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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 18, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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br baisu, thtihixt ahorr. of "speal brai reptht," ae'sr myof gue pe now ve fm dc.ep"sy ue br, so hs goiw fown d t viiniahich s coiderbr aso hoi n must tin steor vi himias wechcoer as nth starol sa, ao consimeredweustinn his nol a -eleionffor dnsedhest is mocrs ar disncing len or thselv? >>eporr: is an amcringar rnisin arod, megyth lv we>> areor ian sengamg roevergy reemoctsse distce tmsels fr preserent obanoc stvirg tia.el fr bigg t amesg ttemborme vern timrg. kai . ggam t 's aome t forread rnimaithe mocr aic t natornald ommiee, e job at, cocrse, watl miven , predent ob a. b , co, he will t be sn wingrentob upn t caheaignraill n viiniabe s ng toy.up t cagnilviia to ine ruingor s. nate andhat' ki oa e ru gg,ig momt. tendt' i t th oe ar seval lcalom lawmers, tatetharev laakerwho ll are so dtancg wms,tethemlves lafromero e d thencem preesdent om anonelongme sheate senorrent aanedemoatngas se aladen co out d saa heillmoppos alpresent obaoutin 20 sa ae thoeslos to es towbajusthow20 a th vulnableso e pr idenisstw en
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ln le in atate t t heprenarri i e 20, th afirste dmocr the t winri i viinia in re20th tn fors dcr tcadein me n:viia n ah. tfo nato lindde me puer a. demoat, o's to and tohpu a relectn bale has mome, s outo ansaid herect fastrang mes ou ju lik he'sanid frtratheg f otrars ame anunci juik he'son'tfrat te f predentot oba a incie't 20 f -- re wonntba i gss. d --20he w- 'ton iues and gen a.o the ishis -- w whesh so of gi sd aus ath fesis for at's whso fppeng tohei a epresent virnia. r an'sthers auy enametoward est ir a.armsong, e's aaner deacrat eme rd use nori learhere a msg,s dehisat ppont h en te ingrieaore a tie m to resi nts oba inpo h t gthe re-ecti b tle.e tosi ok wbatn er. astroe-ti do in be. an a ying woold to aisrodon se . a watcngthisod o ♪ i'mse rd tcisarmsong,nd now ♪ 'marlepoin msg, rect'sow mparg me tlebarain oba. ct th's atret t ra mba po-li prothun aet dha i. waysut pirgiliaro irs megy i mn, i ysasgi jus thr rs yes agthatresi nt gy m ibamushr thenyeenatag obaat wassihe am
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darlg of rgin, so mucenat sobaas pe le w e sarlng tofat ste insso ucnowolue >> reperter wyeahsa t s it'sn amang t n ar ndwueor re era stahe th reay sa 'sotma tarf demo aticstushtheasa in008and, viouy, t pre dentmoarriich init.8 d, an i ouuthe trentrivirgia th 's . no real aan spris i he t wh yourgh eenoal sis lmake li whou the manou stut lkeli up e tnere from nrtheirgia,up fai taxe th e pl esom tat nheeallhavegi enai lea ngthpl docra tcnllve cent yes, teat's aig dra ange nt al it's wyeth ts apoinng o ge thatn th toryalt' wof "e in o waingt pos tday is at isthry how ey prase " wagtos the ey s w pse itirary que, t e whi hou had conseredtops intiry qu thiou adnvil nensportedpsn ws il chlottnevillrt an eder ksbuuthttll prinen de cratinan v rginerbu wher oma'sappral pr ratengeat v inhove arod er 5 o's enprurag the atite hoeto vero aer tt 5en ag hehedu so ehowoulno nger a t vit dtric whe mdumbero oul s pty erere volv invide dic tihet mer o eleions p e thlv's tn "t wasngtotipostsle ns phrang o th th t"tastost iterar
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ra o men: ttht ght helhost ar loca law kers bemeuse t th t el dot wa to os caied aw therseeh present, utdo thwao can hp d s rheelecon han s ineshet,h an ate hcaus now h 's recvoidganin thos aas e wheusowhey' h id sang p ase, donos wanto a he be sy'n wiyou. eposaer:eah. pe,on an thinthe ite use d s twiu. obam capoaign: ch.culaon in e e at te y ne to fht amagn cla in hese t nearea theneed f to ghn nrthsearolaand vieainiaheed oen oughight nowhola id seviia ikf gh ht owelecon we i hese tody,both tho ectat wwoul gheod rth woulgo t thehoepuicanatide.ul g r ul te bu aga tpu whiane. hse ys is i't a bu camgaign tophi h anay. i a he' jst taingamn olksan. abouhis bse' jpacke, ta acgrding hem ks megy allight ous ck ankem yo gy llht wel se youonig a b k p. yo >> r orte allwese rigou.ig a men: ainveigatn p i >> r te llderw aftig a v.iclefill me ave at th pside oba i's rwft vleodiull presenti sea pdebandudio equient siu sto n in estiea ui t th seatoin in silar t one thatou sth reahtsir tne tre o th at s r cter onlthecommder t oth chieisallod totand ernle bemmndr it.ielo
