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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 18, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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shepad: af the cdidas d ehaveig decedot t ep aampahen i cda vevadaut aec a tpa takg ipart he da a a debe. ak>>ca:rt w ll ye joneb ca hunman wheye fo ernoverr of uhun isnnotomi a onefo ere b of ust cters mithre a nendides b ardebang crs reo wll id notblow offarheba lver stat wand eotowff caucer: mi atd roey, ckerry a ro pl uchavemill sid the wlro, connuery aro p cvepaig s anhepart wipatinone th ciganrtat date andhen i th nada t, how derehe rndt ofen i the n da publan fld h eowentily rof idhe n bl w f. h th areot g engti ake p t n inthe w neda cthcusre g alough ny oke th wil pl comtoine ene cusl gh bate oth iln't,heyom wer ecomttednd ty te t,yrgue water neva has omneedy t plinghe ue w caus o anuavaas 14,lg cou ver ca o poiblyorceuaew hamhire4, to ld eou fit iner polyceamrehe notion imarfiin dinember o this yr sohe nonanditesre ar dbe ohi y protting theyaveledg notodis mpain otng nev aeyuntiedgot tey ai angeevheir dayti a te coequees othatould b geir ay augh or ttomn wcoue is oatld
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leing e pol n nehr n ws hampire,leisg olne mt mpe, w firall mate d l w orepuican ir lsay h doe lot boy ottpuan y h nevado fit in toy nion va fiimarin t votsould nunisn t ar ot sontrldner en itis t ces time r e pmary trr ptlls. c im shepd: he c not pryffor ps. thatep h ctor than atou an rl. an th"walstre jrnal" . wspaanrhalre rport j thaluppo fogoveor pa mney ha r remrtnedhpo relafovelyve eady theyughhallem od theecen laly dy bateth h the all reetourn" is o owne bye ene prent com nytef e l thetrnis etwo .ne ok aethe pnt numomrs frthhe wo re. clr aheumr pliti recl avege afte pricktierryhe govnor ot t the tve ofthe p k teck butryovr j tsthe one t fnth,hee p nuersut ve j snefted. an h,ramacall u snow, th pos showed anhat rmanmall caw,th sineoman,owsurggt ianto the ad allcahe nen, whirg foger i vern e ll rney's sportashi fobare brndged
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rd oy' sextrt ges sathat recoulprovto b beedthe oreatxtt g stngthanheat ulovacebee at an stthceow a an wasngto buru ief f thewalltree aas to urna andur itis gref fo shellee nd ttt romy,re sady n smber throhoutll f u. thi ellom us sy what ner arooutut hishill lo-ter u at dura ae? t >>isest:eoer i ratead in>> t: poticsnd tere a ioread o po cs tmneye uppo. peleock are the olas eylfemptpo peayinck a lhek, heas h th ptilinin aets l 25he h pernt in e a reblicts priryote25 anyou caoter ighe tanreicrie anu thata and ere he tn ement ofruth but wh athe hasd ise n entof ath stetywhor ofas sport an whenooke tehe numofrs s rtr anheollike i isellum sread out acsslihe i rspublanll sad t ectote.c men. r bl won. yog. d. thto all. suortim an.he samwo yo leve and tereinglthllsu intur p alam 21 ve percd tre of glea pntyerin phe 21 reblic rcf arty ppporer rmney for reeic nminaon, oughoty or be a w rkey r aienc an m nbena, itgh n rthet atbe weak a ancan mtwe n
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hethinat ak shepd: a 21erce tea rtieis a inowumbe ep i't21 ce eait ie >>gut:beot i i aine caguidat i feld. noworsethanerma cn's ca atnumb amo f td. norsudiceanmand c h's ismbmohe t condirvate flor o th mon a h he hselfonutsatfl o thon a it. e d t hlf ralitts is, th res.f t the r eleitoratins, thesrepuican th paley haatthpuan w derepaha arndrom chel bacanno rierry wre toermarm cainelac nmeri stlry toma like ople lkein antom ast theik movelerou l b theto a rmneyhe veou b pporhe sta rey remkabl stdy or escialta wheyou askeopl inembl et reblic es prialryhehousk i plyour sec dreic choe? ri roeywins i at acur alecthe peleho wroould ns alomewree pese wldow fnd hi acctablew whic is as in fhiccbl th ic shepd: jeyths w h. mo rwarin epe ths wou coll hman ar ca "avorfh the moh," c hndn ca h ca "or hheselfo"d tt. do h thaca hlf sgest te po doha numbs wi op? sst
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>>gut: opo pblemerma mbwi ? gu o pin hem andmait clelytruc a rve d the hnd pulary is lereal auc roble he h par heisoes noalhave a reabl taditnal he s camp gnnove a steacturn p tceit tol sust nmp th ment hetsur gng pto thugh. stry ltleth mt stf.e very gittl mey. th anh.he le isst ryayitl spding my. lot an ofishe teyiellspgngot b omes in ates that t hall repuicanart besin est ha s oespuan nrt lockike a mpai as a s es n cke phaiomen. as ri a per is ll pitiod for sond wi and hephen as arier s prealiod caaign ndr sdi raiedde a$1 millaln laauartgn a th aill b alot of v ll alart whe a you ht in t btrenest o anhe u in io ten annewampire ad soho calinathat anwmp etter aso >>epar thacanaat u, rry,er from ew>>ork.arha an now, the hy,tori omrisork. ap an noww,hehat s ben hriyear soin owhet bakinar milint frean isrli ldieinafteholdg h for lire sr morehan ie telf ald hor dade. ve yrs ago rewen met isa de. fami y. thgo wreet frewaed.
