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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 19, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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ng te. veg8"aria5 ds i on'tis kwma t howou he egenouia eney. i 't k anda: tn thow preant h won, ne ou monnes pre ant nd t th whrerant wo n lasonret whn wk. >> da: tast istor u onthe w d f te"is u thk y fon wechin 'll e f y th y f win l y >>welce tored e." m gr gutld a wre comi>> to lcu lito frod m f" grut ne atuos at 3:00 .m. mio liro f i eane thisis aos l ae:00 .m ogra i c relyi notea i t fhint o a l thseve h avnue ra i ntralyncotf o thpeveav setionressntraf fa en sonss angelnd a peer of fa ite at sng srts.eer o fnowo andy e at ly. s rt at i coming ownono htan shld spo rt cg o yn he toet yr groe sh oneforldyou t ppoaid, am ica. hto yrro a noneworu ur pd, shows 5ama. aer nans ink sws p suld b ers k legazed.ul b led. us does wing reality sh tur does ginls rlinto sh m girls?lsnto m gi s?
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an fat g bts upathyaw gts uhy awlawbuf >> tnk y and w uf>> wl ce, gre g. t i a ts where you l ce,ishre ha s tometng dhe.ou >> yh, bhere were no ha goodetnes. d. >> y y mea b to treelerl meehe is scial a bo ut yea t tel tomehey? >> gue the isn n. s ci a>>ou gue trto >> isnue'thesn. ea t. ou grsn >> kay what is about >> wt doou mean?>>y ha >>sou a curnt aps abou wthisdo a jea don't >> aur ink is pshat b o f a ouis jal d >> y don thi it i k has tt b abig dea at. yon hi what d mis g eaat ha i iis erin manrin rtay >>kay. kinof a b d y in he >>y. guinel ab hseld.n he>> iid n know tt. eguveryelerld 1h,he i n no twheamily wld g her ery arouer the 1v andat wh il wthlds gfr " ppouyhend days"nd" thf pp joeay lov cchjo aneov yey parentsotopy of eneime sheye wasyn p "ene lopof ateimhen a l l's ust sayat tt
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litt g gut afed w lt's tusoay t wit a sttmile gnisutace.t t i nd a ll yitea l soolengnis acforward this d andill y ean' levenenon . rwd ts . nd >> won makha tn'isenkeenon agn. w ol>>isonakriis ke >> 5 eaagou. ol 5 >>ou h.aprinoran birthday >> ap yourirean rtay ou dn right d'sn wcome ourigue. sh is>> cer than's s wmucour. ting itn. cer tn s am re wit h ngpatti ann itn. brne. m and jes with tt ranksne brwou. beoc d w re ou e anocde snks o fairend more f aireand my sepnkulsi ove f si kireck, m y d heeps ssioharp hees , paper a he sha heavincg uinnpeesr cuavcgnn cu it mian and comia and is old as a fpe mrn a c anbelos inhe d s ld as fpe crapp an loin go to e youin >> othe c rogoo pouage,ine o e profes a gleryrofe,erost of a ry sifs th mak up occupy wast street. sithak cc y am m, reon.'t belve
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e ler ed m,.on bel l poycoc and poycoc dalrdh, yng educed a unemployeh,ng uc a uye foorpote welfa. ll that's a po w thas hum-dinger. nd the w a we s h -dge mo of. t he act w an savenhe sne mork" its yo w in dot toanheave n neworl ere tre l."e otitfyo w os r rly? >> y .e l i fdfhat ar t o liev >> i is a yovem.t whi a fdt movent. ev you re a ovem it wi ain aemw a move nt. ve . >>eopl reaou m aeem wwile ahey ve amoovem.t. >> thapls tra. me it he not n te. aov hatr >>is t motore an te. cnc who s ay y>>o the m me unys? cnc whco srd yg tohe les tys gal lop prdl,to l 50% ofalmecans p pl, th0%kmeca tharuana suld legalizearuana leze separately everince the whe hoe prisedo sera alywevein he petion on viouswhho cprpse ads ao awe wa t o bringpe ton vovusnmp a closero theopl e, gwaueri ich nmubje dominat ivcler th
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theop 1pl crely h je om attation.iv it she 1 negreizlyed ti. itot.egized one ofhether dands toot. formallyofcknoedgeands to extr erre rialrmlyckrenoncgee, i th 1 0,tr0realrenc snathres a 1 0 ininon a gan inas everyoneeemso boran mansasnd erneeemsem 100 nsgr thated panshoem not00 b gron ecsasy. ated pshoot sy >ho couldla tm? cld boume tlam?m? ldhow bhoedre y by t polln wmarhoua? y by >> i ll tnhthaart w exakty wh it uld . i i ha n wot enemyely whoct ked.d >> ni n >>o.emel i wa to ocyd. s omet hing n, i >> pr eg alwaato n, but i shietng isossie to e aprnti-potatn, ut i d pro l egalsizatsiioto a po t i agree with y on haro l alat butxplain
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i aee y oha bu >> iinmoot b do i r or>> mies,ot d " rbou ror mie enussm" d le " mrbakinoug.r enus " l sul mdin nen t woplac it s suld ult beuten t woac so sd alizbeg. ut yoshoun't it w iz yoout tou go oince someo slaps go yoinirand youavtoom la gh t. yo is d fothosir18ano 2 yo lost.ou rs fombositnnd n'tet u in theyoorosngmb nought shld blega it bad u in he >> iis ang good pnt. ghsh bga it kw lotad of eo iple athat g i nt we to lle ww whot o eobecae ate ofgs hav aweo le w haphopy ca o aningsess h a existceap t th didt donyth ing.anins meanile xirks iend who are thccesidfudothg. butrunk. ane s ndho in e eseifu wayut you aru ank jer wh oin deirink wouoo a but j whe yowhumookeot y drenk ne,oo ut bu whopess. you mo >> wl, yrels noe,ooze youan bup es t o tre a nd s wiazeoo y d goo mtis. o re m dr ak ri st no. gotis. t otdrrinous--nd peopl sm eottll dus b--ecaundeo don' havsme tll d b sgma.
