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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 20, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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o, tr rneel png fhter om cebratg thdemi of t th rdickt th tim t fter rucedatth witmifn thckthroim st ttver rud itese opleor 4 rears billwe e tartleotart 4 witrs triplli, did per hrt rt en treit f six w ksip d p h rertin on t fixll t w devepmen andre thein latt t delopmts n. veenndheat vid depm n >> rorte wel bil om wt we edeari fro e in rrmattenelil min wter,we om t nionariro in at trantion couil, 'sinr, go tg on nhe rnaord say anonou , qaafis goon r dead aay qa libinea tvs a nowib badcaing ctur of seone whoooksow b cag li qadfi urf sne bhooded ks eepor we' li gotverad thpastour bed euggeore'romotr ffert sothcesstrhat ges woumed ding ersost the f htou r dg ste hhe home t fn r whichas w flen s hhisom t morn g anicas w fnonvoswas leav g, rnanerha 100 vovehises, yingo eape e citav andhahere00 are hi, ng e e rerts at tre wit and re na strerenha res tonvo w an senatrevolionaes o vothe ound sayan sehat wasolna o woun d oe nd perpsay nowt venas
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kied ithat un oaterirow n stri, bu of crse,kihat iat isnconrmed we'rrialsobu c heae,ng rtorts thatheyis eveoned fou 'rsoea qad rfits in a atyole,veou woued so ad th aoment'se, vyouo ffict to indutthen is v ic toddafdis dd, b w ire tryi to ndut af d b bil w ba to ou.yi o ll:avidfor e sa oil thba docussn, :idr sa whate caot th con drmssnof atddafcais dond, wt has is tnsitn be lafe, d wh w isheasext gernmt titbe l shapg upwhoste i gnm apupo lib o rus it a wha do th looib ruit le? ahao thoo ell, the l's aot o comp ing rcesl, herhe a o weeot mpg es peoeer fm we misuta, ich weo rlly f destsuyed,, artshf itby w thfighng ry the st thed,tsit want vthce igh thehe govementthehe iamis nt v i hewant voi vente iis bghaz nt the oplehereheyoiave got bazoice manhe pple lere leangyeot that ransiona ccencilan p e but at iea atnsemocnacy. c il ese ople ill ght t r i theiposion aow isoc. e w ale newl t leiya wsil be a s
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rwarand e pele aew arnd mwanto he l it wbe an theyaraved pe wted to earar mnthet th qadfi ianeye dea w anddor th've en cel rati nowthad i r oveandn h rtheree ineltiow ov ipol henill. ll: did, crety of ol stat hlarylintl. w :n d, etof at h rytripi twntdays w ago. ouipowntwysendego ger w asoung hn ide sheould g w coirm port sheasould h iheld t. shcosaidm f itrts trheld a big si of shid ritief tr the aig lyan si fpeop and tol rdf he qadfi tt ln opnd libyolwoulwage war witad t lian byoneyul ge arshe sit the two aysli. wh didheeyay a whae hewas woe puose thas trip whid aha now? s pue hari >> rorte wel w? secrary sta clion e c e he rteo suprtel the cry tali cbyanheeopland eup he authitieherere pusng anpl d ward d ocra .thiere usshe id athe tim s rd hope ddrahat e qad afi wel beim s e petaptud -- llead wbe theraptud or e kled. tu see one- f thewoas ertu or ppen k todd.. aneeit'sneealla gamhe ch ger enre i libod an'sll n. am pele he be waing fchr iib this ment,ecauhere n pe h be aihaveeen port fhat is mt,aure
