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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 18, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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a c $3 triio $3ri. ese mberarenhea o whenou lk at i. e ereea o hienoric iere s souch lk aut homucheeded t be chiic . li bye soh a l e, wehoch wdee te ppos c to a li tyhteng of l w belnd we her we oso a tenre. ofll:elower wuestnshere. : l th mon istre snt. uartarne firth theon portwhatoes s. say rt>> wneirhe snt rtats triion,ay w $6 bilon i sthe nancl ye jusrindedn, $6il ie fortncatelye we usly tked in rtele 2,30 t000,0,00 tha ans had ain decit300,00ha s adagai secd yeecunni ai ecye 1 tllioni 0 biion-llar t io now,hat do t --here was speing cbitingn-ar w,t o --ay?re endis cutpegvera d cng t hpen. ? di ut we actllyrapent dore hen.ea just eed tnwehectynt yeare efor hatus e t in ft, edic earor sndint went u f aheic big sin ineaseas ith nt pay unt a igfor tere onur inse i deb aythatas u r ren 16 rceneb soat - u>> bl: so wn w ask the6 en
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esti, wh - you et f b o all wat w wt yskhe gets motiwhouecif f pendl g, wt w y et yoget a reatmoif dt.nd w w, lk at heyot aecif asat a daref gro lomeeatifs a e oduc thisros a ve yreeodeln th seen. uc is a ylookhat ppen betelen th 8 an sn. okt '09en et lookt th juman d ittaye uphere09 okth ium it ye10p andre 201 ituar >> is dgernd01 sigl. th's tarling ou t t i t dr ig defit,he aunt month tng t t thate're borwingoeep de t,the aconot on goi atreorngp errownog, iwayphereoi by istoowcal iyre sndar. inhe lt th ebytolearswe s haar got nntoin lthterrory th wve notrs bn i sin haotorry ththe wcondorldotar bhat iin a dge ignae forndldthe a fina dial sts at wrenar -- crse at w a nal s on, w 6% o ce w adphat is then, are the oecif int oshe overl e he ecoifmy, nnger o sign, no er stainleco, er riod gnno sin no enomigrow todhow fort. bi: to he emiow novew obse er, at trt shs yo ibitoheov he i onlse, tsh yogett ig deere'reot he idiggg onl a
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ttderee? >>he he isetti gg o a deer bausee a >> histi acculati de deb bsee we n a avecutieb n 14 illie $7 bilon wth o acmulad de4 .li $7il w o ok? th is ge acthatlasde preselyhe ok ameths atsizes orely oralle enomy. ze o yoare oll getng ptty clo emy gre yo leve eopeaet pylo lerels. 's auge ngerev s enal.ea ll: at iis le. hel ae goer mor sngl. : lenc i thisshapi u notel jus goto bora bines stonc ut a ispi uot majopoliuscal sue b besow to ov the a nex13 onthjolil e stua, thovk yohefor at exe yoth a 9:2 uathyobn, r l yo aght? :2 y, . maha:arnehen we't? got hman y caima:olksne n e'gointoeo toe t w hhnai esidt obksa an ineoe win wng.h accoiding oban the rmuss in .port pcolg orhe theirst rss me, arerteeinumbe p kehis,he fstks h, marein be ca at s, 43 rcen f pridenobam ht cat3 en 41 pcentprenam cainill rime pnt tget, u ca bet inl tonht aheme deba t that,s gog on caeton an lavegathis bahagoon ening we'rgointo he a laeviegafor isu onho nds
