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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 17, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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an 8that isarhe f rert for to anat s ay feorctob 17, 20. sh is ck torro he'le li froushob7,20 shs tro 'l sdium in sirolouih t pre sew tum worl seri sui aead of gam tre t rlri. a d's bween thet.fam lis cainaland e tes benhe l caald angee onge onig - >> "e o'illy faor i - "o'lyfa i on. toght, t yane citalt n.protters tot, gtingore taniole c ald ostiot u.srs gng texpays le miionsf do ars. 'll ve tti.sateson a tuat tn thay cou minsdos. l t direstl a impa who he nattthou predentir paho n re ntllbe. >> thihat. theews o e >> ruing ese g hinks,heat needheo bes un o rug e ofg s,his o antsemism o disay afs somef thcooccuy. wal stre ntmi ois a prests bernmethcual gobergre on prts rn tt. o rg>> pple ke pon sho lt t pe pho l and rig'cau there a ttleit frai d thaigthisau lon heshot aay n le b a ngai shohaison ot n a b ho
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loer. a >> new rasssenoll say herm cn lo. >>ewasenouldlay rmeat esid ct n oba ifthe ectiold wereldt id obife e io toda briterd hu wl alyze caut n. da yo are boutito eeru w aze he nut spinyoeuto eone "theacto n in begs ritne heto negri. n hi i bil oeill thks f wahings iil tight o ll present amth fndwang theccup walltreecrowthat tht s thest bjecf tsheup eve ng's llee taowingat poiths ecemo. t les tave thi's tag spoi bo. stele ta hifirsof a t peoe s behind ete rs a troteeos ar sart. ey hine digne a teanarhat s t. flec the had enomy dne t ecwayhe emy om pside oba ontgree walltreet peoendyy p detensban,nt theerepu ican lleeartyeo it wor ts nsthpuanay: hety otesrsorcre that: wal stre grees is y threworl t widecono is ad a whoal re reppors th brl denos bines why, aheho orepubcans b beso. y, sile efftive andubome ns the medave lsichednffve nd thee
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e them ed the eonom l disedter i he erica isot em thee omisr pside's i fult. ic ise it the pde ft. fat oforru ithe wal stre grefa no wheer h knals i or rere not e present ama t thnofusehe for h n th i plar bot est a opethy stseing orat co oratnsthla a b the wethy e tpestaying the coat a fher srewey in inhe tas. taing ints foesn kno s whetnr henewhis ta ta rg etortssnno et woulignihe pubwc pstest but ha ror an suly th p sideulniub p stdersutnds theaower anfsu histh pde rds.rss hestesteeray athe rtin therising s. te ae meminial,e s derg isem l, s >>r. kg unrsto tha >> kace unthouto jticeasha e ou no j ce ace all, thligng ou alititho e llth ougnou ides ofn it reireshhe sakinofoudeof unremforesble uthsan sin the creave tunsionorfe hs nonolenth otes. ifeae tonere iveonenodayi beliese he ife eouldeminushat ayei lihe uneloyeldinat neye wker n ritly allee th exanese of wal w strr t riy leithothxase moni ng a al wtr wkho the.
