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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 19, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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bil hern ca gs mmer oveod ilerca-9-9 g tax er ve propal. wiltake looat t-9ax stre th ndop. ilke wookness ofhe t tax an. >> e rybo shored ghte wesof x up.. ebo ho d bil als dentes mler has sop. thohts out st il nlsht'sen m rdeba and tas occy wa so sthoets t fks. n 's i wbaldnd t pbablhavecc beewa st onof tho f. kid i w pblveee onho id >> bl: ctionyou e abt tonterhe nspinone,he fa or bins ight b c nowon.u ab toer nine, faptio b bys ht clowed ctiong seices ioy cl consees >>ill:i, i il oeill thks f >>l: iatchg uonig. o whll xactth h fpenein tch u repuicebatig thwh is e suctect hne t of thi enin s tapuing intsat mtho.s sut therf whie in ttaeeg ts cenal tmes m stight ern la w t veg.en t snumb one mhttla romy aeg ickmb peney do mt li eacomy o aer. numbk pedoli tac, alhe o rep.lic mb caidat donike talermaepc caincaatone-9-9 taxmalan. nu erin thr -9dersax opern. st ctrolnut aeyhr ment rs eer date. c ol at's ke tm o mt by o.
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you dy ree.mberhat gs erno tr o ck pyry lt osome sport u en hreeroldtmerins h gno p l posea bomeerence srt wit h dmexi ari h huppos seboayincegit i xi a st he coegeuitipo forin lega ilien stco eti mrperrknowor tha ht h. ga soast ght en trio mrrrurnowha h h thinso arot d byt gngri aft nttomneon the inroby ill galft imgran issunehell itt,imansu you los af yout,ouos a stdingrom ersptive beouuse u hed stngm ispegalven bee yo hom h andou kw abo i ial for yo aomearnd a k thedebo t it you r strd he befe usnd ahe tk t ou abouthatoure song sthe onefus t im grat n isouat sg onnts imaceatishe hyn ofe hyfypocsy. lauger ] oc>> g.ernor ug romy? ric i d't tnk i ] he ger hnoed anllegom ic dn m t iife h and h'mneg aaid 'm lking me fo ardd t fding you fac and i w l te youfo whad the f fangs aou. ac>> ricn . a winteouha riche fa a >> our ic newaperthe a nepape ic >> i >>r sakinewere y nepe iet 3 sin secds ts i y thwayhe rulork her 3ec ts i
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t 60thecony. ul >>o bu theker arica peoe wa the tru .60 on >> a>>ricabu peohee a gcaeo waheru >> acaeo gndern. >> borehing gotohater b epoinngot tandeon cperhe modator in ouldave eppein de crndod or allod omnelde tope loneo ansr whout inrrupon. the haso beentr ns auorit worutoise inup w.s. henot aske abeabletr ns pgramauit se wher setim you wave t et ale n thgues pam er fly sim oue peyccusomne o thesly pe us hycrisne coop shod ha prode mney hyis omen ophoharo toespo eythou cha.en t whpo rney ouhainal didespo wh sai ryhis.alidpo ais. >> tou coue of debes f ck. undetand>> ttououof a so ure eb go fg to get.- y de and goi t ao to gotto tty. et y>> aoi oed i theoewsper sin tyou .e pen to o ihemnessp s u hat'n numbone numb two wes hed lnt' mb mpanto m our mb lwon. w theyad h illal l immrantthat an m urre wking lhere ey whs th witlla pntedut tmmnt at we w letnghem andree whent thit ped t them andeetm nd sai
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t ou >>ou he pro em wemhndai allo ng seoneo finh >> h ro sp wking i suest at iyou wan lo sneoin be me psidesp of nge un ed su stt es y i havugot an let bot peop spebe so, pdef irstun st yav lett eetot opspeape o, bilst thell rht. e faets ar the. ter arniea tha is lilnhe r. mowifa comarnyhe.n r ni mhasachetts l was wiom ung illal lor m chts go rnor omnes td the ull not l t do tt.goor ne not t the he iotegal t th t agrd s et k tt the h on. ial thgr s ken the lawn comny hire illal ao taw aga. msogom r ne firrell a tm. egaholehing laye o ove r ir a t eleng yeaye o ve the osto glob broa the sty.ea now, oue toob canrohe dideheth thest issuhas w,nyan dethhe revan . su nesp inhe brel, her rnan ne cainwho sin pnded b ol,rer is ino ped 9-9- otax pposa >>oo ne hpshi whe th don 9- havx any psa ales>>neax hhi he an th yonav fixny t ge tesm o. antheyre n y intesteix tn g t o ey n 9-9.nt te at ty arnintestedn is flter d fai9. t >>arfteedise ge coness aflr ai 9% >> sale t, ho gongons wil a itake% lib al le tho psideg and il libel cotresseo runha ibp pdend
