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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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msan s >>on'te j bboozd. la >>eporr: pside oba >>'t onhe attk i b noroz >>caroorna, pclardeg onbahe b on tott tim i to korkhe tes n ro th, aron b replican toimo k job t thepcalan.ob whaistandg bweensn. anfull empymen is ha wend b enprevt anllmp comenniessollu our aiand wate ev tooomesluur aidat muc wenoohe oeranduc avewe sai o let'put tcherack indtheai t't clsrooin t norerarolka n anall acrs tclooorol c ntryanlcr t [ alaus cry ose e t c ices aus >>eporr: aer bhing publ ans e e pr tident c es insied h want to w>>kor wit a bng themblo ps spr hisen si hnto w jsit em pis p jn. whingn, o of t mos p like replica to uppo wng of th tpresent osd t ke epca ooppotendpo th deleseredt tongu la ing poreasy sreta timeledgu gthnelag as timyto g s admtaistr ion m toonceraten g jnes, j s, im gdmtrn cebte j j i d't kwho you re talkg to ion't d k kwhoou e pr idenis lkto'talki k pren to. ki talkohevera perno.
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lko d't darakeuner d mov afarr ae yr,henhat? >> rorteov on e rd, af athe esidt i yryingn to t? nnecwith rten r rea e id iino ectheopleapl t rublin olpi sno saherescptiois a r onliyearol bnod aidsa sc io rom aisonar b bnid oming. bg. wan hel re yea ofhe se anel eaunemoymef numrss we so day,r. sreta . emat ime tum poi.e is i nhingew. y, s ta nee t get i toi aadf t i nng . cue ee tet at a t som pcunto met ng-tmom fdame palo m predtablhang -tn t fme regutory edblngolics t gury.ic . >>er aerack uphe wte >>housview replica fee a heatkt hpe, w too usdewepcaee wod at hoo comomise t et wo methg do on job omesidist ha troblsn h ow thdoightnob id ha blform h owht vgini rm govnor m ine lose a vyniho is ov r skipng t vis to e se t a i
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balegr nd tipight tndiso morr to cit t sedulgba gr t cohtlict repurricanothinit hit ssomeuling doith thecoctight se h >> hadmeg feeong, hhe had ahtsee. feel g>>adee, ad el getng thearac oba fe ingetheacba.feg in intview tayit e a new n rogrntew " tght a liew" the psidegrompad "t th occy wl strt move ntlioth t pdeeapaarty th saccng h w undtrstan the ve t frtratn ofty sa p htestsndowanhe causpeopfr on ate loft and prighstfeel isoted us froopn lnd the ghelsodro he gornme. theyre uet wh all go me poticis, n jus t h. ey u w>> bt: tll predent speepo goici on n ousr his b t shreldernt eeoin os.sher s. a f mutes'm goi t beoine on f m setes b cditioi t mcnnel to dcussbenehen et pr bidens jo c platian mh mcel stay t enjo lae reblic m predentl .ndides r l thdice ayor t. eir retesticre debntenas id r thvegace thstak are r stspecllyeb hige for garman ainth whoakreas bnecyig on r anotn shoea bndn rkerry
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be fit w be s benit uer he mi ra c nalthre l bausetbe at s too ch ten the u th d licit bse as o the. dit >>t'sncoo conquenial to me fter>>she hlthnd hunoooneingen slvice sec tary to minge oer iday hndh sing hu we ang sotce gecngryo ng o ay s igleme a g it. somody i themebo wok u to.ay you now womty theok u repuicansaidbout toou tsw w t ar-a -a-hf ag puasanidutrue. t sohe kild -a-hag te. soild proam. no tod the tay it'ro. n noodhet' ndead >> hey ady th clarogr co>>d noy meethla t leg reiremt itgrotconoee a t toeg t reem it fici >> lt a friy, soebody i t oba ad nisttion aidci 've t a lri sodight ire on o nds obd wadstonan'td let e i a getht o o sts ted. w 'titet iill betw ahole in hest d. dget liball b s aport ole pgramn argu itetan a ib shod srt o pamo gu a rwaranho mifd tt t minirati was
