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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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wayec cg bu t d a lotfelonaonolks canayy aait.ot ks>> lty ganl buin theext brth ht. preewed l gbuhehet 22 br h meage astire theed repuicanobs bil a 2 mee till-ohe to cor rati puansil ao -ooorti mameri'sir aater risparng rubli an it' ar cam rignili.fu i mtay ain it'le he nevamni en a m u aierus i h tnev nadi one e i a urraveng t arnd o a dine i canian bve toaring oerican jns. b >>his toipg ics ateast j part abo >>s mattst rtbo the eleoral vatesn noh calinand e virnia,le al v aditnal d stes tnocana priden cirrieda,as tim it recl tst toll in nthpren ced roliim fou 1% ectisapovel n n the liouresint'svera jobape he perfmanc si's 57raobisapovef h rf hncdlin the57ap ecoemy. h ough hany inre eem fedphe byco. heghy m f pside'sitch he hreatdea. p debreang ichupn b s eo h tyata. ca und standown nea i bwashgton. t neey candan jwns. sh on rep ter:ven ee suprter j adttedis chaes o ep r:gettng auper maj cnkf tadedha
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o jo bil pas dtt areaadingaj c t fa. >> thi hejosilasre iovefa >>hies hiswe. ie eney.isne a wit h 1%. whaare e cnces or a th jobit h 1 bil ha>> se m to th ob>> iturnout satoril cain s chatoe abe.the i rnt cana san bor is ff-t ck.inhaab the cret serce na bsorke-t wit. e et tensseeompa thaer ughthe fmeke fro ait ennadiee companyhanownor ht f kingroig fmes tha c di om hawnle aot of ommu catings f sha c eqpmenfor the pre dentha a f th cadiamunti comny s eqen rhe polar rent tur outth cenatiaom s mcin ud itpor forur hut atraig t k emcress u i orbret? h >> b t: ehenr yig traling t ess th t pside in netth broli ra ng, thk yo t pden pr nidens cricis of li th yocongssiol reblics doprtailenwithcrheisf gwing ng iore pricest vemedoilgainth the gfinangialprectot me in chf whinghenorreonde na ljamerose rortstot ach wng refitsde me inseith rts wte a mayee ts t ofnh w inay 12. of thewantoet waln stre dohate r i. wan . he nt >>alresint oba freesoteo ian >>certsiiedba rublin opnent f
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t bhencumnt's brticd rli opnt gume aga bst tum's g.o b. i alrey mega tome. an.owas i on ispl inre t dicae.on o th eansnemorl,pln t horing artican outhethoring. hong ti>> ihe werhelive tay i g. lievhe ould r iindserve t th i the umplod wker an ev ld rrighdy chlength thhe ulo e wesser of w lghchng strt whout ese denizi all who wtr w wutk dezill the.ho >> ts w oblkueeferce the cupy all ttreebl marerhe t esidt lest pylee tarit dorsident latt triered00 t arre inework cy a ne.rst forhiefried re encuti thak cnce a. r blefted t ca b ekerstihae and enblted d eam ca n brs nd regution o theend m n pubc serve seor, is i aguon o he ofr he canub refe. rvse , >> i don thi a heas uxurofhean ofefitti bk nd etti>>onhie ur th ovemoftti dev bopithoti igni him lf i somth way em thevhohe uerlyg ni im i seomimenay. yetbara oba ulyg in008seen cordg to he etra sbaligh n 8undaon red i ore rdto mpai s casgh darom r ie wal aias m reet thanalny policiain t la 20et yeanclung an olia mill tn fro gdman la0ealu sac.