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mi th e oth w thg th w fewa pos.ive thuld ot haen wth ath wosrisoer d ha ap. w has aapped. exsoangeor h reed. ashe pe iseli vernnt a eed texge h reedase re tn 1is0i rn a dlest tian ree tprisers, stn sisdiers, s foera roug fo priners for one ug priser. ndrerirsor tooneo t strist. re foroo t trsergntchalanor rgalsimir sce iaza. and,mir scow, racti fr gaza. d,w, r tir stazp. bu fit,ow nd is sttsid butheoungisold r'sis he. i methe milyid yearng agoldsnd h th reay hai notet a lly of y go hope but a whtheeaothaot l fprays, peut ahe nd i w nderay whhey thk o thesrae wgoveermenth agyeingo ay sucthh o hgh priche foraevent heiragnguc hon? icorir >>gut: t betord?s gu t et "tdnkfu" the is a prise de ever mot r"t whfuthis a sen pr eher n f, itiserotandawhryen rvicr and th p mise iite wi dodawhater akes
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ictodh p se brg yo s wi homeat andes th brreyo sortute h eughndh tuo eh bri halihome ave andhere w not ri d eye nlime a tndere wlace s t d thye 25-ar-o tmanceull he inth rge5--o vn, witnis hndll h inoveris ehear to vhank lit th pe hle w hav don oer mh doaro nk ing m homth andpe wavon curse m ocogningha g om ad lar cse pri gnisg cuntr pa ao barng him ri home he w c paytrnt. a heas n b seeim t sun or me f ve way. year neend t hdun f ga ar maln hrish becse o badooda bu he waslnshecn o ryad god iritbue aseas amegoback it hre wime hck fa hly. i is h s parts ve de aoteit inudinar d tervw wi youto bng himnin ho. 80rvwiou b pernt oimhe iraelpubl ho aged whhe eal. th werer oor ielblt. agey s wd thisl. wh ether ned to d t s brithhis youhane n ho, th lead ship dn ttheri counsyou reized thahothadipe uneed bnghaing halihome bould an mog
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li mednapngs daise tld primo evapys se rael tri sdierut t ev impoanthing i el lfilng th spromere to t po ttherng of i bdge the n il thomto erf be hom e nothg ys co hme likom th hoook h isik eing no hod wereok td hisl.othe rshe f estng ninot me a erweive t yes cosedhe is fnit a faeriteyeo mileing fate pas wiil d sae anngashickwi nodle soupsahich isanenjong ck nle upch s wejo spea >>shard: bete is eand the fmily tos t atea whe sh wed: metetishem fdvehe flyyearo a. t weheill havewe etmeem of t ft convsati tonarht o a the weloxve of tt nvtion ohe repo. ands gat apo cfort ast is, ev yone erved ithe g mitar crt s in iael ds, evneve i geatesdust mar is il in mterwhat i ges wistget is ild ck ave m ratossie i i withat meat reasi d a 100si i atea isons, i rsi es. bu the o 1he si kns th. on iwhics . p t ofbuhe ointh iche pasonofhat ard atchhapped fee onyear tago,any thed ch00pp far
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o,y he proner insra tat were chand we seringer ifera sen tnceseror an killwegsegfeenes iaeli an thllr leasiola a ili anh as lo-staing laedgeot a rease oseit blo on lo thtarg geands th ree eraelutloon th. inds gath tenf el thsandof inpaleiniagaeleenated t h ndleasof t hun edsleiafleed t prisers,ome allasg t on thouns iss,e ll leas o tohoidna me iseli soasiersoornautu mrisoris i sws an t sorsycle cuntins. so and nowswan the nsle from cin gaz anow w is thaz ison reasey. isth goin on rse do? in repoer: isdoas tugh theyon t sup po: is bwl. yomigh tbe ahe o ey hr the tup b. gu ire d hoyoing ghhind ae m h ithes gue hog nd m it lebrion. asyou mines o isr lbrn. ldie inxchae fouin re th osr iehafo 1,0 ales nianthriser t,0onlyesanill indistrieut me klly amican citllensnd itnd isie nsided th k mlstamanits lo idedealisin rael his ryid th bu m0 prcen of theloedl elpopuistion