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arifropp tg t nitias pp it it clely o of e idss hav le of idptio. >> bav the thite hse io to foxt dsot uppo bhe tte h real, isto tox d obapo adnisttionilli the re, sograor tbaotadstonlihe ra e docracenat chu schur an actist ho draathu rely huan ctt lls pchso b unctain ry on hiss ps queion. ncin >> thi youaveon toalk ts ue fon.s on t h lthc>>ehiou eo commktee t tha th foon t hhc botem mme ha th lote,- [naudle l ] [ud ] >> itheyan'tind aay to pay iorey'td t yt. et >> bt: wll connueo foow t. b wonefo thk you thou
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>>eporr:and oveomin hry art g titu, he >>ord arrveed h me f a hers t g weltume.he r thrr fstime i fiv fer el .ars sothe th feooke i himiv his vori s im sta d so. s rihis jrneyomn il.ael begaa inso azas whe jeyamas i lgunm c riedgaima acrsheas the boarnmr togypt whi celpeed okerfcr deahe arlooktogpthipe pe, ea a erea thi bu inok goo spits p s spo a tohigypt nbuoopitate spo topt t tratelato it s lo ars. tas tnkinof gng o ratot lo ay f man ores. tin g yea fane. ea >>eporr: tgetheir soldr ba iael elead >>or tt moir tha ldba i 1l00 pestianea moprishaers. me serng le 1 p stitenc for eisorsts. b bing l they t snc reivea r st bng a hk.o's eylcom t rmasvealle h forsass om ce bratsn. 20000 okleoor ts str tsceat20 0 welcing tme tirtr fhter lcg t. >>ranstor: fhier is t mostiffilt ment y >> ns r:life s this ts a gif t stfi m at fe t isaif t a t reluti inraborld
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jobssutee i till. bu100% areepub cansbsn e sel.te ved bu0%re aubinstns it. se v >>ret:o is h m aingst hewayt. her >>t: is i se ho not mg it'sardheoty to snierer when s hoi heot. at a'sualld i trio tni gethe vote o hhe ropol. all ri an tmyet ot o cou herpo parenat an re objted it. weouere lefarith aat mion torebj pd ceedt.o it, ehiche wasefh a mn optose o ped a bt,artinchas bis. two emocts toptoted b tiainsnit a bell.. d w o gotocn o tt,ed mor ns a del.crat woulhave oted wot o or ainsdeatulveedt. ns >> stheyidn'votegain itecau the kwt w ld seyn' te fain. >>itiparausan heposion t k wh the w predents fa >> talarngn si twhherent al abt. ab the t incs wld rai taxeon 300 bines own s e t nc wai txe 3 beswn ount. tnt with 9.1 umploent. is i n abo reatthg .1
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jobs ulot. thiss i nreatgbossueat thbest evibsncef, thi ouis atg mahave rueorte thi the thst vie decrathi natnal ommieemave r tehi isherackingith paideat atl telesionmi advistisick thegh ai priden s bu leon trs. dv siis ihes jthe pr camenign.bu ok i'm t n. goi t i j cramicizn.him r cam igni'm noi t but scriz notm orththeamni eltions 1 t mthsway.otthe at wil welon do beten n m s any.d tn? >>ilret: w coue ofo weeet n ago anaid t at a ews >>t: ouof confeeencen resnse o dt a portss to ask nfceese rublins rt to at iepenknt enomis sced tir job rli ien e plami sc d t wtobs t ansr tla at? w he tns s td,sk t rep lica? what ihes theobs pnill s ? tep ca i'd at inteste id ihe ts pl swer d nt tewhat is t t js bl? er try his atr a t j ansr. we tri b h ry as roac a ns th fir t earsweri of h his a ac adnistthtionir t hers ownf t cgresis he g eveadthinstheon wted. wn t he ces gvein browe h wd. he spe a b we h 've ltpe a 1 milon j e sie th. lt th amecan opleaid tha 1il j wasn wor th theyhang thethmeongrn s.ledha annowe i sn tryorg.o d eynghe gr
6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:56 pm
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6:57 pm
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