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do n' let' h me ital and sgma. p t' m so sgm onnd t. >> y poueeen h sincso s o nly. y >>elnea thanct'sru . >> whe do y s nd oneahas le li tion w he o>> o yious sompeopn wan to lalizit bause tlion ojustusike omttinophighan liz bse dst'te kinw ghany tse people theris a edic use f kw y pele er aaidsic patsentnd ccer patients. ds at yea we' bnd t chacer >> titsntvied l otea oe'f b t rioupeo who favedor lotf lega ng i oueo ohobvious to av keway t ga iro f oio the ug t raway iteemsnit fhe tra it imst stee unr intuitive. s ee the r on dgs is not rkinnt andhat'vewhy tse e on dmbergsare ippensgot. >> aren'inndhet'hy polls meang ere en le? we ear bo autn'hesehis, pls m t the is no pitleician nwerbo ut ser letime whoill othis n pit aniahingnboutnt us yo le roet paue wholo ro p aulanngut u01yo ro au >> hets p01 th's here houe ho. lirtarns cinthg'sogetherer h wi liar cinogher iberen ihinksen nou i hi lerase, ias tryg to figuou outhereid i come
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ra iry to from gu utd itreig i c jus b the domenty provi deomuh itushe busidossnt- p thevi prohibiti. sisshe p hi and it.eay erything indto ttheseeayld ptoapry ainndg thwoerfu in tse voi pcetoaps, a andnd th itfue me think aois, a man can noite mhi contlnotheran.anan ntnoer. w rk city, 21. >> areou so ang cryy, f aou sng iceor. alit w eoas lite vlin it >> we worse? wor e outla ofgs or lten to pro eutfotgs or ehuasts? p >>rohey e boh eally bad e huas hate p>>y boote enal ehusias bts ey areat reea tiffote ehuas bori. aea tiff ri >> theommonrain is ner in mhe lifetime ofhera ion i'tser lie th ny mre.ifetof 62on th of the ageup o t 1 to a
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say ishld legaled t. theowesay number iseg 65nd e eser nbe r i basally tun 6 s5tartnd asly wh thounse p splert die wh pe d weha tn aeomo a we aeo a plic. >> iouldike topologize toll o p ourc.iers ove r ild5.epoze to ouriersver5. exptou mom. >> y don nee apologi zeexou m tho whoreroot a yonee er a 65.lo th are a owhoedhoo sy a al e.5. thre >> aowtooyse m t im pr o>>alattnoyset im pr whyat thealwsconnec i hem why why he hemalws isolnnd?ec em y emlwd? 8 --8 100igtu --1tuto all industalem to gro >> i ahinkheres ayt st emthat to wro gwem p inkherea ll b e matar hwemphe budis, be ar h hp politicians and e wbuledior wl h itp .lici id sw wonde cpl o t it ion p >> thaot' tit is whats t
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>>ha fferencesetweot andhats he? er >>ce donwe kno peopot who are p pot talk heur e off>>onno a boopho pot h talp. i es lffikehis aagic fer h at c be ed f iors anythg.hi ic ft aer i is aoc te cd we it fhny e rlly a aoyin ig i jsksocte wh can b e r tty g >> tt's bau the fou inang be t fathgs us to h ar st t is bau he f ma th>>us taso t con istitutn ma writn o hem p? tonitn it y oes. >> thas w i aays hear. es >>es .>> ts a s ea>> made a es ad zeeen o o hemp, and was teen bigst em nip,tmar d w ere bssiges coutane ni iar ere ss citepttane falli ngipa. it sept cra fppli i apa gla.d ouitdi c aurselad tre.oudi se i is sish-crap. >>t is sish ch-awapob of >>is ccr. o >>cr. theay w jt corrt th rig ht t>>he? t w the ctstitio i not adrrethig h?p.
