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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the holiyge seansisem nedaei heliea ne mosto nuar 1 behnd ia janumoy nd n ar 1 hamhire eh st hld th i pr ary nu w k n befoamre a himithrryelecon. w kat i fo gingmiheec s.te lit ie om t gg wgle and srkin a s revoit of t wend sin vo te nofh le an a callor 9 bcott of tno thean a n adall 9 b ttbateofyheuntsn, nar. bu te fit t anoerg.o.ts presentibu fi caidat ron tno o. ulith me igh esticaaton new conghssma doe ygh thiwell ew be votnggmato yhill beot cistmtime in n hamhire ctm me >>gu t: n0/50amre chce. i'm otgu a go50ne t pdict hthos. t ngsm but aitoooks ke t i pctetti oslose t sdutloser ks to ving i adecetierse psemary toit s msng toece pry s eaoy. neil: asi thaantaa is il iatesihacongssmadont youis ink teoterngmaou new kampsreer b upt tsroce gewting ps eaier d up tce grliengand n ear i skin raing o ie thend n lida i
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pade? in >>guait: o welhe but daave t pa ?en guhinkelg outut th uile henkd yo tthannoce u ybehat wi be heyono e tlpfu wi beuse ihink b so myuppoers fue wie nktown out so yy y of tpo weesr aay wi ofwn ute mo hofso t ieeoul b a a of ost mymo c impai.ul b >>il: pray t yanta ot cai hearg y>>: butayn ata seousns yo wil bar yut a partipatg in hesesnyoil b vada rtatin debaonig dand baig hunman is not sing whampunire ns is be gntedfirs and hat t i s g wnot sacmpde ut sbeuld ged brsndt i tacd hono sd. d wh doou say? gues i t nkno thewhhouo ea makaythei o es tcisi. he ver ououldmake threaakei o desion siand .whamp irer ldouldkeh ma deon d mpeire dldisio ma its stasright roug ndr d peiole o sideheit atehou notahavegh l ug to s pe ode e abut nove lo s and dotbeel a ompuion d entear do thl a pu ncisimaki ntr roce ath i'm goin siki toce aampa'mn aork a in be ailabtoegaressof wh pa
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aey merk the a da a.abarsh mhe da>>ne.: suntan i no ne rticatin do u shink int ino bafire onicany inuo nk fks i wod rticate th bareebaty fwo tha ice uthre icki ito neha .. kit nehampire >>est: mpell,e realyon' thk s >>t: i thohtl,it sea sn'ious mattth i ght s be iho inki mor s usabou it tt b t iehave thoug ki itorould e ou ttat bve ug itld t magi. so itay jst be gito set deee whsome jbe cdidas but s i'm notde wme ancipangit c wodad ut rt my motampan. >>anil:paet'o tk mlitt bipa bout>> w:tt' you tre gngtt to biut welabateouon you go plf u abouldeouplf bcome the ld nxt pside of t unid stes t dr baticmely hk awhe ahe n pde budg t, thnist t decit,nd dric haw a coectily ts s dg youthdecallt, fo$1 trlionconti t s sangs ou ll th fifotronyear tsaalas e i byth ur tirdar tla iar andydo you t allyhing this ndou
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lyngthoab? >>est:well i itsn'tb? doab we>>t:re ellarked on a it't veryabe vee ekeon a droce bcause weryave ve ce bus omet ng. e thin wee in et a.ebt in cisiswein wod-wi, notjusthe ute c is stat and not jt our ste woit iwisnost u atndot wo jd-wiur soreig s debt i it s be bldin forowiso ig decas nd ibtt be beme boncinnedor abouit w ack ca i ev inencd the 70ou b wievick thahevn monary stemheouldead t 70 som bhingvi ha ke ts and iony emldad tom vnged ts ainsnd i all th vudg th ns apprriatns e enti ly lth beuse elidged t is waths dangprous,at eti bee soili thinkwaif ngs,we dot chsogeand decenkthat de is coequee of dochdece at endi desnd youe dotfolve th proemby dipenng me y moy, wchos veat ll tthro otheen m candate smo w t he vocaante ca neilmanygreeith you but ink you ilrenyeeushghs toou cht k inudingatou moy'sshgwh to t necsari havinin a grtmo s ack cord hemsecves,riavut i a r want k tordquote fmms os,e, i ntoot f o
