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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 19, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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hao specatedo thkd aout gettog itastasim i tlked ec toedth yo you atere tt i sill tuld i ted ottoooue snteml atindgettg i whe aryou n? >>'veott to kemow, inttou i wharu now ome the>>vett canodate k , d i thght was ve e imhertan i loan wteat im ioinht as e i iman lov bloildi w i binildis a i whetr it doiov b adiprence o alofhe bdi aiffent th gs i etitoi aen o al have misff unitrse,h iave su a g cpany and s ch veisnie, goo e couany d i lova cnyndt. s i lo tounooy een coy i morov anif i. s hatlo theun e wro or ca idatanis s patckednd ttrohe caonomat cntin ps toed t b bad om whh i reay celiinetot is b ad beuse t ink wh wl,ea blicaus s tr ybee ha tk nco weten bus rleadship it'saothi shocoenf adip 'shiho incoeten i wld d sothin but me wi coen w dgoveor inut i meei wi veo. goirnoreememirry and --oor peyem anymich le d - bamannnd rmanainhose na techific gy. bannd an n frany, t one i di 't teiceet g withit w my an tne cho iing.i didn reaety wan tth w wtey ahog. lodnea oimean t wi mome lomeery
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m goo pple. e i lo w tyepubcansoo pe. o mina w and tubns fankli'moing na ndto b ver hay. i'lle th fklappstmuy,ng ber sa ll th wipprobayy, enrse s sebod wi someme porba t thene priries s weodl sewhat h pensme p t thahe mea may in thri nees moweh orseat h twns >> or thehaexteaaynh te moorw onth o i he wod saxt ye t >> noounce --th >>wo isa leve t do oe th.- pre irencwoul be l t enrsin h mebo and hav grencul tet mebonin wi >> rht. bo nd but iavave t kn t tbo i at sebod>>coul r. in.ut i e an t th sandiodtes ulat . yove b n taing a toavehdi s rengs an yo bago wvekness. rely ngan wes reuic suariz prry' pry'sicu iz weness roey py' p's wessoain chma. >>'ve en wh thll a iin kn the ma >>e wth all and i i likknhemhe l. >>f yo sartllit gernoik m mney vry >>yo s itresse gu gneno eyne v deellnhe issgu detes. he ma tr dendollrogss. the o hindei dos.t un rsta he is war hdo desn'og.o e obov thaindounta
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w h d n'23rov4%haeve lel. eve ti sobodyets vee stshe l. save whii t llsouso hdyss gotte a sahi ts hveryolidot beut hsot to gethe mber ry b h en sebodoleav r wgeateve er wh all tp.seotes a o sodav ere wev whll tes a o e - >> nw hean cn i s -rgin >> u're nhe cigh i sin re see lik hi bale ighith mo of e teaeeikia i prtyh f >>omn isea pyery,e.ery >>mn s compent y. he dy,e theesttyhe mp t debas. hehe dhestone ba welheneantticayel ll athe dbate yontll scart tsee him g u ae but woul dsay teat eyo s te iim g u t uly is ipoind tha tho numrs dot go us mch aisin th ha shld bho bas onum isdo dgobate u m a pehorma es a bassh rea by onasn whatse's d steing. ma ary casableeaonuy. at sry g, a . dffer t g cley. e on g oney, i'llay the s dmeer thi gbou on rry. ne e on thllg she siffhientous i' y.maz onhat heh sff htsn'tone be er athei'azebat. at een y'reith h'tne go rnorerrybe ae e oat y oee, he'threaoor ry
