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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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pled'v out smalpeop hav ton fen f pd utemsees. al it'opavo haenenin ffrom mia tse. t'ainomia lwaue, atral to t anchage oau aaloriza, cheoaklaizo orlando,ostoo brselso oro,to berl.a.orls lst rla. lsbono l ndon. lon on itprea t pisthe itea t p madr, anback heohe dver, dran cockrado hheret lst two zenor dr, are codore l arstedwo and as n seadsre antameranrednd a leads li sdsnt iern's su eme adli iadersyatoah a khanei u ed erto ahai venuela hohav rt for een collapse of hav r r apilism.ol e pollfshoweep apreingpi sm stru of ll sreet a llowp a whopngre 6g o nderundenf and set more op 6 ode suenrisilynd0%f republans w sy th hveusi
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unfarabl impblssios of sthur h g fincia fablmpiofnstutio. stilfi whaia arheystor?io >> ilhary wr? have a vaed ageaut theav meag isa caar. the atus quogea i ees c. uucceful e anusuo i unsuceainale fo kepin a stng mdle cls whhsunafo is k in esntiato orst melwh dmocrsy. >>esia o wich prty, if dithcr w l>> harns th wrh py, enefy? whth i w tireal rnthr aenda ne thia wh tal litime ada hi lim prest? or aeep, darlot tr t? ov thro athe ee wrldsep, ar knt t i? ovroe wd thiis a kn ma i rhi aisma revotionloba ints namre. they wnt voonbana to. he ceate w anr y, ithat totragy? c youte hnve the iat t learars o? ou h th he veme two wksgonea oh mewo wos-nb sang wre nere t rform we'rnb sa g wing noe co tapse r thrm 'r stem we a g notg hreooseefoh em t. aot h theye caing oplyfoor
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eyrevocationg p>> irhinhat voon len isin atematts o theens prramere harsemat o bsthe panoid orrme rs baidr lusisal wot. i tnk hs sil bling thewo gand ihemef thiout t hflg he gopordon. we'me goi to ehitho' or. e'oio e rio't. be or rvera 're ingorac t. ri > alsbeor rra tnig e gac mk's ls mnume ttsg ddiced. m s e ltestn mme ain dc. ute lstininte d wh gein th whe lanoteh std by forhatail pre to bete liv ystby houortr to wee inbeheivou mitf weinit. 's a mnthnd couing. knowhathey a agai mt.h wh are theoug.or? noaty a thatai our whuesreon?he t mer? inoduc my atur gestses? meeynucyre fmeft gts o reght f medft eertament rt d mol etant rus ruellimmoo.l the foerus rulypdmo
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eoeteive. ourwn chdles pnete f burnesshs p neork. matt f f segelbussro ou tiheek. tt selu weiite. ll wee. kond repsentg ganid lar froepnt commicatns w kersnilafr 11 a weick up themmat wrsame, a c1t a ekphemehousads ct roup wit ver rongeeliuss,utheye saidouit wer nglian deyhe id proam. w th're ingxtrely pite an wero a.precte the gtry tt. p et me tartithane y staed theues tonith wmeerth y kn wha ttaey'rhe agast. whatesre tyth wor? 'veknaidhat t'rga. be re. at tr? ve peopid shod go toe. foews.m. is i 't top groho tgoat hoo cidehatheyoes.or. i it' tro t houghor tem t b aains deteye r.someing. t' ey'ragait th samegh thi t t b at ans fnkly meg. 'raithmehi9% o flymerans aregain. a trd ofers epub cansein ey'r tagait iubequansty a 'r aie fa that's i risua a fa dramicalha oveshe lef seveisl dedes. thamquesalonveealleefsn't w vees. e the olksthesll't w hre the
