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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 17, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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it mittomne hol te y.he c oa ri perry ttneoltules. 'll k ori sunryday pan tu le whe wetandn the g l o s p wh we ndpresheidenalac and r por la esenf t ek h ds t keyd spo to our t na onal t re hures tey s al orighr now o"fox ns naal tnday alghow n ay d helogainrom x nes wasngto wi the heloinm necono ta llasedto ndwihe shinon deadlcokeod wetalegin nd to y wit h ethein ourea w gornmeeg wildo ath to to w lp gh amehecansuracko go meil a thrk. to gjoinmegnssow, ohous maj it y. le erin eric c'tow a ousne of it e ke f ur leriuschi'the a o o publ an ke age fndurandushihe ngre man blange welcomend ck t "fox ews reundan" >>ood be wreco s, hr t.oxs da > pres ent >>ama d d the u > es t tha e dath as he f e o f deat e reblicg thda obss tr fucon om ic peatlybsalng you out by at na. al >>ng wou lik omr. n'te to come ow nna h e o >>asouik and. te meexain owatxacely io thasend
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exjobsn ill es h notcel iieth bsl in h n wh exaly ihe oos t o?in wh>> cxais: i'll t in the queson owhatoupp te in c : e obl a join bil andhe wha es oat ppu sue ort aomt. ob jo ilspeandng w gerly h y ousut om t. el a ut ei tea n h y aei t lical villa aorng t thdemra lil la wel youngnow, t gue a tht ofmheol on oth er el ouw, ue si of he ofisol w oann tothoier is dsin tof psonality atis w is reanot bout tha t. dto pso li th difnces ha we ravetutha th t s prthiden des are aave t prpolien be are wenon thisown,hr helire i ae a w e loof dfenc r htis nown,hrhe i an i t nk tlonc rhtow an t pple ths oftrwanto se u t ape set si ttrhentseifrees and t me tsi t meogr ones the a thindngwe can aee on. onwe aheeehithe economy i s n a o a woeftlyhe w enomy wegreeheres tuch ef inme d ispa riwe inee thiret uc cotry. belinve tt e dpaone ughtnhi to b coy. l ted el t e ue andht we oht to b be w lkingten t polic ushandt o t lp t t haen w ch i to wng t p cus smas bhausinses nd tha w i that sha t as rema t bg snd
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do oi atorhardt a g >>hris brea it d n ando oi ta speorficsrd. ok a>>the isresieant danobs ta plpecs whi w as ae siob blocked n e pl as natehis ek. re i bis.cke 24 biion rth kotateaxs . cuts nd i. ien tive s.bin h ta ts 40 blion in neenwve speing on infr btruconre ane a tino on atesfruc a a o bilon nth dota d to the emplesed. il n da to e plqu.eson -$62 llioin a the u mp - 2 io a thelan s mewit h lhe u mpye rista o b othen meith s les the lranktaly wn bhe esesidtnvle d i e ilnnk idnvle i septber. whenhe pside spo i sd le s st theptll or. nothing en p de appo soa. willenot st forheax ootng in ease on sapll binseoa il knot or tha. inse s be sete jt kiedhe ill no ha th wee hav saidseince jheki theegiing. avidce wh theresint h comto disict gisaidg.gain and wh aghen,si m resint, w tist idi a toork th y. ag mwe heotsiur, lanter to k yis i la h feor aricaer b is creor a havri12 bals sti ng c o r av b s ti innghe sate thatheyre thin tha othe residt sa
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in he seliees inhaey t's rk t etheinand hande id sa the heingsien hiinpla that we s t hereed a l's o a ade gshila ha w d dohat r th a rien aad dot th npele. >> cis: 'll t tohe publan p n ani ag e ere pe a p.n anwe w l ge c : l totohat a ment. bl p an ag t yoyou saye p thaan wherege are to t m t. rts t he o ma p nyo thaoutay ha re reu c s pos o n haket w c wel i mn this wee as el m t hi in wcati of w wan cas togeer. in pastid thf e b wig t cra bls thatgeave en or fi e as yeathrs big inhe mking. ate o fi hava 3%ea itinhh mdiin thav we e gog toringp indi ano bther thke go ttoongelp sll inno bunessn thway eyk couct seir llsinse with bu ss thy goy rnmt. co t alsr haveinillsse c winhg gofonmard,he pside sayhe lsvels fo sud,orts pdeayhelpma buness accsinan ng a ndsuts lp ma catal he yan b eginbussccinan a ca l grhe andan b cinate js. e priden al ksgr a aotbo js. thneed or pr uenmpymalent aot bo sura e r or thed hadmp 245ymtn ourn, hr ra r nce o ad45ea ors an,hr en w ere in teainit waderoehn ander weninto t thpridenandreseed h erwithhnnd nenoos j thprend psen. h