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maybecoss 90%un o kno? >>heact ay t matr0% is, an, port areno ow>> outt tat tha s, 84of arica ould, rt pre morut taxeundeha h 84 p ld the prsor par a ut xede h t is p e ar gresve. a t ofeopl tha t an't iaying anaxes a es lik. ofpl thaha a ti dot thk thin we shoand es aen tngs ik byaisiha do tthes.theho so, ts s ay regsissiv t. tax, a veeg, veivangeus. wilaxthe peoe of veve nada not ge. is aveileeoofay nada s nesa taxot aninise addionay na s theax% sesan x. >>ddhen wld.he >>ill: she fs cant d>>tate w . at t stas harg>>l: i f ses an d tateso t twoave be ttaddedrg s totather t wo for ample herein n yor edcityhe cbine sal ta wod betoer r pl nerrly nor ty 18% al ev mortaon gwobe and oth ny8% fue ev or g fnd lth iome fol tyue woul f l oect i pe a ltleol t bit moul befe it wa o ct p leit t mosocieft secityayrowa tax c wh t ci ec axinould kck whatut comp.telylong ithld k thet.5% medire mplyng taxh soheow%ncom fks ould pdiax soom f ldabou p1.3%ore theeds th 9
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oundiv3%uale he ftaxs was th 9 pass int lawivlecau tha f tuld asn eve body ssntaw ausoha a d 9%ales tvedy wldur ingsike ae%astoodes t windury gse elothg,td du nonsentl itemth mae, mbeheloweon intoml ta rate em w ldma m migatthatut inwe i wea tate wcono matat in 9ea-9 wld aamblno weve 9 her wn cas a veerca a it n.obs t lan. itseven neusal. is ds nn. rai it taxenn the theure. m ding neaieast ax all tho thth areimpl n mg st l ho re truepl nthe asonhat pn -- the ason hat ruelan ise on bt ng p at--ckedoheuc ont nssecau b atedau loyist accntan litians,hey n't nt t throlooutstheccanurre tax cod ti s,y ant put tn s ethirotrehataxsod ansimpt and fai shi ey wto ctinutot b abl mp nd maiipule w cnuhe bmerin bl peop wit mule a0-miion-llarri oprditess.min- ar unrtunely,one my diinguhed s.lleaes w ununy, e vettac md mp erdigud toneaht w undetandhe p mon
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dend p bil talng pnts dersnds andantsheax co ilal ps rss evisnd.ts t 9-9coan bis irove upo 's a 9oo srt b hover. i ve for e rord,po cn a wouls s ock hotr. r mos t rd, coueducons leing k oyos t critaeucs leg o coribu cons.ta e 18%eder wod al be 18erep baseain ang wo al witheaxesn bze bn t aacco th esgunsphonserve and bther t stcof. aslway you an nsecidonrv tnder st rthiss oashermayouain'sid t an. no theebat ltight hi w ormn' the . ivelnostheatet lt aht goo w eeloo tng. d rern tth fy. t .goveor t k areold t fsh ap foach be iveeres tng tasee d the f lks spon to iap icha i es t poe tiveher nativay. the s llson i i shod pvidepove nindiivtionater.his e eek.sho mittomne pde aint neddioners hisk. st us a the tty tone bt. nt dtaki theis hea stnd ae to disng b ki bahe. hermeaain ltis se baomen m. rm thatn to l s eecte rmanain ens o ireato for e tte an n week o nobye cld mntaior t ek ob th. c thothe mai candate a long
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ots th tth thhe pmari clongante a inon in oer t comps e in the ppresrientilo are the in ndid oes n td bmpinig mon . es tiatrelowshe oy tohose who id n are bon rceid towsave ogoodhance ose toin thore nomatio eimoneto note ack odnc to t spit, wilom io narr dow theneotk pionte. il at'she rrowhe mem jusa fte m.ents 's dk rrisem wi us ana fze wt ha menedtsastnigh d and ateriswi denais m wler hha somedthougsgh nd weler the ctordeill mr r hhtom bk.ugs el e orl r b llowhe wgs. ow w. the ploy of e moh ss.. he n spa car om citalne. spa mile givoy mef thmomost ewar..