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qadd iven wrttrewi u som kind dd o wwi u reblionom ownnd o soutebonecruingn me enar s, aut i 'srug be cture ormear a iille i be uld ange cre everthinon thgroule i bil billavid d ge pip, thkvein th ou yo we'rillist ing thell id guire iphethackgund yo 'rstg he gue troli,kgavidd ipers repoing om a buiingr tel trarbyi,ll oider tha po bug we e aectuiog g man l by o haremages ikebu et t gsan rougut t mor ng andgee ten ty aive ug tornd i "ameca'sewsrm". twe'l apassehem you i me'ssr . firs 'l ssmarcm mabi devopmesound a ttle rs rcbievmeonten h a lee go tte thi hoint otes beg in gobrua and eyuickhi sead,nt a eseg n ua we d aterck saddad, sai ae wod fiwet,uoteero hdaai la droof blo owofi bte h la robrua 25t theloebel brces ctrold th ua5t maherityelf thkey cits es colth lib matythyits ril th, lf deaib- l , eaqaddi'soungt son a thre grachil en w edd sng kited iaon aato rerail wetrik kibill iy mido aust,ebelik
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ll rcesid advcingn the at,el ci, rerts atadda es y hadvngthef thacitres da than, andha rerts at tadda sonadnd re s endaonille and aeeti in par abo howlend a toti in arshapbothe cus owd fute for t lya. that bapngs e s ut nowo t r repo ls of.oday tha at b s qaddiow t h poofayha ddeen haptud or lledn 'll rk othattuor rougut t ed morng. l rtha olet'attake aook ug t moamorr. qdafi hat'ke ak eign he whe lamger qfiervi legner i afri and w the l arr wor, hevi szed owerle i rind dung ahe bodlearorhe cou sder du in a b le 69 athe eou o27earsn old,fteratchg lans aoe ors tole t d, monerchych wle hns waat to mil taryony w h clege wahe ilink whilyotorus ctackgeagai t ink whmerinsor ckai incling stointlyri t 86 bbingf clg disnt in be tin a ofours the bngisn bombg of he pbe af arshe f ght mb of3 ov pocke aie stlan f t ov988. ll:kehat mbin sinanerli 8. :t in lelionaleaga tle ord
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air rike onal vious ga t taets trirdli r ken a vus tas ri behazind lib. a is iour dersndin no be ziing ck tibfebrry o this ast ir rsin no yr, g tbr o b ghaz wist alwa whe the rel y stro hol baz w o gina d,wa hehe th's wre t rriberom ro ol theastamend ona staedth w tbem pushg we heronthsture mapta be nd. sh were'serhe citolf ap tripi ov ere. be .ch othis ar's w col ipov e. nfin to oe noishern w partf thcouny, wh theebel ino no crning om he rtthun w thst, d teloverent cg forc comg fr the est., t u seerthet tow of sirrcomfr he right he, at. b sefeowfir eak- in gh our h a b sigl. alrigh we' go k- bnk tour theap on sigte algh plee'e.o bto e n rte sle qadfi'some to, it whe he e s bo and ere ad's beleve hwas toit he e captboed earer d e eloday hs ill ptit to garonfiay a the re rts l t yo t g sfi a sirtin t gul areafthres yo e nohernart sibya rt tnow ulvancea ione no rnmet yaink aut wt ha s w nc ippene in is rionver thpast k a wha yea you enn rnr kno thst tea f ure urno lia isirn bed on t f e rerts om tay gyptlisisn b o
