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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 17, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> f tisyanuild the gre wa o >>hinan t theide ldhere motainwa oentunaeshegoe w can buila femoe oninhe souerntu boer iwe wt wan ilfeonoun bo t i w. t. [ches] wean bld a fen. [ heplau ]we b aen >>[ yaull canuild tha fce. >> ywell ianld whal te youhat, whe m in f. chae of he llenceie w artegoinouto ht,e he fce in it goiha toofcee 0 fear hinh h f anitoi havobarb we othefe h t. it's avrb w g ong teo b t 'slectcute-- g t ectr bied. d the isoingo be actteign on t oth sidtred. thaays it thisng be ll kl yon tthidhast kyo >> gta: . ca sayhe w st ting g a lgh. g : herecae isay w o tg meet g t l. pre" reis ostery. >>ou setd atn tvent ire nnese th youerould >> s buiatnt i ectriedencen t esth borourld thui cou kleopl iftrd thece tor trie thou koplf phes iegal. >>ie tt'soke. >>hat'not a p sious ial pla>> t s>> n it' not e. >>ou g>>t'at aig l sghusla but nt' ot that not>>hat gu wodao. lhat' aoke.ut i s dat ameotcat nwods to get a t' see of hor.e.
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sme n tet a seof h . >> gta: x ne senr potica anast bt hu join g: nes.en hepoays ca's a je. na bi ghuss is f the in vots t hes a dede wther jit's g i fhe jeot or t denny wer's not cerinlys jrtirrg up y ot erly coroverry. >>pt's rd ttellrom tha cove ip w>>thers e tllmas jinghar no i weridn' rlly sou jgike no he in' jokg. r y ouwhathis sugests, he gta f lokhe at asenatnhatugs,oter g f feelrom rofeional aat tpolicianer if i the eld ifmou afenaunni folipresanent is n ie adviftage a not ni be foeasoesd.t i s the ar nthedvge kin of t e remksso thatthare ncomein tomf ge areem atone nmeoom g ey tn hav eo bktra or say ty m wer t jingavr brar y tatev. wh it esers s jtsgown atev oth ev essawh thet may s benryin to get o ev dthinghe sahe peyod i que ion. be in itoet o dg hur. pe i >> bl: dues hen. hav tatite causuris h a pro bssio dlheav litian. it i tnk hhas s e,us h aeah.roio e of he mtit. t hsppea sng poticah. figes iave en i of a mngtime. eais isn pocaisig i fe st i tra a meee. he assn run f o fice fore bra noteeucce fullyheo h canun f o se
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re b thate hanot bee tcell h an ofesonal piticn. s bu i at thihatee h ineeriee esal pic bu ihi h ie eere e wi gap iis knledgwhic is. don e wi thiap i are hting kndgic h i tha monhhi now e has tngeoesnnd h phaple mke ow arde tlookst h pe f is ubs deay hokh i hhink the ingsboutegin s h i to htnkhe h .gsutino h >>retarasmsen ll ps hiahead opresent hbama with>> thetasm marn n o p hiea oestrror hermaolls thhear ounni nkor in necrlsni n or srtn behdecoverr r ney sr th nomatioeher wh >> tre iaevel r oy ave ionthom io to wh r tney iel ang conrvatveen torepuics ic mns mos ry a reonblicats. th don --pu thes mos reic hinkthon cha-edhe potionon tany inkues haom pitio tha heypoonidn' t liy to p iitios the pre ioha suosedo liy butn' heylio pon'tiohe ust. su edere lis alsothis qutlityhat y he h't aboim t. y e sawls iis qty t mo i hbo evinceurin the yastaw i mpai formo i predent wre heviein he seem sortoftiff ai aorrent werite not emeryor nuralff a piticn. heasitone b ter thinky in n al th pic he regd. e he brnkn is thtill quaer oeg he thes
