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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 17, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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herm cai oa .pl20 stt rneyolds s ad rmai .rickry ryds stumble sad we l as ourck s pel s mb wherwe snd ihe op weasurel er s iesentiop re. d ou powe p ye r oti the r e. we hol the eyouswe pye orr o he nati al tweasol.he all ghtown new ti suay."as. l tn ew su." anhello ain fm fonew inashiton. with he anl a ffow ecoomy s tainlhin. a ndth waingtea eocmy w s beg a toda w h whwahergturoc gove bmentill anything to da he getwhmerirns b t o vent l ny woin.g he etininri u b now tuse or itwo leadinri ucan n't are oe o or thkey fig ures ad pushingan there re blic thygeiges a pndng t coress n reic ctor, wco a ba to ox ncos sssday. c to r,>> gd toe he i cbaiso . nsy. >> esid t ob ga antothehe idemoats e p corisayg yo > id obthesandayses t fac o mo s p or aypuicanyo esysbstactiis pu an reated callitingis o re ed name c li>> iouldike . cater me d ow meer e t o cl iasldse ndcar expl dn wh eerct t in clths
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plbs bwhl do he e n btn ve bdoin.e bwhatxactve is pped t. at chrct: wes l geintoppedhe esti of at y oppose hr thweobamgejobstoillnd wt tif y o yoossuppt in moment. th am bs leakiental how d o yyoppin men fe abo b eing thekiewenalow do febo bng he ew politillainccding to the mocts ? poti in >>ccell,diou kw, iouess loe of tocts f?olks on theth er >>l, k i ss sidef t lo t a fisleks wtthe bl th dowdeto per tsolind i ale t b rllly t a ut hathower nd ithe dfe rees t t havlley a wi thi preseentfere tret hre wi hi eslicytased and we krew i is t n, chris t hecy isasdnd k w ilot if rences rig ht tow cis t s and thi het ifreesig dhipeoe hei try nt tsees tryndeoi t a side ty t defences asndry nd co ade co t detfehenconhehis co n agr o co tet he agr thas t the eno my gr gr t haeful teak. we aee tre itoo muc ul ea k. inco d pa ty an this ioo m couny. we elieco tha everye otyhts be un lif te weiehave urypond oug t e worifng o the pies tphaug he tha happ whi is or o he fos oniemall t bess a nd hehapphi s
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at i w ha t wefo aonllrying toes a do g oing i f worwardwe.ry in to >> cis: eak dow and g ng talk fpeciwacs. lo at ce p: sidek 'sow jdob lkplancich as lot pde's j bck ith e anch sete ts we. he it . ith 5 bill n no h daseta t twe ts ahet incen ve 5 llnoda t a $1 bilon incnendin on $1frasiluctu i and aidndo st es.astund id 62illi nor daka aito e unstploy.. 62liorakai un oyesti -- 2 biion aid tohe une mp yeti- bi n id >>he pn wamet it h ato lot ne ofestance n b>>h pwat aidotes of of e aiesl fnkncehen th id pr oidenf unveilet ai i fhe t pren ueit ptemr. en t predentpoke sai let' stophe aem orotng t re ntapprkeaioach we ill t't beopor t ar incr ses smapr busess,ch we hel nowsbe that cr s ma thussenaes juss,kill t b hews tthiseek. we ave thid snace tusll t b beisk.ginng. we e s t whenhe pside hasome mybeistrt i nnid ai a enagai pde mase p side , we anmyttri a to wk wi you ai have g p ode pwean here. w wi thouiss a p nav g o p ameri ha'se. jo th catss. a p n wemeave bil's sitti ng joats. ove rwee il it in t senehat ey a
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ingshat vee pridensays the benievein.t a les wo tog her gsd fit pren ys e th bgs ivehis .lanha w le wo og agr e wfiith ndet g ahe adth is n ando tt fo the meagca wnithndet ghe an tfoe me ca peop. chr: wel geto t reblic plaand agre the isop pla and wil get hr we geto t tt in mom t. reic la d re bu you ou thayislahatd tilretre t in om pas of oba labunu hat t t yocan up rtpa.of ba la lihat? yoan >>ell, meaup trthi. wk wliashat? >>l, ea inditivekf ho we c com we geth wediassevethreho beig comdeeil at hthe be ovefiv weseeare de il in t main g. h be ve wevave w tolading bl wethate e argointo bng u w olinngnol w eeatkarin b u h small busiss ithe y th wee hcondt thmar buinesses wh si i ane govethnmen nd wethlso buve beslssom an veforwend, t predentays weo bom rwsupp ttsre tnto s lp small busissescces f inanci a pp to s ll capil so the can b insieses fci to pi so tgrow a cre jobs. t o thpres ent t al ow a lot areboutob the ed f thesnetmplo tymt l a ut inranc ref m. e f weneadlo45 i o plan, c hris inncef m. si e tw we y iea plago. cis wh we wsiere twin the y mory,go. wh leeer bhner wnd ie ent he the mpresorent y,d psent him le bth aer i nt o ct job s e est plantim