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>> t pre dentni use af th word ju wice w ihe t inrerestntg.seth whrd's t defuitioeof justine? st so olkseliewh tha tef it'ios maki sur everstody sos tks ie hasamet' amot ofkiureryoney t me at'smo t inme ealitey grou 'stheyant vernnts oundhe t woind to eake itney awa ou f om eyt rns nd wo tothe e flueynd busessndwa f ve i to e e ue qteuss unqte ipeopo . spred byhedemotrat qnsnq in the opsa spd yroteer allvermo at th wrld inehenotellr th dandi wd d dicial aluste st what pple veto uerst d at at tseemonrato pe ce fr a viety u ofst tonto pl ces. frme a hd aore vtyfcommists somerel. a he soalis. somm aretsust nfus and me lookg fosome is st othessoret eoplusdon'ndtnow th bi okfo picmere. aey'rn.justut t re oespln'ow th prottingichate.r 'rst bee t ty the cmonnlityere tt t ma ee. pro ster desese cnntye tt
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ca talie, beevinitroeres unir. sotimeit i juca liklieverbe othin syemanun. besome infai juik er ththe eedysyusinseoplho ai vent e dyinpl the nt gntortge compy, of coue, they're villns. g queion tgout o tou dou't tre seehese ll. preste ue scrn mingtbout . t d coeetrielikese prtecrngut eece paincoie ke portal atherocia ce justein naons ing rtankrt beuse a excersiveia stas speging onkr bee xcentiveemen. yodon'see tpeg prneste colain g ab ttien yon'ethat t andprte coinabthatthatankrattcy dspecums hrtintheorld atwideatkry e onom ecar hore inaneld nyde eom mortge seme ere did we ao dotseehe rt srotee ers idgry th he a demdorati pety re imeri fortes speing thy emti p coury i inri neaor bankpeptcyg ba y damthing tounea nk cucyencya damg riremt ac tunts no, ne of th is cucy o rem actsispl . , o'sth as abo o the ut a i manboocti. potesrs i e amicaon't ianike the pes i am acoun'ty. th don wanto cpetekehe i eree un thonan ctearkelace theyant doe thr ow ing.kece d beeyt do garanedh finowcial curig. wle d
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ngbe i g anain,heyinal rion't wa to w d mpet i theyant t n,y't bewao uppoeted. eyt t metimetheemonratis are stinpo txpays memee onti miarionsf in dolorrs. tneyay dn themins din. onol. an hery d fnt, he's inruct de h the len r wingedian arica f, areinctto h suortihe thee emonngratoia. thk ba a aca yr agrehen t tesuati pahey waon detonstr ing forthba y agalle gnernm tt ndtepa wa respsiblde spetring.g or d th le gedianmuppot hatspblpeg. theffo? ofoursnot.ia po tdemozed the tea pa y as fo ofrst. cistnd iensive tmo thedheeaaas needof t st isi t poohe so wt appe ed t nw?oo we w, myt pa gle becpeays n thiss ju the weeginmyng oafleec rld sde ristsjuhe riond roltin o d desied ttearown r theio pitastic rtsyst. lkinsipoin t barlievn thehe taotesicrs wl inhesthort inin bun evhe ra i win theye nort eolded ra. and the ey nowerf peo ee bedend pdside obam cerinlyeendhie rfeobe as pnde amerly oppounit if wl stet bomeshe ecsomic iss r. o mapoillit w st bes arecicettess o. o thel predentcampgnte chi o davidth elro gav usrentmphi vi roavrevis yestday. >> don thi a amecan isvi imprsed whsty. tey
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se>>e gonernohi a men roisey a llpr tdepubcanh t se gndidnoes she f stthinro a theyouldo tubn is idoll sck wa f instre ref ms aey goldack tos l wherwe we beware reef the arisioko and er w letbe ll seethesi wre its n dules eti tnk t t wi s betrts n anssues >> tnter ttingwirighbe the decratn kw thesu can defe>> preerdentng ghama' eeconicde ratcord k sohean ferent a' t y'll efleon itnto rrd anher ena tllndle iheo neei cat wi buyanr at. taing. noteeuyin ca iwiuy tacapig.lismotivesinhe mtmount i of peoe th mst portpiitysm es m suctedun of oneoheirth m ort.y uc eupe's colnpsinir oconocall eu's ol incausof rpantocianoll justependg, us eitle rnts.ntia st the ndviet uni claps. eles. cuba nd v ezuee etreni cps ba disa vers.ue cialm ner orks sa s.but rld de tre a llio alner ofeopl w wanks stt f wid out t a workiog fofpl i w anthey re cablestwi ot ung fcerkfo tryo i ey g cle o u fhat ry sff. no gic picre.t at's s. no mem in a momict,. 's t ldem sto a juom andary t l kheri wito ju anndyze ye ocpy wl sreet kri
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fopresent wiama. an e oclate wlernigoldrg s sets the isfonest a. anttesemic prnionenldto t s roteths. is heill ynttmi o tpren fo tuste and he l he ftor"onties ofter foesend fr"tieresses. e ss.
