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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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toow wav dis rssau the pminn to cishe1 trlionnd balce p dget n t ee c yea o histron al admistraon. nighet a l tkea o ais mirahy. gh l t a vo is dol o t vosbn. u doolt o get. f ? do >> y shod dendett. >> frett yuchode >>tt. . aptied b osed ctiong se icesinc ti b ed conseesc >> kberl hel evyone it's:00 theast ast d th is he f e." km kirlerlyeluilf lelongevne 's0 wihe bobt ecket eri ths b fling" monikilylfng croeynd gtzkywi ob keweri bng hniero gky greg h tfel we hav aot o ns. eg deite e jo pla el av o nfeatount it,wicede ine jola eenat esidatt obantbackt, ance tn sat touo kp pus ngidobt.ack nnow t in stas koou h kus w renlectn.ta k hplus foxrect usoxegyn kly sit downithynaren of misng k byit la andwnhenf dcoveisome ne lnd dails dvee ne. dls
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i h seval gsses o ne. whe you y hev seral g mese o th . heu tee? sal m th t ? yea ea >> kberl we ve mef th ahe krle anlectc sool priipalhe ns a falolids saningct slri al it aal inssiti aidt sg incles hitlowe.ns ti c'mo awe havhose det ls and cl hweuch more b ause theive"avsetartetnd rit noh bse e e"♪♪rt rino ♪ ♪ ♪ >>imbey: l's g t top oryoday as w >>oldbe you l gast w tk, p esidyt obaya'sobs bil w dou stefea wd for aecon tideobss il in t sene. ea e proriden amustot hone t tten the ten emo, bprauseenodayst h heens outheushi theo, b samseay ll ihe keylectutnhi stes.he bob,amhat y thi ieyfct s s.this bob loob, tt s yshif clrly is ob aoo t012clyus a2 tou isouoing toorth car ina. th chae osimngo wthninghio orara. fridas s ha
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ohe m win wngo o ut i fda s m douin o it. wil gou wesand wha ht. dilast il ges te.d ha n h corad newdist t mexo, ne da. if c youadew lkt nth carinex d vnegini. the two ifou s lte n arhaveow vnihewonempymen s thahe ve natial arage ey hmpe meneha minitie mingti age in. h m ruraareainareie fling dow usng tn.eepub can.raeae fng smtowov onus h t pt. ubgiven.imredi for pussmng n he js bl. p >> imbevey: whavediorus uple fraph s on j t bt >>be wven le paphiculon. t the esidt i toung t ing stes ike npath ul caro na.e id iok atheou t g n sberssheree n ro. f a 2008 n rs wre f ith 08 2.7% of whe vot noh fing7%fot no 61% disprov fg and 42 appval. 1% you tisnkovtill tur ind ar42nd fppl. him ou tlurpend ig actlar f imtimenhe gundith nd ters?ct >>ob: re. me lo g ofdht depds o bla rs >> : . tu-out n bo ofhoseep ola stetuutbose >>imbey: ivirgiaeste nith >>be i 4rg9%f t vot a n nohhesooki a 4 52, tot a sappvalno ofs5%kippro al. 2,
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wh doou me of t ppl jfsro w, uswh touo mf t j gre mber i'm laou yo aske re asou ernow,'m it's yoke ually astw, is pnt iome ut'ith a uly torteed mephor p i >> keberl yes h d y hav o .rtdmeor gre yes krles y iav o reeso. wh ias dngy rearc the bus tr, i wh decald r rc onof yheusavore t m iies al eeke at onorernis." ms if yemem r th ketlot, two ni" gu card a und yemth theeadt,wo bo prendin himoguar a bd he alde, tt way heyboreinmouldt gekill wheheyal tayound outy ld theiboss as deagellecauhey th werndhaseut byhe mob eiss ea is iau t job billther se the ybsillobs t dea i t obll bo. e esidt obla is welin t ea him oundhe boount idob ispret wdingin i sm ndlivent it's ead.etng bob ithats tveture que io's abod. it. ob at tre uebo t. >>reg:hat s a gre mephor or a >>g:t a meor mon aa: tt isrue aim re isti on t.ise a is i tdreti. i t t gzzly t gly griy deb i
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thsena. th is alsri fm theeb i mocr s whdon'thwantnao ths lste f f ahe mstro lycrwhn'nt pens e smulu fhat are mwe uroo? imulns thr slutrer fou u w wh ty ulilhr dos bre ou aparthe obs bil l twh t o ffertreiece ar es ilrry teid s dertce heill go y foard tryd to sntroce e mo stillus orfod eachrys,o ro fo irast ctur formoirsttis rechonde. isn' thafo ist wurtorstheirst rede trin'ionha w sup wsed st do?rin w up d eri i'mure at w in tre. ? spenring 6'm one w innfra truct.e. ca wepoin somhing ut.en 6n 000 ysract ncaefficinom ng. prident oba ,000 0 ds. ic 0 pntsprenba dn in00 t mket d todato eleb pte ts d thnsand t in mthe daeb o nd trinion debdded o e.der e te. he rin ebveraded 9.4 r te uneloye ra nce ban.4 millnenye e eopl bre now i ll povey thpl wer'tow wn ie ve th ben hitermer wn milon m e onbeoodhirm smp sie heoover. il mon solid doued i the s las onsiher. li2.4 oullio ihomehe--as on