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do at i eng 'rin h tat debieer on n o nigh lookor rk pe ty toryeb get bk on the m gh ok rpe to nigh bill it'et b aonayshe m tereing,he d ghfter llt' as sed whahapps in re g,ose derebat. >>so cn d sha tppingin e suing mberon tat >> roa c n he is h tdinggo arina osug er t me witoa a irica hng sori call touest meit sheff joe acao lloutheoe ario, own ris gresve pitioon bo er suritarand, thern es pio is es. bo sin sits thdtwo erve aot in c mon. is . fir of l, s sthriffo j a sin cn. ver irf s simffar q jliti at ierim q htie, ce et ihe j h do, ne cher e of us j he doen aner ofsolitalcorrtnes he tooland ait stirres don pla ol d to b aolittialon la corrtnes b too billitai ting earresoo ll ggesng t u.s tg suld il a ele iones t.s sd rifd a felee alng thbord iflatehe w h w fe --alth hrde id hwas king it otef w w- h saasm, hs ang mic ole chma csalingm,or aic ughe ma iigraon cngaws, saheng t fedhoul iraoot
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e bi fors, bder sa t fce. ed thiulis aturdeha bior b r needto bbornby t f. hi fe aral govdenmen e ste of rizo shoedd brn no tbe o t felovenook stofzoho finoncia oy fobuilng t t nce.k neeto me su tha fiia enfoish il the t oicial e. lauage f theeunit m su hastat govnmen and weenh he o ia so nd to hav lagethitet atov oennde n crtoeriaavfor tse o criar wre t und binhe ute w stat d bllegly. u ll chma vow tha tatf eg. elted esidt sh willma ow hahavehat efalls eld idshll su rfenve alot theeexicls boer. pecto he a b morsu enlo abhet thic lat bo ctrthaheall bght.or abthat meanile,onitt .mney hal t. pporrs tning mpai ane,t ey heaoruart ts,ng openg in a fulaineart lly.en in m pullentwanevvi u e crd in nada t iy. p nt s alvi u aut mt rney crin nwho a ys h ielies at tals a m rint,ytill goa l go h ght ead ieat t him t,llgo lg watct d >> inow u'reere tim beuse ingsre gat rightcnow evad iw reute causthinbe aree oinggso g be reat ngh nevw a aftad i'm usinreng bepresatentevft'm est. at ielie isoingo takeo g ameca wking. iie ag insng seoneho's ot ke gme wng li long agolitian but sne's
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inead meonwho ows li hoontheconoitnut wor w's inbeend n thon prio tes sec rho e nod whoill getor w ameca woeningthriec ain. wh youantletme tha wog a. ou t mtha:ha romy not sayg m a:o mu at at aearae om abott hiay g r almu ort t ara abhi ct tt he gan cn rsr t rpasng h in me o the c n thospoll b thean who as h n otroded h saithat osll bhe whhoe the wod b od haiat fresentst th whpartthularwovent the b wld not ser nges anytsth rtarnthe w t dfatr'sernyizzanott th atne.s ll: t fox newzat art th . qukly, c: wdedoxew tr b a am gng quy, ced tctor t b trler, gendi fivto t tor spit tha busas o trr, itwayo nediyorkiv t citon eithaus o ity toughy innerkit floabergyou n se tthegh in ont d - in oargu see t -nlosterg, theyado c t dver st ang, numeyou pasngerout cof t tt dr an wreage,umheasertrash t snarng ely mning ree, trfic r mis ansh vest ator are ar the e m ng eneopin ttr fc uremi oan a stor e heuse r thwrec butein t fe o is repts sethie've e thecut en f theast ar i ep shi ve varis pas ofew yk fhet i ste. maha: tru bil
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ri pathesofkind yfcene hav st mabeco: allruoo cmon,il esnd ne allyav lastear alo, th e coll cn,were ly wrestsrlothe iolvi motre re cohes. rliethis iviot yr, 1 pacoenges. wou up eingieis a silar csh y 1 alg i95pageoup ng nework. sar c al remeer, at w 95absotely ew hk.rifi. se tor me s, umer w onew soorkly hs pufiedor ser incased ser owk pu inectis fothenced bus whh sotime stayn thin ti foroade desteus serus s etywhsomeayth ades er ncer. an s alsy the are qutionabout the er anlshere quonou drihers l rit, wwanto get thistorri whi has > ri wnt ptur so muc t hi atttionorhi as acss ts nion now urouc becae thtte aronnew acdeve tpmen n in neow disaearae f 11 ca mththarw ol lisaveenn e rwin sara11 her m parts olsa have nowinireder aar higveowed a ofil lawr,ig joe acopilaaw whe naoend feay bop miliwh to nau, h f reesend jan v der lio sl ht an oths, he' sreen joed t js ca v, heerays atslanthisa'e' jo tca mother, dsorah brady, ha' notng t ot dhideah justwo ds a ad dur hgot t an deinteiew th "amstic d a ur