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ofbusra sup prtedenheputhison aeal.up ed e mv ois the prl.oner crted hamvs omiliry winheinheprer80's r dand ishaliin caing r m'sre d paleiniarisors becag r m leiaso berelee and zalend sing th trslat to sidnagin hre raeli solers. trato >>eparna tha ou. elremerins eols. hing oble pay>>gar bhack the.mone ri the hav hng leay bhene thav borwed th bad nuers om t bord baadsand nus t 16 b gams,wo robadsofd ploffs o g16 to tsampoin ro mite omow tplfs gtoexas t rainers vemi tework o t at schas tadira.s torrowgameterk o met h thedi weatr? toow wime gts up tohe at wi gp0 mis pe houroith teerates ihe mi pelo urhteat i 4s! 4
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shepd: a "stio ive fr st. lis. re a rica ep ast ere avifrt. l. trble aca pangheir bisvi traccoeing he edita cairbi s coanie cofiveg o itcahe scoie ca
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ve comnies o rertedumpsin lat s ca compies,ive omes reedps ea incase amots omps, oe y a w ce ss of aeancemo pcent but t oy pertsayce i i s pnifintnt bu t beuse ihe f strty timn i tw sfiyear s sbee i man com fniesimn twportar s hheran dinquomcyes tes. rt is notust h crdi dqu s. c ds.sot offistals y c e numr of cs. la fis mogage aymes iumrisi. anfnewla gemoi'sgeme tw i censi anw fro e fobusiess nsworkiketwn en ouro sfodisi nrke n neou yor s>>gei: tneorepor cong ge om e bks tgettg loorofco tail of h b conmersrett lo ing. t so il h od.onrs citinkesu s,g. ty sa yso mortges hat .e 90 tisu tsa da rt s t yondue0isin anj.p.aorga nd reptinghat in mogage agaepngat mosinggeelen a anwell ng far saning coumerareehind llred caars an sg mogage coere thin d caan fir crea sinmoge 20th. so ouir d ineainthe ba 20 stemen you so et dnrysela clr vi f hostenou cnsumsysre
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cldoinviho c >>umepar we e hring th e go rnme mainhave aew >>are hhousngg plh t gomemaveork us pl>>gei: i is ot st th fedel gernmrkt ut ge is als thate vern nt sdece gnmhey ve comels to e rn s rolutny men to fo rclosute ise. >>shard: t foosis dandt? shd: >>rri:he ba dcs ad th opleho>>i: a bbaind athon le thernder ater, tot b d bend o er pment couer gr, a be owloan fom th pr bntkou ghe low,an lowntert fth btesnd t is woul hel tw,emowervoid s foclos te. no the estiulel i t wilid bks go afong wosh nohet? ti i ilfrany, b a t wey haot ne alon with an aot tofaropols w have had onthor n a proamsto sapo w hvesingad anthe nroevisis sa in t hng antaile vibut, big ues on t abo ethe thisil pl ant,igesobo anywre heislo shepywd: soy,we di't epo dimean to inrrupou wertryi toan gureout i inweupwould d the eryi nma rri re i pa of thul st deamhein n i paf m busiss, tc twill
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3:23 pm
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soard, ar a inflnt milarri, c 17rdaircftil ard wi dense cyste rc ecifally d igned tarwi drotese itte fr if lytentl roet dne ttta.te itthe cretry of ste wa ntkeenro tooint ota frher pe ntetof of swa en ew nt ohefr ralr p daer werf fac thoibya r w stoaper to ac amma hoya w lien.o ima amroudai. li. st d hem oud the st hoil o of a reee lib and o forelf o te amicaneibnd repeop i taman crat allop l ibyan it satll lan a it gre pivile tre s a p il tnewutur for lbya s wiing a w urbornor thiss la lya's wimentg thiss rn is lib l's's nt ict d e fure belgsibct o fuelou.o >>nath: sa thenite wl sand by lya as >>thsa ihete st w re sildsdtsy lascono i ieducion redsyste dno i sev sucfornte d ddafs miingev aponr >>shard:nd seaafhesmiorg on qaafi,or tt mshter.d: is ieafars fromver wh himqai, t
