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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 19, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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n ned. s youngr eecti is in o theit wes? n >>.woeek ou e >>tit'ss thenh we maral>> elektion of>>she roraalolodo.l on youfave m enrarsent. lo . thama huroue m yu. than foreingnithse. u haur to your hea anorengh u t oubd.ur ea e ne cntins. tb gra is n cnighinweave grblocisuste nne. s> ow.ghe e rpublan c ndid esoc fter spres.ent ell reed u rbl ov cid f suesnd e h est oer. e in u mitesvhref t emes e gon o. theecori hersre li trom so gas. eor er wei he newm s. gngri, mielle he ew chma, anhermain gri mi leey'rminus aw. ma an rmrst, frmerin 'rnuwlas sar pal t, fjoiner u. goo eeninasaral grein. u how eoo yo >> e iinre oka w o we e>> i hadebaka we nmberadbaigh leme a you n twerart queson. ghat w e yole a loouing forwsrt a es. vor? w whyo do u tnkoostg amicanor re l aking fo >> vo wh wao t lotingman foandites lng o sta>>ellis atuala owhatgheirlanodis i ta notliust aal verb ize atis iiran th the i ha a pnndot that th'll rb pre ent i wi ah phen nha h p td ha
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al whhlhe prt hiusin a maet p at's hn theanknd the w h in ablesnumbs t'satn arenk jthe atescioumbbut stual t prentre j deil thratout alrt pan. rmanain tnkfuy,elthohh lot pople p. a ann cricizg t fu e pl hho hs spt ificthat ple a lair ouiz that aspl h hp apiceciaatd. th's wt i s loaiing fr.u diat't g a ltf thapia thrtai wy i i inklog am ficanin di gnera laretha laiokini k fmran rae evenally l herin fhatop caidatto srt isi toenly theer p sot wep c stacaat ssiohe ncen atinsoge o c prarinta t o.p.andite t oenin o fce obarin t in the p.di de ttesn fba enerinhees ecti andakureerhat ti he'nd aene-rmatresent. e' weidn' ga thisut ofhee- b hone witwen' g yu.hi f i inkmerins wld aee withtee th bneitwe'r sll y lking i kforri w th a cathidatth wo'r s l wilng ri r tohheopandat w bilhei to frtrunr. >>ell, b fd frun yse, i>>l, f coess steaof pangorese i atteion en ty're bierincos ea aandighteg,nd i kn th 'sten tre i inwron i kn thads nohtwher the i suntanchis butou k owon kn ha noat'serhat he su-ncut k imearraed
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to'st sayhen th haens, itmera piquto myay ientereh. sortafs,tondf tat's wha quy igrabreth amican rt pople ndintest aell t'sha ab m anare ey p morledult tend a ll inrest in t su tant ee or lt sues >>instnhin teunt a mor es intestedinn aubsnceornd that whyteedike tnighbse new at hygingch ain i teink dhe tgh st bauseew ng h aseem ito b tk d abova lo bse o the hem b b ckerovglo at gs o. o leme chefessoo, ber w're fo g s ohour behi yole gs cssn tio, w ene, o when urhiohe g dete i stted,oup e mi, tes heto the batee mystd, kiupmis sarte wae ing terougthe doo aer yscho andi stefter laywag ugeoo aates a d ho nd theye ki ofripger andy bickesing a amgstach eythekif ip d thndhe dbate i ckgmthhey otr th e dr, tte candate i aretpr t ere tante re bierinand fitingmong te eachther. i hnestbi foinding ang ch meruter h tst o di't kw wich grp t me lien t a t w ichdi k w groh mar t re se t a thkful w thehanditesalmroa wn a e sttedalki th moulhe dis abt delmilinthe tngs atdki tho abdeine ts eeris,nh e ectoeteri
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riou etout or a wile ere wathat out bckerg ad se o w e e th inghtiwaathateal ber tu as a st o o poplethntit oal f mtu a camp ogns and ple fmoli ocs. f kinmd o mpets s thenday ffsli. beinin obleos dehede w it sh ld bin toe ristoheeop wo fa bartk o ama thesh bo fureis bate >> wl, yfaar o raia onehef thu sueshat was opite to w h yr ai neouth tonht. ther wasest a onepio qu htionhat wa t aconally.n ssue iers wotenneyuon ta nos be re hd.acly uethin iit's the wssueenhat maers whonobe h loto in th'she ue ameran ptple. manmaamers anho peoe, tiro mes he er u an therwe eore t tn th hes ares ort u rw andtealh i t criths hre rt caus even lakedettal i a jbri -- if y canet a us jobenke innoth j wn, u-an't s l y yanr a hseob n plth you got , t'tank srea ying h downour plhroaouot t nk i gessea thg's so o wnr-oa wa to now g whsh smeono c oo abt tta ortow wth son c soonelans abto to. don'r tin weot qiteoens dee n' t in tha e >> w ddn't qeeteep enghee in tt. in weha lso w d't di'tetpn dee iino t we o issu likit cna'seeise idthe su andikthe iorta iues c 'sthate d arenteatiolhat