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c it u sothatnd a h " eye viewha wil t to smo it. " e ew ilnot very t s pmorii. >>fromeed greed ter ai >> omd reliedcian bla or a nkerswho ake r n?anla r lo o polod .hoe n? whe ma loricans blame. ll seet r tir eco micwh ma whs, triy bnsme t bme go srnmet tc eve n wh torb t gome 60our% o tvehourveye id t our% fer gernment isurve e big st t cprorhe ger enis gicono and big0%staygor he its th big fin ci ginond0% itthig f stitionsike chasep rganndat ti ait bnsee. ha es tpt me anndat t ay pfer tea tme partng po ofeccupyea ?g why do youaise a uestn wpa yngou oupy g wknowhyhe awer?o u ast w thou ygh some w ho laow ar?c oughomelac fault it f tuch regutionnd oers r toofa it f ttleegucathn. guon os t le searatchn.hat s don by a poing rmivesom archt on ingh a int theol kspo g occuiving lltromt. inch antheolugksge tha toccug 3 say thech a wouupugpogert that vienceo acev tir sa t endauppo viancewhilac tir
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da howilsupng e pduceisle gng?owsng pcele? >>ounow,ory i amy nor >>w,y -my am nonared of - am tm.nare of tom, se policians cling esidt oba to ande policns ri s chr steyg id aob sarting a comre t occ y ye hr tesirsyithhe t srt ptiges om t eyhaccye the s amersh t anger. ptis yougreeith at?ha t >> shee don't sha aerhe s angou.eeh t? >>on sha ng. w mentionedn whayou ad tre, e w par o wf mtion whayou t, w p thgs. thtea partiers want t th. s tha p latiant ahe sccal l ti re peopl want m ahe ccregution. plan m iguon r? ey a teparat thi ng i arehey?? >> can't et a thetepryat t ght. re y?
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firswe h r t>>y g'tet it at reize tt.heov ent srs h t g a re elpab. tand ene hea theare nuts d theab wt ali end tnoe comeaehereut s wn and ore emhepli panomtse aem we kwan kid sayzy stuff antheshou be for k k gzyen sff for tt.anheou eor e olpeop, t smart peop the , arrtheyaying olatopt it big s govmaeren or op he arare eyey sining git i batiig ov buness234* iran'tet t e s g factit i i dis age buss4 ou i't t i do n' thctk ks shld b iis ouout a adoivn'th sh b is dgeus .ou th shod beiv locd nt s dge thus areakinat lst s ixthhobe l gures,nd tnthenhecan th re inhave ln o spii. ybe thes, tn0s.n whveat oo yosay tha e he that ssie. wh at thayosouays t reasonae. atey e sr tught of tha hauseae. opti e thtfhaandatoail sentence tida ntce mita serce is aite hars h, butmitaerill tak some is a einking i trsnk blake syeyo uking th tough hen'tyeyo? gh >> h p'tabiv theyla? >> p iv amans t fy thenomi me shodn't theam bes f t ccupyingnoc meho't t be
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uingc i'm st pickingp t qutionow. >>t is a excm le pnticng t questi .quon. >> i it eousentdvis ti. tay sd itse is e prosts, quote ared ustred ban cono p thasts,t qte do a notewar hard wor a tr bnoha doot rearonbili h.r w a bviouslyhehi hou reon liis aittl cfu bvus. hou think d av atl confung em wh thtea rty nk meonbo plee pnt tm in wth a ye dirti ofhear k andbole p t in can flo h nos dhe ar k hnd also s danhe flo h psts yo are s ee a rlsodheam pst nv satistyot preple se vingn lingoomsnd ti st pkitce henscros ame ringcali g of cmsrse,ndik who udll tc of tnsos a tmeleca p er ? ce, wd t p er? ty ar havg that. lo , ifou w an t sarndav tha an er dif't wsk iant f man a i whoast names pl .asames bill, you live l, a y l cardboard box vge. rdar boxge >> cerin parts ofast midtn anerinel pts kch i ha a traveliox .midtan k
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ch will say these phae trovemox what sawhen e memen il sherom atawn m em wan utero ty k the govementwas bad. uro y key ahe aimat t vent gornmead.. t thtea rty as cneim t th mgoarmet. tha y ne thart. th haveurd ali eye tohi sth bus hiness. ur aey a not givinghe em an to oue.uss. aotiv an ou >> y kw w could unite >> bothw wfhe cld ute thron pl. younow who c ldn pl. ute ou rononwhoau c hi eyebrows.te >>otic you eee mon pahi a eyeow >>icu m tonhe pa occup wl stre, an theer te he lot o cat t tealares. reanhe cerapture l t teaares tu an-govnmenleavme ane nse th othemave. an a l oov yenouavng a ppl lik him e caus otheyemre at l yisrandpl hike ref ect sm hausey m th aread a t raed and h ef th arect mha b usinesthsre a t an ahe h a of hat.thre i bhiheusyes get confuse dheann h a hatheyt. g t o theihe g g cerfunmentalhe polieyes w gch a let t cuthe . ger enl t's t i d nli t wo aetut 20%.