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publllua o ectore. alsorthef bleopl kp eorhoot g al rtst hfndpl t knollaote h h. vote t loonglaor aernave an hi thi thete areoo ana anooki.hihere >>retagoveor cistigot t hipoll numrs dn'tki >> tave ch cge.ti t en hill gernoum dt cisti endsed ch . m hi polumbe gnoidn' cti chan govndnord omnehiol bewhenoverrn' romy d an wovl inr thnee d ateener lteekom h d w numinrs dn'tth de chaed. lk h um he dsn't sm t 't movheha. ial d 't s at tov all l d iat atherumbe tllt is d imrtanthan aer wbethere is ts movi the poimsanan weris on iivid l vi heentshat hpodoese ha n we i as id lot tst oeopl hses sechad wes chotce. sugg ots wn iplecetsown tot ch. wi him till n tgg w i rac as n oothe wi canimdatell t yac aow kee p he singndallianteome yeere go g tongun oli ofeoney a probly frly soogoto o romnf wilbeey somody aat a ob ft ofyeopl wonoo hav hamnil ch tomubley wit asheir ofplon condavhoicwhici tnks tle it anmpornt nber ir eep ndic ic te o an or >> nretar newsonig outf io thap theyre gng t hav o eir
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>>taws cauigsut iohaey g t janry 4, whavh is q te srn as wau a knoan 4whh q w wh ae benofit io he it whbet rush upo u h i quily. >> shpo can udate f hmanui cai. whare uin>> theanteolls and f h nerybyai iswhe uhe flscinandd wi em a yboing gsat. ey d't heny fnawirganatio a ngor athinon t g.roun i d h knowanio stas. ha an't inen tomplunning ihere owgointo b htyta hat plng thire in b hy candateseen rang lihierernd put ndesn ngore esoulieser in pceillutenef byavine itou parli.lefyin gre: ateast thi it'li easi to r in a reat ssttehit' sio rn l ae nehampire soting ratr tn l dragng enerybompe oin fatm t scho or milynd b ng ag ebohem odowno fomeby's h sehor ndly b votem >> twnt's ue. eb seven hn a sta liknew mpshtee wh e pe le g ts .nd en avote stitaikw shwhpe t gmends vante bi tetirganatiomone ere u caaffo tnduses a ntbi rn ppleanione out e cafoes a ele pion ey a t of poutticss ju oldashied oundleamen a of w re ypocsjuo,ld entihi you nd superter and w y t th to e tiouup poler.nd th>> go ta: e na recniti the speerol. ggric ells me g: naecti
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epef g ic lse isoingowa. >> isouldt rnge ia. out iowas ald r ieryut uredi able waay u diplacle snear ggric cryin ac the ea rdenf gic bei evebody cin ns.he doewell ieneivedyebat. . oethe llbast i he bn ausat at tre h een e st the h caaignhich beopl acan s . t h n pt aothe ofeoplin t caacegnch pln whotheise uld sone ri t aleou whhee d neeise ari pla. al tictee ad holoola t parcipanic ho bate stas tbillg anposion aarpa e te asllansi a fntruers. gre : doeou s the fst to frus. w re idoa she pic fng up uth calina lso. >> ion't whinkhat' ipossle ic top h tl. canao. terv ing ent i new'tnkt'ss tohampire. tw hashiris notious rv g hardt ew on mpe. f youotomeus roa ng ord ofn iow at'so fuararuee ts.t yo oue wi do at woal i onewfow 's ompshe. ra in tact,yo was thi ing abowi o wthis iwarli. roey m essh somine kt,d ofas ahigbo greaistli ro m swingom k uofxpec ad owin in ieaa i mig sndng u uecd inhurt ig him in newig hpshi u. th arenow re rthi yufslyardne hhi threw frorunns.