3:26 pm
ill o mr.her ir ro jonaan:ert whiis. l o an theer bale tusand na : rang a.und isanheba tan hetow rasirt awherd qaaf how imse m rter oray tqa . th belsse m phing i ere, tr ng t finth i ls he psng the i e,d tryngtr to tin g i hoheof himh if ryo g ho heimifs. seetarof ste, llar heclinn toyaid th se starents st, ar inowntolld h st mtsting and quotwn " hope m cng bed ot pturor "op c lledooneo that ur udon' ve to edfearn mha an' oar m loer." unuslly aun ngua fro ourati's cielo." usy uaiplorot. outi c >>eparjonaan htive lo wi usn the >>artudi nathan h you.e withwiss theorm unid satesdi anou thassiant crety of ttate forrmni s es blic sit etofteor ic fair rit noe ir rinois a the oman brley air ahema for tratbricy r leadshipgoodo se y. or at d you matke of t faadip od seter lhese y dou m mnthsofmuam tra ddaf hasr se esped r "n" m hs amwarndis af stis outesd "n"
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3:28 pm
inudingots ofa o is, inin mitiats and a crital ementis mettiagnd mman and-itntro enthe a thtt grou tha parcipad in th and-ro ath ou ha th he pviou port hav ll saiby is aash wit pou weons rt av in udin shosader byred ah it ssil whyehe cse in inon ainhor d c-17and eyilhyave c tein be le a to gecontl of 17d tose,e t ande toge nt ofdesty tho. t e,ey hend thow t stho bennin h of tw t traitio andeinwhat the y t ll dabou araio cstition,ndathe anwhen dtheyaveou ectio a s c it n,ey ve to sow thanenhaveey ee eio letima s sport ofto shehibyve peop led,ma srt fiflly, goiyo op gr and moriy, dersioi cony,grnd egypor rther dsiibya h oil aon it is yp rer valblnd tya hil a r lian ison o aal pilr tof i ran o a il ecomy,ndeeds ito dirsif ingecy, frwards >>epar thaisdiif g far >>arha chalnge, thk yu, p. e mo eral whoe, ssth sheas y drk onll thep. b xedmoho wi she wh drronaughrhe bd sappired, or wh someing,as arandgh n lie ppd,
3:29 pm
prorile wyerho man meg, of a ynd n willie re gnizprande er an saof yer ll sty hotreizd sahang. evenhougsta h nuer ong. enug nu inteiewsndice r sto ha tewsic whathare you tkingchd. abatt? ou the test on t ca of teng missbg ba e ston taf e isa ssba. a
3:30 pm
[ le aounc ] tohe 50 a. schar. t two rainand [ bus a nc twoind s thr."i'lslee whent's ne" adem. th'lee ens " em r 80ears we'vbeennspid byou. 80rs 'venpi by .nd wve bn hored to wk wi you w b hoto hdp yo w wiget ouere u wa to hyo t e wao ♪ ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪♪ usuren n et nhingtandn yo way nngndyoay arn re n alldu
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shepd: ts isstud b" d i ep tism shudard" smid i atheshd mi boom thet bo ur aheime f the to a of ews f in .he uis,ame twf n s,me tw of the wld. dfhe w th.moth f tat --thth t lawy of t t- moter of tthe wyf t miing byotsays ofeas ne ange mig ys nhe sgery. ey dnot henytngo th by s. dtisa' hytoisaparan and o b weeince teya' rerteder misapngan d cimin ee somee brcee i t renatcedd the is ild roug a w cdowin mebr i fm a tc thib a th d ug wow lared the f athigh l ed heprofe atrneya ater gh tellg of fat's meyyn arelly ty didn nee all f mly t l yer. dnee >> agyn:hyare y talng to lr. he>>n:e yoli? al >> wdon'toneed aawye we dotli wn'ed aye weeedone.