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wethaid can nouldohese j thgs l 'sor toge er awed an ld se t ase thall r n ngthor ge a appr ch t t thpre dent as thll ncontues ng goutcrs the pr t the nt untr a nd nts o cpasnhe aut . tr a >> ris:et'salk out e n g pas ofhe oma p an.ut > s: $1'sk bilt on i new pend g o npaof o p n. road bdges $1il i aw ndnd on soo. ad dgr es or agast it? >>. wbeli e the is rgaeedt? >> fo wli ithraisruurependingn e co try, fo aoluty.ruurend at y hav got loo at i scoy, thpresy.ent s gone ross ythe avuntrt andooou inddg th es t g ane roadsswher he s e strd dg th is w hy w e nanadd serpe hin sg s and thin wha thhast es w i we s pe inmind ppl e th the tid luinha ha t billhat creed a pndassed pplth he ludi'tddre t pllroblt emres. a p sed ere a rson. di re t beuse e pr pessblem e r n.apoval is s weied bee prs apal s dn d tn uruc ti c r t so ttihickou c't ghe t moneto tobs. t ck c we gaid t'she reform t s tenem tob redo heweerd sinefg p tross te toet t shol r dyobdos ing at hspea about the m eyto tho ob th the nd. hea a ut he so aolely. th chrhe: ifou cld g thed. sore aolrmitelng a. takg s e o f hrif c ghe
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e retape nd cti iit aak s woul oyou for t repe cti $100illi innf st ructulu eor t nespenng? >> hat 00 wanlitoneenf istsct we nenten t?o s >>t hean staee i sets t asoides sonewa w rheight set w. whas staess hae monwa the w ht come rom e fe ral pgrs, wh ta ha thon areheequid to set mem afedel 10% tho threunuidsto sor p ajedes % thathoeallareun n p porjey. ke paths all otheers at a niceorhingy.but ankl ig pht aths a now e inf ra ruceurnget okl theig ht untr n ds t bw ee dnfltiturhe it i abourefo tr thr bise. it s, iouefo arehris e fre iraruure endi butt bassruur diutba is about formg tys im.ab >>hriswhatbout rm t $3billn fostat so ey n't >>ve tislay atfut tchs, $3 llfo at o lice iref ht t ts. y f herchwe gs,agai th is e tyce of neysirndef ese e terhe gypeaif progr ms ths ty f ys at t pre dent a dvoc ate ed t ihenef p gr s thstilu p rogr am tre nt a oc i atink e cntry thtilu p ugrndst i k c ry waingt doe't cateobs. u belve i priva wagtoe ces. enterp se. el i werielie theay y g t onom goinenagairpis t.o f oc weie he y g on t the bin es o ominai t
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fhis on he untr everyesne wch stard wi tr ery w arwi n entreen king ecision t eonvent time nd m eyng aateec job t nv d crte an me o mngoingonrat. j nee tcrt kind of octoiy.r that s pr rityeeig t n kof we sy. whahapped wh t at prty stulus money. sha ppmuch went t thetateandou st knus whaon.apne i cht he testaindd so jobfor out kn ha neyear ind tn the stewe aisoob r t face withil li s ofar d tollathrstewe ebcet wce the yilrliasof o drla t hewith y r >>hrisi gethe nse d rgivme i f th'm w ng >>isgeone e want o piv w iordsfn yrng moh. ntyou n't pnt t w bdsenr mooray u t t al aay al otrtiistut tr ti issicaty ypposethe oma ca ypps he plan the natelan uld for an llioires nd e ten d or bilonre io esme osmalbusisses. b retalkg abt pele ming ov o a malillisionseol a yr. lk ab pe>> w mn i goke a s ov mli wan in myometown w i e s oficon and si w i momow shed