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th estiks is wh ar'tore fos wi the h he>> le btilancs ihrith ae fowihe l bnsernctiveoice ih its te. haveereenveceurve and l ernit the p togra we l iveicatn ve thnd th l 68% he pfra inpendets i at and 0%thh of8% rpublannnd d dave anf ufavo rblebl dttidee an tard uvo e thfinaialti initutns t tdt surrndthna ul he inhenut prk. t wel y u rrnow u hn p.hat el i yn't amehemw f tha part atin o er wdsi t asem aga fstha e ba bartouts o w i tnk ingaapi lismbafoua ts failyou fa . tn ipism stt a ilu lamona. sta a itoesn wortut,o o is l na taing a baime oit.snor thinthet, odeasf tring g dowai othis inholeatruures tngow sguiisd. lo at at'soloing on irue eupe. 're eing ui soalislo comt 'sng ton an e. eu . doe note ngork.oisom o they nee e gi nticoetk. eyee bilou. iic >> nody's avocang bou >>o's acialcam. >>hat ou al >>t tha wee patots. wehae p trio.we were paiots at wes. jstwe dn' p waniowall st et
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catrolts ourwe j fure. d an wellan tht per b k col touru. th e we pehle a awa p b froh pe a wa rporionsr andpeci teres. 's rlly ornsndimpcind re rit'sy --mp wee sted iver a or.'s 're - walstre nweecaste i er a hatthathey o ext, not e al bereuse ncaant to tatratty dxn. ot we j t dot wbete itotoontl t our fure. d ey s uld jt bedo w abto bntbe r fe. s d polibecanshatbeo b eect. ty'veeen linst et. br ing tveen potica for ma geratis. >>rhey gouldto it poca iorlega. >>eouti k>>owy ld ge ildo,'mlad i ig >>me dn.ou k loe aro,nd. d the ar i go pe dle. u wh somoneetsr. th $1aroilln e li. the whoms1 coll lihe fromerrl c lchrorr it [bep] le o. opleave itb]o rlize they he o do ilee i a w rzeon'he h let peopo inf ienceou a t won' bdet ings ecauop thenfcehole thg wio go e b be. gsyou'au gotheo beleh pacef dowwio e re. b whayou gu'ttaotbe d pef ow i suort .eacul hau ga demotrat dn. yore g ng t sut ac gt moat yo ginfi trato. >>old . gt
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wh abo wha oufito aid ab>>td peac ul? wh bohadbsobtely that a undr ac?erce wha thmajoty ofsoeoply reat hre dr abt. ce ha're t h eth tojo oop velent h tak do theab e hogovement vntak th spedohelmos a tllio onvent defe e evy os th cou a deroy t n we'rhereo c mefeev y ndthouey aocat s. soal ust' c're ar f aeaceat >>so msttt? fire of fll, gvee yceur m ?reacon. irf wh reaion l,d yo g ge y at ve di ac yo.u gewhearomn yoaste ek fm pele ho vdi aeo e neramytympheti >> w f gpe a lot ofiew fe ra ck tmpt stid wur g geratiot f geewraten t sseti eti-catitalt. i inkhes rllie ar-cal pi kes pitast bause rhey'ie r suorti sma percntsnd ta bsey' sinees w can co etesuti ma agaitrcs the two ne w tanoe bi to ai fl hestition o arwo getng all t threceiiono in f it wan thll cro beh d methcen in tooagt th bigroeh m toail, iot t boonks. >> ieresngig pint. tol, certnly t gd bs. s ioganes p t. you ve a rtituy ionere gher s an orgazed lab u aisticaltunase beenerbleo deler thgadaboots stonalonshe g ounden andle teloteh ts wi hes fonks gndnd tote? ll ttey b wi aes f pitic faor te
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co n vemb t? >> b th will a be thr pecisicna co nmb m ke.>> h's nil ourecieon th meist fo m t.em. n urci wh t weeed be m t lkin abo is te t fa. the's awhed defferce tin bo twee de tcraca andhs pita shodn'tonfu theee toeacnd caus ta.emoacy ho me'tsfu he go trnme by anforhe usmo y pemele. pitagosm imey annr ecomic syem, dpe. we ta ihoul makn surcic sy, rooveltid w th theulak gourrnme nee t ierveoo atlt h timeto mhee su tgoatmeee t catali i canveturve bemeuse m riut no t it' ru calian amk.rvee rinot' ut'sm-t has deroye our whe soety.stas eyeur whsoy. >> h doethisnergbeco someing pacti l t t c hangeoesisrgco meg pti t cge soety? fore, thol iea i soy? or tima tlyol i ihe ks i thi par ve tmago o io k t ihi t ul omate there g ing t hve be tleo tir ultehe g t h e ange the frtratnni t and to ge he rchanat witn orgizatns. n e noonfo teingll anfit is drgnat and.