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npaar cal. pail anyiv esmalthbusistss cardit rd. e spk ca eas do le mes..nyalsi ct . spca so wearealdo uour me. witspar the wossal earnhadoub u milr . itarn evhey shaseeverrnday.ubil tt's ttinthe r pret higevseery. ningy owtbusis ss ine s ne r beet morigrewaing. ngowsi comneg thbeugh!orwag. malennouer ] troding ark the all sine creomt caths h! fr capal o .leou ] get odre bg chookng un mitee doubl milnereca fr orap% ca o bac on e ry p chast eve b dayoo unteubil orcaac e p aswhatve in ayur wlet? atn wt?
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♪ ♪ [ ma annncer thesdaysevenour ash an bmaa gonn miner foresdentysy thenves.r h bgoin rntths. ♪ ♪ dot beieveourarbe shld busedgain you dobeveurrb sh bedinou [ arm ares 're felo.[ m es goo lilockom anjoinhe f ht e lo go li ckain onef thanfastint f gwingrimein arica innethst gngme a ca lifeck. lentssly otecng yr idty fe. ntly ec yidty ll 1800)ifelk toy. 1 0)elto
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>> bl: iact gmentonit, rit tohe pveyoof dk mo is.c whoas b i twet ingenni ri toring phe dyoate dast nig andmo.c ho ronghougs onwehatg ng d haeenedt ig morr joind us w fm ngugontenve haeetied h rrois forrim diyou erhink iveas gng ti h com t ts wrin ydiu wernk g tw ting om>> i tost mmen t as w t y derate es twng it n.en s >> b tl: yh, i k dw.e tweeng. i he a deo o n b y i k my ee. ha o se. o >> bl: ocour youave y vide of crse u do now, sho w bhe our debouee l t de ce do nigh >>w, web l r perrlost ry. decivel rrnobost lik airtyecel boightik. a d wtyn per me hi crgeht d wn er abt the mhi illal ce iigra s,ab heeryby gasd an sllt of he t iirra bathecau yb tyasan s ofall ew iwas iheigra ton tt bhau ro tey ud o l is takperr ira t d u anakhen,rrirst wn domne sa i nev hirann, anst w iegalne insa myevifir an a lghed we iallln my oughanther has got lo bede re, ll uore. gh erthenashen wen throtgh t b expl atio, that uou jt e. summ ized t waenn cenarhr t thahe wa at j itas c ar t t hemmidedwa g cat.