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>>ob: you didt 4 meioion me >>ric:n th las >> 1:00 ou me n ur >> tc:thas coury i 1 a . t caoudian iuiltus. >>ob: earke wentp t caanlt. >>: bigkest wkenpurt ipn two t yrs las wee youidn' menigon. w rt th i youaid b oro the y sw,asee i dun'tn'en m.tion itthou bdause b ihe s di't tnk b w dt payg mon i btentsen. i ody'camediut w th b waystime of ontma js y' plame w th nim o ha befe thongr js a la trngo gth n befe t ha efcongthss. gr a thatobstrine wouncree gef t jo y ng. at.9 mslioneou jres.e jo eri younowho me mon th j a essmritouw mth maandy asm frot moo's - ma th ismpornt.dy rowhenhe aid ty askoo - him th s orwhat.e tughtf t en firid t skstimus pimn, at tht800 llio tir imul plahe s sim phat' ght. i0 io ulla agr s wht' gr w romis emplmenton'toom abo 8%. pl>> bnt:'tefenngbo moo.'s. eri b thi guyens o boaroo. it' rihi unbuyievae. o >> ob:ar 1 milt'on jsnbva repuicanare avinon t >>: 1tablilbecae th j donant pu joan toe in t b had i blcathon tts jo ocouny. b ad mona: w in yolookt t s
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e htori l e dencunvery on w mayorok ressihe u ted hri estatnc expryienc ma rsi sin ud atxpncin 20-11 thugh is o evy timepprohe it, -1 thsounh o m ey.ev im stle t,weri the mar nalax un m .rate aosshest b drdr.s h rihe arl yogetut f t te ressi a.s b hisdmintratn hasyot de t rsi thexac d mass e insionthfacoveren spenng ttosas not word ssin oncepto p uer t dent. t ot bobifor you pt p u aomat tally d have 5 obou umploent. aoppeat to ly. u h ve 5ecreball u, dolot. peo u thk t h rublins re uld te flldo i th t r li >> mica: d f i yes ma: >>ric:hey tes a0% - kim rly:>>oc:heady a>> gg: w -t y actlly imy: ed taduestn th gpatr wtism yf reblics yocty e sa ng t tystthould rher tr smsee reic couyory i sa t perld rr tha e outhei iownersololitaler succs.ha bobi tnk heyein wouso it ther ee ppl outccf wor ob t y >>reg:ouou'r say g er put or th'd rh ve a c>>ppyg:'r ay untrthan- bobon cthitol rill,ve c y lievthat tru tr an gre ob colou'rl, evat wroru. re >> k'rberl eric canrro w on "xewsunda" krl ri les lien t wtean h w "xsdao
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y.leli t w >> be: h'monicke we t f bward:onlan in kethe ginng of the e yea frdurnn budg. e nn ofwe hhe indeaende coress nal dget fficdg horinwhicdidnd sevdeal l etic taldbout the in facicdev thath. ourlanal auallut dheltacith ha e on crsisn all b dnginownh thdebt andonefic ove cs binn $6rill n. thbt itndid talicboutve the abity r ou pla$6oll gw ewitaluthebi job oula g yes. soeaveob tha s. so anasis.e >>ou d't o theha job s. but ell, wha t>>s d oheobsob pan is ting p ces outl,ha t o s ovallisio for t i t cgntry pands o sayg you onow wt? ov l havio toor t cry rovidayouw w inc tive av o r thrivaviectoncve th tvao grow >>imbetoy: she lov thisuy t owthiss isavor e.>>be sov >> bis: mkey isantoor he w ask a dir t b esti m.y homanyto job i w youskir re blicti plagoin tohony creaob? i heououldt awertreecauiclain wenowt eaould t ireasheld a r any.t au he wew stuled dld iasumbl. y. he ckeytud bl g bac ey you' way off g eri he s rachtf y u' aytakeheffound cp furer h rie r sa oba y shod g
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ke off tnd cur h fu raingsabaho camign til gff t and t bac k tfuai the ol am noffi t andry to cate d jobac the o orfindo ceobwo. or. thtermashang fro eateto n thrmngupporoed. at ds j te n sportean?po . eri d he j wts srt.9 -n? ri e >>ob: w wts 1.9 -illi bs. >> : theyon'tantoote fort w.9li beca e th. don wan ey 'tt unployent torcomeown. ca >>thimbeony:an p pol heunoy tme n. mbers >>be out pol h here. l rht.ut takeook het h t top o r. is. ke k priden h oma t 52%op o thiss .n iprueenbout w other 2%ot con dencisinoinghe i ut w erght hing whon tnc budngt t ficing w tud. ci congssiolemocts fl th ngiooc3%. f ose e bobtholk. . congssiol g. p. e are 35%ob k. >>ob: at s s ngio ig.re5%ll! >>: s at ssit all. >> e!c: wt sdtll i s sw at thell bot m. e w s at ieft-anin-- at he bobget t ootere. onof thet-in ost
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obrustt oe. llinfirmonin theount. t dot sa thast u do t kinwrmhat t y arent do tasaing haout. ey he m edo c kfidee int yre thobam thaepubtacansg ort. h m od r cson.dein re blics hath noamnterhatub ns getng p ple rackn.o rk.reicha o er kimrly: hy wld y et p esay kat? . >> b: i ink imy: the w y wto y ? at o ma s bi bkly lowhe w unemoyme . o >> sreg:ete bountow them're,meou w ld b a>>ryg:fnt replicasaid docrath e, w bwant to aose the epcaid i dqra ntoe whe thatay iush, tha w oma w at wod wi h, haat wld wffen o you wo wight? >> b w: itoulden oende. ou >> g g: st?e thg. bit ld>> b: i'm odere t g off sdth you. b 'm >> gg: y hav't e t ofndedeffet. u. >> kberl try g har yr.av ofed >>ob:epub.cansn catol kill.rlry ar noall epubcans acr>>s: tubns ca luntrl. >> onic thenoiggelpoinubnscr t the epubtrcansnly >>ic hentrogeone inde o the he ngre, riubt?ns y the ly ay you roete j ohe creaon g ng iretheriount e isou uooti j eaever g ient is uti sgle er thinthathe docra hav ne sce d snee fm obam are in theatassi dra av spdingo s decor fbrea ng amdefie t anhe debsio a ospfng the orepaeand fianeb alrb. ohe >> kberl wheis t t a gointoappeb. krl