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noebuedingng it dnd sp scrahbu-ngt fomcrah ipot ra good f>>raerao, wha illhese pe le hode havratoha do,on't se care i yopere h demrat,av repuo,ican't leral or re io coemervat,ve. u ha topuan co lactalheseruys that akecova. the ha lws.o itoakestsehems sate [leep lonhego l. it eschanmaws >> s rsell [ isep tons t wro anws >> wn tbe rlls t tro t oupyi? >>heact isall oyi >> seett aladyccups whingn osl r st bhalf alwe wyt th pele tup w dong o it goi to b wolf w wilthe torome thet eney oio too somilom eolican,neo omey'lwritli legn,lati and poibly 'lit cstitiona amenent egat wtil sp wand postrely from c coitrollnag our en t wvern snt awaretu trero pwer o llofurtohe pe le.rn a tu youe d teami pr t to abet. a ou dmi nstition tmenent. i'vb gtaake tionent. bre. 'v g che mre plu te latore vte m what witlu that hean catn,hat wi v atitim? at 's wh ushegai cnhisati wee wel be rghtm? wus baaisee liv webe rtaiv f
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ce-pside . ovse fir t, ipres yent ama long th hianic -pde fi iest ao thiic vo? ifou s thao fe suld s not educhae chdrenho havome s dto otatot ucchen forave no rson o that theve bee brghor treo rn nothheaulee o teirr twn, dot thk yo havo aul o tr hart.n, do wetheed yoaveducang hhest. ildrwed ecaeeheycaesil drbeco arag on ourcay soety. co foragn mosur linosoity. asoros caidatperrsineome los pl caatorrr cpassn fothene me chdrenf l ilega c imssgranfo.e ch en loly boedy t igard, teman tes gornor camignlo basd t sier t bee cr hedte byooramn siconsvatisee dendinrdyheir candatesiveo ns quatier te in thir ndesve uncumeed. iua h t toe thomewt n medish.rt iing havcome ho to tewace ande the shfron iunneg righavawaymend th te nd opletarthe heang on nepoteghiallayabouyourh pocies le rtea spificly imm rati te andllouur yingoores insptateicuitmmnti fornd ng n illetelitormmignts. soonsvatis sa the lel di't wt toen bigards. wit so at. ns ti agasahe'm n oindig wtoo spe bd it lo o ime. ga woyingbouthe nin
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popes. >> meerryolunngdut f mpo >> fit ry ace d a unghf fi1.8 o e a seembe 13o thd p.8ce o sew, abe j3sth3.7 p o fr ay. a j were dng erythg we.7 o rny. ee d ethge adnisttive bhe fa of e mdtterstve b faf s tre ae la in e bo ms ther i he t t a forc >> tlan both p hside tas ao rc t sueredt thpoll p becdese of a immigrion, usuedyethllec o ionicly his imoblegrisn,he revse o iic s perrles, tte'seen tev otoug dertin rr mo tlleslsen t theirst t ugearsehanin ogeor w.leush did henst trs eght, n al med theor sh.psh dopid in tino et, su ortald heh tt dn foowe in a gustnout h amini tratiowe noun d ahatst h ani ctinsertive imme atelunbrand aat bacoor cerve amnemey. elan >> ahat canacoors ne >>t an to priotizeo enfceme sin therare ioze litednfocemenfmein ere resoices.d do yeel afome senf sos. o yncerel ove ten aprent er osioofve t suort r thepnt
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esidt a tdmi istrioion amsugt he ltino id >> a is tsmitrnnte oram seetar l noken >> teealaarr. theneas amot i becae i thila he thaas tmt i ameran caihiha tatis wil asker emsees w i o or stie. il >>sk t se re wforc oatin or s sport thpres tent dnesey srcged in an ent s lartled the thest es sd fit whe ea d hoe fheum o aericiwh lano ho f herige. o a it'ican hor to beaereith man ri. leers t' andotohinksehore th ha com anogetr fesnendnk reoon haomet t f cebrateatino re culte. >> t teresatent thinunit atesakinwhat was lt >> t senteslly t ry plitihl anit esinatas part anntpeey ptian avocang ssagofort ns rtfee h jbs aca agrt bi, bu wha h wen j unmark bi buherehatheen firnverrkhite hoeoru on heremerinir er lateno horu hetage iri wt h ela inte to abo thee2ge mi wion h uncumeed teo imbogranhe mi no ar crrely in stmees leman ariza an ar ce i alamateing l ngle izan otolang vy le o hah v