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ha mea howany fwane it c t uhe g. adveeaentloware yring ntraor a u theerso ces in t fixvetle ourng plbingnd y ra a hen'tso k cw --ou d 't tskixr forplng y thr bih certfica. k-- buthen d wn per havorg th heabierca bu en at elana wonerav coinueon ea th offse, loo edna le riardcoue ixonth ffhe l, ked keoo a l rid dtyon low ld blo a d ow filoter. anwhennop ohat he star talfing or.r anen overydy, t edon'thinthisas a lagu onar al o bo you hous. thinry, r ney n'inonis a andgu perboouou in r yst. nd >> thas te, . the >>erryl:y. is ha s gointo bin b tigheroub.ry s havthe g erno oin bext bub ave g notues oy, wch iat rllyood dato he hin. is esing wo i com on for ryd da the hhi rst me. s g do u knom whani thork abouhe t . o kn phary?th >> ill: o ahoud. >> wasalki toomeby th p? her >>y al:utah >>askiousicns, ckebth starr a ey sd there ticse, hat do b t in ar con rts sdnd thohe to doest t the bin stuo.onsho conct do pert rmerheeeds thetu crd's nergnc wreaserer tdshe stio pso doe't nd crst.rg w asey jt do t poe nd anyouere ooki j tdoret mney ho i aanu stuoeki t
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peorme he dsn't eed ey i cro enetuy d peme p dry't whod jrotne cometel out sor in t pho jomel t ortudin t d. >> bl: mht gto eerieedi thgh. has evereen the b m g e ie naonaltage bore. butth'm to asern heiveoverr naal pegey a bt oe. tim text go tuday.e er r wilgo o r a lpea of oimt tuy. il oa l gundf and itillentertinghat he ho gd dt sayl eer hengan ctn th , he s hext u i sd inheay barhel. c th heey a alltyou kw, w ut t s in brg hi dow aar c ple allu k wt peg t brhow hi youowhinke a d? c e >>thouteg w ounk tt his d efen of>> ou his pn was s tewhais ienpt.f thin ks tha pit's a mucasette sha i. plin thaheaveha i's cretucteor. >>plill:haid iakee inyre stak.? su>>arizl:g hi ielan? i thk i laiitut takre su iz hietty cn?arly th>> yi t but t m ty cly jus tak y d a sbt t m itysel usif yak are a mak sg 50 el to ,000 y areak50 ye. whh ishe medn inmeno 00 thisount payye nwhverais oedin 6% o you isntncomaye inra o ooueder inmeomax.n 6.2n soalerecur . 9 edic e.2so u adthaturll u it
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omesic t a lile veradat5%. ut thates goi to cut t tlir 9%.. en otop t tatoi youo wilut t ha 9%. s es op t tax ou ile qutions ho muc haf 9 t st ax do u p qund hon muchouc doef thcompy t o eat p hcainucays eyoe wl ea itthmp y caustheyon'taveoatay in s th w heat eloye usey'teharef th hhe soal s eurityereax. and e cpora tax wl beso sit. d c lera. ax whersaye the wl le prsfite.he >> will:ard belve tt pres wld ceownnd p te ceain dust>>es wl:ld bd el t pr wpact c rign awa cei don t wast to w g b ctignto conjwature n dowa thio g wou the gopoy a njre l?hi w foouhe pooo peoep theatt a aittl l bit fo meooeoeheracot an becae th onltl payit% mo 3co ofcathnl thrayncom 3ax. >> bl: tofy wod paath ltleom bit re. forhat .eed s b t whawo pa ais h doi le t . ort ithd s hisha lm hoi baelmehisones chma 's cticiba wasmees dicuus. ah, ere ma a c chacie weas hav a 90 cu inc.e ta , e hawe tav. theris ahancwe he a 90ncta au% coorat ttax, er anc h too >>ill:hener i sayaucondat ox, moo p ns.>> l:ne >> iepubcayarty o exis it wil p .op >>ubc thaty xi
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>> btl: wneveili sato t auencehe w t haneha medi bre wve andsaocia tl suritis au ce w t aanuch malldindiaatio slit ses x th'shesigd jtllo goio s intohose thundsig j iet a gf toosse lters thatds a is a lrs c servative rig wis a bloerou crv cane heig wi natial ses t beclose an hngre won beble t co rolti i s t thec's wt th eliere.on e eat's thy bhmancol i usehat th wth lineecauie tha i s's the lin ban se tht the lway sneauha ihein use tay wthhe dot waytt. >>se tut w hedo i wact of hing itf a h g 9%ersol ince tax >> bl: i ot i hug9%soncpsid >> isax b i i>> bl: enomyight ablutexplore upwe.dhich b wo ed hemyht erybo . ab thte's wt calo ispw banchng wohe o e bo butherthis wlsocasan a cnce on a buer ressioothatt wld a ce bly a mage lot freioat w iustrs so b yojust d 'tgeotnow. i ittr aso r l o theyost d dicw. it la r ohe wd. rembeic w nlaeaga w an? emhisampan wasga 110-1? span e 10% 1-1 ear,100 t cs a
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t thtop ratr, tro c a 70%own thp at 28% and tcono elode0%n for yea of8%nd t pnospery. e thde's wt wod hpen f r eaf per th w 9-wo9 we h tnappe >> b l: sethi9- alowe tho lis, cn is corpectomet ng b al sg thhieloho linas tli c hapnsor d et ope alth ck, anks teryapn e duch. >> an i, ksyickightithh. >> i youk ht h bil wha >> cou p k il oneha mall cight withou. p >>neill:0 sends.ll ht mon won th mter. wh is ing . atte>>isl: theses. onon m r. bateand whx nes g covage.te he thmonewill folw ted ne tha >> bovl: ie.isag e. th i neink llneyolws gng tatteha sou car bina id fagrida i k gy te. g t bute you kw, morousara fda a i t buou kwaysisageore ha bn a feing ith m for yea w hysagha b nneri ha fe wong m lookort theea w replicebat fr the eremochaticideairon okdthepc balatced. fr he thenocennicmiller as se thalghtsd.bouthatent on enastnill nighandt shod se thtsut t tterening. t 's uahea gh dho reg. uea i wa to cus innatio wao s t mynnata io douing. myerve areaxedut. mya oug.myvereed.
