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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 20, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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9sp-9thaxe ial eran w t fron' a sid 9d he sd conrvat e w ro astuds aridwronn heir he son at concsion udaron but airatiol ncon saleut tio wouurde lencom toude grouom ou is revue ntral is it s aevegreive x. nal it dan rous andst itree itan wilusnd t iseil revue. >>ickerry pns o eleae a tlanevo. >>eplakry p 9-9ea a t nll. >> hlaman, lov you -9 br aher,ut l m ell . you hn, soovthinou youon'taveobrr, l ha m a biglnalyous tigur soinou'te this ha o.ig ly t tur new hamhirehere th isn't ve a oale t and y ewam rere arthfixi to ge the onet a le >> ticknd san yrum aregisxiredo g he neothe stro per rman>>k anm leing argegainomneisd on ealtheare.roer an >>ou d't hleeg redigelityin ne whent ces oonepealtnge. >> d he dity obacar en cea. yo pla was tob basar f. ob acar yo la as a l t oas big f gernmt behi lt oig auch g asnm o macahi but r ayc ck o a aoth mes tha yr oca ut a mpai is dmitng. oa m so ter haght y ai debseit. o r teb
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it's pty 'stillnxioor p ternive. ll >>ret:arlio ceron rne. t>>nkt:l you. we c woncomeick storu t t th cen r su.t tonhtwe and w hmeek swillruake t queion om t th enfox son alltarsnd hnd l erllroeuen t u in t xnlinllrs lhow . in tinw foxns.cosronne. ick oundor tt lar. st nht'sebat wast t xncoon . on plak whend talkla of n's at migrasion ts on hlathekfed. gr n ngreionarepuican h toy imied athe. pr idenres adnanistputionans dotog animnd-rd aund tprenadstondoan-r ad tlaw. and law kerw. d awr shnon bre h tha ory.shn re>> he hha y. land h secityecrery gamenderire on capolnd hillecsy there.o.p meereeadenap sa the ainis atiollis he trng.p tde sa bheass ais conioess andtr t crt aestyor illal bsons nd imgran. cr>> t are ityunnyll busess iman t igoinnyuss on. in
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>>hey uneemo b >>y t e custsonforr ndst graing oadorr disetio in portionrag disio d isio nic rtn offershouleter dneio al relantactonclungffs ul anernot al limeledt ttolu the ant peon'sengtof pimsenc in t e unedhe stas. pe's augtst l pter ncomn nolit o un incatetathat auhs lr is nit iorizingin deptetatiat cases rath thatryi oringeporepti evy il gal o hse bee thhayi or arreed. ev il19 gl .p. h senorsee fir back re .th toint let r g.enso tir ac esidt, " are tnt conetrned o tat t id "re picie appron ted b t airec piettempp to b catericay legaizec tseem o lawfly ith cou ry. te cawheneg tapolano ys h wf i enol limo h tied. >>herereim0 miion s legaed immrant in >>remin s t ga mm conttry.n thcongssives us t t coy. reurce othngess t remerece00,0em per,0ear. rr. jefessis h intnal ic e-mls sd he
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new efsi hntl pocy nic-mnly secury tew labut there po nestringyur t theoral offfic snla tthetrg fron ealfic tine. on mailromneayse. i w l ilm s arst a ree iry i w encnter atheelon haseen ar a ee immitd inncer yonasn pitsencin if tt iyrobl pnc t irequt toe rovedromhebl oper ion. qu to >> thi r oedicerm fee ern. lik >>hi oer theypentor timeealki to actistsik gro. than heeynt offersimki theelve intoctts dftinroa gdeli toan heff thes doheve tir din gob.liohe heo >> oth seay that .shinon, c.'sayor anno oce pice sill not in, 'sor ongeno pe inlire auto iividl's imgratn stus napitange in e as a iedids wheer t reereimatst ap anans s s actuahe titiee sh aid ts re h s bee n sua ie scusons, ret? sh d >> tret:hankou hee n esidt oba arruseds,t? >>ck at: tnkhite hse ate > id ob is aernorr aft wha a titicsaidteas h ae a thinoyftha vail tax yericidundehi ilaxr de campgn jnt toughorth roli andirgia. pres ent ent entympf j tim tghth sl minglihe pnditicgi oppoesnts t t tht secoty inim coandesltooknghat pic uc