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ond he iaffeta ame ica as our at eonomr te iobutat as rhe h singfeme a mrketur at's ehyome l e tots hr hng fr met 's lo saorum hndain walkrbout persal rponsilit andsaumin w likng n jusut rs rnsit gndvernnt li n vingithius itsean b w grn asndivualsiving wthin ng ohitsan b mes wnd asotivlsin win b ocomi smed indeed t bmiou s kw, de this rmant fincia k css ofis thos whoan makfiia cisi cs fr usf at anosoak uimaty hts. si fr liks to earbout uat h peonal iko respsibirty, t utimaly utat w nee to hee falomhes sp bindid, es i u demailed pla wee o abouhoweobs f can bes id icredeededla t ho it ouwbs isanhat b wereedoin ho atacts indtrt ande oducon a rewindor wk t tethindagai innd uc aew aeric watul hiai n resoce delopnt inrde a toic tul crte me so dop iobs inde aerico so crat p mple en't ve t wor sout nw inhe wo adicreo th goin ptoe t p tor teir mt rtgain, ho o is ihhat th ill inay t peir tr m ga holls? iey wl hath jolecae t r 'll vendusyere s? w aghan. o we gca tat, l usreg crse, g t by, -- i thk weeed t ce,limatey th- th we
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dcorp tate comeaxim teth is cuentlhigh t in rp te me ts cutl inghstriinizedorld t chang jo ofhore we educinriedldha hatjofrelim ate. we ucthatnetepe catnake i imnt te. heathin lehatep c nom tseke candate i tetai e specinics l how it i tha teante aiwillttra ecs ow i iustr iha llraere, itr creae,obs,ethe pivat sect keemoref wh eas,hey p at earnn ord tocteereatrewh job noeythes rnrdebulos seat dob'll nohavees pla to pesentoul you s dallllote sy uneve alao hg pen theou forhe lextte syeba. ne amaybyou' goi h toear theor th. xt >> wobaer t yb whau'oior extt th >> o detes tcomeortha oxtike beauontts rdes me evetn o srtin ke ents here eau havntur ve farite cndide s oin tsre faavrite jers, an d tfatehat cid ste o yu aknowtewe eal rs doanearnatte y someing su tant e beowusesal oi g thrghrn thmegu intbe peobab no gthathr wre a th pightab denote, atcoul whave a a tswer eachuestn fohtachandi tede, ul vecausi'veear the aeray ch theydiaventrad fr usvear ithe not at is a c itic m,ey iens ra frst tt wee bnitver t ihis.a i' cic i tweond binghatrs. s so of
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thendgt vaeof f e tm, ahouga theye verfngang t tatc a. ug >>hey a ey verluabecae thisgas th tonvtcntio l to>> ey aat whave vabca isoth hnvpioto v wve caidat befoe tey h rach v thatener lectcan,at andef t a r h i'vexprsed beatreer we ct lendned r a l sonvenprde eltinge anndivleual,d arac oama,ho ln sn'tlng ivl,acett oa,o veednd h re't tisott oundaracobamwithe ho t imaro oonenon t ndemoacatamth de, gai wl etaro oen tkatemo thugh to a, gneraai wlectn, te d it kin othh a g nracesry il, cthin itinn o a som nsespes, , rts thein detes,utom agn, ipes s nechesary weeed es, have tese agandi ites ec rytted urkswed wav tedistted b heed hkst w o the bateed may the b c hresa olittheard on d tailteayhe citmaz mees t ttt therdn caidat go dffil a az gete theaat togo ascap acetallynsweng tuestn, theyoet tpin andap pvot aclywe tnd st go ey tffin intnd p thet sodites th wan ingohenten secohes tho havtoes ma th aannn pot stco thava pot. a thhosteeds toigotit mo an ce boko hatthandstateds o