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ifufou ay comg ofda bigos in n hamhireecovroingnn in ifuth a carominaof froig mit namreomneovgn har aro whoit rlly doene'tet t wh potica prolef so rhyoe calinall tt tell cou b pocaro diffsoult. govnorcana rom ty'stlou b ons fft. aovrom s we to l t couiesns a wa. didtweomo in tousirstn owa.. don'idsee lo onf gundamest for himna. n'e ia. o g hedeemseo hav fo psedim thap i hems aittlit.av pd ha he sayg is he. heaastl.ot o e asssaynis iowe.nd he heouldike d wl osssow tre. he>> gldta: e wou. d >> we is n bldin t. g: ou pections>> is he i n bin tingeryaro. ct nswher i tgy h er has iues i hnewas hashir i s i>> cwngedour ck o jact. >>akinal kin hafir pro cemsed r o the aacnd >>inin caungros he aycholic jket. cyclaue lk o"spealepor ho c and cle j lt.k cl l on opeor o'rlly. dthis cs l goi ton be'ry. isoio psyeodel gresy. el >> gta: didn kno if ewershou kno yre hang g: dnno f your j keterouustno f yng m ur j t
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crumt f jned o.p.resintia m caidat um jd p.siepreiantate miele chma forcaat tlve tow hl meetgre tonatht.mie boma tooor qstio t froeow h call s. eton . whe i ltboheoo qioro re, ll a mi elleheill lllou, was r aadinin t mile pl ls. an, iasouldt nderinan t p w. an sobodyidn' pic uplderhat i was wayin autsodyn'icphina abot sin a ecnd thanasbohy i was ha leing t ju theirth ias rtifate ich m vleyg pjuudhe th of i go thisife gh to cou v meth pg heidn'wanto of do. gois gsomeody suld ountin to thhen' nt oanale thao.hole eal me sy thd ino y. al butheha faclelths i was bueaceall hey on i chindas ope a dollg grt inhe heonhipe p als. don' undetanddohy mgrein opleon'tick up oth p. n' thde thend m lobleists'tot tok p hth. thhe >> ob >>tsaid theo heginng o c l>>d he 201accoining the o c inrnatnal neta fun chin wil01cog he eipse inathe ul tedta un ates s thinilumbe one eeconseic ser per o t ud esth wod. be none thi alls on s p o t pround wo nohi imlsicatns bausehis ll rod be im tat bses lt p sideialbe eltionhen thenite t stas l
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ishe pde plmier ecomic uperelonnhe te poweof tta is wor. percoc er ehing we tonal reaorn ng al dersod, u haea to the onom ser pow ifouant torse, thehao he m itarom s supowf per. >>t hav tolwayhe m wonarred aup pi'm .ill >>avayond a won ringm l won ng esidtialandites n't w teampndmake tidiraldis ticke up am ll ike t aancefkep t i aimarces. >>nd s ti wod asyou th th queion uld u ar >> swoasu cside th ue trun d u bhman cickede ru b an orisa vsa? >>ke wel i d't tnk tt's whate ar orera f v? onig but ielill d say t ts atar figut ilay thi thehihe i hav gott tonow iicheave ve well ndttthero candateit's w her cve fro wllter we havinanhe te's whe hoe no a hug cro w imeovemt. av >>hat you thiwh micholleno a ug s too to g ackim oem t i>>t ou thhiicg.o.e totoandites? g k wel can o tust tho.aydi ts?s. el anis s is ttrific pson. terric wom. t sh i s as t sfirt pn. wom. rre is resctedom sh i ay s eveombody
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can istellesrom edu meing th all the oth cdidasvehedy n llm me g ver unil rsalheth rpect c byda e otr ernial r cctdidays. ot d, y kno the are lot c ofdaactoot goo a y badnoherendot ck aof sotooo a manadhing invoed. a e iso sing lotfanhe rnght thvogs.. isshe sg ronat wita lot of r peop. th. shwent p li ae ratockeit lf shi i hinkop sh whentnli a gornorerrykeam inhi ei rllynkhe too somgoorryf h thunr an ry you andooomave diusse h t t, unanound miclle.e don'knowdise rhtight t ong,rice. n' iowiffent, rthin htshe is reay dng g,n ife e, ellein esea d job. >> eretalewellow tthe ttle ov job it sb. g ting>>tall t ne tierleyhe ov ob mi te. it tual gng is getng ner srky. heres prmiiden. oma akinala i shet atongr ssiony. re reprblicens to oy. in whasht wre gng tdosgron re icbraktoup my obshaill. w g t mae th cldn' und stan ak the oleyhingslll.t ma oncth c n' [ ught ]nd an >> oe enge'reoingoreak itnc [ uht >> toitere sngeakt pies. so ehey s canake ie thohtfu yproa tohisane lislaon.hofu oaos l la gre.: no theresint ist thonlyne gtingit snrekynohesi todis. thly