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treaent. en'thea uncumted imeagrant. lik the 't 1numilldn im anik elhehantin t roo don't 1eresint hlleo elve mnth tooore dot esi h agessily t m resoe th suatie? >> inkeg hassi t bn. i' beesoath s patiner ith>>im o kas that b i kn hei'ee cesarth ve o dateply nd kne c ieinow delyd ii ewathisreay th wt wee dog. ehi theecreaary abo wweildao sos, makhe tcry bo armentda tt so ak tlatis ha arnt frnd i the twhitthous >>t isn ti byha cocidere th ihe youitus hav tsnirstyodeth u ltina aav tst binememb or k lna a slaza i ne thmbr cab ket. hureds sza i o thab. atishuds ser in the oti ern adnisthetion >> wel asd adston he femeds deteive. yor fd gui ani tee.d r wld nave alwed is gup tuii sta w mayo bl mberal mucd g tta mopene. yo miled oer liraluc o pogreive o wea inenome mi m oere you ptandre one ean ? me >> cmingown ms. her'm ge doundn came d n. >> it c theng firwn ti ierasm gere. imeee the d itrowheir i
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th mos iorta tnge. s tithe e cwdow ealesthoshat ita wha tt th t're itinor f come al ki of vatolen toha th oe wh f velenc occkis, tfey v teneato at w ohr. whiolee. v nc lon acc th t t cotuct w h thselv, itle allbout on a clningthhe prk.ot u camake th plvimetit, mallut clng p. it io cake pet quamas. lonas te pe le a e i tothernd n duang st f on t th iseest aying p opey otoer n d t hurtgthsstng pe o th gs rt ... >> gttarap.h we'lbe.. r>>ght ga ba.p. 'l rtba
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>> galdoevenhougwe'v goneo grt leths mak themeelelce, t ere h ve gdoenug'v negr les reaketta y be someml clcashe tse h betwn th ptests a awretabeom che twenfothemen p st seve al denstrors hav en foen ve bede peptrrs savraye e aloughheseere beep iolat sye cide s, obehaal of ghesee ci, i uld ke ioatpolize andeto oha mf kene tcingi d ol abseutel an m
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ear. t all pperpraysed wbselade om r. l erayed w00% pree cyenn peer% p tracwitht an aded cilnne or trs fa acth andan adlas cmplerly t trfand cle t saltree ltee >> galdobacktarg wa than the cro g fordockrg a t lowi us anheoroheorhow withwit exs sswhanng. thex in the coercian.rea inhe soothinci inearestg so hinppen. nst di't g whther hen wasi gherasthis deba oth thahe wis succsful russ rubaellthha whin thaas u air. ccul go ssahea ru >>lucceinha ocrsn uocir.y gobecaeea >>ce ocnci ca the infstruure socty. someheillnfrue exc. therocs a.hol matx f thmegsl thxc app .era ol gornme meraty sexes ah t eth fodatipppon wch gomeongerssse a t instryfo andti cnil w sietysng buil >> w t doin thryndave do c s tywithhar s? il >> wdoh chae es'o indidua suc ss
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th had lart to o wit>> te facha'nduauc that hed i lrasttocturwasitn tac plac atit ge hithe i oppsttuniurso >> geralhi: the saypptoni me you' in l.uppt of he>>althaye stitions >> i hink e'reu'nn sppor ofppof gornme. itns inkre sor f soluly. >>eralgo: wame. bere iet tussl. lu >> ial hwaar be i tss tsessa thou, a. the h pesidt, tsath eu,zabe e pidarre you' o ebe a pubc u' sten i s artedyubusisstrn ane en bedrm ap stmened isiarl wth dr ap en0,00 i0rl aaise w i 00 rsed fm m ay fsemily andrien. >>od bls rd f m f yoly >>den >>l rght. gobleso e. r bt.t goesy [bep]very. dy. b thb i] oryeou mre dfy cr it th fo owhat i mo wn iet up r ery rnin atfo 4atin to wp mo ingy int 4 ts mogightht riculo. mesge ss i we all d ilo we. eh idivi ales ca s d ie ll dll. lesse al we e ivica d do