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stl upn thir youre hads tpt ises isaud istupthrabithat re touperead dn, man wais iud anbiat t issre yen hired dnwa u an we tillon'tss ynow h edat'sappeng iide ane sya. thll't eirewegio 's coupe ie veryell sy kno asheth eyearehatioouhe ryl dtato wennos ar t wn, at kd of d ftoureen es iholdwhat kdf , kof gornme tak pla f here i ld atat k kd off picy,ow goes tmet afakct tla uer. kof poli in pe miy,le eas taf t u thesare de on lin mi estis wel go asroug throeshoute he m onings we brg in somtiwe terfico ug rout gu mts ongr thwenextwo brinom erurs.c maha. gurtha obillththanxtyou. > asou kw, t u.s.s. mitarymalaye.a c cialhallan u. role nas kring tgbouts. the miryye c alginng ofhe ndle ofnguthe qaddi' nnofegim f jenner gffinas bn dd llowg th alllong forim nn g inus, beyn jns me owthll livngfromor th ptago , whats thwordrom je m ntag thiivmornomg on llth of pgo thi atthrdm ag jhinifern on >> rorte mara,ofhi itheu.s. defse jfe rte ar offials intlige ehes. offials ef thipoincan conf m th fi qs dafiasntge beenithe fis hiinn c ture dnf oth qfi kill but een canhe conrm comreato officls hatlluteanon na w o pnesic dt dro mbsna w o ps two droehic s tst
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we o loywo t qadfiic tt wercesoythey w te mingad es eyoundirte wt the tim it m notglearheth ndte qathafi ims in hatitot conyar th or wthert waa qa ni ointiron stke tt, i werwaact n m st thave iif hdid dryt m -f he ve h dd di kilry -im. ere ee cflicng di il portfromhetc. the e cic rtbyanomebel oheositn grp, t c rentanel oitn govementthey gr t cnt a sin -- omeventey repts sugst h a was ot ahe sas t--ing eep ugee hhat ass a tg sho bh t in leg as ll ainheho b ose egre is tial a repts t th we ardhat . nat e i al warlaneep mavead the dt sothinatto dwith it. rne m thenlye thi we n soin dtht. nfirat t s mohent iy hithate nat did stre ir o ttwomo i at veatcleshat re lidal ttr qaddi oo fces. e quvetionesst l whe ter ddddafwas hose fs. quonhe vehies. afrthas good ere'been lotf dierenpeop inv ved hi. haod thue hunn. e'en forot dien qaopafi,nvd a therwas the runort rlyor th morng tt heasqa i, founin a a hol er vers rt y si lar theth iorges tathe we runembe aolerf saam sir he i hus ein,hen as rbeinalsa snufd ou ofhun,n hatalabbi
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houf sitoutionnt iq. yoknowso ibi gsst's ho itgoinonto be aittl i yo wowle i gs injenner, e forell tsetl piec get wut tethend we ave cleann pic, rere t of ecet the wee exeatly icw alof tsf ld ou oday ex y >> ralorte t wel becse l weon't ave y troups natooesn havanyay rte el ectroo , thu.s.we'te tr dsn't tosnav y ha any fces the ooths. dound'tit'siffilt t get hany fs he conrmatn. pa of nde c'sfusifi may t b t causwe'v alsonat paf csiearday b from cmand s onushe'vlsrd grou tha he wom fou in cndon aitch perpsis vehouleha wou wan s uck, achhenheer eh body as fnd iwaa dch. s k, aso tnt's w the dyniti f i d. snipts o ts rorts wrom eheti rels o the oundipthat o rts whm it cld be s re o e t u. defsewh cffic bls d inlligce ffic lsnfg. u. efght w donicaveny inigic conf matit eitron way emart: jenfer, nf wtiit tnk ay yo veryrtenr,uch. is busy wmorng, t yory and 're ing stah.on t s syrn thistorys weetnd mor e g ta t detas onow a of thi is ry wewentown dor alsonhe tamilionry r ae offhe uhited stes i the rly ntagesn ls all thili r ofwe'l uget dre o st ie y thaes billllyou memb bac inhi 'lt oha cembll 200u it smbuldace i a mind aft thenvasn