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ll ro g unanunteurrotesacaint mittomneuntes walrosnttrees ttne puet. al >> ihinknymerin iee imessehen ivernnk romy ari i t imse publnan cdida ts sathe rnrst oming aeyould t do i bl c dasa roe bac wal s eet t rg ormsldo and iback tohere wroereacal st rforemshe csis. d >>ckresiont oma sred if hee didnre tur c aros.d t eco my >> si o s thrif yrsee wlde dnurro t co e-te predent hr y unte wd reney's s kesm. te rent en tt dn'ork, thete ry' st stegysms t t d rneyk,heo ptstgy t licy r y this p e "ll mit cy a israte of rson e " deructn noit ae ne sateg is o aftte f on wa strt redermctno bunethe s stregegy s not ft thouwaperi fortrhere present.bu e tr >>y e nesot to ou erirgizor his se aes rt.chin out >>neo to e andizis gain ag rinutuppo of t subsntiandportn of the in poolfpo indendefs who bsia surtorteofhim sohe songly olnddewh isutemo sgl i 2008 08 hean't goo far >>arly undrsinghe'total ar ow gernoromn >>lydrng out-cingalhe g prenodentmn i ca rai d frt-ngisib wal restrent sou ies lik oldmcaaifribal
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sach but the re rouordhow tik dm presentampan and chhethe rd w t de crat nat nal esmmitte sppatndlose to $90illi deat atis yl sp at ealseoo lfhe90li o.p. yival eaise cbine br ?p. al>> bt: me onse thi cne wbrh b th mpaneon a rghayhi oalltree w mo anathstsne elie it r w o tiedloee mooncesboutnasuropiet w do ed dppedceutop 247/2. pdo00 ge bac d4.ed nasd47. clo gd 5ac behd. sd 'll lk a l inlo t 5eh l mpai a sean l autn t tes. seni aieaolit aal alystrit t. me i hernio telits a thastt suect, t iserel iortahasut,o ita ow exaly wt you a talkg abt. >> g d eningbretxa wou a th t resi nt hlkingab g gher eaxesngett t cen r o tsi hg agda h wil r eres on, taren o o ag h woils wi r pure.n, r ov oords. wo eawi side tes turrame t ov dete idsthe angue ieaid t tme t pr erde iegu i pr on thi t predent and s a iesillonhi s takessfrent ndgher asaxesl s iteadsfighe er venues
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both iidesadavorhe hier nuvenu. the desfereore is docra hipref to achve tm nu raing th dreaxis r desra whi efooesnch t alys waik bause hethighe rhi sn te rardconoc gralth. w bse hegheraxeven tha fws rdnogr. om erenha ft. la wee predentl date, modetor laee chaie rreentpoke de, ofighe de rrenuesha r aske sothinofthatheepubcans roppoue. no os cllend hi so whin itat comub tns pospenng o de ccratencallhi it whtomnves tent enand efero spefdeatll dticit reesctiotbut tpend gd erpe rectio dit beuse ey d't wret tiot ndut spenreng eioept efenbe.e d w t spkingf cen et ensps,ng ciberson e wa ors,hat aongimeer o in whing n,wa orutst d't g fer e r ucin gin s wndinngs d on r dimishi the rin groh. s in wh you hronemoctsim spehihero of wh ioureasg hocevenpe take eded i iasestmt anheen e espeallyas c plai ed itm anmocrs trto rse tax fin ce mpeely s cndinai recrmbertrthey rre tkingax abou thein m sin samreerey tng oue >>ret:hat out e polical hiwer have a >>t:t t llio ire lil r urtaav a it smsf y a tha ioe qutiontat
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olls s wl. y a ha mocrs artryi toumpquonls w tha a tap icraryiheop ang out ha ailliaireap i >>axinng m liontres rthelire >> in mons he hherill a ays p l ll e pls d't m hsurerowl as p rong peo e fe abo t. p dpeop hav mre hig ngeofeboriories. opavigorobs,s. grong ecomy. theyaves, senentboutro h weco the. predentnd heeye pay ha donent ut h tt. weat iherentikelpahaoonutwe h an t ad ntag ithe esidt aneld s pty m havweannhisadage idan testssue of p r msingav taxn s the stueich. o rng yoaxalsosk robay inhe t h. sa pol you a dyosoou forbayn thigh tax in the msadleolou af f anconoc dntur ghaxn he susct y me get t ansr d ur ere u go us y et t bre allnsn t . qution thane you.go tax rell r tormlan andquon an anu. axappe rm pnitic ondsiden vaulped pusinicsmanerma ode ca inhe lea i ul in anpothmaical mchup can witea i present oma. thal mup smusnit repestst h o. cn u us 43ep ho c u 41% at i the marn o eor. he1% traed by ihe fear o poi es t.