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. ssaloell ne o wilo we. >>ll nhis o aumen il iwhetr or nowe'rpartef a >>olltiveis an a we enould ietor noe'rrt a reonsiell ve en g ng aan te ld way t halth e sicarer d ent g a t ecatiay t hthr pe le tret arrsuffing d int eti vert shou wee re onsie fope tarffg n them peop out h ert b lievou wee eshousifo be. th belemve t t ou oput h gvernnt bev e in asesthelhou tou fun grn deesnt ouheal car aun dcent edatio e d cent alarppounit d nt therare hersd whoioelie i did i dtntpoityse . ere rsholi i we nowd ihatse iolatn i werefewed tas at sknes iat we is fe a t a socty ha t reesen stheeseopl awed thaoc a in tvidus annot e reenepl ah in du ancorpt atioe. >>ou dwellnhis cuntr you ell yrp tios >> d clluntris cliketr harlu . l arleis a gre tsuy. ctr ke nody'suestningrlis hd le are wo.y. frany, nody' q stiongno'sst ng hthe rdork of poplewo who d an n y' q weio in e rkocify. p letheho d laer wenssu isnhisci couney, y cana jstork su srd aetishea and uno yan jellk y mor a thea usetondehe ericl or eam.thse let'beeal rlly iclear therare gal m.truures n
5:25 am
t'al r yis cntryhat aar ere lrues eorce ur p tent c andry pticy a t ece p pontciesnd pyre t enrced if y dro aoeserodt. e radsenreed aid yro for iteco.od all'm r sasngenddll the or pele rco sang lsah pe wehoul a ha an opptuni forther rdeul wrkinha pnopleo doppniorell er >> wt perntagf win pledo tasll ould womeot payeroaguppt at? at'sall iant ldeoaypp ? kno 's i >> t ght n t wethyre yingno >> t a n ler t tey ng rte. ie l g t a r. i g $1 mllio a chk. ev1y si mle oio of my chmpl eeevsi o id me taxofy tnpl t it. idilousit >> yu're bingunch diusver ingl yre b pergn hech wantto gl evio gernera hons had nt thoi io gra s ll a lgislion tadohelp em a l susleed.n t oere flsp etitl to aud. job ke s oeone ireuppod to f etlo dot fo s.b sne i po toe sis sawe wnt t wordofo and wan to sisaerv w t >>hatoromes ou
5:26 am
d anoerao, i rv rered >>wt yoesura ietietti. e d reoredn985titi dededot t g toedlora and lt85 ba ednd t d ginko beeora a getd atte tan ia wa dk ieeecid ao bus ttte t my i bu aa i moci o ausyu a b mo o a antrrene. that my p brogave. becae i d a i i suldtrne. notaty be pga. cai ienazed. s d wat sobodyoteeds t be plaito tseolk inad. n wo dyds th a sileoth aiith tree tlk i n workg in clthhingitoreth isn'th wor tngeard she' rkinlng wkingor h d andn'or makgrd e' ,000 wng hndak 00 ye. it fair f soone toakee tai f oe 1,0 tis mooehan h 1,timoair? an ger hdo: 'll b bac wi r? er: l baci lu? don't ade luc tradon fdameals. ? analn'is. t forme ion.uc ad fmes. i trale t. dearrmitecn. thiss webase adin re-sualtred. tareciswese ine-al .stamin reatimeuote earngs alysi stineamete probilitanalis: at'r's aat osiortuty oks ke.obital: 's ' os altuvisu .s . intuive. d i'avai
5:27 am
ble e'alsu erev theeb i tuis ade stragiesitre 'lt.aie evhe i tradrchi ct. on i frow td aeritre.raes b. adhi.onro atr lcomto bter tre coissi fre foom60 d bsr whentrou ocon ansiccoure. fo den oanou geldot
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lar.eoar asough as tme ma be asgh s tai kne'lleverme. knowherere btter daynller . ead. ow reknowhis bcauserof tayan toweng or d. u ow s usi kn t thi beuse of a we o h u anknhi hiee geratn ondur a. we a h heroday in aan coitry gat th dedurated aer mnume toayn a oy th theded mmeegao. soith oth ees o te hozon ga andsoth our e o ton aitd suare paced i one otheetits kp sre ped i stving let e khep k strglin le usstng ke t k cmbintowa tattrin les e promed cinwa t lndf a naon an a om wod t lat's more faindaoren a ju and wod t's mororai eqlfore jund ery sile cld oorqr god
5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
