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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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brticd rli opnt gume aga bst tum's g.o b. i alrey mega tome. an.owas i on ispl inre t dicae.on o th eansnemorl,pln t horing artican outhethoring. hong ti>> ihe werhelive tay i g. lievhe ould r iindserve t th i the umplod wker an ev ld rrighdy chlength thhe ulo e wesser of w lghchng strt whout ese denizi all who wtr w wutk dezill the.ho >> ts w oblkueeferce the cupy all ttreebl marerhe t esidt lest pylee tarit dorsident latt triered00 t arre inework cy a ne.rst forhiefried re encuti thak cnce a. r blefted t ca b ekerstihae and enblted d eam ca n brs nd regution o theend m n pubc serve seor, is i aguon o he ofr he canub refe. rvse , >> i don thi a heas uxurofhean ofefitti bk nd etti>>onhie ur th ovemoftti dev bopithoti igni him lf i somth way em thevhohe uerlyg ni im i seomimenay. yetbara oba ulyg in008seen cordg to he etra sbaligh n 8undaon red i ore rdto mpai s casgh darom r ie wal aias m reet thanalny policiain t la 20et yeanclung an olia mill tn fro gdman la0ealu sac.
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presentampan and chhethe rd w t de crat nat nal esmmitte sppatndlose to $90illi deat atis yl sp at ealseoo lfhe90li o.p. yival eaise cbine br ?p. al>> bt: me onse thi cne wbrh b th mpaneon a rghayhi oalltree w mo anathstsne elie it r w o tiedloee mooncesboutnasuropiet w do ed dppedceutop 247/2. pdo00 ge bac d4.ed nasd47. clo gd 5ac behd. sd 'll lk a l inlo t 5eh l mpai a sean l autn t tes. seni aieaolit aal alystrit t. me i hernio telits a thastt suect, t iserel iortahasut,o ita ow exaly wt you a talkg abt. >> g d eningbretxa wou a th t resi nt hlkingab g gher eaxesngett t cen r o tsi hg agda h wil r eres on, taren o o ag h woils wi r pure.n, r ov oords. wo eawi side tes turrame t ov dete idsthe angue ieaid t tme t pr erde iegu i pr on thi t predent and s a iesillonhi s takessfrent ndgher asaxesl s iteadsfighe er venues both iidesadavorhe hier
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ofstafygetheff samnd befin o y theyeehe same hingaf it sam. bin >> wve sn onof eyheamng s brfingthat .s. woops sreon the gun inbrngat. ugapsa. in oheen gn cricizeacki ga expeencen fo ign ori polzeyki repeondscefo n i tughteeren goiol be utti bretsds o t thteenoi grnd unles iti was r bl o cl tr of wha o ntertsgrnl i weas r et tera clofha o obvisly,erhe predent and we het dvisras mad viy,ecisnsrent nd othe didhe tt,issadhingis he iduld nt t tnow wtere ng th rean an d t jtifitionw w >> feal stotheaaveran. jmeonfinew.on f ca, thto btister inisr onw. chancangth bst hleluhis. cain anells hlueeoesn boainls seligusedigee wlsnoa alle e anne f theig igconsvati chrtian wote.l the xt chaenge lean fhe sling ns ti hrhisane. e hage 9-9 tax s plang s inaverenneee, rris 9 axfaullaerox in newerne , is >>ret:erma cainill ul wi uswo wewks fro >> t:tomomaow oinl thewi "snter wro sea mo o segmt.he thiseek,he " gerstsea senar ri sanrum gm weesda is k, ne g wee we talith for rnarian m goveor jwe hundaman and neeee al mrhcainill worhs on
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elic aet restiuteespoe. te ts wl aft noonicsaudesepo arab t ask the alled ptftonud scusd i ab theskhenite ll ptionsecuty cncil > ne dusrn iheraq,te disc siononaboucu cil ne dhethq, anysconouth u. tros wi remn anyhe enof theear m ha wiem ag oen ahe sg.r mha h tion secity o s rresnden onecy jenferriff tes us nees ienuen partularens atrheff cter of teus i diute. >> t 40,rt0arat cr u.sfforc lef in idiqe. pac ng to to0, hom .s rceef admistrion i iuedac o stroom denls it h hdmtrn id an roen i h impae h wit tn iqisnd abpadoneth ideit that the is troo wil sta bondabhenede detmberhe deaine. ooil ta>> athe bdde persideeae. ae tim i p de got dcouredecau wreim stl in egotttionwithhe durau w iraq. >> astiffeinnt teotonromth defee of cialthis sumaqr afe o w tem fru ratethe feofalisum iqis hadn wpprohedruhemtee wit i as dn reest >> me ait decionret y. . ma >> tre iaointec innime u ca.t urn t i bacntne at i why t'sca so imptant n mak tac mpnt
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:59 pm
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