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20he, bo t in hses. pe it f it. 20 bo bobthats wh hs. f ret.blics dot wa an hing ood ob hapatn.wh >> imbey: b, thre isicdowa justanngd ap mn-spited >>be bths an st msped 're stetti stanked he .e ta misti manrs cssesnta hement comi utais nex oan "th c fives" 're ing giv entou t mi uex o lathst oiv all t e g ccupiv wal t reet la pro osts.ll lot t ofupal s nanietns gng oros. t downheref and ey gash,y sni t g o w. wnre dot foet to d g-maih, ts w at do foefiv aistayith . t♪ ivxnco ayh ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ie toow♪ [ le aounc ] wre ming em aettefinaial ture [ anc w mg atena l reat c we ke wh yo trsameca. tr sfor ctomoe ow. w yo trme. trormo. feme anunce] ag doe't lk th wayt us to. it'moreradu eman ce suby seag-conoedent l thayuso. sh uldn' antreagindu be st a subt ?bseonnt shdnntin sc aptrabtesthic. e iectae th repces scra th .st clagegradlly, itathep s for naral sule lk. cge ad any,it c las upo twyear raalsu l. an cas up tw aru di't a oveight whynti-e ov nighdi aveht jectn si
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♪♪ ♪ ♪ up ♪ nex wcomeack tthe up five bobex- wmek t e >>reg:elco bacto ve ob.veob go wee nd t>>g: becoac a . par goee te aar >> bngreetgs of lidaty to t b cmuni et pay.f were da t treor cni apa cnge, we de-b side. we'll sle her ce, >> g g:-bdeeanwle 'l atleer occy
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portnd gnwtnterinmecc was y asrt longs youer hmeeas asonou amica. h leep [bep]ama. ep ♪♪ [b] [ble] ♪ le >> gg: le thhat. wh jobould ty hav los g l th thit. ecomy?wh obld tere thiav ios occhiyco? ew e hi i yo. cc >>elp now. yo he >>sp ow now he he us. ow don wt to dhehis.s. on w o [ble] d opleuts. the. le[ble] on the le [bep]he yhts. theylereonheot[b] y ins.ur ount .ey th areotnntmerins. th re gre don wry iturns out hri.s rectuaony a w gradnsut stu hntroms cumbiuaa with tru adund.tum cbi appa ntlythplitru es. d. of crse,here wer palyit arr ets of cin me,hatt andreer vlencnrr rome mttnd cn sai vnceman was me cley cnai archants aso iiltred che prot i tr filtteed? y mae otrganed.
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let' ltot?orge who ma plaedan. cupyt'all ho cadianroup knola a ad pyl st. ca anbustups thno a clad umain den s a revstutiothry w la sh uld he bn moued n a by evio th w lef sh he who w bou bngin b t lethef t his kne.ho w bthosinarehe tle ters. tisne cl the osehat, ts. becse che ty don't, waness, ty wtec re. t y ra ing n'ainsthean bs,l-ou t w they ant .rag nse bou eyt bl-ou th bnewou ykoo ctre nnedy egy iansthw y ey b cstle wn t ed prost isgyompansd to ble w t tro ispadorab spri. t thendosbell " work ri th mados " werl f "htinkor g, b her "ife, toer f ein aga bsthi a re,o eant ake at wld kilga us. that s te wheilccupio . theyost llha tf tir sineup. , we .eyt nev led i t bone i edou twe h pev l m i belvebohere are t s hcere m protterselut t fo the sre prosts i getotrs the ganifo forheolitalrosiet t eect. ey hnieorit gten down et.he
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h her sgusng gn elents, dn righ >> b : yore r ht.r us theles,rodurs mtave ghdded b yothat r.. e youduook meed eve at inse uk lef ng youldve finnsndtrunef it t yethe ld incling bodyinn theun the pr estsclho hg edyeasoblehe gumes to bprts h theso.e meto bhe >>reg:hey re enteaini. >> b: lo tirouse in>> g:y w jsey. teni midd cla b peoloe. t se s, in it bet r not jy. hav t ddla eo inge ? it s. et teot paravearn tha t a gewell ne r go totear hernha aring ll>> ec: tt isllnegoo h theng e tis ve.he if ty get.idf fnge t the wot be-et bobfyou f juse itherruwoedbe me. >> e c: iobi du'tus it's t i ru b sh. . bob you e a i dude andt' i t don'want you to sh ob bu r ae. e ndyou sav mn'yntuifeo oe, ian bke r yrs u aga.av m eheres t o i poi. th is yga seadi arod t re toi untrths sdiro o tr00 cits. tr oundhe orld. o brg upne thiit. se whond getheldlame .brup erichi peoe tolame seo et t th pol ameut who is iceoto me lpinthecono and thol a
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hortinit?s at is alline strnotndoing t in? af ct t ecosmyl tr tu goit?ng t af tayco goodgo? whatboutalltree hurt thecono. od47% o atutlee t rteno peoe % o t belve wl stet -hurteo tel wst -rt ecomy. tco. 47% ll seet hur the % stur heecony. on e fac wit hevery day ac w eri thais a hry y y riha a ha y? >>reg:ob broht uhe ha nker >>ey wg:ero uroteing ban g er baed w outtegan g we gba solut.ut bankdidn baiehems gvesol. out. nkdn ai ey wmse bsle o by the t. vernnt. w b >> e oc: iy is -- y arehe spornon.. e i ama b ile-- yutre ban. po. ama bled ut a b aan a b d surae coany. ama b aledut the autracoy. aindu bry, dm. ahe chrler anut du, aailehrr o -an bob staleed bush.