tiane ide. >> you knrai lt wk de th ght at h>>e ounasai l ieres wng tht h d crmin butot rely a ies fact . cin i' chautedey a mi. ct ei'eryoha is waingi or eyo s rmanaaing rket t fize, but anin r hat't. t he'st thiz t op thea. 'sth pos. hp hentins too r hse. he s ms tinbe tto rl r. s t t r dl. gerdo: lly omovemt sionyou d had a er: y em t e-inonoru ad at'sappeng heith mart t lutinr ki, jr what as'st?pe i men, tayth a folrtutkijr at kow m t ae main lolher ng moria seditedn k waingt. i hinkmaher lsr moia qutiondidfagt inker mauin lonher ng weliv toy, hwoulbe ma lr hee wiiv to hesulolk thoste imrtanquot hinki to rembe at tis momlkt is hetm an otid l k, thenk p oble r isnbet tomse lhe p lesn nessary inualihat the's se dree nearnliatf ths in suali in e de cotry. at'slway gog tof inlin haen.o y. th prob'smayostouch pertya. thidstobuchslentch
5:38 am
pthatty whas drin the fostshnt her athadrh tday. fo >>eral: doou he an inioabouerherm cai >> y kw, ty. i >>alhindoherm han cn io ou rmspeaai t y k i ainrm c naon tha eaantsahao ha allf oroblsntoil do to fehall obl nilmber dooe gerdo: n9. er >>he ralit i are er: ot>> oy reblics argointo b rit m ire thate was to oais urre sicesarin b ta but m ostatwa tis sconists agr taut hi panton' fly a honts wongr flhias pn'l a hon rel fl >> galdowhato yothinof hislan,heel 9 g pldo?at yo in i d wsryn,bout aatial 9 saleltax ich d is wouti le lex h as b becae l ev aywhe b ca ittart av he or 6% itnds urtt a r0%. i lo the% i iea th herns ca hacomep w%.h lohe iher plaa everhane emee isalk wgn sod bis, alad at er le etislke's trng tcraf i i ahinkat thases t af havtomeg. ulimatenk ahatack t tackor co.. av at'shere lotlte ack t o t ck rrupon io, toe hnest wit 'sreot o t up ito yoe h st it gerdo: arlefromhe x buness yo ne
5:39 am
ork, er ou: dlearome buss collgue, rusllek, the mut d succsfulan ithe par lle, us prablyhe m i dot kn whe i ank, macceul iear 13r prly5th doknhek,a hre. 13 ryouot h lileang h.ngry ut mt i frg beg netiver cnsertive ry in m meelngs out fe crd. bene ve i c wasertve m extlyellears t hy, br ll m >> i wassn'txyary, b m i w'tngr gerdo: opleho doga don'getgr ngr er>> y: lehin dhese ppleanta ton'ear twn t sgrstem and yakin se pmoreeerfet r tthespeop a seemnd her beuse re fe th'rn p liti llyesop aer asteee theythe ptiys cmpasonat th're vingeyeoplheyeot olen cas inat anyhe ng waypl ey ey ce t mak a en cangenn ny e cotry th theyay lve. c t th donak wano c teagenythg coyhhe l . do.thon an >>eral: leeas ta a lthtle wa. do >>ll balletaomi le rig bac to wa b u. mi >>ou'viggotaco to reize sothin>> 'v t>> whaveo feeews lo soin foll wingve fso ou.llg >>eral: th knome. y aryou he? u. i a tual>>althnorom. ocpy arue main we itard aal amcccutionp thine. asur garnera asemb a hcuon
5:40 am
grow i wthted tas coown gra amb he h andee h itow wd to opetinn >> hat youhe dnd i lif h t >>'mpe a>>tudt t atou d te i unersiif o so>>hernain i woudat t p rt-te junsi o inornin wo reil. p -t j gerdo: u, s i, whe ar you fr? i frore. er: mic sgan.wh ar >> gualdotellrs a iro bicn. bou gdolla yoselfnd b whou'ou yo helf. i bievehishu' ise bveeasartys movent, ck ihe day whrt mpansade ve, i mon paopleh ma an toy wh conmpan psleake ma moy, u lo my. y urtowh can jeb. o it a't lo y rght. thats no jigh at's ahy w're her s rt. weatnogh 's we er encoage, s enurage all t a coe,nag payerso coll o t a parsco o a ocpy. gerdo: y aryou re? im herc t.eprent t er : arameru an? p opleto b ieroice t rre the er 9% ple h bve bee sccewed overy th% 9 hwe'rsickee acd erh tre 'rck a o t go trnme sysm tt don't gi us an t gomeys tot ppogitunis. n >> galdowe'ldo me wi the owd,ore witurponi sella gdo'l m wi pane e d,we'reithit oupy slllatre.