3:34 pm
>>men: an't u wried dey wl co. afr me y a?t w ed>>gut: iis wo posbiliaf r yes, it y i gu iosli s,it i scy. bue d't havne bause we clt keebu ddn't davneed bne.sewe >>shard:ut dey'tave o ednow e of.the shd: e h oghes pofil w of laers ehenati. thmomold h fes pil shewas drulas en t batias thm misngd a fhesru at w ta yterd's newis a sty. tre isive wth yrd stew cot t wstr huise id he polenowo th momashu clainghe wol w drun offth tmt box o wilaghe fit he w chi unf tbo di oppead?i trac fi weheehialketo dithe eansas cyolic a ace ty kesathe e deasctiv cic a did t not kewdeiv fore teyid knnow butot k th ha n re had tn cwnceutth ha n inteiewader. c e sn't tew jur.he bomhellf 't u beg dnkbut eomayll hve blacd oubet t dightt r baby h disaeareandn sp e o acou tht yinghe lt tbye she sa saredsp oer ba wasng l t wh she putersao bed baas 100wh stut wasedactu ly0 6:4t d sh doe'tastu knif the:4
3:35 pm
chked sheroeeyon than he int. at i s achd fouhouronime ha the t. ndow ind a thoulou bure hug hed it cod owhanth entiul b focuug of t itco vestatioan eti t t necu aforne for the stio rentsay the tne ane poorcere ongly ponttingyhehepofingsat glo ng th. lien >> i'mot tlkin a out eth li t m.turef 9>>'mueson othe t in de ah ot he re qstio or hes oe ten dee o estis are qiosker h i' taing abo n ttiings thre re sd dueng i'agbo tgsh s iervidus ivi regaing gag e invidu' quesd o gud one of tindu' paesnts. o at iguot snemethfg t ttneed to b de pa i sth tted his b ca. d >>tre: t lastime t spares wecanterewed by tr t asee t poli was ten reweered ds ligo.asen shepd: an tce, w t d sa ngepthen t, pare ts ar li cperaang. eey s down wi trehour arwith mgyn and crawent. sow anonwi t andheyur h veth do mninteiewsnd ntth oers butan t pole d sayey hey a ndotews coo rati wit osut t ol em. ayat is a nretoounustilit for
3:36 pm
pa.nt wse iave n dot usythi wroor andave apa w e mi ning hironde >>ace:tis and mig . ths >> e:at pic pot tondayih tey shou be ansrs s cifi ppo t estiyis t abo hisou et thns s fi brinng t casto t tisbomedis th anansws sp ific in t qasstio t fromhemdi and neanswspic qio f om tm bignd nfusns i aut thecellf tonesn thigase us i a remberhemilln nollw sys th es thth poce tol hse th reerllno pcked sth tho ol h somth pngs frothe cel ped onendhowehe om m p ofsro eere eleing c ulde habeen we anthey w me andofhe e hoge, cdaen an eyw, m waysnd tathe mihoing ll p nes mys ac tallyigela dhe ps instigion ccauslyit deledla eir inall ign us11 a thlateel r admied l ll await dadhte tual had a rkinmicell phe anthatitad is wi wealad usinll ph calanat i 9-1wiend n theusom al sayi-, we neven heough we beeve eers wyiwe too t encell gh poneswe al ookbee ors woobaby t th ll sti paveesl nk oall toseby thcellhoneti tve see nhol te mit an er tllmnewn t eee oerand.mi an t >>sh ard:hat od. shd:t
3:37 pm
fascatin trn of eves. fisctin of tllof seone cmbed rougtheve fiof win sw. ne th you c sayedou weruge dru. anthen uin th ouyayer wh th ruole an enthe aby ty sto two yelh th phees bause very e wey t cestowoabieel ph bse sryals wll phos ce d yo ha niealle t ce ss phe donhoee i yoha the nynswele t goce phdo . i pohece s s farwehey ve eare poore s s tarany 50 lds so thremean the hav t g lten s 50thanh fiav. th hav cheed gthemen all ou not e has fi thpannavhe emt. ll an newouto our t asegann anewurga nel, form procutorthuida anl, crinal efen rmro atotornhu ndda zen. anrilen arn ndy,ack thughe th aga: th y,khh pents sayhath meboga th dnap pd thtseay cld,at ca bo rougaindoto gethe apth cild.d, a oeve dnapugddo thechilet ao stol the i dd.'t ve ce apdhe pnesil but aey ve olhe cled d neheref the ce ps pho st o cd ey,r someingthimilceho tohell cod y brin me pgyiltollaby homco yin p >>ndy:an't hpouy otomr tno >>y:'t say hhey s ould ot tutp.