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ar oyou kid ngobtae? bh. ll tarruthu evy on of tidse bl-ou t begathwithhe bh ev onminifrati t. >> bric:ouiste gaon'tth b dhagre wit tnit.ti >>ic:te agr 't dreit t tt bh -- gr kimrly: oba w t supp btive--f it >> eimc: hy:kickba the w bl arnd. ppnveit i e hckhe b poiar o. the cl i themlvesam rois. o thhe hav sup crt o naznd em es r counispartthavup o aztheye frge a abo t coisrto eyfr abo t ay. . >> kberl theant rediribuon o ealt krl he sotalni the coury. >>dionicbu tha ois we nd tso keeni aheou eye.n w t >>ic ha ris o n t radieel le aist playehe w se ggame ondhe kp the e sdiletla on s me the khe e pri.he th movin the tri pelin fo mththsovhe t pin fo ms c, a bters is o a dract b frsmhe ltis wingase and dct f get l the coury ringde upond tyanetquat he the oua artyri whphas t goinonatow. e ty w
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bob oesin itw. botr y at a obs mtica,%f tot y pe le i the aount ctrol ma, 40% t w tlth? pe mon ia: whet aryount col taing aut? % t w h? bobdoest othe you.on waru tag 1% a?ontrs0% oobfesheu. tealt 1% tr>> ec: hd on o >> b: t i askglt mica. e h on eri how ouldou b i fixsk m a.? bobrigoveowmentldome inix and ange obvehent sysem.n >>ric: oud geant vernnt -- >>ob:ys e ctly. >> c: >>tonic the rn gov -nmen >>: nfisting- e ly >>ob: you thi >> iicsheoven is okng -- 'm g ng>> t: ouhi a you. i aryou okaok- wit g% t a ou contllin 40%arufkaheealtit >>reg: 'dov ntoin%ontr 40ltof the weah. >>g: m prd of thatr >>imbe40y: hf thheea untrnot yingpr anyfaxha wh>>soevbe. h th so pple ho trt rengny makgwhev 50,0 p ande ave areak rryi ,0nd a tsre coury. >>reg: want t yi ctrol t ou th. wlth. >> g:an t >>ric:his coupol comp ininabouththe s wtem.h. but e>>nlc: ways po f t a mpinoue sm. brg do wha i t ay cledhe f a althap i sobrdo crehae i a cd tuatn wi mor ociathst. i remore atwiorarxi.ia. sh e anre sprd t wlth arouxi. >>ob: y hashantpr t wh gten be er -ou >> : ha >>imbey: c weo t gn
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bebrea - gre i wt >>be to cesk t kimb ly aea que ion. re w michl mooe sa he me a mb a caue forn. a pol e chdepamomentsatoe m joihe caor a olotes . pant whoi wou hap n es fwhou tt haenedapn >> kberl whais wng f wi tim. hehased cplet y krlha w con sed.wi th.poli oicerhetryi c tet maontaind. oerthli andreve oeryi t re pblem ma iny wod ty o joind thive is i p't tem wo toira sing.hi mon a: t is is the pnt sg. occy wl s eet. on t is p's aut catin cha acc w st. manuctur ring a cris c ainha a ab t nuurngri socl aabtpheal.oc bob100 cieseacros ob0 c amsica. >> mica: isllos am a.ches atedbob. m a: i gre ohestte a eak. es edebrob. goi p. re o st a most tim k. nex the rooi dai d e ofstim 20. ex he th mea somhingai df se20 btheaomng b. heanain ming b heaines her cicsnnd m sgs we' aeaes jo . cs miele b shmane' aeami pjo mi e b anwithefinmi thinwi dondrump wel tr txpla thawi on dat'smpextn "ewetrlaive"ha
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> b: th isood. okay welce bac t "th fiv b" ths thd. wkend i igraayon lceac t ssth iv e sthgeor wnd se o ira the 22 s s scand oates herm cain aichehe 2 chma ting a nd hares rmai ahe s ncema tg a ar stce. 'l get t se chma in a st. mont. bufirset her tn cn. man a moking.eatbu forrser c comnts h made on sngurdat or whei'm comrgesf h e de fene, w slldaave a ence he m it ce w lee0 fe higfe w ein tceo hav arbe we wnfe ig e to t iav gngbe t w e to i g tectruted- ectrieed. d the wle a sig otred e thri oth. sid hat sths, wig " o with kilthidt s you "
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5:28 pm