5:41 am
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5:45 am
lter d l sairs. dai mt, it' a minstam regionnown mort' itoarg mst reonwn numes antartsager mean missnari. >>urge ssri hrita>> hhap w we haecoms hta a hap w weaomeop. >> galdosomeeopl gtly op mo gdomepl gy it. mo>>aybeosep smiid me itll upt. i ha abereaepifemi m ait ap g at ha faly a i heave thee boo of a grmono t an forfa a hheoo tat.f >>eral: nooke. onis w tk thor atntio rned t. >>al no e.toxi w>> wthn yohave relion attio ed s tsxi h man wyoveel fn undethatas velod800 hearsn ater fdeat chstiay an tslo own00 bkrs of ar revechtioniathatan iswn a b theef logil veonatshe gi cul >>eral: pey suorte past robtuleff es t>>esalpesute a stob at roeyndff t htsma t a two ato moonsunni f hma t prwoiden >> ian't tnk of mosni f athin r
5:46 am
enmore ar i'tlung t th whefer o no ain mor nism isre anghhe o no ct. or sm >>seral a: foded 130 i upste ne cyork b j>>sephalfod 1 i smit onef stnerk moonis js eaphy prlems s t itneongeldo isea beefs prms tha tlacg werotld besha eligacle fer mbersp bu ig fpolymiste. mrs >>bu mar a lyst ie hve>>nearhil a e's no h ganee anild s i hao si nean kid ch istinanda hav fesi ks om 6id t chind 1earav fld k witne 6 t mo on e 1ard wayit >> mon plygaasayong >>een rejeed b pgaainreamsng moenons, je b milon sronghinamaveos, come ome il the sngatios mte me e spechedio m cizen ll tir cdidas be ec d rected b ccausenthei t caitda be does not cnforre wited busei adititnal rist nesot corit elieit?l st backt laeien zcott pa . ck i wntoa singut t zsaltttakea wo sg ty. hn ia tormlte ativi .medi, a iarm renssan avi m. diaenan
5:47 am
hn y meeliheatecau of yr yliatau mrmon m? y ist somhinghat oly cmes mon isom ngt ou o i csresenti eleion ou ssio whethers a i moon esndidtie? len wh's ging ioheera o inoour mi? id >> ouwhnow gg i onri >>onelyow thk 's a cse wereor soneongh a c wmoreeormo heng tied so hao re mo ht tir mssag ac tssdhato a wee ju le eeryby t ee. mag c etntestin thinwe ajuut l y eyby e knowtewhatinerin region a y imay , it owat sueon iy an it itangleu conct. u han ingeopl sang nc ha mses taed t a buplinga bu a ms ta t ah blt au arcgund j aus walk on b arcate j lknteu we' n goine' no in bhat mxeith mu bat hf mh trhs ndu li. he ni thibourhe ai we ni hive iis peleouavee a acesseo i eformione andanist aguisss e trh fr rm tne faendst hisods.
5:48 am
wetron'fr tecesrilyaelie i hsomes. tweingsn' bt o thies wely ie ca iagre n isme tgs b tt ohie care mosons t ae veryomttedotos bing goo ae ryomed man bgoohuma begs g dnembs of e counit anmae uholdhe gmb of stdardof co jesitn uld chrt. strd es gerdo: hn, rry. weehr hing er: , y. a weitt hg druptn he a. dot woy abttt th. d bupt jo can he hudosmanwoabtucceh? cabuo romyan suced? u an thaone the asonce t tcaomuc? ha e hemney on tt hot mad te dal? >>eyou kw, htad t tin it' d? ase whe we kive in t d and tt'gee whweven t d whend baing smebo wh partipatg in sme tpef aag sbo sata crtatin rit sl, a terins ae in posionhere don thi ta theye goitg a ti anare whoshern reon thhir priden eygo trewhr celthrateprsen wi thelte kasnzi famy. ththeyantuy i teas drir'sam eyseatthaty kows t how tris cate joat andtake sur pople ksan ow staia r tof ce ver tjoeirnde heaur ple th's ulmate whaai rhe ereric t peoreea cre th aout.lteha
5:49 am
we'r at aiceomazi c te whe a t. weave 'rtnzi t afcan-heric wepreseent, g.o. cndide whofsn-ic afescan-t,eric.o and cid two o rmon peop don carfaboun-icndhat.wo whathey rebous knoonng opat ton perarnout. who aty s i tou whithousisno goi toe the tern guy hoat ceep th i t itusoioeorkihe y c wkingeph woingki d a ro ov wheing hes. i hpeo youge aighovohn,ei but tele ou. h ou melgh tn, stt kelu. ofel tt ti-mmonnm orfacis o atev you al-m it.nnor i thkis o th's o of evout. t threass mi romy has n seed th of dl. t asmiomha n jo , thk yosevery tuch.'ve d t toake a b th yochryh.e to moe b frok.zuccti pk afrthisorocc p afris
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5:54 am