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loo eve daye'resing morand re ergy.ooveay rethengorldeedsor md e en egy.y. whe's igointo ce fr?helddsmen.he i in♪ c♪fr thas wh♪righ♪here inaustlia, chevn isuildgha whone gh thereigge natinal gst a,prectsn thworlevis eldugh wer r a ty t size heofgeingatore gor 5 yearpr.tsthrleh r a tiz ofnge 5ar wt's t gong tdo thplan? turagas thelean t ws nvengoonal tuel ere .than ras hean en alwel e goe to bsmar abt th. t's smarway go. wego bar abth ♪ ♪ s ary o.♪♪
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catal e's w cashewar car ges y a % aual nus cal s sharar o yo earng0% m ye caa .al us ccor ng treseyochrn ev mryboca lik morcash or tseevboikorsh we mostverydy..we stry.. ♪ ♪ woulyou ke % mo cas ♪♪ulu no!moas buit'moreone! malebunnout'er ]rehe nne capil oncashewar car le outhe ]ard nr pe le piho wont hed pe w50reh. at'sn yo walt? ah!'syoal [iggl ] ! [gl >> bl: wcontue wh ou leadtory. b wnt w ouat's adry behd the ccup'swall stetehd ptestheup ryll katstrinend jn won's wi p herst an, u sagr witat myne tak jwos onwier t , polical grityak on t sttegyol
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al defltingttenonawayrom e pstsidegy's e nomi flngen oublay? m >> n i tnk u're pnde emiarg. youook at's bloing onn n t remasshuses wi elirgbeth ourrenk who'sngon washe sssewi conlimerth dy tt th enobamaolksas brght on andr tnowth runng ma ainstkscott bro brnt ndw un maachutts, hens ittro ung ass rfar mahus, rheric ind a ua s arsulthasaulthe ahec a sct brn i lts the posltndhe scbr i isingthpo unhled ountof ney. rrif forin henhd nt whe yore wng bil y. ifor whee u gorong wht nyo in wil unrstaing is csseshe poliocang lin n. n th aajor y oun ataricag ces li righinnow ththinor o athecaepubcans pres t th ghw ric tint the ubxes nsoulde raedn es tthse ic wh tmakethorehan00,0 as ld rathathe tlass warwhrekeen,0 a atss stregyar of pside oba thesayt's brinng t courytry tog her. p de bapeophe areysust d at allin tou stet.og r. >> ill:op meare if at we thcaset whyatl st is.erma >>ainl:eaf wn thse ayewsnnman pleati predenta obamheado hea the fks a pl goi, th'stirent amad rit. ea pr iden obameis forre, it a not soithault so wl ri pren stramt --reit t lt you wtr-- kw. ou
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>> ty'reick evebody. >> bl: w is esidt o kama bum t iresk walvedy b ws treeids oa m faul i al becse rembe he'heee one at ul ec rbee'uppoed tep, too big e ail, a ppleee hpo too ig ti -- lotl, of a pple peho h a ti- ot of pine is oupy all strt momentreot t oy pasedtr mont tat omaasn'teenore gres pve ied towin b kers on'ene in es ja i. tin b rs >> bl: my atheneinheseja movents shodn't b mhe spsetaneslyappe vethersis tho muc'tone bend em asp unines aryepe b ind er them.uc ne'sberganed. thinit w ani oaraniz, nu berd one, n ey oan. in w o geizingnu esid te,ey o obaeelted,geokayg numbidba oe.eld,ay anmb oveeas, it' w oole ffert ve s,ey'rt' jus anahistand we cr ks oerr the s s.zing 'rus t naday.std >> ightcr oth ere re 7 t iurie y. in me by>> sorht of cupy . e 7 iien byorf py wl stet inired prest. w st canthan inedprt. ouraneft anngolks for t gog the. ihinkhereur t ks egitr ategog ange as anth iaid,nkre ite ges artlyd, beuse e inusioof gornme andig bines makea ltl of p plebee anginio agomend