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pos thco mon graic deok t re is chi wte hou mora corrpondt ed l. senryhi wou rr.nded >> rryorte flaed b fire.ghte i rur viinia pres rente olama b ied rese t reteurviiaes js o d es t bil j endi a b tourils much a di b ouashiepubcan pla asuc a his n. hi >>ubirtin airlasirti wat s fewe peoe on>>tiirtiat heahcar weeon lesseaar aountiliton wl reet thatsss nobs antit w pla et vicat nresints mke la reblics. whaicdid ey ssi w mre gagire iic had cl ssarfa w. yo gi iichi i cl mn,falass yo hiwarfe m?ss on esda ase rf phed ? backnepubcan c rgesn das th funng f pdolic is ck ub nonly ces mpory, t thun vic f ic spresent w ly ls horou or tic us gest w l houhepeck ofore us won beg reed inhe blck f doesot ps.e wobe rdn it' b notl temesrary p wn he t'ot 91 calem cryes w in and a wan is b ng91al c ind a w rapd. ey s bw u i timo prevt thaprain
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i ish s the u h iimotio of evwhattht'sinike bng n tihhe h otior sif of tun atse b o t 0-pootd masi stafing ter you. o >> hry rd off edpo amatag inteu.stinclaiof h r hisff a teinai it cle t prite sect o jobare doi fin t le t ri publ secr j sctobeeoi lthein geumbe. blec j replica note th the l be factshowhe epcaotthhe oppite ctow.ppe 6. priteecto. job 6.ri atoob alost st timdemoats alizthey re ectedo leaim nmos izey oreo aph liti el thedter. forhe fst timheea n pres ent eoed hh wifti tthr. help ellorhe f bilimith h. shin aeslant hifo hlpel morileh h miliry v eraninan h augort, a oll li van fnd4% o ug erics ha alavorle f vi o o ic thaor pre 45 trenfavntable .45 e fitadyavle i vied favobly y fiy 70% iie unvovorayy b0% unra 2 b. 2 e saas cre of lau
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bu. sa buthis predentayre neef au extrhelpith thebu m sagebuisre nt ee>> y shod pa theobs trlp hhe an mge rht yhopahes way. r >> tt is aress t jnt sey.ion c gres tis a sshe h tiven r jarks i sen suort the c jessil a ut hen r ks i evy twdays su t visiheng a jewtate to aitch it eryevixtwys si a dayteoch eit h hadnly oneote iay th sene w re t h pkageadynee i il then w t pgeed. >> iorta toot that t. viceresint h itao loneenha t iledriti thecesi h vlenc on agnnst men t b tonht edti hee rublin na vonalnc coitteagis bt stinn his bon co entss rlina "alan-sriteandcote bin s meang tcots wen." " -s techecdwithhe vice an pr tidens ofce the wy." ho ecth ic commt. prbretenof he h bre edenry tveli mm with he pside .et re o tresd wit t pryel. t li ank y. th pde you idore f o t foo ait t p. k soli y las mon. u bue f ilatioo i a sti nder lias on contl. bunsum iti irice wertier up f ant perumntag pntnceer septber.p but ore nflaonerag p excding ptr. t foendlaxc engrgy ros jusfo.1 ofoint e styks we dnosoday us th dowof lt2.nt ste s& w 500 day gethwack l 15-2.
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s&e00asda gk5- clod 5 bind.da majo vioncelo epted 5 t bay.d. joas aio geneal sike eed ban t. anen se b grce. theygr. riod a thr golin ey bosiot ahr ginbo pice. auorits rpondith p gauit andtunrenas. rndh 10 000 ople mched agast gndnna thne100 aleteri medeasus tgao be ved on intharlient a t wil l a v o tounlit que ions o frr publan pilside aiaou ndide ri sanuerumnss o he bl pde ts in idherian cmter seae tonit. th's a itn ler. c r bu firea ni lnsndth aiger l. anbuir b lrsn teroose in an b io tsen i wodn'to th . y thchec , i uldn use th sine mis crit cd. wo'tth thec i dnsethinmicr ch, ar't y... sh. m rearchg a le. har y. tods's s cial. reche caa tal .e veure rd.od sal youcaarn l ubleveilese .on ery pchas oun lees im eessi chk is losmedi. imsi if u'reot ening doub milch...isosdi you' seting for lf.f re engubil.u'etgr .was at allyecesry?