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he's grt. o meae oe' hdea dier e'r 'sr taeaing, h's dymic, h and h i actu'rly cled te tatherg, hayyc, ndd he wastu c verd teery frcef andaser i said f wef ar'tnd you ttay in id e wrouebat. >> that dn he sy? heaid th'sat >> nottis de s renge, and thaskay.h >> i it asootisosions? nga loanofhaeoply. n it as immrati --si s? the lo dotpl lik himmti imgrat--n potion he >> toy di'tiki li h imatpoon hpv tdii h vainatnpvmmiatio >> itermf getng t vaatmiio nomi itionrmit's aet t teible posion, d t accmiatioon's a m nosure thaelehat laye d asi, t biaolecc butio t noreha imigrtion yesiti a cerinly asbiurtleut h. t t he a igr dineren guy tiernelynt h he oni thaen heuy ine the detes. i tual saion whyhaean' i yo bhe thiseay is. i alheaihyn'o beba. >> ouis ieteeorg >>ushrg >>. kno you wen't fa of his. sh i >asnno aou w fa't >>fa vef dffert i n s. ers. sn >>a've hea>>hat fre der i lot o rspeop . >> if meteim ieat prrson iot oure d liop ifet iim. p on i' i nev bee aean b tli
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nevemet m.m in ersi'. evee >> ss b rmney vet ineakns trs >> s get e rey t ptykn t to bliev he t is mre co tervave. p hisoeakss bev iseith mheeaova. is partak theysust hen'toing fr him yet. thin they rtight eyt 't ng ok. f imthin ut.timaly einerybeyyht nts mebo . in th's goi u toma eybo beats bambo h w, ioioet hman c n. at am at a geat hn c auy. ally g gootuy. heaid me. sidou ly kooow . i'm heered ot en mort s k en rsem t. m i st de't wt you e tort bhe enem elevion i caus di w sm touo ge bpeop lik yo speallyevn us stwee tyound g ettage aopikopelyill eeu gta a o'relyeaid ju tlnk it re srtd oureat t. jusithad areat ti. s >>ha o doou thiat of isusdat99ti >> plan o >> ihi thkfhe sles tax9 asct an to h iecaeh fankl th e s wosd beax goshin f o socabodyike a fklh i wo nbeo inokin ffor sodye a ihat n inr d le to havyncoatax lowed anthe sal ltoaxav cobecae hox mny weambuanersealan yoxbuy, oay but caho tink mebus ha't eyolainy, it oullut and i t k thinhe wllnd thaink e he'intll ndpect ig t. >>
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o yoinu w thie tke' c ct t stain>>yo hi he ha orobmn c qu stionin he abatnde otandg riobt of turnnuon tabe mdledendrifast rn tha a t pmblemeor hi >>ou knost i ha a smebo p'sem geati >> leer ano s ibo gheyte rlly le unde atandg pele, u're gog toire t i ritey ryeopl deu'llndet tpe, rigre gotoe teopiment for stanple. ll i tuldig get this opatnt r an t i shardst etsine peoe. ifhhe ps side of te uned t ar stat allne oneeof he gifat pde f llerthat we tun rebou allat ll neday nge f ghe erate lte 2oull ears y f mang gd dea gd l 2 de rsod deama g ahesea g gdeal e ifhat ller w isea tir a ofes g maki dalls, mn,ifft her get ws ir a ll ffm th kiresent d, m h theet unit st es, ulda ou fom mh aest far anhe hel itte, d netiat mwith a fachinan hel meegotelte wheatth ec, inlp mele whot wndiahere , m w everne, u ta aoutia tsoureing. dia er l, eta atnbeevab. we n doug. a l hp. thatbeab n g wou be s h h ppy. at i ow tm a. g ou they beoe srouto d hy. i t. t a th'd c l omeey ande syou dhe esidt ju cald. >> f obath cl caeednd y s wuld u ta the id jjub?al >> donba thi haed cal y wd me.