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whe ho geng pss sectary aysn caey oodair for onewhho tal png to repectersry auseshe ca o rpublorans ne not haling n eprs aes efctivjobs p s otin t mid hg o allhe arcaefiv bs an p tidnarkess, a f oewsll plca show a trdfrkoters, f tnks p e priden s ow r telecon rateer i t to dve pren pple rec artteoith d ptisa p mesege. the liptideor th psa espres.ent % thihe hepe isryin t toet pple es togt her th ahiesin ho fulto mesge. pe ogwashr gton aolital exa nerhol chfes p.itic shonit crespdent xa rbyroyorkoins ch ps.ic go to e cspnt ourork bnson. gooto b goo her b. oo b >>retasnar? am wro or e thereing toucis t t co>>ectyta ar >> jt a amttleror ngt thworsin the uc torldco ty a ittl ja leab b t. pre dentthtrs he reblics sang ild antetlo b t pare myntilln nereic bigsa iiece te bu appentl it payl was tig ce colica d fothembu tpptlt undetand sweas t wilut it cocanfoem ttle bdetynd s pcesnd tyil can t pan it. the leobleis t b rean pse t codn'tanet i t t e le he tidn'eat hne as comuch't i semocric sport ts he hen' wan hd. therswere dchocra i cr srthe tan ersenare who dra wou jnepubcs t in o osin tnahoou j bil ub gre : th 's w ore iingets t snky tugh dessil
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re truthful. w its th's the holesn th soint heasn'ruayinl.i c'tthethehele ppornt heecaun'in f c wteve orau f wve reon. didt co outnday i catre g.arry idcout rei to what i i wan cais ia geryryei po tisaha by he w, thiwhit houan iayays pthissasn't by wth anitoufficl vit.s it not is'tn policalic v.isit t'sitot a ofcialolalitisits. >> g ta: ofis oal. >> t camign it'fficlit g: o >> sit. am pronemt'ereichat hryeid ist. takg rohing ieoiswnt hd ak has. ng re imberhereas aointn e fit otr th dt ceing ha reerre a nt nwherharr fiottheid a dei mch mcco ell id terthe rrite use day auys, m youet o coof, l is te e'lle e ake re o it,s,ou o w hay r d ha don, hell see o thg wit, thi job bl ha rayinhaon i kw souould le itthwihiasseob b oneiecein k mld predent lit wee gog toseut i upn nece mre nt pies.we go to're iing p chae thnway fundt wre gng t akpi. e g hath y the ch ges dnd w g then wil geit de. ey a reay inthchhargs n ge d a ea grein: i oughrg las wk we heade. e h ry g tingrei slaghedas ar wnd awe lit e bhe e sing e h u th gngoverrla omnear ait b
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spespe son ag therne sp thepe a todhe whode hoe preecrery maki comwhnt nhore hingreobs kiom n an. etheyou hke tg jobplans ow sator bhmann ad. o heu t obstan may sor ban o portn, pl ha oneastayeek. eakeboeh r h rt o phaene t owede las wk.k. it wkeld behdiff hent o s edok tiras ids w jt a n't w bnyfft s good ttheyre nid e jecti. at instd, bng a l tleodit ey n eme.ti to fai thest b predentif yo lreadeothf h s eche. o aiday he nor colinre hent aiyoadh re'sy j hs she pla y or c in's relly reat's jla re'sheir ryobslanat he 'sdirtirrair,s direr wner and h lo a l o rtobs.r, dihe doir a wnd comlorati l par of hiss. speh.di d t it aasoteallom ttiarhole spe itrt. theay, talk to llme tle oplen th sate onhe ay. he, lko leth sen er tighthe hou igoin toass littart t thtou i inpresent' tos ttt t js bil probly es t' nexteek. reblics argointo jilass. itro repyling a xt 3k. reicar tins. oitepng a 3 vernnt ctrac trs. e sete cldass o thaf ey w tedrn therseis a ciecefhasha bl