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coressn, st of cohess s had at moods,of rerri to yur h plat od rrito y l thedebt ductn is thbt ge ct is impa on thelan m ch mopan an t cts inhean thefive m obine enci and t c iremong th andheve l vingne ratcir thndmo th200,0an feral lngatth wkers in0,0ne f swalp o on etree whato yo wsayrs donhat? sw o>>gun t: iee at iyoy noocorrtt? gu inorr -- accute. is tough seral ar d - roug cu. s tghel ariti .ug neilby the yea its ov andhey are atiut. ilth >>gut:ea wtl, ovndo,yre not. noit ll cgutinu w somefhe prnoramswillo cnu redumed to0erce hat pr thms arendll som ill b du to iminceed a sot of tthreom ll dertme bs arlim atedin a aso t demear im soed of a th prts ll besof thintaedut p ns de rtmebe ta neme atus sot i't theebt ths us bein edud b it i ihe theth speninng, edu bit i fici thehe decit ing en, ruced andcihe de
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t at imrtan becage it is red nde dicit tha imanxpacas yrt debts if ditha you juspa y bt cououusfree e debtt wouou iite our eepita homeand btybeou we iteoulur g jo bta owthmendhe centry bute at thul ra gtherjo othi th cofferyd uput treat tothra rertore hi so d ecofemicup t poocyer a rre lockowar so 9cocpoarkelaceto a solv the ck parblem raer t 9n to ekegovecement no o ilvhe p cemllenrang ttoixin intest resndvent o i endi c en moneorin unni te u rp debtand fu herdi ne regatiohenni w u geteb to tdublehey gefur uoregion w etgulaonheth tley g saanes lath sa oxesy or the do-fra ox bil o on ahe on. alys medorail egul aion. n. so i'al m offing stch onuln. that soff g actlly selihe ionf weave theatight pesidt ani wou cty li ieve eht pidan dermin tout we ught to shnk tedelde reginter. t ewoul't tt bhtto sh tdelstouing? eg r.>>ne : ul t bdooug? ne youworr you gos meousens drrou uo igos in mess tmens but he iroue y u get ssomothe tut even youure yu
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t rty,hender you panve ye fo and ug y,erou adnisttionoul p sethe budgfo d ack cse tod ston haul, 40 se peeent,dgaybess,ck c o but, ha40bott neeheyt, aybs, sa ngt,tt y a sa wll, at is w, pridenron ulpoisings amera. prguesenn we, iisg ternk the d.a.esas dewe ai lot t mihiefhesomeme penda.g d a a otlotf me miefmendreve aing od dr s frt cong t the rket anveiveg dr assfrancehato a the et vessceatdrug a caus t dr iustry a ey hugrm us anhey he t todr itr a remo it h it in aey hto moit iolit aizeed grond soit oeteed thes a exangero fineeoplin sothe od.a.ndhe a txge drneplndury e a.d i tr duesn' mean tat thi is infoatiowors ben'vailanle to u thi t th pvate fo iodustrses willd try too u throvi pte th in rmatstn raer w anry thvi burecratthnatra whi isth aays slanred toatrd rtaihiiseop ays sohere s anto tme whaiwe op ved ith tre s th e.d. a
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d theythid nonirvery ing,d. a ey n and,niryg, tnk, ithas d,nvold a lo ofdrug tk,tevelsment bauseol ayouontue t of witug fosafeelnt bse u nt d t efcien w dfofe efctivess d at mes soefenof efivs drs at e asuallso prtydarn oddr s d i all tespr metirns, dcade itoget d th t f.d., ti noi dde t th.d thin the isno l tro armentor inhesacki f lhe prectio by hearnt f.a.he cankirot t ts prtiy ne mof. not trom n probmsohan t s.e. protts u fmm fanci ob pranlems t and.e the hey aot u f fci suosedo prect u prmsndheey a suedprtrom ue fincia -m >>ne: and tt ha bee incrsed fiar aiaer - yea nean tha fieelly, crngred man, a baea fiy, re qun,klyba t th hted up primquyyeas. thetti t ih tha hd itp imenets as mithti iomn tthaithe sone fmi i mnthe ty locd o rit inow rman ain e seenoc gaing t th itriw m nsann anysingnut ai itould th be mingto mnyg itldyoure ng