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ta he he s juld ve cled monhi halefor jue. soou sd cd mndetandor was juo hi bggestdend chelead. as i hi beshout h wn,nd ihead was isayi if uou ho wack ias yif the yes, i sckying doreah jo i antyeim i d sngo gre jeab. sti wajoim doint am gr dt re jo j it'sot gng t haptinaecaum o th afirsr thi hejo h'ss to go tap iau dthrs obacarhi oy,end i hto tnk i that goi to b harar ohin d ifor m to t at do.oi o >>arin r to apeato to. ibels.>> it' an imssib thi f aa t hito dbe. t' gus,utnem hib hi too f i. hi d buness areoingu tolos hdown ecautof i. obacarbuss sorengo os 's wn gauing ave do b armethg wio oamare. g g t ie rea dy thwihouthat oa. i heea he gout ected h usee he wo g chan. eed we hot cangesell rig. yoknowhat oe chge s. an yoweknow cherege weotig i.yoowt ch it ayoowree i dister, oit t otr a thgis'mr, t stpris is tt ithg oughhe w siss t potive pern gh w alys. i ough he'o beveerike al. a i ghe'e e chrlear fothe cntry everonce ihile youee a ch eafo
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poetica cguyryitho gre erce i perice, let heou a geat poca y hoeerlreder,e or ss ri a, he a g teat eerlder r th rlr, or s cotry. a thoht oma wld b t a rlrear th co y. chee eadehofor oe co wtry bnd a it'surneea o to bust t eede r co opysiteand 'sne h o isot t opted hs is crting claswar fa u wldn'shaveids lverrng the c ntryas wirouta wh he' wn'ves er e csayiry.ithe' he'sreding yi cassarfe 's thatedgangeus f th csouny rfd ev forim, u thate'sge f h rfarunthat goi on nevorm,hs amon diffarent atoupsoi ofn pople n at w ner d bere. i 't itonfft psfange p onleis w n e . part clas itge wnrfar adore rtas porttly,he w dearcrat aemoatice parthaseen rty, aackieat tmoicea rt sparteny coervave a aki t rt rcisova ximu rs muxine wartsne wers w stsd t teaart ws n gotrai st t toeart goaiell theyoubldown tnnsall rh oricey bl wnthe pesidt hrappsahis ar twi nrhwic e arnd pheid hpps arwi nccur e
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wa strt cwd? i thk t rac carcus wauchtr c ? horr le thng. t ac i'veeen artchiht me an rr mo t.atel ve'sn hi dsgraful. m anwhen bamamoetsel 95of tlack dral. enma vo, ishatts5 tac rcist vo ises atbodyenti tat? he gs r 95stof t adyti t? v te.he g see yur5 t anounrs sing v. ye he e g y 95 aofun sghe lackye e voteut i gasn' a rial5ck ing. te i's h poly.n' a th's a rot ol cp. g. hol th a o he'sredingacia civi d t ink he''sdi doiia itvin rpos and t it'k ae' vryoinfat thinand os verd bdt' ahin v >>ominfap. ind mu up reer b oin m>>innterew muthp o dond trp m wo sernds o theon occy war stpet w preste s andshe o resheent'cc wa le itstirng t pprttend a es t'giveg.o. c ndid iesir t p adce a onow veo. coid coat clsd onarfa. >> plu tosmplanfa >>lu tp afcan-neric nist wts afn-nic apogy fm st the es w a [ ma annncer yopoare busiss p f. e yourore mpetcy ...cmapetenny. er yoe si p ure et .cte
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d fronatial. yore berouse tily n.iona le youhoosany r theisle.and o. bee nna leouos y u ca even ake hefullleizend abo caene lle and boill y thmid-ze pce. i'm ttinan urade d l thd- p. malennouer ] youm ish,inusin us prde le ouas y ] wis ouh,in pr go niona go ke aro. yis n nonathroo h ja aary .rn aree y wi eve twoenta. norojay ae wivewota findut me atatiolcarom. nd m at ioar. wel tha youoth foromin h, tnk y so ch. i lo thelvermhar coouectih.orin t yo . veeer?lo thrmcoti dch pnter onve pair?ed, ke 34aintgs? d per on whaaian o, nam34nt? y've t li fivof tm n yo halay. tse whae ac oallyamn thatti wn weovedyn.e liiv t yoal .weust th rtlly wve aclye cothr yetiow. wweed wet ry coye. ... host yoguysre aot ofun. . st yoys a on. eah. malannocer the di a ned bt lae lury san. h. alnor
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e a n blalu s. necar? prty cl. ner?pr c ♪♪♪♪ [ emalannocer ageoesn loo
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theay iusedo. 's re g dual[ alno r btl selfeonfisnnt.oo e ied sho dn'ts nti- gingal ju as btle tllffi. o'ti-g jusculs ra alethet. th injtablthateplas ul a et lo colgen aduay, thnjblatla r aatuallysubt loo. looln uaand canast up ttwo ars. atulybtoo d ant to yos.didn agevernht. y a i-overyoght?dngern. inctiositeiscoort, dnes bru ing, aert? inio teco blt,edin swe linges bumrug, andelay lum se wi infmmat nblinwengum maoccu thd typayallyumesol .swinfat it'snti- e ma focuthe dernthge.yplyol 's i-sit culpaaesfoetice om.rn. itlpes ic.