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i nd tohinkbout somhinglse en iun. nto nk ut malannomcer ng e iwit.effient t. sutio frodell alnor tfit sio doro canllhiftp to0% o his mpans tenolo spe doanftto o s antelope froopering sts o invati. ro erso hg cosanyuns tterin ti and doedoug hconys er d oeug dell the wer doore ll e r ore
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[ ma annncer theold aislcan ovehelmg. [ ughssnifes ] peci ly w n yomare snnk.erhed sln ve lmow, th n [ hssimifer p ]kagi ci wyo s bituin® mak it mple , n to t thmrigh preligi forour mpto. tu®akt le o newthimplgh pacliging orsamr effetoive lief ewplacng mfee ef obitsin®. eliemadeimpl itn. iedepl
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>> bl: ctinug nowith ad sry, alyzg th repuic date. inin us fm wa ingt b cillnunoth s , yz buthon fpumer ditee.ouse pre in fwagt l secrary r prident bamabu f r rreney woseingre a priities cr y pr enwogri ie so orri sayu. tha rney ws e desotendriayha r youy w de say i wld hd iou t rick pey, auallay i th k w him h i swingittl tic b pe all th eney, simwing lit seng bittl b fig and neandi sng aiteit cple of ignd puhes.di a dids we as h cef h donin any opus. tse idwes hebat. h ons y aacks see od k tdfmall at ankl akstee kas fll toee wt kl ppenwhenouetnder fitto w roey's s nenenert and oo arorod he's s can'take it. at me it fun tndrohe atchn'.ket. >> b ml: witt dounou mn he n't tke it? ch yodon' thi h b wdo m ahewere t t? apprriaty. >>yohe tn'ng thit surise hme a thremostbout prat romy's>>espo te tsu se was ookithstut tomspo aerso coopas to ep iki a hp hi a so t. i ve gop to o ll y i i he a hrkedhior t predentnd y ha gi g po in y h in ed trenthere y hander gn p coer in't i the helng reu ou wtheer res areco i
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ii tnkhe romely wasou w rre tuncoortae. om >> bl: nas it. m trng t put mysf i cota b ro ney. y hea mytr t ut yscrit iism o croper.f er y ieay we itmherehere wldn' oave c r be t it. w ifou lge a re presona wn' attk e ag nst be candate t hatif l a caidat pis gnang ttt agt getantet uninrrupd ti caat g teto inuptiarn. he shodav spped inout hn. he ho ddn'tecau he s s enjedinn h thfood fht. thi 'taufe nj andson oopethod h f. do agahierobayndnpeould h have teppo ga ieithba mo ld thor y. ve >> don knopp i th ight meho or nter>>tingon-no th t >> mill:ehat d yowant ng pey is fibus ring>>l:t yo hnt. is h g ngeyo oopearepeisou f usng gog tonfor h the rulis or g not? o peuean'teallansw witgotoorheulr any t? u di'tity ll anyswlariit as u knny bl. di yoy re anyris cmunition xperkn if sebodis bn ouryo a fac cnioner sica y no slettodgou gr acout thexplation cano tt , i n't ow, g lketo t he meike rnelaon was i t doi, lhe thg thmee pro rrhingoingasoi sten andsoththre drongngou gog to ge me m enime nd n d? >> ihinkhen u gotore gunnime r pre idenof t uni nd iatesnkhaven ou g to ow a lile mnie gum en tifni esve go it a li doe m'tumn.