u on on hapnsit i with evebody.s >> b: ar youon sapprisit vetheydy heer b thaaru >> g sg: tisy kn itas eyerha g t knjoket mona: y a tal abou ccupke waltree a on y a jual the mifestion ofouupal allee a of t sjuhe mesonfrusttionll. t i tnkheeactn bst theon . folkhe hman c tnct ballyhe waan xprelkionf hn c frtratn weave lyen wa inreded nlleg frat immwerante inhis cntryind oregmmnt d ades s pres cent ry bot ptiesave des esown t . ot th bder pes iseorou n ths brsou er. >>ric: poi youade, e yo cro ed t>>c:oi boer aou it ae, yoisderoanor t bo aif y croit a theoard indeor an a y ty hol yro for he eighrdyearn a a tol $ ymillnor ghar raom. a rth keaou pbabldie. $ll goon't woromera. h k acrs pble. theorde o we'torille givcr y ede althere a getoul jiv an lob yisto me surth w aet j dot se ouack.anobt m >>ob: our w ectro te adosek. sh you >>: >> b: yake ero aunny jes shou and steme s. b y e >> b: th is nya j polician d s mewalkg ba and u ng a bths jok olia
5:29 pm
an euse or lkometbang hnd u sa a tha heok wando py tn ee the aet par hecausaha tet's an dat ty p le t e oar t s kimrly: ou k tw wt l not a jok t h imy: ras kssen w t poll ot a itok s tws hd-toead,asigen ll winn, he sanainver h tobarad, oba nnhenr raba noaew pl. >> b: iould p younon p thpoll and bild pou youeat back thll nd obamrigh n. ou anody thet b tkleithhe amgh nexceion me. an thy eleheion tot tay.h that s t iffecence.n e. rit nothwlen t.bama is i at tfeerioe. ri nolitil trble. ma consde i tha io t titre. onermahaain' cha e o geing t replicama n'nomitionha o aonextentgeg t you epve mcat mi ronney, a'mexnt u raid m giveerryhot. ry, id eri ve herrynaint. is ing ryell rig ri nower n agaisomme sik g lhis, ig somefheow feign pol yaimes, suesmeillake faygn oolf esle it o obab losaittle b to thit numrs ce ut abos gsstl b to thum crida g per rsed $15 llio dathats serll a lot o-- red s a ot5 oio at s aot ohee mey. a o
5:30 pm
kimrly:ig m bun.ers, too. im y: eri romy ha un$15 s,llio n t o. ban a ri omha rry s $ mil on. 5 io threst are tanar a ay. y bob $onil. thstre s aious obote sus neher s meyerom sma contnebutor mm ma theyre utcl sed.nt to rmanain, i tur oey he iscld.onneed witann, i theur oe isprosritymeri grone whi it ishe fded ostyrirohi b the fd kh bhe brherspeop -- k >> gg: y nev g tha righ br rs >>opob: -ey fund g yev eve gha ghrighwing roup in >>meri: inunuding t teaartyve th igh wheng hupnanriearn inin t an heaty wen--thermahe h lrnedrn and ntndanrganedenma led chaprs f d tm. anrman cai a the ap f t c e anai ahe koc c brotrs. g y're famociar wh cokeot. yeamr wh." bobke hern in outser b is in obeder w ih rich funtsaise b.s n>> kberl the w i iss ch un wheseer oot krlhe ihat'ss accu te he oit'sllegt'ion. cu bobis 'sampan mager eg n.ran e obommiee. pan
5:31 pm
>> monicer whais wng n thmi. tha>>icha w th isreehaocie. gege sthoss funlse blion of dlars iie lege wg sun bauseon and democrst ile cpaig w incling rackse o ma's doc c ig kimrly: cl occg y wckl o's reet im>> my:ica:ep. >> b: onccthin w abo it - ie et t enoney m froa:. boninbo it i sos' g tup feyroandite o ne. so g f >> kberl oh,diou dn't! o .d b. krl h, >> dob: t!ch roth bs legay >>: me theth mon -- ey i egalga oain mhe tiron- mo y. ial evidce f it. on t eri thiis a tranmo th g thid ft. hapned tod. irihi aanasiste ngoth "thxndapd od fries" ai ieard aut te wno "all, dald rump ie ard a a miche bal,mann d dthismp morng i aiste ng and chbann donais tru wasor intend nandru heas h saidheres aelee h tidnre hall >>reg:e hav n iahen t it ll o >>g:av i n kimrly: it t oetubes >> g g: t y simuldy:e i tub anturry g tutfi s.d i vy n ide -- thinkry tmpfi. thin nhede knew inkas o t toght. he inustne i o ptendike hetot.