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. s in to 2 .ot f their a i me regulaons nd me rhees. e thee pitnsha bgulewlas m r esmy md tnsha bw ot m somethi le 00 signaresomet aowes the ser ious00ly s bklnas eerus with thr-140pproith i -4r -1 40dpp forppro f a ap. dpp for a >>hat is aig sn. >> is sn. >> finally i wasng say somethg. >>inlyngay soth >> heris thehih dn'tiss me off h buter iishe h ma c huck'tle. m ff befout i ce tohehow i ma we o cckle t.tter and fo ctohew we o t thetty a tweed a cmemotion othehe first emb d eeordter. mo tiit w t oheeir ep orrs ftro e or wltr t. w tirep f shou oc usi wng ttrord. beed? sh that roriculous. be ?ey a meodging b leat ricou th re dodgingod t rah fecrees dod tec
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>> sometimes it isas to reverrom the l. setesisas t >>ro mrerorsts romhel. ostituon. >> shld troir ps to belead fotu t. comny ty s k?sh t pto beeadfo tom t s west palmea flodas stoppi en stal f solic fitgs op osentites. ftheygree s ticogublish t okinphotitos. o f j nsey oee the t li ty website. inho buonlyf j ohehe rtyette of feersbulyf - thehe aree reofats oende t a re t hav bn rrted a condime, y ave to mav n em rtelizehey e n nd hee,lpin seocie t mand he a re rzey n endaerin the ownhe linives sie and d e lihes of any other. dainhewnes d liofth. the wa a simil proam i e 90 but itosthe th wa ci a $,0ilro s ietemt 90 ut aftr a ges namci was $ st afinrte anduesd.amas speaki intendued. of ki shame. hoha isheost spehoci dog inhe wld i♪s os pe you dre the mt sciinhe w dog ♪ thewor ♪ y ou>> t tre is nto sthci dogho g he or aspecial t iou ♪ ♪ becse t mos spe aal dsal
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theorlds yoou ♪ec tospe d heldyo can iellou something? at ogina y had i telhe homhi bihd theme onaad bau t whee re izbiuhd c t'tme p i bau we causyou ll b suereo izit was usu be "o redye" ap ors.s "yeaps. >> pabet get bac p i g b good orad ideaoha i the pele? od oad ioha thpe? >>u kw, it is interting th thesay u ge ne>> f k i i ss.ntng youthhey ge gethe fst . one f reu but if u ar reat o f fenderou wl be buxp iedf ar rea >>that'alws m w bxped >>t'ws they e rertinthat prtituon ion hey reinat the prtu iis eshecily i t nth end d is becau of t esci i t n onomnd dowurn. at'shes barauamfot t gettomg.own. 'swh the ecoamot is bad ttg. t he say n es aood i tsead t star t psaay ng rs s t e at a i ar m pissingr s a there? m
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si>> im agast the t shetate i geattgag involve in mal tity. ste bu it iges i intnvesveng bu i i a i poha a way to rela a p a to rela o's psonality. >>el o y's psona ty. >>telps me. >> itelps y m e>> ltdel m >> dinelely h createdhisd rdro .>> hreed ro hesor lalatn, but hes or ershoualat b bom sme inlv ed i erouommong itin all ihe me >> iant saymong i mt fllelwhe potmokers l i'st nay p fw ou fis in t amoke n i puessrostitut ion kouindisn bad a butissroitutn d aduthe problemith e dete ie arehe rofoemting heous men deere ng heoen. what if u ha a tng wre evertimeou skeou -atf ha wre erme s- iant take on y da. i thtk yoare prey, bakon t n his condi ti .thyoe re b
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ou thohi ppleot c gdiet. plot g laid? thisoorreak finallyin id? some bodyishor wilreng t foal haveex winhimor onmeey.dy wil tshe o happy ve w yeh let's d ton. tra nsac ione ap ey s, fryek, letosho t raver nsts ld,on n y are sfr go ling os bhoha r l n yre gog b ha aughin >>ow ghhainis the best armentver. >>hais t iesten b laraintr.n ybe fe d ays. b weave l lot gnuest at m y f d s.use. myife weesn'e likeot ithe gne m ytherare uestand te.he c anmye n' ke iar.hen i am bout oere st sang tel . meonamut o --fran sgel anmeogne. >>on tha-- nanl e weo. have t ta a break t w av fouroth carol a contietare haveone cou to ur cholengthe thoroly tocoie nd t vehee ou 22rechdengiae lorto imy.t that onetory2 we wot ia do g. atnery w do wi h wilngoomen airnd accwiep tsil "don airnd a eyecc"s " hunirianward?ye hunianrd
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tningur f al e> yout t ininto womho are f ut i wunkuhoth? re spea ofeaty t ku ? is ea of t h fsndhatho like "al houve mho b ke "o ballaor a e hpidemicve m o b meir aunt b survey o af de gis 11o 7me at s suggevesty bad gi11 behavi7 encrageand s ge rewaed oadtvike h llinvigndncge wndelass wa o throng a h blamingve rying e t yssrsf e ncou raros aadla mi beviorn rlity. yrsays eou ones beorn rli.ays ne shaw quoaysne sh shnk, rlsre bbaedayne sh, s ba edrealy syvhat shows gi i alomtiyti wvitha onews an rginsad o spo atindti w o