8:22 pm
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8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
bagan uame andook hat ou if did in histhooightnears by an e nd loringkhet tax inohtrs hisyrica datalosngn forfax thao >> ion'tiscanow. tadon'know fhat wouf hav had hae def it i pro'temhat w. ge ge wn' busowt oueftav d ef for roesidtt bama ge w haushe ntor had idma ha n his.4ad trilon-dlar x cis il-dr or c ch. >>ill:upplsides. t de tt's e . old >>l:plde tepubc, ts e decrat date. finaldqueson f you >>ub de okaat de. >> b l: inayou esd to f betou tod it's gng t bkapresent b iu toetod 's g t oba best vs >> ihinkt'robayba gng toe mi romvsy. iink mea bba en g hougi dotot mi thk heasom gat i the deaate b la n eht. ughe hdo the thhe g s iongee de inlaastr nture. he h h gothehe mor sgeoher tintr re ca aign h ot he h gotorhe mor--e ha erbeenore s ad outcagn t re o hot oreha enerail s ut i ok fward to t ot fig. i thit'soingo beil a i frd t gtdig ihisngbe ntra. g ra bil. absutel than, bi. thks f comg in we ilbsppreelate ple yanbi th mor fom in co mn irenewse ek"leyagaze or sa coany i t wal strtws" cupis haaz jussa regary tlksaliketrou ae. pi ha
8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
cts are y moh, cstipion, co sefse mo c ipand n,digeion. whyait as yourd octogetodan... . abt tahyng ct e th vicar asurtoda abta c var 3q >> bl: psonastorsegmt toght. fershis ke i b pna orgm paphrang t ccupwalltot. strsets i proster loopara t lupll ke tst res of u is tharoeroo l true new trk mesazinf ushasks pr esteue a s ies fw min qutions 84% pr nte ss knohat tquon d d% frk ac nno it t d% doot frac i k w whdo theec kwh curies ehang comssio he is 9 do n kw w trihe eng tomio in me t 9 rateo n i k w t % say theoverinent tpendat the st on i theility b that notayheertnd tru e o healhe carand itnsioy b take atst ootouraxoneyru al ard joioing nowak orrom eye ewsw k"jo newg oom owren new rkity mm haelaily who sw wre thewcolum for ttew y m el lymagane.ho u we kinwrthlufor t symthet t ga. we in thoccufymeteopl corrt? >> wel ithcumpl ympa
8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
ds y wonr hn,or are thing os w ing beore o y cldreonr hreng yo wondg iehis o gng toe cre e amica at eyo kndw inds g t ama k lo. anyou n't enybo whos yingkay,illake oulo anu t boere.ho haveot se ng ansy,rs. l e he g se se.cifi hingve s ns .m gog to h go. s e >> sill:fiay tt innghe dates whher ey cgoto do thaor n is noth>>l: tin d stoes. wh her is ce pntoha'm t ning to isth make tothe a pa y prohestss p got tgo haered y ke he e mpaiarosenerlyot speahang.ed st hmere miean,ou kwer hat. ea. th are hre r ist. n, k>> ocour ty didt. they are lou r win our t opleid what o yo a wout? rin >>ill:ight lelous righ wingatyoeopl w horrle, ful. >> l:e ochtpy eoplusghng o youpl kw, theyrrre, jl.t le youocndpl ooue. k an hereey the j le difrencou and y anrehe crecte ifif amnc d y wron the a cctif parm peoe wa on e ar teowa rk whinheyste th wanpolicianto sp wsknpendg, bng dten tthanlian s x bden. gi pownd b d t bk to the x bn. giow loliti. th's wt th b wantohe e ocpy pple yloti a larth w thwantano bw t oc pe aar nt bwyste tp ty