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b es it d s ckess l les. fe so ptioneforng a fixg tha d c l to.lly di erenso on rbut eres aixgha legimat etoyien t es aer. eg atthe ama minirati ris two ings re. a on. the abrdit of hee a guyniti is wh o tgsk mo wal . strt onhe monb it an a candateuyn ewh tmo al stortrofankion aunniante an or kiti-wl stet cpaig he'ni getn ps onn a om aot -wst c igthee' tedia the herssue pisona at th the eia e re soueeal ahheot oreal so ral calsnd ty're exicit o abt ital t's lk aut t fac.ra ls ttheyreexitout abhereit s ing,s e a t nt rolutacn, n efor ey ey st itren sg, ta rut nor feque ly. s u doitavenottaf op f uecomm.istsnd s ialidose optalkg abt i sommts s tlink tat huns alk ab irisk nso g ting t liteoo t cl hes to a th e sk guy g ngw,it the cl m tdia,h iehinuyas he it'seen ma, stuing inuble andas or 'sn hetug le tea da rty. >> bl: is ofeahe y.hart rem ber bgust i009 ofen isinyourrt emr oicestt9 a heth care eetiin atur aublitown ce halleeti ahe waretit csided liliwn ll ti ndinwahe plic cdeabriliof the publan? in noit's pcrihe
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bl? l eno's l dacaton c cars bil but dat c rs s bmit ilut jua thatresint oma, beeves shat itis memenisua goatgsi o, to hel hbe isest men wro. gog i thio thel t hsndepdentro nded merins, ist ahiricath t wahingepnthis edri, n aca t aswang mys kathineaid,heres se ts su thethat my he thed,re b s allsu heat stet f ca g bway th l kay,stnd f me,a g to yo ky w. i'y,chasg the,e gs dn tho k stet. >> ou jt sai' it as ythr g dlkinthpoinmemohat st. lot>> jsat y ofinhesein folmototre -inas chofse ol t thsoluon -as is thlu bil buthe sutiois n owin ups ilut sio n tinp capalisc potion t an ipresent ama aprowsis in th hem,poon h an aenat iest a ws lotinf m, h inpend atat pple? >>he rotublins heoe innd pe? care>>l th r theli d h't beme e idtifi as eoll ba re allthhe d reelatis, ich whaidfi s axrod slall retialki aboh ha ster y beuse axmembd it' gokig tobo be oermabee mb vsust' somedy.go to if te o rublins v as p
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turemed. as the pty o t ric r ali the a p renkerand allas p otre, th t'sic ahe t go erd forll there th bil thebama go miniratior -- u dotheol ilbackhe ama t regatio .ni ti - butdoou ceainl ck a do trollackegio me ot thee marnlollkathene beca e it ohear strglinhe the cait ecomy. trery inall sine pern i he ow, ery sine y l neerni m , y town oninong iand,hereas most m arevo awnl ofonheng i d, reall sine peoe go st tothernd sd,vo n aofe l an'tne eo go busess caustoer yo s gs note to'tmany uss egulusionsnyo gus. to wenyan't evulns ha. pple we't rkinvoutse thouyoua guy pe ouracks ints ou u getuyff o urksacks t th's whaits. o >>ight ks it bamathavorhae stw ma to say you>> wanhtt titma rolorstma acayuan tol allegulions >> b l: o rsitlon baing aulns vest nt w bh o somite bit wbahg a meite reare e st womitules w so e ryboteean m e dersndses the ebon m and ll eorce rss tm. buhewe'rnot ing to niel d e ceand me y eve tim t bu'rout gouri d ar , yoim radtor leang u goto st dnar.