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mb 00 ira sand thear srted ere,t w ndftheas qdafi w rahe s ed caed o the e,este w le qers fi tri wli acaaid ohe tem gog to giv ule ms ri apon aof msdestrtion goto anthativas u m i 200 t non m tr yoonhavehe tanningat or i00 o t yove tng grah o whoany pple oughwas resnsib and ahho styl th pk toehis dayfor gh ths bomesngibnd opan st athtoslighayr th om103n momt onere, a yogh ard vid 3nom pip nine, yo mites dav d dipersip in sang tthe mis avpokeersoer for e ranssaiona tl tion couil, ich ke so the r fac govnsnmennain on ouliby, todah epornghat e ac ov enqaddi is eadbydaort. we e goddg toisringhed beer, hnolto to wegotong aner t queion abo be, too whe th crad oesan tuenbo nex righaftethis whthradsex ghteis
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maha: we'till wting on conrmatn fr thema : hie'est velsfll wng ouronatfrhe hivernt nt olsthe ath moamr qaurafi t he is th rn oe h ictu o ow am whaqai he iss
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id tbe ddtu o libnha le ier momar t d qadfi. ib youan le smoradt's .bit oustanin tms ohis sace d cseupfs tts an t os picree loo lik c aup tairlyic aoti cooik sne. is ce inromrlfp tihis, s. ph co, ain itmseing s, ciulat wely ph thi atng ho. yoreme er t whociat w diy ussihi goi bac to n ladehon andhethyo or met we tho wod sedipictsies ooifaco hisn dedendthr bwey. th e arthewose pctture o thais deare w beg b att butethare preha to e atbe- tottisteoeath we'rgointo w tt toee ife geonfiatiofrom e gov nmen on'r hin wto ifge fi ioath omd heu. whooven h detls ofhis srybhaws h heho cturetyou' goi to e ofs a t of shrououawhe cose o tod. uru' oi o it wl beery a ofloseou co ood aned. wll:be ly'ssering an. i : for lr amssad to e, jo or boon, so amad ao oxu.joews bo, coribur. a yo reaion s theews the ur. i tnk it' entcoelbu yo ea n propheate s at e qad.fias tt' kinted ts wa b ope asad ki tmbolwaally bmpornt aits is manof ol thelyor b a iues is facianhe lib b is rain. cir exple,venhoug heib
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won'beriedn rn.ibya exe,nugre th h uen'ednisyaon hei th h pare sfeiadda and reothe, th've sll bn dand caureds pa of the capeheso ttht re ains b and caed repains f behe seen h pe t rnsnd qaddi's frelowes ineee h lib willespo now dds f twetn som ib say 's bn llpoow mad t mtyr,om so t s is ertay ly n badhe enof t mr, str gle. tista n it'she ennd ttre. 's of qadfi. ll:fhat'the iolvent ofad. lya :n- what's the i ve inlvemoft ofhe u l. on thgrouhahereth >> ihinke ha in lemitedof uon thou resoreces the inkomenha l edesumlyhen the embsosys he enis uand rning f lumn he speemb we' hava lo ud r ngmore f but lot dep ds, reee'avlo ampl on e re ciutumstotces ep q, dafi pl n deat in ct, s hecists kill by qfi noir sike at n or w, heheille i lly a n s erefit wi oth wele i byan we'rnot a pfiitiowitho knowhat,nd i'm an frai'rdt pio wee no in a gooowdt,'m potione shaild b towe no aflueooe tholital poonsh b rugg thas unldinog ueth itnow the cntry bill ustgg thaunin crifyhat, w he e sp cesperyon f tllst t cfyt, trantion couspil ipe f t
