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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 17, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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mily beevespurothe trud t camento. t tonhthe lyees sech fittle ud meo. one f tl li li iin. deh athe rcetrk. we iw. a msivedeat expsion r tr it w absutel e devaatin mvexpon w bs el >> maj cra kilvain >>ajrail two-mendy o- 500 amp. one oy my bes00 p. fends nd ne o ammays. es >> hwasn jus a gat fdrivds, buhe was ma grt hu n hsnus g be g. iv bu>> hwas e ofhe nestasrhuuys bei ev hs of n mets ev >> castrehe ath gas tor s cedwatr a pl, mo thaa dec es r swa ago plthismoan whatec f ago is w wal nowe' fjusteturald mo wst tanurmo 46,0 milater t we'l mee t ,0 manilho werked 'lee ound tan wd the nd wor. we ben tightithhehe cas of ltleor lwea irben, tht he ba whoas l disepear froher l pants'rome neabay o twweekisarror ago.pas'e hereay parts hetwek sist some dy s tcheo. her
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rar hrom r st ib. me ssa'shearener areowm hangg . 'sen re eir orybouwhathapped onhe nnght tyaw r eryouatpp l t. on fo n staers, t tmom now adms l shfolasttas, tm saweraughrow houdm rliethanst wawghnitlly ardou ie ananthe m ao w sa thaity shed ane wa arunkhat nghtsahahe on wt s wa adtsasnkt ntrobany mo w tha s fi ad glsesbamo oha fi o >>ow dnk we y? >> j.t dru. >> i >> d m wn, w ye yo slurng j yoru ords i wereou m w syombliur? yo>> ion'thinkds re s sli n i 't dnk youememr t s pio n ou em tll p >> n is posble u ad a n s osplaqe out?u >> is a aossility i maqn,t? juslikenybo els iwhenaourinksity yo m dn'tus ke bomembls the ennk thishatappe and d stut lik mbhehistpe dtuik tha buteah. it's posbiliha but nc t h.ain, t h n'shing doosliut wth my dghte n, h n is ng pos ble uo blaed out and w myomet dng htepene to s ose liu durgla hatoundet hne liur timt im >> n
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megelly intview the rent for no h rs t s eg weend lyhei hent in ewnsashe ntr ci h t ndwed ao cheiked hn outashe sce ofcihe ach crid.ut tch. >>his scghtof he iheindo ri intohe comter omh. >> s atthe the milyeliedos tohe irudeomr me i he thrgh. lyey bieieve he ideushe thro ihhr . this cree bnveeand hent trooughhhe wind. yoiscan eeeownbelo tha therd tgh ind yon a ltle wnod slop, s ha if y wanerd t g i i you l e uld ep u s s o it yan t g i aou you uld d tal uenou ot pentily toush rougthis a winouw a d al enour thouse p titheyay t toh ugisin a enth babs rose ey i t throh th comter om o thab oroer i sid of therothomr ouse o that th h the o lievitidhe haened se alth gh tat scrn habeen h phe evbackn ple hanow,ed the sayth on tcrhaen p e da ckn qstioor epl nigw,hey n esti, itas da phe qio inig slig ly. tiey bitievehat p t perpratothen lted ig. i b upvet t rptoen ld and iplid rougfor ery. >> l t wed, poce trdd ugro e. re eatehat lersiwe ofporvent but dung tretet ptendsifnt reatin ducop t nded pnd tboosimse ju toea reph th nd t hover,juodaytoome srensth of w pow.iblerogrs in thehor,aye cas s thf f.bpo. anlegr locin picehe
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asarch theomethherehe .brentanoc pe areow chheeretayi. antolic dogchecd outhere yi pants' r.aicogecoue instigors re ao seen pas' puing me ims frohe inmeigs ao ee of aeig or wpug iasroppartly dr king a wigh w t motr the ar yy th drng w la irn tot he d appethed. e fo rport chf lir dpe. focorrpond rt, jrtathahunth ve inew rk. backo rrnd jhathaxtrantdina iintew iew,. whaelseidhe m cktrana te w,mit?ha se >>he mkey sue he,side om the t?rink g,>>sy e the hid he tming nk wnheeborradl las tsawng litt w la.or dlremeer, eirsastw tott cop l sheheck ome her, rstoop eck at oer 100.m noshe ys th e dthec10k on h t noe oldh boyethat ight ec becae th wer till h tldoy atake. ht t be use thecatherllrinkg,he e. n't bee he auallnk remberheth she nt in t to all ceck reittlerth e ito lisa ck litlen. >>'m auminthat wen and ecke on h sa li. >> ainatennd ke h t. bui dotnow. >>ouon't t rem ber?budow. >> no. 't >>o it posble u dinot em r?eck h befe o. you ent>>itoso e di