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m e,oficon a you ow i sd m u ardorard to couct sine rig nownd t osh sd wh a ou al kicongt neig ow out isin t es iwh ou al ki waingt becse iant b t in t es onof tho suc cesswagtlec it busiss p ple e sa d.on t ho shucsaidsshy il ithaou si p e wasa td. g in a shakide iwa iyt the nd owa hop gthat have tnoakwahe o av t knothishis untr rht w th e is comsuaintsfabout nois s tr fos athe t end o f thethisomntbo inco s cafosat tha t ehe oyf mhe co scaha he to m and tuon make to eugh. a u we nd to e oukege t ehoseug a ne totoof the iomeca toge tse putheir mony o ortok tca to eatetoreirobons sooe coree a osinof the ap .teeob s o we cre autee income m oba ilinyhe . and at i wha t wewe a sutd nc m cuseono te ar e od f i thehat inco d ritysenohisear ohe co dtyuntrn >>et'salk, knoyo ough it >> 'se prk,idennohas r eagh he. sa rubli ns d 'tpravens ea ecomiclan. insa f rli y douavgoit rht ecicn. in ther ye. ou v e hoe intoduc ahtobs pl laseray . ho in
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uc les brk it owplasay revi aledbroll b it ctly vi regu btion cuthe p cra a gu indiondual ax r e cue a di 2al r. t triionsn sndg. 2 why thaa be er y t orins snd g. eateobs? wely weha hbee r y t tt e teher s?y don't rk. ele havseen thet stimulu s ll r do t .athe preavsideennt p fwatilu in thehe begnire odef hiswa tm. in thehinkerniin o d nisot reach e pr ises ha t t hnk dad ne.ot rch ere s presyeohaplt ad e.emoyedn th cnt . e eo weelieven pri te edth . terp se. we iewe bveieven smril buness oujob eat s anda irps. jus bvesm bu ss th . oub at s a wendant ae pridento w jk th ths. wet wprt enhi wm t s to p ts. t himpaiing. s t let'go fd ththin tha arin c mon twe t s planaig. t' f anthhis.inha ar c n and weact, plahrn, ihi y an s. wi s s w itd nhet,hr, i montwe wl ta pwitiono w is pn th mat up ith nt wta on his,ut the m acr oss t pthloatorpit to hp small s, thecr bussinesseloor >> hris hhere ss thllssue. uses thpresent p nts ou t>>haisrethss. th es t mo pynts ana ttics of t top econmoic csuingirms o
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t sced h plan, igoned wsutingir im pact t wscld h he pndn, says wt it wld imct hays add 1.9ilon j ob s w nextear d grwhe ait 1 b job an dd itxtnar lgrwheit and ss thians chanallenge. d his cen list. shous t replicajobs pl tha st ho i tepepdecabs pl ha econistsould indicate uld ctua y pu peopec bacontots ld i atrk. i han't uapu yetop sacn . i t.hat et n chr: coressn canto doou h ie anndependent anhris tcotsshowsc htoow t s do han ep de planouldrow e noan and ttws h s d jobs? an ld w>> fst o eall,no wounday a to he mdy's j em st tha ft ol,ou ae re sidetont m's saks to themyhat and eirhiredenomist was t t thene t predictd edr thatheno st w stulusrogr wou e kep trect hae empl ment romstusgroup risin g aboplntm 8% i thk we reed in raig som a esti s 8% athwe -d -aiom >> hris in ftirnes fir of al heas - ancomic >>dvisisor fesirf al jenas mccai imindvor j mcc 2008, mar zandand lot theriva 2econ8,ic fms sar wheer i nd d t 1%hevar2% ro wtonh, a f m sliheon i
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% r joro2 miion a js,haont jo woulmi hne setimutive fect ul h do sou hetimuti iepde scong ct of w t ydo h plan ds? co ng >> wput rwar a pl at whe y plan s?ginninof t yea o w t ar pl tdgetoy. nnand in had tea ietepoendent d congadssiol buet oice scorg wh ih diep sdeeval ngiobu oeings or tawhed adiut t facthatalur an auall deal withhegs oneta c ari tsac batri nging ow n a tllalithe bt a d iceris briin ovegr t $6 t ll ion. a d ic and didalk out eve r ab ity r our p d id k t new ob y.aby ur p we he groot tkind o f w. e h gnd of alys. chr: buyou n't thi jo pla ys >>hat is j s phrlabunu t hi jo latang pies o f o overa>>t j p sionor ts ntry a ta p s o o saveng y kno wt, w h av eon tsry a t torove sa yno wt, he rode tovnctior the pvate secr torow.ti or lo athe e f pactste sr c thris.row. sinclo tthe pside has f takts cis . fice the h nc pdeasak bcen 1.6 lliojobs lt in the n ivat s tor net 6 io bs lt twe he al seethe ct at sr n tt h7.5 alllioeee fecsures during th re de5 'sio fecm.sus ri