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disaanta that aur pross tat speed upurts sata guyha aike t wh do youeeup satsuy kegues i y ha nowh toughtu athatall a es i suenaf i thtis onatorlwo o thru wks i fferce ionwillake ohr l of w ffererce. i ll er ornizeare rongn l thef eay er. pormarizee onnghehe gound orgaeazati in ioand pwrin hashir g vernd str g, ga ti nmethg yo doootd asur on ha irertr thyoo urnaily po s wheer is aly poweek srhe t sarli ion't th k it illekhangthe t outme atliuch 't it mth beit tltng soeeoplinut thech r ney m orgbeizat tn beeveopl so, d mebe rey teyrgat arebee an ou , mknowthis t pressur but on' owis ow b i pur rtaiuty dot wryn' out b it. aiydo w >>ne: grt t sengt. u, be we the easo negr paine be wenevahe. so anpa i newva an ha ishirewoes cose toove uphe phasideirials c eprimy, ep pde llavin im ade sta cls is linicke o a s wil cltis bafiren kee o gog? il kaove i barejoin g igho ka
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w. ve wh i do u thg ofhis thin gh suenlyhis whartso thofintrings h hol ays sulys ts folnd ttrreg theyrawols ol tthe eyaw le. wee lin ne lampsre ey le plang ai re inne theps oces but l ala a not rinure wiheffe p pleest inew a othampire i ise wife pen mpe in isin dembe it wl gi dbe a w adntaggio so caidat over her a dcandagatesut wther t isso tha at ve6th fr cizen or th ndes weristh h 13t cfen r dember donnow ty wil3t care. de er onneilbut at iowf t itils e reth o cemb , oril tt it 2en. o>>his i smbor tnlily. en e 13 iss ili. ea13s odac date t, okirst of te alwe he gme ofstpolicalhickof gog onl h goflil hckre goon d s the h obct s ishee wts to he vadaow theobs7th, wto bto hthre ys l er sdahe ere h, aweek b re beeen w hamp lir s a n adae and ek ben ill smp af, na who
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d o,ll s who,hoblin ahohe ast nuteo, >>inil: wat ino ot blis d weo atead andew>>: hampire ys w t iy oli wilo we th ar tng. nd i wil lmpe til do myth t. hinil o anwe fntoade tin prarieantoe a fear aadde of t e pside pr beiie ar af iningurad. p thde isweirei >>port: the is t uchinra ths diireren beten t >>rdrtth is hjanuy whow s andienet the 6th nuwh dcemb. and,an lo hing goththroh this dmb wice d,o we, hgheo trdro isce of nuarin 2e,00 washe towa caus aeof h ar 2drunas bua illca a nurng hun ngovbus fr new l ur ar'sandeng ovfrew in >>il: t t 's elydeotin isin said>>: t e hve oin isapeid bene htedomnhatpeif you re t ned lomnosions dt cot ou pace, t alloingsis forermaco cain pe,llg credorlema srge, the in is theenef iaryed that se,h is t govisnorshe tefry atis tovr t nefiary. fi y gues that dends th morng tre w.n es ha
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itorl in theape dds th saorng t w vern roey eedsor inheefen pe thnewampsare rnrods en prithrywandpswe willakeoticrid llkeif ic fend r pitio >>ndil: e oly oneho befits psio husmanho i no>>: one be patsiciping.u an gues tha iisightno b theyoulddvange paipg. estherha htit b dpend if eyldhean uoneadeer cideto ta dndupf be ulf o someede dea be o me ee. eay sta e dodvange pr cipay reaneytan n hampire causohean spr goopa ry n numbs an i mpe us oo al mban i aantas ri perlecau ric pry a tahas starier of ch thauic h p s canta ofend a c hehgets pend ian ight d aearlits a no oneen ils ha a hancht t getli aone dcemb bump ndha hnctsma the tetesoues d mb th ugh cembmp touy hmahe verting te iou dembe orthh mbo januy. rtg i dber nu b t,ook, b thright n it do wo to thek,dvange oh ghmney n buit one f thedooohe an in orestg thgs ohe ey eltionbusnesohe ny inhingst th o pren o ortutiesel whion ng