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we s ad wean cld t csetobs la thinet work geth and swe c t seasidthe ll o not hi nginet w k th nd proa tha the esi ntse ide o otntinhis too o aos she oaha e si co try a into o aamosign abo ut coy > chs: l's tk abt tham ig bipartof t oba plabon. ch l$1 t00abillith in w s ndin obinrt tba la ads,ridges 00lin sinchls. s, ri foitrgaint? ch ls>> we liev ther is a foitin n fore evnferst aructure snd i n thcouny, rbsnfelsty.ct s i wh youave t to ook ithun bs the elesidt ha ge acss wh oue coe try tod fk bridges e id ha and acads ere h says co seey f b ri es thiss w w e eed s sependinays ee d i ink hat tishat dosee nd rend peoplthathe s mui lusktt do s ll tt hereat and re psedeoat s mu sdidn aress the p tblheematnd the is rea n. dn asshe becae thprocs of th is ea apprals so gh cathoc of prs oghown anheow bea ra tianedhe tape b ea ra tck yed can get the ape ney the j ob y anwe setd le tsef the ys tey he j and do t p smilettingheceys to g the hove eaan jd ob t pmitt thce he eaks authe on gheve ea j thathey ee d. the ks so absonolutel. >>athrisyif y cou geteehe bspeutitti andakin s om
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o >>is y ouet thred pe a cutting tpeti ndin omuld u goor the thd a ut ng t 00 blion n infra st ctd urgoe henew endi? >> w t we bant on s ieera iseur waw di to see w twehet s steete wa ases deee away with thtte no whentate dhave aoneyyheyith me f m th fede lnoroam en te vetheyeyre ryuireto s fth asidedero am % of hose ey f runre f prosiject ofat rselly e fot frirooritcty. bi pat r andy ths th areot rice titngs t frkly rbiigathtndth re w th enf st ct turs frfyhe r co tryee to btheeast wctith.f is out form coyee cohrisea w h. ye s wt ermre c ye wornfstorructur spdingut ibanfstct spng i iab rermin the ste >> cis: at aut reinhe $35 lliofor satesteo th do t ha c to : y of afeachers, 5 io r es pothce f ir efig dohaero of >>eaere er go ain. this s thpotypef mo fys aig er th e ar>> te he to e on.f pgra s isth pemo a th theresi nt a octhatar t o a the timulu s pgr .thhesi i thk thcoury e mus uer.ands th th ou washgtonoesn cree js. weeranelieds inrite shonsnre j en rpri .we ie n we bievetehe w you get the ec omy ing ain ri t fus
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bve w ou etonheheus esse s fecy g n tus cotryus eryse os off whi t artewith coy o ofhi teth a epreneur mang aa dec t invespreur me a monma and creat d js ies ancrea a oonoind c ccererns we eedan thaea kof aivity. ccen at i prio tywe rdhthaow. a iv it sawhat ppen wit the iio r htstimowus.on. aw t ench witt tohehe stes nd y imknowhat hpened, it w to s sus aine ysomeobs r abt a owt h pe d,ar at theth tates were suneme s ab a ced w bil lion of a dhelatas re in d dt onhe b yea wonver in d on th.ea w ve >> cis: get e see an fo ive i f . iro ng i c: dt 'tsean nt t fo pute wds inou irro i d 't mout tu dot waut to iou puttrayed dowao alps pntred psnbstructionist b bs uc on bacall b you opps heba ballou o an. ba e sete pn wod beor . mi ionaes a se pwobe bliaires. mi na so a of all sinese li ai s.lkinaboupeop makg sooverf ml line dlars year. in ou op wheaki spe to sma ll er d la rseasine wom i m hom ow he sp to maof rllichmond, a