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bett 1k :30? h ef >> yh, b theou is nont y be anody 1uld 0?ve g yin. b he s >>oo th lastimeyou any d g s you. >>thsteu ught ali sn yr hmeouas wh you p ht herliawn a y can h 4 wh wheiou puterern aanown. >>t's 4rth rehemberig as psn. ctinu t>>ir ss rchh eday,eras cnu t tt th sh y, fatr ofhe by tth sa ver lite on agaatof ring thsaeritonganteiew,xcepto ngh reeratthateteeliew,sep derah adley h nhingreatat toie do wh l ttledeh le h liss nngo w lleis sappranc tra. >> jatha we arnethe rentnow ve a hgh ppncra jha proe le nee ne ntorkw defee laer h wking forro nehem?kfela wng r m? >> yh. if h namoun y famiar, thatighte be use is hamun the mawhoamr, rep sentathtbee sthatounghe maoepnt dutcan, ran atn dengsloo suspted the tc, n deoo sp dd appeheance of d amepecance tn-ag natee ho owaynofmen tagat rubaho ay he camn sngin toy,ba dendinhe debah bamd sin lowto dein eb ap brent evehanggow sto. sten ap nt>> wven yotellngtorsto vera
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timeand en r washiyoll entsor of rathat med nig, on rhi es norlf nig atwhene'reigon ptingur kidtoorig en rebed,ou'rnot pngxact cockiid the tes d thd,e'rtrectoing co beki e t direpa t the arngbe abs utelydipas. th naro screncieor colltionbsel thatre n refreshedie llonerha by at otrs. efereed a noecolctiohay tt ha bee ot. rresh e aoolrio screncie t tha hehaee rshause threpoliieha hoake a aion. se>> hs thli rig, of a thpoli a havn. higof notou tak any thli acavon sce heangotthis inteiewakny betenac s debeaah adleis a megtew kelet beb one le uldmag aeegthisel b nlyne realed dagis fr-ho dcrep ncy rein wednhe ss sheastsaw fho dep lisaay at lst w he shetwhem rethsaking ampor lnt harts of ism invtiga on. thngor rtace? f >>ou c bett wi . thfoxnvga. port cef e? >> cet wi coespothent,xonatn hu lirt in w c yor thacopot,athu lin y. pa par o thiorha bi. th y's p sidepa obaar's oewhi meagebi aft theth p sendee blkedba s enrejobs mee plafthe lasenbld w k.enbs fitlaas w up, 35 blionfio het
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stat hirorp, bonvoihe firg ache atirefirhteroi a poliir a li if ey votagait tingic epsha w knof wi putot ai tamergans b k tos wnowiut work er rigs btork ig w, rhtow, en ty're ot goin rto ha t ansr to me. , ey'r tgoinreto hav inha to tnstoe. ans'rr in toav y. >> tse a the toe of ns progms ttot th y pre dent t a headvo ttesofn t smulu og tth re ntogra we s whavohappsedith e t slu stimus mey. ra mu of shat hant tppthe sth es d yo im m. knmu whaft testhapped? ityo susinedomeobsfor autkn ha earpp?nd t nit tused staes wesr a fad wh r bilons tn t taweolla in dtfa o we thearils la w d o orthr wi. >> t predent kkingff w o anher s to odaywio tellre nt e kng bs plaanr to ay heappe to l eisitg two stesla th cheuldpeo berucioitwo hesting mh c kdp esci b. >>enryhesg tveli wit khe >>presryent milr's tliit cek rtharola. est ils c hol ed gooveng, tce. e whede ho e
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oo sistthis i not siesen o t. caaign whho eves, evst thoish ioday t s wes oagnaw tve evhoay e pridenat aot a t camign even i g ss y woupr calenl a it, a aamn en g youal , bar acue intosin with cutkid, theanotrare t in evt th youightall th notutd, a hecampotgnvent evheretheoplouhtlot were a chmptingnt yesereplcan omerthe 08 chng cespaig t tn esidt athate eve d cig ack twled idattve n he nd not getckhat edtire jbs bl n e pass by he tet ngret re so j h bs wssyushi a re new s h hi stregy. ew may thejustouldt unrsta the wlehingtry. a ayhestld un ta he w oncng so wreoing aoreak tnc wngoak up intopite ze pies. >> sthe rs pie wl co toe ie stente lly ear as teri wis wcokhen sntatey ars r w demrats ntrode so monor se fst reemondets, asell odsooneachs tro fto sav therede jass.l bu thech botm li ro is, eveav ifhe j thaterebuoheot plis, e fa of s, the vetterif is, th ate p pre dentfaf e ers,th oade$447illi bilre int in ril w th it'bein pusd de47liil i