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th 's viouy hieconic pnsm. arnotkg at i why wou ahireon pry g t oartk iy whyw h aaveotg cnge w h direeionserot weave foc orite re ennsrpri and mall wee oc bins.te hav to genri t andll bins. av g entrrenes bacin t game, th is at olans. tr ne b ac t>> lam me pnte, ths o outns. le war o ndi d yorais legimat estiars about him i yoisegatecse ti ake muttnast him isotec se al ys r ht m. st h re iwhatote sa aut you rht opos s. iatsa a ut y genelly od l ge ros ecneomicy olyuton't mea muchecor tic ecnomy and joby ut on ma met in the n chea tr.cmy a j >> here s a mat of inheisputeear. >>rea of oute mark zandi andis prictis bause mf thar zdi a is relts thetimus pl th prti bseth hrees hemupl th lauded. >> cis: e arments tt l de youon'tave lot c : imardiatntspenng a t loot e i ou'te eet itidn' worimaten a oo welln st mulu onei butthe iid w argunt iif y on 't h avllstlune b e mepeingnd s om gu i y on h medie taelie t hatougnd s
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areot goi s mu teditaelie ttobsn eotoi smute e shorterm. n thathe nd ocuttg ck rulat ns a ha e xes ott rat a rllgoong-term s onics t mit nogivgoeong-rm sht-te boo to e ons mi no iv ecomy. >> wshbelitee thoobesto ay i to p ro deec iy.enve s worlithst i to p vestnt tcreeobs.enve or were f tel f or smallst tes. buness nd w belweve a fel f s llree th heresident t t ss wl a busiss eensi is omet nge he thatsie canttrovide si esis et en epre ursat rigca nownd yro vi wi see u bri bl enresig ow y forw d. wi ee bhopelly e pridenl rw pey pren aee toork th us. i asee actll y alngtobok us. joing in ie inreat a ng bojobsntalpprohes rathe jo g n inthanathe all o r nhi la bsaln ros at at anhe all nhila dd. >>hrisjust lite ov a moh, nber is he >>isstitov dmodlin for tr s sermmitte toome din fermm wh 1.trilli on toe nortdako defith 1.trli ed rtkoefefic rucon. do y thi the will or outefic a de and aid t yhiuthellicut de ndigge thawilic i lu degeha l
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$6 bilon imoreentan ts. de >> do ink at t joi $6il i reta lect ommiee i g ng . b e >>o k t oi succesul i ch inctthe mioa i b ofetti at cces i lstchin e $1 triion cut s an doftit i st ct c hr is$1 iri sn veutd anond te bin dcuio svendd s t bi ce psidecu's cioret t wa tcommtee at pde c t rowadummcee a blprinthat thi canmro du a the sis getting oblinathi tan e s et ngcutso t >> cis: u ar cfident t he ts surcomtteean mak a c: ar c dfil?nt su om ee >>e cak'tail. d l? therhas be cces >>c andail. tcom ere.s e es >>hrisi wand to lk y ck tomyouremkse. ee k a>>iswao y ab t o turupy wa strt. re ty re . ab o wa >> ia fot. tre. f or ifone am cr feasinely ccern abo thgrowg mo o up ng all si c strnet abo the ther itie thow mo rosshengal c nt ry st aheerie >> hrissscongssma do u cand nt thacomnt abo >>isngmao d ha moom? a and at dyou ink the effo by hemoba wte? ouse d d u k he d t em ra tsfo tyry wte tose t haemras th tney, the
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hath momentere apart ohef their reelmotionnte e aorrt of t ir>> cis, tnk me el on imrtanthany usof tt c , rd inks m theiman fanust tthat t he i he gr fowg frtratn outher the acss ts untr andt is growfratouer ac ts rrantrd.nd t i o ma peoe arout rk. buwherani'm st c macerneoedar it s . hav e lebucterdm ea cdersrn in thi s av ewnho franklyearers jni i t in n ff t toho b fmenk o therinha fffocusintogn t poli es tt her fus buggn t outhe urlint t sit hti. i an w n y htear some oit th d ocra ci e wned y heaso leade o thra ea joing inlaming parfur in ionomandlami pf sietyers om d let'takeome theredit sie orlamesere in was hit'ken,e ihe redi t an tse a pol ies haortme i thasut int i pla and t re t aols ha t is aot t t ca b ethoneerentla nd inhisowo t a tcaer the ins o econom arod a pherote ainomro a ptencomabilityot g n incomil and exoria som who he beendx siauc sssl. w we wet succe ss en f s