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d wlcombackoanny. we c> ntin w whomck ptwof mnn inte ciew inth t w one ptf an m tew tne oy dold tmp. ifn youere o to verdo t. offer theoue pontiao nomee aerains orhebama poadviia, ho douom dea ansith clmas arfvie ahoeahetich whe cl theye accing urf aalseet o hbeinraci or ourey bccseg o se bein ract? inci horwoulyourell th bo o in coter at. ac houl aulrueth lader is able t cor e. peop togher. a rle ler laders gbls t e ryboopogr. r geth. l i'er telyou gat. i'veeen ding ebohis sff th i'elu . orven dg s loime s
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i've bee loolitmeally veee acte. it i'ly sppord demratsnd reblics. >>ctou'vmade ewi' mis skes.or >> nemt sotsany reic istas.>> 'v deu kn hewhat is s.the ruth s nso i'y suorteata kneat lo e ofths peoe' whouavete aen od, me blodfeo os,ho bt foe t most par p, etty goo b pople o r blfo t staread ptyoo gs pverleody r geth. i' beeatchg fadong g ery ti as u th i'eech ha f. ve nnger sn a tuatn tis whe th cotrys soa d vide n sa at ast iswhthoy no tho dountde's bwing as uiso th ntawn. b ng 're owinup. u mebo usethe tehe oer n.y. e inwas.atchg a f iendbose oee mine o dog sothin and he sai scha f nd ye o, our cntryins b wingdosop.inndeai heas ownyeou cry o bwallngtre tchi theidsnd the poplewn wn ollreher hihesd tnd p i'le 've ver sern is cntryn thisindf' trblee r s cryhid bfore tr ea tr laderouldt l tat ppen b re >> tt's ue r lerutld th l t en esid t is ts fontinht. id is he thisoin th's hnlyay. we ave ighhi uneloymt,h h sineyesre. d ingwee tghribl oplenereymosin eir nee hou ds,g tbl ever ne'slenin r toublou hostlyrom s er st'sdpoi tbln
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horms lym noforhetoiounyut for mersolly, s he ooyr waun for m to r gsolecy,ds to doe o aat. r soo his golicsectooaile . cat run ooisisecoicso hpeil and angecaru o bcocome t h wot nd o poli csd ingeour bme t o esmati. o >>li thinhat wurat's haenin he pbablesfeelti h >>an'hi gtat w's ha in ecte on pbl theeln'erit g obousl thteheount is itisater. thotheobthinslise'r otth nt s respted anysar. oresthhein'r cntry sp wedsed ny bere reecte won'use cry tord wed e feaete n''seot as trd neea wd. 're t s n rspecd anore w e woe daug a us >> ran yecuan mreke woeadug or a tilss of>> yhe mncorentessaadr o ts t guco ontwallsa o stet? so of te anr i tguinks oll juststied,?igh sof an i deeco tk fici , hi std,hnempymeneco lackf cihimpenppounit but i ems at theck wntpoit morut i govement s he ws theor an nt the age athe bilou. n. i greehe yo aagrewitht tat. b ou>> i aeesolu ly.yo re thu d'tet baed t o.t. i wi say alu. tis. da o ere' some ingwiay wr tg, a.d
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wht e'meg firr a staed poplewh reaughg. kidsre hairng aoota t pme.le is agh dsa ahat. th te's . fer a i thi cotry,t. th s d ite i feerinhi 's rllyoy, fster git leke iine ner se bef re.y theris s fethierrong l i neseef w, t y're er sngryhit thng nkin sstem m a epub tcanre guyry th i'a cnsertive giny, s buem i a ub can teluy y .i' if i cer svel a guome t cael somody, y they an't et i sina ainge fro t aomy, bankey'tt oay.nag theyroan'tet fincing nke bas aen't o.endg money.'t in nong the bas d baet a'tailndon out wheer y lik itnohear d you don tileyot b iledt uthe yikt this co try, u buton t thetre b noed alon hioy,utheoloang monnies the nks ar not trting a pele pperl m esif y buy a e housrot orf yo rhaveng ouspe porl c 't ake yuy a aou der wityo a veusank. c thatkeause tr endodeitnger rougk.ut t cotry. at tsenkrdo itertared wh th ugbank t o y.>> i hink t iar w it th t nk i baiutsnk th oe at ea teaigre it sthms tbe o a miirecd, tre ger. ould st it te,ouiecno t -- r. ould t maldit ou- tese ldmarotes o takglacathe it te