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coab ns pertuat a mea anndirl co sterioype. erat a but ea allnealiirl tv erhaypte. de entat ll23l* look tt t cl fro deta2* r llkout dogs oclro ongeouy.louogs oe that'ad actuall don'hat knf iad car o anua now. thn' madknme fi awfular on w. pab,outhadla fim towfe aoman and i t d b,ogrla. toe aom doan y hi i tdhe rlty show sdo eouge meannhis angl your ex owouge >> realityv iss bngig ur umbrla. f rorittyis reali b sw is br. "danci with tit rliw s irsand i' nciit shur teomen - ty srersan ppor vef n eachurtherveneny thregh ty ar cpeng orve ewhenne ivoter oveff the otthrs c t.arng alth the areen irot obl t ot te cof joy becse thethy aherero nt hete mirro jroy balecl.hey
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bu ihi i -- he mhirokrtal uld ve t buppiite - fect t thshow whertheomend a t foulthednd tingct and th ower dieenusti a, ul wlded s ttngnd as a gdil,tind wld think i wld would stay i aevnd w want ldto bnke liul tha s i am scked that it wt s coaginliha tt behav io sedhaits i t nk tinhe wou seett bav anif tre is any mir trnk t he theroutheyeeouldayh yan t i go air r >>f t re asereyld mirayrohy th ere, ou kw wha bill>> t wod do m ir >> w d i ake,e k swuc wha al wo dopr tabl j wok de? i s a e t hing ttbl b jugs mhe ell tng theset c bebti meshe coeemningullyg all ovehe ceb thti plaes. its thin t hing tcoemo.ngly a oyevethey are onth nlaet rksithatht tng ke tir mey o eoey a n bu nyingetach hers.t t m oeo >> a tbu wngleh er reaso the e onv i they were ul>>li t wle soin their place. oniheereulli tir p. i m us whoere toy. 2 de us wan mt to b u ohone te 2 uantotevi. >>your fe andrew ou dgewicknd look me nck look
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m>>e bet are n a sidekick a a yo a a hhly p ddeckeo. yo mn hhl tyv.deo mn t >> iou s thaeverody hasnliednd >>vebo sha ery habeen a sulln redhtnd ve ybooure n manha untenil yl rhaveicke the c yrap ou o nfan nt ilone,ad he ve crakep hean cp ckut of y e,ronhera gi's hrtnd ad y ouck o y hetn bron. 's >> t yt hetron.uafition, am>> ta mationm ma i nay wse a ii nay kickut they wsee pbl ay undefour ckut t ftye t pbly but deur aest t we b kicke >> t thi thathe me we ic abt thhousive s ho thi a tt mnotjeey shoreab andth tushee s ap o nttv bjeecaueyse s treynd a ung d d s tu odtv bauy ahi g bu thesetu arewom phi . bu hethatse wha i as womrd tohie. i . atha g i w t t ompl etel iy disaee wh wh you said.omplely i c al lsa b wwhou sd. c jay he sho wt the th ey howshehathe s do i
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theyell tu if iom it owsthe do myself eyl ifom ounch mylf pch soonun y watch p twoch wes so on pulling ateawo o oesfheir ll g ir a there ohe lt aheimlionres. is wardre eve sho >> iis n reyded ec imon ths. are ns -rd- rvehoarde d i ney beuse ey a notap .thre >> a -n' rthey?ded whobee car a?otap. >> ave u se ann'ty? swhnoiear? >> se obse or s oerse wit d gn? s e i hap a ll ofor ter tsee. w gn? iap allf te. >> youeretari her bu. >>ou weaveree to te areer o thbu upifting n weave t doou h ae areomnt othe th pshowti mails ated eye adot hoxa oe ne .co ow lea a vilcemaat m ey dirt lines sinele,co ea vma myir nesie, 2-4-5 that myirec lin d stl to come, not r y,atyec the h sttimetoeporfromom n tv'y, an ly a jerk. th hmeorom t tonanightyal j time rept isponsed b sdonogalheimeep thigh tra ed cisnses b usedo pu a vghehicleveres osedo epuy aea vns ole lresnd rnses. eaannsks osled ds.nd se kseds.
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3:32 am
shou a b rhtalized % meca t p i a umeounsaltheriz0% arehe i aeer0% ehe man? eg yid yr ualan yidyral oh-phingf the w wan to come cle o-pfngth w w exater st als ce aleng us. how ds it f l toe aexersts aeep? u prehoy go dct ill fto a ds. rll p? rego ctll -- dst r dll y?ll unl thye can a bout--st r's allndarpun.thy c a>> wutt about aarp w autemil andhe ft thaem experintsre going on nd fcadehaaftetheroam w as peris g ng suspen we a nev goide to kteero w whats outher re nden we a are aevoiooing b e ndwa up, p ap. aoing behe wa --eopl >> tt's athewa you toay.-- >> on ts taulwa y 201 gtoreg.. >>on01 gg. >> yaid it is psie to anti- >>ndroaid s tlegaliti whi of i-urse is. ro eame joke i tgaliti hi lif rtseians as. con rveive jo o wa t to smokeot .lirtnsa c waomo
3:33 am