3:38 pm
eyhouay hveey s nevld open thrououth h lookhat evey hveen iven tth th osec ion,okt hhat t prosutioendidn tave ecn,tefor t osbefoio. dn hodo u poveibly expin or we, myid i fo hogai powlyxp ll notwemyotheaio c ll the ll pnonehe tha he sle cwhene ok hee pid.ha doheit s ow en wh type i. ft? proem. wh dipe't ? ro g di 't bk? di lo wh thdid l are? di b g ving lo whtherosetion bause thth dre oped tir b gng on b shseth . op t b shut mp.. sh shepd:ive t osec ion,ut rndy, i kw you ep vee a t lwyer and ecn, eeryt rngy, i kd i owouhat i a ho ler lawndrs ink eyt abt i hingt i buhoaw artr, kbng cobu o whelsert c th ad? u ar theco o o heose cth ? estearay ihe o so defding tse pelete iho dheefng s tries ofeerie a y m made ses fsoluly noie see. mad >>arluur:noell, wil se notar: l, deil thath thisveni tha stucout the mt ofotll dehahini theha uctth m tervws, fey scifi tohe men an a judrv, sfi andheyoever
3:39 pm
trmedan aall tud cendeyer ones tr l t th raeedd redng in. esthats e ob ousostthra bac ed ing tryat e obfinds theta g chil do withry ndhe ilhat thaid, iat th ltle pie you rd, ith l ween th w t inpiou b qestied r the cs wh w in sicay to the qtihe mllio c the m to catohe men, w kow you mio ffichety a wetoill feure w out w y kidou i ic and awhen youe lld i f ane w yout yid it.nd en ouhil w i mansing w andou the rst ing il w sawe m knongndou dihedt, a t g mano sayg i dn' di do athin a goout d fi thayi dpers do is ainoaffltg a fi thi ca rsehy aisare wfluld a shutow ca end a aceptre the wdun ut apthe bere be acctthe meynd t tei cce mown torn and y toave te casn rnndinve igat anfindve the kidecau tas co seeveo haat anndeidau t coeeha csedind. shepd: i kn youette than chatedndd. you k owep bet irn an toutte and anhatt ou no h k itet
3:40 pm
t t ppen. nd toids te n ano h seet,t a cyclis en tossins thepick a st, u tw kiclnd t inhe fickthing t u p willkiay w t knyoui oleng t that icype. ll ll u whe wthat bicknlesu e rit now at wecywill our u bt towh hlpat coic u ouri ofow rowll. giur us beto hicyoe. th i ou notoof sathey areow otgis lookg focy th tnosa cycl ey reand u kowt. okfo arth: wh t yo a a cl d ther knd it isyour kid thwh yo amissg, i di erener isurid th ss i cycl dien pecily ihhe hs cl noing doci wit it wich in h nog itit whnumbl onion--. >>shard:bl whoer oontole.the ba st e hesh ced:phon hod le you de n cabaste tem, ceon b k to ru alitd na t p case. bk >> thur i rit pe. >>ur agr. th wom has ben qstiod gr by thomas b airm hd posecor, qio by megy arm h pwyerec, by t gy instigors d wh knersby t ev y otrinig s tletwh ann theave evre ootlesstucko et thran guns stu he thee ostorssck h o nionns thtu hemomorings truethe ther i o honeth notm ardnoug frogsto mak
3:41 pm
uee er hot dug ro decion. ak >>shard:ll rigrthu cirand. you sh dd: notiget a lo tehu benduse ouu a d thot wng alo te si. weon'tbee anow w th did w anying. sihow e weck'toul ww wid kno nywe hg.e no w nveeigat ul w ythi. if lenoe th e hnoveat ihone in hi my if hoe ane ithcann ndt i ine in takehe hoan blkber i and cal nnth t iph ie ke wh seblchinerndust al fo thephwhphon e in weverst st e thfoe ion onalsotole e wert bthby the wod be i ddesole bh uwoency be deat's a. th dense ucy t micel ckso'sdeattria ahas theewe chleng ticow as soatiaell,s ch tngst a thatl, tolks athold heir thry on atkskill theld opirth onsing. th llhe b. anngame e th e wod b sies tomoow nanhte like wo ss mo n atke buh stium st.loui dt in w burk stm t.ui n s ecia "stuo" a fnc om eome o siatuo the anatialeagu c cha ionst. me lo oshe tiguha cnsdina lo cna
3:42 pm
ery me aocalusins ops itdoor y aalin opitor or cates anher ptopag ces anr oropires noth empyee, or es's nth jusmpgoode, fobusiss. n's gusd food foe ensire c.muni. gat bfok ofmeri, we now ene c ni impa thalocabusisses bofriwew paha casi haes on mmunies. at'shy wexteed $7.8illi han uns. 's wte to.8mallliusin ses ross thcouny soar ts ye. tollins ss thunso tye beuse e mo we lp tm, thmoree he mak portbeity e ssibmo. e t threheak rty ib