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yinge washotn bo anon ou i le ande wa st inhe ngwaotbo he. thle's wndt hewa telng sin davipipeon t grod in he th wheel troli. vies tpet ch tge yrorin alys? >> dontr nybo t ch yat ts pot, fnkly ys i ink >>oneleedbo o tpo feely hati k d fonsic and lite bit lmerimefoic real.ndit bi but do tnk it' goi to ere bere.mpornt o way r tht tt'oio her, hater thbefact tu outoor oaythe. bi: is ar,tethct fav tuutossumion is wbi isot i wyav um nbelsitho nat ws w inlvemt, whoutroni eratls by hoe unated atesinr giemn or wutni atperay d un byhe u. >>o, esgior absutel and thinrak t t's e ofbyhe rl u >> qutionfor.s.bselnd in t s poliofmake r goi forrd. we dquonrcted.wiftnd likeoior. e decivelyt thedbegiing ft thithin insad o hangt ciraglyth outgig hi fin sixns o hat g mohs, utth a mh fix higr tollniviln deamos, w, e a m h mit haig ll shaileredea w mi qahaafi' govnmennear ha thed binni ofhe qa i'confct aov broenht iarto a th b nif reluti soor. i th k thnf's a aealro i a iss. bi : the arreeti rooorts thth al abousix ss the werbith ar port r abots six mths a oux abhet thernumb o forgn rtboix ms a fitersn tharea ofabthmb or afghistaand the tr al rion fi prsistathea
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and owghta td yhe tr rn ptaome fro thed t rtheternorneoferohe bya. e yoawar of these rnne rerts, ambsado >> rht, d i ink a. yo thaars t onofre thes, lmbitimdoe r, i kestis an chacern weon heve aut lim t tian crn aucce of te --ucceor rime, whh iin tcef pcess of --ce re, wh i tformion. pm wossied fat or th pastix mths hav not do eno h tormn. orkwod oowarth st ms avot donoto kemporingar pwestn, pr epre ntatpoe gongrnme pst leers sha the prreatgome postleaddas haegimhend it'sery ch uin t stda imair,hat n over ent'sy uin lya wl l tk r, lt e. n bi: wh iser stike go l w l me ithat l allbiwhs shesee o iat rebeionsllcallhemse relutis, t hanng over fbensll powm t downg re tiof t tsean dic torser ow roug tut t mideow eas t they were aicrsontaed ug tid e with the bdersas ofeyerheir ata re ecti thhe brsountes.f ireyid not sllut ireoti hernt.reas it w almottike s ill ras wpolics ilmocaleet aga and li v iyal fga cou ries d d yosee donsttors vy fblamg isel o bmingoues thyounite dstrs tateam is owhatoes at tl bng y? thit >>ell,hinkte it'
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ats t nl en yrely lear>>l,nk ttt' n enlyar tre t sn't cro-borr assi tancerom an 't finciay, f exarole, or me c e,sicem i gyptfiia fromxa, c-qae elsherebut do i thk bynptmarge theaelsret thoppobytionno tsegehe auoritian gure was poon t fromocal pulatns w auit n rehads pleyf om groaldsoe pat w dle y pose ro the al iue the i se not e ihe the ipposion ot the au orit ianeegim bosn heat ces aer the and au it nthinim b tre, 're ing c a hesend uold rinlly, t, e g ain o a ca ud b cas ry, bis a o whetr th wcalove bas tord rreseativ b gove ment r whetherthhey w e ll s plyto rseiv vent repwhce ory sauthyitarn reme whep o othe bill in dthembearre w ', di u beeve heim w n h ll dbeaid was 'ivindiup hbee wpons w h masd asin dtrucon? wel h i tnk we w wens saassfiein ely ' duc? el that, w w fac wead boxsaie u e ' hist, nuacear eaponoxrogr and is shped to oaknur on rgegrnd shd o nnesake. i n't ow tt we rave y evencef an es rei inint nucl trweeapoe evcean prram. redon'inthincltherarepo chemal wponsn lib pr.m.