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oe trndk,ark atbe aotel . tr aheaof t prrkidents a vsitel to c stereaeld, tren vt viinia fo cunatery, id,has en reverevi andiae nderfoandat is no rere nd ensiteerdinfoatio was itlost but mebo sowherfoio assomest seris ex aini tot bo do.soer >>we a loong ieo rerts riex noniabouoa grongo. nuerof >> aoo i nsumres coslaing th the nocredou caros weuurneown um cofoin no thviouhe ed asonawenen opleho ypico lyou he goon crit, ythei leillsnicim h o anhave crg, eienou avlslabl balae beang tovehey annou v ble thr ca. labetoy nn stu vrneyf thcahe xbusiss netwk ishe ho u veyf "vney e si comp y", d hetwisho erte o"vy thes mpmpla, ts.he te st thi isoctuay q te es la. barr singst hi issn'tveryuady bn th qe wh you to useour redirrng ca 'try b th whand ey'r lik s ryu odseouurdi aknowt'kay d 'r yeikeverody' s lookg atou owikeayeerahy' me nokat kelldoestke payher [lau ter]lles sweaayi dort kn wha b . haened but is iausomer]ing re tn ea do knthatha >> rerter ha eds, i s.t imeg t thers be a at sha ris reer irecely o rds bei erbehaeclised ce o sfor eiat alalle unual
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r sp ading paerns ems le hapnunl ostsp whengpans u'reut ostat trs ngap usyoursthe ca prhap re oattr an usua or slushtlyuriffentca pap siatio a it hpeneto m uasllyfe fo ti s isitheio ast hurne m fo tieks ca is thheare addt ssed to meor belng stoathe mydded fmily e meers ve bnel rejted,ynd fly agn, it' usuaymes f bejd, ag ouof-ste rt'sonsua fd wh ideify lked abo ou-s r nsthis- i' tal dwh abodey thi ed bo ma of ries d is coi'eagualsaybo exalyhi t ammaf ie thg hahapp edo mecoguy vxay, t ry cent. th ha wheppyoume get v dclin yo ve nt goto cl he upu tet ca comny din o fi out hat'go go cg on.p tca antheyomold mthey avefiutt' o centn. aneyd meyeweak tir ntoftwe, eakethei coutin sysmsak t toake emtw ver keeierycoinys nsite to heto sle htes hint erofrauy so w n yoitusetoourslesin rd o ofau stat w andyoerhae your h en't o of ed yr ca out of atndha steou fo h't meti, th up you ycautome of t thfo co uterti yth'repou dee ed thbecaeou m hav steno tert yre derd olost or caometeng mav tand ey'r tjust ve ve ost or sensetive thessue d 'r frast.vee it hap ning nse heue lo ra this i
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theye nogointolo tel is ie cd .exacy homany ey tinos itinel happed but achony andotatiy, tits is pp rely cmonutccurnce an tajust tecen y cauisngre b cn urrdshe to loof stenau pple. b gyn: ou kshw, io wot psakse. in: k i w de aks puhase i ge th a thcred carpu se theyaid ge yoh ned allthedhear compeyy, ad theomanyo n tl ameran eress aid, oump a cahetan afrdthis no, erst essd, kidcang. af aughr]is just , iddg. idthat. oneoodhing gh stdd a out atnedng amextheylmosever tur you at down ex ey osere' liker nourouimi i d't wn e' ik oow, ve ner pmi dt t the st., n p rorte youe ma tng a he ke o ofhisbut . ha renedteoou a tw oof mfis tught s westuc ha ed at ae. ain tatntw mte htweatuc n gh a n atcausthei ca was necled. usmegyei thas no goca.ascl. althgyghhanoo dot ueresmatehe im rtan th ofdo n bei ueste ab to im an y af nabueiusnew pa ofabo a shs.bu w thks, au.of >>turng tohe arch tosh thlitt, lis rwin>>rnto it hch neen actl ttwois in
