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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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.timeasuch. w, tbe fr, meheh.cono collsed buss w tch f and no bo replica andemoc ts lld us coitte walmond a tllio n bo doepars candropoc u thecotemo enomy t io we alldos pnow t u stilushe e my endi did ote wklleryw ttiell.s buthe ama minidiratiid has w noy cut bk.l. bu e a day,nihe ftis aas ut b y, fpend ag $9 bilonverynday that $9 breils dory o 41 millatnredo 41anlln hrax revueasctuay h neevp1% hherua thiyear than hrhir anast.t. fedel de speing t ssiv youould t nk p sidede obadepe g tris o pol icaliv u svivald t pde ba wod suort asticuts i o olal feral endi but sevae wo sudoest t netiher tses i the femocrl ic pdity iute genal.e fac the es farner lefheoons wancr p ien . speachearefnsanore edencpee tt it wi getsut o thee enc tt wicessetn. ifhe r oublins ahe srt a g i sshey ifil r sliply a s r a mpai on iy sy r
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ain enomio esti thehave emi erace t-ofontr spetiheve n ece de tablof tr if t spepes doe n't sphe de wil l tpeecomoe like sreec inlvenandomik chaic. ec many arica don wtinen td pay tenthan to.hat' s h peniny i acaon w tay nttot' hni shinon. ey wto psue tirives thout in. mbra wng pe rlity t es ofteimesheyon't ou hea ra ythi oth tha rtyheir tewnes y't pot ofiew.ea talkg po ts ihith plahang plir povereofhisw.veni . lkpo ba irupt is mingnd tla p mocrs arnot resonsiringni atbapts ng teali. crthe arxthe rsihngantr isli a e r desion tr therar iot enoh a riceopl in t cntrydeono vener putno icdentn thpl eder t cry debnut govement sndin shou ntth verterack theeb vent sinou rtk yr 2he7 whenad a maneabl d yicit 2 th w jus enou a yrsanblgo. dit thd mo of w werusiving wel y ba. mof erinel bahen. whver theepubc cllenr n. is ust kewhtrsthimpleub as th cen thas thist mem nofor ple tops stoth tight rehationthrom rem back anor op rdtolace duo tht mreicaonm bk a
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croey ce uo and an c mmes.a u sa aewro timou wan d cs. mo fedal saimpendg. youeliean tha >> moed y. e sndmulu did ouieha wor y moy's sluidornalyc a omohesoney at w sntctuay didly w ak. ey moy's id i w suaidorke w the mommers al b igetffic ys i wor. ke say tha obae er b dtsn'ticant to c i sndin hor h ayhaba d'tt c sin a h $4rilln grdarga rea tonact jo $4 boeller sgrd ea not ir rccurcte t sayjo tha oe s heoes no.ant t touture tayha he s spen nng. t had plathe roublins en. ad la eobjeed. r li >>ill:f thhugetimus woed je. >>l:hythgemu woidnempymen go up >> t stilusasn' jus mp abent emooyme it wasup tti asutn' givius mon to e s tes,abemmet as keepg th stes a solvintono bout s s, a nber o su wis cou do numb ofol ut thin rig n nowr o t ls.e wiou ino astrmbturefank. i'm in notigownderandi l. yo areuchintrrek.mart 'mot thai am. er di>> t t'sotyoehrue.rt rtaiy not thae. m. nemp tymens wte.p aino t consmperaben. >>nd t w fedal deb ros nsab o>> ted rerd lels. ebnempymenhasos syed ettyre ls.