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li" anhoregyn elly tew am li a rlisa motr saynly shead she ad nosa potnssa athehat int hiran ttorhey. o >> pe dot n ad at t lawirr. weon'tor >> needod naaw owe. 't >>ren'you eerrie tha theye gog toome ter o >>n'u ieha eyyou?go to e it'ra psibityeah. 's u?cary t' pbih. t wry hen't gotnep til w wecau w h't ft ot li weidn' nee l aune. w rtha f li aen'ig ceenge of. harectn siea suny. c e tofy is tsday ct sid notheyaveun toiredis one t ay he noeye higstrofiedne imin attneys inigfi thi intt coystry.n arthhi ida oinscoy.e th n adans precut andorme imin n defse a attney. pr whutdo ynd thime thehang of inef tun tt>> iy.on'tnow. wh yhiheng men --unaybe i't mw.ynould nvin themewhenhe-aidbe m y dot yoldhave lyer, inheen d d shaid on't doyo nved lr, on ok, e boom le ishd 't n dese renthave geon o, bo l i ey he spen a e engtntve g to meg o kly hsp ahos angt eg ac kmplied aorne the ha sponn t jud jnineacli anehe hapon
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t udpirrwho he jistrnet atrneyfestcster rro tr coun. i atn't eyow wtherheytc er ew tt orot. d th've ally put un heiri t wer styy ou tor. t rethe lyutir. stou sofheyet t crged martso, ani kny thi fro ced exrien witmy rtanknhiro clits ex enthositnews intviewcould li the osws worntewul evince ag nst em bheause tyor vi ehighghthe agt bse t incoisteies, the ght instigor bughtn, ll sta on cotes,he by inig bht ta a b a befact, he wks csely wi j , an ibect worhed wh w cly joe,wivery je shanld kword w at, wked the e,rysh k stri aornes o, ice, w d joehe bsolriel ane oe,nows whae he's dngoliswrnt gs wsinvoed, ha mes t 's d wr g dessiont's me tbrin in avoawye, m he t cal his de onbudds joe tinho ahey'yee workal togher isd jo has done he rddhtoehing hy' rkpullog ther lug jo theas ne rng h inteiewshe eard hatllheg he theyad tay. terthaws h prdledthe peyg t onhe iervi and. y ha poinout, pd t py aton ivi dndn y wi sev al rinortet, and t do wit th myn o dr thn wiev rte wendend d wi jud doit m oth anin wed pwiroud theve bn
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open boutinhis, who kno p heif t by wod ha beead enut s, thho hir a lnoyer day two onha butee wan to pla thir lother piecofounday froonutan t deboh brlaley,se aheecnd ek tgetroette boandlbry, e wha as gog on ttte he. dl >>ecau it'so ey to hago hearhentori, sa h oh,>>aut' eto she ar drinksa ori ish,o easy oe sayhose d tngs,ri i bu i kno wsyay didt dose ts, anhingbuhe dn'tonoid do ythi, the's bad y an ngout dere tth my by, hightths d now. t e mand ere e pele t bt e tudgi.ow plea , ju lood foe pe t h. gi. maha:hat you hink eajuoo abouthis h rthuma : t i moun,nk t btom ne ouis qutions dihu ty do mt, t bm are ey quondi tdonvold. i we n jge jeaneol. w j pio's ow seaurdanigh and e pu monhe spit s s andaighaid y d pu m snsin s, fe an yes asd psecur, 1 yearas arimil densein f ye as atrney pcu 1 m ar amide ietinc from what see n tatey m incro teleatsioneefromhe p tple o wk withox who leonom pe wkit tervwed r, iindhoer credrvle.d i e huand sn'td gen me ed. enouhu. d 't maha: say gnothg. e >>ight i fd he