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caidatpr eitr see ortues donhi se e anwe acaatitselikee toeeon a coup ofwist ndseurnsan a keforeots a s tledupofst neilyournsthouts ret the sed ilur ouoccu wal stethe cualrotest. the esidt ha dledte do ehetoc in theonth ge idha ddo toinheth -- rtinutheking rarksut - thdama inheng rks thma--he cricsof th esidt, s ts becrfitis replica causth itid s ts arinbetiep theca usene l s elecrate do yingreehe >>gunet: i tnd toagre wit ecte that y eetheyave gu inot t doighre wldit file heat l t ey we aeithoug gh w th mig eve p le lnow,e aiut ug yes, tthigorksove th aanta w,of replica to t des,ee ks decratsth are ata tepyingcao tothrow t e thr ams aroddeathisre m of tngoro tharcht an aros mf schialiansnd antill migsndrustted s li yog pele w wa titoig ame somee fo thestd yope wa rcumance e it w ks t
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mefoheth publan adntagand the umce d ocra wc t bl sadvtagead ag di'mhe frklyat a draosshy t pridenis thrdvinggeis mfr ary a arnd tsssnd t t vic pr enpresent id ihras lge thear aar t tic est i par lndhe ormspearar losirmsaidea tank g for heirsiid tk ontaousns, a g thiors nir anppeang tasn ahi n roup ifouea probms wthupf lturly obm w urnsertivelue erve payeotee whh iwhat e propaems fr ee thwh iat ro f predentth neiland arlepayn erentetaid ild ripleffynnd n is he etti haiip r. is he>> iti h o redro ipartnt i o rlemit $1ro000 ised rt om f iily and rienem, le me 1 0ll u ed fyndenle smemethg, i buy as sth iuvery as dary da
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malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8 ck? don't ade luc i ade funments. ? alysn'. int rmate n.uci e unnt tradys trainarchatect. is iweb-sed tring, e-vializad.racht. ib-dtrg,viiz streing,eal-me qtes. rnin anasis.reg,l- qs. obabity alys: th'ins whna opps.tuni los li. aby ys th 'itw'ppall nisual loli tuite. anit's aila e fri'l al wheverhe w is. thit is w tre rateanes a' buis .lafr wher ws. adeahite . thonlys rom tr ame tradte aui eate lym mead weome betr tradcommsionree wefor e dayet en yad opemman aonounter
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$38 llioteailt, a wi pay r t 8 wioth 5perct xil a onwi llioy iresnd t jbs w may rc t ben ioes t j prmanayt, crlesayne fes th t pan cesne hes wil efeth t rmant. an h nilw,echars, aadio s owan an ckinoff nyestday,ouarre a aio s ery ung n ainf youweresty, a a lit up a y g aoure aitat a. >>gutt: yupean, a were beingets aat up, gu yn, riet? thatis what t haints beep, elabetri wa en, ate haesidtha juing heee eletandagon, nd ifid yo arjug ccesul inhis counndy sonhow it iif notyo y u,es in you ds n unso puwt i youelfot y you d not u aked n evyu penououf save foru tot yeake aev borwen monefrom you ver tea prent a youidorw noswea itneomou t andork pnt ou ur no dayea nondkt w eayaveed rd to w th bildiee you rtowork. ifouthre payg bdiou 50 peent, rk ip inif lttleay b50pet, ore i l >>leil: you berere d wn>>:ouen wa stet and d yo wewa stndyowe wi rald but fksereiayinhars, ld
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yo don' t fnderreand. u hainreak war yodn'tn' wh doouerd. say haak w 't wh tooay th? oceanoth -ea >gues i srted oy binesin - >es s onedbedrm bes aparent arl a iad ondr noing. d th wasar at rlig a brk. i hnog. notng th hot forttoatel whais pe.mote tohe ids,rtel yha hav pte no ing d yondnots, yothgav no glessou ar yot th aiste the tionssthatouar can do itn yo a ownteecau we onive atan d grttountn tt isyownaunot sole d i isgr rntlly, tistol iseall rlly ry, lldespable r y we suld omot thidea tha spu cle be sdnythgnd ge t ot anthhingoueaantha c inethgge thanng cottry.inth coy. >>il: aregoin e opsitetheich sul pay >> : re trelevein e payin fieopte e chd th is s opa wa to tve crect pin ie it yourthear s owa evenf uay cct th it urr ve he th cse ande carul at y wis fobeca ce ndwhater tar ike y y gristt fo isomecaing t at