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teadmpens s d >>ill:o itasn' itty wen u poinand adalf. >> >>l:itn' sentistallyhe u sam sind if. has >> sst beely am >> u i s a poi >> >>tatiicaloindven.f. >> b l: b numr. >>he ft is wittiutal ts n.witht havg pent b b thiums mey>> f is itthe ney that bris oney thackav ntto t ecohimy, wou m be in e y at lri wseeyhapek tha we tco, oureen a l w pe now.ha >>ill:ow dyou ow tt. >>hat'whatvery e nomiw.. >>ot >>l: du hat t >>veryt'atry economist. >> bil i kw yowereoing t to dry thather isnoot. o il k yore ecngomis work gor t d foxhaer s sine netrkha oays at ecis rk you tox neet sai s t on >> t t m ull b the cas ai u ar onakin one t mlice of bhe as amica,he f busaressine ce nefork. m teingou arkama, fuss zdinek. tegk printon onomtendo z i'talkg abt aumber o inn om uglai'lkab abe o eopin la w. e >>ill:aul kruan. w >> l:mousl sru. onguusif heere s algue. e chiconoest al hiayno the iefhe ecomist . f >> bl: tse nbersre prty sckin
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uldn youcostay? >> b t y pr sin stdnningou ?>> w t y is stng i w $0 miion ans ur? an ur i $mineah. n >> s? n verydyh. b c smes, everody, mayry t wal btree cs, er y, ayprotters t al buteeverydy els who s otrs nt ryideogicais gng tlssayhoot to p a n dn i oreoca g t we'y p gog toe i gree.r te'o. we c'tay our goto bls. re cat pait bk. no cur mter wt b s.n ca orpa exc be yono mr w s ur y havxc t yo goac t 2007 uhen yav toas 161illi t. 07at'sn ack en tyere woie61li 'sk bout t61 blioneinge wodefit speing. that how cra thiut so y utfi thepeholeg. b getatowrahi rertinback yhele bt oreinck 2007 whaver th wer gtinghenhey get 00 no ha rso tt cu alltherf tt gngn whnodon' t se tcull pinads t the o reblicartyustay whn' t tt? ins whel, y are exarelyictyt rig. >>hy d t't ty s it? w yre >> havxano expnati igr t,>> d t s bit?. as con>>rvate, iave avenxpti scaminat t repli par bi foyearasonat for ie heir big scin t ep vernarnt, g s ndinfoarorir iglici. lo, weave d ov thern, sin lt
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cole of yeaci r ht tlowee ovhe bera hav lcontlledhe whcoe o hou beah r touses raavnted fwhe ou bntra uil ltse juary we ha ra u r l the jry ha r expimen he theyavepent us into axpen eynsiaentoma.s we he thentvidee ahat ne of i wiaked. a.the iden tha ht whedeavet n i i th if wassid. e enha wnfusns oe i govement th spefing,siaxpar us oney to an eco myventere tpeg, crea inpa y nco bminge enomi ean situion,reecwoulbe b ng bo eing,mieste eure wod be tun,ecul boomg, tbo unig,d sttees wurld wobe be boong insad wt w om tnist w ha. be >>oo >>ns w >>ill:everoing hao >> connce comb>>f tha>> l:er >>ngeaveone mbfha >>e amic gwth. thenitestat is n ac pros gringh.ou wld aee heteats woul n agr. evosybodngwatc wng wld a a ee. ul we a eitrgr oingevod dtcn o w stayg t sam a and. t aitr se ng n't d o goo at tay sam ttimeame arnde r tning upecor se defits mte than aoo t amothemerarresi rnt ing t up hortory ef ofs mhishaount a hesi i t hry ofsnt h. ot t fin a dfere way h >> thi we he to t dino dreay >>hie me.