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ansayo,ohat not whan i c b askeatyou.nd e re'shat an askyat yootleash an er i ke u.>> i g'sess t e ofskheoas an i mple itiesand r be gts ofrom me t dfend aothe leesd beetwom t t it dndompl aatedhe i the nse at ywo'veot s man cand atesitp the apledou' i he got sen e y lee y s'veanot ndesth au' to t en gi eveone lrt of ye equ oppounito you k a estigi andve thee snfqu yo you n'tpoit s rt fu a zetind inhe snd b ayo j rk. u t u ha s all thee pnople b expe ing hav th sa j. ount fha tllme. h the mi pt bele wpeserg wav tohoa nt t i.f thhesmibe dbate w ar w broono do intteam i o tesreer d foute a toro e fectely dontam o tha te ouherwe, y 'reto stf ecty frcedha inlmoshavi grwme y she s pect fith ed manup tre inosndvi tr gngh to aommotehem. ct h an i tan ndetandtroort a thmom. ffic tyniryio rallyde nd ze in dt h get tse icyi rly azeswern >>et ye. t th's a goo pnt. we a, ther's her>>e th aoohe p. jourwelismth nedsero- t ursm n s urnast rlly ed t excise theiralen aake rena ry tha t t uesonsexseiren a ake ing kedha p tciseess ay g dhe p sendides wm the are qutiong. >>ou kw,ctuly, e ofid w hee peect reampl of at youquon ise >> eve k theuestuon t, t of
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waaske abpett oreiplf oliou yo knoe ve he at dyoes t do wa akeutb forgneili d? yono i an, ich ount desreo you a wioring cack o i , hnt wich ou es a youwig ot? cck thos o a n wh aounorusly?ompcate os a ntopi. wh we rt of doorlympte t tse p orpi whe o ndidesos say yu've tot t 6 p condto awer. id at a youoingayo y dovebou 6 nd pastan a r. theyate and a wourengivio th a lou oone pa an yo veeye gotnd wickvi econth. l w th mne qution hyoeen sootk ng, onu thnly muaveon h0eno sends. >> tat's why , it reyeshi te e hes. som ody t'shy ctndidendhi tlun he om yke mhellboynn beh cid -- un li m -llynbe l-e li - mielle oma l or mielle bchma. i leshe sa o sr wuldmile bma n ute a foren ai sto wdsrae n reaiae ere s 6 eco snd e bi. apecia the caidne in 6 at rcospec s >>e ta bibout thapiaheapinnneg.n thin k rece >> gottapunuth arnd ann viiner, d i w taotngun nors a an tryi to vi, i wa a molion thinan geyiingo rey fo the a ow, may m havon mssed
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ethe foolehe , quaytionav medt ab t ile gale imgrananduboutonheeop the cntrybnillhato d imandutop heabou cthery d 's a oue stinorusly a dficu a mplitedopic anorly somimes dcu aone sou btes. li d ic reany hen'totteomes a ally trone ouort b os.lan abeat h'tte whato lyon beus thirt offecnb the latves, ehi fecmili e and l hass,ll fli sos of poblend. as didt ge tt ansr. m no sureso youof ple c idnge t0ns nore oucond >> w can't in 60 nd weco'ts.n0 lookt ri prryryin tco plaihe's woed for okrien py in tyearas a gvern o ai a'so boeror ate ying o ar g ahe gederrn goornme to e ng dots ge ober i gome o precti andecuongsurb i bord a prtindcu yer eeciay uer rack rd a omaehe eia u ckeder ogovement wil nto tat. heertaly her ve hintil nt t h.ds heta fu h. he'seensi sobodyho hsu 'sn inntivinody ilega im gratn byinroviivng itate iga itiofor osehoimatrebyviot ite redentof h sio str ee beuse th ill alrent iigras who h atee ere, hey'thotllven, y iraho a
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ow oviouy th'r e, noty'n, y sides o a oericouhot legly mu les t stdeef aic tes, soeg 's sn amues bing tte kdo s af bg a k coradiion an plicy coasn'di ben aleoxpln in p0cyecon own'e aple in con kin of c codina hisessa the and in beeens sofbody whooes cona is sant thend scure behen booerdyhosot t low srellego imgran tote wred ofoureg headehem ano pot toy in tang d tfurelovde ofagait potoin roeyora t eventlov haviof hiraiollegsvntl h vi irpersal liegs h and rsti sunds ke rkerrys hnding hec of te trngo sds rk eryplai h hisg ec of ttr posion on eaiis isilegan ilega imgratn i whga he igaasmat inwhntiveed seo grp aenef th tn iv s maerity of arica wougra efh ner be a teo tak dvanmagetyf aca ofou itate uitnne inbe a te sateak an ofexas wen y of iteit knonhey' t se ofas w y not tnoy' se bat t s tse t-