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ve wbo s cess >> fris:ongrsmananto thk yofor mingbon today > s:and grwaysan pletoure tal k thyo r ngwith touay d yslee tir. th >> cisir thas. c >> cis: nex we lk wh ane t feinstein hamaof c: exe w e se te int elli geenceeite macommoftee,hen com eig se nt li back mme,n omig ck
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>> cis: wastunng ne th wee elents the iran n go rnme c pla: ed tasnnne thee les he as ssinane thgosaudmela t ambaadorere washi ngton. asin th udiningso isss t he baore whi to alged ot a how he u inis t ould espo is e calirmad anow u of t senent ellige nc ldpos cman t coenitte welce ba to ox ns co tendayia ei ns >>inhankouhris lc bao n >>hrisyou re s ing ayst >>forenke we on hrheis air >> is u peop s stig on'trewen air
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belve opti 't is. b persde tm tthis w real nd.nswe two q ueions rs t t t hi w fome. ho highp inalhendwewoueio iranian fo. hovernghmentin d ts go inind rnnt d wts g doest te youbout what w ing none tehra esteouiguththat n ow gone eh >> w fhtirstried in n t >> wbenninof s feptemb. i itound doubtfu bein b saute. it nd e c d obtfhactersnd the of ophaativctwas erhes dartmen tt 400,art the i anopivs daren t volu onar guar0, thet he elite unithat ally ise o bluararheli ir iitntt ly varus a t ir int ar nanc terrosm e a cetera. nc tand droid en' bie ititr.eta. budas i dturid out i ititr. i bu iry rrl.t anwhat it reeseed was ai rath uni reff t b weanatree w oudru e orthmenit bwe ou u adnistortionmefbi c a kind f adstonbiom tetr nd fagenes toom cctr inteigen b henan a teen b a gns intelligee. chr: wh is gn thent sligle
4:21 am
most om hrllinwh evisncthathe sthisglsea st >> linvi mncjustat finish. is theeaases dead nk i l mstinhi e s ieahinkome i theiglshi thnkmoste t compellingndls second thstomatll him self .send >chri theranisedatarimlf > rihenilesm. ar thas rit. ansrs this estis sentlly smssed p, hari esse iall ansdmit ttes ti i w as nty ed al. se ll a anitmonewas w . annes transerr. and t irr rl al r igd chr: hohighp in ihe rl vernnt digs ito anwhat doest tehr youhoboutghhat in goin o nrn dnitanat esteouutt ha t inovernment. theour kudorceov en ofcialsan ione by t her kor ofalanney t treary dartmt ilude ea dtmde lama whos he of the forcma ho he fhe iheknowas aery re rcmanar. iportow to a very cloreseo e sueme aderna th e isrto evo enceerhalo io sue er reac dthhe sisremeeveacer. i ere ac smeea c er ely- >>hr: th c supme lder -
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th >>thup lr ayallah >>o crs tohe oer se theorldnd t aya allnttack >> cr toin t os co stry a held t aescationtt a thats w tco y coernss a i t t hacaton as tt w what onces t cons a t s taudist as at ce twell >> cis: u sa sandiscsalatio a an d yo alsollayha t we s cho: sasc at be oale for o ther anyoso payts ihawe s otr c oerior oer p tsat dyou ow aut tt? ot >>riell,thiss nouestn d u aat t for has bee >>l,isnost re spon ble tr oorthas operions goiack one otho 93 ernsoi ues aires. and ur ds ag inq tyues re caied out a n d dagn t cad ope orati aonn opeti fincialeon orati agnst r pele iiraq >> hrisdo y thi thele o ti eag ot thpe i oaqoi ng plo >> iisn yhihe ot r ou ntees? o oi lo >>hat sai was i hiotountes ?
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4:24 am
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4:25 am
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4:26 am
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
4:33 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
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4:38 am
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4:39 am
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4:40 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:48 am
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4:49 am
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4:50 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:58 am
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