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h to d bil as azy you are yoay mor g mernmt ils y oure spyoding >> oor gnmnves s ha paiff. spg.m.ngs ha ai>> bl: a thetuffhat .ey ham.oneas nk. imp ved y b a heff yot are oingohaeamblgain n wmpdeedeto yo oreyorengblin fasr. >>deill:hat'yourpinies bad >> l: it't'wastur oni badn. ecomist t' st>> bl: lten me. we wha you s andt cost do n't rk w are b ln e. gree. e ha soouar send havdot w e bil yourean'take e o chce. we ve snav tha ilegreouive'te e polics dchsn't.ork. e s it hhan'tree wor d. li d 't>> bl: yk. go ck t 2 h7, t alor b yo t 2 al rig? th's t speing vel a of depigtmen. we e alofth tpeg raq.l al aof t t isof gonep nowen we arealut ohereq. alwe g tisonow b kre o oppeoingreack g t 2007 >> i bouldathegopp bngkk t tclinn yes an look 07 how reat ildhe it w b t tn. in ye >>anill:okhe tee oowusat aee. w>> ihe wts to g tack >>l: t t o a. iinto w t yea. k >> bl: i ton'tant go ck tolint yea. to thego bk toea b i't tt o clitoonntea. he bto yes. t>> bl: iidn'likelihe stes bac tn. i wa toye go b in'keo tjustour yea waoo7. streago
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i wld go bac eve furer >> w w e o the w grinkac ofve econuric d aste w w o he weere yrnkf awa fromon dte we thee y ecomicwaom impsionhe ecic >> bl: nody w th subime wagoinmponn. no bdy k nw ty ub >>e endiwain polies fro fannno k te th ope>>d thwaydi forol s that >> a theronnommu tyth pe thdeveypmenactorhere at ahevenmu bushaid gove oent are speourn d o >> oill:hey aayedt. >>pe it'r ridy.ulou >> l: bily we edl greehat>>t' t ry spleidou l eile eehet t se l 9-9. evyonesimpl th 9's w. evebody evne les pl herm cn. th bac wtovedyhe 27 l budt. rmtheyon't cay tt. ac >>his the 2ud ey r'tublins' g t s miste whhe we fouut rodayli' g for stwh fcaleouear 11 aayuall r e feral dget h flncreedr all 5 fel et h whe ishe rublire pty taing 5 r li >>ill:hey pve g to tag scam. a. >> l:>> cy ting gto sndin is isc. t cng haso b ped sin i wh. asmporasnt a b tt p is it h to b w asor a t cpledst h bithro-gwth cedh -gh pocy. you sport theandites
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at lpo.s ou t srthe tha >>dio bas l to 07ha l el of>>ba spo dingndaxatn ishe l nef atanksis >> ne pasursi. >> bksl: h the resintia p ur ectolote ishapi u b hhesiia today. e sy isitpi u to occy wa stet y. pittests. o weill ow y whacchappwaed ou t re. st thisuy dn't pst likwel y stohael.pp thisouuy w th th.bear d n'tis li d himt ik the ctorto. isetur wthar dt i ali momimt. e orur iom confenceavaible col. nf ceaipende or wolen i now ach. oks d find lik wunde iear.w h. samereatroteion. s fiikder. pend me atgote eat y. nd goor.t
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>> bl: pside oba is a bu tounort arola. b th pdebas sbuport preoudentrtbama la timol athund. e cu sentrtrelimant inma bot ofla im thstat is t all ad. tt cut frndlymao thnot psideth. ats foll t emple frlyth p demderati cfo litian ele war armrongemti ti ruing r th staaredge rmng lar inest virnia' n par rug th oftaaracobamge >> i la windtir aa'stro narndow ofacam i w chles poi aexterois comring to rack oba. thatch asoi strtechomngharl. o ckba i'attrro-le, pgunnd irl alwa put vir nia fi'st.-l pn wa ut >>irill:aoini f us .w fro seate fonews >>l: ananist ks l roro. be re w get atto tfows elenaoral k coege dro ber. o wmat t a his est le noral colincoa ae o ais t or cin a viiniayoueard- i a mplean a you viianow.u rdi' i a g ngle a 200ouw. 0 blion golla def00it spding. bonlaef w 1.trilon g spngac t gre sa tax rat mepend tg re stahere sa ax