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inin malll tht'inus cnks,race >> n som rublins all llin thi cs, ace nom rli a t payeinfundhi campgn a tp. tyend mp t rit? >> yh. itis tpayeinand briause the yite ouselassities is tye offial evants. bbut seere e noesess ds bthe ffl previden.has go his t e eos don 2012pr en shegos picd noh e carina and 12 virgia bauseicno comnear a ey'vend got8 eltora rgotes bse heomarri the 'v inotelra 200 eveesn he ri thhegh ty h beerepuicann stat. 00ve nohis nbers th t h aee dowpunan t re. at rgelbecanoe ofs nrs a uowmploent. d t.epubca el scaatorofohn cain was n ue tolot. ub ple sed tortn in wahese off nialto evesoday thele t predentas ryingseffutlveay e somere012ntineyineatip on a re blicme2 jsne bl thtion mcin su ortsreic j ke bth sten itismcsuts carly en t cpaigng a i mus csayly aga, i hve ner se an cig a usyga uiier h b n thaasen nadi one ur b ha he's traling dinearou on 's nadi busrang ouutinn gmerin dius inri jo. >> iturnout at iwa tual a jo irnt i nnese cpany
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al at t sectserve go a contct wh fothe ses c any t ecthenheyrvgo boutthe ame r nt w thfobuse fro aa enyanaan coupany e ausee t's ownthsorakinro ese g frnaes cat cny handses anotinf e frommu cati cs eqndpmenand,nmuti fa , jo eq enmccad, us thianadn compfay fojor cashehi saightalk ad preslast t me mpfo sghlk arnd. tr e. esst t>> ehenr trelinwithhe hot iarnort. tr car r inankth y u.ho asd wa i sayrtg,heecrear a. serv e caks y t aswaresiaynt's sre rvca grosd fce t o. si's bedes ls th surit andro f mmunatio oequient,e're ld ibes alsth sitndarri un tiouit,re i-cald foballls th can ri re ttelyaunc cleaalfollthan wpons relync th eaecre wns seice port it th boht t ideicalusesreor asee rt t lliobuck t deficialses sayhe aepubcan prioidenckalh.omin ciay wlubn pren entuly u the sinonf w the tu uhe suses >>sevel yes thego u. esgovementun sng >> aveowedyes dr ctels uo g the ve hannt s a ed on ighdr clsowe gdhe wanpons onh instigors ter fouwe onef w ns ose gu at t ceneinigs r ofoune ooto ie whiut a tneoforde patr to ihigent a dieand tightde
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wigiteio og. the do wakup t ear! u kn wha else ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e! fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g
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it' e so hwhatesson elto lov r a tot'o. at th's wte le forovto and enthn d ws li l day, it or esn'tnd mat r. d li>> hwasn jus a gat y, iverbut t n'at was a hsn grust hu gn beg. er het as aaysasery, a vgryhu be posivehe alw as has somhing go toy, v silw sayhaom angut goo evebody tra: fi-timay aefeing scarvedy chpion immi joh onrafiim safegndy c s sharldhonmioh no rsace y on csh al tcks ke t one weon dnod on r becse hone ys ts t thnecar not we donec h uilto th r thstotdhe bping tt lt occu st onhose tras. b cangy stall tere th cus. wh are thonothesera caoncestsl e abou tha wh treck?thhe a l oceuest ns reou beiha t ? raed. is p lticur trk instegas ei a mil a halra. pcutrinas lg. onilmile shter ahanal l the onleh or atan the dianolisotorpeedhey ot ere thefamed e anisor in 500sedheld ch yr a eheme ihat rticar in00 ra, theld a y a it ic rathesual 33 a ffert csal3 erompeng. theacen c vas, ere we 34pe. he pekenield you vso, e havto w 34 takspee pnto ldacco t he .u av the iy crsakeeo wcoehe th i coingor we
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than20 mes p hr, wch ngisjustbout how fas an m p t hy w drivin istianautlis owas a long t urse ith iv inas o les carng some riveseh shat at oes le arabso te l meve st e z oso l rm f err yestday. e me zcal aminominout ra fhortrrime sty. go meyingl in heiniedt omrtelunt f ce tnguma theed head we e the gunt wal f ta he ay ad e th frgual hrificrash b a theye waing t fr hfish b eywag serar. >>eah, inica sy, weln. mselwa helng delop his>>h, i cavery cael n not ng a elele dops rryentla t jok a rerrin to himlf rtl asok reinoimrash st dmy. e nes idy c s to bsh dleas. nexyear witne i me c so b techlogyn bod t makasexaritit m fer chgybo fo tak thorive. weron w jusfo hehon l angeves la wee whewe w usid he l gelaee ihetervw wi ext talng irvwixt al out i >> g aery toder i to i b g yourardo cary comg --er iy o b ca comi outur tdot haar beeonom--