8:32 pm
don'ikte citalm. >> thai d t't agr n' c walh. >>ha >> bl: d dn't u regr theew yorkagaz we? ace b dt rehe pce here trky too taz e suey? pdn'toure s t dougoochoe ts posu 30%?f th 't occ siersouill oe usiolee t po get0%hath theccrs l want comen, thales t theet dhea. nt me >>haf yo gohe dn dhere tre is cor ofeop t>>tyoo wou dre t isor o op fi tthatou dcripon. ere --he eoplthatfiat stted ehing d ipthe .inghat e - sinplathen has std ng e gt grn. aninwhat intestin aut ias gr anat tntt itti as i n an tit ticution n it'sn e aressn. it gro wit peoe w sre cuon at'sn ess it eo w s o. i n't e it teenk t.y ar l i t itn -- tost tarhem all to--t tm a ai-catali tng. >> t i tel y w a doncali you coown t. w h el y m w on>> ii coue dow withco yn w day, y mnow, one o f i ce uowth wld y da yergenscaw,e anneit o woun't u be we, kay?geca an >>ouou at big uyomey?n. >> a >>igill:e se joh sssel edownntert, a lirtarn an th>> werl:se scrohmingt him sel and wner a culiing aran h .thercrngtim
8:33 pm
thesndarenatioleopl cu dog the. h thai thk i ft uteseniopl do hewron hath i >> fill:that'whathey' doin i'm t goong do the. >> l:me ot'thematy' are in m godoowar. he i n't nt t get ovolvem withhatre ttoesn getsar i t tt lv th tywhe. al ttsnetight >> vy difculto me he al gehtralition abou vhem.iflt bil but mou d in you geli on oupiec m. you ere ilut d snpathic tou t m. ec you geeraled. s whathi t sai i t iyos d gficual. ha mak aai i geralatio i d bilcu butou d. >>ako. a i saither is g saleio k ckle ilut d ads.>> saidihereaisers se s legimat kle s.peop. id three iss momt on segat mill nair s maoph wh the th iswasomon a ste worng ll worirng omawhhe s thawnite aoror o diellths. ni >> bl: h aes you dll ge ralition hat baps h the ece. ou ger n't tgeliont s he o y pe.tion r t roug tthetree on mhell and perom o p ppleoninal uge ee ning meth mg inll res nsd tom pe injualice at's geng alizthgines andoympa etic ju e now,'s wando aenizg you bout d hepaan cicn. w,>> ian a iou spathicut a he c ge iralitionf thfeel igs th theshar sthut not a ge geliralionng athut tel nat e of th hee paaricul indidua ot ere. geli a tatof paulnd ua >>ill: lle. rht.
8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
ilrtonaide w ltha ght. b o in ond w the l t. hl --ow cinseo he ai time ccellion foreou h-- cll tt umbe ai whim a clln re t gens. be >> ill:urtowhis amartuy counicionsuy. en he titl to is>>l:to o anionrt mill, co ic ns>> i.he a e tloiz b oly, on hop i llco can ep i a b, opp. i >> bl: a rig .n u sd oba b. aig >> yea s >>ill:on t plai>>that >> weacan' do >>l: teb thi12 me aiat w n' time do we'rshoong iid thi m tt rogme 'roo i say t doe tno gooor ickogerry toitay ereoend cloo mitkry to mneyn e c gitdner for g's eyn ke. theay, gck, er youor a g watcng, t meo . he, , ou t a yrast tc ga, e anmeaysf t mt yrtasn' ga an hirisllegs woun'tfhat m haveeen hrtlen'n his rieg pt?ou t tyou ve g to t it vetraint hleis re. prmani lo you butu go it tai -9-9. anloouut ing tt the hk. noyou ve g-9 t ingrt g th hlaugr an aulnou g tyannd oundg th d ailsugan l you cn't standalki boutth d ls appl and yo oraes ctaki gorut for pl nd god'raake.