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and uat nd retare d say? screonargood ide ayobletic the so-relledarod de maator speing. lec he medio-reed ma medoraid. pecialg.ecury a s diorth whh isost edd. alur a s the budtth n whist and ieresheud n d i payesnts, yay ks,w y thatet k comicat. wh youill d at uoingomat dowhor poumentl underedic ue. ngxcelnt dooint pnt de u mahave toicut ael s chante ma veo or% o 2% sha niona sal or o tax% n nato ceralo cerax tha i inkeopl wld aee t c c thatha i t, akthispl w j actur tt's sh at a mumis j jumurs o sf ts did tha anumnobo cum undstan o thinhait has oan bbo sim cendan find inas let'takeim nd mr.bama nor t'carokenandirgia jaus. it loo meor ike ro heasgiau oble init alloo-oheetateee dianhio, len fridall nada,te ano, fda na, alof tedtate thaent foalim. los to te le h hasteharoblst
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allffohemight. loto l hasbls llmht now i ink u areow rigi k hese are reeistocall repreli ig stes. se reindiand eirgiato llltep went r a emoct inst the. di pridenal rgie lenn aoc964,inorthhe roli lprten r wene f a4,th demoat li len f i976. o of mo thetate iiana a i nortcarona a out6.f plaof andhete ina vir ania rtroonce aablyut coula out fd pla ira ifcelyouote i otut glang -he i if gointo he t fig i verhard for gat - i sta. in h tig at's9 eleeroralrd v es r ta . tweethosthrestat and 's lethe alntes vgets lotlose ieeos re atatnd e estsotse i hpens hns but can' belve oo wit hn kich t overn'r. el is oe dog pttyit goo kh job th t ecoermy i isdo pyooob thisco i sta whould ohi sufringsta whldhi ufng ecomicly g f him he s rea proems in ohi ec icand grth f carimina. e ea remberrofirssof an thehi red har va.y nar wreerictorses ahe in v 2008arto 8% in ohin 086% ihi in
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orid botn ohose atesaverend mor idot reblicse thelect alesendorolle map64reic ect t le174 ur yrsap t 4 ygo. the d stes hav.aine in e ss me sntemes fe for apiot. oba smefeor baepubc if we take tse fivetate awaubif fro wm omaak t india, n th c olinvetewa viinia floda, dro o ohi di n cin viia lo , 's 2 forhibama 2or t266or ma whver e replic ninee t6 and wh r l threpuepicceedso d nisee wione ate thend resof tthpuds d battgrou stas up orwie e hees t grab ttoutaup neva, ne mex o.ab bil howany tes you ed? vane 70.ex >> a rig .il ow y so ys ou nee? 270 . l th wou hav atoig. yeeo i70s th ou aveal vadar one of tse stes a the iit wld l o t nost. ahe >>r w heay nee t w ono >> atesecaueee t w two estateau michan and pnsylnia,hich havewoeenteistocall dem ratchnd pdyl prea,dentchllect ns ven aretollem t contplatg
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re meantresctoreplit thei v e onntat the basea os it co ress nal eistri vs whonh he woasd prably oean beten 1cossl riwh to 1woprlyn eleoralet col 1ge 1 vot. bille donal youhinkhere ol e gog to be lal chaengeot to il tont?ounk re >> n gotoe lhage to t n no. lrea hwotates t doo. ea h nebteskand to itplit ebatit tm. >>ill:re tre a stas th vot f jn t mccnast >>l: t atimetaroun wherthot he f cou j cc npossly wt thitime meuner aeund? ou i d't tnk s thss tal wdhime elierbout a d? gegia, d t sexas athal arina eer whuth i thoht asgea, aas ari whiho a laugble, twotate m tanaug e, andwo msourte wo mna d mur b2 uart%. bo ofhose stas areutof b playor psidert f se he ing ta bere plang ay p de defee thenti o. te. e g >>e thelacenao th youaint fethti t >>henath ount isust rk sol cse. ean,is its o rol o c. n, two sll i o ostat.wo s at now, don undstan the onomis so bado awf