llat ty memen isat aini op re inmeten tome mum.en s whe do itni nd? at c theme. hpewh todot ? compsh? c he i tnk tey ho c aomplh mp? t tir c apl amnt along as w ntiod by youm a pangl,s ty w couct ioy theelveou aa th hav ty be in ancot apropatehe waveut ah av thinbenn pple aop ie wshinon oa th in pideeof i te win o aie nee to -- wdehave an t oportity isiee o fa to wk wveogener. o rtere'y te sup cmmitfae.o w ey nd toge.ook t te' tup bget. cit ey n d noto looatok t te grth bt. n ckagooobamropednd t ir thk th've t t ce ag am toopthero do i sothin if tre'sth nthe t ation o ce n toerdoo in nstr tive tctio's ihink aon o nyou' see tese trveioin rot tsu'ee teotrow. >>eral: buwhatan th acti- whaoworm can >> ialbuath ti teham an bepeci ic. doou mn a re trn the ci .clinn rado tax ma cue te miinionae's x, aolidaxu on colletudt minaoans aidn lludhat? >>ooktanheimpnt? boa>>k amewk. itillak all tsempoahin ew itlll tin
5:55 am
titlent rform somro tlt rrm om grow iniatis. ihin ts gro inong ss ow isoingo han toti i comin bac t toronng isnghaoomaco . >> galdoprofsor plani on poi ou thres ent g doamaofr an onoiuimsfhest a remsctedha eamewedk. ofesr, tnk y forour patice. aig,ewou'vgot guest? t y >>orr ti. i'm g,'vt wuh on of t>>eccup walltreet'm w oonganirs t s wheup dolle goeeromere >> o wnil, t sishe ovemtdo isoom builng are b ldin w t mmenm eaems day il a bsteriny 100 mitien arod teaay wod, or er 1ie 10ro t ocpatis wo o i th 1cti.s.e i marthed int tim s.uare0,0ar stng.nt thimk it' nlyreoing,0 tot. gt h bier ft'myng he. o i wtoake g bi o fenall h w ke r evyonecrostheorld o t l me dn he anelp evneose uld t ornize o rse des ihe smetnnglp lledhe gnerassely. orze we oon'tenow i st w to trued g hrae. se . dot k owwe t'twrust woru h any do klitil paies to wstre trnyting ouelve
5:56 am
tiwe hpae asuman wicrhonehere trwengiscusve h a the isanescrveryne re nigh and hat wresc goi toohes d wh werytand ghdat wor.oi o er are pa llelwhe patndere.r. >>rehin weael ne toatccue. the>> in ells teeo ssecu tt t he pele her s re t s taki i t eas r pe forer potica to fnall beki i ld aas ste r upoca ao he flle cour ae antemplentp fanci a h relato uranleefor fci retoampgn finciaorefo. at'shy t movmpentsre fi imiartan fo theye ha enin'son c tlege ovcamptses now im weane no able oeyhaavein cge a mp coersaon aowut is es lweenole ve whe ougradte are cosa go ag, s whh in lstri, an owwh we'ouadre eparg tho wh toinriervan and be' more repaard foththeororvn b repafoe foe. >> galdosall >> ts isust befonnin ye erdather were gdoll tist500ein yedaerre ocpatis oganid aoundhe0 worl 89 ounies,octi o 1ni ande cies. u co to an e entrl9 liuns,his 1 or awher the cs. are stcoentso n bu e thetire als aer gheandmhersre tese tse bu parhetsheseelre unio gembdms,rs the e re licearse io mb ofcershe i'veeen lita meers,e ce baer her 's gng tofrs getven taes, baer
5:57 am
gigge t >> iethink fonio we' bnge i ingnk th frooio fe' b a lon tim g wee gl tohroeeeop f cingon imoar 's awegloightopor cg d aeale dhtmocry is n a dcr ectaalre dcrispor n a >>eral: i' goto sa odni t, bta befe ioor ie >> ali' gootto ssaw y ni b tefis.i lookt iehis. go stalk yboutirty t. okt pl.s. w lolkutan yuty go p alrigh lo at'st yromuccoi pa.o alanksghery muc f 's wchinom co 'll e uexta ksyuc t fe. wodniint. l xt t ni
5:58 am
5:59 am
go morng, everne. pe y had gre we end. go oranks, or serring.our me. yad rewed. hor fic ks sngr ar. csh clas thlifeorc ndyar 50 c0la thfe wnerandy eldo is mninge're wearnrg w do mtailngabourern hat ppen cludg coernshatan ad il ouout s owt ar.en udconstmewhil t heelt sow o t. bus g rmendilnd telroun o t priden obamsheadg to g t rnd unkey e ctiopr senngamad stote t this sn'ty a e camioig s ip. is't pe, 's oamicial.s. esidtialusinp.s. , oia. idal in whh mes wee pang f it. wh me we alpa ft.ght. isote al worriredor weing t. ame can ag pte to orrk a ged f edwe mg chmen tha


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