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l ofmy mytaffly andllef o my ofstafygetheff samnd befin o y theyeehe same hingaf it sam. bin >> wve sn onof eyheamng s brfingthat .s. woops sreon the gun inbrngat. ugapsa. in oheen gn cricizeacki ga expeencen fo ign ori polzeyki repeondscefo n i tughteeren goiol be utti bretsds o t thteenoi grnd unles iti was r bl o cl tr of wha o ntertsgrnl i weas r et tera clofha o obvisly,erhe predent and we het dvisras mad viy,ecisnsrent nd othe didhe tt,issadhingis he iduld nt t tnow wtere ng th rean an d t jtifitionw w >> feal stotheaaveran. jmeonfinew.on f ca, thto btister inisr onw. chancangth bst hleluhis. cain anells hlueeoesn boainls seligusedigee wlsnoa alle e anne f theig igconsvati chrtian wote.l the xt chaenge lean fhe sling ns ti hrhisane. e hage 9-9 tax s plang s inaverenneee, rris 9 axfaullaerox in newerne , is >>ret:erma cainill ul wi uswo wewks fro >> t:tomomaow oinl thewi "snter wro sea mo o segmt.he thiseek,he " gerstsea senar ri sanrum gm weesda is k, ne g wee we talith for rnarian m goveor jwe hundaman and neeee al
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mrhcainill worhs on ve j unn ndnoveer 1 mrinviind all of when ca idatve and 1ope sche le tvi raltnominca at ndweeke he twe'l rellinou wther peoeke 'l blamwallltree or w ershinon feo thecono a amlittll biteeaterrn in fheheno gr evinttiter rst,nef the kgr in compentsf th p side's t, healhecare kaw i mptsth pde alre idg0r y),dd0r),dd >x>x#
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g ograin hlthce l nty edg caed k css ra hhc l. ca edmintratn trd co doplayhe m e b cinticsattr poced the annncemtdo ay m th b the res o ccs the lspod hennem th hees un orkab.he l ste waingt corsponnt jingle hashetoryun ab >> rortest dwaocragtorayon ji le ascancing ery ntit rmenttent dra forisabd is ncg mor snait nt d r onlab ois par o the m hethcana law publans nly it o theirstar ohe gn tntir lawheca iaw bls it cheingst t iraw unral cged ra. >>t wa'tiscay staible. m g do >> seewahem docahat. i ai wore. t t g the aee othmo t. rt o t predentor t healthre b al ththould meethe o sam terent th befinthion.ld et claam proam heahcar lamadet linkn. cheer lahanro eaar its c lectgladethe lremihen ars fore ait cctenef woumi pai a cntin mones y are a saviefs.ou with he ai a dem ce,inne aome vi th $7billn, aut hemf te theoticasavisn t $7ll a h fi tt te yea he eocavi t ssold. anfi reptelicaea sayhat h is justhe ol beg ninganep caay t>> ts resofhe st dicit eg rengctiois smo nd tes dit miors, belve. reio he'smoasmis,elo. sho
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hsa it, >> a isio idt the wouthn'tonnythogwa wh t, lellyo p ventthhemou frotth reminghis ograatle ay pnt m terro dat re ng >>s he wrate hse a ppearat to >> w h ha itoth wayea libelo sports s ithat mheay th a pro se abe the spectrt sot kp me it. th rosena ar rebliche lea rct k tcht. ccon ll snasre iicea de es log hforhe wteon s hous itodmit therogrdeog isr w un staiusble t deitndhe it gray o tsooks e cunefaie de auaryt o o tediceks cwarn the p agramry o wilic eoll rnhe 230 pllioamneoplil t b workle. e lthats ore t n0 io theplntir b rkeric. wororce at ebret t? he bre moriron ts wit icor cee pal. et jim,hank y . reor t sit ill a ad fedpaal law m, nk yputs choli sch ls i> l a aedaw catcts22. c li nexch i w som amecan tc .oops ay n tickex a wundnom meaq aner tnd o theps nck ad a t oheould you nexif y had
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elic aet restiuteespoe. te ts wl aft noonicsaudesepo arab t ask the alled ptftonud scusd i ab theskhenite ll ptionsecuty cncil > ne dusrn iheraq,te disc siononaboucu cil ne dhethq, anysconouth u. tros wi remn anyhe enof theear m ha wiem ag oen ahe sg.r mha h tion secity o s rresnden onecy jenferriff tes us nees ienuen partularens atrheff cter of teus i diute. >> t 40,rt0arat cr u.sfforc lef in idiqe. pac ng to to0, hom .s rceef admistrion i iuedac o stroom denls it h hdmtrn id an roen i h impae h wit tn iqisnd abpadoneth ideit that the is troo wil sta bondabhenede detmberhe deaine. ooil ta>> athe bdde persideeae. ae tim i p de got dcouredecau wreim stl in egotttionwithhe durau w iraq. >> astiffeinnt teotonromth defee of cialthis sumaqr afe o w tem fru ratethe feofalisum iqis hadn wpprohedrumtee wit i as dn reest >> me ait decionret y. . ma >> tre iaointec innime u ca.t urn t i bacntne at i why t'sca so imptant n mak tac mpnt
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ablute as on a ak t possle. ci . thetickg pot isabhates th ss. iras efushe tockpois gra th plomicrammunusyo to ara s. fomceseyonun 21.o a dealreak for fsonhe 2 alakor pengon. setor hn mccnenn.ccusser cc th of dogingusith the talk a yr orthfogogh agohe w suld ha lk neg yiateranrgo agrment w s dwe d n't.ha weadeg ate aassar the gr ntior thi ne d tt.t h owe asath perir cehi t h. ri weidn' havny iue. when'the iteouseav sigd f on 3 ihank. yo 500 hee ese trigps a traing mis ononnk y iraq 5 too offsetr aragccorngis to reted eneraq whoooff heldor ephetoeterho theelurge i 2 7.he thihashe beenge i 2 h ded hisee ndleutraouslbad. hd irleis dn't therasld. imprsionhat wer ir dserit s abtong-rm pron t relaeronsh riab withg- tm. lathesh dinitn o thit was t w-ofr toetay d init othas iq. whof the kwoynhe i whhe k comnder
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4:26 am
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:30 am
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:39 am
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4:40 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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