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yoorad tr ea go s d ys. ank tu. wee trng tdo se . busk ess wetr t s he! >> wt thus indsatess th is is alle's hegot. d he wthndot aesth ills ehusim ga t. bhe aone,ccorng t e esiga b cnne,or t polltwo- irdsf replica beinnn xtrelllyo-ds eited ep caso h s go toin mbe tryre a e ed ha es h sgoe mry af his.ha s >>ill:e'sot tos. >>l:reashe ogieo man. >>e's t toctitetheeaase causthe se i iean n allhat >>s o tiexcid abete him ussoe e's i n tryllg tot ciabetim t ngs snnedryto up. bu t dosistiuish etweed too ch rp.ulatn onmall sine andbu tdo ntidshwe too regute tse rat gons whll nend t nd t inv t gu fi tncia ins gumenwh -- >>ill:ou go havnv fiia overnste.en - at's hat >>el: goec isuppedav er. 's dt i pp yea all hataile d te b ea bol out t avtage y le sang w t be? bout t hocomeav done get hp?sa w anhe guy onhomeonet wal hstre alanys gs baed o? , nen t sysm al bre dal g bacompx, t big o , tysm buys et td win mp tcausigtheyan pulthe stris. th havtheys tin us meyey.ule
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ri th avkickeome the m.egulions way e he >>ill:hankveryuch. not ulonsayany acks o upyiy. >>el:nkryh. pro sts.t o thia rastealy ks oyi eros. o hiral wt? th o hern ca bea pside w in new therrasmcaseea pdepoll brit ume portinon tewt a we'r cmingightsmll ite rt t a 'r cacknght checmy eil d te mesges. icns ecnds e pos ion.teess. airbs. s osn. teof '. rb peect. te ' d bld sp 43pg, ce. blspon. 43, . depeabily. yh. y a bier d. [ le aacouncte ] . inoducg threinntedbi d 12 tota mry.[ anc inuc thined it t reaa . ♪♪iteaaru?♪♪
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dadd co in e war! somedy dn't ok withravecitydd cowin h 24wa cusmer ppor me hel dmovet hem thvety wi24us r toorhe l daely prveisedm lo at i'm immi! todapred sobody get lor a t ny! m mi [ fele aounc ] thtravocitsoguardytee.t a ! frm thpric to he rfem to ahe tncp thavitare. youl ner ro alo.frthic to rto t unerolo
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>>ill:ersol sty seent, ase eard >> al: nassoastset, yu en thteard pty airstasamen tyu tha p ene,sthereere t noo my afrie,n-amreicanpartipat not iltyhat veme. n sa thi m cou be id f the ricupyaman wrtllat stret tyt me hi ouu doe t fheee py t man wblac re ces in hed. doemon sos sinthera ciallemeonti so re?er th alme u ? drmarkaont u hl, tehesrrkat cumbint h uni rsit te sexpln cbi theack o afrin-amicanresee heni. it >> fplst oall,y thg is he kve bn par o o so alri am anvemeses shece i f oasl,th ais k . bar o
8:20 pm
olesshere me s i is raclly moti ated m kemenike a ssre civsac y righ tid mene prost bla perivn wa be en ghp, i don seerola berck wa pele tbeass iroteonerioee b pe >>ill:hy ishat?te >> can sayioxact whait . >>l: bu iit?hink e>>endanayo dctoteha r engy to bu iuesnked dethat en t direly isffec rns. >>atill:ivilight ssuere yea it'secot ts. sa we >>don'l:il chte abt otrue eatuff 's bil t ecosamic esticn' c abot ceainl iactsffhe b ck il cocounitc withic theigh cenl its b uncoployitnt rthend lkheofh educion d unoy r lll of t at.uc n yououldhinkhat ybe oere t. ouldould benkt e aeldbe a dante mae i' b teaing at coluia sn. d i wteldn' go maati' bea fargt lu>> b sl: pbabl not. wn'o youear ay t b m peratblfort. that i th k ouhessue t m isat r ricaameran f ks atee tthse thinue aconnted is ca ereir f t in annd enda allr tse tngs ul be cnect toacia isss. budal t ts unls cctoia it'ss bunlt' dectl dtlacia bil whaabouthe unlievleia h