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trac ii'veeen ing lotcamiut thafee ac vetestn gineanufture volv. sohere s a otst of neufre montum rlv sore a eryboof invved thmoum e seboesnvd th iself we ow nowhat tha se was one i lf the ast e ow tetvisi ha inteiewseasverne hetteid,si racete wse >> trce: eg, ass t, fath ofd, two casece t s: gall, s thf thas. wo mo thase t doz prossiol sll drers ve dien mhaor a omoha tozroio cingventdrs iesincthe m aoarly 1980 ng nt the stnce o, baly n 80 26, e two-r crh du ong tbaarm- 2 foa o-acecrdu t atm-omesad mmi foae spatdway tt kesled mau danspay weon t k dn tt evt. ofanours we ba in tneev heofrs a nnasc drir, de eahard diedn th dsctonari00. deard todaedhithon, le d earnaardt. da juor id weon's, eath wa't garng tdt sp him juro e'sth wa g tcing acco sing hi en, haidnd i'ngquot g he icog an nev e hd safei'othenoug i but iev key afugut i ance > caing t a cinet ce cag memar a e us cetenat -- ited
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krn. amer yflas.s) er asyolee...lein! wh do ur fendshinkf le..ur cin? th thi it'cool who fds nkwe , wh did chey y abt ? thhi t'aholthatt's ol. (lghs) wewhidy ab do you focuahmatcatyours .persalit(l s) s, idoesatchy rson ity.dooucutcurrsit it i veresclaschc. i s fuy. onit'sy.uirk it'slee it shiit. iter praasical iand,fu it's'smartrkt'eeithiitraald,'srt augh gh need morcusters, so iot mneph bui a wsite edorsts, i mph ui wte hiresomee to me myebsi... reme mmysi .ve mths o. areuildg a bsit m s our lves relda it ures womaannocing ere'an eier y. eate yo own mallmausinnos sing... e' er th iuit bsit . teyownllin sijust.hoosa ste thatuitsour sine it it st thos cusstmize publath tsand r t foned... thrth easusstepze bl d fo.. [ ll dgs ] swt. hrasep [ anunce] all om jt $7[ 9 a dnth. ] sw get an30-dce fre trial .. j$7a h. t -dreia ntco
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>> tce: w faout om tt faed gunrack g op atio tknow: asfa fast t fandunckopio uri s.owas remeer, vernnt oiciari senteapo to mexo inrder tra me, rn oia hem ontpoo weaexnsiner trfickrag suects b tm guea wou up attrcksuts c bime t sces, inudingutheoup murrtof a u. cece in in erderatrourlgent no aone uaw erro mernt rublinone natoohn cnyf mexas rli to trodinghn lisla conas odgo lla
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prent is fm haenin agaiand 's calng o ericprt f hoer thain ive aid ullal o ic acunti . ho wi tiam jeunse iheree ithl tail whataclse ti we now wioutm un t iisreh ilgisl ion? at e >>ehe satorw s retondi t to repos t t thslen? we >>me sorrediun waoing po tth opetion w n tas a wawellgs in penixpeon and t tson, a welllas minybe eve pix tpa.nd so hs turnin, el m ef vee t t. hno monioney if theres an opetion tat mo evey rembl gun alkg oifrean peon le ting ns go, n evoney rblun r lk o th at leg o, ney a. buattothey gteralolder has saarli a butohis gringalde thaheas uld saop ali ands llngha operions invod ing annd lkin traer: whns do vo knogabou thes repos of a trd gun in fo d at therawho scenno oou es bripoof tun foat tey'sheen o dea?ri >> ftelowis thathenyan ea rry'fami was dn i n fwihaen n cson theyy'ere mild tasre w d a iird noundt oney thee cene t w an ao wea hd e tedndhene convsatians fr the aasewe h ent om t tsayintherwas a th d gu nvtifroundhete the t t sce.iners thtodaguthe f.i. wndchhe up uil sc now h not daef. rease woneieldp u no hot repo or rb resert oeevenld narrive wha ppenhere por re oen
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7:25 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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