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ou redimae.: ayth >>befoht joe fhe tacinadiot fo inoelvedi fi her credle, aca bieveer in ed fiars ere gennend ed, bve mart, th're a nwi s en potion if ty dot ta to e rtthe n medi peoe th k ty'repoon t dodingtahingo ifheyal too chdieothhy a t youre nglkinngto tfyedia o mart: aou in tatia rtheirousend ei nghbo' hseathey ir seallod althat t tak nebo h ple any it ill eeloal howat it tak chan s nothatplhey anve atlowt defee atrneyired anno aty ar aur, waysood see fe at eyu. ed bi: 11inut pasthar, ysd ee hour a festor s w rebi11ut wasking thimorng. also thi aur feor dis wrbinhit and wng hiun, rn lite gsol,hi r iser binat tru d but, itt's g rat hpeneafteards bthatillru autoluty sns hnete ds you atl aut s. rthaplus wlhe u gles ce of tonht. haus w lks,n thates gl c of repuicanonebat you ks,w, wthve bnes puan waathing u the k w b tngs ry wang osel heso rk pey ts is onefhe n ou hereelthis rpe msne f hean cn, h ou ston thereis m limeght om im.he c hn height his waytoheack me t intohis. he rhte? isay bi:k toalsos r p sidebi oba kingim asoepub pcansde bawhilpushg a bs pn.
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ng awhatbouthisubns cment >> w cou ilshctuaa y pos at utbs wsh tir cnt lan. wou iual le you dece, w t whh pl isn. the eal ileou ecameran js whplsacthel er jst
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rtha: wl, ts isa amat rese i ha bton, w t is afr aix-yr-olboy wasates i b n, drop d fr theaf aindo o a-yolyas rninbuilng, opfrhedo o lst a 14 o erin pilple, ere sav af lr an expsion ognit p aeeav maive re tre.afan thxplittonit boy a ma e tandp.entsthai hey rethttoy forc toossim out dptsaiheny the flas t ppedrchemos iut n thrpart nt. ela t ed mankfly, i firight was erethoatchrt. h kf, irht s ech >> it hasike serma >> y wert tnkinyoue re serma sflyima out f y ther t binldinu >> yea smayi ut >> eryonthot out bin seae . eon utdo also tnkhe s. refiter at w thels t beath,ith e ofhe fir whe ighbs th sor ofbeh,h of caug himhen fel hb th>>orf iot ugimn himel and i tha my imcky srs ias i tnd haghty pla a the rht
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y s i i t ti. matha: at'slahat 's ahe r out,antaic ti ma: 's t arefitingandhat t,ta adorle ltle y anhi fingdt granothe als happorthey le an go out ohere saf y.anhelsppey lucky nogody wut injed re thientiaf s uati . ckno th w arrnjted 2yearld hi ti n, tugh, whodmit s thati thrr d set 2 tar tirh,hoitnha a setcide t temp sde. ll:resint oba mp kingim a. the i:si.fba ng a publans o diheno i suppt hi jobill om bls di pphiobl stery: >> mbehe jus didt er dersnd t>> who thi m l atusidnce! rs thohi at soe'reoingo brk ite upnto! be-si dsorengbr pieits. upo so t bysian te aie thoutfulpproh to this t ta ou leulslatn. roto bi: wh abois tha connticusenar jo leat bi wheberbon ishaith thi nncunajo moing. nato gooermornisg toh hi you! w yodoin mo>> gg.d moing,ill, tooooingrnto al wu!l, he youyoin re gmog,l,ng o. w bi h: i , thoukou. younderand e jo bi i thbillk becae th.way unde tandou er d frojom y yid not lllike t as cathy mdeh asnd the ro y y protidenlike as y m notas he>> yeaprenket. ot loo to