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neom h s told m rhmd, u kn its tol kn i htards f me h f to me condt bunessightow a eaiwhyre you t al kindbussht a abt ra ing tax es enaiyre y t washgtonecau i wt to e abragax one n those uc ssshfuonlau wtoe sine peoe sh sai d.e se she id wfu is it tt y ne eo shwantio go n nd te ak w aswa thet y ki ofntoope at ioav t bnde t a ki fsuccsfule i b weenow is ts cotryig nother is a omplccnt ulbo wew t co y igfolkat t top e o fnoheer apl come s calelk thatop the make mele t t too makuceh aoo much d't ke o eno muguch oo m ch d nee'tto nc rage tnoset theetop tnc scale toncra t t tir one t o wthorp tnco sle cr te m te job seo w t w can see to a cling he g cr. m j w we aan abo sutnc m clitg g d th is ha t abohoulbe it fosed to ake c ar othshehoul be come dis pafoty id n t tak c meispaco itry. t >> l's tk, inow u brght here.coy. l th tpres ient w su ep eatebrdlt yer said rep lica donth hese t an ep teecondlic pyn. inidacept,ca yonou h he ve ant t ight on p acert, h e ththous intrucedig j
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plan ast may thus tr ed let'brea j it d n.ant m view nt' rea backos dn. ew n rgulaackons. os cut e toorpote and la t rat t toorpotend to vi 25% tat curillns i spending. to 5% y ishat bett r wa y tcull i pe in crte js? >> ell,iset avttsewaen that th cr ot jr wadoest wo. >> l, av weseave enen thathtilubi ot wa es woth the weree de tutorwardbi th in theinning oisutorrder i tnk cintangly did not rcher thpromes t haite ctaly midade. th e is ooth moman p teoee m unpled ithis ou ry .thisoo man p ewe bieve iri va unpl iis ou ry enrpri. b bel ive ismalbusivass. our b crator s agendaenri jt el i alsi . that r cror gewe wt thpresent wor t wi at us. we wthanest t hior o s wi the u we ancaaignog. he t's finthe ingshat are comn be ween hi placangn s inand e s.gst e om bed inenhi ft, chris, i tnkou d willee u w hiin t n fext cis t nk ou nth wiltake orllons eef uhi t n ex tht plathatatchp w it h ilke or s fs, p the cr sthhela fatlochor w hel sll puseshes. f >> c is: elre ithe iss. the s.esidt points t t ct: ie i e id moodoitlyt one ohe t
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onomodonsultinlyg firne ohe scor his pn, f urom whaonltt f imct i ouor havis aay fsurha wou iouav a a 1 mli j ob ou xt yr angrow the city myli an a io ynaano 2%. t c yy d he iue d his a cioen 2%. he iued sten >>how theepubcan bs planhat en >>w ndheenubntn an teconomts wld iatwondennt auall put opleack om w wo.wo havet allt etleeek n wo i ve ee>>hriscongssmactor, do y havan iepde anal>>ysis thangt smaws hr,hi s yav i an wld gw the eco nomyalysndha s hi ad j w g t firhe of col, imyould s as to tad moo'sco nomi s hairtf ild s ths p re de toope tco tnois d ththr cef p econost wpe e o tha t rectth chat efe eco stimus p gramould oephat t unploy nt f mim pamlde rin g aunveoy f 8%. thinwe nd toaiseomeve qution . boinut n -tosee >> c is: qu faioness,irstf all,e wboasut e nomi a cdv: orais,st tol, joh w mccn eno a toohn 28,ark ndi d a t ofhe pvate onom fir sayhethk it i a isof% pte o r g ro om airilaythont
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is o jobs g, millnobil t it bs , uldll havob som t s ititmulati ef ct. d av do yom hav slandennt coring ef. wha you yrav planoends?ennt ri we t foard plan t thaour oe benning the ear,ur e fo d an bu tet, oka be d weg adher,ur bu ind, epkade wengreionabudg offe orinwhicnddideral renadgffth gs. intalkic abod theact erat o pl actlly alt it theth . elkborisihest b ori in g d plct they t t de and def icitsive drhe tri den. ndef it d itid tk abt th abil y fo ur pri t grow it tab th w j s, es .ilfo so te hav g gwhat nd o f js,es soavhat anysis >>hrisbut u dot onhis jobslan? an is >> w t th job>> pist idosons bs n?taki pces o our ve ll wthob i vison f this c oury and kice ur sayi youllnow what,e h vie fhi cound go to p vid yiouwhae p vi go pid ientive for e prite p svitor t grow. ienve f look t t fritsto cis g. nceok t predentasaken ofcere as erenten ofeenre as 6 miion bs lost t ee prate secr n. min os havalsoeen e fa preec.ha av5 misoionn fa foreclosus riha