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>> s bouentied t overrerryti swatd gornorerromneboutry hinglleg peo e in tatgoorne counuty. hi i n'- myegeoin temoay be un srt i of fulty ony it yemede lite bit sike a f ty ncheap st. t. i edhinitkheitketorys the ere ea s peop th ork in f ary cmpanth e reo w d ngop lawherverkor them fnd h a hir c thean comny o w d aw methrvg li trt. em h ir ere'heaom oo thli - thers aot e' pele tking sws at eac - er aher ticheem lile e tng btw t noacresenti ot r thm i b suesno anyououldestihinkt tn someesays therhannuldwatng nk each oth the mit w t tomes er n sorat of ore chth fcusehe oihei wto orbstae antheife prramnd fse o hoeitheyould detaataneirm the hoeylde esidt. >>heing exacy. id th is y,>> to, whe ing explacned atcenthios s tdhe i it's edent wha pld enapped. sdon'knowhe f cts. 's ericdoest kn e thenthapp. actsn'ow f s. rtaiy yo llices hknvehehe punts diaiz anyo th ca haign stafunrs diinto tt ssue adian theh agn trh wl be seveafedhet rdito tsu a romnhe tr w bngavedet i mn knongly hingga inoly hi ilega imigrts o
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no once bel iung lke iga i tgrt, o it tou to no u ring theceel i l s, t t botm itouo lis unghe we b.ll tot i wa thee pesidtial candatesho wl be fcing wabarahe oba in p theidal ge ralnd es w elltionn thee dbate fng t ra sbaartnhee l ncenatinelon wont itths dhatte t has don strongn tse enin wit 143at we s thasonng wve b ten43 ndeweeathth w hi filed b scialt tedeth hi fed pocieshat eankrting sisal t cotry. we wtpoest ekrng t foos oy. hatwe he wdonerong and hoit i t tto o e cae do neettngndo i f t g. thisaount insad oheott f nitpking isnt ansd ohe kndf th cheatpshotngthat g a ba khnd eaotat g foha. agn, mbe tat's ne ssa fo ev in trima ag pr mess, t'sute sa goevn tmadogrs,dogne. go gets tringg a loof i is a wasg. o et sour and tng ti .lo i is reay waas to cncenate ur nd at rlly itter hre. ea wa it'o i ctereening.e we ry er h. w tcht'he ireg. e w bhckerg. itas le theat who balloerd it lhethatho loana.
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evenan tru gt inna a fw enru g jbs i a fw j pey. he amost lik hat here waiteg tolayhe heosi aonst ik h so ofad ant lret th c ildrittoy bicksi as sofdn l witedh cdr i ough to t cks xteha we so w of edore the, andi gh t we te prablyhoule't, t ough so f thateas auallhsortfnd ane pr eflyctivul, way t tgh end att allrtorn wt. ef iv evebodyoulday l tarnnd fr . ne ginveich dyd tlde ln wy hisr ca cl, ollnetedinh t w he'sind see cat c all bedre inanhis 's pd iticeeameif aeou s pic ll. me wt gngri wou- he . wou g ri ouclobr back oma iny h bateanyouorum hat obbaad t o d io tey wium subanceat wen i t d cos t po cy awiubce sluti ws fo i te ochalngeshat t aeric po a f sces.tifo te neal ginesichat aic wou fs. cbber rack h don'thinif hsou goi to the on cer ckhat oa. sn'rfacin hsoiso the he n rtune caidatwhotets t sac ce bheack uncabamatos be tuse bk fortatelam inhisee day a age, ometrtesel conntiolnis a awisdoul diatehat ee,ethoonio s t e mosdul miney,teat th ca aign to my,
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dolls, wns. don'hagn wao lleli we.hat n' is i gng ta bohe cali thist i g t b gorounea n neis ginich, hofull thetheroun ca idat neinheth,r o thll havas mu m neye aser tha at ne guyr nett, ill ltharnavu m fyoms hnewt ingchnenderuyand at n ll wan ln t f hea suwttanc weng erd wa to hr anolutns, eaon'tunc e wa twaoear h tngagentfut, 't e waitpkingndhear t bicagringt caustpng tat pla rghicngnto use le hanook a theyla ret readforo the lean kneral eectiey adr debas. >>hend ra e retiettay,he mia ba lo s th>>ecau itpik theeta vier m intestlothautik wh thehe ar evintt w pok. h hethosare e sodr btes, rit? >>eah.ok osevide tly soey d b bes,use u ri ow, is w>>h. idy wha d deetee mber, hate wr itas. eig. >>ndhaee sll hve erte pritably. a ig >>zen re o shem a h therly twor n lov oem t aem.he cabllove theecae pople or ovtune t in.nd u fortblatelvea lhe ca of p itle i llne autnatin. u rt el all light of t iwellmaybwe'l gt aome insmalr on llht were ll weyb'lan gtme- al on whe it a lttle we faer te the ndides a t wh itcand lateslehoulbe pbabl a tmoreilli to hel te eid a t
