om t hom wner who lacdtaty th waoutloheimir f i ro tmomero people whpro blytid thingsroroeo ple t w e knowhwro fyne tngshi t w spena wnolew lot ofneon ohi t th tryg t o f d p plenwoton re thrycent pre fdent pbamaplaid thatt waall gal d th re ishy nobntyresntmad j aiatl.wal l th is jail >> jd i ree.
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i hi il m t w>>asi uset people goicarrd awhi. gre is wasus apezile go arrmaziawng res zi inctio thi a andzivee d a eat me bk tm. inio hind r ember the a tockt mketk tm. bu le. r emerybr y wae gointo rckireke at0. bu. >> iybwa yinou re didtet t natou0. we a i sucouer yt tnouidt j n we s er c nextat t j walstre otesotsf pple y w e ex t al reare he es 9s.f pe w oth wor , the do e rk b mt arica's thmoneor isth co olleby t he bt ari's nesle t her 1 >> 1 ofhis cou rys r ulinrg the m 1asse osf ashes ring corpo ti se mses hehaveontr of our cs l ivesve.trf >> n o, a w gup counters les nthata 9% gup c antenst. th at s3% aen. m or th impoanumr. s3% why 5 mor thatpos ne. umr. y at ne ♪♪ my sglass. ♪♪ sas
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pele s i'morgeul. pe( sr ho'ming ge . ( hog mae th's w we too ma memablelace math we tomaemlece e suru oback lo theoad u're n. su ock lohe d re can helpou? yeahcan get fu-siz car fofullizedars,leas n lilpen t?the llowg me. ahn t fuizar foll edfor s,nverasbles lipr ts ste oneow me r eres prst nei di 't cah th. spe to reprentave plea sayeprentate no d'cath peo prtaeaayreat nore esentive odby u d'likeutomed cust er sreviceen ve by d'keom anstneit sr docee. th's wh unle otr cas, anit matdor wh youall chassappre pferrth 'whnlotca atwhoulas ppyou pmedirrely t pers not prot. u di y chas sappre prsferrot. ro cardf a ffert cor. aspp prr rda erco (pho rinng) che sahirerefeed thiss jue inprinield hoin) chsarefeisjuininld
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x thrich >> iidn'wanto be p > th tch 1% m iingn'llntbehe p money m thegall reetroteheers colainonhat of t peopl he l etntrotemostsf th w lt coh in t f am tica pd theo is y my ro st th protrs cnt wh ar ama ths mhe ot c%. w so alscread aheho log so ls eatled ae arhe9%ndverylog day ey edardd pheic9%res ndof pveple y ldinnote sayg tddng pscs pl li m broth er w as lind teay fr hisob , am li bheth w9%.
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:54 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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