8:21 pm
ocri ofilha theoue dia, unev hrandrigf the the par veme , ala, rig ashisndhe tar meracial deaigbecae ofss the lk oflack ci facea amocaofhet, and l then ofckgnoracgmo thaonhisnd s e?enor ha >>ell, don tsnk t s fuamenl reon w the >>l, ton t t part fuenre wheas mked ract t w beca e thrte wen'tlack pele i t md ac owd. w i s d,cathwet theck pe i t wen'tn md.y s crds.he th wpeop't i meopl reasome cr. thhe rheric oppl rast.eame >>ill:ikewhat havheg pic ures ora.monks >>l:eat hangavg --pies o >>nkill:kay,e'reoing to ng-- a gmen with>>l:y,re angi-setismo th a en bethie ase gsmdber whe ts e ocpy wl stet cwd i ger sang a thih buness t you ow aocwell wst cas i i sa do ahin youss u all ass,n iny pce yindoyo nuor t tha are s,oingo d p y ings thad ar nu thare inangropr dte. gsu dohat brdar t who tnangpr. >> ha n'tdobreen te nuho i t occuovem tt who as b>>nat racin lynu i t cuemho b mivat ci mat >> bl: ce on. yo hen't sn nyth bg c dictedowarn. blas. yo thas wh h i'm't sn g
8:22 pm
i'suredihereedsarla ha whti-s'mitis s g.ere. 're i'lkinre abore race in -sis tes oflaquand hitee.i e inhavebot seac i it. >> b l: en thteghofqu onedte o t vese t. opleay b b eth inpropneate othe ta pty, u catrand le e wh be mementnope hat w y.e a p, ca it'srazynd ndwh menishost. at w >>ost whi hou re'szymar d host who't.ay the ea>>t hi ou pay moments racart as su .ho w what do hend i pplepamont whoacasare su. at o cist iend ideifynd pe coec witho theeea par std de y veme. co it>> bl: iheon'tnow outar th. meit's n b i e'tnomiw ct veme. di't h e anhingthto 's d w ethmi me di hanng ce. it emp werinheloca an stat over.entsathe tnit mpin thfedel gernmt. thca's wt thn t at parer istshe t thde g nmth. th w th >> then e pele srtarssin lang ge o.taki our >>n pe sountin ck. ng o >>kiill:hey' noturoingnt . it >>l:y'otng blas ghoset ds wen't la g goo se bil it'taki you untrback dromwet wm? it fro theoo iber ilt'ki bigou trck m spen wng itroheeroverent.ig t fr afran-arica . en >> n buthatert. frhetofrc -aca co ectso w nteut ntionasts th hav a wleto difcorentts wnsibity nnas thav abo wifnt iby it. >>ill:ait bo mine. w yoret.ffhe ra>>. l:t >> i not whatini'm yings i' noyora
8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
publdianeny. artybu er yesther is. pl >>heill:etwe thebl trtyitio list who eeser.acki >> l:mneyweighthe no triost o rig. ki >> bl: a the theeyht o consvati t artigpeop b ahee o te to nske ctin rit tow.rt op >> yh. abso telyte.o cri 's a.plitbetwn th y realts soly praccinga te a itinsis otwtheth on ha alho asac ng teyou ghtl saysi oe suponrta romy.s u tlay upd the pistsnhe oerom th ha pts wncon oncedon'te ha hay won unted rond'teaga res omhahe dd anitsntonga r t caaign d traan.ts ose t caeopgnay trat mi. romn es not priipleop tmi ecutmne. antheye rit. hesotrileot a rincutle coanervaeyve.ri he >> bl: hs noan anc co ivaalog.. >> hs b hno n a pncip consvati eitr. i yoogcan ke a ase hat h's n pip ns notiit a pyoncipn d ae pol hicia gin no a p hisiplidlops bolia the gi aisps b eealis, ty foowhe ll bkleychooli t anfohat is ey wt th beyoo monats wthconsvati moviab candatesomedy who can win ns iftinybo abcareanteme'mho n iin ifbo thare i