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twor out nd ndesul pbl s rtrelioel of t d orut sothin buthey' got s frule we' got res. d it not alsoysinheut by'tot s tem.le e'ot an ray. vern itotl b plinthan sm. anyou. tharnou. stight pn aanad u. sphakerewtu. >tht a girich reesenptiver t chel bacann, and mr. rmanain egi acheenve go g onelacn, nd e re rd li. .an n th's a nt.o on al re sioppe fin th me nhan th b gainal fr in s onpein m grocny ste. th cod th b posinbly a f inear nd ooct cohereth thosy a ind har e be oother ...reh comg d hup. be . [ arle] whenou c maka peon sle wh
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thetastthe od thatou cked, [ le en cakpe s itoes whmethheg ste you hearat cd, i ink at pple ke mt out e gritled s odth ouar i k pe m t grd s thtast th flar com frothatak wd. thst thla omro atthe wh, thfre fis th stes.ethe isit ocksthn thteflav sea in e jues itksth avso hat en yea putn he fjuk it, ijust oes sohrot h it y utlike futte t, its betifu [ aughi]sts oitkete i prd tbe arill astit.befu [ gh i iove rod. t allst my me ichars hile. i'm redobst grii mase r, .d iea fd diereny. iarhi.medstrias i fdien [ale nounr ] forastious brarn emy
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skner, eh da[was e eledun ] rti s by tarroug prepatioem sk r,for entso co. edas ed tugep io w l sor whertsaloncothe y, emy we rig on ving wsoerone emweign ng ut y seewithhe hp of h raynd jmes nancadsor, yeeth h hay jshesad pnned nc ad er,ry entuaty. ich ant e co inuee p toedave e me s to eive h t coue toe metoe . en theipe d ag of87. n hee ag of. lifeell anne fe l neseehat raymd jas adsor n door y. eet ymja adr do y malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8
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ous pea r> nt ginichus wantto bea predent n andinh h 's nt b re tgo o threntnd rcord go h eving, s tr. o h gooto be whou. rrd gov theg, s qesti moony b wu. arica ha toheght, qti o moucd o aca ha tooght't,deba is ts. ouc o r the mny illitost'bas t of amerans ose hmes arehe mli derwer afheyeanag er s toe hs mree tir pymen everw aeyeag moh, m t the mrtga penve bnks,mo the mga bankaveo bs, t icentes t nke refincehe i homnt tecae th 're is isthe ng kilng pople beymuse. they an'tove anoerity sto g ail ple jeb.e at w ld y do eyr'thosee noy am ican g >> auall i'v j bee w yo rseorkg amwithan all'v leaeers ofoca sml rkcommity nks oth wt to doea exftly wcatm
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ou'mmy s dscri wngto oand u ha toexy wu'epe dri t d haoddo ankill. e wa thepe dod t frailld woks,l. wa dheamatallyodraegulesl the ankswo itendsigna dtoatly theul e rekslato to itdsell tmna n tohe make hereoantooot to rol t ov no theone kend inanffeoo iv e ne enuragnorecsurefesnd i coures t eenagank acallyecre seing e prerty so ur t untk c lyuepe seheg rtyont do-fra bilpe whici thkheorail hou icth publans ght dohis rk, is iou a errblle bs lt o whish is k llin, i aousirr b kill g smlwh i bks kin kllin smalusinses,ndsi i ollghtsm to b bepeled. kin th minu yal doins, tha i ot b teray, tpe mind.e uothnu yo thha, it gog toe e iera tin fo peop to wrk heirthaititoto out. e u'll ave foopo w draticeclireit f reclt.ures ll>> ie ues yr truiccl bas mo than fcles ies yruamo an d btfomeo i pang% itere d and bseoust i pa ttinby eery ionthrendnd mang tir pstymen andow inth a eyth 3 -yeama t p moengagend do a litt bit aelo 3ea 4%, why ino thege o rld uld e bttkit wan tlo he that p%,sonhyutn bhecaus d at pd son bsan t gog -heheha pnank b uswillet a p smnlers payont.
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1:22 am
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1:23 am
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:41 am
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1:50 am
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1:57 am
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