5:32 pm
di't, ke i wast beath pnd e ehim. ohidi did, t k iwas the we bth havi it.m. oh bobarenid you koingohe w sten n? vit. m on the e e foben mou sngt. en >> g g:onhe e i m s havhree ojec runw g o d i toavee tch. ec nw oyou id y'd c de oor. h. bob u y thas c o obhas rht don't s eacther muc r donn' s bhman sfter ac anerher monuc. is on s ityease baner soany. ron cong p, onthet fiv"se at'sso cones,iv meg"elly 's plose inrviewithhe pares ofheegly msing osin miieourithaby. thatnter ewreofevea mng d ails miri y.en heaterolic donnowea d lsabou t. ic onstayithw us. we l beight ouack. ♪♪ ayhs. we ♪be♪htk. ♪ ♪♪
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
>>onic welme bk to heive" ha you bee ollong t >>icel bto se o oe" misuri, ha misoungeelo t by isa? o o ere isi, devopmeiss cea? to nge o uevme froox's own c gynelly to she uat dowro wh's partswn fornly exclive ntereew aow w wllar stt wi oneor o he cl ebomberells af w t.stwine o theothe mblsf admting tha sehe wadrunkdmngheha s waightun her dahter ke ada lisern. >> tk abt th d winpe. aw mu disou t conabmeth ttin y?mu d i h sevalon t glaes o ne. hev >> wn y sla o sevel," . mo thathre w y s >> yh. t th hasve not"ngomohare do y thwithasoter. o >>ore an th fe?. >> e >>robay. >>ere f y dru? >>ba >>e y >> yh. do ruu ha a dnkin prlem? y >>o. o ha >> psiblyou d hin aprm? blac>>out? pbl u h it' aa posbili. i acean,t? jusike abody
5:39 pm
t'lse os whli you irinkn, youuson'te a dy membe thewhouhingnkou't mbhe that ng happ. >> myn kly's ihaervi w pp m k 's tense, i i wasvi excsive w d itent on nsrom i tasxcve hrs it d rtln bomhellm t veloents i int hview leme sta r whomll wha s lots i nt saew the wch sle sheta fst wha s acknledg to sahe wshe fegynhe w kn dgo drk an she h oveiveyn w asseofdranine.he hve e ne out o ox. se e. thcheatuff ut th she oad. esstial thea ackeff out th anhe rllyssal an'tkeutccou foran r y her n'tehavr theightouorer r daugnerisapared av>> kberlhe itshtrobl beuse tugaprediedlity krl istes ble ha hadbee a t numrdity ofis ha adconstencs. ifumourrhild- as aothef i'm telng nsnc ifourldas ifourhe chi i mismng yel willellhe p iceifrhi i soluly eisryth yg. yodon' mak it ll abol p e yourlf a be e arralued t eth yo n'say akuterebo d nkin ur ae tha era t you rey e inticat d pinsed ha ou th neeu tonownt thaat p d ey n d tounow theeo it'wha po iblen inc ndeer touldw ha comt' inpolencerld a -- inthaderom uld ven com i andoten a -nt
5:40 pm
awr wit the d hild andwoom i ndll pnes enre ten. aw itey whee tckldnd phos, t poness hat tou. can act wlly t ho tke ogoin u est cancty r eive oin i omin c l. that cs rve ver iin c atnusu. ere aer theysu now e sheow peaps luded to s ts,he wa inticat becse ipes deo ts u the t posbili tha nt atsomeece el i cou hav de u he aostliha sftshe me felusouav d fr hers a a maiuspe ss f o frer it.aipe mona: b o .egyn on bsked r if she thoht s hyn ed drkingrobl and ifismiheedho s h itutfand. dr ngu arblnd ami ecovingit d.cohoc. wh doe thearxchae tl you ovoutg the motr? ho wh >>oeob: hestha peo teho u t heot ink ot >> b: ckeo o. if s ays yk bla o b o alholi bla out s s hav y manla o timysel whe n iallilautasrinkg. avan it aim verelhe i advced sgenkf dritkinghen uer hedv d s ack-t lihat.dr ng n hon't kw wheer s k-newlit. at s wasalki't kwhe s aututw th se weas indatioki fm the a nghboshes didrinkthwend io f aot. ei nthat n grebogeikesidnk hata box. n ne yatrselre es >>reg:to.ox
5:41 pm
>>ob: yel occ s t m>>g:ust lookg at ernd >>iste: ng cc t to hertavin g w kedokithat ate tolot erin wdh alcolic thioman t prably has a driing lcprobicm.hi an wh itprlyoesas a frig you ob legly i whdon'tnow.s i fon't knoouf itiveseg y i n' cow.r or i'tno nottes y mona: s staed tcoor chan thetory autothe me son put s tae t chi t b. anhery a roll s thaut hi t b >>hat te ll didou puthaisa do>> tot b tnitily?iduta do o 6:4 b thaherti n?mal btime :4 no, it'hasr nl usuly bween b me7:30nd o,t' 8:00utsu she benad b30n fuy. :0 >>he lt ti you she you b daug er ave ifu you he >> lti whou you s put hou dow t ug a iou h whouut 6:4 how >>hen put her dn. thiis a:4 >>n ter d fouhour hi a discpanc t fe mites. ou ur>> ec: s man sc nc disc panc fs, tmi tims. ne e s an wheverthe indo scrscnnc tim ckedn fm theutsiwh.ere baing dog thcr no ne ed f hrd.hesi two g th th youoave to to h. thi o . gic,th iouse not thi an c, iot accatio tn yccio he to go o ts. y why uldou sown hor o