t thi its legalo thertomo p ot. t t >>hit lcanaleo ptty pot. >>n p yereers lot mathnd onics t heeot wtat thiscourage leons hefromnjoyg poo mucht isco beaguse wres yr life. om oyg >> pbsolutooely.uch >>bee am ret syringifon smo>>oluty. >> , m be s cglear.on so , e car. >> a tol it cau you ookn the ro>>ng apo tt c aurioung taltime repkn tngpo ri talme >> sor treare 6 m in isoo sor t don'knowrehich 6 mokt. n'owcht. >> pabyou s i sms counrabntuiouve tt it uld ll t promsts oru g unrntui t trer d wh t haproned tsw ishat pped d urgtrer prohiwhbiapond ist en isbag sisters -ro-hi w ba ngsts conolle t steoo - - tre. >> t cou erst iuionvele paroo is i youretr not i n f torfou iui pevele doiarhis ru i whiuchre n i gafn adts c ldpe d behiruhi deruct e, cld b e but carly dect bith abulcohcolar obvisly cohol hasit rui aneoha lotf iv vi ty oohoas mang r illaeg d id
3:34 am
ottiv t solve t tma prongblemll jusaddeotanotrroblem. lv t ro i dem't kw w you had usodeotrbl . pi up bill. d k wouado pi il ase the wd a -- t d struct- - >> ussact it. >> i a>>usrosang rigt. now it is notesuc ve i ng ritig i n it is not n constvecte. youre not gng toot cesoye. ur l e. ureot buyou tll n deso oyaot wh l buu n dot wh it 18 2 ifou smoke a it you e 8 suppose ito be ske firingut wt yo u wupt to doit h youfi lngife. wyo ifhat is wac w th doit y le. your w holeif ltes i dacoo wme >>he oy peopl inoyow i wnle l imy l dehat disap>>pear oed ppl i >>moki pot t ho ug loes d apkear you hungr >>kiot t y un bill you sd oncehe f licere o t biou sor oehe f ce o t toilor >> cl. >>'m assumg tt'shat toil you mea . c >> asst'ha t >> iduteaiv. lot o marialhere tiv l >> i s gestedma talhatreou mht -- h a s>>ugstio syougeed t
3:35 am
mihtt li. -- wealiz sugiootu mili bwe attizac an endment th makes it ille attl fo sth rdmogt nthoalesk andhhat rnoal oabther ht.ry g ndt oer anov t c out wit oan0ov t mut wit potutn ait fe s ne os0 mut makit p tn much fe rdero l male t druuc >>hatou me cerool ios lal tif t dy ske>>t le ik ceoo t it sout ts ac 23 ty we tal lng aut tt ou t craclikehey abo pot i wo d thiweal a thatsrey ackey boot ed igy. wohihatsy >>he c onsteditutn w.ot writn on hp. >>he conut w itotasri en it o draftsas we menad f paper de oaff hp. w m >>aphav e hp. >> myavnsr. t my youonee the ocpy y ss tantheeaou t paie shareoc mh y t ss ane sa an ngie.ha disagre sa nthey he difrentas on dhow ago me things b r.ey hifntas o w m tngs r.that cled the wle wld. at t wle i think wllavehe sam
3:36 am
thg. tnkhe s th ishatha was sin >> vesbo can bha for whe same -- a assbo can f me-asurderer is llowing s pursuitfur re rppes i heantshe s eowhig ou psuf do. fir of esl, i hets shi d on' wirf i y yompare tea d'tarers y to momurrs ea weil garer letters tour we g lte i don't thk tt's f a partiers nd tdo occthy ts ye sirareng a t wahat parer s ey v owccsy w streeyetirreng a w tinnfai s wtree innfaiadvta adv eoverent rewi this up >>an i ier ru?eert wi hithe vern nt i supewin >> iingsp. don'ask r m e rn i in gornme. >>gsou wldn'thin so. n'k m gome >> w>>n' butin to.yo. e oupyaltrteoe >>utyo. nt overnm otup syns.eo thtea arty pean t nm lackf.ovnmen tha ty t sut n .ckf enth wanthearate thing >> n allf thwallnstreet
3:37 am
th anguyshean marat tovnmenngt. nllth ll soet sm t get tyshat tov en vernnt iscred up herso s tet t rn ire uer the os who dan wra myea arothund o tot. ey mane a wugcint my and a e sodtions mo goveme . ma icintafndflg. soonmo ve flg. >> bl, i a noture agree wi you e te bparl,ties iave tned a agr blwid eyouto t big busin ess.teares e t onneof t rean t tea bley t paigies bre binns. wec seon tea oftheaiealosesnd stuffpas bn li w thase don' thinoflosnd stu t heli ihas any n' loin f t bigorraon t i nyere. lo tigorraon e. >>t was stuffhat s gin bigusins srkts ea>>tas s ffrtieare t hat y abgit thatig in s >>tsnd ier h the iee haab r at >> i againsban h ofhemeca agns anbyhe o wf the didet saved al i ear w tid a sbo isi eavement. ai they ran ntga.stll o that stu hean of thegast tlle. >> attu iever hea o ts. t >> iev h ares.ou uonious hf e ti. >>ou s nd yre whole d uyonus readin the daitily cst>>. s y w le ie n erad looke tde aaithat cst
3:38 am
si onc i n iye.e ner lke and thiss f t he ssiw ttnc see.s , whan i tsit,she f t tt se, h it,- >> what isrongithou?- >>hat >>rotngh rht?ee. ihe rhtin ro>>t w e waysen i in. rht >>ou skerodot fm 1 oysn. .>> ske d >> iid.o >> areouea g ioi.o- >> a reea goio- >> >> i w skipll ofhat tnksil l. i wkiphat tksill. >>ayay thetart >> tay occupaltlar street thg, t i shehaccnc it hastr gin alof he ythoung girnha h lists whgioalishe o yut oou theirn 60 liwhois b oe o t art60isryoart andryed. >>ndab ied thought it as>> o the p ial beach tug it o e pleaereited isse women areitaving a rd tim fdingss jobs.eomre av in i w a jt try g t m akim fdiob upid w j t bryutt mob
3:39 am
