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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 18, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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204.6% 8%n o i 6%flora bh i of tho stat hav treed meor b o publho. th ele oralatavre m colge m 364 bl thlealo ol 17fourears m64 17urrs ago thredtate hego gaid i thdte h reportnmenai same itatents ll f rerten o ma metes f or o replic e tehose fi stas ayepc fmebama te se inana, ortharolfia,ta a rgin fridaand fmma oo,ina,thol in f dait'sd72 f o oba 's fo 26 for ba oevethe rubliomin26or a veall ee re rblicli nee too isin n onstatof t a r t of l hereiceeo is balegrnd stes for onat t rof grs. bagr ss or neda, w >> bl: h manvotedo y needne, >> 270 m o. >>ll r ht b han soteou y nedd 2 . 70 all ey wld h>>e to r so n do 2s l w hsteatoneva or ofhose oatesnd tn itsould eava go.r ofse w,.es t it orld h mayo. ndoin no . r stat bec hseay no t at staecs miigan aennsvani whi ha t beeta hisrica y docramian a andns pnisidehiial ele ionshaee aisca
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d ra coempl ing d p mdesurellens to a spl th rote copl tg bis mrefopl ngreionathdistcts e ich t buld obab mea bween 1renasts h to3 d abea ector b cenlege to ves. >> b el: dor't y thi the c geare ing begal cllens v. b dhat? yhi he >> o,e g bal cen t? >> n we alrdyad two staso d n lrwo it ntarasks and d i spl nsknd iplhem. bil arehereny stes at vedorohn las il rere ti s arosd whe v h cldn m poiblyasin ts ti tirowh hroun c>> ion'thinko. poey tlyked ttiarli aboun orgi i'tnk texnd td azona li boich tught was gillex ana h thtas lahabl t stas ontala bl an tissoi.ta wonta ansoy 2 wo quaer%. th o tho stes a out of2 pl forresintua%.bama o hois hgoin sto bs autof pying plor si dense e enrema ime. h in b t png scerio at y pai dee ene. tceo y ai jusock sidlose i mea ust'snek srse ea tmalls stes. tll st.
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no i d't uerstd. thecony iso b so aulno d ust thd weonreisoacin ase b sdo in a lkinwepoinin mos a sn inin m gree-liksituion we don'get hdlent eeiktun e mr obam wn'htll he d rpect s no hea tomr cutam w s dndin rhect nooesnea. hes putyingax t ric sin eal. he yingsno he con pncengoter tic at, ah, l. ee ng g moroneer venufrom he, , weahy w g canor invoe ou pblem nu om eryo knoea wan thas otvoou pem yonohas tru you ow. wou tak a lite b of the essu off tru u utouak it bt anfhing e suff m tningl. heefoesn wanitut. >> n anng ok, m hisng newhesnantimu.s b nl, the a temrary , isewmus b th a semndinry $4 bilon i tpora spenng sin $4il i tra and 1.5 enillin rmant ta ireasnd.5 li w, w this th the anverntant igointo g ias whithhe hatrn i in5 tr glionn adtion revee th gst tronadnon iveinitth g dottart speing ain. iit bi, on thirt, itouldepe ag a .verylose bion re. and hieitldepubcs c ald arroryyse ke r t. d e onhe ouber cro and, heseon t ongs te to go id,wave
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if oo msees ts way om tteo g i presenve o my t by o 6es pnts ory o p sints thenrthertate likendia or ichitsn a en lerelyotelowik wiia ort.hi a if t lsy wasw wi a 3 t to 4aslow oulast t 3e aund,touldo w fliphis ime aouundst tnd be ad,t at b forheldepubc ipse a d mine e what'm sing he p bsideor has ubt ne at sg pde v ys nrow pat to victy vecau nwatf to wayhe ct eltoracolle isau staing tay agait h. elra ll>> bisl: a rig.tag mrrove s aaiays. thks vy mh. h b a areciige it dirmrtlyve as. th v m a aheci it jo stoelirozyiy uto thehe jotoyi cupyall ureethe proster thatight beversting pyl ett. osserowillere brsng lar, w thersell tsee. la proster wi w cloerup t t jusceyste thatro whaerthe reatswiromlo th trus lawrs. we'rcomite rig athaack.e atm thaw. 'rmiigk. tablh coecti. givee voe corol. blcoti apicatns u vevoeck co emal. antextessas.apat u hak s inmaosit n.anxtsa rbag hainit ten 'em ag
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
8:47 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:49 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:57 pm
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8:58 pm
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8:59 pm
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