5:42 pm
meon kly t for t h rsy d sn if- if mmeid was kor t gon i h woulbe g outifif mf haseon me a, iust wult go finuty he ki me i t>> y w'd bin hysricay sh did hkieryin y i shid hat dshisin tel i y? s. hav s n t s b dore.sel whe yo hav ye aren orav a s t be. moer o awhyoavatheenr a an there mo o preyhe anhe muchlways bere ove one susct uc it'sayike s usalbeveneus abu. 's e s>> galg: one thibu y alys pk up o the gittlne hi thgs i y wonr why sal p itup ohetl bo d with imp itantonhy whisn' itt jus bowi we?mpnt evwhybodn'has t sayusoxed w ne.evod s ay tha h t playnted t s, . i d 'tha hnow, tla sreote of t th d fily.w, can s sitotofhere and lk tth fe guy. and'm g nganoitrend l tireime,aybe bec se gu ind ga going is i re se,ebodbeec i you lov g ng uld is ierso b sod lng uovo d so l? th ishe thi. lo a him a wch hi iths thhi intviewoloee iim a tre whi i ar tel thntnew hisace or t h ar toelook, you kwishat?er h i wast theto.k,ou k >> b:t?otal ias cheheed o . b al
5:43 pm
>> kberl if u s himhe o he'sike d't knowrlf s wtoim y sh was'serunk d d nevw w ch ked the shas chink. ev ey d he anchd he aornehi ther is a a dorne h presting tn cup i ane er a the ane t up i >>onic is is the caologal athe>>ics t >>imbey: y. >>ob: t t y'reogothe ma ied. >> bedidn y the athe >>: c tfirmre themad. dnhe hepares c aborm ihe beiushe andoor re unlked? bohe ce i bac feimorkhe at ndr 4:0nl d? a. c ac mona: y fh. mk >>atob: isut o:0here a. th h peneon tho y this >>: s oere is creered th h erine i'mhoothiayin the e s cdidned hapn. bu ari'mog tyinaidhearke dnap a bu erytng, tis a wend dowke d nody aeardhe d. yt, aenow >> reg: nhat youtrd th d t ys? cou be, >> mayg: tt retsth t stor ther? abo the fam youe, ay t e is coving up. orerbo he am mona: ty i ervied is ovandygn ip. t n ghbo oodon t at ivioes o obs.dy i t anthe f.b. i nbo invdved. s o >>imbey: ts. f.b. is an e.b ivolv.nv d. th wil d che>>behe t.b areis fothe lv regtere sexthil dhere fofendes, pple oaveeg hadreex probms dlingith nd p che drenet ceera. ad ey'llook at obhat dng toh s if ch ensome cdya. 'lok wtched kne shet wo s f
5:44 pm
inki a l o me somhing it wed wnehen w opptuni athat ki l o int goom ing and ake w thepp nit chtd. >> reg:t hey oways iond e heaftetheandyn. ch 's a>>ays g:ey ys h dymateedy yeah a it's hmalwayomeby -- ah t' >>imbey: ezabeayeb-- sm t? >>be llo. e be mona: iope od sm is by i oka o. 'll llowonhe s iry.e afte thisuick b ikareak we l owtalk sbout. sto t t teisckak reaey intelktateutme. to t arincal banng aea fal teholiteys f.m sc ol. a nccanou banieve tha aal ll, uessli fsc. yh, nou ban.veha be use it' , ss hapning y weill. tel y wbe nexett' onap ng he we fivl" el y wexn iv myame'jeff m a d, cch.. and quitmoki wit chanmyx.e'ff a c ..knowg th i cld ske ringhe f st wd kitkiitanowth c s ng f w waseallimpoant me. [ ale nounr ] longith pporsll po t hane.x iprov toelp [ ople quitunmoki]. ngh or ch tix nduceimy uove op smo -- plitki d peonal thas at ichnew x needce. u mo- pemalealnnouhaer ] ome ople i w had edangein bavio thin ng olemoodou ] e hostleity,
5:45 pm
gitad onge bio depr sed od ain sui odalod oughst or y,tionta pr d whil atakiui l or a er sghppinr chanonx. ilki if you tice any o sthesinan stopakinchanx ancall youroctorighaway ifu ce oes optelinyouranoctoan ll ab ut aur history oghdepraysion l uror otoer abnta aheaish pr olemspron whiccoulget rse ile king hant o. ta eapr doms't te chtix you e haica seulous t lerge e ngnt do tch x or s n re tionouo ithases rg if yevop tse op ting anti s re onand ite yo docr rht ay yev t tg ti d yo oc r so a ca be fe-teateng. yohave hisry ohear or b od vsosel roblcamse -tte . ll yr door iyou ve yo neveor wisrse omptars. b vl bl ydo iu t menecal wlp re ht apty. if y havsympms of hea attk. me l use rutio awhenrivi or pera ng m ofeatt e io coenon svie ef ctsor raincl me naneea trubleleepg an unu al eamsco sefs clna th e artrthe leasonep i it sankingnu ms thar [ e le aonounc ] i s asngyouroctoif cntix rig forou. [ anc asurto cix igor.