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3:44 pm
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>>epar 2:4p.m.t. uis,issoi, o old>> ose es, tesso r oge whe haldaken ey. fi de ine r enewh ha terrenory. ttinfig ady fotomoowne nighs ve rry. in yfomo hilghve srt. th falilclasc. is is the st. thalangs' condas ye iin aow ihe theorld nd th didye not a tak i it ltheld yr. s s. weillthidee attakithapps t ls ar o y the weigl pp ts ohe foxnetwk, 7:00t. lis fal aox 800 on twe ast 00 l f aoast o 8 fonroadst stst o fonetwk. thade mslauter ial f miael jkson door tw illth m auresur l omorw. mil thjudge jonelaydo thell tri nsuor thndaydgasteekay the girihen fensmoreime aytotek ttud ni ev encens re eremeer lwyerud n forr. crad muay cevimcehat icha me leror cd cksomu c swlowateverha tlets of so sedivessw befwreer jectg tts himsf wied tesef ctnesetice ms wi t kn as profol. the wyeresic clae kn ds ro l. thou the eroctosla kwled
3:46 pm
oruper dsion b theou osecion toys ked t eron bhe door, . coecadn mur ty,ave tingo, coeeth durseve and t pmitt evidgce tha th co dradishend de pnsett idhaeamorgumdit. drconr mury isdee fangup toour yamrs inum ris drornr ur ischaefaacks's d thndur ynif a is ryr aeonvis hkse d cul lo s mecal lense viand h ne the cegalo mel lse d nheanelal fmer precut artelr aila a nod cr finalr densettory, pr utrandrtai a nocral delinseor arth thndere new pblemin fo r t sthefenth tem witut ew any pem t en >>thur tneit pro emsan bed on t ti ex rts>>whour teifyros b tfor th proexcutis woey e cellt. r fr wha iroti waw n tellvisi frha theidemeor dow teye si expln itn ei simeway wermee t pl it celltandheyim bthyer lld oey b them in dfereways rryi emn drehemlves o thetandys sa it yiwas gssemes oheeglince nd sathe itint eree ins g e leglie eld e t ein eeg dompe todriv aar
3:47 pm
inmp imesto sare inewivear' e. in wh ues s areindoingr' is wh soarin relessouishould ow it caed t eathress atisulhat tyt hanhei ca tth hat ont tanei shepatd: ra y the haon beeno my in theeprath lehal en m inofeson w say thheleawye es w th doorayisthucky h didot ye ha hrderthdohargky hhanid tis. ha her >>rgndy: d len t. thur exple, play>>g iy:o he l dense wh ur exe,ay i dee i th w ce the y itsried h i iccusth c ofhe it ing ed ba hrive dus bei o accg edbave o eidrivg and notcc ying atttion o but iiv nan cha ed wtth ng at. tton ist chged iith n drhain wt . hd spificthimenddr kling a ecifspice peon. and ey k hang no proifenny pe. d tha. antoendno thase roth a ttleof heth an dperthe tat ile actlwhat the rtefee t wan. yohave i a tl proatcutihexperfean sayiyo, heveidn' arotiertake thauch yi ofhe n'ekehah dg, of an ather says u cant s howany d hean a eray
3:48 pm
tos. >>anthurbut shatow iy h n to partnt>>urtat i >>ndy: but n - rt arth: bu th ce wil>> y: utt e li -that b it thbuendsth c withil s ematili theatill s b it theds ctur of the d sgstihe eyll s will eear urf d the ap of ll -r this ciumsthetial evince. we dl wi -ases lihihat cistalvie. dwi aes i >>ndy: a . o wit ss>>y: sa sai drconr mury oit givaim sadrnrur e dg.iv d >>thur theirliend wl say whe miael ckso>>ur ihe rl nddyinhe i won y twh phomilwith so in i me notn thoth 9-1 omeot dng-1 d c t -- >>ray: tyhave crov e -- ughn holbut ra theyve hveov not hnoltey hot pren tougut. pr t >>shard: wrds ug.isd frshd: ws rndysd frzeli d r ayhurdol therli majoleag basall a preurring rl gamne of he w ld serries
3:49 pm
joagas lre anngwhil theam o laers were ses taing u shouan ilveearde thasre tag angous: 4mile per hourd th gus torrowight andit coulng be 4lertheou0's bguto theowhtendnd the ul game the xas's bhed kid hetheyam laye ds re th0id ey gas the yeys wh itth wt to 1ga he wh deees. w wiltonot 1 appach atdes. ilmorrt. toheres a hofielpp h tadvaage rt rrf toresthat a cldo beel va e r t cainalwithat a ce o t thcacoldal wathethomin a so othereyou o, tthld whe ngerins e onso theeru fld t themeran le ueer on ampihes, f dly,heertexa le pi y,xa raers. ras.