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this p si ntmi'sn torerlom. is p si nt obouslhis onom t plaer are t workin. th ishyobwesl as omla ting e worin. thsas wee he t ginot toha sa e rectns h ge. t o hawe he toocusn pvate ctente hrise ae.nd sll htous busnines we ave gettesehe suses wee et trepheneur back theame, thats wh our pn d oes. ep ur k he leteoi atwh our p doe etoihat mark zai anyou isedegitate ha t qu mtionk aut imzaanu edite because qu on li mos alysts, he not b au wa riglihtos aly s, e he is nat hsays about y r waig pr osalhes hysbo r neray go on pr talerm econraicgo picy but wonon m tnerm ch fon thecomy a j pic b w mark innheext y feaher.o >> t re i a lorkofext d yte t ilo abt d mar zdi a his abt predtion becse othe h resus ofhe smuluplan that edonec oe suof sluan at lde chr: thargunt i that ifou d't he a t of hr thimmeguate iendi andhaook, ar iif d a hgra of i d idt w kmee dind k, ll i sti lusarne b aegr d t k gume is you don h e iis so sndg a nd s e mes ou d imediattax r elief,
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t sot y snd a e e notoing sti mulaimteatx rf, y j i n nngtila th srt-tm. j i >>hat e ki of ttin ba reg atio andth l-ter >> t takis if sin baegiondeay good l lerong-rm ta is economs bumigheanot y ivod l a shortermoost o th ecombu ght ec aony. we orlievrmthe stst wth is to p vi onnc entive fe oreve ws viinstme to eat jncs.ti f we a forax relie f f sinllmeo at j siss a we lie a andorax rie f age wi the psi ntha t si ae iend sine exp sings s ethi ag wit p at wcanha provi nexpng shi entr rene s wightnow a you p willees bng ail l trne ht a ou rwar ll s pefungy th apresilent ar futhest agree to wk wi us. he igr a ua t king a wboutwi hejoing usn thin cateua tki a utbsmeal aroacsatr inus th can tehe all nothing p la me a ac thr totng p thie >> cis: st aittlover ie montov emr 23s t c: atler deantine fovemhe23 tupercomme to ce up eaeheupcoiteh 1.2 trli cup rth kotaeficit2 inh taic deficitedti youhinkhey ll winkut d it dealedndtivo he ou ankomy at wick
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al trgershat vollhe aomat nc detrrs t l $600illi in re ptago cu. nc >> io th k th the oint 00lin p go sect cmitt is oi tcuo b ith thhe nt ccessf in r ea chseing ce gttlsoi to of gtingt sfnea rsteag g l $1.2rilln inut an d gngn ea fa .2ll serinved hn bide faiscussionser aoh the de vi preisdentss cnsdiit that ao was hemmite th virentdiithat p ros duitdth a blueint at ihinkan for p d e bas to etng t ouet ink the for bato ts. t he chr: yoare confint . supeommi ee c ake hryoeon deal? pe mi c>> wcane fail. ea ere s toe suess wan fnd ouome h ere e.tosus >> cis: wanto ta you baou to eur r harer a w go c: nttaou abouba occo rarwall aeet. w go he the are . oucc ll ioweefor hehe a i f owr one iin osing conrnedbout the owinmobsccyi ng w alin ng onstreed anduthe oer c ies e in bs acccss tyi w count . rend o c s >> cacis: tngreman,o yo stoud byhat .omme aut c: ren,yo st by t mobsme? ut d wh do u thk ofhe forty t obsma white h se who th of anthe d emoc ra rto t t omahi t h anhe dharnocestheo t erghe
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rnese move ent hrge as rt of tir elecveon hffs t? chr, ihink mor ec impoffant t?an muse that hr i wo ihior hepot fac me ha t there i swo gracowinfrusatio tout erere i s acro this cotrynd it i inusiot e ro hiwacoantey i tomanyeoplare t of wo. but waere tem mo contonyrnple of wo weave e t ee mo leaonrs i t we e to whoe fnk l aoing in a e ffor toto wla athersoing ra er t an e forusg on thelathers lici thara hav tenroht ohe abt t c recihaitavuaeonroht i me whe n youab hea tso cre ofuaon the em rati melehectouearsf e emtilect rs inin i blami pts of o in ecomy d bts o soc oie vsus ecy t's ke se ofhe creditoc vor bsume h i as ngs to sof i c me the areolic s t ha bt h they pngtontolace nd he mehereic t a l thacan dey p hero ce he in ts tn t our n lhan d hhe t tn t ur nomyroun and pmote ag nyunndmo incomil n o agn i no dnxciate se wave enc stecefue av wan sce ss forcefu e ryanbody.