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n'in er eere' a hemieml wgentnsutn it'sibot.eapozed, ou'de'amil nt haveo po it t 'sfpo ad,'d vepot ttlen yo heato u a as aeapo wh i'mleyoea uoreed --ore s po woied out theanwh'm d, tee -e porble wod irt he fenssysts an t rkets at wore inehe ten of ns stousaans coksd g rts wportinthatave engunfo disasaear cotsidd of lib. rt atthate s vny sa tr ubliid. biib: an. atow d v you obtn tli veribicatian ofhat? d if aoutbt a? >> ell, ritihinkft? a thas one a >> l, didvannkge tnoteingn thgrouhane the a for dian th ttng rebs, not th havoughe acureortheocat nsthhereebot av gose n ps a therreeat re roets re fou. e i pink at o aht tbeer ryros uentou i k o t priity. don'knowhat can et ut back whaslreariy. eaped n'owt an buto t extt th t seckhaea weons ee stedl tre buey n td toxtth t be seced a wes st t accoted r, ntoust soo eec a psibl bill one ore,cod ir fort oo you pbl llee, : oregra ws nowou backn libe assrae w ow he in ck tpoliiberha ss hee on h he dean b tlihoha hen h n reealy s, wod th b be a priity tingo re swoth preh ad hi ain?ri y wel t i tgnk ithoul
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ehbe fhi thenite sta as. ? yo knowelhe w ttul relsed th fheteta s tsyondow weld bts ith s aust 29 beuse onl b i had few mthoss liv au 2be ane he'snltill c nkind ew msiv alon ani th'sk itas all tra cstyin r thbrithnd the on thit sc ach treleerayim, d thit ihe ink nee tosc t brile him, k ee ba. o i n't riow wimtherhe trantion natnal unciis gng tba alli t w er that o ha en oanr nonatutl ci g t llink at's tesatha o n to tir k 's naesoid te ysel billthan yhis is ill foldg ouelof llan y trisoli,ryinsto cfirm l is old of ourte ell. tr we i,vein forrd, ur crm opin on isf gree lyl. e or, prected inisre m ambsado >> my tnks. ec dll: hn boln onhe mnembdo b way m of ts. : olon whingn. mo onhatay o mentaly. rtha wwe'vnggot mon foxtews m ta. alt, t sha'v jtt cong iox s natoas jtelead a al ts j stcoemen ion t stre in to j libythisea aorniayin arstnden ttrin 30:by locisniin ame, ar o no0:ocircrte, truc nwocr oqaducfi vicleas pt of lgerroup sayg ad vle p ofthesvehies we lr up coayucti milary eratns a the were
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es hiclea wthre to civ ianscoti il yre o hisatreak aghereews eareoivns d ho al o osak thegs pces t to therhoodayhat ovehe leto t dea ps o toerayt mmmar le tea o ddaf we'l mbe rarht bk. af 'l r b
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:30 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
dayngaecome. t and, f c rse,ntowo ith atay comeall e. the esti s d, cboute, h whatomesext. mel he ti at wl beuthe fure o atest. liby wbe mikefuakerith o jus monts ag talkbyg abt hi con ernskeerh us out emos mlim aglkabhionns bt therodnd mm y pssib b inferuenchey y ha on pib aderipnfncole y y han liby er inedowye nyscha r, h by ed joinme liv hany h od in morngiv t y. >>or rnin rtha wt's yur y. retion >> toda in whal, w wres y enting,reon w, da eaxim wime wofntg, dang. up uxiilow wveme ki o knngn whh de u w whh,i and ohearkn wh mi bar ta abo hh vind ar of mihisbatabo h bingoreookg w dids thisin iq, be tnkok neeto lk idhiat h iwe di t eeings l h bosa.i thictar gs n osgoslia h a th taveryimil s ofssue sl h puttg a tri s, ryil sf elents aainsuet ttch oger. riand at'shat gadelfi wts ans vy o .effeive doi d 'seret ad wso wve g to vok at t atfee oi ing rerwar and wll go t hemr jst t sid aut
10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
er he t tre thehe wndednt srrio. ey'rhenot resthe asng wus teddo it, ioey'r askg 'r thetorld s t counit ther, are'rrozesk asts theatld beng tthe byancoit er pereleze asey h te plged usbethos te an nde hpld us toseimbses f the cos of doi tha and t hemb fhe we wi.coofoihand ma hha: nato rbio,hank ou wi mu foreing wh usma: to ro, tnkay.u rcomuorng wubifromsflora. t. bill mking o teificbiom pints orrthahe se d .ll mngteic pbilltsontiingove geha s d th breing ws ll tistorgve day inthreg ibya orbackn a ment h e ony tn fox yanewshann. cka nt hon t ox wsnn n amrica weelie in futu hat betr th tod. sinc 189, amamipricae fi anciwe iehan beentuorki har t etthod nc89amrifici haenkiar r thr clnts'utur. ner tang aailo. thcls'ur heing neraons achie drms. neta aloheg rasy hos.hidr. putheiridshroh clege ho tireow tuty wair to.sro cge eripse. re twao. thstreth oamera's ip. laest nancl plning coany.thre
10:57 am
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10:59 am
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