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3:51 pm
3:52 pm
>>epar andive om bch stium st.ouisorld seeskick off >>ar tondrrowe ight b stherem nt. thisld bise xroadckstfftoowht reth ty hlth ficis jning four.s. nek. setors hh calcingor a jng
3:53 pm
ur . ba onsers cwingaltobao aduri ba mar lenue bebal cngamesba riouy? ri co on!ma le b thal wando sesrt witame eou morrcon! nit. than inow, i site rr kniw, reimberegalw, i prodts? nt t kakeeer ial od? tllel?ke ikeitle iegal t llio tu i ialnclung hero and wen iotukids i seelu hees rod ching wbaccit ds aeead meage andehey chg cct ant a baccme e ndbantoey b pat of t cc nayer bnextontrpat.of t er likexttr mahup,hecardals ke d th tesap,rds th raersendow ke tha yourafors cong. but ca otkehamagiouro. t acaonegiho inepteerwoul say ahise uld bethe mchup in te>>gut: iul ays dutse e d mup c taingu st. iouis the te ts at none cint.isee xpe nede 01/2 bape in l e austnd2 bain leulookg ba theyad a metin gotok ba eygeth a, antlan minot hped,
3:54 pm
andere thanan hd,they dere e tngboutony,ey tat finehims a tanautr, o oy, t the ny nemhing a alysna o eps e s tm pngying theyalon't qit. s ey d 't ttop. is p ing ey't q re.ntleness d abop. th a inthisreless csebo tha th ais c seedha the wl. sehe w shepd: iguesnotavi leis helul utep i i westvi sulerisetheel ters di iot wwin. >>est: suhesee tsdi tirs we n. alth>>it wt:ld bdiffent, ey h oti winju a erth w banotrfft, h and ot htju an ad t ot xas ofnsesnd han t sf dyemidyust nami a kequesonhere this rld seesill mi be,keesanre tey s delle, sl t wn? n stlouislowown esl raers. ?shepd: ty ha t prostuiow n it. you arras.not a ep hug tha b tsebaro . ou ar fa tomtrow ght aug goo bba nit fo fa youomw t oroo casl nifoouasans, eyon'ts, -- ty lohe't
3:55 pm
of--nse. t oguesboth teofs,e.eitr es haath sttingow ce ptcheit efhactivy atll andtngt w ph stor how efivatnd wpoor ch orow rotionasordone the bulroens onre gat an i vedhe buneit w ll beeul s in grestg tan i se i d anybue w e pihes in bstter. t >>seepar i whawill benyn epis mis b r. a >>arothalle pple thstmi los gass t wathe by pe e e of thethame tolorrowga ght t oug t whey in he efheeoow t ug t 30 t n wi at 3mileper hourand 30 t guswit to 4milepe 3 lehourr urd apoachgus tpicato 4le ur deapessich stngth >>gu tt:ca cfortg toe ide thesistth gu c durtuto he but s, thau wiffec t pla ut i dot kn t at eihaer team wi willeec t praredforla do itkn tiam but ll pr teedsr sitnt theire sutmer playg inte she 10degrre eat and sr ay in cann imane its t0gratnd mfor ble. nn ma i>>shard:hey eown t tre frzingo eathor.e. e yo tomoshowd:y nighinn the frngth goutyo mo up nt beghuse usked a ut n bebeare ed alert ar.
3:56 pm
rt [ le aounc ] al-seler ps liid gs figh you[ wors a nc coldymptals,el pli g pluit rieve yourtuffnose ghours ldpt [ d p br th ]lu rve urffse thnk y! th's t col dtrutbr ] th yth tolut [ inr voe ] estaish nnecon. gi me ice ntroinvo]tah ec. plicionsp. gi e chece my eroil d te mesges. icns ecnds e pos ion.teess. airbs. s osn. teof '. rb peect. te ' d bld sp 43pg, ce. blspon. 43, . depeabily. yh. y a bier d. [ le aacouncte ] . inoducg threinntedbi d 12 tota mry.[ anc inuc thined it t reaa . ♪♪iteaaru?♪♪
3:57 pm
vezon lte amera's stesand st ven liabte 4g twor ers esd abg or inver 0 cies. vezon. inr ci. builso y can rulehe a. ven. il yanle a
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>>shard:earler is o in aska whe shd:rer be on sitingusuay are aaothe a big eal uil ty shp in singua there aig pr uuce tsh ws ahe the pre e. g ocer astore ihe geror i aska sa t b wanred rougthe tomakacsa doo t and went okin forand snas ugmonge ma c thfruioondand nt geta esin an or thpolina ngowed uputthui itdwa a taan bisnderthliould ed graupedhet be is therldeck andra be th rkeasend it tsidand lol rorts r sase tht iddo cubwas rtssaook g fth fobut we knwhatub sas rokally ffot weknat oking f. rly sadl there n in f traolin in dlhehe poduce stion nhich ra inbrin u puc sontoch.. a ther bein alt. th timn aerbe al th mimtana ste hiway atrooffirs sa mna sthiy rofi sa mamand her cbsclimd am in the te ander crds swed c a dimvers inheaus t and trfic r m a sd a aslow dow drsous aatchtr ac alooko t arsowameowon do


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