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mohs sce t b hby nasen tl repoed msing mo s t the bfbi briing i train po m ng gs t ear forthiri cgues. ira stery weold u th taror lisa mot cr ads.ttedo erwe sd e th habeen inki h avilsaot thaded nighher saby haen v ishki hil sangth th , in ghact,rhey was dru a vsh sapossly bcked o t.thin t, nce asatru anterewher ss bed o renthave l yeree er ur e pantve lreee th u --tack pee pa th hred,h-ckbut isee ref ingth h tod,ayhoexacyt is sying ef gm. i toll tl yooweacr, is ve ng oken o ai tyoe alth i benacto enwho isicki a upt lea s eth of ten chatoes soci edoithiskiup eea ce, se inartilar t hae cith wardnderandi at che'nti r a e mrdtherer dirsel nde' nts a fi th mer elaby. s when spo to fi hsa's prenty. they old en at poetoime o 's nday phey ntd no use for eyand t e attoey y. ayy no se why orven'you goen a awyeto y. y yen'u o why e yotalk ag toyehe lice we yen't ed a y yolkawyeto we d't n dceone. e t aye d ne. gyn:ren'youorrd th ey'rgointo ce aft n:n'uou?rrth >> i s a'rin c posebilift yh,? it'scary iaosli y
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, bu t 'sry we hen'tgot ep buuntinow becwese we f hlt't lket did'teed tiw ece. w f l'v tald to didffert ppleed d stf lithat bualto we der pe ven'retaed stli anody.atu w n' tamegyhyanidn' he a wyerrgo g a gyawyeatn' ue h menthe pice idero y g a ye thi y did nt i pe y becse ihoug thit yid thas pa i o theec iug t instighaion. thpa're ways gogo heok a theinig clon.stfami the thyspeopgo athativehere e lo it'sart mi the prthess.op i e itate onre t 'st he figur ging do iti iton anthen they'gointo be guhe g dog witoit, itd th's aneny' it.ine men: h-hudoit, h >> si, y knidn't. tnk me needhu ne. s y ngyn:racen' g tlagh lve in ed . ouwestoastewsr m wn:hce ggh l ace? rouortest we stst gsr off wh the one wi kan.scity e? poli , a r cteplee gff i teree ingeian tyw thgs in is lia ccasee one, ihey reegbackut th seahingn the woses de . e,y byckurounthiseang is tthwo nihe. or entbyimeun tist caloli t haveni enut s rchior thente t wood learli by ve isa shihe he. od ar t su if i's a tisa h reacin suf s ips. ati e bi queson n eemsreoin ss. whher licenew
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bi aesut n orms havead achan wh tor cew qstio aor borabrad y ab tve ahean wto q io revetion fro yraradabnteiew wiher, meg ve oonro yhatheew wi r, wadrunthe egght ot baisa waune tpear anday he blkedba outnd,sa o,hat arnd h sheutbl td t d,by dn at 6:at hed toesn real d knoat ifhe6: ecke onsn r agn alno 10:if l eken sh ag firs sa.0: l th wins tsh imelrsesa beuse lice th allwilong tad benel workeg wie a ceive d ahalfllng ho bindo rkwi0:30ntile a:00 lf now at gs to30ilinend a0 al ho s, a i jnst t ked w g tontone a invehoigat a who jaid at ted angetothe ente fus o the veatho d instigion. the licegen kaeas cnty no f o he llinusif inign. e vestceatorka cno dn'tin kw aut the o stor jor f ts't k a theth w ll, ey rcert fnly owhe w, rty w. jo tacina was asdjoabou th poceaca accing asboras bouadleth of bng invoed, pod he'sccg ra hiansw. ble >>'m n tal ng a butvo, his.he the turehif thswquesons,he >> nal a deh ofhe qs.stio e or rewthess, off e uestdens wofe qio ked,r i'm lkinabou t
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ngs f ate st we w sai du ngd, in rvie m inou t s regaing a ctainweaidu iividl'snie opion guiga ofg a o cin of the iids paopnts n thouuif o anfth a iden topas ouuppon tha a jst en orankpecutionpo and thas nohasomeing,n j my nk opcuion,onhat eds be dondhano me theg,his nsemy wh you op han,t s eon two ople hohes grvethe hturnoua the o lerhilde rn >> repter:olicsay eyhe haveot ierviedldhe faeplyr:icy dieren bvek o ivictoba8th, di enstilsay bey'r onotob coopatin anwe'reryinh,o il y 'r gett coprifiintionan'rnin sethi debohge bdley caidfion yster syhi bo thatolic beyhowed her bnt yer othe and ngsat froicwe erpple b talkgbouthoscell hed sro p onesle lk oue hooss thll dn't hav but pes othe we' tal ng thoth dopst av abouthatbuightow. he e'megyal t ideedps d i ve thatouiscuationht abw.t gythe ll p ine pedgs on pe i at wicu hernnab dep a we' e p p ing n tnto thatwier inep a e' toy's lly' coug . to atace,hankn y. epoer:tos y' okaou gyn: e,nk y ell,po fol: theka mher' n: e oflcohhatl, olght washe mr' ofoh at no t tas on mbshlrom no in trvie onon shomunda did u ta anyinie drons?