8:39 pm
say u wa to ort r ofor the ir andd' groe. tre wey canwato ravef erybohe pirnd g t wean thee eboike ne pring ntisth ine hmandar nithprg tiseeir in hall handnd breing ahenna tnd llspitdngre tgaccon a enahther it get their ts i tco e hpinger ob a. t he>> b tl: t it's intesti hng th ob a blysi ts nt mtiler. >>t suld e lik asiurvir. m r.ever weekrom >>re sd o in thoikvi guer shoekd vm e on of ohosenho gu off hav go tguho whi vleon tsfse dogu. ff >> bl: i agrav.go it'shioingo be t har t see2do mo b igr deb es.'sngbear tee mo ebw, t.ccup peoe,ou tupeo hearme a m dalick tt arnd. stil barieve a malost k the ar. mea il bve i st pathic t me theand i hoile theea pty a you sth t y? >>ell,he lisdn, i wishohe he p aou the >> l,present uld isve b inis ashe est d b s encoaginto tseids nnindownhe seets of coin t shranwo yrsgo as i inwn stsf wian the y csowns n wa stet. wimeanhei ha got c an kidwa dreed ups stumby. wh anhaotitleidre mustuphe tsking abyut whele
8:40 pm
stem ic lstuida tonng o a gen bs andbama isem lda o g bwingnd oma s thmber i ha gotnoth kid bng o dod ng th buetser haotthidodalki busboutki dth tout do ahmanejanot ll ohat thad bausee mht uet majat o tht appcartth b sehim d m u bton don' knoohio uld th to hepp endrtf th m b n worln' botnoof tiom wod d oteco me. i wndld sth t pside has rl goothis two porits ecskew. w s t pdeas gos he. pit >> bl: aew rig. les lien to m oba h on b the aig leli t ocpy wl stet dl. m ban go.he oc w st>> wt i dve sd sgo ishat i wundei tandhe sdst irusttion tha de nd eeing eress in tsestonha ng e prssestsn in s te way the areot prts t t s ay diheerenfromome re th t prot ts ttdienome wth saw comg fr e te ot t par. wu knoth theaw lomtfr and thtee rht ar i in knh he lnd th peo reeel epari ed fr the gernmt. eo thl farl tha the frhe stit gionsnmren' lookg outh frha tm.he >>ill: hat,itf consse, n'gs okou th qstio t haveou bn in ffic>>threl: t, coyear, m prethdentaren you rt othis qio ve binicre pro
8:41 pm
em?ar m couree thntenuestoun wa't ois ? t ar iouthouldstwaave. >> le i d.aid, wis onc inar ald whe.e h louldi gived, t teais nc npart orewhredi ld ivif y looat tthing d tnea rttherand u lek at theeadi rty yd yooosee t theng dxact s e erd l at hethinilly it y yoeill llhect y s inlyt hol vulnizein y tsount. >> bull: czetain difrentn t tone the g dierennt is e te part bwant c tin worifnt witn t nestem nd t othe dieoplens te rt wnttorit t -- --em tth lispln, wn t tea w par - feca on -poli cartis w n le tt thea put onear of can liar tse le thtoilut seaneoverfs t dow il ea[ lahter er bil is at wt haened ller i miowed laer i il s i ha w heaha it.ed >> i dider mi hpen. itid i haea ht.pen. i yeid itid. hn. it >>ill: hll yet . wellyou can >>l: i rgine.he b nk llu stm th wou havan i cauned bf st ththtea ourty avd de .au whe w etha ity he d ks n hehran w why dn'te geon tir k se? that all'm an sy ing.'tge t s >>ill: don k w. atll ian't- ian't rea >>l: on knd. il rit.'ti't ea no halweens . b ri holay fonomillal anden. inact, we' bol follelebndting togeer i int,e'ebng
8:42 pm
congectic i [ lahter but assauset. >>'m gngutonics lailler t saet >> gsl bton. lauger ] b n. >>ill: ne sugte ay. [ ught ] >>l: s a [ ht >> bl: tre ia pncip. prcipa fol who b doe t't w ita pyip pr opaolho the annoe w fol inci ol atenne elentarhe nn scolnol sumrvil ciatnelear masshusescs inosto and s umsaysilhat ssseintond s colbusay ysffentve toativols arica, allen rht?iv allowcan, ialuess wk cen r ? ditch areow iss oendeor w en mebo. an she dn'tchant y pare of ode it she esn'want ny pbot fane it,'tt paf llerit ane you n'y. nt p >> sayhe lt,ks le s is er an u maied >>ay gom l l ss ams. don'knowmahat d e he isom haening the. a. n'owt hes ha shine alogi withef. he honsh y agi donit o men apheogy,onust yuion bng stud oe r g's sak ap y,o wotd ha thoht b thetu grony akat t awodemihahohe wld i theny worl tthat ami fla u kn w iheometng? u kn how rlatlaany knet? ndigknousow opleou cseo kyl
8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
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8:47 pm
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8:49 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
8:56 pm
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8:57 pm
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8:58 pm
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8:59 pm
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