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> chors: cgresan ctor, thanyou er coryng idy t.ay ch cd alesys a cleasr,e to t anu co ith y al aasto sir y chr s tnk hr chr: upext,e ta wit dienkeite c irman of hrup t,ta it thsena nt lidi c ir n mmite, wn weom right thna ck. it wwe rht .
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>>hrisit w stuing ws is wk, e mentof t ir ian vern>>nt pisnned wotug w e nt t sassirate n e sarni ped amssad her inasngn. ss e sajoing us to dcuss he amader as ng n.legeplotnd h the.s . ingsosshe shou resnd i the hairgeot h he ofhe sate ili nc eoues ie ir of smmitee, dne fte.linc weome ck t"foxews itsund d." tha. you c . we e toxs chr: yowere ayinndjust befoha we ount othe
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hr yoperele sinllst donfoe oheelieve pe s on thisel ve peuadehemha tsas re ais ansr t qst ns pedem s r me w hi up re thens t qnsraan me govehimep heid thioraan and veme w thato do it ndll y abo w was wgoint n tran dot y rigbo w w ow ?in n tra iasigirst briefedn towhe ginng ofepirmbsterried n t souedou ful nn bofecauepsemb of ou the castoufu b caura andhe e c erate wathendeptmhe 40 parof t ira nian atwahetm revo tion y gu40d, tar t ete i an un thareal i s se nt o ut byvoongu t ete anunhaoal v iiousse o breas that v us finaeserrismt t cer na an iersmn't believet ehe cer ant ast tunen'd ou biett s asverytueal. ou d wh it tpresntedas a ra er uryl.que eff or et enwht esed as a r drg enfrace unteff dr eminirati, f cia a ki o nitif cing toget cheof a ki agcies to collect tet inlligceoth hagumanes tond cct inig han sials ielgence. >> cis: at i s t ielingeee.
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mo com pe cll: g e idee th t th ise rl? mo om >>llet ee juth fish. th s th case i dd bank >>ju fish. t nk . thas e i d thid somnk ofhe signa is ihie moomhe cpeing andig co ly mo c bpeiainrgnd hse . co > chs: t iraan used c hse. chsa d >> tt's ght. in awerso hiquesons esseialllefess. up, ts t. es ntia y admrstehides ist as sellssp, real esia dmd motey wa ias al mowaransfeed. ansoranst'es.eaall r anht. >> cis: w hi up the al gove rmentoes go d wh do it cll y: abohi whap ishe go g o nvent ins o wh dot yboha tha t go onn gernmt. ha>> tt fouuds fceernm t. ficis sctiod b he touudce cisio b tr tr mager. repoed tbe vy cse t the r. ere po no tiden v tha ctset e emad re hed thee upreo lender.ha ther redherer. er taerinly -
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chris: e serremeeadely the hr: smede thtoah. to oss thetheride of t wor andrynah aack o s inhehis eruntreis an tor nd esnlatiacndkha isha t in s tr a ncer usnd i hi nk haesti isha s wh conrns he ers iauhass wh on s we. >>hrisyou y anau ealions d u alwe s t t >>hoisulu dan al io ben alrt f th d allo int ho her cbeoualnt what io yoknowbout t hat? r c wel th is queion at yo owthatuthe f tce ht? been elths uen re sp siblatfor f her bee opatio gng back respblr to 1993 opio gacko 93 in bnoais. anfourays o i iraqhey ais. rrie ut anurs iqy ie orauton or oraon financ oiad onperaon ainsour oplen ir. chrfi: doncou tnk treiaonra ar onsthr erleirng ng p ts ihrndo t t her c ri oth ng p wha i inaidas i t nkr
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2:24 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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