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>>o.da megy are ou d tarugnyr user>> >> no gyre g megyare y taerngny drug >> ngye y i takeanxiy meugcati bt it n i notxime ntircot b it no. megyt evebefo th npisote, o. is entso. gy ve>> yfoh.h ismegy andere uaki i eso at n ht? y >> ye .gynde i i ke i iever m ning n.? gyn:>>o weye got ii o ier exaly m ng whatrug e wa talkn:gwe abot,ot i d th quexaions, atg walk ibo at th ueug fn axiet or d iressn? s fhis aotheetor dssepreed? dshehe plathisre? pgnan? re awerstrait alaead,isnd we pill an joid by arsai ad,r. mc siegwe andl oi may fhrma on ose m and eghernd caticaquesons fma n ise ca. >> welld r ming cp, tcaess a .repuicanandi tes arin>>upll ng tforonig's ig pudebaandi ins asin vega butrt let onig of tem ba willnot b ohere ecau ofgautleon f t bi imarll b ohakereinauf k bi ttle ound artateke kcampgn car le c eronnd expinste ne .mp arus a conxps caforn ne k aker> a drs a few huredcarn bks k er dra ew end hudice b d day thee pacfic,
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but at heaugncamey isheacc, t he ugicels. >>and me gsciasftea teacelr foes >>d gaste em acfoo rite the edge f legice athe re tion a heme geere i gi amerie. on ame i the llou jusri.head. ood me te ohioouusad vineipen tomoes and al id lian teasoiod me. neenoms d ian so mee fo gotamou and on didhe cf. footou d id c heo, im ch boydee. he ich oye. qlityngreents noservives ill eve bow qtyrets rv es l veow
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megy wel newetai nown me gy celpaigewairamaow apinp ov t cighanggma pmari d in ov tucus. were nng loo png ari t possilit us thawenew n hoopshi a t may ld t naon's f stssiteha w prim hyhin y ta's f rohlyix weeim. ro yisinthe sakesor tee repuicanandates hong to ine ses t n agnst esidt ob a pu inanndes o 20to. ag t iefid poblitilin cresp dent20 caaign ca f pti camon i ve cspnnt s cagnaam i v as,at c del i fo vs, ws c celtrib ior, dwefo thoht we'dsk yo guys cib t, exaiho what hap ning ith'd thoys cale tar a thex b ycotat ofapnghh toni t's batelend athof botf neva.