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hous >> ytenow,f i ouldak sacea te at g upus'm yot se'mw,i ld exac sy th rig p trson >> i on't gnow wuldt s mviseouoing own acthig pon i th'te.w if wd cou spe t sengwn th oup d sholks let f oupe toh t's p onp he srainksetnd t ples, 're ing s washongton >> minbe y canaked the tn pl , e yourg ig n shon j . m y i'landoehe tat. ur n th shod be jrotting n'l t. shinon, t thhobeotereng becae waingt reainy di, d cae th prlemsre y,ca lwaok.gtea di eryby ca ed tcathrobm, r mst t l. ybca t biestob clpri is washgton tnd t bgest i tprobm is c wrishinsonsn't sh on tfixi therob bmstecae o ama obis win 'tuly esn' k owxi whhe to do ob >>ca o saresint bamay n' k hahoo ssimaa brac th occy wa strt moment i thack ugeholicccalwatrt mostaknt whatths hegelil thking ak wr tha teamathe i 200 tatanhng aretwrhaam fawle cpaig00 t >> pele d 'tealae het gt a fle lo c ofig h monehen dal he h fst g a go lof elted wal hontree n mostfe tse f eopl hadgo ld st pele t tt we bigplad suorte ab ne of hm.m c n'tpe twe truigtanduteim. ey c 't h r h h cpeects,ru nd th can lisn. t h m t clk h h abt thec s than wilis t h t ris toabrrowth
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s morng. il yolist to tisasoow the rn yo spstcheso it all t rheric. thers nohepubsesnce. itll the poplehec. cernnotno sta himbse. 's lt wath ptreele thfact cottaims lwaheee thct preste, i n't ow itheyike hmr not. iuessrte simeo t like ieyke h hiute t. us walistress to s hisownkei nefi us alnumbre oneohe gis aotf camp gnfi f nds,mb butne g i'm n gointoentn t eirmpames fs,ut be'muse ney'r frids o in minnt he tresook th be te 'r perile o iwallin stre andkrough him te ill inrendugim hn admistraon a thewerehe ong oplend ty fled. h andhey wnt t dmira th aheamere g lethin tovergai f d. >> t yndant y do w i t d aghn. me lst yo ttoldye et lierohat i yoreg kely lo enrse tes. ntyo ld e moerht oo lynwo e efor t t nt mo o prarie >> crect >> oo y. or whare tu leing tward >> cprn'tieell ou cct t at. o >> y awhee leg teanrdg t ward>> c t llsomedy? t i s.t of am, b y a cn't an ttellrdou w. >> you me? han't ade s aofm,ina b c detsion >> illave wt ade>>ou falatena desionde on i m a ie de lttle bit f leang tords mebo. deon i n te youa lleitea is. tos bo ybodi anytedyoun tt pal, .anyby on yr how.od ny >> aybod tbouta oma. any dy iybon betr t yan whw. a od havrighut nw, o.ut
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iny iet t ah sligavly lghningowa ns a mebo ndig lngwa acally rspec them bo a. d >>oes ttersocnowly who i rec em a >>s t so isw ho i>> ion'tant en tll you at. allis i'tt e tou rit. . do ldll tru waysoodoeei yo >> tnk ydo verruuch. >> ays codmingo up, yo o y t o yer h. repu ican aandi ctengoul p,defe predent obaman a ad o to h dpuan mdichul t ca hermferent maa ca and his h m arm candis 999 pan wn t whe99 ho pe? wuartarne t who nd rtnaneeri weign. > lter,hed rrivere igho .useduite lr, sir fruing r re eo decrat par f edte wha st fnge cas ithisty ofeatar fuppoingha rasm. 'll hercatoniittst toof reond po thegontversnd rauch. l ernioe mord hent rs ch [ ma annncer to tor 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪
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bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er.
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heldn to yo cof e. thheods w. ldtoyoof ♪atioide on ur se ♪ ♪ioe n s♪ ( ughi ) it'sctuay a ettyood day enouonsir. that gre. ( hi 'suaa tydy ousi atre
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12:25 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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