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[ le aounc ] gethe nturcards lyes? t ca[ anc ge e urnd erdn dole mes n evy pu edo mat's in yr waet? evpu secovry for.e. haven aution 's ywa? ovor veauon @c0r),dd@c >x b d d0 e(b ll n andet yr ow incribleaw s n forndust yow the ea pay ntscrle sort of oy $395 theaays o$3 th's aamazg ofr onn tstaing ol. th aazofon e jasaw ll se yomore tag . me a all youo dojaourw syore bs fter d sa r alloudor th evebefo. fr sa
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t >> craou w a cl'tame wd imal >>hey re oed b t crye w thpson ho w f ndalead o >>hiy prop oty. b ttops rultsrethon not w fackd o but t'sop. eliepsd he rpenetsotk case t rseasi 56ieene amals an seilledimse r.si6 lols wt als in locle dsenfter loey w we tdo itayoc dndooer an keep w chi trenndnimay sideoo class weanephiancend amahree de cal hool aswece dis aicts 48eexoti nima werl olhot is antskill by 48tifficsma uerngt anll y erytng fmandgics ts u highytower fdg t sco. gher thomonasconown by awom enrcemt. theyeceid rerts ofwny anals his ropey anen hem ey eire ss rfeaseans isrompe jaianfter rse poessi illal femrms.aier >> ts ha bnposill h fe s. prlem r us for tha b yrs h.prm usor imal y. rigs aallystay i ner shld hige haened the aare styingo wor on thisightnesh hhaed ow he ae nget ior o istakehtcare o a i kere o >>overr >>er johasic is
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trng to resict ohle o exotic aniisls itr the utedo es stt es o the i ootynine ihe una uountd st fo athonke i tha h oeen nant missg sie th fo ceske wenha h n open ja sssith hna cf ten en cumbu ja o sa h h belfs of t ofhe laer cbu pretorste tha sa h el omonk.f br?la >>ret:rersha mazi nkbr >>t:tory zi >> tnk y therhaveeen trori ryscar i the p tt yay o oerve n t reprit. soarhwesairlhees p f oght adted ep mario,soes trlas f t tuday causof aadd unry ri pass tger u seere.tuy us a nr medi ssr see. rorts s he houtdi you ell gng rts se tut u hel a g you ell goi t toel aie. u oi abichras forogod is. grt." was rresicd onasords ld gr"g. ases on wh apprs no l be wh app n pra inlvinge fivraorocn tions thin broin iiv saantoo coocthou thi onmornthg,ro spelati the m sa toco miout behi p nninrnpeti atthek o m hermibe p inties tt o faraw nforment r offials y eshere dsn't ar appe toeornt l k to fis yre d't rror m anpealcool m hav lo play a re.
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untyorudgeannco m oklomaav temparil blocayd a r new ty gestatlawkl ratricng h mpiloca ewdocts u atwbortn i rucinic h drugon ct u preantrt iin ugre aboron rhts y th us mmon a the l is bador rs th u for on awomes heheth l s ad> inhe we o soldraor fairmee hhee anoer e mple in w o of gernmolt thawingour od m eyir hfterno s eeonele el g'snmthngr b s nerresndenjonaanelerri b port lik esenna soldrarit invo es axpartrikolla andola engy. vo>> jt mthspa aftrland obtning enre. tha j msft 400bt00 -ng 400,0 inpaha00 sti -lus0, in fun tti s trk spun tits trdle. s th hand ou t grase. for th anou telecicalra hooor ecal. thstatoo andhe epa we th atawarndthathepa o wricy arwis atd a hisry o o l l cy d fanci pro ems and s a is file o l or fcirosnd leankrtcy. i a queioni thekry. aoverght uedniiducryhe
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4:24 am
ib y entlemddt, cinleags cogne thsizef th askenem c ags atand. gnthze th >>ek at emphized. a spathe >>th t orwheingobhempze a lks let tell ohe yg the a s .veryvery t l serus a yuthehe a rk t tryryer ty aave bee t chleng too. t >> pgresbyhe oerallee ch ngmmitoe habeen slo p es soces y o thell it hhaeenloeen somesoides yheiscuionsnd wh hn me emecunsonvie h wse docra are t t t nterted vi httina draeal. e t thmost likycenao merd in finngeven tol.ork wh,thstik na mand tn m e foinard.eno kbret w >> bt: me em uel dve t n m onfohe hd.l. et mikethanyou. b mem ifl ou are o sialon sec hity, ere kell ban au. ltle mo iifre o sl yoec chey,s srtin e bn a l emo ijanuy. asyohe sinxpecd, the govnmen nu anunceec 3.6heostovfeniving ance justnt..6 t it thein fir st. sh raiithe sinc2009 thisir affts shai aut3 miion nc09 isopleff norapene nigh t a makmin om fle thepe gh "ce terakeat" segmt. f bu fir the fcell-sr ont" gme resint'sbuoughir t tkn f -ss busn esi tou'sgh t a buou a
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4:27 am
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:39 am
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4:40 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:50 am
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4:52 am
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