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ey wd c ld er p asce nex b wk. th's n chat eit pr siex wa ws to dth n theyre tin totcoreit poisis agwanstto dach ey totherre oi >> gta: me othe agme bth sis athhis int. th both sder en g: he oe b siesidatt's s bs bt.l hererethot s ethin inhe pside's id jobs bre billhat e re blicinsnid li p anddeoob lik >> llhey t ke treics radelindik ag>>emen and fy ally t gothosede agpassen. nd f ly>> gta: other ingsses we th the is sor ss g o: r gswe cente rely twork thhe s or tother >> wt decrat ohaveonend wh thent preredent tasrk t kingtoer abou w tdeay taty have ce utwhherent tng ou t tha c $35 lliopartf th bil whh wld giv mey to 5 iortthil wh te whersivire, m ando pice. te rs d the, arendarin p thee. repuicanto ve agast threin he tehers puanirem vnd picga fice. ters em anit p has a lite ce btyax an incrasse, ihinkit hal a b perctageointn peocre, nk mang aillial dolrs o o. rc ge ntso a poreoon o the ma aliol o miionae's x th t a proriden ohe wts. ey a tryg tomiindnas th the tost pren w. aapperying,toarddoheppost pt ofheill and putpeg,dt upos and dare p oflndutpnd rublins reo rli.
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>> gta: mocrs inhe sete le thpresent at hesoing >> he g: crajoriny ofse lhemthest uppohe eng b>>l. ey worldyf ratmrpo bot. w >>retahow out e atr priden are ey wored.hat t>>taw t pr en pres ent e tho whorepor fotr t relectn. >> hoseesp fot hoho re-ecti fo opleikerect >>sefoe- bti nsonnd j nlee teer hereat b nn rervaon j nabouthisill. ey a uallvotetewith hat the rva repu icanouto fisibusl.r th allte th bi. he the ar som puan dem fratsushoth uld t th bil gbi thorwaarom t themts woun't uppod itthfil g itwaame up orth dowout votpo t ere e a ite otupr oowemoctsot e nervs abt a suprtin the o ocwhol rvab thi.upinhe >>retabyro thas fo olbeinhere >> gd tohi be >>taroha hfoe. in>> greta: ite use gaffltog e outajorrovion ohe h heth c e gaw.: e e isflhe wte hse btkingorvi oown. he c. seistor wndse hgrah her bng nextn. se r se fiahy crerh c ims extife a fi crcham cyou s ll s thae csh. on t recd and t am u shaast ace c . expe tecan t t getired ot e o capi lpe hil two rpectet genedals, o o you o kn verpiwelllil und tw rct attk. ene ws, they a ooueing art kner ll it and howhey att fing w bache angt aowy a fgac
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rd fion s nobeenamed the st dendae miize r byd por an as ciat. we fo ton imbenoy.enede dda mi e by poany th ghtsasn that newwetobe thtsthew i ha no ea wt's in o areut.hao ws o re. wh washat? ey td met's e mo de ndab mid ze swhan aast? th ranack to tir l tle box. tmes mo deabid s athank t l ex.
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♪♪ mostrewe hav a sh ohops ♪ we u a pnd st weofavops r baa el. o ps add ome ucara pl ma to at.of s ba. samu ada lag isdd fulebodi racomalex o er... mudaag isuldi cox .. t evythi is the inalan. weaven devted om the cipeevecauhi it srksth inan weit'sen greev beed e peaut s 'sreee
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>>retafliplop? ll, er t weend, ybe. friy t >>taipp? , tee, obae. ri admistraon sd a tajor provion theealt carba law mis dera sa onor ovrrivn .heltaraw no the deite usen may biv channg inoe ind.e e wh ist andhatay bappe d? an i d. setor whndses ghamoinsndt us. peod ening sir se r goose gmnss.
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10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
10:38 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
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