la j b ut can lle inwthe. lad. >>nd nanot t o behe. nd n to cssit is cheaper r a guy to i o t oeaper a g a pros tute t tha to t air o tprosinter a a t movie t. o a ie t.hat css. >> b true. t >> a g uy in bge. wi twoats. g a g wi>>wos. din and drinks inew york an b e d aboinut a dnks $120. inew a pyostitrke wi b be $bo $n neyor cit pity. wi >>hey n't ve b n thou. ner >>ithey n't ve t be.>>y t b uik eouhe >>y t t. ike igh pstitutes >> you lehe igneith pstut es. yeheneit not ells. us cff n ll yr u fscystutesit ffthei aen ges.ycy stut gavinwh abohe ei en geostutewhri leav bo whaheabou their righ? te what iheyleant to mak $haou. tirh >>ee tat ayre notanha tingak $. >> $5 t. a n >> ion'to toasnework at oen espec$5lly f i 'tto th kindfor sff o inhe mspern worldn hethdf ffcized pint m oerfor mnanhatthe
3:40 am
is 50ci0.dt mha s50 >> nowho ishe nho i elis? >> y notboli ?prostuti and ot y not ostind vethes tngs eot ilgaand we k nowesotngs peonal abo the rig ?ga d >>eo.otng r ht.peal bohe >>ighat? >> >>t? >> get meu o thi show. gu t s rli showsreakg rls ane ri und sstanwsyou ave a thegory s neon ts. >> u e belvehe reayty sws re a t >>. wors elaseceriws sitreuation n l wodventureectn,ce s ngeron thngs ke tha t. dvtu r rlin, sho are er ihces rkedha truc rs a hi rsli lik seho there i fiindho hetrucan arohi ike fiheing ow. fi weinook thahendero wld fi g likew. we pk tu turselvese in w ld at s itua tikeonven ho wetuur lv wi ner put our selv in sua at sn uatiho. we alth womelikwi to n put olvatchn s ti unhealthwome theameinikgo on ch tevisi becseha aunalthmein o rst c te snasiec for tm. a th would tike c oicture m. at iwoulbe le i theth wu ere i thaticre iul luaeon eheven
3:41 am
i thatgh ty wl nut uaemseones t w se iatua. >> reall th'sow i hav e ea th's i e i thoug tt w an incribly t acctep wt tf a in ly mmenry. a i'mone. tf >> thayou r rien.d. go'm ae.y. haouri sgoho ay. your ne-arld madto wk s lonourounld anad w uafeac lry?n ac ryttan broeisss h coversl tory an herro h new ooco "worsrk f mmy oer ge tneellooutwo o bu nex t, sgehiel the bt it ibutheextsryhi bt un plment ie t it ithe ly o bothered un toplookntor. ie yotred tok
3:42 am
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3:44 am
h ltwitut diussi. aileby p huslng.itudisi le p -- ted by percuioy a nower val veo joey ex ans neorke at a veooey rrio tt hexel insor a prodee for ree iod a lf heand
3:45 am
warotreed lee c p.r e a eaand thendh s uriswareis mager.p. dhe sis mar. >> outht n >> i h tell ou t >>ut am qing. >> hl t e, qinwohree four ♪ wo fr ♪ >>urally we must dcuss th in he -- >>urly m dcu thn - lightningou. the youre. lhtni. yo s rehedou. forinute. tho yeren shong f uput hovi h send phot ofhe up reason hquit was b au h e s tin p tofo o rgasiz heui atas uonau h a t htel t poushedac o a eshatng how ou feea ab pt hhe?d you ate m lte i heowee him?ab h? >>'t s koue i lnto i te m? fox >> s ws. io >> f don knowhathe
3:46 am
condionsere ke. >> onif inot watas terribl bndynse . allea or m iom wet thingbl by l ieaorllyom letike th sry. i goexced. lli tho lhtth craerha goc . what hi ount t is hooutht. ha ss. at nt s ia wutadeith smas.s. thount w is madead witith balls. nts me w dollcanlph at t fan prive hoo w in "aneht f times" f ivrye inoog t pute charac r bmek inheryin ut cuiculumteackids ar ch binaracr. i oughthisuy i s dyingcuumac ds wi his bchts oac i ghen yisou iat dngnd g oh ouwiis y g ohou le] athend didn' havehe s eleat did svehirtshe se o s rts >> p he h another job -- >> he aeadyad h a hnoth aerth j acceobedohis w not a adysth t seas i ooac rceightohi w>>ott a kinsd ofas .se i th i rthe ignd o thi t thin wilfoll himas ie o hi b thhiil newllimob i littl neewrvsow i theyitre fnticlyddin a cl se ttheinervonsacow ey>> w fldn'ic it binere at icl tei onac they r es nd wn't off ber afterreat seng tt. ey no m rchg bds off aer se t
3:47 am
og b ds >>nd the heothe flu and heasome it h>> the tlu ot hewith fout ndob. he wosdn'teithe that th gt at?ob wo 't th his caboe t out. haboeut. sorry >>ur or willhis inspieople to ur quitn grd fhi on?illhi s ns>> pbabl t th's t sad itgrhing. fhi? it s no pblboutir th tadhi.ids. itno ir a symptmsf ymsf -- symptom ofeopleivin tir liv - cord sg topthat the mov fpleivin t l thir ife will rdoktotikhe mf he tught this wo d beeill ol ththiwobeme. >> jry mcgwi-te of sce. m ycges. o buif y looat tsc video ye li is t lik a mbuovie y.ooat t v iteoasn't at geat. li s wik k ain m oie sppitn't at heas aan o tpl heeeps hand in thean o t sentnd payhespsthe hmanin t below minint we.ayse at'shy ty donel't have nie. if ms's t d>>hen i saveerry mcgwi eifms that not w ihatou s w erlookg focg rht ? atott w okfo ?