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eaeaooo lot the stu i the jobe bills thkind o thiot he tu'veheobdopt ove the llthnd ohi yes, a a l ept oveet h ye a l a ood flingo it but h wee noatn fng orditut-- weno ordiry te anore,nd rd toe th bt tng w can di to tt ouanre, conoto goith b t w and crte js is o ou tdoptnooi cr j sy ptisapt deb ructi prram p outsaf theointeb r tispecl c m utd quily thehe rsonntor ec cat ittour. eco my ndsuihe rn a irco n lt payi fore ste js isot goi yi to fe s jha is jt.oi the lt io t connce busiss j ie esto i thatheone si gornme i ito wkingt togeer tcut e debgome and ce wdo wnghat, hey'ge tt eb vestnd cate e d wobs.t, y'd wh youook the st ce s.present'jobsct evewh ou k if yhe bre iest'bs dowve to yre i te-sedowiece it'o spdingoneye d't -scet' haveand sp youngotey do rse ve dxes payou f r i ao s ay f i ahat jusakes
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heob ofhe dttuseducones coitte tof dt comtteeuc co te selfeven t hder. ll: omuee menonedhe lf en mes hich h we'r. : ened livg. steno so o s hesech e' nuers r a ment.iv enemplsomentas bnse at nus a perct or mt. hher plnt b ft 27 the rcor lt hr9 f7onth he nce lt stembth o e smb 201 o unrempymenwas up to01 unmp en s16 1p%.o th's a ut 1%5 miion amicanth andboutne a thd ofllmi tnse unployam havanbeenndut out workor mthe thof a t yea un oy avn, tense a o t gh rkough mthea tmes. a d i tprecte yrgh coent out yingo fire sethi s. i ec yut. wantocot pt y angittl fi s hisomeing om a. dem ratint patl untemeart g the aouseem ti bbie assetean-st ultzhe se abou wha s aysies t rese-stz oussueha s sll g to u re tt t re ueis: oka g o >> wreve t stoed t ecomy om d ppin:like ka wock,to t ke i wasco bore p dsideinke ama okk,'ve. ere i theas b leaershion p de e rublin a e. e he se? eahi yowanto ta abo rli ttinon t sidines s ey'ryothe ntes ttatbo have juin bee tides crsing the
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're t avarmsnd opinjuoreecrngailuhe. i m n, ms howin cou -- is slu i m ow respsiblfor ouem t-o is low e ecomy sus spblr t main w ec sy gnan you ow s thathey cin s an >> iu shinkhaeyhey c wld i nk digreey billsenar, ithatven w tr onts diee flle? na i >>atell,no m itrnot f >> l,elecd asn m indende thas th pspecve i ecasnd de ve, th ptiesre hath uall ptoeclame ior t fa hat, pes w ll hmeen't t gten fa totherto rece t deb w whic aga h, 't g sayn is toer there teb mo imp tant ticng wga canay s to t ourhe enomy oingmompnt t w agann and cre eo meurobs emyng ag an agai re thos mnumbs,she ai osmbwo read bere debeea be ebwassman-hultsords te how sious posion ss n-r ecltomy ds in. teow speopus wanosn j s, aecy o then. re tion s tooputan a js j a he t forrd reon bto i d't a j thk th jobactill or ke t biffe dnce r ththe pethleobthatl t tyfee thpe tdesee. ly rl t learshi se r partan ldersp in washgtono rece t eadebthi wildo
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rt lrsin i shbillonso mrey teed thebtilelp, i ll m o. d anhejohnoehn onp, t use de w ldan shnhnn the t put an e wfter pla sorwahe anther s be not aion the seratelawaide so,anerbeo an hathe scke and ftheo, ctinu. t an senar, tnkndou f f your tim i wa to cnu ongran ina t - f urim wa ongralateou othe wgr book -it's cald "ge se rate oe rest it' out w anok's gooal geluck sith at enatst. t't thank yoveryoouch. we allckh ould use ltleat thst tyoseryh. ell dsldse l e god ess u, tnk t you mart: bo isn ds tha the d s ttrutou rtbo sn everhaody.he giftf re is good ut ea. > wee go a bi serry y. co ngft ures od thers ne fal ut. wegobi t say ovco the u toues erneal im tgrat n laovhe inouhis nati, th imatla jticens ti th partnt s allotli jce toepor any quo rt sllli ases to theoraw tt hanyeenuo enacd in as he thalaba. n wee gog tosk t acin ste's batorn genalwegoho to t he- wh he inksbout st s rnthaten bill alsoallohe frowhme ksut gas,ouldhe at eathllsolofro da s,ld wheonthhangehe da w he rac forngood? w acord?