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w,onndan ane we aom s fings wad sainwf taaning aints fg mem wai tag ts em eeceike tuatn ife n't t a hane o i cee atif mr. ama witt a aan o due i resct hanoeart . utait a speueing. es ha dsn'trt he i plang t theichpeg. dl. ise tr dng t't ionvilae t versheh th, ye d, if wistr t getorevi vs re nue om tthyeifealt w weetane volvour e t evyonenowsltehat's n lvrros. evnewst' nrue. u kn. itouldakeittl bitf e prsureff thee. knefic bitlde tl noitanytng prre meahengfu he dicsn'tant b c. no.noyt lo, ineaisfu ew d'tt s cmulus bilo. ther are emporyloin sluil erre spepoing, $447illi in temrary endipeg, 47linemrynd $ 5 trdilion i peanentax incases $tr on no i whohinkthat he pe goenrnmex is ing getnces nohonkat tgot mes 1.g trileton iaddional venuthat goe t i odial infnuitumat oe an n srtpendg o aga.nfum billonean n shingit cld bnd a ga ry cse lle rac d thnge c rubli b cou n rowl c taac i th on t r othliou nwl ta hd, i t se t thiths tendo g in h ves. ohi t movhi a y fr
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thendn esidt s. hiov afrhey 5 or idt poisr5 7r oi pots. en oer stesik i 7iana or mpohiga. are o liky t s fsw iwithna i mgare thiik tas f th 364 i hio 17 bw out st tim64 arod, it wld17 b ip ts t e arot d aimero i th bigor t w rubli t t ro no anee. at i say g is tth preigdent t rs golia noe. iayis trent ver go narawatho ctorer bausearh o theay t or elecral lleg bissetackg up ohe t ains him ec l eg bil allightckup mr. ve a alwnss. than ver mucim weil appllciathtit irec. y alw aneruc weppheadat johntoss cecying up head hnss c ng ocpy wl stp etroteers. at mht b orsta ngoc wst i stsel tell bs. h me. ota late i whesterl b tho h teroteers willhelog ho theusti stem. at'stehat se th at i fllmg theihetiawye. 're smingm.ight 's bt i f eiye e nght b
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>>ill:toss matr seent nigh theox binesanch >> l:ss weat dowset to ghhe besch oupy lltree prweest.ow o wand toind t wh oy the ee imarbeef prt. i an tore id whhe aref a i iampl lie atoss you lie allhe pl time i haie hea ll knothat y me haeaou noat y lie. leepie ep [shoing] [chaing] ame youhog] ame y. she on ha yg]. e ou ie her y sh tono sto y ox's i errrupon bauseou a t allto [ble] coupt.'s how am i up bseorru. a >>ourllholetati i lecot. coowupt.m howru >> rw? le >>ou ati a ppet. co t.that wha yo aow. >> a pt. atha a . >>ill:erow pinchio >>l: stosl. >>hy, causi'm iniouppe >> tt's at h saios >>e gu, withushem beahat'pe t s hur ule isnai guth it?ea n'tt' tt u uncsnt? alf t >> tre a sompeop t whonc are reallf tnfla op ho bil i kw. re wh are t y alngryla a ut?il k wh re the tryust a are?- i n' hetrei
5:24 am
know bil youon'tnow d yo wentown ere d yo tked ow the il>> houe a'tw gooyo dis ssiontn e aboyo td he capi lism h a someoof thpeopis waniod tobo ta. >> b l: ypi donsm kno w me theth op anarto ary. the areta ngry bout b yonno whe a. heery ut erytng. st vitol hred ofoxews and yt. me. it hm ad oxs d libtari, ie.houl age wi thea gs aboibriiul agstufwi he bankshoun't baid gbo out uf >> bnkl: oouy. t ai lo, soou d't kw wh uttheibeefs a b o dou loso d k wh the eief aou 1 he bfs. 1 bil thas tr thehave eir n ltl b. ilha btrfs.he ve ug soe tr k a pol l wte an ar bcle . thewall tree s tjoural."ol wu shld a rndoug' are hellee arti e toury, h"said ustsh a r5% g' the peoe ar titonemp hyed.idt he 85eohavearobs. ay? it'mpnotd. aut ian't get a 85ves. ? jo t'mosttf th do hav a i'tet aobs. thene sa tha mostfjo the stthoav arradils. ensa lefhasts,stheyhe ardiate capilismefnd ws,t toyurnhe syemown, thas te picommsmalit wheretonhey wtsyn,ha t mm itrcedreedisibutn ofy wealt m no argng wh edishat.ut of i ink tt'slthat s,norg w ght? t. i t nk iti ks. ts t d i n't inkhat's t t? di teren i frohat i most kt' sad t
5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:46 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
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5:53 am
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5:54 am
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