8:41 pm
mp. hae otrs -i ha qution . for purott -harienutquon tre. r e ofur tuestnsen i whdo you ink, t. of tstesid iwh u romk,y, cou at bak omaidin aomou b o dete? a don'thinanyfhem c. eecone? quen'ioninyism more c on ueportnt: mewoor consvati psides i rt t ns lati 80ear pde i me two. u cat. th e isnlyla0eear . naldthiseagay >> bl: hwasn tha consvati whehe ce. ldga bn. hsn ha >> hnswon tirtiahey be cuse the cservivis h n tiabee ecau e crvisof h pernali. au her li>> bl: rht. t ielie th myudiee b r th. avoricainie wouth sayyo you,ermaie thainor winll we thou ay floo u,maith ran wama. w th >> hereoos no qutionh i'llell at ya. elsthey ay >>re benouse heard i on tulkon lll yls ey dio. be e ey'daray s iahalinouldoon t thsame tngven ougho. 'd s pollinldshow evethme tepubcans dn'tn ant ghrah pa nll towun. ve >> bubl: inshinkarah alin't it ha diffent rson. bcaus isarank ah inpalihas t a l of fft on bggag usra lis a l fand in dsn't thatepar besaghewo. in
8:42 pm
d d't at rhearrica. d ate, tinnk ca cou holhis nhecaith de, t ca ouama.ols h >> cn -- donnow if a.coul--ayb but c--onowf i' ul sayyb his,theywant nald'reag. thsae arno rald ragans,ouynt ld ther bachagn rd ran er ch peysn isn. pey sn saorumsn't whoer th oths a. bu i'ltellou saum'the oenethho th cos a bu'lclosll hern co ca. os er >>ill:o rold rgan? >> y. a>> bl: wdon'knowet. >> l: ro in ren? same y way tt he b wn'ow. n opmist. hemeayam thep fro--e opdidnst growhepro weahy dn >> bowl: n 's aoot rap y. >> heahas geat s bory. n >>ill: don see at p hs gt hs sy. >>l: beong reeganecau rean had h the lifoiabe rnau eeriee beaind ad m ashe gernor of e fo a vy co elex ieate. b d >> 'm tasking gboutnoow a y v cox e. >> tngut comecrosto yrdiny --nd i usemehaosord in the--est i nse e oinar ad ricahe. st ca comcros-- t rean he'se oing so oellarn t aca caom plsos tea is h'scomengsocrosl yh, t iort of pike tha guy. h me bilos he' y nt a ofeha poticiy.. ile' nbut at aut wn wt a ypo ci
8:43 pm
ca the pist,he t say a w l wk wh y hapned th caheccai p t,weompmiseay l whapd with mccn anai mpse we g ouruttthicke swecc an n't nt t do tha g agaur. t >> tt's actlke wha sthey ay.t t t meay tosohaga ll m tpuris tlhaey . iend outme t mrither johnccailost or andteasoer ihnaist ho a a rmemb allso fr. we doniho a tadit rnallmbelecllthe fme pty t ow t es inon a e at's p t one t. in finaia aeltdn is. t. 's gege bhneas natdis t ge bnl titors arnd seck d jo mc tin.or uar put k jomc. ut a sit sreenn o de a bece beme s on sen the o othe-- bak o amaecnbe thnhe her. >> ill: ccaihe did bt o th terbama he gav hr. a >>l:aiid p ss. >> don rma av h thkomne p. wit >>allon due rpecttho jo mneain, don'itt t nk lomneueis jn rct jo mcca. mn, i ink 's an'ot t j >>ill:omnewill o cafter i k a ob ba. r. >> hs a t bett>>l:nell aer obcand ate. h's aa otttmart. >> bl: y thi he'oin nde. ao rt gethe b yhi nome'atioin >>oeah, o.gee om io he >> dh,sn'twe wilknow e d'tilhoow
8:44 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:55 pm
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