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ll wre lrnin now thhe w linow indy th c dver d whdonndied of c dr d blu fce whn tohed heafluhe 2-t fe tondyea chamon kled ohe-ty rrif amileu katd o theas vegamoto if speudway felw he iversayi ts valgato sp traykel is erooyi t shol it' t trks daerouhot' tespeallyor thdaind ouah cs th hit spee opely thd cthit ee 225iles oer ur. weind had25eseal, on we. h idswe id ad need tol, lo thetheray o one hs thaeeto loheer oha d thrate ie wts th . te i bi tbhl ishe v wce o
9:25 am
jim ntlen joson, dr er, d thbik inbhis yea v o m le cajo beln,g o treedr, thinea rcui or adcael oours andee th caruiinr ncarrsre mucnd safefor thear t nck.r rthauchis xews alefe.r e tafte.fiveears nhas s caleivit an rael te ve rssoldr is ree canitn el odayld.ise ay ad shak relsehael precented psone sp ec te tweeisra and pne sp pastinns. eeat wra thendcene hundds opaleinia prisers repain. rease whene nd olenia is s the bes m ryseervi lienteesor trorith b m ac invi isr l.lite landitte tisri liv acn ouide e hosr of e iseli solnderteusiv rele ed inortourne hof iisaeliol le irt. rep iter:liarth were n one. heprr: awath we fr nne h ilawa fr slikhowi u la hom the sie skwi u yell rib nom aheund t s old ll oatreeibn a the a ared ls t yelwldibbo oautee her ahere l day.el nt tshowboouer veofter was ry.ease t owmanyave id ts i v leer
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:55 am
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9:59 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:22 am
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:30 am
10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
ntn,cogo mara. o maha: is i yaot lesan h >>nk uplethey adoed tars ma: i chiles andhey aim leeydohat t om t ilndy arlimt pot in his fe, tu now, t dn to li thpo facin tha hes , wasw, d to learng s nthac nguaha andas on dlars o on ofarhe s uand mo, i airl, nd drson s sa no, you emoi n tl,my s you' a b , ansaeo, kepoue n doinit or an t or, u' ban n epi amirl, nd in the oanlaim o at sce h n am earestl, he da, th isimhat he s h hasart wadaed.thste drasablo whado y wa .ink? >>ere' whatdrloha y thi. k? fit ofll >>e' thiat wehi. ouldeminfiofursees fmhie the tset wre n ldin okinseto f bly e et aone. w n m rem ded in theords b of ae. rahaemd heds linlnithf mice ha in towas noh, bunows the m e ti, mahahen he wa nobu towndersanhehis tima issn h. whto's herpenisere? havtwossomen rsing wh hni chd, hse? avodopten a rng he come to bchieve hha hept aoos heom t bve fale. he at auesor a feompl e as psholocal aaluaon t jt ofheploy but opslol ua j hiofpares asutell. o
10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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