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at ne troeske ygr t aw, wh ever meg s tndin youes etawwh er is somhing sinou -- in istisom yng mit ha-- in ast ytch rk aiha a torin yo nd a yougo h f am aoro aou f housto-hse ho e, usyou-h ll s i is y ur hou om aho biuionae o a s iis mi yionaeouo a usehds mbiingna aina $0,00o an wh stop eh mgther $00an whto $10000. isslipryerlop what 00.s siprobay t woep par at isis donin theame ba t thwoe poorarin eam oon theheme th helporss ebut is oneyeverhe reaes em. willpbe sedt o yer buyea lar . il ed pals. uyat i wha r mast wse. epa. id iha thoh,a le pple know wot. giv e u onidhe ho amicanleream pe an it isow iv u ngettg exaordaril amanaman ustrsed bcaus i'not goi tt ex rdilbe vic mizetr b usii' pertnalldidoi n ca. i havicadeze mo yerlld thr ngha verav e adnistotionndost meyhr thugh eryer adnist tion ad sti haon benst m do. i h e bthenh y . dst i'onm w riedha b aout peooe hthrong i b t towei' wuldedave at boeoht io ro the i nion twe de bo iheecau non
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weuppo toughau e doi em a po tgh oi ig aisseice.see. >>il: bootti in>>: ci didohnotii dn jon hntsm sce gon hsmc win in at a, weet fanci om gcapil. b thealsoo bend b ki awe fci gpi inslled ge eet moniringbystehesobe b it acksnsveryedehice tintheinifleengte ksry ict cu fueinuse.eiee koc ienhaes ctomeserve. it'prey am ingcu uewhene.eoplwho an y monc iha cmerv alst'showreou ham to gve ienplo
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yon no jusmonesow ho i knwled. it'so mh inrmat n,nousne it'like'm rht tre i evry v in kne enedre fet. t' minat'ke r t i goev day vveran . en fah, .go.goayra come, n ingolet'go. wow,his fansticmeint'. geapit. th're t ju banrs.w,s anic ' e juey hanped .ild r buness reld hd d busstltle emionahere aren youetti a litt indtria tl eemay, naere'reenou eney ght enre iouamertia. ttnd iaah, er 1 ars rth., e'oune t ier , 1 ay, yous ean h.u junorehe eironnt. actuly, it cleer. , oun jure e on. an it tuprov, es jits.le. anit hps ouecon y. ant ov jay, m lienin an hnnou er] ou onat coco illi , liwe'rinhelpg por erics ec omy ou] with cleano afflidae natul ga..'rlp po moreicobs,ecess yissi s, thanffe tuga res, s a gosi ansr foeverne. so, reding e impago of and otecng o , ednd ag wat ...paf uc..d ec o aat i .ght t a b oncee gruate i t a cegrte
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4:26 pm
rrishie tohe pople he in vwhamp ireis andtoo pleeresubly n al l candatewho arempend tying tosuy alan te ompetre one,ou he t ango cpresd et e, h tilinehat ces truatestinethet press d des not allhe meruage es get outen aprs d staot at hll bn th windme e ichetut the ast ota tount a tual h bthnd h ge e to o udersnd t andnteet aal t ndid e. ge th hasoeen ursveryndt iorta t partf id tradionathy oasn ry ameran ita rt pitic sinhe nadna o hamp irer pmaryade i way picin n the atimpal sne pry 100de iay arshe a. ti st th secd00 pt it s is, a fore hethec p it hs,iday bre reeop arnot tun to to hay reliti, we p arart ill unto t t tiwe ar l 2011 t candar d afr th lida and11tartca ar 12 opleafth thkf da pondticsrt d ifew leampthire kot cued o cs a ifmpe ue at a poin tme th se t mgic oiey ofr th t mc tof thameran pple the t thsueser p e>>ne : sayheou bome you es rty' ne ear:ay bmerontnneround
4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
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