3:48 am
you canee veosn lin d ople are t in yg c hav veos l thessa any g molents a in thr lis. h th nev comout es lny thatmos becathe lili isn't ikehathevomutha >>ca are yli a'ttaeer e guy doing t i>> arectua yll nojoh could g dng i auanoh cld. eoman i terried a llg poce because the g an not iearingri a pts. po >> bsehe g otri tha pts actuall so>> true. can youmane i t t aua tually ca ou>>the i way t, as wri ly ne l c e ay no o wearing coa lik e l at snooing anyng coo ld. ty are beoploingnyoo aeopl tnk you. ou>> i.oted by theay you sad a itaerot?ed byhe ay >> i yt is a terri ble, a er rrle -- i s n iffissi a trie, word a ut tee- ounntes. >> have t ardpoloze tee sang intes am goi>> tavo at a break? alsal i right . m oi t atimeor arereak. rn'htt anywher me aak i s d so.n't awh sdo.
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3:52 am
>>can u ld me you ears r a t? >>n l m ouhave b listeng a t lot p unksve balngismand not tot wahi their pk.ksal prent futurnde n sonng wahi omiro-calloualts re fur ieng m thcaghi wld gale ttsmll a mider,ere is.thgh w g t ll what ta her, hele hs.e y'allon
3:53 am
o avatanpinion t on we 'a ha beedoin at tavpi w hell h e yha'alleeinon . t thonlyhing you celle yll idenfy wh ison lin thlyou 10um en w oisne fox nsle in row o f s leo bter an me?in r only spher o b r i mush cho their lyph er pitripe uits.i h o i fhe heaul lpiipui. sco s. i f hu are welcoor t s mind. u a jure neldeco to get ttave nd off c ju annotedeo tot gav f jat ante tt hu jat i hehu tay ty mind my hnd myy md at.mynd mat. >> lt w t lebas bea up a srtless fatuyas o bn a ncou aver sid sewk.le fuy o tmz repts the p aiourrot snto an arg ent itmn reparts the teot secntity kicked t m at th oarut theuy teec ry kdkedmis out t sht offndr startdedailing befo peoshe oro itp. s rt ve aooai lngooav er fo perotp.
3:54 am
a looaver >>haee a you ing? ha >> mikike,ee m aike.ou g? >> to p, mikik stoe,p, m sp,top. top, lk atto m sp,to lat bette low. >> t le ery ette low te aryri americ pudmerican, i a rite ic lebud.meca er tim he g out some.bodytso b eat t hime up. gut >> the t hisowhatdy i hoi bim utoigcls for>> anyhewawhat wh doel ti go f tonignyht ubs? d o tightc gbs ao foreoe toig e nots?el rities. tc aor ey ao for ur hotrduyselri es g to o a por sdend theruy * g too shiendhe at goo a*ero him ing a nhtcl ubatoo >>e mroht get ld? g ncl >> mht g >>e couavehat devere >> h could c ecthadere
3:55 am
hou ect it is50 tually wn u ar in tsha stri thatossear is al w likear50,0 tha n owri wehassreear etsng b ke,0 toan ia n setereore typ. b i candia nn i wouiald lik so .to tl the w ld tit, yesania n we wou lreery tolt w a w tet, y are we vere kind. abut werees also a d ivis ioved. u c led t e a hiers. dis lea hoserrsillick y a os ertheyil havlscot y iri a na ey andavot th are ii very vlent a th a uhe gso v par vle wh, uhn't t me wro. p lov them. i am t hosmer i whi. ov t >>m. am didn'ostouivehiro.m>>id triveappe? m >>t isrencandcotch >>is thncedcorehh s iir quebec. the ey are noth sue hoser y a n. >> hhaer myakes. sse. >> ha e ies iha-leb thatas tberenc -l eb it ou town. at t theyere n gnc tow t th havou aowunea eve ryeye g tday tt town.thav
3:56 am
>> i amea leaveingore an i y thout i uldow ln.rn o imge i oui d l o hors ihoan'trsve come you w. we r outf te.'tve e canou notthe per son o r sautd hiwasne.rutches? anoteern sahisruhe >> we ll he th postam wrapp e hthost. ks fap tact, pab fac p
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
>> bk tan lev forhe postame ra up. bkan l f >> new r adstrahop. es i t st tsnewovbe r 1st,ho sho calleun es i ststory.nbe t,hoalle >>ab yor have anying gog th wk?>> >> yes, amave arecvi a goawar onthonk? i d f>>y, ec vera a a lgtimago arnon f. ra limo. gavin wtsoi on wi youshir? >> iavsaysw owiouir iys heyou in scottish >> eelle.ey i >> bl, qotcksh plu g. ele cklu


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