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so et' nitarts te wit tonht'sev deba.t' rtcarlwho t the itegaon's is nobashowg up an d irlo th ga ycotngs e de te annoowupan i wh ot >> rorte wel thede onlan ndide wh wash >>nvit rteelhe isnl jon id whntsmas t fmeroverritfson utah smhe h t forlly freroycofed n lyahhis d ate, ut horyhe co camp ngn til in evas uil de, ch te as nevamp t chaes ina u t currstly-hedudvaaucu datha i fromanua rry-4thducuato setim omua aftejanuyth sim 1 htenu as is demaed the seetarof 1 asstatis f n ma heearhampire,ill atnmpe, ll ganer. herguethat nvada crent gahedur.ddate heue woatd frce nwda cnt hampire hld dutste pmarywo f e rhapas sn a mpdecee er h 6th pry so ap s antsm's ncecomi toth the so deba, no ll h sm ncampgnmi inohe neda u il i sbano c nged hmp n w -- men: ines al uabou ine mpsh ce, redht -- me ial ousicay? sh rttomine 's aut hunman catryi toshowe om love aunn w yioow mpshove, d't ms wi new mpshe, n vadaho dyou sh dink mu arwiew ntsmsh tolme nda duerso llyk ar his smol whe caaigntraty is tsoy
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n inisew wh mpshe. agn >>atis rep tter:hat'righ in l ofhecandatesho a sh >>epr:t'gh ycotng w ch aofondes a clud wt ggric ot w a rk ud ntor gic mieleachmn, a rthers anotr onin tre at or mimehm a er espingand ey'r goi tooton t be ary aut i the a esng d 'r tooil ofoive o e a b aycot inghe a d on thr whotoofe re goi b --ot onhr ho mittomneoi- ric pey d on tt paulave idneicpe ey w ld ntin ulampae n inhe wvada inlook orpaittinromn dao sta ok king reatt pndinfromhemnta grite at ngea prs. p neinom hpshi is sust-n gre ne cla hs tohies dfendgt-he t natn ne la to mpshe imar dndut rs tsuppattingnend camigni sh inart neva whi is the ikesppngamnif wampsre vahis hees rublin ps inteigenia forng thnew r limpshe prary int d embeteenor th wunle somhing sh cprngesynt dgyn:beere' at o leomng viers ces need n: te' o kno roviey as unts n ined t rticar ano so of ro amarrdtsin to n hamhire thic's a tsoirof ma squrrze, dhey n't namre th nt tchea ithmaqu , vaday t causit'sot asmporeantth da eltoray, s theyus so's ofor
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wod li to elra sneyso inof inrmed wolio - nevan tooinbutedhey cando ch c p. va ooandtey hunman san sd, neva, c i'not ing od deteunn tere, s evm no shong u fori't ghee prim ty cae,us the, f getnoho uor u, nada. imand caey'rputtgh ftomne pres nre oa. rmneyo do hed 'rtt ay, want toes g oo rey todo let' talk, abount pths g toto viory .caus htsma t'lktellou psto he'got to wvi newy us hma hashirll romy beeves hs e't gog to w wiewnew ha hamirhireombees h ren, antigo ito'tiwreal amttinreg bots then, grndn ti i al io, he hast be in dng a bs hegr lo io hecan asin w thie d a minaon lo coest n w doehi'tin nna cowa, t d ca oe romey winif he , doescat wiin n mpshome?in wel romheey cat win eswi n if h sh n't eln inew hpshiom, i a n't knonabouif cin. h in n ds tt actuinly h hvehi ai tno ou caaignn ciowa.nd n n thamptuire. h a meanrunng bcak tognwa ns t unni mpe. camanign,nnnd hs bto t toet o nitherwithamn, h vors moto oimpoantlerth ough dersvond wt's ing omoerepo tl whic is ghhate hav rs do ws g ose ics at flida,hichasavdorcherate by rney nd flrrya, ch pushete ryd ye us
1:20 pm
procsunnessary as eay e as i is, now ocprodinnearasea is, ow tuatnod wre n ampatire upid -- y wmove nompe deceer e pot beg th the id- ve waed ce toront oad poebethhe press,a megyo ty tontd uldhut rs, do gy qui tly bore vot sdoulut see ui bmegye rht.ot ul rney,y e thyoay, gy r . pling dic ry,gameth y, this evad he'the on thatplg ic push nevame u is ad e'opleen nehamponireatigur this oushev rom uy's g a prlelemnempe ur of eingisou tom-facs as g chprgem agofnst ngm by per and tacs otrs. ch anin thagt aseby he'er dndad tot. anrigh. th the eale'oserhere d t arehe reghblic vo rs ae er threre ameran p ple o hare aic rigvot a to hthe ateast dent spere pe ha of cigpaig hatst de no ofhis sps n cessy.of cig. nomegy goofs ahes nss car >> rport:egyn gyo the'she aar >> rrt ynallyimplsoluon thethis a ll. ereare veuesds in lyepllu tis nth of nuar . ee 212.sdin it andsight hof nw, arlori 2 .has read sct duledsd iht n prary ri janry s ad 31sscle i that theast tesdapry an1s wa h
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:24 pm
1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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