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5:49 pm
gregwhathe hm hnwe drsing u for egatallo hen? i lovdrng hlowe. u or >>reg:e i alo? merini ov ro. h we u kn hat >> kg:ls iri m . knt k hlywo whever ty m lookor a vlain hwot'sher t a ok consvati vinshrisan a in nsti "foloosis it's a rigfoos nger. inealit' it' p.cigiber er at i s n funinlit' inhis c.ce, policaler rrec i'm ire nheun is a oodins c ol allibel peon w d sn'tecm s wantny f inoder le. bepe w>> ec: w d d't'tou l ent f n lllown? >>reg: very eay i w d lhalleen r me ow i dss u -->>g:ry i >> imbelly: hn e yome sn i d u e utfi? >>be h yohis oes satch myfi? s s eriy p.c gere wng? >> onicri.c g pitic coectns w? on >>wry.ic t y pric poicotn i rht on.y. y 's toi i iolert le r tryin. toan tditial amican hing tin t ier namle o yio t ti t wham in o ts comnityoulde offeseed biv whn t halweenomrtyld anksving whicfe bs thealen inteenti amecan ksng hoicday? >> ec: lhe'sak tetimen lkhoy? at ha e the l stunts id abt l banng athetu hs lowe.
5:50 pm
ab i ttnk ttan it'ind of hwe tridi tloust'df diusecau w shod cebratwhateau want t whod ceat atlebre. wean thoul't b td y othbr we pele. >> ec:ul t bt tth ipe rig.! e t >>ob: atid i aigeady has >> : sostu adyas >> kberl thi priipaltu mas me so krlhingryrial luy sh is nmame ato m son ryscho shlu woush sees m f ne.t m on o w tshoo b shouee m hal fween s aga st all w fun b mig balheen s smagaest tllngun he e rade onig bhe sho ma te n tds a ime- et onrenho llow n. n all ie-on for a sstit e ow iprinpal d le eryonor else snjoyit tmsels antay in l le me t eoon se beoy gru ty.elany >> b t: yoowe ggneru olog i'on the b lefyoend ghink thog wom is i'he nutef is pncipnkeeds thomelpsut a p ip nedss prac. shpneedaoss a sh edtsidof thas thasn a. idllhaha aay. li aayyde.. >> gg: tt isliour sotionor erythg. a >> ec:e. movg long g w ttis r
5:51 pm
abousothisonther eth sto w wer eeovg ng taing out wis m ning ou iser eto woteler eloyehis ista g t ne and mng deao my eartel eyess wearnehe fndg wineave myy rt art. gre i n erar fin m niced tht.. >>reob: nat is youeart ned dothg ov the? >> : i eri it'ourtver doovhe ere. rit' telmplore fede.or welinglo f t p. anwh e, we itwegor two t p yes. >> onic he intswhut h wit iswoetti fir verye thi >>enice ts out hde t hot tsel tiereirrshi he ut totmerieln fl . e >> kberl h rig. >>rionicfl buthey e trng o k sayrlell,ig is art >>icut y trnifoeay cl,'t let i antody ve a flafo o any c etecia p . any th a whohingla ony iia ourd. p thho >> ec: fnge hifor wein a p i? o d. >>imbey: hshou sue e fhir weem a sayt p i >>be hnfriouingue on h fre aomayf sechnd i riing gle t wea this hre whnot? sh eryby su forhe g m tteais dicuuswht? this. ybsu or >>reg:hat m whe cu mbesthinhiou'vsaid >>g:t w kimrly: elloesin'vid gre he ould hav b nimy:lo fid fo the oraree se rt.ldav >>imbe by: bauset lofis lifo hhelowe?ra s. gre yes. >>be b>> esec: y areot goiloli h we say h jus reeedsesood e y re
5:52 pm
oill i theay are ay y h?usds d bobdo you thin k iehe re yuld t th ob pouicy re?ine kim rly:d ou ath terrle. p >>y ob: ? didteanhat. imy: a >> e c: wrr won. oma >> : wearidnt.lag pin e won o >> bar: whyidou bgngin th up? we e ta bing outhyhis b plac donth knop? we itaaveg not ides acy do ouonno ie weaode you? do 's n a queionfeingea ououd n nroud ituen was ang spid pub c d n ud latis mo toas d a s thidub t th guyut tre isti amoto rht dhi tof a thuy eloye tos s a rou he a a ctain eye snifo h cin. fo >>onic may t bos needaoll in the hay >>ic ay t >>ob: osybe doe ed i'a goil tonheay get i tuble >>: e oe he. ii'eantoioet i t hayle ryd rl. he >>reg: imilinttori. ay ydople r are ay>>g:il toori le ureight bobyou y theeftoo is in t uhtiddl o his. ob u st ohethes ltre t ndlns. opolical corctne al tt l nch. li alorneal t not. bobot >>reg:ob w ob is me fu>>ing: you lif w ghti oris m lties fuwho youif haveore un wtih?r l es
5:53 pm
>> kberl o y wavoe yang w k rlout w w yh?g b. le a nhtight s.t duri theay w l lef aes. n ht >> ec: oupy ll ri strhet, ieen theeflag. uide e d on,y tr on inheheloorg u e >> b: ti d toetut of orthe ock. b kimtirly:oad sgs tyf are seeg aut e k.he c ntryimy: s t eee jora ave c ry>> ec: bnow iure y hearraabouthe tgic eath e bw i ofe yacec aroue tc drir dth ofec wldon the ve ori d usil wgh i wnexton e o♪♪s w i ♪ xt ♪ ♪
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5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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